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Can You Use a Golf Rangefinder for Hunting?

Hunting and golfing rangefinders are significantly different. They have different features and targeting modes that make it difficult to use a golf rangefinder for hunting or vice versa. However, some manufacturers are trying to create a rangefinder that will encompass all of these sports, including surveying and ballistic features.

There are some similarities between golfing and hunting rangefinders. Most golf rangefinders work perfectly well as a hunting rangefinder as well, and then there are models that are made for both. However, there are certain types of rangefinders that work better for both scenarios.

Golf Rangefinder for Hunting

Golf Rangefinder for HuntingLaser rangefinders are the best for hunting. They have the right features and menu options that make it ideal for golfing and hunting. However, not all rangefinders have this kind of versatility. It’s important to note what specifications are best for golfing and hunting. In addition, dual rangefinders that can work for golfers and hunters are generally more expensive.

Most golf rangefinder for hunting are not as pricey as hunting rangefinders. This is because they don’t have some of the same options has a laser rangefinder has for hunting. While a golf laser rangefinder may be a top choice for hitting a target, you need more specific targeting software on a laser rangefinder made for hunting.

Hunting rangefinders can automate targeting so that it finds all of the nearest targets within 1300 yards. This is a bit much for a golfer who is always focused on just one point at a time. While laser rangefinders may be able to find the distance to each target where it points, golfers only want to know the distance so they can calculate a better shot to the target flag. Golf rangefinders tend to ignore every other object besides the flag. When the nearest target is already selected, you won’t be able to see other targets.

However, hunting rangefinders are equipped for distance targeting, which seeks out objects that are farther away and isolated multiple targets at a time. This is a great option for those who are hunting game and need to be able to see around brush and trees at a glance.

There are also different modes that let you display targets the way that you want, including zip mode or brush mode. These always allow you to see the various targets around you, which is important for hunting game. In hunting, you are typically seeking game that is farther away.

In essence, there are a few things that you should look for when picking out a rangefinder that can choose targets and work for golfing and hunting.

What are the Targeting Modes or Distance Differences?

Targeting Modes of Golf RangefinderGolf rangefinder for hunting typically only have one targeting mode for finding the nearest or first target. This is called the first target priority mode. This is not the best for hunting, especially if you are trying to find objects at a distance. Golf rangefinders will ignore other objects like trees, animals, and other people. That’s not what you want in a hunting rangefinder.

These rangefinders use distant target priority mode, which allows you to ignore the brush and trees, but it won’t ignore animals.

As such you won’t be able to use a strict golf rangefinder for hunting, and you wouldn’t be able to use a hunting rangefinder for golfing. That’s why you should look for rangefinders that have multiple targeting modes and can be used for both golfing and hunting. These are typically laser rangefinders that let you toggle between targeting modes.

You can set the targeting mode depending on the sport, which gives you the most advantage. These rangefinders may cost a bit more because they have multiple lenses and have software that lets you switch between all of your different targets.

What is the Yardage Distance?

Another factor to consider is whether the yardage is what you need for hunting. There are a variety of golf rangefinders out there that have a limited number of yards that it can measure before it doesn’t work properly. You typically don’t need to go past 500 yards with these types of rangefinders. This means that the rangefinder will top out around 600 and will work optimally within 400 yards to find the flag.

Hunting rangefinders have to have a much longer yardage distance. Most go up to 1300 yards away. These types of distances would be overkill for a golfing game. However, it would still work for golfing in this case. Golf rangefinders with limited yardage, however, would not work for hunting unless you need only the targets within 250 yards.

Does the rangefinder have LCD or LED Display?

Does the rangefinder have LCDThere are all types of golf rangefinder for hunting out there with LCD and LED displays, but which one is better for what sport? The main point of reference is the time of day that you will be using the rangefinder. If you are playing golf, you are likely playing in the early morning or afternoon, so you need something that works well in daylight. However, hunting is typically early morning between twilight and dusk.

While LED displays work well in the clouds and rain, it can be adjusted in brightness that allows you to see readings bright and clear throughout the day and night, but it takes away from your night vision while hunting once the sun goes down.

A laser rangefinder with an LCD screen is more preferable. These rangefinders will have a backlight. You can still see all of the readings, but you won’t take anything away from your night vision. It is difficult to find one with a backlight option, however.

Does the rangefinder have Weather Proofing?

Both golfing and hunting go better on those rainy days when you have a rangefinder that can work in bad weather. Of course, your golf game can get rained out quickly during an afternoon monsoon. For hunting, that just means it just got more fun. Most golf rangefinder for hunting are made to withstand these types of situations.

This simply means that you want a rangefinder that is waterproof and can work under thick cloud cover or sheets of rain. You can read through specifications and reviews to find out more about the rangefinder’s bad weather capabilities.

Activity-Specific Features?

There are some specific features that you get with golf rangefinder for hunting that won’t be included with exclusive hunting rangefinders. This includes green maps, club suggestions, swing track, and shot distance calculators.

Hunting rangefinders also have different features. For example, it can be pre-loaded with ballistics data and can have further complicated reticles. The rangefinder may come in a camouflage pattern as well.

In conclusion, you can typically find a laser rangefinder that will work for both, as long as the right features and specifications are included.

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