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Char Broil Performance 650 review 2019

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In its quest to revolutionize the grilling industry, Char-Broil Performance 650 continues to unveil products that elevate the grilling experience. Since 1948, the Columbus-based company has manufactured a complete line of grills and accessories. The Performance series is one of the company’s most sought-after lines.

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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    24.5 x 62.4 x 45 inches

  • Item Weight:

    127.6 pounds

  • Color:


  • Material Type:

    Stainless steel

  • Power Source:


  • Heating Capacity:

    60,000 BTU

  • Burner:

    6 burner

  • Side burner:


  • Cabinet :


  • Warranty:

    1825 days

  • great work
  • easy to clean
  • fairly easy
  • removable grease pan
  • high quality grill


  • missing parts
  • instant heat lid handle
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Char-Broil’s Performance 650 grill has a 6-burner configuration. It’s a wallet-friendly option designed for large families or those who often entertain large groups. The grill is engineered to cook at various temperature settings and deliver mouth-watering foods without flare-ups. We try to uncover Char-Broil’s juicy little secret.

Delivery and Packaging

Like all Char-Broil Performance grills, the 650 arrives protected by Styrofoam and plastic inside a 43.5″ x 19.88″ x 30.9″ box. The unit arrived on time and was easy to assemble with users reporting an assembly time averaging 2 1/2 hours with two people handling the job. Directions for the Performance 650 is mostly in pictures and the unit requires a Phillips screwdriver and a 7/16″ wrench for assembly.

Construction and Appearance

Best Char-Broil Performance 650Char-Broil’s Performance 650 is an attractive grill with excellent maneuverability. It has pivoting casters on each corner that allow users to lock into place, or unlock to reposition it with ease. Constructed of 430-grade stainless steel and powder-coated black stainless steel, the Char-Broil Performance 650 is engineered to withstand the elements.

A stainless steel lid and handle along with the control panel and two-door cabinet add to its style. Six black control knobs rest on a slanted stainless steel control panel. The unit also includes durable metal side panels and shelves. A temperature gauge on the center of the lid is a nice bonus.

Facts and Figures

Char-Broil Performance 650When shopping for natural gas grills, one of the options consumers face is choosing between side-ported burners and top-ported burners. Side-ported burners don’t clog as easily as top-porter burners. However, the heat from top-ported burners is more powerful. Most manufacturers have figured out how to get the best performance out of the top-ported burners by covering them with inverted V-shaped protectors called heat tents.

The Performance 650 is equipped with one oval shaped top-ported sear burner and six stainless steel top-ported tubular burners. Char-Broil positioned the burners to eliminate hot and cold spots and offer a wide temperature range over the 650 square inch cooking area. Heat tents shield the burners to keep food from obstructing the flames.

This 6-burner grill churns out 60,000 BTUs from the primary cooking area and pushes out 10,000 BTUs from the sear burner. The primary cooking area provides enough room for approximately 30 hamburger patties or 25 steaks and the swing-away rack offers a 31″ wide and 7.4″ deep area to warm about 15 burgers. The propane-fueled grill stands at 45″ high, 62.4″ wide, and 24.5 inches deep.


Easy-to-clean, porcelain-enamel-coated cast iron grates cover the 35 x 18.5-inch primary cooking area to keep the heat in foods while cooking. A removable swing-away rack allows room for toasting buns and a lidded sear option provides a separate area to sear steaks or boil pasta.

An electronic ignition provides a fast start-up of the six stainless steel top-ported burners. Durable heat tents protect food from direct flames to prevent it from drying out.

Cooks will appreciate the massive 2-door storage area beneath the cooking surface and the workspace to its sides. Also, the Char-Broil Performance 650 comes with a removable grease pan to make clean up quick and simple.

Test Results

Cooking Everything from Beef to ChickenBoth new buyers and long-time users agree that of the Performance 650 agree that the grill heats fasts, cooks evenly, and is easy to clean. Cooks were delighted that the grill fired up on the first attempt and mentioned cooking everything from beef to chicken with juicy, flavorful results. A majority of owners enjoyed cooking on the sear burner, using it to prepare pasta, vegetables, and sauces, as well as sear steak.

Experts gave the Char-Broil Performance 650 high marks in all areas of performance, including evenness, preheating, heat retention, temperature range, achieving high temperatures quickly, and indirect cooking. Moreover, the propane-fueled grill reached sizzling temperatures within a couple of minutes and the porcelain-enamel cast iron grates did a good job of retaining heat and allowed foods to come off the grill without leaving pieces behind.


  • Good heat output
  • Cooks evenly
  • Wide temperature range
  • Spacious cooking area
  • Easy to clean


  • There were not enough negative consumer responses to evaluate and no negative comments from professional testers.


Char-Broil got it right with the power to size ratio with the Char-Broil Performance 650, making it a front-runner among similar grills and a much-deserved Natural Gas Grill Review Winner. With 60,000 BTUs generating power through six burners, every inch of the 650 square inch cooking area is covered. It is ideal for large families and provides ample space to cook an entire holiday meal.

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Conclusion: Best gas grill for outdoor and home use.

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