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Can Electric Fireplaces Be Used Outdoors?

When the temperature outside starts to drop, it doesn't mean the party should head indoors. An outdoor fireplace is the perfect heating element to provide ambience and warmth to a patio area. Electric fireplaces are a great source of heat. They are also cost-efficient as well. These fireplaces even have some models that are rated to stay outside during the cooler months.

Portable fireplaces can add a touch of beauty to an outdoor living space. They are no longer made for just a single room. These units are portable, so it can be moved to any space. The convenience helps make the units a perfect fit for any environment. They are versatile enough that many units can be used outdoors.

Can a Portable Fireplace Be Used Outside?

Can A Portable Fireplace Be Used OutsideMany people wonder if an electric unit can be used outdoors. They can be used outdoors, but there is one catch. The model needs to be rated for outdoor use. This guarantees that the materials and components can withstand most outdoor elements. If the unit is rated for outdoor use, it can be used indoors as well. This is an added benefit since it can be used for both inside and outside of the home. Owners should check their manufacturer’s care and instruction manual to verify if it can be used outside.

Create Ambience at a Flip of the Switch

Electric fireplaces are very convenient. After a day of barbecuing or entertaining guests, it can be a hassle to start another fire. There is so much prep work just to get a fire ready. An outdoor fireplace can avoid all of that. There are no more struggles to stay warm while enjoying the ambience of a fire.

An electric fireplaces unit can be plugged in and moved to a more convenient location. With a flip of the switch, an outdoor fireplace is ready to use. There is no messy clean up either. Once the unit is finished for the night, it can be unplugged until it is needed again.

Ready for the Rain

Most potential buyers worry if an electric model can handle the rain. Electricity and water are not a good combination. Some people want to be able to leave the unit outside throughout the year. If the unit is rated for the outdoors, it can handle most outdoor elements. Many outdoor fireplaces are made with waterproofed materials. These materials have been tested to handle the weather.

There are other units that are intended to be covered by a roof or overhang while outside. These units can take a little rain but cannot be submerged. The manufacturer always has a recommendation for its particular unit. It is better to check before purchase or use. While an outdoor fireplace is convenient, it must be able to function properly in the weather conditions.

Can the Unit Provide Heat?

Outdoor models not only provide ambience, but they can provide heat as well. Just like the indoor models, some outdoor fireplaces have a heater included in the unit. Some units only have a flame option that does not provide a heat source. A non-heating option is great for those who live in warmer climates. These owners can enjoy the glow of the fire without feeling the warmth of a fireplace.

Does the Fireplace Need a Dedicated Circuit?

This will depend on the model. Most units will require a dedicated electric circuit. This will make sure the unit does not pop a circuit in the house. While some instruction manuals say a dedicated circuit is not essential, it is always recommended. A dedicated circuit is a good recommendation for both a plugin unit and units that need to be hardwired. With a dedicated circuit, there is no worry whether an electric system can handle the power of a portable fireplace.

Where Can an Electric Fireplaces Be Placed?

where can an electric fireplace be placed?This will also depend on the unit's manufacturer recommendation. If it is an indoor and outdoor unit, it can be placed anywhere outside. These models are made to be portable from room to room. Some other fireplaces are manufactured to be installed outside on a permanent basis. These units must be hardwired into the electrical outlet. This provides a dedicated circuit for the fireplace. A unit like this will also have more protection against the outdoor elements.

There are a few things to consider for the location of outdoor rated electric fireplaces. The area should be free from dust and moisture. It is also best to keep it away from furniture and lose accessories. These may block the vents of the unit and can cause it to overheat. Direct sunlight should also be avoided as well. The ideal place should have some shelter for the unit and also be close to an electrical outlet.

What Are Outdoor Fireplace Styles Available?

There are many styles available to match a person’s taste and needs. The convenient unit can provide relaxation with a flip of the switch. There are models equipped with speakers for enjoying music outside. Other models are made to fit into an outdoor kitchen and living space.

They can be as simple or as elaborate as needed. There are so many choices that it can be difficult to choose a design. These fireplaces no longer come in a bulky metal box. There are models that can fit in both a fire pit or fireplace style.

It has never been easier to match with an existing exterior design motif. Most models are portable. Some can be added as a permanent fixture. There are even outdoor models that have a built-in look. These can feature elements that are found in traditional electric fireplaces like a hearth, mantle, or extensive stonework. The choice is with the discretion of the homeowner.

Outdoor fireplaces give a little more ambiance to an outdoor living space. It can warm up a cold night or provide a soothing light to a patio. There are many electric fireplaces available that can enhance an outdoor area.

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