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Best Welding Device 2019 • 0 Welding Devices Reviews

What is a welding machine?

Man welßtFirst of all let us clarify what a welding machine is and for which work it is used. A welding device is a device, which is operated by power or gas. It is used to connect two components to each other. Usually these are metallic objects. There are also welding devices, that are suitable for welding of plastics. The welding unit applies a high heat action under which the components partially liquefy and a welding wire joins them together. The addition of welding wire results in a welding seam. It also happens that the components have to be joined together under force . According to scientific evaluations there was a welding device already 2000 years ago, which however cannot be compared with the present models. However, the principle, according to which the device works has remained the same.

How does a welding machine work?

No matter how the welding unit is operated – either by means of current or gas – there are different welding methods, which will be discussed in more detail below. However, the mode of operation of the devices is continuous, the the same. The welding device ensures that under heat action the metallic components enter a partially liquefied state. Once this is done, the components can be connected or even fused by means of force application. models, that work with a welding rod function according to the same principle. However, the difference is that the addition of the wire results in proliferation of the material and so-called weld seams. You can also use it to holes weld, for example, holes that are present in a exhaust. However, if the hole is too large, the welding device can no longer provide sufficient help. Among other things, not only components can be connected to the welding unit. It is also possible to separate components in this way. If Length Steel bars the Welder can be used to shorten the Bar to the desired Length to .

weldingIn today's time there are many models available which are suitable for special areas. So it comes that with one device possible work cannot be carried out, which again can master the other welding device. Also due to the product variety the welding devices can be divided into various groups. There are autogenous welding machines, which are also often referred to as welding torches. These devices operate with a welding wire. By melting the wire two components are connected in this way. A other variant is arc welding, whereby the heat development is always caused by electric current. pressure welding is another form in which the components are pressed together under force. Ultrasonic welding is a further form, which is divided into welding unit. One component is set by the ultrasound waves in motion, while the other component is in absolute stop. Under pressure the two are now joined by ultrasonic welding.

The individual welding methods are around part very special, so that these cannot be used for all work. Another point, which is more elementary in welding component, is explained in application itself. Welding is a craftsmanship, which first has to be learned or practiced. Even with a very good welding device a bad result can be achieved, if the welding work is not carried out cleanly. In addition, some preliminary work for welding that affect the result are also included. For example, a clean surface is an elementary point for the success.

Advantages and applications of welding equipment

A welding unit can be used wherever steel, sheet metal or metal generally has to be joined. In Workshops Welding equipment can be found as well as in Hobbyists in the garage.

Dich Schweißen is a Kunst in itself, which must first be learned.

gas shielded arc welders are considered the simplest method, to weld. Therefore these models are mostly suitable for the hobby area. Electro welders are also very popular with hobbyists. professionals but also use with preference other models.

The advantage of connecting two components with welding is that it is permanent connection.

When welding the material is usually changed in shape so that it becomes slightly liquid. Metal can become bonded this way. When cooling the material is connected so far that the molecules of the material join together and no longer can be separated. The combining of two components by welding is therefore a method, which ensures that materials are permanently bonded to each other.

What types of welding machine are there?

Since there are very different welding devices, we will now present the most important models in detail. Learn the Pre- and Disadvantages of these devices and what they can be used for.

  • Electric welder
  • Gas shielded arc welding units
  • Inverter Welding Unit
  • Oxyacetylene welding unit
A electro welder is a hand welder. It generates a arc and is used with a electrode. An electrode is a metal rod specially developed for welding. The metal rod was invented around the year 1891 and supplies not only an arc but also the necessary welding consumables. In principle, the electric welding device can be explained very simple. The unit itself and the electrode generate the arc. The arc contains the energy required to partially melt the components. At the same time, the electrode serves to release the filler metal required for joining the two components.

The electrodes are coated with a special layer which dissolves by heating. This procedure produces gases which are intended to prevent oxidation of the seam. At the same time, however, a slag, is formed which ensures that no too rapid cooling can occur. The slag also absorbs dirt so that the weld seam can ensure perfect cohesion. Another function of the slag is that the formation of cracks due to reduced surface tension can be prevented. electric welding is also one of the simple methods of welding, which is why these devices are often used in the home. The devices are cheaper than other welding devices and are often available for price from under 100 Euro.

Due to the differences between the models, not all electric welding devices are suitable for all working. inexpensive devices are usually not able to join thin metals together. The reason for this is the currents, which the device requires for working. If the welding current range can be set individually, the price is significantly higher than with a welding device which can only be adjusted up to a certain level. If you need a welding device for finer work, the device should also be able to apply a corresponding power.

gas shielded arc welders are very popular with both professionals and home users. This process is often referred to as gas shielded metal arc welding. However, this term is less familiar and is therefore usually only used in technical jargon. For metal processing this type of welding is excellently suited. When welding a very stable arc is produced, which is decisive for the high-quality welding seams, that result. These devices are used in many application areas and can be used both for filigree work and for other work.

In gas shielded arc welding , a distinction is made between several methods: MIG, MAG and WIG. The first two terms refer to a method which is preferably used for welding steel. The difference between the two processes lies in the different types of gas. MIG is performed with argon or helium while an active gas is used for MAG, for example carbon dioxide. The TIG welding explains another form of welding, using a electrode that cannot melt. This is necessary, for example, for welding copper or aluminium. Many devices are capable of being used as MIG and MAG. gas shielded arc welding devices cost from 400 Euro up to 1500 Euro, whereby it depends on the design of the devices. If you want to start welding first, it is recommended that you first use it on a loan basis. This has the advantage, that you can return the welder if you not can handle it.

The structure of inverter welding devices differs only low from other devices. The difference to the other models lies more in the compact construction. In contrast to the other models, these devices are very light and have a transformer. The inverter welding device is excellently suited for mobile use because it is very easy to transport. The disadvantage is the high price, as materials are used in the production, which must be stable and yet light in texture. You get inverter welding units as MIG, MAG and WIG units. High-quality inverter welding units have a adjustment range, which can be selected between AC and DC. Alternating current is optimal for welding light metals . For steel or similar materials it is always recommended to use direct current.
This unit is suitable for both welding and soldering. The difference from a autogen welder is the procedure itself. autogenous welding requires oxygen and acetylene, which is obtained from two different gas cylinders. Due to the mixing ratio of 1:1, autogenous welding can be performed. With high-quality devices, the outlet velocity of the gas mixture can be controlled so that the temperature and hardness of the flame also change. The advantage of these models is the low purchase price. Small devices can be purchased from about 250 Euro. But also the disadvantage, of the devices is clearly recognizable. Because of the gas mixture this technique should only be used in well ventilated rooms. In addition, work requires personal protective equipment to prevent burns from high temperatures.

Which welding device is suitable for beginners?

According to welding experts Matthias Pohl alias Manfred Welding a WIG welding machine is recommended for beginners. The welder with 25 years of professional experience runs the website Mannis Welding Channel and also has numerous instructional and explanatory videos about working with a welding machine on YouTube. The WIG welding is according to the expert the right choice for beginners, because the TIG welding offers the most possibilities. It can be used very accurately and from the garden gate to the screw all work can be done with TIG. Working with a TIG welding machine is slower, but therefore even better for beginners.

So we tested the welding machines

welding profiSince the selection of the welding devices is not just low, we made it our task to take different models under eye light. We began by comparing and testing the prices with regard to procurement and also the required materials at . In the net we encountered the most favourable prices, so that only these excerpts were possible for us. Therefore it was very important to us to pay attention to the delivery and the packaging.

In order for welding to be fun at any time and to be able to function, it is still important, that the device simple can be operated. As a test criterion we have compiled Information, which tells you how easy it is to put the device into Operation and to make it ready for Application. In addition, we test the handling. Can welding simply be done or will welding be rather unclean? In the mode of operation, adjustment possibilities were elementary and were included in the comparison result, so that we could report exactly for which range of application the device is suitable.

At the end we drew a comparison with other devices, which we present to you in a conclusion. Here you will find a purchase recommendation before and for what the welding device can be used. With this Information you will find it easier to choose a welding device that is tailored to your requirements.

What do I have to look out for when buying a welding machine?

As First it is of course important that you make clear for which work a welder should be used. If you want to carry out filigree welding work, devices with alternating current are suitable. If you want to cover as wide a range as possible, devices are sensible, where there are different adjustment ranges such as AC, DC or also the choice between MIG and MAG,.Welding

The more areas a welding unit can be used for, the more more functions it must be able to demonstrate. Therefore, all-rounders are only offered in high price classes. Use the welding device only for working on vehicle or for welding of bicycle frame a model can be selected where less adjustment options are available. It therefore depends on your claims and the application area. A simple application can be found in electro welders, because they are not operated with a gas mixture. In addition, wide application areas can be covered. Another point is the acquisition price. The differences of the welding devices cannot be overlooked as far as the price-performance ratio is concerned. There are welding devices, which can be purchased from price of under 100 Euro. With these models only simple welding are to be mastered. High quality models can cost 1500 Euro and more. medium-range models range between 250 and 500 Euros, which for home use can put forward quite acceptable functions.

Welding is a craft which is not so simple. So you should practice first. Some people do not like these work, even if they have manual skill.

Especially if you are beginner, it is sensible to start with favorable models and to practice making a weld . There are also Online Courses and Videos, that explain to you how to create a perfect Weld.

If a electric welding device is purchased, it should be possible to operate it with 230 Volt. Pay attention to the safety precautions. It should be S character or a special protection class. A fan is a further equipment, that a welder should apply. The excess heat can be removed more quickly by the fan, which corresponds to overheating protection. This allows you to work longer with the device without having to switch it off all the time because it is too warm. Due to the heat development a thermal protection device is unavoidable. A Thermal monitor switches off the device immediately when a certain range has been reached. After short cooling phase the unit can be switched on again and used as usual. An electrical control is also sensible to control the arc ignition. When welding, a ground cable must be used, which should be included in the scope of supply. Make sure it's actually there. If not, you will need to purchase this separately. In order to be able to transport the welding unit more easily, the attachment of a handle is elementary. Better still is a belt with which the welding unit can be easily transported.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Armateh
  • Einhell
  • GYS
  • Goodness
  • VidaXL
  • Berlan
  • NTF
  • Stamos
Armateh is a manufacturer focused on the production of low-cost devices for home use. In the product range you will find cordless screwdrivers and also welding equipment. All products of the manufacturer are robust and easy to use. Also the quality for small price can convince extremely well.
Einhell is one of the well-known manufacturers of tools both for professionals and for home repairers. Welding machines manufactured by einhell have the necessary safety precautions. The materials used in the production are also of very high quality, which explains the higher purchase price of the products. However, a long lifetime and a very simple handling are given both for the welding machine and for other products of the manufacturer.
GYS is a French company specialising in the manufacture of welding equipment, body welding equipment and battery chargers. The GYS Group employs approximately 470 people who are involved in the development and production of the equipment. GYS is well known for its own technologies, so that high-quality and functional devices of the manufacturer can be found. Simple handling and extremely high quality are clear characteristics for the manufacturer.
Güde is a company that specializes in the manufacture of tools, both manually and electrically operated. The wide product range also includes welding equipment for many areas of application. The selection of the different models is wide, so that there is the right Güde welding machine for every application. The features of the products are high-quality processing, robust construction and functionality.
The company VidaXL was founded in 2006 and today stands for an e-commerce company. In your own online shop you will find VidaXL brand products and other products that make life easier. The motto “More life for less” covers almost all areas. The range includes products for do-it-yourselfers as well as for photography. The aim of the company is to offer high-quality products for small money. The company can also score points in the field of welding equipment with high-quality equipment.
Another manufacturer of welding equipment is Berlan. It is a German manufacturer who still attaches great importance to Made in Germany today. Sometimes you will find products from the do-it-yourself sector such as cordless screwdrivers and impact drills. In the field of welding equipment, Berlan can also demonstrate good equipment. There is a wide selection, so that you will find a suitable device for every requirement. quality and functionality are at the forefront of this development. Perfect workmanship also indicates a high life expectancy of the devices.
NTF is the name of the company that has existed since 1928 and specialized in mechanical engineering. Today, the company also manufactures welding equipment of all kinds. Due to the high experience values a good functionality of the devices is given. All materials used correspond to a high quality and ensure a long service life.
Stamos is a company specializing in the production of welding equipment. The focus is both on the requirements of the home and professional users. Stamos welding machines are available worldwide and convince with a fabulous price-performance ratio. The company can also keep up with other manufacturers in terms of quality and longevity due to the high experience values.

Internet vs. specialised trade: Where is the best place to buy my welding machine?

If you decide to buy a welding device , the question arises, where to buy it. There is the possibility to visit a retail which offers welding equipment . However, these are not just simple to find and also not available in everyone large city. Therefore, it is often necessary to cover a long distance in order to be able to visit a retail . In the today's time it is however not more necessary to take such long ways, because there is the possibility to buy the welding device in a online shop. If you purchase the welding unit in a online shop, you have several advantages all at once.

GYS Electrode Welding Unit 160 A with LCD Welding HelmetThere is a wide range of selection on models with different functions. You can get yourself in Internet Information that may be of highest Importance for you if you want to acquire a Welder. In addition, you will acquire a suitable expertise, about the different models and can make a purchase decision better. With the Search of test portals, as we are, you have the possibility to compare many models with each other. In addition we present models and point out the handling and the functions. Data can be individual recognized and evaluated, which also benefits the purchase decision.

Besides the wide choice, that you will find in net, the price is a main argument, why you should purchase the welder on the net. Since welders have price segment up to 1500 or more Euros it is sensible, if you choose purchase via Internet. There you get the most devices up to 40 percent cheaper compared to retailers. The favorable price comes about because the onlinedealer can grant other prices due to lower expenses. In addition, large warehouse- and sales rooms, which high cause additional costs are omitted. Due to the savings that the Online dealer has, a lower selling price is not uncommon. In most cases, online shops do not have the employees, that are needed for store . One can do without seller, who should advise the customer, because the advice in the net is either via the product description or can be regulated via a hotline.

Choose simple and comfortable from home without having to travel long distances to find a suitable welding machine. In addition, you can shop far away from shop opening hours and search for a device time. You are free to look for a welder early in the morning or late at night and then order it. In addition, delivery is made to the front door so that you do not have to transport the device. Even heavy equipment can be delivered to the front door or workshop. If you do not have your own vehicle, Order on Internet is another helpful way to get a Welder. In addition, you benefit because you can return the device within 14 days without reason. You have a cancellation clause, which states that cancellation of purchase must be given for 14 days. This is required by legislator. Order outside from Germany, this can be withdrawal clause less days, so you should inform yourself in advance about which return right exists.

The history of the welding machine

To get to the history of the welding device, it is necessary to go back to year 2700 BC. It is therefore assumed that welding is already over 6000 years old. Evidence shows that the ancient Sumerians in the Orient have already worked the gold by welding. The welding is a form of joining of two components, which is done today with gas or electric current, but does not have to work basically this way. Grave goods that were found indicate that metals were already firmly bonded to each other in earlier times. 2700 BC. brazing was carried out, which some archaeological findings suggest. The Egyptians associated with a technique pipelines of copper. For this purpose they used special fire welds. Even the Indians discovered findings which suggest that cast iron could already be welded.

Schweißen LötenUntil before invention from other sources, welding was still done by fire. 1802 one could bring about the first attempts with arcs. 1849 it was so far that one has given a patent on the welding of metal. Around the year 1900 the current form of arc welding was developed. It did not take 10 years for many companies working with metals to apply this procedure. By years 1948, welding was performed on this previously known method. Therefore a standstill of scarcely 50 years occurred, which should then change. After the end of the World War II, the USA invented the MIG technique. Especially smaller companies profited from this welding technique. 1960 the first welding robot was presented, which was able to carry out welding work on its own. Now mounting tapes could be produced to achieve mass production in the vehicle area.

The Welding was continuously developed, so that it was also possible to Neil Armstrong to perform the first Welding experiments in space. Today there are different devices and models, that are suitable for different areas. Only in recent years has use of welding equipment in private area possible.

numbers, data, facts about the welding machine

WeldingThe Use of Welders is not just simple and also not suitable for everyone. It should therefore be considered whether a welding unit should be borrowed first. With a lending device it is possible that welding first to try out and to deal with production a welding seam. Because before it can apply optimal adhesion, it must be optimal made. A welding unit can be rented from 50 Euro per unit, so that it may be worthwhile to carry out the first tests with a lending unit. Welding is also a somewhat dangerous issue, so it is essential that you use personal protective equipment. The number of accidents has decreased in the previous years in the commercial sector, but the accidents, caused by the home works accumulated. It is therefore essential that you also ensure safe handling and protective equipment. In the next article we will discuss the safe handling of welding equipment in more detail.

Safe use and handling

When using one welding unit many dangers can be recorded. On the one hand, when using welding equipment you must ensure , that they are used with sufficient ventilation . It is not advisable to use welding equipment, operated with gas in closed rooms. The emissions can lead to hazardous situations. In addition, you should always pay attention to a Einhell Schutzgas Schweißgerät BT-GW 150sufficiently good personal Schutzausrüstung. Welding results in high UV radiation, so you must protect your eyes from burns protect. However, it can also occur that flying parts could injure the eye. It is therefore advisable to wear protective goggles when welding. In Electro Welding it is even sensible, if you hold a protective shield in front of your face. In addition, gloves and leather apron are unavoidable to minimize the fire hazard of clothing. Work with a flame retardant clothing, so that you are on the safe side.

If the rooms in which you welding are not sufficient to ventilation, a breathing mask is required. Even with welding devices, that are operated without gas, smoke, dust or toxic vapours, that you should not inhale are produced during work. Therefore it is recommended to wear a breathing mask.

As soon as you have put on a suitable personal protective equipment and are ready to weld, there are also some things to consider. Always take a comfortable body posture so that you can also weld over a longer period of time. Avoid overhead welding, but if possible remove the necessary parts to weld them in a comfortable body posture.

The welder's workplace

This results in high heat development, which is required to partially liquefy the components. In addition, the sparks and UV rays are constantly produced during welding. The bright arc is still a source of danger, that can lead to health damage. The use also as Do-it-yourselfers should therefore only be carried out with protective equipment. leather is a material, which is poorly combustible. Therefore the use of leather aprons and leather gloves is recommended. There are also other materials, that not flammable have properties. For welders, who spend a lot of time with use of a welder, the purchase of a welder helmet is advisable. This has the advantage, that it is placed on the head like a helmet. For welding both hands remain, so that a further safety factor is given.

A handshield has the disadvantage, that you have only one hand free for welding, while in the other hand the protection shield must be held.

Warn Make sure that the protective equipment is certified. A Protective glass visor should be provided with the Protective level DIN 9 in order to fulfil a sufficient Protective effect.

If you also work as a craftsman with a other person like your son or friend, it is absolutely necessary that he wears the appropriate protective equipment if he is in the vicinity of the device or uses it himself.

When welding itself, make sure that the working area dry is. The ground pole is unavoidable and should always be attached to the workpiece. Attach the ground terminal to the workpiece before switching on the welder. Welding machines work with a power of 100 Amperes, so that the ground terminal is one of the most important safety precautions you must take when welding. safe you know that a car mechanic also attaches a ground pole to the vehicle to protect the vehicle from damage to the electrical system. check you during work again and again that the ground terminal correct is seated. If it were to loosen or fall, the current would find another way via working materials, which represents an increased safety risk.

If you have an electric welding device, it is recommended that you relocate the welding outside. Because this device can be used there without any problems. With welding devices, that work with gas, unattractive seams would result from the wind. The gas would simply be blown away from the wind, which would favor an unclean seam .

Useful accessories

A Home> or Craftsman needs for Welding beside the device also a fittingAccessories. Which accessory is needed depends on the Art of the device and which Welding technology is used. However, what you always need for welding is personal protective equipment. Therefore it is sensible, if you already purchase a suitable protective equipment with the purchase of the device. protective goggles, gloves and a leather cloak should always be purchased in addition. By the grellelight, which is produced by welding. If the use of protective goggles is unavoidable.not only burnings could be caused by bright light, but could even lead to blindness.

For welding with a gas shielded arc welding device it is of course necessary to purchase the corresponding gas bottles. Furthermore electrodes are required depending on model. It may also be unavoidable that chemicals for welding are required if the device and the functionality require it. Also spare parts fall under the accessories, which must be purchased from time to time for reasons of wear. Therefore, make sure that you purchase a device where wear parts can be easily replaced.

When welding itself, it is necessary to ensure a clean work surface. Therefore it can also happen that you have to purchase suitable cleaning agents to produce a clean surface.

Alternatives to the welding device

For the welding equipment test 2019 we went in search of many information. We also looked for alternatives for the welding machine. On the one hand, the soldering device could be an alternative with which you can also connect two components using the solder. However, when soldering there are some turbulences, which do not allow any substance to be combined with soldering. It may also be possible to detect only one short band duration. The result would be that the components would come loose again and have to be soldered again. In the car range, this is soldering but none alternative, because none solid characteristics of components can be produced with it.

For other areas where you want to separate components, a cutting torch would be an alternative. However, with a cutting torch, as the name implies, you can only separate components from each other and not connect them. During our research none real alternatives were found, which could replace the welding device in its many functions. If you don't want to deal with welding yourself, it would be sensible, to leave it to an expert to assemble or separate the components for you. However, this way is also connected with high costs, because the work finally wants to be paid. Basically, however, there is none usable alternative when it comes to two components permanently and solid to connect ..

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