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Best Weather Station 2019 • 0 Weather Stations Reviews

What is a weather station?

With a weather station some people think of a complex and expensive scientific installation, which requires a lot of space and can only be operated and understood by specially trained experts.

Bresser Funkwetterstation Wetter Center, WeißIn the meantime there are weather stations but also for Hausgebrauch, shrunk in size, but in their functionality quite respectable.

What the private weather station reveals in the living room depends in the essentials on the type of the selected model, In any case, however, simple analogue models provide information about the current temperature, the prevailing air pressure and the relative humidity.

The more complex digital weather stations have even more possibilities for weather measurement and accordingly provide extensive data material.

How does a weather station work?

Actually, each weather station works on the same principle: More or less sensitive sensors record current environmental influences and draw conclusions from these about the further development of the weather – almost like with the right weather service.

Netatmo weather station for iPhone, Android and Windows PhoneWhile mainly simple analog models provide only principalb> information about temperature, air pressure and humidity and leave it to the viewer, to draw the correct conclusions from this, many digital weather stations can come up with partly very differentiated measurement results, which can be automatically converted into meaningful forecasts if desired.

Decisive for the measuring accuracy of a digital weather station is not last the length of the interval in which the measuring data are updated.

Here, more expensive models differ considerably from cheaper alternatives. For very accurate results, short intervals and frequent updates are indispensable – but of course technically more complex to implement.

In the age of computer technology and generalnetworking it is almost a matter of course that the latest generation of digital weather stations does not only work with PCs (mostly via USB connection), but also special Apps to send the measured data and derived results to mobile devices.

What must a weather station be able to do?

Surely you would also like to know how the weather will be during the day or the next day. It is well known that weather forecasts in magazines are not always very reliable. The remedy is provided by a weather station, which is now available in many different versions. Experts regularly inspect the weather stations and carry out a detailed test with the individual models radio weather stations already exist for the small purse and should not be missing in any household. Whether a satellite-supported weather station, hygro thermometer or a professional device including wind and precipitation measurement, there is a suitable version for everyone. Meteorologists and those who want to become meteorologists usually find it very difficult to choose from a wide range of devices. The following questions are frequently asked before buying:

  • what should be measured with a weather station?
  • which functions should the wireless weather station offer?
  • which models exist?
  • what criteria should be considered before buying?
  • is the station suitable for the desired location?
Very good answers to these questions can be found in Test reports. In addition, you can get some tips and tricks from the Internet or in specialist shops. With this information it is usually possible to make a small preselection. How the weather becomes is important for many areas of life. In order to obtain the most detailed and accurate information possible, it is recommended to use a weather station. The small but fine devices give very exact information about the current weather situation and also look modern and chic. The manufacturers regularly develop new weather stations with many different functions. These are usually gimmicks that are not always needed or desired. The more features a device offers, the higher the purchase price is in most cases.

What functions are important for a weather station?

At this point it has to be said that a weather station basically serves as a source of information and provides information about the indoor and outdoor temperature. The wireless weather stations were developed precisely for this purpose. In the meantime, of course, there are many more functions and the two previously mentioned, all tested models actually belong to the basic equipment. So if you only need this information, you can actually select any Model. Such basic devices are already available for little money. In addition, weather stations are usually very durable and can be regarded as a long-term investment.

Bunt Funk-Wetterstation Hygrometer Weather Stations With Prediction Temperature Humidity Outdoor Sensor

Further useful features of a wireless weather station

In addition to the current temperature display, a weather forecast is also determined by advantage. You are planning a party in the garden in the coming days and are therefore dependent on the weather? The weather stations are very reliable in forecasting. In addition there are models, which provide the measurement of humidity and air pressure. New models also have a rain gauge, which can be very interesting for garden owners. You are planning a longer trip by bike and do not want to do the tour in strong gusts of wind. The wind gauge at a weather station shows you the current situation. A frost warner can also be interesting for the winter months. Especially for spring a useful and practical feature when it freezes and the plants need to be quickly covered or brought to safety.

HONYEAR-Wetterstation mit zwei Außensensor-Deutsch Handbuch- Digital LCD-Large-Screen-Display-incl. Humidity

Weather stations with these functions are already available for little money. Of course, it always depends on your wishes which model version is suitable for you. In general, more functions bring advantages. However, you must expect a small surcharge here. Tests showed that the favourable weather stations have already caught up in the last few years in terms of functionality and quality. You can therefore decide with a clear conscience for an inexpensive version. You don't usually have to cut back. A big difference can still be seen in the range. The requirements to a weather station are however very different and therefore no clear test winner can be determined. The function of the time and date display on a weather station is also very useful.

These functions should now be provided by a good weather station:

  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display
  • Display of date and time
  • weather forecast
  • if necessary wind and rain measurement
  • if necessary air pressure and humidity


In summary, it can be said that the functions of a weather station today are very versatile. However, the basic equipment of every wireless weather station includes the display of indoor and outdoor temperature. A date and time display is usually also one of the basic functions. It depends on your needs which features a weather station should offer. For more information, see Test Reports for each Model.

The employees in a specialist shop will also be happy to advise you. In addition to displaying the temperature, most models also look very stylish and modern. Thus, weather stations can also be seen as a fashionable accessory in a living room. Even for little money you get high-quality and fully functional weather stations. Compared to online weather forecasts, weather stations offer very reliable weather forecasts. The durability and the operation could convince in Tests all models. Once in use, you will certainly not want to do without a weather station in the future.

Advantages & Application areas

The weather is for many areas of life an important topic, its most reliable prediction has been occupying humans for a very long time. Accordingly multilayered are then also the advantages and application possibilities a weather station, which is far more than only a irritant, albeit dispensable playing .

  • Outdoor partying
A comparatively harmless, though exceedingly practical benefit is timely knowledge about approaching bad weather with regard to festivals and celebrations that are supposed to take place outdoors. If the grill suddenly stands in the water and the sausages learn to swim, this is no catastrophe, but in any case a real annoyance.
  • Outdoor SportsNetatmo Weather Station for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
Sport activities are often performed in the fresh air. Most sports fall during rain into water , therefore it certainly does not harm, exact information to know how the weather will develop. This is also true for excursions, short and extended hikes, as well as for any type of activity influenced by wind strength .
  • Garden and field work
It is certainly no coincidence that many rules for determining the weather were made by farmers or at least attributed to them. In agriculture there has always been not only a justified interest, but also a compelling necessity to know about the weather situation as exactly as possible, so that it does not “the harvest hangs in the literal sense. The same naturally applies to gardens.
  • Punctual warning for allergy sufferers
For many allergics the weather-related phenomenon of pollen flight is a serious problem. Some weather stations take this circumstance into account and, if desired, issue a timely warning of an imminent pollen flight – this can be very useful for those affected.
  • Weather forecast easy and self-made
A lot of unnecessary annoyance can be avoided by a timely glance at the weather station. The knowledge around weather of the next hours helps with the planning and saves from wrong decisions. Our weather station test knows for each of the mentioned fields of application the suitable model.

Technoline Premium WetterDirektStation WD 4026, black-silver, 2-part consisting of station and sensorWhat types of weather stations are there?

The range of weather stations for private users is large, the differences between the individual models are not only in price. There is no general standard, in case of doubt you have to take a closer look – this section helps with a first rough subdivision.

Analog Weather Stations

Analog weather stations for domestic use are already relatively well known and actually nothing more than a composed set from the known measuring instruments Thermometer (measures the temperature), Barometer (measures the change in air pressure) and Hygrometer (measures the relative humidity).

Analogue weather stations already exist since some time, and they are still produced today. They usually have a slightly less optical technical effect than their digital counterparts and often blend in unobtrusively with the furnishings of an apartment. Very much more widespread and less restricted are today the digital models, which we will go into in more detail soon.TFA 35.5015.IT Radio Weather Station Eos Max silver

Digital Weather Stations

The incessant digitalization of the world does not stop at the weather stations. Digital weather stations are considerably more complex than their analog predecessors and competitors. This starts with scope and setup: Besides main station, specific sensors (also and often referred to as “satellites“) belong for collection of measurements to a working digital weather station.

Some models can also be connected to a computer and then offer an even wider spectrum of possibilities: Using sophisticated software, collected data can be converted into easily understandable graphs and diagrams, which, if desired, can observe and visualize the weather development over a longer period of time.

Generally applies: The more complex and more extensive the sensor network, the more meaningful also the result fails.

Expensive digital weather stations can calculate relatively reliable a trend for the coming days, while simpler radio models can usually only make a rough statement about the next 24 hours. Because only the current air pressure is usually taken into account here, the result of the favourable variants is not always correct.

Bresser Weather Station Weather Center, WhiteSatellite Weather Stations

The next level digital weather stations uses the support of true weather satellites. That sounds a bit like James Bond, works in practice but amazingly well and provides a lot of detailed and reliable results. The measurement data are transferred direct from the All to the own weather station.

Together with the measurements of your own sensors, such satellite-based weather stations can produce very precise and long-range weather forecasts if configured correctly. However, such highly engineered models are not necessarily inexpensive and are only worthwhile if they are used regularly and in a certain scope .

Especially in agriculture such a model can pay off, as one is dependent on timely thunderstorm warnings.

A satellite-based weather station can deliver this far faster and more reliably than a conventional model – after all, weather satellites in space can see possible cloud fronts much sooner.

So we tested the weather stations

Like weather the laws of nature, our weatherstation test comparison 2019 follows clearly defined rules. We reveal what we expect from a weather station and on which properties and details we especially pay attention.

  • Price-performance ratio
  • Scope of functions
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Range
  • Ease of use
  • Features
With every product test it is the question of all questions: What should the whole thing cost and what exactly is offered for it?

It is not simply a matter of competing for the cheapest price – it must also and above all be the correct relation offered. Whether cheap offer or expensive luxury model: We check objective, whether the test object is worth money.

What can the weather station in individual? Which measurement data are collected? Between simple basic models and more complex variants there are sometimes significant differences.

While analogue models usually provide only rudimentary trend values, digital variants can provide more comprehensive results, often with recourse to whole professional weather information networks,.

Not only the amount, but also the reliability of the collected data is interesting for us. For particularly high precision, there is an upgrading, devices only give an approximate direction of the current weather situation, there are fewer points.

This also includes the extent of the weather forecast made.

Analogues Devices don't do much with Range, but with digital models it looks different.

The outdoor sensors of digital weather stations differentiate in their maximum range partly considerable – naturally that is a point that we include in our evaluation.

What is the operation of the weather station like? Is it only very complicated after detailed study of the instruction manual or is it pleasantly intuitive? Can Time (12/24 h) and Temperature display (Celsius/Fahrenheit) be easily switched to the desired and familiar format ?

Some models also offer sensory extra comfort, for example a useful calendar function or the possibility to have an urgent message sent to your mobile phone in case of weather warnings. Large displays guarantee better legibility of the numerically heavy measurement results and thus also improve operation.

The equipment of the different weather stations swings sometimes considerable. While some models require the purchase of accessories like sensors, others come in an all-round carefree package and even bring the necessary mounting material.

Also the software support often turns out differently – some models lack it completely, others are only compatible to certain operating systems , others even bring a special app for your smartphone.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a weather station?

Not every weather station is the same as every weather station, and not every attractive special offer keeps what it promises at first sight. Completely independent of our professional test criteria there are some questions, which every inclined buyer of a weather station should ask himself before the purchase and answer for himself. Of course a look at our Weatherstation Test. will also help.

  • What do I need a weather station for?
Much depends on the intended use of a weather station. A basic living room information need also satisfies a cozy analog model, who keep a garden wants, will have higher demands, and especially in the agriculture one can certainly think about a more complex construct with several different sensors for outdoor use. Especially the installation of a complex sensor network requires the corresponding spatial conditions.
  • Will I extend the functionality later?
Some models can be upgraded later by not existing functionsexpand and accordingly. If you are initially not sure which data you really need, it may be sensible to buy a base station, for which you can optionally buy additional sensors in trade.
  • How much money would I like to spend?
It does no harm to think about the available budget before selection and to narrow it down clearly if necessary. Often many models fall out of the grid before and the selection becomes manageable.
  • Do I need software support?
If you want to use your Weatherstation in Combinations with a Computer or Smartphone , you should inquire about Compatibility in time. Not every digital model can also be connected to a computer , and each operating system requires the appropriate driver and programs .

If you want to use your mobile terminal , you need the correct app – there are no apps for every weather station. In our weather station test we of course point out such properties separately.

  • What else do I need?
If you have already made friends with one or more models , you should pay close attention to the respective scope of supply. For some models it may happen that certain accessories are required for frictionless operation, which must be purchased separately.

This item must of course be taken into account in the budget planning and best be ordered at the same time – otherwise the new weather station will be delivered and can not be used at first , because for example an important sensor is missing. That's why it's a good idea to take a close look, especially when it comes to prices attractive offers, to see if additional hidden costs are lurking somewhere – our Weatherstation Test Comparison 2019 naturally also takes such details. into account.

Due to the fact that the market for weather stations is very extensive and diverse, buying them can often prove difficult. If you do not want to make a bad purchase, you should consider a few important things in advance. Often the design is an important purchase criterion, but not only the appearance should be considered. A weather station should primarily provide reliable weather forecasts and temperature displays. All tested stations could deliver a good indoor and outdoor temperature display.

It is important to know that a weather station consists of two parts. The transmitting station is installed outside and the base station (the actual weather station) is located inside. Mounting the outstation is relatively simple and many devices have an adhesive strip on the back, making mounting very straightforward. Many transmitter stations can also be fastened with screws.

The design of a weather station

Very often purchase decisions are made based on the design. If a preselection has been made in advance and there are only two or three products left to choose from, the visual appearance is usually the deciding factor. The situation is similar with a weather station. The aesthetic aspects are of course important, because a weather station is usually positioned in a room so that it is clearly visible. The manufacturers can always come up with new ideas in the field of optics and thus many wishes and needs can be covered. In the tests the experts were very impressed with the design of all weather stations. Whether in the colours black, white, grey or in a colourful and gaudy version, there is a suitable version for every taste.

The range of the Weather Station

A not insignificant factor is the range of a weather station. In most cases the basic models offer a range of 30 meters. This information sounds very good and sufficient in the first moment. However, it can happen that this information is not reached in the least. In detailed tests it happened again and again that after the first wall no more reception is given. Therefore you should choose a slightly higher range before buying. There are already cheap models with a range of up to 100 meters.

Weather forecast and thunderstorm warning

A practical use for a weather station could be if you are informed in time about bad weather. At festivities in the garden certainly an immenser advantage. A grill that is under water is certainly not a disaster, but certainly very annoying.

Warning of pollen

For allergy sufferers there are always times when they would prefer not to go outside the front door. Some weather stations have the function of warning against the phenomenon of pollen flight. This function is particularly important for those affected. If the pollen is causing you problems, you should consider buying such a weather station.

Clad correctly by the day

If you take a look at the weather station in the morning and read the weather forecast, you can almost not leave the house or apartment wrongly dressed. Wrong clothing due to bad weather forecast leads to annoyance. With a modern radio weather station including weather forecast, such scenarios can no longer happen in the future.

When purchasing, make sure you also use high-quality workmanship and durable materials. In addition to the reliability of the device, the display is also an important point. Manufacturers tend to make the display very large. For you as a customer of course a advantage. So you see quickly and at a glance the current weather situation. When buying, you should make sure that you can read the information well from the display. The two stations, transmitting and base station, are powered by batteries. To be able to use the weather station immediately, the appropriate batteries should be included in the scope of delivery.

Compare the individual models

A product comparison can be worthwhile. You can make comparisons very easily on the Internet. Have a look at the Test reports of the weather stations and find a suitable Model. Besides the qualitative comparison you can also make a price comparison online. With the collected information from the Internet and possibly a personal consultation in a specialized trade you will find with absolute security a weather station completely according to your conceptions.


Before you buy a wireless weather station, you should consider some important aspects. The selection is large and the models differ in function and operation. Technical devices are usually not easy to handle. Before buying, you should have the respective Model explained to you by an expert. Tests have shown that many functions of a weather station are not required. However, a good wireless weather station should have more than one indication of indoor and outdoor temperature. You can find out which features are necessary, which you can confidently do without, from Test reports. Take the necessary time to purchase and compare the individual designs and prices. It is worthwhile to use a model version from a well-known manufacturer.

Tests also rate the favourable weather stations very well. If you place the transmitter and receiver relatively close together, you will have no problems in this respect. The favourable radio weather stations offer very good functions more and more frequently and catch up to the more expensive versions more and more. If the design and the price are right, there is nothing against a purchase. The quality of the individual products could always convince in weather stations test.

pros and cons of the individual models

There are many suppliers of weather stations and therefore also a multiplicity at various models. You are interested in such a device, then you should also deal with the individual advantages and disadvantages of the models. As already mentioned, the differences lie in the areas of design, functionality and price. Since easy handling is very important for the end user, the manufacturers pay particular attention to this point. The advantages of most of the tested devices are therefore in the field of design. Since complicated operation and handling usually reduces the pleasure of using a product, you do not usually have to worry about this either.

The manufacturers therefore pay attention to user-friendliness, but unproblematic operation is not always safe. In the tests the experts had to deal with exceptional cases again and again. It doesn't matter which manufacturer it is, some models simply lie badly in the hand and can't convince even with an appealing appearance. Therefore, always look at the selected product very well and carefully.

The advantages of inexpensive weather stations

Since many choose a low-cost version, you should also know the advantages of these versions. First and foremost, of course, the favourable price is to be regarded as positive. In addition, the operation and handling is relatively simple. In most cases this can be explained by itself. All you have to do is insert the batteries and install the transmitter station in the outdoor area, and the rest works automatically. The design is often criticized by inexpensive weather stations. However, in the countless tests no points of criticism could be found here. It may also be due to the fact that tastes are known to be different.

average price range – the advantages

With these versions you usually get a very trendy and high-quality version with many functions. The surcharge compared to the cheap products can be quite worthwhile due to the features. As with the inexpensive weather stations, the simple operation is to be put also here with a multiplicity at remarks into the foreground.

Luxury class – what do the expensive weather stations offer?

Customers expect a high-quality quality, clean processing and reliable data from an expensive weather station. In Test it was particularly noticeable that updates are transmitted quickly at these weather stations. As you may not yet know, the outdoor transmitter station transmits the values (temperature) at regular intervals. This can be a very long period of time for particularly inexpensive devices. Annoying in the first place if you believe the temperature data but the data was measured 15 minutes ago and there have been significant changes in the meantime. The expensive models have a very short update interval here.

The Negative Points

These are very difficult to find out that, as in the field of optics, the requirements and demands are very different. A negative aspect, however, is that the transmission of data from the transmitting station to the base station takes a very long time for many models. In addition, some low-cost models are also subject to frequent malfunctions. Even small details can be the reason why the weather station no longer functions reliably. When displaying the temperature of course very annoying.

Therefore, make sure that the two parts of the weather station are not far away from each other, especially for inexpensive models. At this point, the range should also be addressed. More precisely, the manufacturer's data. Many customers rely on this data and make the purchase decision based on it. Unfortunately, the information on range is not always true. A detailed test of the numerous models has revealed this fact. Leave nothing to chance and test the selected device on this point as well. Useful information, whether the information is correct or not, can usually be found on the Internet.

If you are not satisfied with a weather station, you can of course return it free of charge within a specified period or exchange it for another device. You should definitely make use of this option if you are not satisfied with the functions or the design. There will always be negative points and yet the manufacturers have been making great efforts for many years to produce a product with full customer satisfaction.

WLAN for a weather station

WLAN is becoming more and more important these days. Whether in combination with a smartphone or a flat-screen TV, the Internet has become indispensable in everyday life. Exactly for this reason some manufacturers also offer weather stations with WLAN. However, the market in this area is still relatively manageable. The market leader for weather stations with WLAN is currently Netatmo. If you are looking for a wireless weather station with WLAN, the not very versatile offer could be evaluated as negative.


In summary, there are not really many and great advantages and disadvantages disadvantages of the individual weather stations. Of course, it always depends on your own requirements which wireless weather station is recommended and which you prefer not to touch. In order for you to enjoy a weather station in a few years' time, the design should be right and the range and signal strength should be very good. Individual failures can occur again and again and these often also affect expensive weather stations. However, the reasons for the malfunctions are quickly identified and corrected. Just have a look around and get a first rough overview with the Test reports of the individual Models. You are sure to find a weather station that will convince you with its advantages.

The leading manufacturers

Weather stations are available in trade in large number and in all price classes. The most important manufacturers of these helpful devices are listed in the following section – so that it is clear who is behind the brands that we examine in our weather station test.

  • Brown
  • Bresser
  • Fischer
  • Hama
  • Netatmo
  • Technoline
  • TFA Dostmann
  • Oregon Scientific
Today, the Braun brand is known worldwide and offers a wide variety of products and household articles. For some time now, weather stations have also been part of the product range. Not only in the Federal Republic of Germany the products of this manufacturer are very popular. Headquartered in Kronberg im Taunus, the weather stations and many other articles from the range are sold worldwide. The Braun brand was founded in 1921, so the company can look back on a long history of success. Take a look at Braun's offer and buy yourself a high-quality, modern and solid weather station.
The German company Bresser was founded in year 1957 by Josef Bresser and originally exclusively operated the import and sale of binoculars. Soon the assortment expanded and in the year 1990 one was in the meantime the market leader for optical products in Europe.

After the successful Fusion with the World market leader Meade Instruments Corporation, the Optics company based in Rhede, North Rhine-Westphalia, is better off than ever. The growing portfolio of optical devices also includes many radio weather stations that combine elegant design with large functionality.

The company Feingerätebau K. Fischer has made a name for itself in the field of climatic phenomena. If you are looking for a high quality weather station, you have made a good choice with the products of the brand Fischer. You can find the wide range of products directly on the homepage of manufacturer or in specialist shops. You will certainly be enthusiastic about the products in the assortment. You attach importance to quality from Germany? At Fischer your high requirements and expectations are met.
When the German company Hama was founded in year 1923 by Martin Hanke in 1923, there was nothing in mind about weather stations. Instead, photo accessories and laboratory equipment were used. After the Second World War and the associated destruction of the Dresden plant, the company was completely rebuilt in the Bavarian town of Monheim. With numerous international locations, Hama is now also active beyond the German borders.

The Focus of the enterprise lies in the meantime on the production and the selling of accessories from the ranges photo, video, audio, computer and telecommunications. The more than 18,000 products in the extensive portfolio also include numerous weather stations. The focus is on digital models, but also a few analog variants are available for interested buyers.

Netatmo is still a very young company – only 2011 was it founded by Fred Potter and Jean-Pierre Dumolard. One of the first products and also an important milestone in the company's history was a weather station, and to this day this product line is very close to the company's heart.
Technoline/Technotrade has a lot of experience with surveillance systems, because the successful products of the import-export company specialising in technology and design also include sophisticated house surveillance systems, which are intended to protect the home from burglars.

This know-how also flows into the other products of the still young German company, which include hand-picked digital radio alarm clocks, radio-controlled clocks, various measuring instruments and, as a logical consequence, weather stations.

The German family business TFA Dostmann sees itself as an expert for weather- and measuring instruments in Europe and has been demonstrating its know-how in this field for over 50 years . No wonder, then, that weather stations make up a large and important part of the product range.

Since its foundation in year 1964, TFA Dostmann has developed into one of the leading companies in the industry in Europe and today can proudly boast a high-quality product range of over 1,000 products.

Although the headquarters in Reicholzheim near Wertheim employs only about 100 people, about 80 000 orders are processed each year with a total volume of 6.5 million products for 80 countries.

Since its inception in year 1989, the US company Oregon Scientific has successfully committed itself to the production of electronic devices for end users . As the name suggests, the beginnings of the company were really in Oregon, since 1997 but it belongs to 100 percent the company Hong Kong based Company IDT (Integrated Display Technology).

In addition to a variety of radio alarm clocks, monitoring monitors and fitness equipment weather stations also belong to the portfolio of Oregon Scientific. The first waterproof MP3 player also comes from the technical development laboratories of the fiddly Americans – not a bad prerequisite for the construction of weather stations.


In summary it can be said that weather stations should primarily have a first-class quality. If you decide for one of the above mentioned brands, you don't have to worry about quality or about the design. A price comparison is worthwhile to find a good and solid brand product. Pay attention to some important points when buying. A clean processing and an appealing optics are not everything. Therefore, a sufficient range and simple operation are often important. However, with brand products you make an excellent choice.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I best buy my weather station?

Again and again one comes across the same cemented prejudices in the endless discussion between retail and online trade: In the Internet there would be the best prices, but only bad advice, in the specialized trade on the other hand the service would vote for a price higher . In addition the purchase in the Internet is always afflicted with risks , so that the buyer must pay at the end possibly even on it.

We want to know: How much truth is in judgement? Does it really behave like the people believes to know?

Long ways, small assortment

A typical shop purchase looks like this or similar: In the best case one informs himself beforehand – gladly also in the Internet – about the desired product and knows relatively exactly what one would like to have. Then one looks for a personal free time window, which must agree naturally with the opening times of the business and makes itself on the way.

As a rule, you are not alone , the streets and public transport are overcrowded , the parking lots narrow and expensive – especially in the popular inner-city shopping areas. In the store itself, you may have to fight your way through a lot of other customers just to find out in front of the shelf that the product you want is not in stock.

The mostly frequented seller recommends on request another model – one he has in stock and would like to have removed from stock.

There's everything on the Internet – except stress

The Online trade naturally knows no closing times, all functions are available around the clock. No approach, no queuing at the checkout, no transport home – every article can be simple viewed at the click of a mouse, checked for availability and purchased immediately. Everything else is taken care of by the online dealer, the goods are comfortably brought to the front door.

Because the online trade does not have to present its goods at great expense and also does not need a comparatively expensive sales staff , it can hold a significantly larger assortment in stock. Furthermore, search for certain products and comparison of price and scope in internet is much simpler.

Things to Know & Advisor

The History of the Weather Station

Always people were driven by the question how tomorrow's weather would look like? Especially the farmers invented a lot of rules with partly considerable entertainment value for their answer – but even today their truth content is still fiercely fought for.

Man depends on the weather

The great interest of humans in the weather has quite its justification. Humans are dependent on the weather, especially as regards seeding and harvest and thus necessary nutrition. Even on the more dangerous journeys, it was urgently necessary to know as much as possible about the weather conditions.

From the beginning, people did nothing else than they did today: they watched the weather as accurately as possible, noted their experiences and drew their conclusions from them over time. These conclusions then became more and more accurate and precise and led to findings such as the farmers' rules still known today.

These first observations, so to speak the earliest of all meteorological studies, were mainly limited to local weather observations and were hardly interested in global climatic relationships.

The first aids

Weather observation by seafaring received a noticeable boost. Especially the large-scale shipping traffic over the world's oceans encouraged an increased interest in the weather and a further development of weather observation. No logbook was conceivable without detailed entries about carefully observed weather phenomena.

A real systematics in weather observation developed from the 17th century. During this time, resourceful minds also developed the first simple devices for collecting meteorological data. With the invention and dissemination of the telegraph, a fast exchange of measurement data was finally possible.

War and weather

It was precisely the two devastating world wars that brought weather research further decisively forward. The military arms race between the warring parties carried the aircraft technology, which was of great importance for the observation of the weather. In World War II, Radar was also developed, with which even more precise data could be collected.

Even after the end of the two world wars, reconnaissance became increasingly important, and meteorology also profited from the rapid further developments in the field of satellite technology . Closely connected with weather observation is also history of space travel – no moon rocket would have launched successfully if one had not had exact knowledge about the expected weather conditions.

The technical progress brings the weather station into your home

At some point, private households, who until then had to make do with rather simple analogue measuring instruments, also profited from the increasingly rapid technical development in the professional field. Modern computer technology even allows individuals to access measurement data more expensive weather satellites.

The weather station may not be a trend object like the smartphone and similar lifestyle devices, but it is a highly useful technical tool that is appreciated by more and more users .

numbers, data, facts about the weather station

The observation of the weather has a long tradition em>in the world and is becoming more and more professional for many years. There is now a gigantic web of weather stations around the globe, where tightness would make any spider envious. Say and write about 10,000 professional Weather stations measure all the necessary values from which our daily weather reports are generated.

Most likely the models used for professional monitoring are technically far more complex than the models from our weather station test comparison 2019, but especially with the digital models the technology for home use is catching up – the gap between professionals and hobby meteorologists is getting smaller and smaller.

Weather and water

It is not for nothing that the earth is called the “>blue planet, as is well known, almost three quarters of the earth's surface disappear under enormous water floods.

For this reason, buoys and ships are also included for the measurement of weather data, and even the airspace is monitored using aircraft. This effort is justified because the basis for any reliable weather forecast is precise observation and knowledge of the current weather conditions.

The more data, the more accurate the prediction

Because precision a weather forecast is directly proportional to amount of collected data, professional weather observation networks have an advantage over small domestic weather stations due to their enormous range.

The manufacturers of the private weather stations are of course aware of this fact and react accordingly: Modern digital models can partly fall back on the professionally collected data to fall back and supplement their own measurements with them.

This is also the main disadvantage of the simple analog models: Because they can only absorb and utilize direct weather influences, their ability to prediction strong limited.

The famous Black Forest weather houses, which react to humidity, could therefore not really say the rain before , but rather at – the beautiful handicrafts were more decoration than real weather stations.

Gar not so far away from reality: farmer rules

In spite of all mockery, meteorological science comes to an astonishing result abbelievable result with regard to the much vilified farmer's rules: Even though the meaning of many sayings is still questionable, certain wisdom can surprisingly even be proven statistically with long-term measurements. This is explained by the fact that many farmers' rules are based on years of careful observation of the weather.

myth weather frog

The famous weatherman is actually only a beautiful duck – that means, there is not much truth in it, but a correct core actually exists: The European tree frog has the habit of climbing emporzukletter on plants close to the ground in nice sunny weather .

This behavior has a very simple reason: In good weather, the insects that serve him as food fly higher than usual – so he has to stretch to get to the desired prey. People who observed this believed >incorrectly that the frog could predict the weather and locked the lamentable animals in glasses with small ladders. If the frog climbed up the ladder, one wanted to see an indication for better weather in it, but if it remained on the bottom of the glass, one saw a sure sign for rain in it.

Today we have deviated from such albernities and leave the frogs in peace – at most we are still interested in their thighs, but not in connection with a weather ladder. For this reason we did not consider green and quaking models in our Weatherstation Test Comparison 2019.

Copyright and weather?

One would hardly believe it, but also around the weather rages sometimes a quite fierce copyright dispute. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has defined a uniform format for the exchange of meteorological data.

However, this does not affect the still difficult legal situation of the measurement data obtained: Who belongs actually the copyright to the measured information? This question is particularly important for operators of large weather databases and employs many legal experts. In Europe and Germany, however, there are guidelines for the dissemination of environmental information, which at least partially affect this problem and create some clarity. However, the issues involved are far from being fully resolved.

But don't worry: If you choose one of the weather stations from our big weather station test, you don't have to worry about copyright disputes – with us you have landed on the right side in every respect.

Installation and operation

The installation and operation of a weather station is not excessively demanding and can also be easily managed by technical laymen. In the case of a analog model it is usually sufficient to place or hang it at appropriate location. The whole thing is somewhat more complex in the case of complex digital weather stations.

As with any technical device, the enclosed documentation should first be read and followed thoroughly. Many questions should already be answered. Last but not least, in our weather station test we also place value on a reasonable explanation and simple handling of the weather station.

All very simple: analog models

The analogue weather stations turn out to be pleasantly undemanding : Normally, it is sufficient to simply hang it up or set it up at a well visible place – as a result, it works its way without complaint and delivers its results without any problems. In order to call up the measurement data, just take a look at the analog display – which is easy to understand, but also limited in scope and level of detail.

Important for digital models: Position sensors correctly

Especially for the installation and operation of more complex digital models, a little time and effort must be taken into account – and of course attention, because a error quickly leads to wrong and therefore useless measurement results.

It is important that all sensors are mounted in the transmission range the base station. The exact range can be found in the operating instructions of the respective weather station. Before mounting the sensors, it is advisable to test them for faultless function – this saves frustration if defective sensors would otherwise have to be removed again. In addition, a easily accessible location should always be selected when placing the sensors in order to allow easy maintenance and maintenance.

In order to obtain unaltered measurement results as far as possible, the sensitive sensors should neither be placed directly in the sun nor directly in the shade. Also light reflections can impair the functionality of some sensors massively .

No rule without exception: With rain sensors it is important that the precipitation can fall in directly and with large quantities it can easily be removed. In addition, there must be no magnets in the vicinity of the sensor.

Useful accessories

Depending on basic model some accessories is by no means only a optional gimmick, but a mandatory prerequisite for a free operation of the weather station – for example, if the basic equipment of the desired model does not include any external sensors and these have to be purchased separately.

Note that the possible accessories from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer fluctuates – not every supplement we present is also available for every weather station from our weather station test comparison 2019.

  • Outdoor sensors for the base station
Actually, it goes without saying even for the technically inexperienced: Without sensors no measurement, without measurement no data, without data no results. It is clear that a weather station cannot work properly without suitable sensors. Nevertheless, some models are only delivered as basic version – the immediate purchase of external sensors is in this case suffering duty.

But even with better equipped and fully functional weather stations the purchase of additional and more powerful sensors can be useful – it always depends on the intended use and the location.

  • Add-on modules for extended measurement functionality
Some digital weather stations for professional or semi-professional use offer the option to extend the functionality afterward. Similar to a model kit, additional sensors will be retrofitted, which measuring functions originally not available, for example flash detectors, sensors for soil moisture, water temperature and many other parameters, which may seem somewhat exotic to the average interested user of a weather station.
  • cables, batteries, inserts: Buy spare parts on time
It may always be necessary to replace certain components, for example temperature cables for outdoor sensors. For most manufacturers of weather stations, the necessary spare parts can easily be ordered online. Always keep brand batteries in stock – otherwise the weather station at home will suddenly be completely dry.

Which spare parts are needed depends of course on the weather station being operated: If propeller wind turbines are not supported, then it doesn't make sense to buy one – a weather station is no Lego construction kit, extensions can't be upgraded anytime.

  • For the right hold: adhesive tapes, hooks, dowels
In order for the sensitive sensors to perform their task effectively, they must be installed in a suitable place – namely as stable as possible, because wind gauges have to withstand headwinds. Suitable fastening and assembly materials such as waterproof double-sided adhesive tape and, for heavier cases, hooks and dowels are useful accessories in this case.

Alternatives to the Weather Station

Statements about the weather have been part of the news since it began – regardless of whether they are transmitted in the form of newspaper, television or Internet. Even if you don't want to put a weather station in your own home or simply don't have access while travelling – there is always a possibility to get information about the weather and its development.

If for whatever reason no access has access to one of the models from our big Weatherstation Test Comparison 2019, you might be able to do something with one of the following alternatives.

Always worth a look: The classic media

There's hardly a newspaper today that doesn't have a weather section. Who would like to inform on the fast about the weather, can reach to practically ever arbitrary daily paper and receives the desired information also without weather station.

The weather report im television is helpful and very well known, whose presenters partly become nationally known stars. The weather report on television is usually detailed and generally understandable prepared, but only available at fixed transmission times.

Alternative No. 1: Online weather portals

Such restrictions are naturally not subject to the Internet. Almost every species of information can be retrieved online around the clock, this also applies to weather data, of course. Complete Internet pages were set up only for the purpose of weather data logging and forwarding to interested surfers.

There are not only professional offers in the net, but also some privately operated projects, among them for example whole associations enthusiastic hobby meteorologists, who measure on their own weather data and eagerly compare them with each other.

In a test of different weather portals by Stiftung Warentest the weather portal was the test winner . It hit the weather forecasts best. However, the testers criticized “disturbing advertising” on the website. According to Stiftung Warentest eight of the ten weather portals tested were exactly in the daily forecast. So if you want to know after breakfast how warm it gets during the day, you can look it up on the Internet. However, not a single portal was correctly accurate for the several days forecasts.

The weather apps for mobile devices

Mobile phones have not only become an everyday object of use, but also an all-purpose weapon for every occasion. With the correct app the smartphone even replaces the weather station – the necessary data is of course not measured by yourself, but retrieved from the Internet at lightning speed if desired. In addition to the paid apps, there are also free, mostly advertisement-based versions.

However, these weather apps should not be confused with the apps that allow you to connect your own weather station to your smartphone. Of course, the mobile phone does not make any measurements of its own , but is completely dependent on the quality of the data retrieved from the network.

Privacy policy! How the em>Stiftung Warentest determined in 2013, 8 of the 10 weather apps tested recorded too many data and in some cases even passed them on to third parties! The test is older, but the problem is still current: Weather apps want to connect to the location in order to provide an accurate weather forecast. But by constantly sending the GPS data, you allow the weather app provider a almost complete record of his stay.

The most original alternative comes from Kickstarter

The weather station for the keychain represents a real scurrility: The current tag named product is a Art pendant, connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth interface. Stormtag is about the size of a SD card and collects its data by the way. The technical Innovation was realized with the help of a Kickstarter campaign – it remains to be seen whether it will really prevail.


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