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Best Wine Refrigerator 2019 • 0 Wine Refrigerators Reviews

The first class quality of selected wines is guaranteed by optimal storage

However, it should be borne in mind that wine refrigerators can differ considerably from each other in terms of quality and functionality in some cases . This in turn can have the consequence that also the qualitative condition and/or the value of your wine leaves to be desired sooner or later. Because again and again it becomes apparent how essential it is to store wine in a “precisely fitting” wine refrigerator in line with demand and product-specific requirements.

KellerLeave therefore with the selection not to chance , but pay attention to our product tests before the purchase. The fact is that our renowned wine experts are highly committed to their work when it comes to inspecting wine refrigerators in a consumer-oriented manner, testing and evaluating them and thus offering the interested user a target-oriented decision-making aid with a view to the purchase of a wine refrigerator. Basically, the purchase of a wine refrigerator is a very promising, useful investment for discerning wine lovers. As high as your individual demands on a good wine are, your willingness to compromise should also be as low when it comes to the purchase of a wine refrigerator.

The tests conducted by our experts are 100 percent objective, so that the professional evaluations and analyses provide valuable support for your decision making.

The individual test procedures in our company are very extensively conceived, whereby the product reports are nevertheless kept in the form that even the layman can understand them. By the way profit not only consumers, but also manufacturers of wine refrigerators:
On the one hand, our experts purchase the individual wine refrigerators and proceed according to strictly regulated criteria. On the other hand, the corresponding test products are made available to us directly by the providers. But even then a maximum of objectivity is guaranteed thanks to specific test methods. Finally, the manufacturers are anxious to find out more about the advantages or possible disadvantages through our analyses in order to be able to carry out possible product improvements on this basis. This means that the consumer himself benefits from these conditions , because the quality of his desired product can be gradually upgraded in the course of this.

The wine cabinet tests in our institute focus among other things on these aspects:
  • Cooling capacity
  • Functionality
  • light protection
  • Lighting system
  • Aeration
  • Vibration susceptibility
  • Design
  • Price/Performance

What you need a wine refrigerator for?

A wine refrigerator is an almost indispensable object in the private or business environment real wine connoisseur and connoisseur. Anyone who believes that a “disreputable” refrigerator could even rudimentarily replace a wine refrigerator or guarantee adequate storage of wine is mistaken. The fact is that high-quality wines can only maintain their special quality – even over a longer period of time – if they are cooled at exactly adjusted temperatures. Specific requirements must be met when setting the temperatures or during storage itself.

Usually, good wines are stored in a wine cellar or in barrels specially designed for this purpose. The temperature conditions are exactly adjusted to the individual requirements of rosé, red or white wine, the light conditions are exactly the same as the high-quality wine requires, namely no damaging UV light reaches the precious property – and everything else is “harmonious”. In a normal refrigerator it is almost impossible to create the optimal conditions.

You should also know this:

Did you know that a tasty rosé is best stored at a temperature of 7 to 12 degrees Celsius? Or that a high-quality white person feels most comfortable in cool conditions between 7 and 14 degrees Celsius? With a red wine, on the other hand, it can be between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. Selected sparkling wine or champagne products, on the other hand, love it when it is wonderfully cool: temperatures of between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius are ideal for these noble “tingling waters”.

So it is possible – depending on the selected wine refrigerator – depending on wine quality and taste, that a wine will “rest” in it for many years , before it is brought out – for example on a certain occasion – and drunk in good company, no, enjoyed.

Focus TV – how to store good wine properly

One or two zones?

You are spoilt for choice between single and dual zone cabinets. The former are the classic variants in which you can store a certain number of a certain type of wine – rosé, red or white – in a high quality manner. With this wine refrigerator variant, the temperature can be preset individually. Just as your favourite wine prefers.

Two-zone cabinets, on the other hand, offer the option of two different types of wine storage, because you can set two different temperatures, for example in the lower level, i.e. in zone 1, 7 to 12 degrees Celsius for your rosé and 15 to 18 degrees Celsius for a good red “droplet”. According to current physical law, warmer air always rises upwards, so that it is advisable to create zone two above the cooler tempered area.

In any case, a wine refrigerator offers the discerning wine lover different possibilities of storage of valuable wines according to requirements.

Wine refrigerator: What types are there?

Wine refrigerators are also known under the name Weinklimaschrank. However different the designations for such appliances may be, it is also interesting to know that there are different types of wine refrigerators. First of all, there is certainly a fundamental distinction between refrigerators for wines, which are

  • for private use
  • for the gastronomy sector
are conceptualized.

And here, too, the proverbial “wheat separates from chaff”. Because there are different wine climate chamber models for the catering trade as well as for domestic use.

The Single Zone Model

Bauknecht WLE 885 openIn this context we would like to mention on the one hand the devices that can be set with regard to temperature and humidity especially for a certain type of wine, the so-called one-zone devices .

No matter whether you want to store a rosé, white or red wine in it: In the single zone wine refrigerator you can set the appropriate cooling temperature in advance and thus ensure that the good drop is stored from the start at the correct temperature.

The multi-zone wine refrigerator

Many quality-conscious wine connoisseurs want to be able to store not just one but several types of wine in their wine refrigerator. However, given that a rosé requires a different storage temperature than, for example, a red wine, it is necessary to set different temperatures in order to create the right conditions for each wine. In this context, the innovative multi-zone wine refrigerators, which can be set in the lower area cooler than in the upper segment, are ideal.

Syntrox Germany digitaler Getränke- WeinkühlschrankHowever, modern wine refrigerators do not only differ with regard to their temperature-specific properties. In addition, you also have the option of opting for a device in which the air humidity can be regulated individually . The market also offers particularly low-vibration climate chambers. Because the fact is that stored wines are only able to maintain their high quality over a long period of time if they can really lie “at rest”.

With a simple wine refrigerator a shake protection is not usually given, so that the wines stored in it often already vibrate by mere passing – even if only minimally. Last but not least, there are also wine refrigerator types which are equipped with particularly UV-repellent discs, so that no harmful light influences can penetrate from outside into the interior of the appliance. Many connoisseurs who appreciate a good droplet, as long as it is actually of an exquisite quality, will certainly also opt for refrigerator models equipped with a activated carbon filter, which cleans the inflowing air of unwanted additives.

For every taste and for every demand there is a suitable wine climate cabinet. You can also choose between free-standing appliances and built-in wine refrigerators.

test criteria: How did we test the wine refrigerators?

It is indeed no easy task to find the wine refrigerator that best suits your individual needs. As unique as wines in general are, so personal is the taste of a true wine lover. This makes it all the more important to be as uncompromising as possible when selecting.

Klarstein Reserva Luxus AusschnittIn the opinion of many connoisseurs, good advice is essential when buying a wine refrigerator. And also customer reviews can be a important help in this regard. But as experience has shown time and again, many consultants do not always stand out due to their extensive know-how, and even some customer evaluations that can be found on the world wide web have turned out to be fake. Need for action is in demand: Trust best the specialist, who really knows the matter .

And so we have made it our task in our institute to put wine refrigerators explicitly through their paces , to subject them to the most varied examinations and tests, against the background of offering the consumer seeking help a founded basis for decision .

Our wine refrigerator tests are therefore characterised by a maximum degree of objectivity and professionalism, so that you as a consumer can be sure right from the start that you can make the right decision for a wine refrigerator on the basis of our comparison results.

We have tested wine refrigerators in this way:

  • the qualitative composition is always in focus
  • Lighting
  • UV protection
  • Air humidity
  • Powerful vibration
  • the operability
  • the technical equipment
  • Additional Features
  • Maintenance effort
  • Price/Performance ratio

Our wine refrigerator tests are usually very extensive and time-consuming. However, when it comes to providing quality-conscious consumers with information that meets their needs in every respect, our tests are almost indispensable.

We receive the wine refrigerators to be tested either from the (online) trade, whereby we proceed with regard to the product selection purposefully according to special criteria. On the other hand, also producers make their wine refrigerators available to our institute for testing. As a consumer or user of our product reports, you will of course benefit in every case from maximum reliability and objectivity.

A possible influence by the aforementioned manufacturers is completely excluded, as it is important to the suppliers themselves to find out more about the advantages or possible disadvantages of their wine cabinets. Assuming that our Profi-Tester have discovered minor defects at one point or another, the manufacturers take these aspects as an opportunity to make subsequent improvements to the devices.

The fact is that not only the manufacturer will benefit from our tests in this way, but also you as a consumer. Namely by the fact that in the end more and more highly optimized wine refrigerators are available on the market.

What functions are important in a wine refrigerator?

La Sommelière ECS40 2Z Wine refrigeratorIt is of course irrelevant whether you choose a free-standing model or a built-in refrigerator when it comes to Wine air conditioners. With a view to design and material properties, you should therefore leave nothing to chance here. Of course, good taste in wine refrigerators is important in two respects. Because a high-quality wine can only preserve its good taste in the long term if it is really optimally stored . Last but not least, good taste also plays a role with regard to furnishing planning. Whether you choose a high-quality, stylish freestanding model or a built-in wine refrigerator is a matter of taste.

Protection against loss in value of wine by a suitable wine refrigerator

The most important thing with a wine refrigerator is the fact that the temperature can be set individually . This is probably the most important function of such a device. Depending on the model, the temperature can be entered step by step or continuously. It makes sense to set the desired cooling degree , so that it is not possible to change it by accident, for example. This could have a significant impact on the quality of the wine stored in the cupboard.

Is the air clear…?

An essential criterion with regard to the functionality of a wine refrigerator is also the setting of Air humidity. Each wine has individual requirements with regard to the humidity conditions prevailing on site. Real connoisseurs know this and therefore decide for a wine refrigerator which is equipped with an adequate function.CASO Germany WineMaster 66 LED

In addition, high-quality air conditioners are available which are able to supply the wine bottles with fresh air at regular intervals or even absorb foreign odours. These can also have a negative effect on wine quality. All in all, it speaks for itself if your new wine refrigerator contains a air purity function, which can significantly affect the value of the “drop”.

protection against vibrations

Special damping functions are of fundamental importance in modern wine cabinets in order to ensure the best possible low vibration. High-quality Wine wants to “rest” without being constantly “stirred up” by vibrations during storage.

The more quiet your wine is, the more you can be sure that the noble drink will score with its high quality on the day you open the bottle.

Protection against harmful UV radiation

In order to fully round off the functionality of a wine refrigerator, it also depends on the correct lighting. Air conditioners equipped with this function also contribute to preserving the value of the wine. Because the “right” incidence of light or the fact that the penetration of damaging UV rays is prevented from the outset is a quality criterion, which is almost indispensable for real wine connoisseurs when choosing a wine refrigerator.

Buy a wine refrigerator: What does a wine refrigerator cost?

It is not easy to name a flat rate purchase price when it comes to buying a wine refrigerator. The fact is that the individual models can differ from each other in a wide variety of ways. There are, for example, mini air conditioners that can be moved from A to B as required within the rooms provided for them. Then again there are larger freestanding models as well as built-in wine cabinets and so on. In addition, there are qualitative differences with regard to the material properties or the functionality of the devices.

Sophisticated wine connoisseurs cannot do without wine air conditioners

For example, if you opt for a single or multi-zone cabinet, this can have a serious effect on the purchase price. The functionality of the wine refrigerator also plays a role here. Is the desired model intended for private use or for the gastronomy sector? Which additional features are included in the device…

Questions after questions, therefore, which first need to be clarified when it comes to determining the cost factor.

Mini refrigerators, in which wine bottles are stored, are – depending upon offerer – often already for 150 to 200 euro in the well sorted specialized trade to find. It is worth knowing, however, that these are mostly mobile devices in which long-term storage of wine bottles makes little sense. A really good wine does not tolerate shocks . These, however, occur automatically when the mobile wine refrigerator is set up here or there.

Unlimited possibilities…

Modern single-zone wine air conditioners, in which humidity, temperature and lighting can be individually adjusted and which also have vibration protection, cost around 900 to 1,500 euros to purchase. If additional functions or features are included, such a device can cost up to 2,000 Euros. It is a fact that in this respect the creativity of the providers is virtually unlimited and the price level is open towards the top.

Style-fastly designed wine air conditioners are also provided with additional “icing on the cake” and are conceived in a special way, for example with regard to their design. A special wooden sheathing or a special coating in the inner part to ensure maximum protection costs “extra” in each case. This means that it is quite conceivable – depending on the device – that a wine air conditioner costs 2,500 to 5,000 euros.

A comparison of the providers is worthwhile accordingly in every case. Our test evaluations serve as the basis for such a comparison, as you can use this information to determine which wine climate chambers best meet your needs, wishes and possibilities.

Purchase advice: Which wine refrigerator suits me?

As high as the demands quality-conscious connoisseurs are, experience has shown that it is difficult to find a wine refrigerator that meets individual requirements.

  • Is the wine air conditioner primarily intended for domestic use or do you want a wine refrigerator for commercial purposes?
  • What about the other spatial conditions conditions?
  • Is it possible to place a free-standing cabinet or is it possible to purchase a built-in unit?

In this context, there is also the option of purchasing a base unit that can be integrated excellently into the existing furniture.

Not left to chance: It depends on the functionality

What demands do you make on a good wine? Are you a real man of pleasure who leaves nothing to chance when it comes to quality and taste and does not want to make any compromises? Under these conditions a mobile wine air conditioner is rather unsuitable. It is very practical in itself and can be transported from A to B at will. A product-specific and above all long-term wine storage is only possible to a very limited extent.

Which wines would you like to store?

Have you ever imagined to place one type of wine – rosé, red or white – in the new wine cooler? Under these conditions, a single zone device would be a very good and even comparatively inexpensive choice. However, is it planned instead to store several wine varieties on site? In this case the purchase of a so-called multi-zone wine refrigerator makes sense.

Would you like a wine refrigerator in which you can store your favourite drink for a longer period of time? Then you should choose a model that is equipped with different functions. A special damping device is especially recommended to protect your wine against shocks in the best possible way. Last but not least, it is important to be able to adjust the humidity and the lighting to suit your needs.

A highlight for real connoisseurs

The performance portfolio and the functionality are always in the first place with a innovative wine refrigerator . However, the optical quality also plays a not inconsiderable role.

Finally, the new highlight should harmonize as much as possible with the other furnishings . Custom-made products, such as special wooden sheathing for example, do incur additional costs. But once the good piece is placed at your site, the sight is literally “priceless”.

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