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Best Webcam 2019 • 0 Webcams Reviews

What is a webcam?

In principle, the webcam is simply a digital camera (cam) that transmits its images in real time over the Internet (web).

This happens either completely public with access for everyone – for example with permanently installed cameras at certain popular sights -, or completely private for a narrowly defined circle of addressees – for example with video telephony about worldwide spread programs like i>skype.

How does a webcam work?

Logitech - C920 HD Pro Actually a webcam works like a common camera – depending on model but with certain restrictions. In many cases no em>continuous moving image is filmed and transmitted, but only in certain temporal distances a snapshot is generated.

Some models can transmit image as well as sound, sometimes even in true HD quality.

Usually, the Webcam is either already integrated into the device or must be connected externally – for example via a USB cable or a WLAN signal.

In this case the installation of a device driver is always necessary, which enables the system communication with the hardware. With the latest generation of webcams, this constraint is no longer necessary – these models can be operated completely self-sufficient without connection to additional hardware.

Advantages & Application areas

With a webcam, most people think of video chat or video telephony.

Instar - IN-6012HDIn fact it's a great thing, his counterpart in conversation not only hear, but also to seea few years ago was such a technology still Science-Fiction-Films reserved. But thanks to its many advantages a webcam has far more application possibilities .

With all its advantages, the webcam is pleasantly frugal in its demands, no high-tech is required for its operation.

Also slow computers with old USB ports can handle it and can be used for video transmissions. This applies at least to low resolutions – for high resolution live streams there should be some reasonably up-to-date hardware available.

  • Surveillance

Webcams are increasingly used for monitoring purposes; in many cases, they replace conventional video surveillance systems. But video surveillance has long since ceased to be just a matter for shops or authorities. More and more Privates have their house or parts of it monitored by a webcam.

With animals one calls the employment of a webcam for monitoring purposes observation, which sounds equally much friendlier and can inspire also far more fans. Zoos use the new technique, for example, to give as many viewers as possible the opportunity to watch the birth of a animal baby live or to observe its rearing.

  • Panorama viewMicrosoft - HD 3000

As with animal observation, panoramic view is a kind of monitoring, where nobody is disturbed. If you want to enjoy picturesque sunrise and sunsets without really going to the mountain or to the sea, you've come to the right place. Webcams in places with enticing views sprouting out of the ground everywhere.

  • Cam-to-Cam Video Chat

Whereas in the past photo was on the desk the highest of feelings, today not only the close family, can be seen, but practically everyone who uses a webcam during a call from face to face. video chat and video telephony are among the most popular applications of the webcam, and the trend is constantly rising.

  • Videoconference

The business world can no longer be imagined without video conferencing with the help of conferencing enables personal conversation without direct meeting – which saves flight and accommodation costs and all participants a lot of time .

  • Creating custom video clips

The Webcam is no longer only used to place sporadically updated live images in the net. Instead, with their help complete video clips cheap are produced , which made their way into the net, especially on video sites like the well known YouTube, large parts of the content were created by enthusiastic young filmmakers with webcams.

A important reason for increasing popularity and dissemination of webcam lies in their relatively favorable purchase and easy installation. Also in things >maintenance und operation it is not overly sophisticated, and everyone who owns basic knowledge in handling with a computer system will also easily cope with a webcam.

What types of webcams are there?

In detail there are of course a set of differences between the individual webcam models, which we also discuss in detail in our big webcam test comparison 2019. Here we present four rough gradations, which should offer only a first guideline with the purchase of a webcam.

  • Standard webcam
  • HD webcam
  • Conference webcam
  • IP webcam
The standard version of the webcam is now a discontinued model, extraordinarily favorable imprice and correspondingly economical in theequipment. Since it was not originally designed to produce high quality movies, the usual resolution is only 640×480 pixel..

In practice, it is always connected to the USB computer via computer; it does not transmit a continuous image, but only updated still images at recurring intervals. In trade this variant now practically no longer plays a role, but it is still in use.

Unlike Standard webcams, HD models have high resolutions of at least 1280×720 pixels, i.e. correspond to the HD-Ready standard. For the video telephony they are better suited than the standard models, because the comparators can recognize each other better and the image is transmitted more smoothly.

HD webcams are increasingly widespread and are about to establish themselves as new standard – in the meantime, the price level is also falling further and further.

This webcam type has been specially adapted for transmission of videoconferences . Conference-ready webcams transmit more and therefore more fluid images than standard models and usually have very useful microphones and loudspeakers, thus a kind of handsfree .

Conference cameras also often have several high-quality additional connection options such as Bluetooth and Firewire.

The special feature of network cameras is the possibility of autonomous operation. Since it is not necessary to connect them to a running system, they are particularly suitable for monitoring purposes – after all, nobody wants to leave their computer switched on around the clock.

Instead, the Webcam has a own IP – hence the name – and can be controlled as an independent device from any location with Internet access.

So we tested the webcams

Of course, our Webcam Test Comparison does not take place randomly in empty space, but follows exact fixed criteria. For the greatest possible transparency andtraceability we break down what we pay special attention to in the test of our products and the webcam comparison test winner .

  • Price-performance ratio
  • Resolution (Video)
  • Resolution (photo)
  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Operation
  • Sound transmission
No question: A favorable price is always a strong sales argument , but of course a voiced total package must be offered as well.

How good is the camera relative to the demanded price, what all belongs to the scope of delivery – is the supposed bargain at the end only rip-off or really an attractive offer?

The most important technical detail for a camera is of course video quality. At least one HD-Ready resolution should be it today – that would be 1280×720 pixels, but more and more webcams with the full HD-resolution from 1920×1080 pixels find their way into our Webcam Test.

With both resolutions a sufficient quantity an details can be recorded and reproduced.

The photo resolution of a webcam is recorded in megapixels, and in contrast to the video resolution there is no uniform b> standard , but partly considerable differences between the single models.

The quality levels range from low single-digit to low double-digit ranges, but in any case the webcam no full-fledged replacement for a professional digital camera can and will be.

How compatible is the hardware in handling the established operating systems, how extensive and smoothly does the driver support work? Of course we list in our webcam test comparison whether Windows, OS-X or even Linux are supported and thus protect our readers from a potential bad buy.

In addition, we take a look at the existing connection options and check: Is there more than the usual USBinterface?

What belongs to the scope of supply? A detailed manual in German language and enclosed driver installation media are not a matter of course for all manufacturers.

We are also interested in the mounting: What kind of holder does the webcam have, how stable is it? Also a comfortable autofocus should be standard by now.

How easy is installation, configuration and finally operation by hand?

Ideally, the webcam should be ready for use immediately after unpacking and should not require the user to study an extensive manual.

Also for webcams complete solutions are trendy: More and more models no longer rely on external sound transmission, but on built-in microphones.

We're listening closely: How does it all sound? Is the sound recorded and transmitted in Stereo or in Mono?

What do I have to look out for when buying a webcam?

claims and requirements to a webcam are different for each customer and different. Even the beaming winner from our big webcam test comparison 2019 doesn't have to match any user profile despite all advantages. To avoid disappointments and misunderstandings when buying a webcam, we list a few important questions that each potential buyers should ask and answer themselves.

  • Why would I like to use a webcam?Logitech - C920 HD Pro

The requirement profile for a Webcam stands and falls with the planned application purpose. Should a high-quality cam-to-cam chat be used sporadically, or is a monitoring camera in continuous operation desired? For use in outdoors a particularly robust model with additional shielding against bad weather conditions is recommended.

Especially with public attached webcams for monitoring purposes the legal requirements have to be considered. It is not allowed to film and photograph just like that everywhere, and strict rules also apply to the storage and above all the distribution of picture material, whose disregard sensitive punishment can entail.

  • What resolution do I need?

For a usable video chat it should already be a HD-Ready resolution of 1280×720 pixels – otherwise the interlocutor will end up blurring to an indefinable mass of colored pulp. However, transmission in high resolution requires sufficient potente Internet connection for both transmitters and receivers.

  • Which operating system am I using?

Windows is still Standard, even under the new Windows 10 there should be no problems with any current Webcam. It looks different if a Apple system is used, and it will be really tight for Linux users – they should inquire beforehand if their desired model is suitable driver.

  • How strong must my internet connection be?

With increasing demands on the video quality of a webcam there is of course also an increased need for powerful Internet. How much space a video stream requires depends not least on the video codec used and the quality settings selected. A Upload speed of 128 kb/s is regarded as the non-negotiable minimum for a reasonable Internet telephony – so at least one fast DSL connection is required.

The leading manufacturers

In the following section we briefly introduce the most important manufacturers of the external webcams tested by us. Not considered were the ones in laptops and notebooks already integrated webcams, which finally found no entry into our big webcam test comparison.

  • Logitech
  • Microsoft
  • Creative Technology
  • Hama
  • HP Inc.
  • Cisco Systems
The Swiss company Logitech is well known in the computer scene, but especially for its high-quality mice and keyboards.

Since the foundation in year 1981 the extensive assortment, to which meanwhile also trackballs, gamepads and even webcams belong, is distributed in more than 100 countries. The operative seat of the corporation is now located in IT Mecca California, more precisely in the famous Silicon Valley.

Of course every computer user knows Microsoft, the software giant from Redmond. It has become famous that 1975 of Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded enterprises with its operating systems – first the MS-DOS discontinued in the meantime, then the highly successful Windows, which is still found in its current versions today on fast everyone PC. In addition to the operating system, the office software MS Office also has a similarly wide distribution.

Moreover, Microsoft produces with varying success Hardware – known are the Game consoles of the Xbox line, the motion control Kinect and the MP3 player Zune; the Game Controller for the Xbox 360 is today also on the PC Standard, its successor for the Xbox One enjoys similar popularity. Under the name Microsoft Mobile also mobile phones are distributed with a special Windows version. For us the Webcams are interesting in their different performance and price classes.

Creative Technology became known on the PC for its technically advanced sound cards. The company based in Singapore established with the famous Sound Blaster an unofficial standard for the reproduction of digital sounds in 16 Bit on the PC.

With the triumph the onboard sound chips, the sound card business became increasingly difficult and Creative sought additional footholds. Attempts to gain a foothold in the competitive market for graphics cards and monitors were abandoned after a certain period of time. Instead, they were successful in the production of loudspeaker systems, gaming headsets and webcams.

The German company Hama is one of the most important manufacturers of accessories in the areas photo, video and computer. More than 2,500 employees worldwide are responsible for a growing product range, which currently comprises around 18,000 products , including well-known private labels such as i>Avinity, Coocazoo, Step by Step and Xavax.

Originally 1923 founded in Dresden, the company Hama was moved to Bavarian Monheim by the turmoil of the Second World War, where the headquarters of the company is still located today. Hama has developed numerous innovations, including the first automatic film splicer in the world. Hama also celebrated worldwide great success with the video editing device Videocut 200. The still young computer sector also includes inexpensive webcams.

The american Company HP Inc. (formerly Hewlett-Packard Company) is mainly known in this country for its printers, but its actual assortment is much more extensive. The successful PC segment includes high-quality notebooks with integrated webcams, but external webcam models are also produced in large numbers.

The company was founded in 1939 in California, the first product originated in a garage in Palo Alto, which today is considered the birthplace of the legendary Silicon Valley. However, this was neither a printer, nor a webcam, but a audio frequency generator. As one of the young company's first customers, no less is named than the famous Walt Disney, who acquired eight such devices for his colour film Fantasia.

In the meantime HP wanted to separate completely from computer business, but this radical cut was withdrawn after little em>week. Today, HP is the world leader in printers, copiers and multifunction devices.

The american company Cisco Systems was founded 1984 by a group by scientists in California who wanted to advance the networking of computer systems. As a pioneer in the field of Internet technology, Cisco quickly gained an excellent reputation; the routers and switches of the Americans are used in almost all Internet backbones produced.

The Internetboom middle of 1990s provided for a value explosion of Cisco stocks; for a short time one was the most expensive firm of the world. The name Cisco goes back to the place of foundation San Fran Cisco by the way. Webcams of Cisco arrived today also with the final consumer, after the enterprise long time only internal the IT-industry real was well-known.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where to buy my webcam?

long time adhered to online trade in comparison to stationary retail the flaw of the unreliable cheap provider. These times are over and have changed clear . For most people in Germany the online purchase is now part of everyday life – especially for reasons of convenience. Nevertheless, there are still voices that swear by the procurement of electronics and the technical competence of the retail trade. But really with right?

Trust - SpotLightMuch noise around nothing

For the shopping in a shop a lot of time and money must be scheduled. The approach, whether by private car or public transport, always entails costs and requires patience.

The purchase itself is dependent of the shop closing times, in addition there is always an annoying competition situation with other buyers to endure – finally one stands rarely alone in the shop and at the cash. Not for nothing means shopping often go stress and many circumstances.

It is different with a purchase in the online trade, the around the clock has opened and each customer can treat preferentially. The complete assortment is available on mouse click and can be easily compared with other products or serious consumer tests, such as our webcam test comparison 2019.

In the stationary retail there is often the difficulty to find a competent seller , who is impatiently surrounded by other customers.AUSDOM - AW615

The online trade is well sorted and promises a convenient delivery

The presentation and the care of goods caused by the retail trade enormous costs, which it must pass on to the customer. It is only rarely the case and beinahe excluded that a retail store has all possible articles in stock.

So even if the customer knows exactly which webcam he wants, he may not get what he wants in the specialist trade .

The better cards is the online trade, which only has to bear the pure storage costs and also does not have to reserve a place for a appealing presentation.

For this reason, the range of the online trade is more extensive, thanks to electronic warehouse management the customer can also see immediately whether the desired product is in stock; for the order a simple click is enough and the goods will be delivered comfortably to before the own front door.

Things to Know & Advisor

The history of the webcam

ChatCoffee calamities in Cambridge

The history that webcam starts with a good cup of coffee or better said: with the absence the same. The employees of the university of Cambridge were faced with the serious dilemma that they took the arduous route to the coffee maker far too often free and stood sadly in front of a can that had already been emptied.

Looking around in the local network

For this serious problem there could only be one solution: uninterrupted monitoring. However, this did not take place in World Wide Web, but only in the local network of the university – on downright hardware , finally we write at this time the year 1991. (Although the English Science-Fiction-Author George Orwell had already predicted a complete monitoring for the year 1984 and did not first think of a coffee machine as victim, but then it took a little longer.)

1993, in the pioneering time of the internet, the crumbly black-white-image of the coffee-cam actually made it into the network and soon won a considerable number of followers, who followed with great interest the current level of the coffee maker in the laboratory of the university from Cambridge. 2001 the great tradition ended due to a disdainful technical defect of the coffee maker, who quit her job unexcited. For more than 10 000 DM she was auctioned by the german internet magazine Spiegel Online.

English Tradition and German WorkmanshipInstar - IN-6012HD

The screened coffee maker, a product of the German tradition firm Krups, was restored by their manufacturer unpaid and was put back into operation by their mirror editorial team – again under observation, this time even by the same two webcams targeted at them em>! Since 2015 it can be admired as On permanent loan in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. (In fact, the exhibit is only one of several machines, used by the English scientists – the actual original had long since been disposed of at this time).

Until today unanswered the obvious question remains, by the way, why the extremely clever and proficient employees of University Cambridge did not simply put on a new pot of coffee instead of their elaborate fiddling? Perhaps this disdainful solution of such clever minds seemed simply too profane. The computer scientist Quentin Stafford-Fraser, who is considered one of the inventors of the first webcam gave years later to protocol, it was simply a giant joke and cost him only an afternoon.

The first commercial webcam

The fun imagined without any commercial background by English computer scientists was followed by year later, 1994, the first professionally produced and offered for free webcam model.

The QuickCam of the US company Connectix offered only a crumbly black-and-white image and was exclusive available for the Macintosh computers from Apple.

Users of Microsoft Windows had to wait two years longer – 1996 were then also allowed to go on air with 320×240 pixels and in up to 256 greyscales. The product was a full success, the renowned Time Magazine voted 2010 QuickCam to be one of the most important computer innovations of all times.

In the meantime, the Webcam product line from Connectix belongs to the Swiss company Logitech, which is still successfully active in the computer market.

From coarse still interval to live stream in HD

While the first webcam had to get by with only 128×128 pixels, the technology became more mature with increasing spread and today offers at affordable prices HD quality for home use. The webcam has long since become a piece of everyday life and is almost as widespread as telephone, washing machine, refrigerator, stove and the Internet.

Figures, data, facts about the webcam

Important and interesting information about theme webcam we have summarized here once again. This is mainly about the exciting backgrounds of the topic, for a concrete purchase advice we still recommend a detailed look at the large table right at the beginning of our large Webcam test comparison 2019.

The price is hot

As most important factor for the world-wide success of the Webcam with large consensus the unbeatable price advantage is constituted. In fact, the purchase of a Webcam is by far the cheapest option to video telephony, and most monitoring in the private sphere would be affordable without the Webcam hardly .

The price spiral is still turning rapidly in both directions. Webcams with formidabler HD-Ready-resolution (so 720p) are already offered from 20 Euro in good quality. So it's no wonder that Webcams have long since become highest seller Accessories for Computers.

Flexibility is trump

The application possibilities of a webcam are practically no limits set. From the first black-and-whitescanning in lean 128×128 pixels evolution technology within two decades led to simple models with Resolutions by 320×240 and 640×480 pixels in Color and has since reached the (preliminary) Summit in Form by crystal clear HD-Resolutions reached. Also tough updated single images are replaced by moving livestreams.

Look into the stars

Special webcam models are even used by professionals for sky observation. For this purpose the lenses of the cameras are removed and the devices are connected to powerful telescopes. In this way, easily respectable moving and still shots of astronomic events can be made.

With the webcam to vote

As already mentioned several times, Webcams also play an important role in security issues . As part of a large-scale monitoring action 2011 a observation network of 290 000 webcams was in use to shield in Russia the presidential election against unfair macies. 90 000 stations had to be occupied in order to use the images from the Webcams.

The webcam enters the third dimension

The advancing 3D technology does not stop at the Webcam. This technology, however, is still in its infancy, the first model, that 2012 came onto the market for around 100 dollars in the USA, presupposed for both interlocutors the additional use of 3D-glasses in both >interlocutors. Nevertheless, it will probably only be a question of time until the image of the webcam wins more and more spatial depth – the detail HD-resolution is almost standard.

Current webcam trends

Like many technical cabinet pieces, the webcams are also associated with all kinds of fashion . Not all of these trends are harmless; some development makes data- and youth protectors frown severely forehead. The enthusiasm for the still young technology and their seemingly infinite possibilities does that but no crash. We introduce a couple of the current trends that contribute significantly to the irritation of the webcam.

play with fire: Chatroulette

The real roulette is a game of chance in which one does not know beforehand where the ball stops. The Chatroulette works in a very similar way, in which two webcams are connected at random without the interlocutor knowing or knowing anything about each other. The first page this type went in year 2009 to net; their server are in Germany.

In particular Chatroulette is a thorn in the side of the eye, because a not insignificant number of users uses the system for exhibitionist self-expression and children and youths are confronted unhindered with sexual contents.

Not least, this questionable aspect game dangerous game, which was originally a project of Russia Andrei Ternowski provided a whole lot of media attention. Meanwhile the name of Ternowski's website has even become a genus name for many similar projects.

Also on the technical side Chatroulette is not harmless, because Installation of Adobe Flash Player is required. The Software of Adobe has turned out to be Past but more than once as Intrusion Gate for Attacks of Hackers. Nevertheless the popularity of the game is unbroken, Chatroulette finds more and more participants, and even celebrities are now enjoying meeting their audience in this way.

Privacy was yesterday: My life on the net

The webcam promotes exhibitionism and is the ideal toy for self-actors. The first one to grant the world a webcam comprehensive share in her privacy was the american student Jennifer Kaye Ringley. Already 1996, when the Internet was still in its children's shoes, she shared her everyday life with the comparatively manageable number of Internet users at this time.

paying users were given preferential treatment and were able to enjoy more detailed and more spicy insights into the life of the first webcam model. Sometimes Ringley had installed up to four cameras simultaneously, in front of which she presented herself more or less natural. Only 2003 her page was closed after disagreements.

Ringley's origin served as inspiration for similar pages that still sprout out of the ground in sheer endless numbers. Last but not least, the successful Reality-Show Big Brother is based on the same concept and offers an internet presence with access to more detailed livestreams in addition to the TV broadcast.

until the net separates you

The Swedish furniture store IKEA is responsible for a particularly bizarre trend in the network: This offers newest at least in its country of origin Sweden wedding per webcam. The whole thing is called Bröllpop Online and actually works pretty simple.

Instead of a large wedding party, only the bridal couple, their bride witnesses and a registrar gather in any room, where Webcams were installed before – the loaded guests are only allowed to watch the wedding ceremony via livestream and have to take care of wedding cake and buffet themselves. This model is very low-priced in comparison to a traditional wedding, but also quite unromantic.

Test was yesterday, today is Internet

A annoying hook at online trade was at least at clothing- and glassespurchase for a long time the absence of fitting. With the help of Webcam this shortcoming can finally be corrected: The future belongs to the probe via webcam.

For glasses this is already successfully practised: online opticians make possible what was for a long time only possible on site in stationary specialist shops – trying on the desired glasses model.

With the help of a video trial a 3D image of the glasses is projected onto the customer's face – this technology is called augmented reality, and until before short it was still reserved for science fiction literature.

But all you need today is a webcam, that feeds your facial features into the software of the optician. So it is easy to check from all perspectives whether the selected glasses really fit the potential wearer.

Similar paths also hit mode provider. For example, the Berlin company UPcload has developed a solution in which the customer's body is measured using a webcam. This is to ensure that the desired garment aspossible> exact corresponds to the dimensions of the buyer.

Connect webcam in 3 steps

The most complex to operate a Webcam is the installation, but even this can be completed quickly and easily according to our instruction in just three steps. The three steps listed apply to virtually any model, that we present in our large Webcam Test Comparison 2019.

Of course, our small instruction cannot and should not replace reading the original hardware documentation. This should in any case be read first and also be heeded.

  • Step 1: Set up!

After carefully unpacking the new webcam, you should first find the correct place where you want to operate the device. The connection of the connecting cables may only be considered after the installation! important for a reasonable image quality is an adequate bright environment – normal webcams are not usable with cozy candlelight or in the dark chamber.

  • Step 2: Connect!

If the Webcam is in the correct place, the Cables must be connected. Normally it will be a simple USB cable, in case of an independently working network camera a power cable may be included. If you have a WLAN camera you have to connect none cable, in this case you go directly with step 3.

Some models also have a microphone, the cable of which must also be connected to the microphone jack of the computer. By default, plugs and sockets are colored and should be easy to assign .

  • Step 3: Activate!

If the computer has not yet been switched on, now is the time to do so. Normally, Windows machines should automatically detect and set up the new hardware component. If this is not the case, the supplied Software from the manufacturer must be installed.

If there are driver problems the homepage of the webcam manufacturer should be the first place to go – usually all necessary driver files for Download are offered there. In order to use the Webcam, an appropriate Software has to be installed – this could be for example the free Skype.

One of the Top 10 Most Interesting Online Webcams

Online-Webcams exists like Sand at the sea, and it is impossible to create a generally valid Top Ten of the most popular and best sites. We have tried to list an interesting selection of different online cameras – of course, all of them youth-free and suitable for all age groups.

Depending on the Browser you are using, you may need different Plugins to view Webcams – like the Adobe Flash Player.

  • The world's highest webcam looks up to Mount Everest

Whether one calls it now with its internationally common name Mount Everest , in Nepalese Sagarmatha or Tibetan Chomolungma, one thing remains the same: The highest mountain in the world thrones with its 8.848 meters above everything, but even he cannot escape the ubiquitous gaze of Internet.


  • The highest point in Germany: the Zugspitze

With the high-altitude records of the Mount Everest the pull peak naturally can't keep up, but also the high-est mountain Germany is with its 2.962 meters the target of many interested excursionists and can be observed day and night in Internet.


  • The Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty is one of the most famous attractions of the United States of America and enjoys worldwide the status of an icon. Until now, it was only possible to take a closer look at them in the context of a expensive holiday in New York. Thanks to several installed Webcams this is now different and from everywhere on the world the gift of French to a still young nation can be visited at least virtually.

This Webcam belongs to the Network of EarthCam, which also puts many more Sights under constant observation – for example the famous Times Square, which is also located in New York.


  • The Karnak temple of Luxor

The Karnak Temple in Luxor is among the significant cultural treasures of mankind and is the largest temple complex of ancient Egypt. His history reaches back to the distant 12th dynasty under the Pharao Sesostris I.. The webcam makes it possible to walk on the tracks of the old egyptians without getting sand into the shoes.


  • Santa Claus on the Web

Who would have thought: The Santa Claus, the Christmas man, not only sometimes brings a new Webcam to Christmas, he also uses some of them himself. We don't know if our webcam >comparison winner is one of them, but if you ever wanted to witness how Christmas prepares the big party, this Online-Cam is the best choice.


  • All in color and still black and white: The Panda-Cam

Everyone loves panda bears! A zoo that is allowed to present a panda bear can count itself lucky – a lot of influx is guaranteed. In one of the oldest and most renowned zoos in the USA, the Smithsonian's National Zoo, four pandas can be admired with the so-called Panda Cam.


  • Does he or does he not smoke? Vesuvius live on the Internet

The last eruption of the famous volcano Vesuvius in Italy was a long time ago, but the mistrust of the coastal city Naples against the activities of the Vesuvius has not been completely laid to rest. The fire spitting Fatal mountain has always been under special observation – now also in Internet.


  • Ghost hunting on the net: the Ghost-Cam

For Hunter paranormal phenomena, the Ghost Cam Starting point is number 1: several webcams, that were distributed in a genuine, old Victorian Spukhaus to capture any random Ghostspuk immediately in the image for the interested Internetworld.


  • Light magic at the South Pole

One of the great nature wonders can now also be followed live on the Internet: The Südpol-Cam observes the fascinating color play of the polar light. Due to the extreme temperatures, the webcams are not in operation all year round, but when they take up their service, they sometimes deliver spectacular images.


  • Catchy and beautiful: the shark camera

Representing a whole net fascinating animal cameras we introduce the Shark Cam of Animal Planet Live, which allows a completely harmless look at the fast sea hunters. The link also allows you to watch many other great animals.


Security and data protection

Security and data protection belong to the big topics des Internet age. Private life has never been so connected to the public as it is today through the general use of Social Media. Also the Webcam opens an access to the highest personal habitats of their users – an access, that can be abused.

Hackers can take over a webcam

The hacker is something like “the black man” of the Internet, but in contrast to this he is no harmless child fright, but a serious to picking- danger.

Reports, according to which hackers managed to hijack foreign computers and abuse them according to their wishes, are often documented and cannot simply be dismissed as gruesome stories.

However, it does not always have to be the same the whole computer that unauthorized accesses to victim. Often enough it's really just the webcam, their control that hackers strive for and win.

Justice has a hard time

Of course such hacker attacks are not in harmony with the Code of Law; they are clearly illegal and strictly forbidden. However, they are rarely prosecuted because it often does not even come out that a user is being spied on – or because there is a lack of traceable traces of the perpetrator.

No law protects against the carelessness of users

In particular, the convenience and the resulting easiness der usersare the most frequently experienced hackers open the door too easily. The danger is not only limited to the widespread Windows systems, also Mac users have to be careful. Usually, access to the system or webcam succeeds with the help of inconspicuous software, which is installed by the user unobtrusively.

Simple measures to help

By observance of a few important basic rules, safety can be significantly improved in one's own system . Special Caution applies to any Art of Download. In principle, nothing should be downloaded from unknown or even doubtful Source – and in the case of any unknown source one doubtful.

The operating system should always be up to date – especially for Windows users regular updates are vital. Also around the installation of a suitable Antivirus program nobody comes around – for the house use it does also a free basic version .

To switch off the webcam of a laptop temporarily (or long-term) “off”, a small strip of dark adhesive tape or a pre-cut adhesive dot, as it can be bought in stationery stores sheet by sheet is sufficient. The color doesn't really matter, only opaque it has to be, a transparent Tesafilmstrip doesn't help here of course.

The Webcam in the Control Panel of Windows can be deactivated completely , but this is only recommended if you can always do without it. The handling of external Webcams: In case of doubt it is sufficient to simply remove the plug des USB cable – nobody can access the functions of the webcam anymore. More caution is required with WLAN- and Blutetooth devices, especially IP cameras are vulnerable to hackers without protective measures.

Do not become a perpetrator yourself

Many enthusiastic users of a webcam run the risk of unintentionally making themselves liable to prosecution. In Germany, strict data protection regulations apply, and it is not allowed to simply position a webcam in such a way that it films uninvolved persons without their consent.

The only exception to this rule is freedom of panoramic view, which allows you to film places of interest where visitors are only accidental additions and are not the focus of the shot. Especially with surveillance in private area is when using a webcam but great caution required – otherwise there is not only trouble with neighbours, but also with police.

Useful accessories

Although a Webcam basically works without accessories, but there are a few useful things, whose use makes the operation a Webcam a round thing.

Headsets, headphones, speakers & microphones

If you want to use the webcam as video phone, there is no way around a Headset. Of course, headphones and microphones can also be purchased and connected separately, but a headset should be the better alternative – it doesn't weigh much and is easy to use. With many commercially available Webcams a simple microphone is already integrated.

Theoretically, normal loudspeakers could be used for speech output, but who would like to conduct their conversations in such a way public?

The offer of Headsets is huge; often they already belong to the Scope of supply of the Webcam or are offered with it as a low-priced bundle.

Dedicated microphones are only worthwhile if professional voice recordings are to be made – for all other purposes, especially for widespread Internet telephony and the Voice Chat which is also popular with players, the small microphone of a headset is completely sufficient.

If you use external speakers, they should be active if possible – you can adjust the volume directly.


If the webcam is not just in the device integrated, as it is especially common with laptops, it has to be mounted somewhere and somehow. For this purpose, the trade offers various mounts that allow the webcam to be mounted at almost any angle of a room.

As a rule, a type of mounting already belongs to the scope of delivery of the webcam, this supplied mounting is not always suitable for the intended purposes of the buyer, however, and often it also only represents a very simple producedb> basic solution .

A remedy is to buy a separate holder from the specialist trade, which hopefully exactly corresponds to your own needs.

There is even the possibility to wear the camera on the body – for example with the help of headbands, specially designed for this purpose.

They are very popular especially for the Webcam-Variant of the Action Cams. More traditional is a Standfoot, which can often also be used for other devices like Monitors or Notebooks.

Alternatives to webcam

To start with the conclusion: Real alternatives to a Webcam there is actually not. Nevertheless, the webcam has precursors, in many of its current areas of application which are still in use use today, but usually do not achieve the efficiency one webcam.

The only real alternative: Internal instead of external

A complete alternative to an external webcam is an internal webcam, as it is often embedded in the screen frame of notebooks or laptops. Especially for video telephony these models are very suitable and are usually already in ideal position for recording of the user.

Video surveillance has been around for a long time

At least in theory, a classical camera can be used to do everything that webcams are generally used for use. With expensive models this can even result in better image quality – but the effort is significant and is hardly justified by the result.

In the field of video surveillance there are of course analogue solutions that do not require the Internet or a digital webcam. For private users, however, such systems are hardly affordable, and even companies now prefer digital technology.

The mobile phone camera as a webcam replacement

For the popular video telephony you can convert your own mobile phone or smartphone to a webcam with some effort and certain software. Although this does not work with every model, it is possible in principle. For example, for Android smartphones there is the useful app IP Webcam which simulates a webcam using WLAN connection – but a suitable driver must also be installed on the computer.

If all requirements are met, the smartphone works almost so well like a real webcam and can be used not only as a video phone, but also as a surveillance camera. A real round alternative is the combination of software and mobile phone but not, because many Apps are dial and don't work with every hardware and every operating system.

A normal digital camera does it too

In a similar way to the mobile phone camera, a commercial digital camera can also be used as a webcam. Some models have a selectable setting in their options menu, which allows you to control the digital camera as webcam, but such a function is far from being standard . The basic problem is the necessity of a driver for the current operating system, so that the camera can still be used after a software update.

The webcam is unique

Despite all ingenuity none of the listed alternatives really is suitable as full-value replacement for the use of a webcam , especially since there are now many favorable to referring models. The original is more comfortable and cheaper, and those who are still undecided should have a look at our webcam test comparison 2019 at the beginning of this article.

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