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Best Spinning Bike 2019 • 0 Spinning Bikes Reviews

What is a Spinning Bike?

Woman on SpinningbikeThe Spinning Bike belongs to the equipment of the Ergometer- und Cardiotrainings. Like a normal bicycle, it has a handlebar, saddle and pedals. Instead of the bikes, the bike has two very stable legs through which the bike itself does not move. But while the driving itself is simulated and brings about about the same effort. A heavy flywheel also replaces the wheels and can be regulated via a resistance button. This increases or decreases the intensity of the force applied. In this way, even mountain or cornering can be imitated and a differentiated training program can be set up.

The Spinning Bike serves above all the endurance training and the improvement of certain muscle groups. However, it is not an alternative to normal strength machines for muscle building. The Spinning Bike is so popular because it can be used at home or in a fitness center and the best training does not have to be interrupted due to bad weather conditions or similar.

Spinning bike construction

Equipment adjustment before workout

Height-adjustable saddleFor the appropriate construction and training of a spinning bike, the device must be adjusted correctly. Handlebar and seat must be at the same height, the distance between seat and pedals must make it possible for the leg to be stretched. Comfort is also important for the sporting activity on the bike.

The feet should be in a comfortable position on the pedals so that they do not get out of step or injure themselves. All these aspects were compared in the Spinning Bike Test.

The correct sitting posture during training

To get the most out of your spinning bike, it is important to have light forward leaning so that the elbows can be supported on the handlebars. The shoulders and the back must remain relaxed when cycling. The back should never be overstretched, otherwise posture damage, strains and pain in the musculature can occur. The exercise on the Spinning Bike is intended to relax and improve the muscles.

Structure and functions of the individual components of the spinning bike

  • Saddle and handlebar are also reminiscent of a normal bike when spinning. Both can be adjusted in height and are matched to each other. So the wheel can be optimally adapted to your own body.
  • Frau auf SpinningbikeIn comparison to the usual bicycles, the spinning bike has a rather broad saddle in order to provide comfort during training. After all, there is no wind at home, so the bike doesn't have to be aerodynamically built either.
  • The pedals should also provide optimum support during training when wearing sturdy shoes or sneakers. Most spinning bikes have pedals with loops or a fixed step. The size of the loops must be adjustable, it must be possible to make them wider or narrower.
  • Each spinning bike has a single flywheel instead of the usual wheels, which is located at the front and forms the heart of the training device. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and differ in size and weight. The latter always has an influence on the maximum load capacity, the resistance, the silence of the belt and the heart rate.
  • If your training goal is endurance, a high load and variety, then a heavy flywheel is better suited. A lighter bike can also be preferred for a relaxing daily workout. So the analysis of an experiment.
  • All spinning bikes are equipped with a training computer, which gives information about the trained time, the simulated distance covered as kilometres, the revolutions made and the energy consumption that takes place. The resistance can also be individually adjusted and adjusted via the training computer. This gives you an accurate evaluation of your workouts. Various programs can then make the training different and varied, training goals can be better set in this form.

How does a spinning bike work?

Woman in a warehouse on a fitness bikeThe effectiveness and the transmission of the force are transmitted via the existing chain or via a toothed belt to a flywheel. The weight of the flywheel in the spinning bike test is usually between 18 kilograms and 25 kilograms. The bike has a rigid hub so that it works without freewheel. Other variants compared in the practical test run over a so-called safety freewheel.

The effectiveness of training with the spinner comes from the resistance that must be overcome by pedalling the pedals. Not only can the device resistance be set differently, but it can also be changed and readjusted with the brake force on the flywheel. The intensity of the training and the power consumption are best determined by yourself in this way. The brake ensures that the flywheel can be brought to a standstill within shortest time. This is rarely the case. It is only done after training or in case of a sudden problem.

The pedals of the Spinning Bike with march are bi-functional. They can be used with normal sports shoes as well as special cycling shoes and often have a click mechanism. The click pedal allows a firm connection through the shoe or foot with the pedal, so that slipping is not possible. To release, the foot must be turned a little to the side to cut the connection.

The handlebar is also designed to simulate a real bike. Multiple positions for the hands and the grasping around are thereby possible. So you can both sit and stand.

Advantages & Application areas

In juxtaposition, the Spinning Bike with march is there to improve endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system. The muscles, especially the legs, are also trained, as long as the exercise takes place regularly and preferably daily.

In congruence to the similarly functioning ergometer, the Spinning Bike is not only more space-saving and easier to set up, but also resembles the actual racing or bicycle. The advantage is of course the possibility of daily training, without having to pay attention to the weather conditions or times of day. The objectives of the exercise remain the strengthening and protection of all blood vessels and the heart, the improvement of endurance and the strengthening of the leg and back muscles. The body weight is also reduced. So the Spinning Bike is also suitable in the context of a diet and the desire to want to lose weight, quite outstanding.

For the use of a spinning bike different training goals can be set and implemented daily. The focus is on improving breathing and endurance for better health. However, exercising over a longer period of time also requires discipline.

Brake- and EmergencystopperBy Adjusting the resistance of the flywheel you can increase your own requirements and improve your endurance. The extension of the training time has a similar effect. When using the spinning bike, you can easily orient yourself to your heart rate and your own pulse. According to the heart rate survey, it should usually be 220 for men and 226 for women, from which age is subtracted. The test result is the maximum heart rate. For an optimal training and the increase of the endurance ability 75 percent of the maximum frequency are ideal. Physical fitness is improved, but the body and muscles are not overtaxed. An aptitude test is recommended before the first training session.

If a certain routine is reached and endurance is strengthened, not only better health is achieved, but also the completion of everyday tasks becomes easier. Your body adapts to the conditions and higher stress to which it is exposed through the daily workout. The vessels and the heart function optimally. Diseases in this respect can thus be avoided as long as the training is not exaggerated. Instead, it should take place regularly and moderately. So the evaluation of an external study.

Of course, the musculature is also strengthened and built up. During the workout on the Spinning Bike it is trained on the legs, especially on the thighs. Other muscle groups also benefit from the exercises. This is because when cycling and simulating, the body remains tense all the time. In this way the arm muscles are visibly improved. However, the Spinning Bike does not replace the classic strength machines. After the training the physical well-being is a nice reward, also the athletic appearance. In certain exercises, as a study shows, the spinning bike is also suitable for eliminating back pain.

As simple as the spinning bike may seem and hardly takes up any space in the room, the exercises on it can be designed as effective and demanding. One study showed that not only cycling and endurance training are possible, but also the development of coordination skills.

Lenker mit Computer.If your body has become accustomed to a certain rhythm, it is advisable to increase the resistance and to vary the settings more frequently. Body and brain have to switch over again and again and approach the different requirements anew. The entire musculature is always required, for example to maintain a balance through sitting and the necessary posture alone. The resistance, which then occurs differently lightly or strongly, requires a respective changing expenditure of strength, which the body must change again and again. The amount of energy consumed varies, while the organism reacts to the various strains and re-regulates nutrition and energy consumption. Test multiple resistors during training.

The pleasing effect besides good health and body fitness is the gradual reduction of body fat and weight. A diet does not only require a change in diet, but also physical activity, especially regular training. The Spinning Bike enables a regularity which stimulates the metabolism by the simple application. But at the same time it also offers a sufficiently high load to which the organism reacts and therefore falls back on the fat deposits to ensure the appropriate energy for the implementation of the training. If you train in the range of a maximum heart rate, fat burning works best.

Set spinning bike

Before you can begin spinning bike training, you must adjust your spinning bike. How handy and practical this works with the individual models is also part of a spinning bike test. Because maybe you train on the bike, but not alone, but in your household there are others who like to pedal. Then the spinning bike must always be adjusted again. The adjustment should be without tools and works with body measurements.

There are 3 areas where the spinning bike is adjusted:

  • saddle
  • Handlebar
  • Step size (distance between handlebar and saddle)

Spinning Bike: correct saddle height:

  • Adjust the correct saddle height so that the top edge of the saddle extends to the hip. Test: With a flat straight hand, the ball of your hand should touch the hip bone and the fingertips the top of the saddle.

Spinning Bike: correct step size:

  • The correct step size is set when there is half an arm's length between the saddle tip and the handlebar. Test: Bend hand to fist and arm. The fist should reach to the handlebar and the elbow to the saddle tip.

Spinning Bike: Adjust handlebars:

  • There are several possibilities with the handlebar. If you don't have back problems, you can leave the handlebars at saddle height. If you don't want to ride permanently in the hunchback or if you sometimes have back problems in the lower back, you can put the handlebars a little further up. At the handlebar there are three different grip positions.

The perfect training on a spinning bike – tips and advice

For the right training with effective effect some conditions have to be considered in advance. It is important not just to cycle monotonously, but to test and determine the right load for your own body and to change it again and again. This is usually determined more often by a suitability test or a load test. The control of the pulse plays an important role and sets the standard in the appropriate heart rate. Your training goal is also important in order to achieve the desired success. Here are the most important training goals for the workout with the Spinning Bike:

Loss of weight – degradation and fat burning

In order to lose weight, you should train at a max. heart rate of 80 percent. The range of 60 percent should not be undercut. Only under these conditions does your body resort to the fat depot in order to provide the necessary energy for training and to process the stress. In comparison, the duration of the workouts is just as important. Weight loss is only possible if a long-term workout is regularly.

In order not to strain your body too much, a time of thirty minutes is well suited so that the fat can be burned. Using the spinning bike below this time limit improves endurance and posture, but will not reduce weight – according to the test result of a study. The load can also be increased in the thirty minutes. Afterwards you should take enough time to recover. The own goals and the time frame can also be changed and increased. This will not only bring success, but also stimulate your motivation.

The increase in endurance

For the improvement of your endurance regularity is necessary. Your maximum heart rate should be not less than 70 percent and your diet should be rich in carbohydrates. Your body draws its energy not only from its own fat, but also from burning carbohydrates without building up new fat reserves.

The load and demands on the workout are gradually increased if the resistance of the flywheel is set differently.

It is not so much about a constant increase of resistance, but rather about a varied training. So your body cannot get used to the strain of the exercises and switches to economy flame, but always reacts anew and is challenged. This means that after a higher resistance, a lower one also achieves a similar effect.

Frau auf-Spinningbike-A Intervaltraining is also helpful to improve your endurance. This is a training method that determines the sequence of exercises through varied recovery and stress phases.

A load of 90 percent of the maximum heart rate is necessary for these exercises, which is automatically the case with short interval training. However, this workout does not focus so much on heart rate as intensity control for training, but on time and power consumption. The pulse is strongly increased by the very short, but strong load, at the same time the metabolism stimulated.

Recovery phases are determined in intensity and duration in such a way that your body cannot fully rest during this time. In agreement, one can usually speak of an active recovery of about 3 minutes. In comparison, a strong stimulus of the muscles is placed in the phase of training in order to achieve the desired load. The endurance is strengthened both in the strength and in the speed, the oxygen uptake improves and the speed feeling increases. The entire movement sequences are improved by interval training, intra- and intermuscular coordination is the result.

This training method is effective and time-efficient and has also been proven by scientific research in improving endurance. The very short and intensive phases of physical exertion with the alternation of short-term recovery make a shorter but stronger workout possible. Similar results are achieved as the regular long practice of cycling on a spinning bike.

It remains important not to overload the body and to prepare well for interval training. Inadequately trained people should first test for a consistent rhythm before increasing their training. Do not put your body to the test too early. You should also inform yourself in advance about the possible risks of injury, as the entire musculoskeletal system is heavily strained. Especially the muscles, joints, and bones.

Healthy and fit also during training

So that your body does not suffer any damage as a result of the high load, it is important that you always drink a lot during the exercise of pedalling. Isotonic drinks or water are well suited. They also supply the body with nutrients, minerals and vitamins during physical exertion. It must be taken into account that a lot of sweat is lost during the workout. The body must therefore be supplied with fluid again.

Equally important to avoid accidents and to feel comfortable and relaxed during training is correct and suitable clothing. It should not be too wide or too tight. Breathable sportswear is advisable, even if the exercise takes place as a workout at home. A product test on the Internet with comparison winner can help with the right choice. If, on the other hand, the clothing is too wide, the fabric can get caught in the device and lead to injuries or even a fall. Light tops and cycling shorts are ideal for training on the spinning bike.

The ultimate Spinning Bike Test – These wheels have been tested for you:

Christopeit exercise bike Racer Bike XL 2

Christopeit Heimtrainer Racer Bike XL 2The Christopeit Racer Bike XL 2″ is the winner of the Spinning Bike Test 2019. It captivates not only in the price performance ratio, but also in the sporty ergonomic design. The assembly is extremely simple and fast. The tool and the screws are included in the delivery. The pedals are made of metal and have a plastic foot basket, whereby the buckles are also adjustable. The belt is made of belt material, very stable and low-noise. The colours are black and red or grey and red.

This spinning bike is very easy to set up, has a freewheel and an individually adjustable brake system. The flywheel is partially chrome-plated in the external test and weighs 15 kilograms. It is therefore ideal for all beginners and advanced users who prefer a daily and regular light workout. The training computer is very user-friendly. It is also possible to collect all data such as time, distance and energy consumption.

X-treme Classic Bike – Black Edition

With a very good overall score in the Spinning Bike Test, the “X-treme Classic Bike” from the “Black Edition” scored well. The design is very appealing in red and black. The Spinning Bike is therefore very sporty and dynamic, which definitely encourages an extra use. In the test run the width and adjustable comfort saddle was very comfortable. The pedals are equipped with adjustable cups and create the feeling of training on a professional bike. The flywheel mass is 22 kilograms, the spinning bike is driven by a noiseless belt and has a stepless resistance adjustment.

The construction of this bike is very simple and the training computer can be plugged into the handlebars through two cables. The ends of the bolts are rounded so that no scratches can occur when transporting or moving the spinning bike. The device is robust and well in material and equipment processed, the painting clean and high-quality.

The advantage of this device lies in the training computer and in the collection of various data, such as pulse measurement, distance calculation and calorie consumption. Further advantages are the seat adjustment of the saddle, which can be done both horizontally and vertically, in the adjustable handlebar and the automatic switch on and off. The disadvantage in the external product test is the weight. When assembled, the Spinning Bike weighs 55 kilograms and is therefore somewhat more difficult to move when it has to be cleared away or dismantled.

Horizon Indoorcycle Elite IC 4000

The “Horizon Indoorcycle Elite IC 4000” is also a spinning bike that has it all. In the trial it scores with a very good overall score. This is a bike that was specially designed by the manufacturer for home training. It has an attractive and sporty design in black color, consists of robustem material and is very carefully processed. The flywheel mass has a weight of 20 kilograms and enables a noiseless, pleasant and also very even concentricity. The saddle is a racing saddle, versatile adjustable and allows an optimal posture. The Spinning Bike is equipped with a multi-position handlebar and is therefore also adjustable in different heights. The training computer gives control over the heart rate, has a hand pulse sensor and displays the individual training profile on an LCD display. The heart rate can be measured telemetrically via a corresponding chest strap. The drive is via a belt and is low-noise.

AsViva Real Indoor Cycle Cardio VII S7

The “Real Indoor Cycle Cardio VII, S7” from “AsViva” also scored well in the Spinning Bike Test. This fitness machine with a very good test grade is ideal for beginners and professionals. It is very light and can be moved by transport rollers. The spinner has a large flywheel, which weighs 18 kilograms and makes a smooth run possible. The design is kept in grey and red tones, so it looks very dynamic. The ergonomic handlebar grips also contribute to a very good overall score in external product tests. The saddle and the handlebar can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, the barrel is very quiet. The load bandwidth can be continuously adjusted by a rotary knob and pulse measurement is also possible via sensors. The training computer also provides information on time, distance and calorie consumption. The Spinning Bike has a scan function and a quick start.

Homomomom Exercise Bike

The “Homom Fitnessbike Hometrainer Indoorsportbicycle Exercise Bike” is simple and very inexpensive as a beginner model. The workmanship is good, the design rather simple. However, it can be purchased in various colors, including black and white, black and yellow, white and red, or grey. The setup in the spinning bike test was simple and the device could be used after about 15 minutes. The noises of the belt are a bit louder, but the flywheel mass runs smoothly and smoothly. The training computer is an LED display that provides information about the training time, the speed, distance and energy consumption. The tested device is very light, measures 93 x 65 x 41 cm and is suitable for people weighing up to 120 kilograms. Saddle and pedals are aligned to protect the back, vertically adjustable.

Spinning Course – many overload themselves

Results of sports medical examinations from Münster and Saarland have shown that many spinning participants overexert themselves when training in the group. The University of Münster tested on average fit people aged between 22 and 36 in basic spinning courses. The study showed that the measured heart rate and lactate concentration indicated high physical exertion, while the participants themselves assessed their exertion as moderate. According to the researchers this is mainly due to the group dynamics and the course concept with driving music, light organ and a motivating trainer, which drives one to different imaginary valleys and mountain rides. The spinning wheel itself is also responsible for the hard training, as the pedals are connected to a flywheel weighing at least 15 kg and must be moved constantly.

Researchers from Saarland with a group of well-trained men and women between 34 and 46 years came to a similar conclusion.

When it comes to increase in cardiovascular performance, you can of course train with higher intensity and bring your pulse to 90% by intervals. But those who want to get on the spinning bike for the sake of health should better stay in aerobic training, which means that the oxygen demand is covered by the respiration during the whole training. Too intensive training can be harmful for the immune system. Whether you are in the aerobic range can be checked with the Pulse watch and your own breathing.

Spinning Course Online

Owning your own spinning bike naturally has many great advantages. Among other things, you do not have to go to the gym first and are not tied to any specific course times. However, the atmosphere during spinning in the group in the gym is also something for itself. As an alternative we offer a Spinning course Online. Such courses usually consist of following the course of a group in YouTube Video or other video portals. This is usually not done live, but via recording, so you retain full flexibility. Of course, the best way to watch the video is on the TV (smart TV, Bluetooth, HTML cable). Then you will have a good volume in any case and also a large screen that gives you the spinning course feeling.

What do you have to look out for when buying a spinning bike?

  • As you have already learned in the information about the components of the Spinning Bike above, it is important for the purchase to deal with the construction of the bike and adapt it to your training conditions. The pedals should be adjustable in the loops, the saddle is wide and comfortable after consideration. The flywheel is in its weight one of the most important components to choose the right spinning bike for your training goals. A heavy flywheel also offers more resistance and load changes. At the same time it makes the whole spinning bike more stable.
  • Of course a stable material processing and the ergonomics , without this the best technology is of no use. The fitness equipment must be able to withstand the high training load, should not shake, should stand on firm ground and be reliable in its individual components. Straight pedals, handlebars and saddles must meet these requirements.
  • Your height and your weight also play a role in the purchase decision. Most spinning bikes are therefore suitable for people with a weight under 100 kilograms and a height under 1.90 meters. However, if you weigh more and are 2 meters tall, you should think about a different training method and device to prevent injuries and postural damage.
  • The training computer offers the most important advantage over the normal bicycle. You can better monitor and track your own performance. The equipment of the computer is worth a thought before the purchase, since this differs in comparison also depending upon manufacturer model.
  • The training computer is usually directly connected to the spinning bike. It provides an overview of the distance, kilometres covered, calorie consumption, time and the setting of the resistance including the WOH range. Tracking the data increases your motivation and arouses the interest to strengthen and improve the training and also to increase the requirements.

Finally only the question of taste remains. Which material, which brand, which design and which colour the spinning bike should have.

Short information about leading manufacturers of spinning wheels

Well-known manufacturers of spinning bikes were able to convince in the quality and success of their sales after being inspected in an external product test.

A very good brand name is e.g. “AsViva“. It is a company with a wide range of exercise bikes and sports equipment. The prices of the tested “AsViva” spinning machines are in the middle range. But they have all the technical and qualitative advantages that make a good spinning bike.

Equally well known is the company “Xtreme” which was rated “Very good”. It offers a wide range of bicycles and spinning bikes for outdoor and indoor use. Xtreme is also a popular brand in gyms. The design is different and adapted to the different needs of more or less active sports people. Prices vary from cheap to expensive.

Also “Christopeit” is a well known manufacturer for spinning bikes. The tested company was founded by a former Bundesliga goalkeeper and has specialized in sports equipment especially for the domestic sector. Here, too, there are different device versions, whereby the focus is on stability and practical use. Such spinning bikes with good concentricity are ideal for beginners or anyone who just wants to keep fit. The tested spinning bikes are very light in weight, space-saving and easy to transport.

Internet vs. specialized trade:
Where is it worth buying a spinning bike sooner?

The purchase of a tested spinning bike is very easy both in specialist shops and on the Internet. The purchase consultation and a test run are an advantage in the specialized shop. Nevertheless the data are very detailed in the Internet and contain all remarks, which are important and crucial for the purchase. Comparison tables of product tests can help. The models are presented in picture and writing by the individual manufacturers. The customer's opinion, which provides information about the fitness equipment and takes place individually, naturally remains positive when buying online. Many platforms offer a large selection of tested devices and the transport is unnecessary with a delivery into the house. So compare several options before buying a spinning bike.

Things to Know & Advisor

Facts about the Spinning Bike

Spinning bikes are ideal for endurance training, but are also suitable for people who want to train on the side. The training can be done just as well in front of the television or accompanied by music. A study has shown that musical sounds in particular can not only improve the atmosphere during training, but can also generally motivate people to perform better. At the same time a rather monotonous exercise is stimulated by sound, whereby not always only fast rhythms are necessary. Important is a varied music. It should not be used with every daily training always the same CD, which reduces the training then also to a rather monotonous exercise. Music also makes training easy and pleasant.

A nice and warm light is also helpful for the good atmosphere during training. It doesn't have to be glaring, as is often the case in fitness areas.

With your own spinning bike, you don't have to keep to fixed times or take a step outside the door or into a gym. Nevertheless, it is sometimes advisable to train with several people or to use the spinning bike in a group under the guidance of a trainer. Not only do you know the application in all its aspects, but you also let it inspire you to improve the workout yourself.

The Best Exercises on the Spinning Bike

Cycling in general does not have to be monotonous. Instead of just pedaling and keeping to a certain time, exercises that make training more unusual, stimulating, self-motivating can also be helpful. The musculature in different parts of the body is stimulated quite simply. Some exercises are presented here:

  • Exercise 1:
  • Exercise 2:
  • Exercise 3:
  • Exercise 4:
  • Exercise 5:
  • Exercise 6:
  • Exercise 7:
  • Exercise 8:
Suitable for: Beginners and Advanced/Basic Training
Position: seated, normal posture

Execution: For beginners the cadence is 90 revolutions per minute. For advanced riders it is increased to 100 and more revolutions. A rather slight resistance is chosen. The exercise lasts 20 minutes. The WOH area is green.

Goal: This is a basic workout that improves aerobic performance and stimulates fat metabolism.

For: Beginners and Advanced/Cardiotraining
Position: seated, normal posture

Execution: In congruence the resistance should be set slightly higher, as should the cadence at 100 revolutions per minute. The WOH ranges are in the green range, but can reach into the blue range as time periods increase.

Goal: Endurance and long-term endurance performance is improved, fat metabolism is stimulated.

Suitable for: Advanced/Interval Training
Position: seated, normal posture

Execution: For this exercise it is best to adopt a comfortable posture and position and the average cadence should be about 90 rpm. The device resistance is then increased for a short period of time. Increased cadence up to 110 rpm. Within one minute the training intensity can be increased and maintained for two minutes. This is the interval of the exercise that interrupts and increases the comfortable step phase. After that, normal pedaling is resumed, the muscles are loosened with less resistance and the body recovers. The break should be six to ten minutes before a new interval occurs and the cadence is increased again. The WOH range lies in the relaxing phases green range. However, during the intervals it rises into the red to black range, depending on resistance and stake.

Goal: The interval training not only strengthens the performance of the circulation and heart, but also stimulates the metabolism and reaches the maximum oxygen capacity. Due to the sometimes very high pulse rate, the body is optimally trained and the transport of oxygen to the muscles is increased. The endurance performance is improved, the musculature at legs and torso is strengthened. So the test result of an experiment.

For: Beginners and advanced learners
Position: seated, normal posture

Execution: The upper body is moved during kicking. This can be in the form of push-ups made on the handlebars.

target: strengthening arm, shoulder and leg muscles

Appropriate for: Advanced/strength training and simulation of uphill driving
Position: sitting, normal posture

Execution: The kick is made at a frequency between 60 and 70 revolutions per minute in the low range. Nevertheless, a very high device resistance is set and requires more force. The WOH area changes in the upper part between the blue area and in the lower part to the red area.

Goal: Endurance and exertion are increased, the musculature is strengthened.

Appropriate for: Advanced, professional and extreme sportsmen/strength training/simulation of the ascent
Position: sitting and standing, normal posture

Execution: At a cadence of 60 revolutions per minute kept low, a very high pedaling resistance is set. This is then mastered standing, in the cradle step. The WOH area on the training computer changes from blue to red.

Goal: The entire musculature of the upper body and the legs is increased, as is strength endurance.

For: Beginners and advanced learners
Position: seated, upper body slightly bent forward without exerting pressure on the handlebars

Execution: When pedalling, the stomach is additionally tightened, inhaled and exhaled again. This additional load is applied 10 times in a row and then interrupted by a pause.

Goal: This is where abdominal training takes place and serves to strengthen the abdominal and leg muscles during training.

Warning: This exercise should not be done too often, however, as spinning is more for endurance and strength. There are other exercises that are more effective especially for abdominal training.

For: Expert training, professionals and athletes
Position: standing

version: With the body stretched out, the Spinning Bike is used upright and is supported on the handlebar with only one hand. The other arm is stretched out and weighed down by a weight that can probably be lifted into different positions.

Target: Stabilization of the trunk is achieved here, but under a rather extreme coordination requirement.

Warning: This exercise is not suitable for beginners.

Spinning bike vs. racing bike

  • Although there is a similarity in endurance and simulation of a real bike when training with a spinning bike, the dynamics of the bike itself cannot be imitated. For example, when using the spinning wheel, the weighing pedal, which compensates for the pendulum movement of a real bicycle, is missing. In consideration the equilibrium attitude and the typical shift of the centre of gravity , which is the case in curves or when driving uphill, are also missing.
  • A spinning bike is always in the rest position during use. Just the turning of the flywheel, the simulated kick and the effort through the adjusted resistance convey the feeling of riding. While the exercise on the muscles is still not the same. The leg movement alone is demanded.
  • With racing bikes, on the other hand, the entire trunk musculature is used in juxtaposition to the leg work. This means that the shoulder, back and upper arms are subjected to greater strain during the ride and are also trained. The body tension is higher than on the Spinning Bike, which only imitates the ride.
  • However, various coordination exercises can improve the training program on the spinner and strengthen the remaining muscles. The exercises are also much more relaxed, not only for the own mood, but also for the musculature.
  • In congruence with road cycling, the spine and joints are influenced much more strongly here Tensions in the neck and shoulders are a frequent consequence, solely due to the persistent sitting posture and the reaction to road and air conditions.
  • As a practical test shows, the Spinning Bike can also be sat comfortably during the workout and the training and sitting position can be adjusted.

It is important for both forms of cycling to practice the correct posture. In this way you relieve your spine, abdomen, back and gluteal muscles and stabilise them.

Useful accessories

As an experiment shows, for professional use of a spinning bike is a tested floor mat well suited. It gives the device a little more grip, slip resistance and stability. Since spinning bikes often weigh around 50 kilograms, the floor protection mat can also prevent damage to the floor. Most mats are available in a length of 160 centimeters and a width of 80 centimeters.

Also very helpful is a beverage holder for the handlebar and an additional chest strap, which allows a better analysis of the heart rate. Compare here several chest straps with a very good test score. An inspection of various comparison tables on the Internet will help you to buy the right harness.

Alternatives to Spinning Bike

An alternative to the Spinning Bike is the Ergometer, which is also often used for therapeutic purposes. The load is less, the requirements are more aimed at special muscle groups and thus a general relaxation of the body should be achieved. An ergometer is not as dynamic and ergonomic as a spinning bike. It is much more similar to a fitness machine than to a bicycle. It requires considerably more space, but is just as effective and strengthens the heart and circulation.

An ergometer also has a flywheel mass which is slowed down by a magnetic field. This is not a permanent magnet, as is the case with a normal exercise bike, but an eddy current brake. This is an electric coil that generates a magnetic field through a current flow. The higher the voltage on the coil, the greater the magnetic field that is generated. This was also put to the test in the Spinning Bike Test.

The real power of kicking is calibrated here via a measuring station. Current values are individually determined over different load levels and can thus also be stored. These devices are slightly more expensive than the Spinning Bike and also require more space.

Questions and Answers on Spinning Bike

Why is the Spinning Bike called “Spinning Bike”?

The inventor Johnny G. introduced the so-called “spinning” in the USA in the 1980s. The cycling pro has invented an innovative, stationary bike and given it its name.

What is a Spinning Bike?

The Spinning Bike is an ergometer and Cardio training device. It has a handlebar, saddle and also pedals. Instead of two wheels, however, it has stable stand legs. The wheel itself therefore does not move. One flywheel replaces the two wheels. This can also be used to imitate Berg- or Curve driving.

Spinning Bike hums: What to do?

Check the screws and bearings to see if they are corroded. It is also helpful to turn out the resistor after each use – so the brake shoes can better “breathe” and do not wear out so fast. Do not use silicone oil, it is not good for the bike and there may be humming or squeaking noises from the brake shoes. Legen You better take it to Care from time to time in Washing gasoline. In addition, the chain should also get a drop from time to time Oil, because it is not maintenance-free.

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