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Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 Quiet Air Compressor review 2020

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Are you ready to conquer a building project? Are you remodeling cars on a regular basis? Are you wondering how you can complete projects more quickly and easily? It’s time to get the tools you need to conquer even the toughest of projects. While you probably have a drill, a wrench, and a ratchet, you might be missing one of the most important elements of any proper toolkit. An air compressor can work wonders when it comes to ensuring you’re able to complete projects quickly, easily, and without hassle.

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Portable Air Compressor
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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    20.9 x 17.3 x 20.9 inches

  • Item Weight :

    38 pounds

  • Voltage:


  • Wattage:


  • Tank Size:

    4.6 gallons

  • Color:


  • Exterior:


  • Air Flow:

    35 L/Min

  • Overheat Protection:


  • Warranty:

    365 days

  • quietest air compressor
  • durable and safety to use
  • highly portable
  • high performing compressor
  • advance functions of air compressor


  • short warranty
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When you’re ready to invest in quality equipment, you need to know you’re buying it from a retailer you can trust. That’s why Campbell Hausfeld offers a line of portable air compressors designed to help you accomplish tasks quickly. You deserve to use items that will work for years to come, which is why you always need to select products sold by brands you can count on.

Special Features

Campbell Hausfeld portable air compressors come in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices. No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish with your air compressor, you’re certain to find a unit that works well for you. Each model comes with everything you need to start working faster and more efficiently. Here are just a few of the most popular models by Campbell Hausfeld that you can choose from.

a Campbell Hausfeld portable air compressor ensures you're able to do this easily

Quiet Air Compressor, 8-Gallon, Horizontal Hot Dog (DC080500)

The Quiet Air Compressor, 8-Gallon, Horizontal Hot Dog (DC080500) is a quiet model that is designed with reduced noise. It has a 68 decibel rating, which means you can run this comfortably in home environments without disturbing your roommates or family members. It’s known as one of the quietest models in the industry, making it an ideal choice for anyone with noise considerations. This air compressor can be used to inflate tires, repair sporting equipment, nail baseboards, or craft upholstery. It operates on a 120-volt current.

Air Compressor, 26-Gallon Veritcal Oilless 4.0 CFM 1.3 HP (DC260000)

If you’re looking for something incredibly portable and convenient, it’s time to consider the Air Compressor, 26-Gallon Veritcal Oilless 4.0 CFM 1.3 HP (DC260000). This unit is a 26-gallong compressor that has a vertical design. The design makes this unit easy to move and reposition. It also has wheels, which further ensure you’re able to move this quickly. The durable, oil-free pump is designed to make using your machine easy. Even if you’ve never used an air compressor before, this review winner model makes getting started a total breeze.

Lightweight Quiet Air Compressor 4.6 Gallon Twin Stack (DC040500)

Do you want something even more portable? Weighing in at just 38 pounds, the Lightweight Quiet Air Compressor 4.6 Gallon Twin Stack (DC040500) is an ideal choice for anyone who wnats something that is both quiet and small. With a max 125 PSI, this unit has a free air CFM of 2.2 at 90 PSI. It also has a 3.2 at 40 PSI. Because it’s so quiet, it’s ideal for anyone who lives in close proximity to other people. With this unit, you won’t have to keep projects at the office. You can work on repairing things directly at home without any stress or hassle at all.

Campbell Hausfeld offers a line of portable air compressors designed to help you accomplish tasks quickly

Each unit is completely unique and comes with its own perks and benefits. Remember that selecting the ideal model will depend on your lifestyle, hobbies, and project preferences. If you want to use a portable model in the same location each day, you may be comfortable choosing a slightly heavier model. If you want something you can move from room-to-room, choosing something small, yet quiet is very important. With these models, you’re certain to find an air compressor that works for you and your family.

Buying Guide

Shopping for an air compressor has never been easier. Thanks to the age of the Internet, you can buy a compressor directly online. There’s no stress, no frustration, and no hassle involved when you choose to shop online for the model you want. This ensures you’re able to get exactly what you need. You don’t have to drive to multiple stores, nor do you have to fight crowds. If you’re unable to get transportation to a local store, online ordering becomes even more essential.

After you place your order, you’ll receive a tracking number. This will ensure you’re able to follow along with your order. You’ll know exactly when it leaves the warehouse and when it arrives at your house. Note that you may need to be present to sign for your order, so always check your tracking information for notes about this. Additionally, include a good phone number where you can be reached in case there’s a delay in shipping your order.


Whether you want to work on crafts around the house, fix up your car, or just inflate tires with your family, a portable air compressor ensures you’re able to do this easily. You don’t have to deal with stress or anxiety when it comes to making sure the job gets done right. Portable units are convenient to move and easy to utilize regardless of your mechanical skills. The units are designed to be used by ordinary people who simply want a little extra assistance working on their chosen projects. What are you waiting for? Don’t delay. Order your new compressor today! You deserve it.

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