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What is a TV wall mount?

A TV Wall Mount is a product, designed to make it easier to mount a TV to a wall or to the ceiling of a room.

01-Vogel-s-Tilt-Turn-180To date, numerous TV wall mounts have established themselves on the market , whereby these are characterized by different preferences . Such a product offers primarily the advantage, that it convinces by a very compact shaping and at the same time by a very robust, stable characteristics.

These factors offer the advantage, that the TV wall mount is mounted on the wall or on a ceiling with only very minor effort, so that thanks to the special design it is possible to easily attach a TV to it.

This is especially useful when it comes to saving space within a room as much as possible space. Experience shows that many TV sets are often placed on commodes, cabinets, shelves or sideboards.

02-Intecbrackets-Professional-TV-Wall mounting-40-70-inchThis is how the TV often comes to stand on furniture, which are conspicuous by a high depth, which can have an effect on the ambient especially in small rooms negative.

If a room is quite small anyway and therefore offers only little space, and if you then place a wide cabinet inside it, so that the TV set is positioned on it or inside it, some spatiality looks even smaller.

Not everywhere TV wall mounts are ideal

As many advantages one TV wall mount has to offer in general, it is important to note that first of all you have to make sure that the basic requirements are met.

Even if such a holder for television sets due to the low own weight and very compact, good for handing texture almost tempting, to hang them everywhere, such a undertaking proves to be extremely difficult on many Rigips walls or on unstable Altbau walls or on only conditionally robusten ceilings.

08-XOMAX-XM-WH104-TV-Wall-Mount-BracketAfter all, you should keep in mind that these surfaces not only have to carry the holder, but – and this is the decisive – also the TV. Not every wall or every holder can withstand this additional weight. Especially not if the television is to be aligned to the left, right, up or down using the adjustment devices .

How does a TV wall mount work?

The functionality of a TV wall mount is different, depending on manufacturer and product, quite . Nevertheless, such a holder is primarily characterized by the fact that it is small, compact and light too mount.

The product therefore has a special device and the matching small tool, that allow the user to do so, to mount the TV wall mount on a ceiling or a internal wall with as few handles as possible. At the same time, such a product has the ability to stable and straight, so that a TV can be attached to it without any problems.

If you choose Purchase a TV wall mount , you do this primarily to save space , because a TV cabinet or a corresponding shelf not insignificant space requirement within sleeping, living, children or youth rooms claim for themselves.

In this respect it is very promising to position a TV wall mount there with a view to its functional properties , where the TV finds a safe stop and where you can follow the television program – a comfortable seat or lying position provided – at your leisure.

More times more, times less flexibility

Many mounts for TVs are rigid in their texture rigid, so they only serve to wear a TV. It is important that the required stability and the load-bearing capacity are given for these mounts,. The fact is that a television can usually remain fixed at the same position for many years. One further function one TV wall mount is the rotary character.

This means that you can turn the holder to need either to left or right. For most mounts it is also possible to position the televisions from top to bottom or in the opposite direction to.

All this requires additional stability, so it is necessary to be able to rely on the load capacity and robustness of the TV wall mount from start.

Advantages and applications of the TV wall mount

  • Decorative purposes
  • Cost saving
  • Individually adjustable
A TV wall mount may have a decorative character in some ways. In this regard, we are not talking primarily about the basic optical condition, but rather about the fact that such a product can simply make more out of a spatiality.

If, for example, one considers that many consumers place their television,, even if it comes to stand in a relatively small spatiality, on or in a cabinet, on a commode or a shelf, then this sometimes has a detrimental effect on the decorative character of the room.

The smaller a room becomes through an additional piece of furniture, the uncomfortable or constricted it can become in it under circumstances. A good reason, therefore, to place your bet on the attachment of a TV wall mount right away. Not only does this save a lot of space,, but it is also possible to benefit from higher flexibility and more freedom of movement.

If one compares once the acquisition costs,that may accrue for a TV wall mount with the financial expenditures that the purchase of a TV cabinet or shelf requires.

If you want to save money, you are in fact well advised to choose the cheaper variant – the TV wall mount –. Especially when it is sometimes even possible to save several hundred Euro.

Depending on which variant you choose, it is possible to adjust this TV wall mount to different directions as desired. In this respect, such a product is not only characterized by high stability, but also by comfort when television is significantly increased. It is essential to make sure that the mounting the TV wall mount is not hung too high or too low.

It is also essential to select the grade of stability and strength in such a way that the television can actually be attached to it in its specific weight class. If the relations, are correct, you can adjust your TV according to your needs so that TV continues to be a relaxed entertainment.

What types of TV wall mounts are there?

03-LCD-LED-TV-Wall-Bracket-Bracket-Model-R23-beachtenBasically, the selection with regard to TV wall mounts today is very large. But nevertheless these products not differ fundamentally from their “relatives”.

Rather, it is the details, that are of decisive relevance. In the context, for example, the load-bearing capacity. is essential.

Because as it becomes clear again and again, not every TV wall mount is equally suitable for wearing TVs different Art.

In this respect, TV wall brackets are therefore separated with regard to their fixing modalities, but a distinction is made between these articles and their optical characteristics, their load-bearing capacity as well as reference to the size-specific conception. in view of their fixing modalities, but a distinction is also made between these articles in view of their opticalcharacteristics, their load-bearing capacity as well as in reference to the size-specific conception..

The design is rather secondary

07-PureMounts-TV-Wall-Mount-PM-Style-23AOf course you have with purchase a TV wall mount without further ado the option, you have to decide for products> which fit in terms of color to your TV set . So a grey, an olive green or black TV wall mount can work very well with a grey, olive or black TV .

In view of the fact that the holders are always attached to the rear of the TV , however, the colour characteristics should be regarded as background. A very important criterion, that distinguishes TV wall mounts is carrying capacity.

For example, models are available that are able to wear television with a size from 32 to 50 inch, and it is even possible that the holder can be swivelled even under this load. Furthermore, the well-assorted online trade also holds TV wall mounts ready, which are able to wear 60 inch large TV.

There are even models available, which are available with or without swivel arms. The latter can be moved to the side, up or down as desired, but this is not possible with First.

Not to forget the aspect that TV wall mounts are also distinguished with regard to their mounting devices. While Model A can be fixed with screws, nails or similar tools, Model B can be attached to shelves or other stable brackets or devices using an additional module.

This is how we tested TV wall mounts:

When it comes to choosing the ideal TV wall mount for your home, it depends on different aspects. Accordingly, these products were tested for following factors:

  • Load capacity
  • Mounting variants
  • Stability
  • Price-performance ratio
For a TV wall mount , the size is always important. The main point here is that the size of the television, which is to be attached to it, corresponds to the size of the mounting. If the TV is, for example, considerably larger than the TV wall mount, then the attachment of the device may prove difficult.

The fact is that the concept of the holder itself should be such that the dimensions should match the holder on the television . Otherwise it would be impossible, to fix the TV set at all .

The easier it is to fix the TV to the TV wall mount, the better. After all, only the fewest consumers are really anxious to put up with cumbersome assembly works, only so that they can attach their TV to holder. In this respect, many TV wall mounts today have relatively flexible fixing devices, so that only a few hand grips are required before the device snaps into place or is otherwise securely fastened.
Even if it is literally child's play to mount the TV to the TV wall mount, the mount should have as high stability as possible. Because only if a maximum at stop and security are guaranteed in this respect, a maximum stability can also be guaranteed permanently.

It is irrelevant whether it is about TV wall mounts with or without swivel arm. At the same time, however, it should be noted that the pivoting models in particular should have a special stability. Because each motion – no matter in which direction – is connected with an additional energy expenditure. The holder must be able to absorb these without problems and guarantee them in the long term.

A TV wall mount can be of the highest quality, as stable and robust as it is, or as mobile as it can be and thus offer maximum at flexibility: If the price for such a model is too high, this can denature the joy of the product. Therefore, the focus in our tests was always that the price-performance ratio fits.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a TV wall mount?

Don't buy any TV wall mount, but before you purchase, first place the Focus on what you want to accomplish with the new TV wall mount ever.

02-Intecbrackets-Professional-TV-wall mounting-40-70-inchFor example, are you primarily interested in hanging a small or a large, heavy TV? How should the carrying capacity or the load capacity of the product be ordered accordingly?

The fact is that a TV wall mount is by no means designed in such a way that every product in this category is able to carry light, medium-heavy or even heavy devices – and to lift them over many years. In this respect, you would be well advised to determine the weight of your TV set and adjust the capacity of the TV wall mount accordingly.

Easy to mount

There are TV holders, which can be quickly clamped to cabinets or other holders without having to drill the hole. Then again there are the models, which require one or more small holes to be drilled into the wall or into the ceiling and then anchored to it using screws or nails.

Many consumers may be afraid to mount the holder during such a relatively complex procedure. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to apply the new TV wall mount without further ado on a different base.

Before purchase your holder pay attention to the qualitative value of the small tool. As a rule, screws, dowels, washers and the like are already included in the product portfolio.

But not always convince this also by their value. Therefore it is worthwhile to have a look behind the scenes in advance. Because what is the use of an extensive equipment of accessories and small tools, if in the end the stability and thus the safety leaves something to be desired?

Short information about leading manufacturers:

  • Hama
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Heitech
1923 Hamaphot KG was founded in Dresden. Already at that time the focus was on photo specific products and on production of products around photo- and film technique. Since then, the company has expanded steadily and founded the year 1979 the first factory in abroad.

After the aforementioned company was completed in France, further branches followed in Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, but also in Belgium, Switzerland or Austria Hama Werke. The expansion of the company continues steadily, and even now the company is actively involved in the expansion of the group.

The company Panasonic with headquarters in Kadoma, in the Japanese province Osaka was founded 1918. The company's core business is the manufacture of electronics, entertainment and household appliances. While in the beginning time of the enterprise straight once 10 coworkers for Panasonic were active, employs the today world-wide acting group meanwhile say and write nearly 255,000 coworkers. tendency also further rising.
Three stars, is the German translation for the company Samsung. The background is that the number 3 has always been associated with something positive in the South Korean culture. In the year 1938 the company was founded with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. In the meantime, around 490,000 employees work for the global group.

The central products produced by Samsung Group are smartphones, flash memories, televisions and other electrical devices as well as TV wall mounts in various designs.

It was on May 7th 1946, when the company Sony was founded in Minato near Tokyo, in Japan. Today the company is the third largest electronics group, where entertainment electronics is the primary focus. No matter whether smartphones, digital cameras or the play station: the sales of the global group can still be seen, and the product range is constantly being expanded.
Heitech AG was founded in the year 1984 by Richard Heindl in Erlangen. At that time, only four persons were employed in the company. To date, the group has established itself as one of Europe's leading system providers for industrial solutions and has been offering new trends and ideas ever since.

Five years after the founding of the company, a branch was established in Crailsheim. Only a few years later followed branches in Berlin, Chemnis, Dresden and Berlin. To this day, there are even foreign representations of the Heitech Group, and far more than 1,000 employees work for the Heitec Group.

Internet vs. specialist shops: Where do I best buy my TV wall mount?

It is always from advantage,before the saleable purchase of a particular product our productreports to hand, to get detailed information about the preferences, but also about possible disadvantages by means of the information about the respective desired products contained therein.

The same is true when it comes to purchase a TV wall mount.

Especially here a certain care is not of disadvantage, because the more extensive the available information portfolio, the more likely the interested consumer is to play it safe that he will actually receive a product corresponding to the individual wishes and requirements.

In any case we recommend the following procedure: Select on the basis of our product reports some TV wall mounts and generate in the course of its first basic information to the respective products.

With this Informationportfolio you can now visit one or the other Retail shop in order to have a closer look at the TV wall mounts if required. Often, however, it turns out in the course of this that said products – for whatever reason – not are available on site. This is a aspect, which is quite understandable from the point of view of a individual- or specialist dealer.

Because Fact is that the monthly financial expenditures for rent, personnel and Co. are extremely high. Accordingly, some dealers feel compelled to keep the business- and warehouses smaller in order to at least reduce the rental expenses. Where a lower space availability is available, it is therefore also not possible to stock a giant product portfolio.

10-Maclean-Wall-Mounted-TV-Bracket-hbThe consultation is also important

The purchase of a TV wall mount is also associated with a certain consulting effort . Finally, as our product comparison shows, different aspects must be considered. However, if you want to get detailed advice in some specialist shops on site, you will notice that many employees quickly reach their limits.

One of the reasons for this is that cost-conscious retailers employ only helpers to keep personnel costs as low as possible. So it is not surprising that the competence often leaves some seller to be desired. Not to mention that many customers are often enough served by unfriendly personnel.

If, on the other hand, one considers that people who are only paid in small measures for their work in sales are paid, If you don't really stand out due to a pronounced motivation and willingness to perform, then from the point of view of quality-conscious consumers it is well worth going other ways: the way to Internet.

As the experience shows again and again, the Internet scores with giant product variety, and also in matters of consulting and competence the customer does not have to do without anything anymore.

If you wish, you can directly online contact a personal support to benefit from a good consultation right from the start. If the ordered product ultimately does not meet the requirements of the consumer, then it is literally child's play to return the ordered goods .

Often the article is picked up at the customer for free of charge. In this respect there are many good reasons for ordering the new TV wall mount rather immediately online.

Things to know and advice

The History of the TV Wall Mount

The times, in which clunky TV cabinets or shelves in sometimes much to small living rooms much to much space are long over, thanks to creativity of manufacturers, today. In the 1960s it was regarded as incredibly chic to afford an extra cabinet, a display case or a comparable piece of furniture to accommodate the latest achievement of that time, the television,.

Bose-Solo5-BetriebThe connection with the purchase of a television cabinet or a sideboards specially designed for TV sets was by no means primarily about it, storeroom for mother's good porcelain, but rather pieces of furniture of this kind were a real status symbol.

Moreover, anyone who had a television did not want to miss the opportunity to present an adequate location for the new device to friends- and family.

But considering that the ambience in the apartments of the 1960 and 1970 in view of the oak-rustic-style was often not only little inviting, because the Look seemed rather gloomy overall, but in addition each quantity took up space, one already had the idea in the middle of the 1970s to place the television – still the jewellery in some German living room – so to show, that the visit could also see him well himself in small, with furniture completed rooms.

The idea was born to present TV sets in a rather lavish way in robust furniture instead of, as before, TV sets>/strong>, henceforth rather simply and nevertheless very well visible.

It still enjoys great popularity, TV sets not only in TV cabinets, on sideboards or in glass, stable display cases to place, but rather in a rather simple, very functional way in scene. Speaking of functional. Whenever a television is mounted on a TV wall mount, it appears to be extremely well thought-out and of high quality, modern and stylish.

On the other hand it is a fact that such a holding much also has a basic functional character. Thus devices this type can also be found in hospitals, in senior homes etc., where it is usually advantage to mount the TV sets as space-saving as possible.

Figures, data, facts about the TV wall mount

Since about the 1970s are TV wall mounts acceptable. Until today they are available in different variants and price classes. For example, it is easily possible to find models in the Price classes between 30 and 50 Euro.

brackets for television sets in the mid-price segment are approximately in the category between 90 and 130 Euro. Of course, as with so many other products, on the price scale there are as good as no upper limits .

Depending on load capacity, design, material and functionality, a TV wall mount can therefore be a good and happy choice for 190 to 250 Euro. It also happens that the small tool required for assembly causes additional costs. It is worth knowing that each model must have a basic stability.

High stability for optimum safety and hold

If a TV set, for example, has a screen diagonal from 30 to 58 cm, then it is necessary that at least four thread must be present, as this is the only way to ensure optimal stability.

six threads, however, must be present if you want to fix a large television set with a weight of up to 25 kg using a TV wall mount. Classical Wall mounts can be fastened with screws or screws.

Plugs to Covers or Walls, where the holders are either behind or above of the TV set attached. Modern TV wall mounts score again because they can be pulled out or moved from right to left and back again.

Many products of this kind are even able to swivel back and forth to ensure optimal comfort for a cosy television evening. Often, the consumer even benefits from a swivel range of up to 180 degrees.

Trends in the area of TV wall mounts

As popular as TV wall mounts are, so diverse is the product selection in the meantime. Today's discerning customer is spoilt for choice between different designs, special loads and further criteria. The latest Trends in the Context include the following TV wall mount variations:

  • Strong design colorations
  • Illuminated elements
  • Remote-controlled models
  • For extra large televisions
Although the functionality of a TV wall mount is clearly in focus, many consumers still attach great importance to a attractive optics. In the meantime, customers can choose between different looks if they opt for a TV wall mount.

No matter whether black, anthracite, grey or white, or whether instead rather peppy big colours in matt or glossy the preference is given: Even with products this type it becomes clear that the creativityproducers have virtually no limits set.

Full in Trend are TV wall mount, which are equipped in their front Segment with Luminous diodes. This is also for brackets from advantage, where extendable televisions are mounted to generate a type home cinema effect.

In fact, it's very nice to see the new mounting model, softly glowing, driven down from the ceiling or steered forward from the wall. Not only your visitors will be amazed.

Whenever a TV wall mount no longer needs to be moved to the desired position by muscle power want position, but when this can be done with help a remote control, then this is the last cry.

When the TV is extended with a quiet Surren and brought into Position, that is truly something very special.

XXL televisions are currently absolutely in trend. It goes without saying that the suitable TV wall mounts must also be used for use.

Therefore also the XXL holders currently enjoy a steadily growing popularity with more and more consumers.


The mounting

Most TV wall mounts are designed to be very easy to install with a view to achieving a high consumer orientation and yet to ensure from start to optimal stop.

A distinction is made in this respect between models, which can be easily attached by means of a rail and special fastening aids to pre-assembled cabinets or shelves, etc. and the TV wall brackets, which must be attached to a wall or the ceiling using screws, dowels etc.

In this respect, it is usually necessary to work with hardener bandages – and to get the drill from the tool cabinet.

1) The attachment of the simple holders for TV sets on already existing interior is conceivably simple and can be carried out even without technical prior knowledge within a few seconds. It is only important that a cordless screwdriver and a spirit level are available.

The TV wall mount must therefore be aligned in such a way that it is just placed on the base and then fixed to it with use of the implemented screws and thread of the TV . A little more complicated can be the Assembly for the second category for the TV mounts.

2) First, determine the weight of the television set, to find the appropriate TV wall mount in based on this value. Our Product review can provide you with detailed Information on Fitting mounts for your TV. Then it is necessary to find the appropriate place for the TV set and to take exact measure here.

Finally, both the TV wall mount, and the TV should be mounted straight. Depending on the size of the TV setfour or six holes drill into the wall, and then insert the plugs into them. Place the TV Wall mount on and screw in the Cordless screwdriver then the Screws. Now fold the Hold rail forward and drape the central area of the TV directly in front of these openings.

It is best to ask a friend for support, because it is not possible to do these handle alone. If the openings are applied to the previously inserted screws, the rail above can be pushed forward and also fixed with screws. Finally, check the Stability and Fastness of the device. After that nothing stands in the way of a cosy television evening


‼️ The fact is that it is not absolutely necessary to buy a TV wall mount that is identical to the TV in terms of its brand or manufacturer. This means that it is by no means necessary for a TV set from the house Samsung to purchase a TV wall mount from Samsung. Cheap No-name products usually also perform good services. Pay attention to their quality and their functionality but always to our product reports, if you want to be on the safe side.

‼️ The price conditions for TV wall mounts can vary greatly depending on manufacturer and with regard to individual carrying capacity. So it is a fact that you can buy a wall mount for your television already for round 30 to 50 Euro. Higher prices Products of this kind can also be sold with up to 250 Euro.

‼️ When it comes to mounting a small or medium-size television using a TV wall mount, it is usually sufficient to use four threaded screws or -plug. The situation is different if you want to mount a extra large flat screen on a holder on the wall or even on the ceiling.

Under these circumstances, it is recommended to use specially designed brackets that have at least capacity of six or even eight screws. Because it should not be forgotten that the TV wall mount not only has to carry the television – and that even over an uncommon long period of time, but rather the device is often even moved or swivelled in different directions.

Useful accessories

To attach a TV wall mount to the wall or to a ceiling is certainly not a witchwork. The only important thing is that the fitting equipment is available. The following Accessories should therefore be as close as possible to the user:

  • Screws and dowels
  • Rail
  • Remote control
Without the corresponding small tool it is almost impossible to mount the TV wall mount and mount the TV on it.

Therefore, it is recommended to always check the equipment for the product intended in each case. Ideally, screws, plugs and washers are included in the package.

If there is a rail that can be used to cover the screws anchored in the wall, then according to view many consumers this is definitely a advantage.

Sometimes it is possible to recognize these utensils from different viewing angles. From the ground a decorative rail, which corresponds in its colored texture to the TV wall mount is a highly recommended accessory.

True to the motto: “May it be a bit more”, some consumers wish that the TV wall mount is able to afford a little more than merely holding a TV.

Therefore, if you choose a electronic mount, it is strongly recommended to purchase an additional remote control along with batteries. Mostly these utensils are already included in the equipment for TV wall mount.

Alternatives to the TV wall mount

  • Cabinet, shelf or sideboard
  • Wire device
Who – for whatever reasons – still not can decide for the acquisition of a TV wall mount, is well advised to be able to fall back on appropriate alternatives. The classic variant is in this regard assured to buy a decorative TV cabinet or a shelf suitable for TV.

However, these should provide sufficient space so that the television set has sufficient floor space. Of course, it is also essential that there is enough free space in the rear part of the TV set so that a heat accumulation does not develop, because the unit is too close to the rear wall of the piece of furniture .

DIY is in. Therefore, it is not surprising if one or the other hobby craftsman decides to install a TV wall mount in own direction. This can easily result from a harmonic connection from screws, eyelets and wire, where it is necessary to use the drill.

This is because maximum stability can be guaranteed and the television can ultimately be implemented on the wall mount mark self-construction, Screws and Plugs must be anchored in the Wall in such a way that the Wirebands can be fixed firmly from the beginning. The result may subsequently appear quite attractive. It is only important to make sure that this device does not leave much to be desired sooner or later with regard to its stability.

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