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What's a shredder?

It is a device that destroys documents made of paper and data carriers made of plastic such as CDs, DVDs and chip cards with different cutting techniques into stripes or fine particles beyond recognition and makes them illegible.

The history and evolution of the document shredder

The story goes back to the year 1909. A man, abbot Agustus Low, from New York, invented the document shredder in this year of the last century. At the time, he called it “Paper waste container“. On August 31, 1909, he applied for a patent for his invention in the USA.

More than 100 years shredders

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Anti-Congestion ShredderHowever, it took a little longer until the invention of Abbot Agustus Low was actually produced. Only in the year 1955 did a German, namely Adolf Ehinger, develop a first shredder, which was still manually operated. He got the inspiration for this device quite banally from a completely different machine, which produced Pasta and was also manually operated with a crank.

He was forced to invent such a machine, because he had to make various self-made Anti-Nazi-Propaganda-Documents about active politicians of that time disappear. Again four years later, Adolf Ehingers company, the EBA Maschinenfabrik, produced the first document shredders, which were also driven by an electric motor and destroyed the paper with the safe cross cut. He then sold his invention to economic institutions and government agencies, which were of course enthusiastic about the device after their own tests.

different models

Since then the technology of the document shredders in its functions and security features , as tests show, continuously develops further. Before a document shredder destroyed paper on the electric paths there were also so-called “fire baskets“. These destroyed paper with the power of fire. However, due to the fire hazard and the not inconsiderable dirt they left behind, they were replaced by electrical devices.

More comfort

The Fellowes Powershred P-35C shredder can shred up to five sheets at the same timeIn the meantime the development stages of such a shredder have increased many times over. In the past, for example, there were mechanically operated document shredders, which were replaced by electronically operating document shredders. With regard to comfort and mode of operation, much has changed for the better, as tests show. The Sheet feeder width can vary and the handling of the device via Autostart and also Autostopp can be set even more precisely and filigree than was the case a few years ago.

The technology in today's modern time allows to create even shredders that can also destroy CDs, DVDs and credit cards as one can see in tests. We'll come back to that later. Also the security concerning, the operation has improved and is also further optimized and examined in tests. Contact sensors, for example, are responsible for ensuring that they only function if the basket is connected to the actual destruction mechanism or if the door of the device is firmly closed.

In general, however, it should be noted that a document shredder, due to its construction, can still expose its user to all kinds of hazards. Therefore you should always follow certain security rules when using a shredder.

How does a document shredder work?

The functionality of a document shredder is based on the cutting or shredding of paper and cardboard into the smallest individual parts so that, for example, brisante information can be destroyed beyond recognition. There are differences in cutting performance and quality destruction. In a shredder test you can compare and test information on tests, trials, experiments and the sample of cutting performance and quality.

Shredders are defined according to their cutting technique. They shred documents either into narrow strips using the strip cutting technique or into very fine particles (confetti) using the cross and particle cutting technique. The result of these cutting techniques is divided into six security levels for simple to highly confidential documents, depending on the size. The units operate electronically with a mains plug.

Simple, small appliances for private household use sometimes work with batteries or hand crank. The functionality is the same for all device types. After start-up, the data carriers in paper or plastic form are inserted into the feed slot and shredded into strips or fine particles. The shredder waste ends up in a container located directly below the feed slot. Depending on the price-performance ratio, a document shredder processes one to 15 sheets of paper at a time. Combined devices can be used to store data carriers made of paper and
Crush plastic in separate feed openings. Large-volume devices in companies can shred large quantities of paper and plastic data carriers.

strip cut

Some devices from the external tests and product tests only cut the paper into narrow strips (strip cut). However, tests of the test showed that the shredded paper can be assembled relatively easily if the strips are not narrow enough.

Cross cut

Fellowes Aktenvernichter im BetriebOther shredders use the already mentioned crosscut, which also cuts the document horizontally . This, of course, ensures a much better complete destruction of the documents. The cutting units of a shredder that shreds with the strip cut function through the operation of two parallel shafts inside the machine. These shafts are offset with sharp-edged wheels which engage in each other over. The coating of the wheels is toothed. This circumstance makes the optimal transport of the paper possible.

As can be seen in tests, however, the paper is only actually destroyed when it passes the sharp-edged wheels. It is then cut into strips. A strip is just as long as the original intact document. The more wheels there are, the narrower the paper strips will be. With the strip cut and the corresponding other technical requirements, a larger amount of paper can be destroyed at the same time.

Comparison of cutting modes

Hama shredderA shredder with strip cut worked in tests quieter as a device with cross cut technique. But at the same time safety suffers again. If the shredder works with a cross-cut, it also works with two waves and sharp-edged wheels that mesh over each other. Here, however, the wheels are still a little different. A sharp edge of metal protrudes from the coating of the wheels. It makes the transport of the individual paper strips and the division into several pieces possible in the first place.

In order for this to work, the wheels are arranged wave. Since the paper is cut crosswise, this cutting technique can be regarded as safer than strip cutting. If a document shredder uses the cross section, its operation is, however, quite loud as determined in tests. A non-manual device is driven by a electric motor. A spindle shaft ensures that the gear drive on the side of the cutterbar can function.


High-quality devices work with a chain drive, with devices located rather in the low range the gears can also be made of plastic. This can result in such devices performing permanently less than those equipped with higher quality materials. With the particle cut or also the micro cut files are cut into smallest parts, in order to receive still more security.

A deintegrator or granulator processes documents until they fit through a tiny mesh. Paper shredders with a hammer mill shred the paper by pushing it through a wire sieve.

What can be destroyed with a shredder?

With a document shredder, documents, files, lists, invoices, pay slips, personal data, employee data, customer data, account information, contracts, handwritten signatures, tax documents, invalid checks, confidential protocols, paper account statements that contain explosive information and must not fall into the wrong hands can be destroyed in a company.

The Geha shredder Home & Office X7CD has a particle cutEbenso a shredder for personal protection at home can be very useful and helpful. Also in your own home there are documents to be protected, such as passwords, account statements, pay slips, certificates, CVs, invalid ID cards, no longer needed documents, credit card statements, insurance papers, mail from the bank, order information, luggage tags with address, medical documents, tax office information, such as tax number and more, destroy. Also cardboard can be destroyed with it, if the necessity exists. Compare even between the shredder tests and the evaluations of the tests and field tests the capacity and cutting performance of the machines.

Likewise, modern devices can even cut CDs, DVDs and credit cards or passports and ID cards in plastic form, which are described with personal or confidential information, up to the point of unrecognizability, as document shredders show tests. Many document shredders, which can also shred plastic, are currently used in public offices or other professional branches.

What are the advantages – disadvantages of using a shredder?

Benefits from a practical test

  • Important files can be destroyed down to the smallest detail and thus made illegible for unauthorized persons. In day-to-day business or at public offices, identity documents which have lost their validity can be irrevocably destroyed so that no unauthorised actions can be carried out. A constant control of important documents is possible.
  • The Geha document shredder's collection basket Home & Office S7CDConfidential data no longer has to be stored unnecessarily, it can be destroyed immediately after the intended period of storage. In this way important space can be saved in a company.
  • Incorrectly created documents can be destroyed immediately.
  • If you have your own device, you can do this work independently and are not dependent on external companies offering such services.
  • In particular, just a shredder that works with particle cutting has even more advantages according to shredder tests. Since this technique totally destroys important documents and they can no longer be reconstructed, it offers a high level of protection against crime and fraud. Another advantage of cross and particle cutting is the quality of the shredded paper parts. Due to the special shape, the dead weight of the destroyed working material compresses better. This means that the collection container of the device no longer has to be emptied as often.
  • The work of a document shredder saves the manual shredding of important documents that are to be made illegible.
  • Some document shredders already have additional protective functions as standard, which serve security purposes. Integrated overheat protection, auto stop functions are just some of the details that make the use safer.
  • High-quality devices always have a large collecting container for the shredded paper. This saves many ways before such a container has to be emptied.
  • Rexel Auto plus 60X 60 sheet capacity document shredderEbenso good machines offer the possibility to shred several sheets in only one operation. This also saves a lot of valuable time. Employees in a company destroy confidential files more often and more quickly if they have a shredder than without.
  • Modern equipment, according to various shredder tests, hardly requires any time for cleaning and care, the effort is low, so the time saved can be invested in more important work.
  • The visual appearance of modern document shredders also offers many details that can enhance an office or your own home. The consumer can select the appropriate level between different safety levels.
  • Advanced functions, such as automatic return, prevent paper jams in the machine.
  • The catch baskets of modern document shredders can be easily and quickly removed, emptied and replaced.
  • Additionally, some devices will display additional functions when the paper tray is full.
  • An individually adjustable paper feeder can be handled in such a way that even smaller documents can be shredded with its help.
  • Today's document shredders are designed to be ready for operation very quickly according to various document shredder tests. A great and long study with time-consuming analysis and inspection of the individual functions is no longer necessary. Of course, the instruction manual should still be read carefully before using the shredder for the first time. If uncertainties arise during use, the operating instructions can also help. However, service staff and field service technicians are also available at short notice should a question or problem arise during use.

Disadvantages from a practical test

  • HSM shredstar X6pro 3x10mm AktenvernichterThe cutterbar should be oiled regularly, ideally once a day, so that it can function permanently. Ideally, a sheet of paper is wetted with oil and fed into the document shredder. Another way of care is to spray the oil directly onto the paper feeder. Please note that you must never work with highly flammable oil. There are special oils for the maintenance of shredders. More expenditure for maintenance and care does not have to be operated.
  • The disadvantage of a document shredder is often the danger of its use. For this reason, certain safety rules should always be observed when commissioning a shredder so that nothing can happen to its user. You should always work concentrated on the device and exclude any distractions.
  • Furthermore you should take care that especially long hair cannot get caught in a document shredder, just as long chains or other jewellery and articles of clothing, which sit loose or are far/long. If the above things get into the shredder's cutting mechanism, they can be destroyed together with the documents.
  • Often paperclips on the documents to be destroyed are overlooked and forgotten. If they get into the cutting mechanism of an inferior shredder, they can damage it. However, good devices do not mind this fact, they also offer the possibility to destroy paper clips without damaging the device, as various paper shredder tests show.

How was tested in the external tests?

fourteen Devices from different manufacturers with different functions were tested and compared in external document shredders, tests and product tests. A test and an inspection of the delivery and packaging of the devices took place. Further, important assessment criteria in this qualifying examination were the appearance, design and texture of the shredder.

In the shredder test and product test an evaluation of the performance of the devices and a test with survey was carried out how many performance functions are available in total. A test with examination and control of the data and facts was also carried out exactly in the study and the result was noted in the test report. Further features, such as additional comfort, the precise handling of the devices, the operation and of course the adjustability included further test criteria in this test.

The result of the shredding test of each individual device was also of particular interest during the test run. The ease with which the cleaning and care of all devices is designed and which accessories are included in the scope of delivery also played a role in the suitability test. The guarantee and the service performance of the manufacturer was also of considerable importance in these tests and surveys. After all the above-mentioned characteristics had been meticulously tested by experts in external shredder tests, ReviewInstitutes prepared a final evaluation of the external tests of the individual shredders and a comparison in the form of a comparison table with the name of a winner of the comparison.

Our document shredder test has models of different manufacturers and size subjected to an extensive test.

  • Delivery and packaging
    First we checked the delivery and packaging. All equipment was delivered on time and in perfect packaging.
  • Design
    All appliances in our product test 2016 have an attractive and simple design that suits every office and private household. The optical appearance is of course a matter of taste, but a document shredder should be so discreet that it does not look like a foreign object in its environment.
  • Weight
    The devices in our shredder test weigh between two and ten kilograms, making them among the smaller representatives of their kind. They are sufficient for individual workstations, small office units, home offices and private households. Large document shredders for workgroups with several employees, complete office floors and companies weigh of course more and can easily weigh 50 kilograms and more.
  • Shredder model
    The models tested by us are stand-alone devices which, depending on their size, can easily be placed under or next to the desk and in matching corners.
  • Cut type and security level
    The document shredder Test 2016 includes devices with strip, cross and particle cutting. Many commercially available devices have the strip cutting technique that is sufficient for private households and offices to destroy only general correspondence and business data that is not classified as particularly confidential. Our test candidates have destroyed the documents flawlessly and have security levels 1 to 3.
    Also in the document shredder comparison are devices with cross or particle cut. The destruction of data media is much more secure with a security level of 4 to 5. This security level should be used by companies that want to dispose of their business data securely and protect it from commercial use by unauthorized persons. We also recommend devices with this security level for personal data. For highly confidential and secret data, we recommend using devices with security level 6, which are used by all security authorities and services.
  • Collecting receptacle
    The collection containers of our test candidates hold between 13 and 22 litres of filling volume. This size matches the dimensions of the shredders. With this size you can manage several days without emptying the paper container.
  • Control window for filling level
    The test candidates with viewing window in our document shredder comparison get a plus point from us, because this practical device enables you to control the filling level at any time. You always know when the collection container is full.
  • Shredder material
    With all document shredders in our document shredder Test 2016, we were able to dispose of paper with paper clips and staples without any problems and without damaging the equipment.
  • Number of pages
    Depending on their size, our test candidates destroy three to 12 pages at a time, which is sufficient for normal office and private use. If your requirements exceed this number of pages, we recommend that you purchase a larger device that can easily destroy 15 or more pages at the same time.
  • Operation according to requirements
    Our document shredders in the product test are characterised by quiet and safe operation. Both low- and high-price models feature a separate plastic waste bin, a larger bin, a return function to clear paper jams, and overheat protection for safe operation. The devices with automatic cleaning function, filling level indicator and accumulation resolution function receive a plus point from us and are particularly recommended.

Which manufacturers manufacture shredders and what distinguishes them?

Companies that produce shredders are, among others, the following: Hama, AmazonBasics, Geha, Fellowes, Rexel, General Office, Draper, Dahle, HSM, IDEAL, EBA, Securio, Kisling, Neopost, Olympia Business Systems or Martin Yale GmbH. Many of these manufacturers are particularly characterised by the fact that they strive for continuous further development and improvement of their devices. This includes further training in technology and development, but also continuous analysis in tests and optimization of the materials used.

Likewise the delivery to the final consumer of the devices at as favourable a price as possible price is also a large endeavour of the enterprises. In addition, manufacturers often offer good conditions anyway, which can affect the purchase but also warranty and service. Many dealers offer a comprehensive service, including spare parts, lost manuals and personal customer service, with many helpful offers.

What should you look for when buying a shredder?

If you consider some tips and advice and information about tests, you can very soon find the right model. The first question that arises before buying a shredder is the question of how the documents, papers and more should be destroyed. Electrically powered document shredders work in different ways as document shredders show tests.

There are electrical devices that cut paper with the strip cut, with the cross cut and with the particle cut, or with the micro cut. Disintegrators or granulators cut up files until they have been broken down into minimal individual parts. Devices working with a hammer mill push the files through a wire sieve.

Depending on the intended use, a document shredder must be able to do more or less. For private use, the high and security-promising destructive power is not required , like companies of all branches or public offices. Even today there are devices that destroy the paper by fire or chemistry.

However, since there is a higher risk potential hidden here, the purchase of such document shredders is not necessarily advisable. It would be better to fall back on the large selection of electrically operated document shredders.

Since the selection is very large, it is optimal to take enough time before deciding on a device to check the really many different functions and compare them in a test. Ultimately, the decisive factor for the purchase is the consideration of the individual requirements and the similarity to the personal ideas you have of a document shredder. A side-by-side display of tested devices with information about the test such as test run, test grade and comparison winner can help to find a match with the individual requirements.

What positive aspects does one of the document shredders offer purchase in the Internet?

There are many advantages to buying a document shredder on the Internet. First of all there is the advantage of comfortable shopping in your own home. This aspect brings further advantages. You do not have to leave the home . From your computer, you can view, compare and select a large number of tests and offers at your leisure. Do your personal product test and find the device that is most similar to your ideas.

A much higher number of devices with a comparison of shredder tests, test reports and test results can be compared with each other than would be possible in a traditional store. The next advantage, which is consistent with the advantage of buying on the Internet, is the direct delivery home. Tiresome and expensive routes are thus completely eliminated. This means time and money savings for the customer. Even heavy transportation or logistical problems can be easily avoided with the purchase of a document shredder on the Internet. Various models of document shredders are offered in mail order companies such as Amazon. Compare the offers and tests yourself and soon order your personal comparison winner in congruence with your ideas.

Likewise the Services of the manufacturer are a good argument for the Purchase on the Internet. If problems or damage occur to the device, the solution can often be found by contacting the provider via E-Mail. Here again, the customer is spared unnecessary trips and costs. You don't have to go to much trouble.

If spare parts are needed, the way is also very short here. In most cases, companies can already find out online whether the missing spare parts are available. If you have any questions regarding warranty claims, the Customer Service staff are always within easy reach. This can lead to a quick clarification of a warranty claim and the device is functional again in a timely manner.

Why you should destroy your data

While more and more security measures apply to online banking, many people forget, according to the data protection expert Andrea Hertstein, who was interviewed for the ARD-Magzin BIZZ , that conventional means of payment such as bank transfer forms are still valid. For example, if fraudsters then come in the paper bin in front of the house to bank details + address + signature (very simple if the postal correspondence is in the bin), the scammers can easily fill out a remittance slip in the name of the person and transfer money from the account. The following video shows how fraudsters can carelessly exploit discarded data and, for example, pay for flights or goods with the stolen data.

Questions and answers to document shredders

Woran do I know the quality of a shredder? 

For privacy reasons a summary shredder can also be found in almost every large company for privacy reasons. Such an office device, however, can also be a good and sensible purchase in the home office. However, the quality of a shredder is extremely important. According to external shredder tests, you can usually recognize these by a good cutter. The blades should therefore have a good and certain sharpness.

How do I clear a jam in the shredder? 

If too many documents are placed in a shredder, traffic jams can occur again and again. The repair is actually relatively simple. In most cases, the summers have a so-called return function. Here, the paper is fed out again. If this function does not help, the paper jam must unfortunately be removed by hand. The Shredder can be opened and the Paper and the documents can be removed.

What oil is suitable for oiling the shredder? 

In order for a Shredder to function properly over a longer period, it requires a certain care and maintenance, as shredder tests show. The cutting mechanism should therefore be maintained at regular intervals with a special oil. You can get such an oil at a very reasonable price in the specialized trade or in one of the countless online shops for office supplies. For a sheet shredder there is a very special oil. Get the necessary information about the accessories easiest from the Internet.

What is a Cross Cut Shredder? 

A Cross Cut document shredder is a device that shreds documents into very small pieces of paper. This makes it impossible to read the data on the documents. If particularly sensitive information has to be destroyed, a Cross Cut shredder is the right choice.

What is oiled paper and what does it do for my shredder? 

Oiled paper is particularly well suited for summers. It is a very special form of paper which is useful for the care and maintenance of a document shredder. The Cutter mechanism has of course certain wear after prolonged use. With a Oiled paper you can extend the life of a Shredder many times over.

Where can I buy a separate cutter for CDs, DVDs and credit cards for my shredder? 

Such a cutter you receive naturally in many on-line Shops or directly in the specialized trade. Of course it can happen again and again that DVDs or CDs have to be destroyed. However, a conventional shredder reaches its limits here.

What is the KB specification on my shredder good for? 

This value indicates Disclosure about the Performance of the Shredder. It indicates how many sheets of paper can be shredded. For more information about the service, simply take a closer look at the individual test reports on the Internet.

Where do I oil a shredder?

According to various document shredder tests, you should oil a document shredder at regular intervals from the first day so that the device can perform its full function. On the one hand you can use spray oil, spraying the oil onto the cutting rollers using the atomizer. A further possibility is to shred a so-called oiled paper as usual with the shredder.

What is a particle cut?

An external document shredder test shows that with a document shredder that is equipped with particle cutting, the cutting rollers not only cut the paper into narrow strips, but also crosswise. You can usually choose between different narrow degrees. The paper is shredded even smaller and unreadable for unauthorized persons.

What do I do if my shredder is clogged?

Suddenly it happened: The paper jams and the Shredder clogged. In this case you can turn off the machine, lift the lid, empty the container and remove the shredded fibres from the cutting rollers. According to various document shredder tests, many devices also have a reset button, according to tests, which lets the cutting rollers turn the other way around and releases the clogged paper.

How expensive is a shredder?

A shredder usually costs between 20 and 300 Euro: You should consider for which purposes you would like to use the device.

For home use, a simple piece of equipment is sufficient, whereas a office shredder may be of higher quality. Such devices are usually more expensive, but also have several cuts with different thicknesses. Test and make a test with sample how much capacity your shredder should have. A shredder test with its experiments, samples, tests and test reports can be a good support for you.

What are security levels in a shredder?

In order to destroy and protect important data at the same time, there are special security levels that are specified on each Shredder. There are 5 different security levels which are standardized in the EU.

Security level 3, for example, is recommended for confidential information and is standardised with a strip width of 2 mm or a particle cut of 4 mm over a length of 60 mm, while Security level 4 is intended for files to be kept secret and is standardised with a strip width of maximum 2 mm over a particle cut of 15 mm.

Which shredder is recommended?

Before Buy you should consider for what purpose you want to use it. This determines the costs, which can vary.

For home use we recommend the Shredder Peach PS500-80, which scores with cross cut, silent continuous operation up to 120 minutes, shredding of paper and staples and four rolls.

Where can I buy a shredder?

You can get a shredder in various shops such as an electrical specialist shop or a furniture store. You can also find them online in stationery stores and mail-order companies. Mail order companies such as Amazon offer numerous document shredders. With a bit of luck, discounters will offer at reasonable prices, although this is not a permanent product. It makes sense to have a look at a juxtaposition of the different devices before a purchase, for example with the help of tests and test reports to a document shredder test, in order to find out which shredder has the greatest possible conformity with your own requirements. So you will soon be able to name your personal test winner in accordance with your wishes.

Which document shredder is suitable for plastic?

Credit, EC and point cards must be renewed from time to time. With a sheet shredder you can shred the plastic card without any problems. In most cases, cheap to expensive devices can destroy plastic cards, which can be found in the individual operating instructions.

What is a crosscut?

The cross section is a synonym for the particle section. In contrast to strip cutting, the paper is not only cut into strips, but also cut horizontally. This ensures a higher level of security and prevents unauthorised persons from extracting data or the like from the shredded material.

What is a document shredder according to the Data Protection Act?

Privacy is capitalized in many companies, enterprises and offices: For this reason, there is security level 5, which is not relevant for domestic use.

Like all other security levels it is standardized EU-wide and secures data protection. Unauthorised persons cannot recognise any letters or numbers on the 0.8 mm wide shredded paper parts.


Figures, data, facts about the shredder

The device for shredding files and documents is colloquially called a shredder, paper shredder, office shredder or document shredder. The operation of the shredders is quite simple. Before the electrically operated document shredders came onto the market, files and documents were thermally destroyed in a kind of fire basket. Since the handling of open fire is associated with certain risks and …

5 Tricks to Clean the Paper Shredder

First of all, the question arises as to why you have to clean a shredder at all and what needs to be cleaned. First of all, it is an electrical device that attracts dust particles statically, which is why the shredder should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth from the outside. In any case, the shredder should be disconnected from the power supply (mains plug). The paper collecting tray …

What security levels are there?

Shredders are primarily designed to ensure the security of data. In Germany, this has been divided into five stages, which have been evaluated according to the DIN 32757 standard. The models advertised by some manufacturers in security level 6 do not comply with this DIN standard and are unnecessary, since the highest level, number 5, was hardly or not used at all anyway. Model series of security levels 2 and 3 …

Before these already very secure document shredders came onto the market, confidential documents were destroyed with the help of so-called fire baskets, which destroyed paper by fire. However, due to the lack of safety and fire hazard, this procedure was soon discontinued again. The predecessors of today's electronically operated document shredders were operated mechanically, mostly by hand crank. Shredding took longer and required more effort. The document shredders in our Test 2016 offer you maximum convenience and needs-based operation.

Care and maintenance

Although modern and high quality data shredders work with low care and maintenance, they still have to be cleaned regularly. Electrical devices attract dust particles statically, so the outer housing must be cleaned of dust residues with a damp cloth. Disconnect the shredder from the power supply before cleaning to avoid danger to life from the interaction of power and water.

The paper collecting container must be regularly cleaned of paper residues and paper dust. This container is made of plastic and is easy to clean with a moist cloth.

The bearing and shafts of the cutterbar must be lubricated regularly for this function to function properly. Use only manufacturer's lubricants or the brands recommended in the instructions for use. Some manufacturers include a few sheets of oiled paper with their machines.

To lubricate the cutter , run a sheet of oiled paper back and forth through the machine a few times. Then shred the paper sheet so that the cutting unit is also optimally oiled. You can also make an oiled paper sheet yourself by lubricating a piece of paper with low-friction or silicone oil and running it through the machine. You can also brush the rollers with permissible lubricants, but you must follow the manufacturer's instructions, as improper use will invalidate the warranty.

High-quality equipment features the so-called self-cleaning function, which automatically lubricates and oils the cutterbar for longer life. All you have to pay attention to is a regular filling of the oil tank inside the unit.


How does a paper jam occur? 

The paper jams in the cutterbar when too many documents are inserted at once. Depending on the size, a document shredder can process more or fewer pages of paper simultaneously. Always pay attention to the maximum number in the instructions for use.

Why do I need a reverse function? 

This practical function allows the paper to run back and forth in a paper jam by a counter-rotating movement of the rolling mills until the paper is released from the cutting unit.

Why is the jam resolution function good?

High end devices have this convenient feature that resolves a paper jam by activating a higher device performance.

Why is the heat protection switch-off good?

This function increases operating safety as it switches off the shredder as soon as there is a risk of overheating. The unit can only be put back into operation after an appropriate cooling time.

What can I do if the power plug is defective?

Have this defect repaired by a specialist, as improper repair can be life-threatening and void the warranty.

What can I do if my shredder is defective?

Ask your dealer first. If you have purchased your device online, check out the manufacturer's website. There you will find the necessary information regarding ordering spare parts, warranty and contact customer service.

Useful accessories

Your document shredder has all important functions for smooth operation. All you need is oil to lubricate the cutterbar regularly. Large and high-quality equipment in companies must be serviced by a specialist. You can also oil smaller devices yourself. Follow your instructions for use, as many manufacturers reserve the right to use their own oil in order to maintain the warranty.

Alternatives to shredder

If you want to guarantee the secure disposal of your sensitive data from private households, offices and companies, there is no alternative to a document shredder with equivalent fictionality, demand-oriented operation and security.

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