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Bulova 96B230 review 2020

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Unfortunately, this product is no longer represented in our current comparison.

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The military watch is one that stands out from the pack for a number of different reasons. Depending on the features these watches offer, you are going to be looking at a watch that is quite a bit more rugged than you are used to seeing.

Military Watch
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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches

  • Case diameter :

    42 mm

  • Band width :

    22 mm

  • Water resistant depth:

    330 ft.

  • Item Shape :


  • Band Material:


  • Band Color:


  • Dial color:


  • Display Type :


  • Battery Included?:


  • Dual Time:


  • Alarm:


  • Calendar:


  • smooth sweeping
  • leather band
  • water resistant
  • great to use
  • long life


  • only show date
  • missing warranty info
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There is also the ability to do some things that are on offer with this line you aren’t going to find in your regular, run of the mill timepiece. That doesn’t mean these timepieces don’t also do the thing you want them to do most of all. They are able to tell time just fine, but it’s the way they make sure you know what time it is that really has them getting more and more attention these days. This is certainly the case when you are talking those that are produced by Bulova military watch.

The Company

Bulova Military WatchBulova military watch is one of the oldest companies in the entire timepiece market, so it makes quite a bit of sense they would know what they are doing when they enter this little subculture. The firm has been working since 1875 to make the perfect watch and to make sure that when they do make those pieces they are giving the customer base exactly what they want.

Over the years, the firm has managed to grow and change in a way that it makes sure that it is catering to the people who are wanting things new and different. Durable and nice looking is the order of the day when it comes to Bulova military watch. The firm is uniquely set up in order to tread the line so that it is getting both of those things when it comes to watches that are those that can be worn by people who are out in the field and doing things that come across quite a bit more strenuous than going to a business meeting.

Bulova Military Watch does not have many shops that are run by the company, though you can find a few brick and mortar stores here and there throughout the country. You are also able to purchase any of the military grade timepieces you want through their official website. You can also get these devices through third-party retailers quite easily.

Which military watch types are available from Bulova

Because the company prides itself on being a bit more upscale than some of its competitors, it’s not going to be as easy as it might be for some, to find the military-grade selection. A search for that particular category isn’t going to turn up a product that is specially labeled, but a little bit of homework will allow you to see those that are built with durability in mind.

These kinds of watches also have features that you are going to find the more everyday varieties. This category of the watch is one that usually has the ability to withstand going underwater to some depths. A few of the watches are clearly ones that are geared to being able to actually swim with and they have depths such as 330 feet. The watches that are on offer from Bulova Military Watch tend to come with different design issues but they are all made to look quite fancy. Some of the watches have rubber or plastic bands that are designed specifically to avoid damage from deep sea diving or just swimming in a pool.

Some of the watches have metal bands and faces. There is a variety of different colors of these timepieces and you are able to choose from silver, gold, black or brown among a few other choices. The company is not looking to have a massive stock of different colors as they are also still wanting to make sure that when people see their products on someone’s wrist, they are indeed thinking about a kind of device that is on the higher end of the spectrum.

These products are also searchable whether you are looking for men’s or women’s products. For both sexes, there are several different models, in the same way where there are different make and models of cars. Each of these models has a line of products that all fall under that umbrella but have slightly different features depending on what line they have been categorized into.

Special Features of the Military Watches from Bulova

Military Watches from BulovaThe company has a wide range of products people can buy if they want to get a very special kind of device for themselves or someone they care about. These can be purchased directly from the company itself, or people can use a finder on the official website to see what retailers in their area they can go to in order to get these high-quality timepieces. Even websites like are going to offer a pretty wide range of these products which means that if you have Amazon Prime, you will be able to get whatever your choice is in just two days.

There are warranties attached through the company for any product you purchase. They have a policy where you can send the watch in and they will evaluate what the damage is and what needs to be fixed. Generally, it can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to let you know what can be done for the product you sent in, and whether fixing it or replacing it is covered by the warranty.


There is a reason why Bulova Military Watch has been around as long as it has. The firm knows how to put out a product that is among the best in the business. These are not cheap products but the cost is offset by the quality of the construction and the durability of the Bulova Military Watch models the company offers. If you have the desire to do it, it’s not hard to find the one you are looking for as you can order it from third-party retailers or the company itself.

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ReviewInstitute Military Watch

Conclusion: Part of the Military collection. Stainless steel case.

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