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Best Vaporizer 2019 • 0 Vaporizers Reviews

What does the word “vaporize” mean and what is a vaporizer?

The word “vaporize” usually means evaporation of liquid, which happens when it is heated. Nothing else is also the case when inhaling with a vaporizer. Herbs, oils and other extracts are heated at a certain temperature to release the components as steam and used therapeutically, e.g. for a cold or other physical complaints.

The term is often used in connection with phytopharmaceuticals, by which drugs and medicinal plants are meant, which have a plant origin, compared to the chemical variants, which are once again different in the drug administration. The active ingredients of the plant products are decisive.

As natural multi-substance mixtures , medicinal plants have an active effect on the molecular structures in the organism and can thus gently start the healing process. Phytopharmaceuticals differ once again from the so-called homeopathic remedies, since the latter are remedies that are only taken in strong dilution and only show traces of the active ingredients.

In contrast, phytopharmaceuticals are tested in controlled clinical trials and their efficacy is classified as harmless. The herbs are processed and ingested without losing any of their active ingredients. Therefore, they are also better tolerated as a medicine than the chemical alternatives with their often numerous side effects.

These herbs, which fall under the term “phytopharmaceuticals” and are also suitable for the vaporizer, are mostly dried, whereby flowers, roots, leaves or bark are used by various medicinal plants. They can then be prepared in their ingredients as tea or inhaled and contribute to better health.

This form of inhalation is called Phyto-Inhalation. The active substances contained in the plant are inhaled by inhalation. In medicine, this variant has long since established itself as a form of therapy and, as alternative medicine, is on an equal footing with orthodox medicine, which is known to rely more on chemical drugs, which then, however, also attack the body more. In therapy, a vaporizer is then used to inhale the active ingredients, which is one of the most gentle variants.

In the vaporizer it comes then to evaporation of the active substances. The difference to other inhalation devices is that in the vaporizer the mixture of herbs and medicinal plants vaporizes directly, therefore as a substance, is not inhaled as the solution itself.

The mixture is only heated to such an extent that the active substances evaporate and develop their power without the substance burning. This prevents the formation of unwanted by-products and pollutants. In addition, different temperatures optimally heats the respective herbal mixture so that the entire effect is retained in the steam.

In the field of medical care and research, vaporizers are used more frequently, including of course as inhalative application form of the herbal and medicinal ingredients, but also as intermediate for anaesthesia. In this way, volatile anaesthetics can be easily absorbed via a vaporizer during inhalation.

The 10 best vaporizers in comparisonAlso in the private area the vaporizer is used more and more, especially when it comes to smoking and abstinence. The dangers of nicotine intake and anti-smoking campaigns make alternatives to smoking necessary that do not put as much strain on the body as an ordinary cigarette or even the intake of tobacco by an electric cigarette.

Tobacco consumption via a vaporizer is more tolerable, but can also be used well in the sense of nicotine addiction by replacing the tobacco with herbal mixtures, e.g. peppermint or other plants.

In addition to physical dependence, smoking is also a spiritual process in the sense of addiction and dependence. This is why it is so difficult to quit smoking, because even if the body has become weaned of nicotine, the void that fills the normal process of lighting a cigarette and smoking one remains just when the cigarette is fulfilling a task or habit at certain moments.

Many people believe that nicotine has a calming effect, but smoking as a measure against emotional states such as stress and nervousness is actually only a pure headache. The body doesn't demand nicotine so much to become calm, but the brain suggests the desire for it to the nerves and the organism. On the contrary, smoking is quickly done even then, only the thought of the next cigarette determines the actual dependency. Those who then want to stop will find these moments particularly difficult and the relapse and reach for the next cigarette is great.

A vaporizer can help here. The process of smoking not only takes place as a physical withdrawal as soon as it is stopped, but also remains as Missing this habit a danger to relapse, which many can then hardly do without in certain situations. Therefore, smoking with a vaporizer compensates for this habit and replaces the process during weaning, but without actual nicotine intake, but in Vaporizing herb mixtures that are smoked like nicotine through the vaporizer.

Of course you can also smoke Tobacco with the vaporizer. Due to the absence of by-products, the smoking process is so somewhat less harmful. In the vaporizer, the active ingredients are then heated and vaporized so that they can be inhaled while avoiding tar deposits or toxic gas leaks.

The advantage of the vaporizer also remains that the user can dose the herbal or active ingredient quantity himself and thus control the taste and effect at his own discretion. Not everyone likes the same dosage and the effect may be too strong or too weak depending on body weight, lung volume and similar conditions.

Through the process of direct vaporization in the vaporizer, the ingredients act directly and can thus be influenced during inhalation.

In this way, the effect is faster than by injection or taking a tablet, but can also be controlled in its size, which is more difficult with the dosage in tablet form. Depending on variety of herbs a other temperature is required, so that the process of evaporation takes place even more gently and is adapted to the individual substances. The devices have a temperature controller, as each medicinal plant needs a different heat influence to fully develop its contents and active ingredients.

How does a vaporizer work?

How does a vaporizer work?

Vaporizers all work under similar conditions, even if they differ in the device type. Common to all are the mouthpiece and a switch-on button, which starts the evaporation process and can also be dosed by the user in temperature effect and quantity. The device converts herbal active ingredients into gas and then inhales them.

This is done by heating the herbs to boil. The warm-up time for the individual herbal mixtures is different and must be taken into account in advance. The quantity required also plays a role. It is advisable to inform oneself about the different herbs > and to know the heat level, which releases the active substance optimally. This can be set on the device itself via the temperature controller. You can find more information about this in our test under the item “Herb list”.

The use is very simple. The vaporizer can be an electric table or handheld . Depending on the type of application and use, whether better portable and always available or at certain times, the vaporizer is turned on to be heated. With Stand devices the vaporizer is connected to a power supply, at the first use it will be charged there for about 15 minutes. Thus the last possible pollutants are rendered harmless by the production.

The vaporizer is then warmed up for a few minutes for regular use. Depending on the type of herbs and plants whose active ingredients are needed, differs the warm-up phase. The duration of the warm-up also depends on the respective performance of the device. Some vaporizers already have the desired operating temperature after one minute.

When the vaporizer is charged and heated, it is filled with the herbal mixture to be used. The herbs should always be stored dry and well shredded before entering the vaporizer. The finer the mixture, the better it can evaporate.

Most devices can hold herbs in any form, some vaporizers are also able to heat oily essences. Few are even used for inhaling chemical drugs. Liquids are absorbed, for example, via a very special fibre sponge integrated in the device.

All devices have a holding device into which the substance is filled and then heated in the filling chamber. The filling chambers and type of inhalation differ from device to device. Some have a tube through which the active substances are absorbed, others only the mouthpiece.

Certain vaporizers also have a balloon through which the vapors can be collected and inhaled. Electric models, in turn, burn the plant substance in direct contact with a hot surface and therefore have a glass cover, which must be removed from the metal bowl to fill in the mixture, and then put back on for inhalation until the vapour collects sufficiently below and can be inhaled. In the filling container there is a sieve which separates the herbal mixture and the steam.

Advantages & Application areas

Advantages & ApplicationsVaporizers are available in different shapes and in different areas of an application. In the medical area the vaporizer is mainly used for the gentle drug intake, because no side effects arise, but the full effectiveness of the ingredients can be absorbed by the organism. Also the dosage is simpler, can be better determined and controlled by the vaporizer.

Another method is the use of a vaporizer in Aromatherapy. In this form of treatment scents are the main source of therapy, cure and prophylaxis. Aromatherapy is particularly preventive in the heart and lung area. It is based on the use of essential oils extracted from plants.

Depending on the type of plant, the quantity can vary greatly, even in very small amounts. Frequently used plants, which also provide a large proportion of essential oils, are Thyme, chamomile, rosemary or sandalwood. Therapy with fragrances and inhalation of the essential substances have fewer side effects as long as the dosage is correct.

If the dose is too high, the process can be reversed and not only harmful to health, but even toxic. The oils must not be used undiluted, but must be correctly dosed according to certain requirements . It must also be distinguished here whether the oils are pure vegetable or synthetically produced oils , which are different in their effectiveness and then also contain harmful substances.

In the vaporizer these oils can then be replaced and extracted directly from the plant as an active ingredient, which in turn considerably reduces the content of pollutants. The dosage is also much easier. Some devices can also heat the oils themselves. However, this requires that the vaporizer can vaporize liquids, for which not all models are suitable.

Smoke or steam

In order to define the advantages of a vaporizer in more detail, the question must also be asked what the difference is in the combustion process, why Smoke differs from steam. Tobacco smoking with a pipe burns the tobacco herb. When burning incense in a church, only the scorching of the incense takes place. This produces steam, compared to the smoke from the pipe where different amounts of toxic by-products are produced, including solid particles and gases, tar and nitrogen oxide. These pollutants irritate not only the mouth and neck, but also the lungs. The high combustion temperature also destroys the quality of the active ingredients.

The vapor that forms in the vaporizer acts like a stream of hot air that flows through the herbal substance filled in. Thus the ingredients are not destroyed and no pollutants are formed. Filtered by e.g. a water tank, the steam can be inhaled even more effectively. Therefore, no ash is also formed in the filling container, but a residue of solid consistency, which can be easily removed from the vaporizer by tapping.

The process of evaporation remains more effective than burning a substance. The strong effect is rather given by the vaporizer, since the lung is not attacked , so that also the inhaled substances can remain longer and are absorbed in the active substances.

The vaporizer to help you quit smoking

The salubrity of the vaporizing herbs in a vaporizer, whether as a handheld or tabletop device, can simplify nicotine withdrawal. Smoking tobacco gradually destroys the lungs with toxic gases, tar and radioactive particles, while the poison nicotine also has a damaging effect on other organs, but especially leads to addiction. The process is insidious, the pleasure of course another thing. The nicotine itself is not so much the actual problem, but the pollutants released next to it . Therefore the vaporizer is already a better variant of smoking, even without wanting or being able to do without tobacco consumption itself.

Advantage is that the vaporizer not only replaces the cigarette, but also necessary utensils such as the ashtray. Yellow fingers or unpleasant cold smoke on clothing are also eliminated. The rooms are spared in the same way and “passive smoking” is no longer a problem.

What types of vaporizers are there?

The different vaporizers are both electric devices, which are somewhat larger and require a power connection, and glass or plastic vaporizer, which are very handy, have the shape of a cigarette and can be used outside the home.

In the latter case, a Butan gas lighter is used to heat the herbal mixture so that the steam can then unfold and be inhaled, basically smoking, as is the case with an electric cigarette. The effect is not much less than that produced by an electric vaporizer. The cleaning of the small devices alone is somewhat more complex.

Portable vaporizers

What kind of vaporizers are there?This model is especially handy, resembles a pipe or cigarette and can be taken anywhere. The vaporizer is made of glass or plastic, whereas glass is a little bit more effective as a by-product. Among them there are devices which allow a view into the interior of the vaporizer, so that e.g. the steam development can be observed. With the hand vaporizer the herbal mixture is then ignited by a lighter, ideally a butane-gas lighter is suitable for it, so that the misting from soot is avoided.

Portable electric vaporizers

The handheld devices are also available as an electrical variant. Comfort is combined with portability. A Akku-Pack makes sure that the vaporizer can be charged on the road and used everywhere. Here the hand vaporizer has a digital processor, so that also a long battery life is given.

Electric Desktop Vaporizer

Most vaporizers are designed as electrical devices for use at home. They are connected to electricity, charged by an electric heating element and can then be used. On these devices the temperature can be adjusted by a knob or a digital control bar and is therefore somewhat more precisely adjustable than with the commercially available hand-held devices.

The airflow is carried through the vaporizing herbs in the electric vaporizer and filled e.g. into a corresponding balloon or into a tube. The mixture can be inhaled via the mouthpiece. The herbs are heated by convection or conduction. During conduction, the substance is filled into a metal bowl and heated there. This creates a direct contact between the metal and the herb, so that the process must be carried out carefully.

Better and more modern is the variant with convection, where a hot air stream flows through the substance and thus the active substances are unfolded. The air flow is heated differently by a heating gun, a ceramic or aluminium element or a halogen lamp.

The ultimate vaporizer test 2019 – so we have tested the vaporizers as different models for you:

Even if vaporizers are the same in their application, the devices are still different in their characteristics, processing, quality and performance. The material of the device was also decisive for us, whereby we tested preferably glass, since the effect of foreign substances can be completely excluded here. We also tested the handiness, the filling chamber, the temperature control, the power connection and the easy commissioning, the inhalation possibility and the evaporation.

For all devices, it was crucial that the active substances could develop completely and be easily inhaled. It was also important what was needed for inhalation and which additional components improved inhalation.

Device size and handling

The devices tested by us in the Vaporizer Test 2019 were tested for type, model and type. The handheld devices were tested for application and cleaning, the powered table-top devices were tested for stability and the power or battery connection. If the vaporizer was in use, it had to be light in weight, not too big and easy to store as a handheld device.

Performance and temperature

Of course a vaporizer has to work well in its performance and temperature control, so that the accuracy is given here and the different substances, depending on suitable heat level, are vaporized correctly.

Our test therefore dealt with the individual settings, the overview on the device and the speed until the vaporizer was warm and ready for use. The temperature values should reach at least up to 200 degrees Celsius, so that also the somewhat more difficult to evaporate herbs can be inhaled well.

Our tested models have a Scale and Temperature control to do this justice. Good vaporizers generate the required air flow by themselves and are therefore especially low in pollutants in the evaporation process.


For our test the operation was a criterion to check the suitable models. We attached importance to easy handling and operation. The vaporizer should have simple buttons, a filling chamber and facilitate the process itself.

Inhalation and evaporation process

The type and quality of our tested devices was an important factor, which also provided information about how much of the ingredients could be released, without possibly harmful by-products. For example, we tested the density of the quantity of herbs to be evaporated and how the evaporation process worked with different substance composition, i.e. when the herbs were dried, more or less crushed or powdered. It was also tested what the absorbed vapour caused when inhaled in the throat and lungs.

What should I look out for when buying a vaporizer?

What do I have to look out for when buying a vaporizer?

When purchasing a suitable vaporizer, there are a few points to consider in order to be able to use the device effectively in the long term. It is important what the vaporizer is used for, whether it should be wearable, whether it should serve as smoking absorption, whether it should help with smoking withdrawal from nicotine or healthy. The latter is better possible with table vaporizers because the efficacy is particularly well implemented by the associated elements.

The hand vaporizers on the other hand need only a small amount of herbal mixtures and can be used everywhere quickly, so they have the effect of a cigarette. The portable vaporizer fits into any trouser pocket, but can also be used at home and comfortably stuffed with the desired herbal filling.

The Stand or table vaporizer is larger and requires a socket. Accordingly, it is only used at home. Evaporation with such a device is of course intensive, as many devices are also equipped with additional components, e.g. a water filter, a balloon or a heating element.

Since certain herbs especially require high temperatures, which also require a lot of power for vaporization, not all of them are suitable for the portable vaporizer, which only achieves a certain limit of temperatures. For the herbs, however, which need a low temperature, the hand vaporizer is well suited.

When selecting the Stand and table-top devices you must consider how inhalation should take place, whether via a tube or via a balloon. The balloon is usually removable and the steam stays in it for a few minutes, which means the inhalation can be operated longer and more intensively.

The steam in the balloon can also cool down without losing any of the active ingredient. Inhalation is a little easier and particularly gentle. The balloon must then be replaced more frequently as an accessory, which in turn entails additional costs.

tube and mouthpiece are used like a water pipe. The steam flows through the hose and can be sucked in directly. The advantage for the vaporizer with tube is of course also the price, because the devices are a little more favorable. The steam is slightly hotter in the hose version. Some models also combine balloon and tube.

The material used for the vaporizer plays a role in the handling of the vaporizer. Glass is ideal for optimum steam generation, but also for observing the process. The mouthpiece on the other hand should be heat resistant and should not heat up too much even at high temperatures. Ceramic is ideal for protecting lips and fingers, as it is heat resistant. The mouthpiece should also be removable so that undesirable bacteria do not collect there and it can be cleaned at any time.

A digital display also makes handling easier, so that the temperature can be set precisely and the device can also be well controlled in its evaporation process. A battery symbol on the digital display additionally indicates the power of the vaporizer and how long it can be used.

If the effect is important to you, make sure that the mouthpiece is long. The longer the pull, the more intensive and even the extraction process can take place.

Short information about leading vaporizer manufacturers

The Prices for vaporizers are determined by the Mark and the material used. There are differences when the models are made of metal, heat-resistant plastic or borosilicate glass. The form of heating also plays a role, as does the operation of whether the evaporation takes place via analogue or digital temperature control.

Leading manufacturers in the market for portable and electric vaporizers are

  • Vaponic
  • Crafty & Mighty
  • FlowerMate
  • Magic Flight
  • Arizer
  • Puffit
  • AroMed
  • Grenco ScienceBC
  • Eagle Bill Shake & Vipe
  • lift titanium
  • Volcano
  • Iolite
  • Solwe
  • Vapir
  • DaVinci

Internet vs. specialized trade: where is the purchase of a vaporizer cheaper?

The range of portable and electric vaporizers is wide and worthwhile on the Internet even more , because here the different manufacturers give precise information about the application and characteristics of their devices. The order is simple, the delivery is usually free of charge within Germany. In the Internet are, opposite the specialized trade, price reductions possible , since manufacturers save other costs, among them rent or personnel. Anyone seeking expert advice can obtain information from headshops and tobacco shops.

Things to Know & Advisor

The History of the Vaporizer

The method of extracting and dissolving substances, herbs and the active substances obtained from them by burning them from their carriers is a old technique of humans. Already in the ancient Egyptians and Greeks the effect was used to obtain a concentrated solution from the substance by evaporation, which had a healing or toxic effect. Not surprisingly, Herodotus, as the father of history, finally noted that among the Scythians seeds of various plants, including Hanf, were vaporized on hot stones to inhale the active ingredients.

The stone was replaced about a thousand years later then by the first pipe, which vaporized water filtered herbs. Such pipes consisted first of coconut shells, then they were used in the Turkey by the upper layer, which increased the popularity of the Waterpipe and made the production more versatile.

The history of the vaporizerKnown herbs, which are also named in our Vaporizer Test, such as angelica, also had other meanings about their effectiveness, were used, for example, to summon spirits or were supposed to be a healing force against atrocities and black magic. But mainly the pipe was used for smoking.

In the 20th century, the first evaporator came onto the market that revolutionized the use of water pipes. He called himself “The Tilt” and showed that through evaporation the tobacco lost some of its pollutants. For example, it contained about 80 percent less tar. But in terms of the tobacco industry and the promotion of nicotine products, the device was not particularly successful and could not prevail against the alternatives.

First Frank William Wood, who was soon to become the Cherokee medicine man Eagle Bill, built a heat gun and popularized in his version the glass pipe, which possessed a filling chamber, was heated from outside and was encouraged as a design by peasants who planted Cannabis.

The market was mature and the vaporizer entered the world of manufacturers. The glass pipe was then called “Shake & Vape”, triggered new innovative ideas in this area and led to the first electrical variant.

In the nineties, a Canadian company launched the first expanded prototype and called it “BC Vaporizer”. Other manufacturers followed suit, including the German entrepreneur Markus Storz, who improved his device by adding a valve balloon.

Today the vaporizer in improved versions is a particularly gentle solution and is indispensable in the medical field.

Figures, data, facts about the vaporizer and its use

herb list

In this section you will find a Overview of the herbs that are suitable for the vaporizer, as well as the individual temperature settings that allow for optimal effect.

In theory, basically all plants can be vaporized and inhaled in a vaporizer. Nevertheless, it depends on the density, fineness and the active substance of the individual substances, so that e.g. with some plants the active substances appear more heavily or hardly, with others all the more easily. Certain medicinal plants work only with the right method, others should be e.g. better drunk, to reach the areas in the organism intended for it. If the stomach is attacked, a gastrointestinal tea is recommended.

However, most herbs can be inhaled and develop their full effectiveness by vaporizing in the vaporizer , even better than in alternative devices for inhalation. The active ingredients in the vaporizer are vaporized in a highly concentrated form and the aroma can be completely absorbed by inhalation.

Particularly high-quality plants and herbs serve health and promote physical and mental fitness. Others are good for restlessness or similar symptoms. In the vaporizer the following herbs have proved particularly effective in the development of the active ingredients:

  • Baldrian – Known is the very calming effect of valerian. Sleep disorders, restlessness, depression or similar conditions can be combated and eliminated with this plant. Stress also causes heart and stomach problems, whereas valerian is a good measure.
    It is heated and inhaled at a temperature of 235 degrees Celsius in the vaporizer. Also appealing is a mixture of various herbs with which valerian can be combined, including hops, lemon balm or hawthorn. Inhalation brings about a faster and more intensive effect than, for example, taking valerian through tea, tablets or drops.
  • Anis – Here we have a medicinal and spice plant, which comes from Asia, contains anethol. What causes the intense smell and taste, and especially can be used for gastrointestinal problems. Anise has a relaxing effect and calms the stomach and intestinal extract. Due to its aroma anise also has a calming effect, helps against insomnia, asthma, bronchitis, loss of appetite or headaches. The plant has a disinfectant effect, can also serve as a secretion dissolver at cold. Aniseed is also helpful against mouth odor due to its taste and aroma. The absorption of the active ingredients is ideal through vaporization in the vaporizer or can be drunk as tea.
  • Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus belongs to the myrtle family, is especially in Australia a much used plant. As an essential oil it is enriched with Euglobal, Cineol and Flavonoid and therefore specially gentle and effective during inhalation in the vaporizer. Due to the slightly pungent smell and pleasant taste, inhalation is not only particularly pleasant, but also stretches the lungs and blood vessels. Especially in times of cold and flu it provides a fast healing, frees the respiratory tract, loosens the phlegm and kills the germs.
    In addition, the herb has an extremely cooling and liberating effect. By inhaling in the vaporizer, eucalyptus can act particularly quickly, but is also excellent as an oil for rubbing and tea enjoyment.
    In the vaporizer a temperature of about 130 degrees Celsius is ideal, as long as the dried leaves of the plant are used. In vaporizers that can vaporize liquid, the essential oil can also be used. Here the temperature must be lower, about 100 degrees.
  • Engelwurz – This plant is also called Angelica root and contains tannins, wax, bitter substances, sugar, starch, resin and other parts. Thus it is very versatile in use and helps as all-purpose against rheumatism, stomach problems, circulatory weaknesses, stress, breathing difficulties, depression, colds or fever. For inhalation in the vaporizer, the root and cones of the plant are used. The mixture must be very dry and well cleaned.
  • Hopfen – Hopfen is known as an addition to beer, belongs to the Hanfgewächsen family and also has a soothing effect when inhaled, which is even reinforced when used in the vaporizer. Hops are very relaxing, especially for moments of stress or restlessness, but also help against depression, headaches, anxiety and sleep problems. The bitter substances contained in hops stabilize the nerves in the organism. The optimum temperature in the vaporizer is then 130 degrees Celsius. The effect will not be long in coming.
  • camomile – This plant can also be described as a all-purpose remedy, camomile always has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Bronchitis, cough, cold, but also stomach and intestinal problems can be treated with chamomile. Inhalation is particularly fast and can also be used as a cure for fever, sweaty. The temperature can be either low or high, as chamomile is particularly robust and is inhaled in its ground flowers. 100 degrees Celsius are sufficient, the essential oils already unfold excellently.
  • Ginger – Also ginger comes from Asia and is regarded as cocious root. It is used as a spice, for cooking, inhaling or drinking tea. The mode of action is very many-sided, reaches as countermeasure from the smallest hiccups, over digestion problems, circulation complaints, nausea, loss of appetite up to migraine. Ginger can also be used to combat sore throats and stomach pains. For inhalation in the vaporizer a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius is necessary. The ginger is chopped into small pieces or even powdered as a dried root. This is how the ingredients achieve their optimum development.
  • Johanneskraut – Who knows Depressions, knows also the Johanneskraut. The plant can be used as tea, in tablet form or via the vaporizer in its effectiveness. Restlessness and sadness are to be reduced in such a way. More than 90 percent of all active substances are released during inhalation, so that the vaporizer fulfills its purpose and use particularly well here. Johanneskraut is usually used as an adjuvant in therapies, therefore it must be taken regularly and over a longer period of time in order to be effective. 190 degrees Celsius are optimal for the evaporation process and facilitate inhalation.
  • Lavender – This plant is not only particularly pleasant from its smell, but also in its effectiveness. Nervous states, sleep problems, but also bad skin can be treated with lavender. Bitter substances, resins, essential oils and similar proportions ensure that a weak nervous system is strengthened again. In addition, the inhalation of lavender is also anti-inflammatory, germicidal, in other dosage forms it is good for open wounds or bile flow. A cold bath with lavender is very effective, but also vaporizes the sinuses and respiratory tract are freed again. Here, temperature plays a decisive role for effectiveness. Lavender must not be too hot and must not be evaporated at temperatures higher than 100°C.
  • Sage – The leaves of the sage plant contain essential oil and have an antispasmodic, antibacterial, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect. In small doses, it can help against gastritis, but also lower blood sugar levels. Sage is therefore particularly suitable for inhalation in the vaporizer, as the effect of thujone, which is contained in the plant as an essential oil, does not come to bear here. That would be hallucinations, which are only possible with an overdose, which is not possible with a vaporizer. The dried leaves are inhaled at 190 degrees Celsius and then unfold their full effect without the side effects.
  • Thyme – Vaporized thyme is once again somewhat different from the pure and tasty spice that refines many a dish. Thyme is a lipflower plant and contains many essential oils, which makes it particularly useful, including cineol or borneol. These are particularly helpful in lung and bronchial diseases, loosen the mucus, have an antibacterial effect and thus also against irritation. The airways are cleared, the cough subsides. On the other hand, thyme is particularly digestive and stimulates the appetite, but should then be drunk as tea. In the vaporizer, a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius is necessary to vaporize the ingredients. Side effects are not possible under these circumstances.
  • Pfefferminze – This well-known plant tastes naturally in its leaves not only in tea or as chewing gum, but can also be inhaled excellent. The leaves are also the only thing used by the plant. For inhalation in the vaporizer these are crushed and work in its menthol and other essential oils particularly well in respiratory diseases, skin problems, stomach cramps and liver problems.
    Peppermint is also healing for the mind, can help against restlessness or stress. The leaves are both anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Especially in the cold time inhalation with the vaporizer is advisable, the areas of the respiratory tract are directly reached by inhaling the vapors and can do their effect there. Inhalation is particularly pleasant, refreshing and also makes a good taste in the mouth. In combination with other herbs, peppermint proves to be stimulating and taste-improving. A temperature for evaporation of 100 to 130 degrees Celsius is ideal here.
  • Rosemary – Also here we have a fragrant aromatic spice plant in front of our eyes, which has it in itself, e.g. essential oils like camphor. It is a lip blossom plant and occurs particularly frequently on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, which is why it was also called the “dew of the sea” in the past. Especially for blood rosemary is particularly effective, cleansing and stimulates blood circulation. This in turn also results in better heart rhythm and stabilization of the circulation. As an inhalation rosemary also expands the blood vessels and can be taken in nervous and exhausted conditions. Rosemary is vaporized at 130 degrees Celsius.
  • Goldrod – This plant uses saponins, tannins and bitter substances, flavonoids, phenol glycoside, inulin and other essential substances. Therefore this herbal mixture is particularly anti-inflammatory in its effect, therefore ideal for problems in the kidney and bladder area. When drunk as tea, it has a diuretic effect, when inhaled the effect is antispasmodic and blood-cleansing. Goldenrod as an herb is a good remedy for gout and rheumatism. The temperature in the vaporizer should then be between 100 and 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Guarana – This is the liana species of a soap tree plant originating from South America. The effect of guarana is somewhat stimulating, so that the plant has an optimal effect on circulatory problems and stimulates them particularly well. Guarana has a refreshing and stimulating effect, comparable to caffeine from coffee or black tea. However, the effect is much more gentle and does not last quite as long.
    Guarana has also proven itself against headaches and fever in inhalation in the vaporizer. The seeds of the plant are used for inhalation and vaporized in pulverized form. Seeds need more temperature. A setting of 190 degrees Celsius is necessary here. If you have high blood pressure, you should avoid guarana. The effect is always stimulating, therefore under such conditions with caution to enjoy.
  • Clove – If the tooth hurts or the tooth is attacked, cloves are a particularly excellent solution for pain relief. They can be chewed or inhaled as a herbal mixture. The plant has become particularly well known in Egypt and China and was considered particularly precious. In addition to pain relief, the clove also stimulates appetite and digestion, but can also be used against rheumatism and nausea. In the vaporizer, a temperature between 120 and 150 degrees Celsius is recommended.


The list of herbs can of course be extended by a few plants, which remain unnamed here in our test. Above all, we have listed the most important plants whose efficacy is optimal for vaporizers and which can be inhaled particularly gently when used. Other ways to use the vaporizer, such as vaporizing cannabis, will not be explained in our test. Also melissa or the passion flower should be enjoyed with caution . Here you should be sufficiently informed in advance which herbs have which effect.

Flowermate Vaporizer

Care and cleaning

The care of a vaporizer differs with the different devices. Table vaporizers are simpler in cleaning, portable devices are somewhat more complex. However, it is important for all vaporizers that they are cleaned regularly so that the advantage that a vaporizer brings with it during inhalation and which lies particularly in excluding the by-products and pollutants is not disturbed or influenced.

Herbs are different in consistency and density. Also in the evaporation process different residues are formed, including e.g. resins, which are then also very sticky. Other mixtures only form a solid lump , which can then simply be beaten out.

If the filling area of the vaporizer is clogged with resin, cleaning alcohol is very suitable to dissolve the resin again. The glass and metal parts are placed in a glass with isopropyl alcohol and left there until the resin has detached. The last residues can then be removed with a little warm water.

The mouthpiece should also be cleaned after each use of the vaporizer. In order to continue to enjoy inhalation in a healthy and antibacterial way, care should be taken to keep the mouthpiece clean and in the best case for each user should have their own ready.

If the vaporizer has a tube, it must also be cleaned sufficiently. alcohol or spirit are optimal means to remove the deposits. For more stubborn remains, a piece of wire pushed through the hose can also be useful. If too many deposits have settled in the hose, it should simply be replaced with a new one.

Frequently asked questions about the vaporizer

Why do some vaporizers have a halogen lamp?

Why do some vaporizers have a halogen lamp?

A halogen lamp can be used to control how strongly inhalation occurs. The light becomes brighter when the user inhales more because the amount of air required also requires more heat. The halogen lamp allows breathing and inhalation to take place very evenly and thus offers the advantage over other devices of controlling breathing and then completely absorbing the active ingredients .

The lamp is held at a same bright level during inhalation, whereby the luminous intensity is brighter than when the vaporizer is idling. This enables the heat to be maintained, no increased combustion to take place and thus no undesirable foreign substances to be released.

What is the water filter for a vaporizer for?

What is the water filter for a vaporizer for?

The water filter in some devices filters in addition all suspended solids out of the substance and the material. This loses the fear that active substances will be lost or condensed. This is particularly useful when using particularly fine herbal mixtures, as the fine dust can also be filtered out and used again by the water filter.

During inhalation, the vapour is always moved, which means that substance residues can be wasted. The water filter catches them and allows the inhalation of all active substances.

What does the temperature readout say?

What does the temperature readout say?

Most vaporizers are equipped with a Temperature readout because it tells you how much the herbal substance in the vaporizer is heated. All herbs need a different degree of warmth, therefore the temperature must also be different from plant to plant high, so that the active substances can unfold optimally and be inhaled.

The temperature is usually to be set between 100 and 200 degrees Celsius, the device has an intended scale, which gives information about the Celsius degree. You can find out about the required heat for the respective herbs in our list under the item “List of herbs”.

Is the temperature display on the devices accurate?

Is the temperature display on the devices accurate?

By the Temperature overview by a scale the vaporizer can be adjusted in its evaporation process and the heat required for it very accurately . This makes it possible to select the correct temperature for each mixture. Some devices can also calculate what temperature the substance is currently at.

Can the same herbs be inhaled with every device?

Can the same herbs be inhaled with every device?

Yes. Vaporizers are exactly suitable for optimally vaporizing all herbal mixtures under the appropriate temperature and eliminating harmful substances during inhalation. Nevertheless, the individual devices differ in the fact that some can evaporate liquids besides the normal substance, so that essential oils can also be used here.
Vaporizers that are not suitable for this purpose will be damaged or clogged by the use of these oils. The application should therefore always be checked beforehand and matched to the device.

Useful accessories

For a vaporizer, especially if it is a desktop vaporizer, some accessories are useful. For example, the hoses can be replaced, as can the filling chamber, the mouthpiece or the balloon.

Cleaning utensils for the vaporizer are special scratches and glass punches, similar to those used to clean pipes. Also the glass head or the water filter can be replaced. Necessary heating elements, sieves or halogen lamps are required as accessories when changing.

For the portable vaporizer, a charger that operates at 110 or 220 volts is advisable so that the herbal mixture or tobacco can be inhaled anywhere and at any time and the device delivers the appropriate performance.

Additional water vessels, screw-on glasses or valves are also available for certain devices to simplify inhalation.

Alternatives to the vaporizer

Alternative to the modern vaporizer are inhalation devices, the electric cigarette or a water pipe. In the latter case, however, the herbs are burned and instead of steam, smoke is formed along with all unwanted by-products that are avoided in the vaporizer in its use. The smoke at the water pipe is filtered through the layer of filled water, so the effect is also healthier than for example the cigarette with its pollutants and the filter.

But even if the smoke is filtered, toxic gases and tar remain . Unfortunately, when using Waterpipe, the most important active ingredients are also lost, as the herbal mixture lightened and burned is not, as with the vaporizer, simply vaporized.

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