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Best Window Cleaning Robot 2019 • 0 Window Cleaning Robots Reviews

What is a window cleaning robot?

A window cleaning robot is exactly what its name implies. This is a device that can automatically clean windows . Some models also have no problem with mirrors. Most people probably already know this principle from vacuum cleaner robots. Window cleaning robots are based on the same idea.

How does a window cleaning robot work?

Window cleaning robots produce a vacuum on a window pane, so that it adheres securely and cannot fall. To prevent damage in the event of a power failure, many models are equipped with a integrated battery, which can maintain the vacuum even without a power supply.

The cleaning itself is usually done with a microfibre cloth. This must be partly moistened by the user before use and provided with some cleaning agent. It is then attached to the robot, which then automatically carries out the necessary cleaning. However, some devices also have a integrated cleaning pad, so these steps are not necessary. In this case only the robot itself has to be cleaned regularly.

A window cleaning robot contains a lot of technology in addition to the cleaning elements. A large number of sensors constantly detect possible obstacles and reliably bypass them. The movement itself is made possible by non-slip rubber or plastic chains. Inside there is also usually a Computer, which can not only make additional calculations for an optimal cleaning, but depending on the model also allows additional features.

Advantages & Application areas

The biggest advantage of a window cleaning robot is the saved time and the convenience. Especially those who have a lot of windows to clean are busy with it by hand for one or two hours. Owners of a robot can use this time for other things. In addition, the cleaning of windows is completely successful easy. Apart from commissioning, no further steps are necessary on the part of the user. So everybody can make himself comfortable during the window cleaning and only has to move the robot to another window every now and then. This benefits not least all those whose mobility is limited.

A further advantage is at least with high-quality devices the perfect cleaning of the windows. Good window cleaning robots do not leave any streaks, skilfully bypass window handles and do not forget even the smallest corner. The result can compete with that of professional cleaners and surpasses the abilities of most laymen by far.

Today, window cleaning robots are used almost everywhere there are windows. In the industry they are already represented for many years and clean there giant window surfaces in lightening speed. This is also the reason why classic window cleaners on skyscrapers are becoming increasingly rare.

In Private households the robots are still not widespread. This is because the robots in the past were comparatively large and heavy. Thus they were not suitable for small windows, which belong in countless German households to the normality. Fortunately, however, this has changed. The robots could be shrunk further and further and are therefore today a good option also for the own four walls.

What kind of window cleaning robots are there?

What types of window cleaning robots are there?

Different models of window cleaning robots hardly differ at all with regard to their functional principle. They always rely on cleaning windows reliably and without scratches using a microfibre cloth. There are only differences in Detail.

With some window cleaning robots, the microfiber cloth is not integrated into the device. Instead, it is attached by the user to each application itself. For this purpose, the cloth must also be self-moistened and moistened with cleaning agent. Although this leads to some further work steps, it also has its advantages.

In apartments or houses with several windows, the Cleaning of the cleaning element is very easy in between, for example. In addition, a replacement can be found quickly and easily if the microfibre cloth should break down or if it has been used so frequently that it draws streaks. Robots of this type are therefore pronounced long-lived even with frequent use.

However, there are also window cleaning robots in which a microfiber pad is integrated directly in the device. This has the advantage that the user does not have to worry about anything else. The robot partly moistens the cloth and applies the cleaning agent itself. This results in always perfect results and it is not possible to accidentally use too much water or window cleaner.

However, there are also some disadvantages with this type of cleaning machine. Especially the maintenance is much more complex. It must be ensured that the window cleaning robot always has sufficient water and cleaning agents. Failure to do so will not result in clean windows. Apart from that, Cleaning the pad is not always easy. Especially if this cannot be removed, it can be frustrating. Last but not least, the devices also contain more parts that can easily wear. If such a robot is seldom used >usage, for example only once a month, then all these things are no problem. But if you want to use such a window cleaning robot more often, you might make a better choice with another variant.

This is how we tested the window cleaning robots

This is how the window cleaning robots were tested

In a window cleaning robot test 2019 every single device has to face an extensive test course. Only if a window cleaning robot can convince in the test on all line, it has a chance on the coveted title window cleaning robot test winner. What is particularly important in the external tests is explained below.

Cleaning capacity

The cleaning performance is without question one of the most important test criteria for every window cleaning robot. After all, such a device is of little use if it doesn't get any windows clean. Therefore, the test persons in this category test extensively with which types of soiling a window cleaning robot can cope with. They not only confront the devices with dust and normal soiling, but also, for example, with residues of Tesa film or bird droppings. At best, there are no problems at all.


At this point, the testers are concerned with how good the window cleaning robots actually work without the help of the user. Do you recognize obstacles without problems? Can you estimate distance to the window frame correctly? These and other questions will be answered here.


Not every window cleaning robot does its job as quietly as a whisper. Some devices cause operating noises, which many people would perceive as interfering. Fortunately, there are also models that can hardly be heard. In this test category you can see which window cleaning robots are gentle on your ears and which might even have neighbours complaining about the noise. The quieter a window cleaning robot cleans windows, the better.

Size and weight

The dimensions as well as the weight of a window cleaning robot are not to be underestimated factors for the operation. The larger a device fails, the more likely it is to lose contact with a window and fall down. In addition, the Transport is of course much more comfortable with a low weight. The size, however, is particularly interesting with a view to the own windows. If a window cleaning robot is too big for some windows in your own home, they still have to be cleaned by hand. Therefore the models should fail as far as possible small, in order to be able to work also on very small windows, as they are to be found for instance in many bathrooms, problem-free.

This is how we tested the window cleaning robotsMaterial and processing

At this point, the test subjects take a closer look at the materials used and the processing of the window cleaning robots. Of course, high-quality raw materials are welcome. Cheap plastic does not only provide an unattractive look, it also often limits the life of equipment. With regard to processing it is important that as few gap dimensions as possible are visible. With large gaps, there is a danger that water will get inside the robot and damage it permanently.


In this test category, the testers deal with how exactly a window cleaning robot can be operated. Of course this should work as easy as possible and should not cause any problems for users without previous knowledge. In the best case all functions are self-explanatory, so that a look at the manual is not necessary. A window cleaning robot should never put any obstacles in the way of the user at any time.


This point is all about the maintenance and servicing of a window cleaning robot. The test persons attach great importance to the fact that the cleaning elements can be removed and cleaned without effort. It is also irrelevant whether they are pads or simple cloths. The Commissioning should always be possible without problems and still ensure reliable operation. Among other things, the testers give a negative rating when the attachment of a cloth or pad degenerates into a real fumbling.

Features and Functions

This test category describes additional functions of a window cleaning robot in more detail. For example, this could be an automatic stop function or a safety rope. Almost every device offers special functions in some form or another. In a window cleaning robot test we will not only be told how well these work in detail. We are also given detailed information about whether the features are at all sensible or not.

Scope of delivery

Who buys a window cleaning robot and cannot use it due to missing accessories , is of course rightly annoyed first of all. In order to avoid such scenarios, the Scope of supply of the window cleaning robot is discussed in more detail in this test point. In any case, suitable cleaning elements are expected, i.e. pads or cloths. In addition, a power supply unit should also be included, which is unfortunately not always the case today.

If a device cannot be used without the purchase of accessories, this is a clear disadvantage and will be evaluated accordingly in a test. Conversely, there are also Pluspoints for useful accessories, which is directly in the packaging of a robot.

Price/Performance ratio

Finally, the Price in a Window cleaning robot test 2019 is always an important topic. Even with excellent values and good equipment, a window cleaning robot must not be too expensive. The price should correspond much more to the offered performance. Test persons compare individual models with comparable robots and reveal which devices are really worth their price. Sometimes window cleaning robots are worth a recommendation as well, because they have some shortcomings, but due to their low price they are still interesting for some types of users.

What do I have to look out for when buying a window cleaning robot?

If you are looking for a window cleaning robot, you should first pay attention to the correct size. This is the only way to ensure that the device can clean all windows in your own home without any problems. For this purpose it is useful to measure your own windows. In external tests you will find detailed information on which window cleaning robots are suitable for which window sizes. Compare the values with your own windows and limit the selection to corresponding models in advance.

What do I have to look out for when buying a window cleaning robot?Also not to be despised is the Security of a window cleaning robot. The vacuum produced by vacuum is usually very reliable, so that the devices always stick to a window pane. However, it cannot be ruled out that a power failure may occur or that other circumstances may resolve the liability between the window pane and the robot.

Of course, if this happens in your own living room, it's no big deal. Even if you live on the ground floor, you don't have to worry about this. But with the exterior cleaning of windows in higher floors the correct fuse must be absolutely observed. An integrated rechargeable battery can maintain the vacuum even in the event of a power failure. Additional safety is provided by a holding rope, which is attached to the robot. This is a reliable way of preventing damage that is too serious.

Of course you have to pay attention to the right quality when buying. After all, your own windows should always be totally clean and not ugly streaks. Please read carefully various window cleaning robot tests, in which you will be told which contamination the individual robots can cope with.

The Price is also an important issue for most users when buying a window cleaning robot. We can recommend not to save too much. For a good device a certain investment is necessary , this pays off over a long time however.

High-quality robots often last many years, so that a new acquisition is only necessary far in the future. Cheap models, on the other hand, can in some cases show defects within a short period of time. The supposedly low price then takes its revenge very quickly. It is also not necessary to spend too much on a window cleaning robot. More than 500 Euros are definitely too much even for the best devices.

Short information about leading manufacturers

Many manufacturers around the globe have already recognized the trend towards window cleaning robots and offer a variety of suitable devices. The most important brands are briefly introduced here.

  • Ecovacs
  • Sichler
  • Vorwerk
  • Windoro
  • Hobot
Evovacs is one of the leading manufacturers of household robotics worldwide. According to its own figures, the Chinese company ranks fifth worldwide in this segment. In its own home market, the company is even the market leader. The engineers at Evovacs do not rest on their laurels. Instead, they are constantly working on new innovations and improving quality.

The Evovacs range includes all kinds of robots for household use. From vacuum cleaner robots over models for automatic wiping up to window cleaning robots there is something for every taste. In most cases the quality of the equipment is convincing. In addition, buyers can look forward to fair prices, so that the purchase of a cleaning robot does not have to tear a large hole in the household budget. Due to the large selection Evovacs usually has something suitable for every taste and a look at the product catalogue is worthwhile in any case.

Sichler household appliances is a brand that offers its products exclusively through the German supplier Pearl. It is also not a classic manufacturer, but much more one importer. Devices are sourced from different sources and then simply branded with their own logo. But that doesn't have to mean anything bad. Tests show that Sichler is very careful in its selection and avoids inferior equipment.

Nevertheless, it is in the nature of things that there can be differences between different robots with the Sichler logo partly large differences. For this reason, it is worth studying product reports carefully before buying to avoid buying the wrong product. Sichler's range also includes all types of automatic household aids. When it comes to window cleaning robots, some devices are highly recommended. Especially because of the low price these are often very interesting for occasional users as well.

Vorwerk is a traditional German brand , which is mainly known for its vacuum cleaners . However, the company originally started in completely different areas. At the end of the 19th century, carpets were mainly produced. After the First World War gearboxes and electric motors for Grammophone became an important mainstay.

In the 1920s, however, radio finally conquered the world, leading to a sharp drop in sales. Vorwerk also suffered as a result. However, the engineers there turned their misery into art and formed something completely new out of existing materials with a little creativity and know-how. From parts for gramophone the Kobold was created in 1929, until today one of the most known hand vacuum cleaners. The success was so great that the Kobold brand is still part of Vorwerk's fixed product range today.

Later, for many decades, the company concentrated almost exclusively on manufacturing and selling its own vacuum cleaners. This was done in direct distribution without intermediaries, which increased margins. Some people may still remember the visit of a Vorwerk representative. From the 1970s onwards, however, Vorwerk also manufactured other products. Particularly successful were kitchen machine and mixer. In 2014, Vorwerk even generated higher revenues with these appliances than with vacuum cleaners for the first time.

Today customers of Vorwerk are pleased about a rich offer of devices for almost every purpose. Since some time there is also a window cleaning robot of the well-known brand. Good cleaning results and high reliability speak for themselves and make the device a true insider tip. However, the purchase compared to other models is also not quite cheap. But if you are looking for an uncompromisingly good robot, you can take a closer look at Vorwerk's offer

Windoro is a trademark of South Korean manufacturer Illshim Global. Some window cleaning robots have appeared under the name, which can convince with innovations and good cleaning results.

In Germany, the brand is still relatively unknown and only available from a few dealers. However, the devices are still interesting for many users. Not least because of their excellent price-performance ratio they are very suitable for many households.

Hobot is a taiwanesian company, which has hardly any importance in this country. In fact, it is even the inventors of the window cleaning robots that are involved. In 2010, the company was awarded a gold medal at the iENA trade fair. Since then, the engineers have been constantly working on improving the technology and enriching it with further innovations.

Particularly noteworthy with Hobot window cleaning robots is the small size of the devices. Some of them are suitable even for smallest windows and always do their job reliably. Nevertheless, they are fast enough to clean even large surfaces in a short time. Hobot is priced in midfield and usually offers good services at fair prices.

Some window cleaning robots from Hobot are distributed in this country under the Sichler company name via Pearl. It is therefore quite possible that buyers of Sichler robots actually hold a Hobot with a different logo in their hands. You can get more detailed information in a window cleaning robot test 2019.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my window cleaning robot best?

When buying a window cleaning robot not only the question of the right model arises, but also where it should be bought. Between Retail and Internet there are not only big differences between and in price. In the following, we will tell you where the bottom line purchasing has more advantages to offer.

The Internet is already convincing for reasons of convenience alone. Among other things, no opening hours need to be observed here. Online Shops are open around the clock and do not close on weekends or public holidays. So everyone can shop exactly when it suits their everyday life best. Furthermore, you are in no way bound locally. Shopping is not only possible at home on the computer, but also on the go via smartphone or tablet. All you need is Internet access nearby.

Those who rely on retailers, on the other hand, are clearly limited in direct comparison. It is not uncommon for buyers to struggle their way into the city centre after work, just to look for a parking space and queue up in long queues.

The advantage of shopping on site, however, is that products can be tested directly on site. This means that nobody has to buy a pig in a poke, but can find out all the details about a particular window cleaning robot before buying it. What sounds like a big advantage in theory, is only of limited use in practice.

Especially with window cleaning robots it is hardly possible to not at all to test them for all their functions. Most dealers allow you to take the devices out of their packaging and take a close look at them. However, a real test is usually not possible.

There are simply no possibilities for this, since not every store lets its customers easily reach its own windows with a robot. But some people also like to rely on consulting from a local salesperson. Unfortunately, this is not always a good idea. Especially in larger shops, the
every employee is good with window cleaning robots. Good recommendations are of course only possible with a certain knowledge of the matter.

Apart from that, however, not every salesperson has the well-being of his customers in mind. It happens again and again that the own turnover is in the foreground, which leads partly to abstruse recommendations. Especially annoying for the customer is the fact that honest salespeople cannot be distinguished from rather dubious contemporaries at first glance. They are therefore solely dependent on trust.

Who would rather rely on independent sources, is pleased with the purchase in the Internet again about advantages. Here you can find with a few mouse clicks independent product reports about window cleaning robots and that optionally also from different websites. We, too, are in no way restricted in our reporting.

We are not accountable to any manufacturer or online shop and can therefore report completely free and honest about the tested window cleaning robots.

Even after the purchase, the purchase of a window cleaning robot in Internet is even safer than is the case in retail. This is mainly due to the advantages, which result for the customer from the Distance Selling Act. The law provides that ordered goods within 14 days can be returned by a seller without giving reasons and with reimbursement of the full purchase price.

In practice, this means that you can order a window cleaning robot first of all for viewing. If you notice at home that there is something wrong with the device or if you simply don't like it, send the article back and look for a suitable alternative.

The matter in specialist shops is not quite that simple. There are also some suppliers who offer similar conditions and take back purchased goods without problems. However, there is no legal obligation in to do so. In the worst case you will be stuck on a wrong purchase, which is of course more than annoying.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my window cleaning robot best?Online Shops can also leave the specialized trade behind in terms of selection. This is in the nature of things, after all, individual items on the Internet do not have to be displayed individually on expensive sales floor space. All it needs is good logistics, which means that many more different window cleaning robots can be offered at the same time.

Retailers concentrate on some few models that sell particularly well. In addition, the choice increases solely due to the fact that customers can access Online Shops throughout Germany or even in Europe. So if your own favourite model is not in stock at a certain supplier, you will quickly and easily find a suitable alternative. When buying from a specialist retailer, however, you are limited to a few local suppliers or you have to travel long distances to get a better offer.

The free selection of Online Shops is also clearly noticeable with Price. No one on the Internet is forced to pay any provider more than necessary. Instead, prices can be compared on a daily basis. Then only the cheapest offer has to be chosen.

This works best with Price Search Engines, which do all the work for the user. You automatically search the offers of hundreds of shops and present the results in a clear table. Such portals are also the ones that ensure that the online shops undercut themselves again and again in price all by themselves.

The highest places in price search engines are very sought-after, as they receive a lot of attention from the customer. Therefore the most shops on the Internet are anxious to always offer the cheapest price. This results in an almost brutal competition, which is only of advantage for the customer. In comparison to the retail trade, the same window cleaning robot is often 30% or more cheaper when buying on the Internet.

So it can be said that the purchase of a window cleaning robot on the Internet is not only more comfortable and cheaper, but even safer for the buyer. Therefore, we can only recommend that you make use of these advantages.

The retail trade also has its advantages, but these are not relevant in most cases. If you absolutely need a window cleaning robot in a short time, you are of course happy to be able to take such a device directly with you at a local dealer. However, such a scenario will probably occur rather rarely. Who can be patient at least 24 hours, receives his window cleaning robot from a online shop to clearly better conditions. You don't even have to leave the house because the device is sent to the front door or alternatively to an alternative address.

Worth knowing & guide to window cleaning robots

Things to Know & Advisor

At this point we would like to present some more information about window cleaning robots. This includes not only interesting facts, but also useful tips for everyday use.

The History of Window Cleaning Robots

Window cleaning robots are closely linked to the development of household robotics itself. Since the turn of the millennium there has been an increasing number of such appliances in households around the globe. Especially in Japan automatic vacuum cleaners spread fast , but also robots as pets already existed there.

In the rest of the world, however, such robots were and are primarily interesting for practical applications. The Industry recognized the enormous potential early on and equipped large production facilities and other buildings with corresponding robots. The companies hoped that this would result in cleaning, which would be carried out around the clock, even during running operation, while at the same time costs should be saved through fewer personnel. Of course this did not work without problems from the beginning.

The history of window cleaning robotsDie Technik stood at that time at the beginning of its development. Again and again it happened that robots lost their way or didn't do their job properly. For this reason, the devices were not immediately available to the end consumer.

Together with the technical development many problems could be solved surprisingly fast. The engineers owe this not only to their own efforts, but also to their colleagues from the areas computers and smartphones. The computing power of PCs has always developed rapidly and doubles almost every two years. For a window cleaning robot this alone is still relatively uninteresting.

But the success of the smartphones was enormously helpful. Due to the gigantic demand for more performance and functions in the smallest possible space, several billion-dollar companies are busy with the development in this area. The result was rapid progress in almost every respect. Not only has extremely high performance been available in a very small space since the beginning of the 2010s, smartphones have also developed strongly in terms of sensors. Today's devices have cameras with very high resolutions and can also measure temperatures or atmospheric pressure.

Manufacturers of window cleaning robots took advantage of all this. Instead of developing the technology themselves, they could simply buy finished parts from suppliers the smartphone industry. In the year 2010 the first window cleaning robot for domestic use was created.

This differed from models for industrial use mainly by its small size, with which the use was also possible on comparatively small windows. It didn't take long for more devices to follow and, driven by competition, manufacturers continued to fine-tune functionality.

Also in the future everyone can look forward to numerous innovations in this area, because the development is not yet at the end. Of course, it is difficult to estimate exactly where the journey will take us. But first and foremost the window cleaning robots should become more reliable, while at the same time the prices decrease. The latter also happens automatically as soon as the demand rises. Currently, window cleaning robots still have a certain unusuality value. They are only available in a few households in Europe, but this can change quickly.

Figures, data, facts about window cleaning robots

Window cleaning robots are without question a relief in everyday life, but there are also restrictions. Especially regarding speed nobody should have too high expectations. Most devices perform their service comparatively slow. They usually reach speeds of less than one kilometre per hour. Cleaning a window with one square meter can take up to five minutes. But the manufacturers also deliberately focus on good cleaning results, which in our opinion is also a good idea. After all, it is of little help if a window is cleaned quickly but not thoroughly.

So far all window cleaning robots for home use work in passive mode. This means that no brushes or similar devices are used. The robots rely entirely on microfiber cloths or special pads. This allows them to drive over a glass pane and wipe off the dirt without causing any additional force in any way. Fortunately, in most cases this is not even necessary. In order to avoid streaks, window cleaning robots can also dry a window directly /strong>.

Regarding the power consumption window cleaning robots are quite frugal, but for wireless operation it is not enough yet to . They must therefore be permanently connected to a socket with a cable. The integrated batteries are for emergency operation only to prevent accidental falling.

Whether and when there will be devices without power cable is currently still not foreseeable. Currently, however, it is advisable to plan the purchase of extension cables. Some of these are already included in the scope of delivery, but other cables can also be used. It is also possible to use it with a cable drum. This means that window cleaning robots can be used to clean glass houses in your own garden without any problems.

Window cleaning robots can not only be used on windows, but generally on any surface with similar properties. The most prominent example is mirror, in which many models also achieve good results. In addition, some of the robots can also clean cabinet walls or windscreens from cars. However, such use should be well considered. Not every manufacturer provides for such an application, which is why there is never a guarantee for success.

It is to be avoided in any case to use window cleaning robots on flat screen televisions. This can result in serious and partly irreparable damage. If you want to know exactly for which surfaces your own window cleaning robot is suitable, you can usually find out at a glance in the manual.

Window cleaning made easy

Cleaning your own windows can be successful with little effort if you follow some advice. By the way, this applies both to the use of a robot and to cleaning with the own hands.

First of all, the right preparation is important. Only warm water is definitely not enough to clean windows. In any case, it also requires the correct cleaning agent. Window cleaners are of course a good choice, but also Universal cleaners and Washing up liquid are very useful. The correct dosage is very important.

Not all dirt can be removed with too little detergent. Too much of a good thing, on the other hand, can lead to even more dirt and unattractive streaks. Therefore, always pay attention to the Dosage instructions on the package of a cleaning agent.

The used water also has a big influence on the result of the cleaning. Tap water is not always sufficient here. If this is strong with lime or other deposits loaded, this leaves a light grey veil on the window. In this case, the use of distilled water, as it is available in any well-stocked supermarket, is recommended.

The optimal weather for cleaning windows is according to experts light sunshine. Not only do the windows dry quickly and do not streak, it also has the advantage that soiling is immediately visible. Even smallest impurities will catch your eye immediately and you will know exactly where you might have to do something again. In some cases, window cleaning robots also work better with good lighting, since the integrated sensors can detect dirt and obstacles better.

If you don't want to rely on a window cleaning robot, pay attention to circular movements in a large radius. Wipe the entire window in this way. Remove the water as soon as possible with a squeegee. In the best case, this is done from left to right or vice versa, but not from top to bottom. Also try to do this work as much as possible in one go to avoid water stains.

Owners of a window cleaning robot don't have to worry about all that. Once the device has been equipped with a cloth, water and cleaning agent, it does the total cleaning by itself. You only have to watch or you can devote yourself to other things. For longer work you should only clean the cleaning cloths in between and wet them again with a little cleaning agent.

Useful accessories

With the correct accessories the use of window cleaning robots is even easier and safer possible. Although this is not absolutely necessary for everyday use, it is nevertheless interesting in some cases.

extension cables are a worthwhile investment for all owners of Useful accessories for window cleaning robotswindow cleaning robots. This ensures that you can always reach even the remotest corners of your windows. For this purpose we can recommend cable drums with a cable length of 20 meters or more. This means that a window cleaning robot can also be used in apartments with only a few sockets at each window.

If you do not live on the ground floor, you should always make sure that your robot has sufficient fuse, especially when operating on the outer side of a window. The integrated rechargeable battery usually does a good job, but does not protect the robot from all possible hazards. Dropping the robot poses great dangers not only for the technology.

It is also possible that humans can be injured who are straight below the robot. For this reason, the use of safety ropes is essential. These can be attached, for example, to a curtain rod and hold a window cleaning robot securely in place in case something should happen.

If such ropes are not supplied with a robot, they can also be purchased separately after . Experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts can also quite simply build their own holder with some articles from the DIY store. You should only consider this if you really know what you are doing.

The right cleaning agent is of course indispensable for good window cleaning. Window cleaner is a good, but quite expensive option. It is cheaper to use Universal cleaner or Rinsing agent. It is also no problem if the cleaner is perfumed as long as it can be used on glass surfaces. Whether this is the case, is in the vast majority of cases on the packaging. However, other cleaners such as scouring milk or similar products are not recommended. These are too aggressive and can damage a glass pane sensitively.

Alternatives to the window cleaning robot

The most obvious alternative to a window cleaning robot is hand cleaning. This results in both advantages and disadvantages. A great advantage are naturally the clearly smaller investments. While a robot costs at least 200 Euros, all you need to clean your hands is a bucket of water, a sponge, a squeegee and some detergent.

Window cleaning robots, however, are usually more economical with cleaning agents and water. Admittedly, however, the differences are so small that the initial costs for the device do not pay for themselves over a longer period of time. The choice of a window cleaning robot should therefore be made consciously. Those who prefer to save money will continue to rely on manual cleaning in the future.

However, there are some devices that can combine the advantages from both worlds. These are special devices for manual cleaning. A microfibre cloth can be placed in it in a similar way to a window cleaning robot, but the device is always guided by hand. The cleaning surface can often be rotated to clean a window pane directly with a dry cloth applied to the rear. This way, window cleaning is undoubtedly more pleasant than the classic way and no power connection is necessary. However, such window cleaners are unfortunately quite rare and therefore not available everywhere without further ado. But those who have the opportunity may take it without hesitation.

No alternative to a window cleaning robot are Coatings with a lotus effect. Manufacturers of such films often promise that a pane will repel both dirt and water. But this is only true partially. Small amounts of water and dirt can actually repel a window. However, even a medium-heavy rainfall is enough to leave permanent soiling on a lotus coating.

In addition, such a film does not protect against dust, bird droppings and similar stubborn dirt. Therefore, there is no alternative to regularly cleaning your own windows. Whether this happens with or without a robot is of course up to you. The bottom line is that cleaning with a window cleaning robot simpler and more pleasant and even laymen achieve good results. Cleaning by hand requires some effort as well as the necessary know-how, saves but of course also a lot of money.

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In the following we have for you still some interesting links around the topic window cleaning robot. Among them are also some Videos, which treat the topic audiovisually.

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