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Siegel is the specialist dealer in the field of cleaning and convinces with high-quality cleaning products. The many years of experience in the field of cleaning are convincing. Casabella's website has a very high-quality structure and is designed to be user-friendly. On there are many good product pictures and product videos. The dealer convinces with high quality plus expert advice, especially with regard to cleanliness.

CASABELLA - screenshot Homepage

CASABELLA – screenshot Homepage

The Casabella Online Shop scores 48 out of 50


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  1. Security

The Casabella website is considered very secure. You can pay on the site using any payment method, such as bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. Shipping takes 2-4 days and is available at a fair price.


10 of 10 points


  1. Usability

The customers have a large selection of cleaning accessories and yet the website is very clear. Users are guided to their destination extremely quickly. The design of the website is also very user-friendly. The product variety is overwhelmingly good.


CASABELLA screenshot

CASABELLA screenshot


9 of 10 points


  1. Design

The website convinces with a very high-quality design and the many pictures animate the website of Casabella. As a customer you will be well guided through the website and the subdivision of the different categories makes it very easy for the user. The categories are: SHOP, VIDEOS, WHAT'S NEW?, ABOUT and FAQ


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  1. Transparency

The website shows absolutely fair prices and that for good products. The support team will be happy to help you, whether by phone or email. The Casabella website is absolutely transparent.


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  1. Service

Customer service is available at any time to answer any questions you may have. The customer is the focus of Casabella's website at all times. On, the online shop is both seller and problem solver of a daily commodity. It would not have been easier to imagine making contact.


10 of 10 points

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