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Best Surveillance Camera 2019 • 0 Surveillance Cameras Reviews

What is a surveillance camera?

surveillance cameras are video cameras, which are often pivotable and mostly fixed.

The Sense of the Installation is to equip a Range or a Object, commercial or private, with a permanent Monitoring system .

INSTAR IN-5907HD Wlan IP Camera / HD Outdoor Security Camera / IP Surveillance Camera / IP cam with LAN & Wlan / Wifi for OutdoorThe surveillance camera sent images by the surveillance camera are either saved for later evaluation or sent directly and live to a monitor. Some surveillance cameras are designed to produce still images when reaching a limit value.

The best known surveillance cameras are those used in road traffic video cameras. They are used, for example, to detect traffic offences such as rapid driving.

In addition, many models have additional features. Often, cooling is integrated, which allows permanent and uninterrupted use. In outdoor use it is again possible with heating to operate cameras at minus degrees.A symbol surveillance technology surveillance cameras with weatherproof housings and a wall mount which serve outdoor use. Very often they can be found at banks or public buildings.

Application areas for surveillance cameras

surveillance cameras are predestined for two special applications. First of all once they should deterring. In fact, it seems that an obvious monitoring system burglar, robber and thief deterrent. They choose themselves for their criminals activities prefer lighter victims. Thus, a large part of the burglar can be quenched before the act is executed.

The surveillance cameras should be as as possible> visible, at best still with a note on a object surveillance installed.

A easy target for burglars are unsecured company buildings, where the owner no worries about security. However, he may also not wonder, if is broken in and he has the damage.

Surveillance camera for indoor or outdoor?

IP Camera YUMUN IndoorSurveillance cameras are much more than just a recorder. Outdoor cameras protect against theft, burglary and of course vandalism. Even the presence of an outdoor surveillance camera is a deterrent to many and keeps criminals away. But if you are thinking of a cheap imitation, you should quickly distance yourself from such models. Professionals recognize the plastic imitations very quickly.

Due to the product variety that exists today, it is often not very easy to find an optimal surveillance camera. However, an independent test will show you the pros and cons of the individual products very well. Before you buy a surveillance camera, you should think about the respective model.

Surveillance camera which model should be chosen?

MASIONE dummy surveillance cameraStatistics show that more and more burglaries occur even in presence. These are increasingly carried out by organised gangs and the rate of clarification is therefore not very high and promising. After a successful coup, the burglars very often immediately set off abroad, making it almost impossible to pursue them.

However, video surveillance cameras deter and in many cases prevent the intrusion of unwanted persons. Numerous burglaries are committed daily in Germany and it is proven that the criminals choose houses or flats in which they can get without much effort and of course unnoticed.

It is therefore worthwhile in any case to take various safety precautions. A surveillance camera not only gives you the feeling of security, it also deterrs many burglars from gaining unauthorised access to your house or apartment. The statistics and Tests repeatedly prove that an outdoor surveillance camera makes more sense than one for indoor use. Of course, it is also worth investing in a camera for indoor use. The more evidence you can present in the event of a break-in, the more likely it is that the case will be solved.

According to the executive, anyone who only decides in favour of a surveillance camera should decide in favour of an outdoor model. The criminals, however, also repeatedly find ways and means to bypass the outdoor camera and thus you would have no evidence to present in case of need. If, for example, the surveillance camera only monitors the main entrance and the criminals gain access via the back entrance, balcony or terrace, the surveillance camera is of little use to you. It is therefore worthwhile to install a camera for indoor use.

After a break-in everything has to go fast

first after first burglary start company lines, to make themselves over a surveillance camera thoughts. For fear for further burglaries then everything very fast installed.
Surveillance camera on the wall

But to avoid any error, to make the monitoring system as effective as possible, you should take purchase and installation sufficient time. Important is to first obtain comprehensive information or to be advised by a company for security technology advice.

Many companies suffer from the fact that the employees constantly serve themselves from the warehouse. Dunning words usually do not help. In this case a surveillance camera is also the suitable means. Not only the trust in the employees suffers from this constant theft, but also the balances of the company. What begins as cavalier offense can assume undreamt-of dimensions. In most cases it is sufficient to install a surveillance camera for deterrence and to let the employees know.

Many people believe that burglars should not be deterred, but identified and transferred. From this basic they would prefer a camouflaged camera.

That's not true. burglars are usually unrecognizable and can only rarely be identified by records. In addition, a high damage to property is usually caused by destruction as well as stealing valuable goods. Furthermore, the subsequent expenditure is very high, like the negotiations with insurance, etc.

For this reason the deterrence is classified by a surveillance camera far more effective . With this more pleasant variant you avoid a lot of trouble. not effective becomes a surveillance camera, if it is combined with a alarm system .

Protection of evidence

If thieves can be deterred by a surveillance camera not , you can put valuable evidence at the disposal of camera the police with records.

Often at filling stations petrol thieves have been convicted by means of the video material readable identification. This also applies to warehouse thefts in companies. In this way the guilty employees can be identified and drawn to accountability.

Especially important is a surveillance camera, if service providers like cleaning companies have key power in an object.
Before purchasing a surveillance camera it is worthwhile to obtain comprehensive information by means of product reports and comparison pages.

How does a surveillance camera work?

surveillance cameras are one of the optimal solutions of the security technology. With a surveillance camera you can control your house, your land, your commercial property, your warehouse your business .

The event can be followed on a monitor in real time. This makes it possible to keep an eye on certain places without being present there yourself. It is also possible to monitor several cameras at the same time and thus also monitor large areas centrally.
There are different surveillance camera models, which can be used depending on claim of the operator or his need.Elro_digital_radio_monitoring_camera_CS95DVR

To make video surveillance possible in the first place, the camera must be equipped with certain components, because the housing and the cooling alone make good video recordings.

The sensors

For surveillance cameras two species of sensors are used. These Sensors provide the image.

There is to the one the CCD sensor, with which each digital video camera and each other video camera are equipped. CCD is the abbreviation of “Charge-couple device“. This means in good English a component coupled with a charge. This component is extremely light-sensitive. So it can pick up a two-dimensional image in a relative simple way.

In this sensor, cooperation of image processor and lens the images are merged in cooperation. Imagine that a CCD sensor consists of photodiodes. These diodes release at light incidence electrons in the form of photons. This in turn provides a electrical charge.

The higher the electrical charge, the more electrons were involved . This means that the image in afterward consists of a large number pixel.

FLOUREON CCTV Video Surveillance SetThe Photodiodes are each coupled to a Capacitor. This is considered storage for the electrons. A CCD sensor can only register brightness differences, none colors. The diodes are equipped with filters for green, blue or red pixel.

The human eye reacts to greens at the most sensitive. The diodes are also aligned to this. Accordingly, 50 % of the diodes are aligned with green and 25 % with blue and red. respectively.
The inventor of this division was Bryce E. Bayer and was active for Kodak. Therefore this division is also called Bayer-Matrix or it is called expression Bayer pattern. The transfer rate of a CCD sensor is approximately 100 kb/s.

The CMOS chip

The CMOS chip is the second variant of the sensors. It also converts the incident photons into electrical charge. As with the CCD chip, a coupled capacitor is responsible for storing the electrons.

The difference between the both chips is that the CMOS chip works with a horizontal and a vertical scanner with which the charges can be addressed individually. By continuous image acquisition of CMOS the images can also be read continuously. At the same time, CMOS technology controls white balance automatic.

For the older models the disadvantage of this technology was that the CMOS chip had a lower light sensitivity compared to the CCD chip. The so-called “Smear effect” generated white places or stripes in image when too much backlighting. With newer models, thanks to further development, this only occurs in rare cases.

In the image transmission rate of the CMOS lies the advantage compared to the CCD, because it manages 300 kb/s.

Which sensor is now the right one for the surveillance camera?

With the today's sensors, no matter whether CMOS or CCD, there are hardly any differences. Only on the data sheet these can be recognized. Which type of sensor is built into the surveillance camera actually plays none role more, because both variants are at eye level.Samsung SDC-7440DC Video Outdoor Dome Camera

Object of the lens

Without lens a camera is no camera, because this component is mandatory. The quality of the used lens is often decisive for the quality of the sent images. The incidence and the focal length are the determining components of the lens. The aperture setting is the decisive factor in this case. lenses can be equipped with mirrors as well as lenses to ensure the forwarding of photons.

The name “Lens” is in principle only the abbreviation for lens glass and has been used since 18th century.

What different types of surveillance cameras are there?

Surveillance cameras can be used multifaceted. You can use a surveillance camera to monitor your commercial objects as well as your home and land . To protect yourself from burglars, you can choose from outdoor cameras, pan-tilt cameras, network cameras and dome cameras.

The videos can be captured permanently or only over a predefined period. For video cameras in surveillance it is important to provide sufficient storage space. Small Hard disks run full quickly through the high data volumes, gaps then quickly appear in the archive.

Most video cameras can transfer a captured image to one or more several monitors if desired, allowing monitoring in real time. This is possible either classically via cable or via WLAN. In some cases it is also possible to establish a connection via the mobile radio network for remote cameras.

Video cameras have the big advantage that they can follow exact procedures and thus they are clearly recognizable afterward. disadvantages are a higher power consumption as well as the high data volume, which can cause additional costs.

surveillance cameras you get in different sizes up to the camouflaged minicamera, for each claim and for each budget. You can also choose between the classic variant, the analog video surveillance or a network-based monitoring system.

The only important thing is to get the best quality with a voiced price-performance ratio.
  • Monitoring cameras for outdoor use
  • Discreet surveillance with dome camera
  • Network-based monitoring with network and megapixel cameras
  • Surveillance with special cameras
Surveillance cameras for Outdoor are special Requirements. They must withstand the often adverse weather conditions with cold and humidity. In their construction they are designed for a trouble-free use. For this exterior cameras not even need a special weatherproof housing. This saves a lot fast removal of your video surveillance system time.

surveillance cameras for outdoor use are also available as minicameras. Also perfectly designed for outdoor use, their complete equipment enables 24-hour monitoring of your entrance area. Despite the small size of this surveillance camera it also delivers razor-sharp images in the night hours.

The suitability of the mini-surveillance camera is in use for your yard, the access as well as house and land.

If you want a robust, but unobtrusive surveillance, dome camera is the obvious choice. The zoom and tilt as well as the align and pan are performed manually. Alternatively you can purchase a dome camera with a fix- or vario lens.

In this category you can access three variants, the dome outdoor camera, the dome mini camera as well as the dome camera for the interior.
dome outdoor cameras are also offered as analog or network cameras, with day/night switching and variants for difficult light conditions.
The Dome mini cameras are characterized by their compact construction and especially by their high image quality. With their inconspicuous, discreet Design they fit harmoniously into the environment and do not catch the eye directly.
dome cameras for the interior area convince by effio chipset or innovative S-Lux technology. That makes them also with weak lighting an inconspicuous guard.

With these cameras you simplify your surveillance, because they recognize details even on larger distances. Four VGA cameras together do not reach the 2 million pixels of this one network-based camera.

megapixel cameras are characterized by detailed view and a high resolution of around 2 megapixels. These cameras also feature quad stream technology, SD card slot and much more.

Here you can also choose from three variants, the megapixel compact camera, the megapixel pan-tilt camera and the megapixel network camera.

The megapixel compact camera convinces with simple operation and high image quality with megapixel resolution. You can access the camera worldwide via your iPhone or the Internet.

The pan/tilt camera is equipped with many functions. Also this camera you can flexible and precise control from on the way and get high-resolution images with round 1.3 megapixels.

The LED technology of the megapixel network camera enables high-resolution images even in absolute darkness, because the camera can perceive any motion in detail.

network cameras there are also WLAN-supported. This is a good idea if you want to save yourself the effort of laying cables.

Camouflage cameras and Mini cameras are the detective for the private living area. Camouflaged and in small format they provide an inconspicuous monitoring of your private area. With one of these special cameras you have the option with a discreet appearance with limited space to ensure a covert surveillance, which transmits each motion unadulterated to the screen.

The discrete surveillance is additionally guaranteed by the fact that the cameras for example are housed in motion or smoke detectors .

Application and advantages of surveillance cameras

In our cities we find many locations surveillance cameras. They are installed at banks, in front of or above cash machines, at gas stations, large road crossings and many other places . Depending on their location they should monitor public traffic or road traffic .

Surveillance cameras have become an integral part of everyday life. In the public sector, they have been used for many years application and are intended to help improve safety. Criminal energies are to be deterred from committing crimes of any kind at railway stations or airports, for example.

Often the presence of a surveillance camera is sufficient to noticeably increase security at any location. But the cameras are also helpful when unwanted actions occur.

Then the saved images help to solve a crime or other events. In the past there were already several cases in which offenders could be convicted by the images of surveillance cameras.

Even with companies surveillance cameras play an important role. The safety in large buildings can hardly be guaranteed without it.

Surveillance cameras are now increasingly installed on private houses.

This is the only way for many medium-sized companies to keep an eye on their own locations. A security service with constant presence would be far too expensive in comparison. Very often cameras are used wherever the public has access, for example in retailing. surveillance cameras are an effective means against thefts or attacks on the employees employees.

In general, surveillance cameras serve as deterrent for thieves, robbers and burglars as well as in road traffic the identification of traffic offenders. In incidents, i.e. after a criminal action, the recorded material can be used by the police for tracing and identification of the perpetrators.

Surveillance cameras for deterrence

Video surveillance systemIn business rooms, no matter if banks or supermarkets, serve monitoring cameras especially the deterrence from predators and thieves. Thanks to the advanced security technology bank robberies only rarely take place. Now criminals have specialized in stealing the customer at the public cash machines their just drawn money.

Through the recordings of the surveillance cameras could be publication the images after the publication some thief to be found. In addition, the banks can determine in this way if criminals try to manipulate the cash machines in order to obtain bank data from customers.

In the business premises of supermarkets or fashion stores the surveillance cameras thieves should deter or in case of emergency the records should serve the identification.

According to the police statistics the numbers of the apartment- and housebreaking increased enormously in the last years. For these reasons always more homeowners move to equip their properties and house entrances with video surveillance .

Here the different types of surveillance cameras serve the deterrence from burglars as well as in seriousness the identification. Already the installation of a surveillance camera can exert deterrent effect on burglars can deterrent deterrence Especially if the note is also given that the object is video-monitored. Furthermore, it gives the residents a feeling of higher safety.

Commercial objects such as the producing industry are also often equipped with surveillance cameras . Here, too, the outdoor area of the entrances, often the entire farm premises is covered by the surveillance.

In addition, in the buildings there are surveillance cameras installed in certain areas. This makes sense, for example, in the store, when thefts are repeatedly detected.

Surveillance cameras in other areas

surveillance cameras are also used for surveillance of certain processes in interval monitoring with long runtimes. For example, on construction sites, to determine the progress or areas to detect where the processes not interlock and thus inhibit operation.

Such processes are also controlled in industry and science with surveillance cameras .

The phenology uses these long runtimes to monitor climate and environmental influences on fauna and flora to . On the basis of these recordings one can observe, for example, the effects of the increased temperatures on a forest .

surveillance cameras are also often used for observation of animals. The forester can better assess his animal population in the district on the basis of the records. In addition he gets images from very shy animals, which are only possible because the cameras function silently and even in the darkness .

Furthermore, monitoring cameras are used in care facilities. Due to the constant staff shortages, many care facilities not can be kept in the position, every patient around the clock in the eye. For example, dementia patients patients are monitored, so that if problems occur, the care personnel can intervene immediately.

What functions should I pay attention to when buying a surveillance camera?

The market for surveillance cameras produces infinite many, different models from different manufacturers. Only those who are already familiar with monitoring cameras can find the right monitoring camera for them alone from this jungle.

A Laie is facing quite big problems, because there are different things, that have to be considered when purchasing a surveillance camera. Here it is always worthwhile to obtain comprehensive information. You can get them in Internet via Comparison pages and Product reports.

On this page we have collected a few basic things that you should pay attention to when buying /strong> a surveillance camera .

Must a surveillance camera be installed at all?

In the Federal Republic of Germany and also in many other European countries it is permitted to owners of properties to attach an outside camera. However, the camera may only film its own property. Therefore it is often not very easy to find a suitable place for the assembly. Put simply, no public area may be filmed with the camera. If you decide to use an outdoor camera, you should pay attention to this regulation. Otherwise it may happen to you that you have to reckon with a fine of up to Euro 300,000.00.

Scope of application of the surveillance camera

Before purchase a surveillance camera you need to be in clear about whether you want to indoor or outdoor surveillance. If this is still not to 100 percent, you should direct your attention to a surveillance camera for the outdoor area. A outdoor camera can also be used in indoor area, which is not possible in the opposite case.

It is also important, to know , whether you would rather deter your surveillance camera burglars or record a burglary. To quench, a normal big camera can become visible mounted far away, possibly even with a notice on a video surveillance. If you want to save evidence, you need a unobtrusive camera, so a mini- or a camouflage camera.

A further important aspect are the environmental conditions. If you live in a region with extreme weather conditions or if the camera is even to be installed in a cold room, the device must withstand these adverse conditions.

The recording area also plays an important role. Is a surveillance camera, that records a overview sufficient for you or would you prefer razor-sharp and detailed recording? A big difference is also that one camera only records, another access on live images but allows a direct access and this with a network-supported camera even worldwide.

Also legal Basics for surveillance cameras. In banks or other public institutions are surveillance cameras something completely normal. Here surveillance only is allowed, if instructions are present (signs), indicating video surveillance.

As owner you may install a monitoring camera without any problems on your own property. But also here caution is required. With a pan camera you can monitor the land of the neighbor or the walkway in front of the land with . However, this can already be interpreted as legal violation, as you without notice and approval these areas not to film.

Equipment of a surveillance camera

Which functions a surveillance camera should have is left to each buyer individually.

A surveillance camera must not 24 hours on day movie. A camera with a Infrared, Electromagnetic Radiation or Ultrasonic controlled Movement detection starts filming when the Radiation is disturbed by Movements.

The second option is a surveillance camera with motion detector. This starts either with the message of movements to film or immediately triggers a silent alarm. For deterrence you can choose alarm tone with coupling to a illumination immediately instead of the silent alarm.

When good Surveillance cameras with Motion detector the recording starts only, if objects with weight of at least 40 kg trigger alarm.

In addition, two variants of Storage are available for Selection. The Long-term recorder is in the position, Recording of up to 32 cameras simultaneously. So Pictures are not lost over longer period .

Very practical, since no second device is required, the integrated SD card is However, this must always be removed for evaluation. If SD cards are used for endless recording, they are equipped with a ring memory which overwrites the oldest data , if the SD card has reached its storage capacity .

In addition, you should be in clear whether you also want to record during darkness. Then it makes sense to select a infrared camera which has a range of at least 20 meters to 100 meters.
The image quality of a surveillance camera is determined by the number of pixels.

For normal recording a surveillance camera with up to 2 megapixels is sufficient. For pin sharp images you should select a camera with up to 5 megapixels.

In the normal case a viewing angle of 30 to 60 degrees should be sufficient. In angled spaces however the viewing angle should be already 175 degrees.

With a surveillance camera for the outdoor area you should make sure that it has a weatherproof housing. If humidity penetrates, not only can the lens fog up, but the device will also not last.

How did we test the surveillance cameras?

With our test team we chose under certain criteria some surveillance cameras, which we wanted to take more exactly under the loupe.

Since the need for monitoring cameras in Germany has increased enormously due to the increased numbers of burglaries and inroads, the manufacturers have of course also reacted to this. Accordingly, the market is flooded with different models of different manufacturers.

Anyone who hasn't already dealt a little with surveillance cameras in apron won't find their way out of this jungle alone. Laypersons without previous knowledge can only do error here.

Our test series is designed to help these people in particular help and make it easier for them to select the right surveillance camera.

How many cameras are needed?

This question depends on which area you want to monitor. For video surveillance in the entrance area only one camera is necessary. If you want to protect several surfaces with it, you will of course need several cameras. According to burglary statistics, however, most unauthorised access is via the house or apartment door, balconies and terraces. To monitor a window on the second floor with a camera would not make much sense. For optimal monitoring (if desired), such an area must of course also be video monitored.

When purchasing a camera, however, you should also pay attention to the range and whether the camera can also provide clear images at night. It would make sense to consult a security company beforehand as to which areas of your home are considered “weak spots”. Exactly these should be equipped with a surveillance camera.

You should not choose a dummy device because, as already mentioned several times, it is recognized as such relatively quickly. Of course, such models are still better than no monitoring at all, but in the end it's all about your security and you shouldn't become a saver. A good and solid surveillance camera is already available from about Euro 50.00. A powerful IP camera costs about ten times as much.

Test according to uniform criteria

To get a real comparison, we subjected the monitoring cameras to uniform test criteria. A targeted and fair evaluation can only come about if all surveillance cameras, for example, on the qualitative processing, your image quality, your handling, the additional equipment as well as the requirements on the installation tested.

Of course we could have pressed each model into a test scheme and tested the same points. This evaluation would be not fair, because the models of the surveillance cameras not all correspond to the same standard and have different technical requirements.

Although each of these cameras serves the same purpose, namely monitoring, they are also very different in structure and equipment. For example, you can compare a night camera suitable infrared camera in comparison not a conventional indoor camera.
We have taken a closer look at the following test points.

  • A very important factor – the image quality
  • Lay safe handling
  • Installation Features
  • Good processing stands for long service life
  • Usable Accessories and Additional Functions
A surveillance camera is only useful if it can provide usable images. Accordingly, the surveillance cameras tested had to be able to deliver the graphical performance required in this respect.

Whether the Data of the surveillance camera is transmitted directly to a Computer or to a Monitor is of secondary importance. The images must be sharp, objects and subjects must be clearly recognizable. Especially if the camera is intended to provide evidence, the camera should be able to transmit high-resolution images.

The fact is, that especially laymen want to install surveillance cameras in their private area . For someone who is not familiar with monitoring technology, devices are therefore required which can be operated in application or handling uncomplicated and easy.

For the private area easy to handle surveillance cameras should be chosen and not cameras for the professional area. These are mostly hypermodern and equipped with a large amount of special functions which a layman would probably despair of.

Since not everyone is technically gifted, you can expect complications when installing a surveillance camera more often . However, this is mainly due to the fact that the wrong surveillance camera is selected. In many cases, a modern, extravagant surveillance camera cannot be installed at the intended location .

Again the note, rather choose a simple, easy to use model, so that the monitoring after also works frequently.

Monitoring systems stand and fall with the processing and the quality. Only if the installed materials meet a certain standard, the camera can provide an appealing performance. In addition, Robustity and Stability extend the life expectancy of the surveillance camera. This also applies to the area Accessories, for example a Monitor,.
What is the use of accessories or additional functions, if this equipment is not needed or needed? In our test series, we have taken a special look at the functionality in this area. Some surveillance cameras are available in complete packages, in which accessories and additional functions are included, which are only used in the professional area.
Warning you when selecting your Surveillance camera specifically to the Price performance ratio. In our test series that was a determining aspect for the ratings of the surveillance cameras. A layman makes different demands on the price-performance ratio than a professional.

Where to get a surveillance camera?

Surveillance cameras are available in numerous Online Shops or in specialist shops. However, it is advisable to obtain information about the respective cameras and their pros and cons from a specialist dealer in advance. Tests have shown that favorable models do not always automatically show a worse quality.

A free price comparison over the Internet is therefore very advisable in any case. The experts will certainly advise you to choose an outdoor and indoor camera. When it comes to securing the house, yard and garden, several security measures are certainly an advantage.

Many homeowners feel safe when they are present. Unfortunately, burglars do not stop even in the case of an obvious presence. As a rule, you spy out the local conditions very well and know exactly where the valuables are.

Burglars naturally want to remain unnoticed and police statistics have shown that only a few minutes are needed for the break-in. You search purposefully for prey and disappear mostly again unnoticed. If burglars already recognize various security precautions outdoors, you will probably choose another object. However, as mentioned before, you should not select an imitation camera because they are relatively easy to detect.

If you want to take out double protection, a inside camera is also very advisable as additional protection. Especially if you are not at home, questions such as when the window is closed or when the door is locked can be very tormenting. So if you don't have access to your home, a surveillance camera is certainly a good choice.

Especially the indoor cameras with access via smartphone, PC or tablet are very popular for some time. A house or apartment surveillance camera gives you more security in any case. With the practical live broadcast, you can always see what is currently happening at your home. As a rule, such cameras are equipped with a motion detector and indicate as soon as someone moves in the surveillance area and also trigger an alarm if necessary.

A further advantage of such cameras is that they are very easy to install and can also be battery operated if desired. An independent Test of indoor surveillance cameras shows how easy it is to install, giving you more security at any time of day or night. This innovative security technology should be worth an investment to every security-conscious house and apartment owner.

What species are there?

In general, a distinction can be made between two types of surveillance cameras:

  • for interior area
  • for the outdoor area

The field of application is therefore very flexible and versatile. With an outdoor model, you can monitor the garage, the main entrance or even the entire outdoor area (several cameras). In the Online Stores you can get various sets at a very reasonable price. If you think a protection or a surveillance for the indoor area, you should decide for a camera with motion detector. IP cameras are slightly more expensive. This ensures that a surveillance camera can be found for every requirement and every purse.

Indoor and outdoor cameras – the differences

If you need a camera for outdoor use, it should have special features. It should be able to be exposed to wind and weather without restriction. Another important point is the range of coverage. It makes a significant difference if you only want to monitor the entrance area or the entire property.

A network-based camera offers you a very high resolution. By means of GSM, a remote inquiry is also possible. There is a wireless version with WLAN and the test results from recent years have shown that these too now provide very reliable images. However, the most important difference between the two models (indoor and outdoor) is the quality.

Outdoor cameras should or are much more stable than indoor cameras. They have to withstand wind, rain and snow in any case. For an outdoor camera, you should also choose an electrically powered camera. Of course the Assembly in such cases requires a little more effort. Also make sure that the outdoor camera is installed at an inaccessible height. Cameras which are used for surveillance of entrance areas or complete properties should be installed clearly visible according to experts and police.

In general a camera with motion detector is recommended. These models switch on automatically and take pictures and videos as soon as motion is detected in the surveillance area. With an alarm trigger these models offer a very special security. In addition, it is worthwhile to use a model that displays the images on the smartphone or computer.

What does a surveillance camera cost?

According to the crime statistics, burglaries in private houses and flats in last years increased enormously . For this reason, more and more people are interested in owners' homes a video surveillance system. Not only can a surveillance camera burglars scare you away, it also calms you down and lets you sleep better.

The manufacturers of surveillance cameras also reacted to the increased need of course and flooded the market with infinite, different models. Accordingly, the price gap also rises wide.
Hardly any layman has a perception of what a surveillance camera costs.

If you are interested in a surveillance camera, it is a good idea to inform yourself in detail about equipment, functions, accessories and above all the price before buying.

The Internet provides the best option to by product reports and comparison pages all information within shortest time.

Price differentiation for surveillance cameras

The large mass of the offer at surveillance cameras naturally makes the price structure very far apart. We have tested in our test series surveillance cameras , which can mainly be used for private use. The 15 tested surveillance cameras were in the price structure between around 46 Euro for the favorable camera and around 464 Euro for the most expensive camera.

Here everyone must decide individually after his wallet and above all after his claims how much money should be estimated for a surveillance camera.

Important, and that should be first , is that the price-performance ratio is right.

Price differences of course also consist of whether a surveillance camera should only be used in indoor areas or in outdoor areas.

A surveillance camera for the outdoor must be able to withstand other circumstances. The weatherproof, waterproof equipment, a particularly robust and resistant housing, which is adapted to the changing weather conditions, has of course its price.

Equipment and functions determine the price

Our comparison winner was with a price of 464 Euro the most controllable device our test series. But this is still long not the end the flagpole reached. Surveillance cameras for Professional area can become far more expensive.

The modern and with newer technique the fuller monitoring camera is, the higher will also be your price.

This is especially important for laymen in the field of security technology caution. Someone who is not familiar with software, computer connectivity and the latest mobile phone systems can quickly get into a stumble here. What good is a modern, high engineered surveillance camera, if you can handle it not, or the infinite number of possibilities, that the engineering offers you, not can skim off?

When selecting a surveillance camera, you should first stock up with information about the devices in question so that you can get at least one overview about the technical requirements based on the product descriptions, product reports or comparison pages.

The image quality also determines the price

However, equipment and functions alone do not make up the total price of a surveillance camera. The image quality also plays a role. Here you have to ask yourself if you have a surveillance camera, possibly with reminder on the video surveillance, only for deterrence installation or whether the surveillance camera is intended to provide evidence as evidence usable recordings in case of an burglary.

Here the resolution plays an important role. A surveillance camera with only 1 megapixel of course provides long not so good and sharp images like a surveillance camera with 3 megapixels.

The next question is, how large the area to be monitored is. Must the surveillance camera be able to deliver images at a distance of 100 or at 300 meters?

Does the surveillance camera need to be equipped with a motion detector or motion detection?

Another important factor is the night fitness of the camera. surveillance cameras for use in darkness have a LED illumination or a infrared radiator.

All these dots finally combine to a total price of a surveillance camera.

Whether Laie or not, before purchase a surveillance camera you should make a comparison using a product report or a comparison page, so that you get the surveillance camera that is right for you with the right price-performance ratio.

Which manufacturers are recommended?

This question is best answered with a Test about Monitoring camera. You can read such test results free of charge on the Internet. Invest rather in a more expensive camera with various useful functions. You want to be able to enjoy your holiday when you are not present. With an appropriate surveillance camera you have everything in view at all times.

Another very important factor is image quality. When it comes to presenting videos as evidence, blurred shots don't do much good. When purchasing, you should therefore make sure that the camera can deliver high-resolution images. Easy handling is also very important. Cameras should be operated by laymen without much effort. additional functions drive the price unnecessarily up and in many cases they are hardly necessary.

In such situations a Test from the internet is also very helpful. So you can see at a glance which functions cameras can offer and which you can gladly do without.

The power consumption of a surveillance camera

A surveillance camera that is powered by electricity, of course, still costs money even after the purchase. The power consumption is possibly a common reason, many were very against the purchase decide. Many tests have shown that the power consumption of surveillance cameras is very low.

In most cases, the packaging indicates how high the consumption actually is (expressed in watts). In general, the power consumption will not increase dramatically when using a monitoring camera. Usually, depending upon current offerer, the annual costs rise around euro 10.00 to euro 30.00. If you would like to know the actual consumption, you can get yourselves a Strommverbrauchzähler. For just a few Euros you will find such a device.

In view of these costs, you should not consider further whether a camera makes sense or not. It contributes as already mentioned several times to the protection of your house or apartment.

Burglary statistics is alarming

The numbers of daily burglaries in Germany are frightening. In the Federal Republic of Germany, a break-in occurs approximately every 2 to 4 minutes. Statements, as it certainly does not happen in my house or apartment, are almost no longer true here. If you have not yet been the victim of a burglary, you certainly know someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances. So that criminals do not get into attempt at all, you should protect yourself sufficiently and secure yourself. Surveillance cameras deter and mostly make criminals look for another real estate. So you prevent the crime before it actually happens.

It is therefore important that you attach the camera clearly visible. A hint that the object or the entrance area is under video surveillance cannot do any harm either. Burglars choose easy targets and an unsecured company site is one such target. Something has to happen, like almost everywhere, that we do something. Before it is too late and you are broken into, you should seek advice from a security company. You should definitely accept a consultation, because a surveillance camera should of course be used as effectively as possible. Although in some cases (due to criminal incidents) it must go fast, you should take your time to buy.

Surveillance camera for companies and businesses

Some companies suffer greatly from the fact that certain employees make use of the freely accessible warehouse. Be it just a wrench in the workshop or office supplies from the office. What begins as a trivial offence in very many cases, can have undreamt-of proportions in later consequence. In most cases it is sufficient to install a surveillance camera and to inform the employees about it. If words of warning do not help, you must take such steps.

One misconception is that many believe that burglars must be identified. At this point you should note that the majority of criminals make themselves unrecognizable and therefore the sharpest images often help nothing. Of course, cameras should make nice and clear video recordings, but first and foremost a camera should deter. If you are thinking about buying a camouflaged camera, you should refrain from this according to experts and police.

Most of the time, the damage of the stealing items is not so dramatic. Much worse are the additional property damages and of course the insurance has to be called in after a burglary or theft. It is therefore an immense effort that can arise. A surveillance camera will scare you away, so you usually don't have to worry or worry about it.

Which indoor camera?

One advantage of outdoor cameras is that they can also be used without restriction for interior applications. It's not possible the other way around. An indoor camera for surveillance purposes cannot be used outdoors. Indoor cameras should have a motion detector. The additional functions should include night monitoring. A camera with night vision mode should of course also be available on other models. Break-ins usually occur at dusk or during the night hours. The video camera should therefore have such a function.

The camera for interior area should of course have a good range. In order to monitor the inside of the house, it should be noted that the camera is installed in a rather inaccessible place. When selecting a surveillance camera for inside area there are many different models to choose from. It is recommended to decide for a slightly smaller variant. Test reports show you the advantages and disadvantages of the individual models.

With a surveillance camera for indoor use you always have everything in mind and this is especially good for a longer trip abroad. Equipped with motion detectors, many models transmit the Live pictures directly to your smartphone. A comparison of the devices ensures that you get the best product for your money. When it comes to equipping your home or apartment with security technology, a surveillance camera is a must. Compared to an alarm system, the purchase costs are many times lower. Of course there are also different price ranges for the cameras. Be sure to seek advice from a security company or security staff.

The complete object does not always have to be equipped with cameras. For private use it is recommended to use it on the main entrance doors as well as on the balcony or terrace. If you want to protect goods on a site from theft, you should choose a different camera than for private use. However, the security staff will certainly be happy to answer any queries you may have. Investing in security is definitely worthwhile in today's world. If you want to prevent the break-in before it happens, you should deter burglars in advance with security measures such as a camera or alarm system. You choose easily accessible objects and want to remain unnoticed.

So don't hesitate and equip your home with a camera for inside or outside. If the budget allows it, you should decide for both variants. At this point, however, it must be clearly stated once again that a camera alone cannot prevent a break-in. Additional safety precautions are not an error. Alarm systems and security doors are very effective. Of course, the security companies will also be happy to assist you with words and deeds for such matters.

Top5 Security Cameras Manufacturer

What the crime statistics show is unfortunately the pure truth. In the last years the burglary rate in private houses and flats has increased drastically. Accordingly, the need for surveillance cameras has increased. In the present time many manufacturers deal with the production of monitoring cameras. As a result, the market with these products is literally flooded. In our test series we have tested the models of different providers. five of our top manufacturers for surveillance camera we would like to introduce you a bit more detailed.

  • Netgear
  • Elro
  • Smartwares
Our comparative test winner comes from the production of Netgear

Netgear is one of the typically American Silicone Valley Forges. The company was founded 1996 and currently has its headquarters in San José, California. With more than 1,000 employees, the company specializes in the production of devices for data networks.

With the IPO in 2003, the company accelerated its sales, so that in 2017 a worldwide turnover of almost 1.4 billion US dollars was recorded.

With its surveillance cameras this company has also established itself on the German market, where surveillance cameras are in the upscale price category.

Monitoring technology from Elro

This company with seat in Gilze in the Netherlands is no manufacturer, but a importer, which supplies the market with electrical products for the do-it-yourself enthusiast or Do-it-yourself-man. The main focus is on camera monitoring and alarm systems.

The monitoring camera of Elro tested in our test is at the beginning of the middle price segment and is best suited for monitoring in the private sector. The good quality and processing of this device testifies to the fact that the wholesaler Elro already attaches importance to quality when purchasing its products.

American Know how

The company FLOUREON is based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2005, the company produces according to the motto that a company can only exist through its customers. Conversely, this means that the development department, production and distribution do their best to satisfy the customer.

In our test series we have found exactly that. The surveillance camera of FLOUREON tested by us is technically state-of-the-art. In addition, the price structure is in the middle range, making this device predestined for use in the private range.

Made in China

ZMODO is a Chinese company founded in 2009, which already produced safety technology on 10.000 m² with about 500 employees in 2011. Production is focused on high-quality monitoring and video technology. Production and distribution allowed the company to expand quite quickly. Sales with agencies in Germany and Australia were already expanded in 2017.

The high quality of the ZMODO products was also demonstrated in our test series. The device we tested met all the requirements to reach the top ranks in terms of use in the private sector. With a price from the middle segment this is equipped with a good price-performance ratio.

Wholesaler monitoring technology

As with many other manufacturers of electrical and video articles, the relationship between product name and manufacturer is somewhat opaque. Smartwares is also not Manufacturer of Monitoring cameras, but a Wholesale. Under the brand name Smartwares the articles are distributed by Gilze in the Netherlands as brand of Elro. As already described in detail at this wholesaler, the main focus here is on qualitative high-quality products. Despite a selling price from the lower price segment, the smartwares surveillance cameras are quite suitable for the private range.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where do I best buy my surveillance camera?

More and more people are considering equipping their private areas, apartments, houses, land with a surveillance camera to . Many have only the thought of deterrence in mind, because with a corresponding indication on video surveillance burglars can be deterred before the act.

If they are nevertheless so brazen to break in, one has at least a few still usable evidence at hand, which can be left to the police for their investigations.

Thus the market for surveillance cameras has been flooded by manufacturers with infinitely many different models formally flooded.

Selecting the individual correct surveillance camera from this list is not easy, especially if you can't estimate exactly where the camera at best bought will be.

Retail vs. Internet

The consumer has two options to select to buy a surveillance camera.

On the one hand, there is the established specialist trade, which is still regarded as the conventional method for a purchase.

Many consumers prefer this option even in today's time. The arguments of the decision for the established trade are always the same.

The customer likes, as he thinks, the comprehensive consulting. In the specialty stores for electronics the customers in every department have so-called specialist advisors at their side. If you really meet a consultant with the corresponding knowledge, it's mostly coincidence. In most cases this is sore not like this. Specialist advice about Safety products can always be found in Principle if you contact an appropriate service provider. For example, this could be a locksmith service that offers security and monitoring technology .

Big Disadvantage of the established retail is that these shops usually have only a limited selection an models. If you want to buy a monitoring camera here, you have to choose a model of the respective distributor.

In addition, most models of surveillance cameras are price-fixed. The Retail is often not in the position to pronounce offers or discounts to grant.

Advantage when buying at Reseller is that the Surveillance camera is immediately available and after Purchase direct Installed can be installed.

Purchasing a surveillance camera on the Internet

If, on the other hand, you opt for the purchase of a surveillance camera on the Internet, you get the concentrated charge. On the one hand, and this is very important in the today's, stressful time, you can do everything comfortably from home on the computer.

This starts with collecting of information. Only very few people are familiar with security technology and surveillance cameras. In Internet you will find information about every surveillance camera available in the shops. For this purpose, product reports, comparison pages and product descriptions as well as customer reviews are available.

The second advantage of buying on Internet is that you have Internet selection on complete offer range. All available in commerce surveillance cameras you can also order online .

The prices often differ drastically from those of the established specialized trade. Above all the larger online shops throw again and again offers on the market.

These shops usually also deliver free shipping, so that you only have the cheap purchase price with the payment method of your choice to pay. In Internet you can pay almost all dealers with every usual payment method your invoices.

Supposedly the specialized trade offers yes the better advice. But this opinion is no longer up to date, because all Internet dealers have a support, that customers by em>email, phone or even in direct chat.

The Only, that could be regarded as disadvantage is the availability. But with delivery times between 2 and 5 days this is really manageable. This also leaves enough scope, to prepare everything for installation.

Not for nothing the online trade in Germany gains more and more importance importance. In the last years the online traders always more market shares have secured. Many consumers prefer in the intermediate comfortable shopping from home out of the hallway into the specialist.

Where should you buy a surveillance camera?

This of course depends on the available budget. If you only have a small budget available, it is worth buying through an online shop. In such cases, however, you should be aware that the installation must be carried out by yourself.

With a camera from the specialized trade and possibly other safety precautions, such as an alarm system, installation is usually included in the price. If you are skilled in craftsmanship, this circumstance will not be of importance to you. A comparison of the prices is worthwhile in any case and the numerous tests prove this again and again.

The lifetime of a surveillance camera

The price does not always provide information about the quality and thus the service life. It depends on a good processing and of course on a modern technology. You may not expect as much from a camera for Euro 20.00 as you would from a model for Euro 400.00. However, the life span of a cheap camera can also be very long. However, a free comparison on Internet will also show you test results from the areas of durability and service life.

Alternatives to Surveillance Camera

The anxiety about burglaries has continuously increased with the increased offensesof last years especially with flat and houseowners. This resulted in an increased demand for alarm systems and video surveillance systems. More and more German think about installing a surveillance camera .

Of course the manufacturing industry has also reacted to this and accordingly the market is equipped with monitoring cameras more than good.

The purchase of a monitoring camera for the private area requires investments of approximately 60 Euro up to almost 500 Euro.

This is especially true in the higher Price ranges the question of Alternatives. Can you also use other, cheaper Cameras or are there still Alternatives from other Areas?

Other camera systems

In principle, almost any camera, even a camcorder can be used for certain areas in the house or apartment . The problem is often the only very limited monitoring area.

Especially with cameras, which store on a SD card, the capacity is relatively quickly exhausted. In addition, the monitored area is very limited, because the camera shoots at a fixed location only in one direction.

This also applies to the monitoring with the webcam. This always requires the connection to a storage medium, that is, the computer. But also the storage space on the harddisk is not absolutely suitable for to store recordings over a longer period. Also in this case the monitored area is very constrained, because the camera can only be as far away from the computer as the USB cable allows.

A other variant would be a Action Cam. Also this device has not absolutely the storage capacity, which is needed for a longer monitoring duration. In addition, the angle of a action cam not far enough, the delivered recordings is often sufficient in their quality not as evidence.

For deterrence from burglars a monitoring camera- dummy installed could also be used. With a Hint on a Video surveillance this can in many cases Burglars already deter before the act, because the Dummies look deceptively similar to the original.

Construction and lighting engineering measures

The safety technology, but also structural measures can alternatives to a surveillance camera.

Especially the security technology offers a variety of possibilities. The best known and most used alternative are alarm systems. In the case of an acoustic alarm burglar you can immediately hit the escape or call the police immediately with a silent alarm. If they are fast enough on site, burglars can often be caught red-handed.

In addition, the security technology offers a variety on locks and special locking systems, with which all accesses, not only the doors, but also windows, balcony- and terrace doors as well as roof windows, can be secured. This range also extends to cellar windows, skylights and garage entrances.

Furthermore, around the house and on the land motion detector can be installed. In order to prevent these turbines from triggering at any blade moved by the wind, a weight limit should be observed. Motion detector with a limitation to at least 40 kilo trigger only with larger and heavier objects. If the motion detectors are also connected to a daylight illumination, house and property are immediately illuminated when trip is triggered.

A further alternative would be structural changes. Beside burglar-proof locks in the doors window at least in the ground floor could be firmly barred. Another measure would be a high fence or wall, that are not so easy to cross. But who would like to live in their own prison?

None of the mentioned alternatives really replaces a surveillance camera. With a modern surveillance camera thieves not only quenched, but the cameras provide in evidence also conclusive recordings.


In summary, a surveillance camera is a worthwhile investment for indoor and outdoor use. Independent tests have shown that cameras have a deterrent effect. Monitor entrance areas or complete surfaces with such a camera. Where appropriate, additional protection against criminal assault is also recommended. If you also want to protect your belongings sufficiently, a camera is a good decision.

Such devices are already available for the small wallet. Tests have also shown that the dummies are very easy to recognise and therefore do not have a deterrent effect. You'd better spend a few euros or two on a real surveillance camera. In Internet you will find many test reports on the different models. Cameras with Night vision mode are highly recommended. When you are travelling or absent for long periods, you always have everything in view with the camera.

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