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Best Senior Mobile Phone 2019 • 0 Senior Mobile Phones Reviews

What is a senior cell phone?

Many know the expression Handy or Smartphone, but can't use the term Seniorenhandy at all. We would now like to explain to you exactly what a senior mobile phone is.

The Seniorenhandy is primarily tailored to the needs of older people. The manufacturers assume that older people have difficulties both with hearing and with seeing . In addition, there is a lower technology understanding. Although there are elderly people, who struggle to understand the innovations – they quickly forget them again if they are not constantly used. Seniors' mobile phones are therefore easier to use operation, easier to understand and have special functions. Large buttons as well as a Large display for better vision are also basic equipment in those mobile phones. The senior mobile phones are manufactured predominantly by smaller companies – large manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung, usually still do not address this target group.

How does a senior mobile phone work?

A seniors mobile phone is equipped with simple functions but also with additional functions, which can be useful for seniors in a positive way. Large keys, enlarged digits and large letters on the display are part of the basic equipment of a mobile phone for seniors.

This makes it easier for the target group to recognize calls, read text messages and possibly even compose them. The large display allows call numbers to be displayed larger, so that can be recognized without glasses can whoever is trying to call. Another function of senior mobile phones is that they are compatible with a hearing aid. In the settings, a hearing aid can be detected and adjusted accordingly. In addition, the models have improved speakers, as well as the ability to adjust the ringtones accordingly.

A very important function for a senior mobile phone is the emergency call function. This is in each mobile phone, which is cut for seniors. By activating only one key, a emergency call is sent, which automatically fetches help. This is particularly helpful when older people fall or get into a emergency situation. Also Seniors who live alone in an apartment receive more security through this function. The emergency call can be preset so that it is possible to enter the telephone numbers from relatives, nursing staff or the emergency call centre. New models even feature fall detection. It recognizes in which situation the person is and can independently send a emergency call after a fall. In hazardous situations this can function save lives.

Also GPS has a much greater importance in senior mobile phones. Young people who use a smartphone usually use GPS for navigation. In elderly people, the GPS signal is used to localize the elderly. In Alzheimer or when older people are suddenly disoriented, staying away longer than usual, locating can also be helpful. A signal indicates where the mobile phone or the elderly person is currently located. You will then be able to locate the affected person and possibly also pick him up from the location. The signal, which reveals the whereabouts of the person, offers a correspondingly higher security.

Advantages & Application areas

If the seniors have a mobile phone, the relatives can inquire better about the state of health and need not worry.

Today there are still many seniors who take distance from a mobile phone. These people have managed most of their lives without mobile phone and want to remain independent even today. A senior mobile phone in the emergency can save lives and is also useful for other purposes. Seniors use their free time Excursions to cope, enjoy life and meet with like-minded people. No matter if it is the dance afternoon of the Seniorentreffs or if a excursion into the countryside is planned – seniors are always on the move and not easy to meet. If the senior citizens have a mobile phone, the relatives can better inquire about the state of health and need not worry about whether something has happened to the person concerned.

Another advantage of a senior mobile phone is that the said person, can request help at any time. Whether she's at home or elsewhere. In the event of a breakdown with a car, a fall in an allotment garden, etc., the mobile phone can be life-saving. But also to get help when others are injured, this is Seniorenhandy a practical Utensil. It is also used for communication with others. In some cases a mobile phone can housephone substitute, save costs and still serve as a means of communication. The tasks that a senior mobile phone can fulfil are broadly diversified. From location to communication with family or friends, everything is possible.

Even with senior mobile phones there are different models. You will find Senior smartphones as well as simple mobile phones. Some models are not available for Internet use. Others, on the other hand, make it possible to go online via the mobile network. Due to the longer battery life, the Seniorenhandy is also better equipped, so that you can forget about charging.

How to get a senior to use a cell phone?

technologyOften Seniors are of the opinion that Mobile phone is a useless acquisition. If Oma is to be equipped with a mobile phone, this does not serve to always be up to date. It is more about the security of seniors when they are on the road and they fall or get lost. This statement seems logical and plausible for the young generation. But some Seniors defend themselves with all force against a mobile phone and always invent spectacular excuses not to have to use it. So how do you get a person to use a cell phone for his own sake?

What advantage does the purchase of a senior mobile phone have?

Seniors today find it difficult to introduce themselves to the new technique, which can make life very difficult for them. Especially with regard to mobile phones the seniors often defend themselves. The new Media are much too complicated and cumbersome, so that the senior feels from the outset that he does not need this device. However, there are advantages to using Senior a mobile phone owned and using it.

Safety at home and on the road

Who uses a Seniorenhandy in particular, can profit from various functions profit.

The emergency button makes it possible to get help quickly – no matter where the person is.

Another function also allows the mobile phone to be located. These two factors should represent the main reason why a senior cell phone is meaningful. But also in order to save costs at clinic stays, the mobile phone is practically designed. The mobile phone has long been allowed in hospital and may also be used in bed. This can save high telephone costs. It also sweetens patients the time they can call anyone they can think of. Long hours Telephoning without being tied to the bed is a welcome change for people who have to stay in the clinic. Furthermore, seniors are often on trips or excursions. With a mobile phone for senior citizens they remain reachable, so that the family does not have to worry. On city trips the mobile phone can be helpful to arrange meeting points with the tour guide or to shift the times. A simple communication is possible with help of the seniors mobile phone, which does not restrict the sprightly pensioner in the freedom of movement in any way.

What are the advantages for seniors?

AEG Bigkeys HandyIn order to make a older people a mobile phone tasty, all advantages must be uncovered directly and explained if necessary. This is usually not enough, so that you have to dig a little deeper into the Trickkiste. If you call the mobile phone a useful device, it will hardly become more interesting in the eyes of seniors and often the mobile phone will simply be forgotten at home. The following Tips can help you to ensure that grandma or grandpa always likes to carry their mobile phone with them.

1. the whole pride of the grandparents is the family – the grandchildren and grandchildren. A mobile phone, which is equipped with a camera, automatically to the utensil, which is often used. Also the possibility to display photoshows are powerful arguments to use the mobile phone. Photos can be shot anywhere with the mobile phone. Whether at coffee in the afternoon or to various family celebrations – the mobile phone with the camera is suddenly always with of the party. Therefore, introduce the person in question to the advantages of a camera in the mobile phone and explain in detail why it makes more sense to carry a mobile phone.

2. since many seniors are of the opinion that they are not called on the mobile phone, bthe mobile phone usually stays at home. You can counter this fact yourself and your family by calling regularly. This should not serve the control, but make the mobile phone an integral part of life. In this way the mobile phone is gladly taken along. If then a suitable ringtone is heard, this can become the trigger for a permanent mobile phone use.

3. many seniors follow a hobby and it is only the news to receive it over the radio. Most mobile phones already have an FM radio which is integrated in the mobile phone and can be received without antenna. For younger seniors there is the possibility Apps on the mobile phone to install , in order to be informed always about the newest News. With the app the sports enthusiast always stays up to date and uses the mobile phone automatically increased.

So it's not so hard to get the older Generation to always carry the phone with them. But you won't get far with arguments about security. Try to present the mobile phone to the seniors in a tasty way that they take the mobile phone voluntarily and always want to carry it with them.

This is how we tested the senior mobile phones

IceFox (TM) SeniorenhandyWith our test series the Seniorenhandy we proceeded as follows. The delivery and Packaging are important aspects, so that the senior mobile phone arrives safely and without transport damages . Next we noticed the Commissioning. A senior mobile phone should be simple on and off. The User Interface must also be clearly defined for seniors, so that you can easily find yourself through the Menu Guide.

At Test via Operation and Function we determined which Functions were possible. Could the mobile phone go online and is GPS possible for a location of the mobile phone. We also checked the keys to see if they were in a good size. We also checked how well the numbers are displayed on the Display. It was also important to us that the senior mobile phone could also be used outdoors. The person concerned should also be able to call Help quickly while on the move.

Since a senior mobile phone is a technical device, the warranty or the customer service of the manufacturer also represents an important basis. In case of questions the owners themselves should be able to contact Support in Contact.
Finally, a conclusion about the individual models reveals what they can do and for which target group the mobile phone is suitable. We compared the devices again and found out where the differences lie. As a result, you will be able to find an optimal mobile phone that even seniors would like to deal with.

What do I have to look out for when buying a senior mobile phone?

Before you buy a senior mobile phone, you should be aware of the functions these models must contain.

If you buy the mobile phone for yourself, you are already convinced that a senior mobile phone is right for you. If you are a relative and would like to equip your parents, grandparents, uncle or aunt with a mobile phone, it makes sense if you do some preparatory work. Because even the best mobile phone is not help if it is in the drawer at home. Therefore, you should explain to the person exactly what are the advantages of buying a senior mobile phone. In addition to the decision to also want to use the senior mobile phone, there are other elementary factors that you should consider when buying.

Note the size and processing display. On the display characters and numbers must be easy to read. The contrast and the illumination should be adjustable to the needs. These factors are also elementary for spectacle wearers. A high-contrast display provides a much better picture, which seniors can easily recognize.

In addition to the display, the keyboard plays an important role. With normal Smartphones it happens very often that one mistypes. Even young people who grew up with this technique Swisstone BBM 320ctype each other today. It therefore takes some practice to deal with a small keyboard. For Seniors large keys should be appropriate, which are well recognizable. But which can also be easily operated – this also prevents unintentional calls being made during operation. In addition, large keys facilitate menu navigation and, last but not least, application. However, the keys should not only be large and easily visible, but also resilient. Seniors usually use the keys more often, since they are often no longer safe in Use and correct them. So make sure that the titles of the keys are well processed when you buy them. If numbering is easy to remove, it won't take long for the keys to be completely black – making use impossible for a senior to use. It also makes sense if there is a numeric announcement that is clearly audible. On some models, this works in such a way that when the corresponding key is pressed for a longer time, this digit is read aloud. The input can be revised or left, which is often not visible on the Display when entering the digit. A clear separation of the individual keys would also be helpful to avoid typing errors . It is recommended that there are many possibilities of speed dial keys that you can set. The advantage is that one keystroke is enough to call the desired person.

The menu navigation is also important. A complicated operation will prevent older people from using a mobile phone. Therefore, it is important to ensure simple operation. The less functions and games are integrated in the senior mobile phone, the easier handling is. A seniors mobile phone should contain however special functions absolutely. The Telefonbuch, a memory for SMS and a Menüpunkt, with which all important settings are feasible, should be sufficient, so that also a elderly person gets along well with the Seniorenhandy.

The battery life is a basic point to consider when buying a product.

Compare the models on their standby time as well as the speaking time. Bluetooth or a radio used over the Internet significantly reduces battery life. A battery life of at least one week should therefore be the standard of a senior mobile phone, which of course shortens with increased use. The manufacturer usually indicates the battery life exactly. Smartphones that are used by the younger generation usually have a shorter battery life up to only a few hours if the smartphone is used continuously. With senior mobile phones this point was considered by many manufacturers, so that a long running time is given.

The volume is another aspect. To hear the ringing of the mobile phone, it should also be sound enough. Pay attention to the adjustability and a setting which allows the maximum volume. Also the call volume should be adjustable. It would also be good if the call volume could not be adjusted unintentionally during the call. It often happens that the mobile phone is held to the ear, while keys are pressed unintentionally, which adjust the call volume. The consequence is often that Seniors do not understand the other participants clearly enough. A vibration signal, which can be added to the ringtone, is also useful, so that the ringing can also be felt.

The emergency call key should not be missing at a senior mobile phone either. But be careful: Not all senior mobile phones have this button – when buying it is therefore important to make sure that an emergency call button is integrated.

A emergency call key activated by pressing releases an emergency call. This emergency call can be made in two different ways. There is once the direct way, which dials a stored number or the emergency call center. For example, a answering machine is deactivated so that it rings until it is answered. The indirect path leads by means of a SMS to the receiver. Some of the models also have an acoustic tone on the mobile phone, so that neighbours or passers-by may also be made aware of the emergency. However, the emergency call button should not be too easily accessible, so that an unwanted emergency call is prevented by unintentionally pressing the emergency call button.

GPS is a signal where the mobile phone can be located. This is important as older people increasingly suffer from confusion. Also in Alzheimer a senior cell phone with GPS can be helpful to find the missing person more easily. For older people this often conveys a feeling of safety knowing that if a acute case occurs, one will be found even after a certain time. In addition, the location function life can save and prevent the night-long wandering of older people.

Hearing aids are often used by elderly people. Therefore the senior mobile phone should have a function for the hearing aid. Because not all models are equipped for the parallel use of mobile phone and hearing aid. You can use the M1 or M3 classification to determine whether the device is fit for hearing aids.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Alcatel
  • Panasonic
  • Olympia
  • Doro
  • Emporia

Alcatel was a manufacturer that was once founded in France. Alcatel can look back on a successful history, especially in the areas of mobile phones, telecommunications and high-speed Internet. In 2006, Alcatel merged with the American manufacturer TCL, which still develops and markets Alcatel branded products. Alcatel stands for high quality and easy handling of mobile phones. The Alcatel brand is at the forefront, especially when it comes to mobile phones for senior citizens. Both simple operation and helpful functions are constantly being further developed and adapted to the needs of senior citizens.

Panasonic is a manufacturer that can look back on a very long history. The manufacturer manufactures small electrical appliances such as shavers, but also telecommunications equipment such as answering machines, fax machines and even senior mobile phones. The brand from the Far East can shine with high-quality equipment that has a clean finish and a high level of know-how. If you purchase a Panasonic brand senior mobile phone, the devices have a long life expectancy and a perfectly coordinated customer service. Simple handling, long battery life and helpful functions can also be found in the manufacturer's senior mobile phones.

Olympia is a manufacturer based in Hattingen / Ruhrkreis. The production is based on telecommunications equipment as well as lighting technology products. The manufacturer can also demonstrate a wide range of security products such as alarm systems. In the area of mobile phones Olympia has a large selection for seniors. But smartphones are also included in the manufacturer's product portfolio. The focus here is on simple handling of the mobile phones, which are equipped with important functions such as GPS or an emergency call button. The high-quality devices have a long service life and convince by their easy handling.

The manufacturer Doro specialises in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment for senior citizens. Both senior mobile phones and landline telephones are included in the manufacturer's product portfolio. The Doro brand devices are easy to use and yet include all the important functions that a mobile phone has to offer today. The aim of Doro equipment is to give older people a piece of freedom and a sense of life. Aids with which one can act independently into old age are indispensable. With Doro mobile phones, you not only buy a mobile phone for seniors, but you also get a great deal of freedom and the goal of self-decision back. The high standard of the devices shows that there can also be inexpensive mobile phones, which nevertheless have all the important functions.

The manufacturer Emporia has also chosen a special target group. The focus is on mobile phones that are adapted to the needs of senior citizens. The company can look back on a long history. The devices incorporate the experience values that are associated with new technologies. GPS and emergency call button as well as other useful functions can be found in the models. There is a large selection available so that everyone can find a suitable mobile phone. High-quality workmanship, robustness and easy handling are at the top of the list of features that Emporia's models offer.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my senior mobile phone best?

There are a lot of possibilities where you can buy a senior mobile phone.

Many will prefer the free trade, because you can look at and try out the mobile phones there. Likewise, most seniors do not have the possibility to access the Internet.

But other problems arise when you purchase a senior mobile phone in the open trade. Because the choice there is very small. If at all there are one to two mobile phones in free trade between which you can compare. In most cases, however, these models do not have the equipment that should be available. The seller will therefore advise you to choose a normal smartphone – often coupled with expensive mobile rates. When you get home, you'll find that you can't get along with your smartphone in any way. The result is that the mobile phone finds its purpose in the drawer – which, however, is not in the least sense and purpose of the mobile phone purchase. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a senior mobile phone on the Internet. We will now list the advantages that an online purchase brings for you.

Online means more selection

If you decide to purchase a senior mobile phone, the purchase in online trade is associated with more advantages. The Search can for example result from a search engine.Doro PhoneEasy 612 Klapphandy1 By entering the keyword “Seniorenhandy” many manufacturers with models adapted to the needs of seniors can be found within seconds. You are now able to get all the information about these models and finally decide which functions are needed. If your new phone should have a emergency call button or the battery life is long enough so that you do not have to charge the phone constantly. There are also senior mobile phones, which are provided with a suitable tariff. But here you should exercise caution, because not every offer is also in good offer – we will tell you more about this later in the guide to matching Prepaid Tariffs. First of all, the focus is on acquiring a mobile phone without a tariff. The question, whether it should be a mobile phone with Internet function or not, is also an important point with Purchase. For example, if you want to get the latest News from your Mobile phone, Internet access is recommended. If you prefer to watch news on television or read the newspaper, Internet access is not absolutely necessary. Instead, more attention should be paid to a simple operation. Pay attention to large buttons, an equally large display and simple menu navigation. Comparison portals or test pages, as we have created one for you, provide you with lists and information from which you can see exactly what features the mobile phone has to offer. A electronics retailer, on the other hand, offers you only a small selection. It is also often the case that the sellers do not even know the exact function and tell you something completely inconsistent about the mobile phone.

In Online Trading it is often not possible to recognize how the menu navigation of the mobile phone is structured. Manufacturers promise easy handling, but whether you can cope with it is not always confirmed. Therefore, forums to go through are a component of the mobile phone purchase. In these forums other seniors report about the experience values they experienced with the different models. This makes it easier for you to see whether the model in question meets your requirements. You have the choice from all imaginable models, which there are on the market – therefore you should take a lot of time with the selection and acquire only a Handy, if you are sure that it is the correct for you. If you want to buy a mobile phone for a family member, you should also not simply buy the next best model. Because as already mentioned, it is not the sense and purpose of a mobile phone if it lies in the drawer. It is best to buy the mobile phone together so that a certain anticipation can arise in the person concerned.

Finally, it is also a question of price, why purchase via Internet is more worthwhile than in the open trading. mobile phones and smartphones usually cost more than 100 Euro. Modernity Devices are even available up to more than 500 Euro. But also seniors' mobile phones have their price and often cost more than 100 Euros in free trade. In the online trade prices can be calculated more freely, so that often a lower price comes out thereby. If a mobile phone in free handsl costs 100 Euro, you can assume that you can get it up to 40 percent cheaper in online trading. The reason lies in the freer calculation of prices. Online Dealers often do not require large storage rooms. As a rule, one office is sufficient to operate an online trade. There are less costs, which der online dealer can pass on to the customer. This results in an enormous price difference compared to free trade.

The wider choice, the increased information about the model and also the price aspect are the main arguments why a purchase in online trade is more sensible.

In addition, you can make use of a so-called return right. As soon as you decide for the purchase in the net , you get a return right of 14 days . During this time it is possible to return the device to the dealer and withdraw from the purchase contract. It does not even need a reason – the return of the device is completely sufficient. If, despite all expectations, you cannot cope with the selected senior mobile phone, you are free to return the mobile phone and decide on another model. If, on the other hand, you buy in the open trading, it is often regarded as a gesture of goodwill whether the dealer wants to take back the device or not. As a rule, you will be informed that you have enjoyed a detailed consultation and that the dealer does not take back the model. This is therefore one more reason why a purchase on the Internet has more advantages than a purchase in free trade.

The history of the senior mobile phone

If we would like to explain the history of senior mobile phones to you, we go back several decades – to the time when it was possible to communicate with a telephone also outside of too home or the Boffice to ..

We are in the year 1958 in which the age of the mobile phone began. However, the model of that time has little to do with today's smartphone or mobile phone.
It was rather a 16 kilogram heavy monster, which was used for installation in a vehicle. The price for only one model at that time was about 15000 Euro, which no normal mortal could afford. The models were increasingly used by the military, where communication should insist on being out of range of the radio network. Only in the year 1973 did the mobile phones become more mobile. Motorola was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a mobile phone with much less weight at that time. However, it did not yet prevail because the first models were hardly affordable. Only 1983 appeared a mobile phone for 4000 dollars on the market, which was interesting for commercial purposes. But even at this time the success was only moderate. In the 90s the technology was so advanced that the first bone mobile phones with an antenna were available. At that time the cost was still very telephonehigh – but it was more affordable for many who wanted to be reachable by mobile. Private people still use the mobile phone very rarely. At the end of the 90s years mobile phones were offered finally with a mobile radio contract at the price starting from 0 euro. Finally also private people could afford the mobile phone and profited from the new freedom. However, these models were initially only suitable for telephoning. Gradually, models came onto the market, which made it possible to send and receive text messages. The mobile phones of that time are still similar to the senior mobile phones of today in a certain way, because the operation and the handling of these models were simple and almost self-explanatory.

In the new thousand of years the mobile phones continued to develop until the first smartphones appeared on the market and the simple mobile phones were sold. Internet usage, SMS and even the use of cameras should simplify people's lives. However, with the numerous functions also the handling of the devices became more complicated. The young generation got along very well with these models. Only the older generation, who first had to get used to bone phones, were faced with the problem of having to rethink. For many, the handling of these models was too complicated. Even today, the target group of that time still uses the simple models and cannot make friends with the smartphone. Seniors, who have not understood the meaning of a mobile phone to this day, even completely do without the use of a mobile phone. Due to the fact that the technology became more and more complicated, some manufacturers started to concentrate on the target group who did not want to follow the new features.

Thus the development of senior mobile phones began, which are tailored to the needs of old people, but also modern technology in the devices can apply. GPS for example is a helpful option to locate the corresponding person or mobile phone. Seniors who wander around disorientated can be found more easily thanks to this GPS function. Especially in winter, when temperaturesgen zero point drop, locating disoriented people can even save lives. But also other functions like a emergency call button are useful integrations, so that help can be requested quickly. Usually one keypress is enough to get help. For senior citizens, this is also an important safety aspect. Today the senior mobile phone is available in many versions. Technical People can choose from models that have more Functions like Internet or Games. Seniors who simply use their mobile phones to make or receive calls do not need any special equipment.

Figures, data, facts about the senior mobile phone

Primo 413 by Doro1Although Seniorenhandys only have a small equipment, they have become more popular in recent years. The ease of use and useful features have resulted in sales of more than 5 million devices in 2016 alone, and the trend is rising, with sales figures for senior mobile phones expected to be even higher in 2017. A statistic that shows that mobile phones can save lives for senior citizens shows that GPS locating dementia patients is particularly helpful. In Germany alone there are 1.4 million people suffering from dementia. For these people this is mobile phone with GPS locating vital. New models were equipped with a wristband, which has an emergency call. If the person is wandering around, he or she can either use the emergency call or by means of which GPS location can be found more quickly.

Relief also for family members: Nothing is worse than sitting at home, worrying and waiting for the person to be picked up by the police or for the population to follow up the information. The GPS locating is therefore also helpful for all family members to find the corresponding person faster. By means of the integrated functions in senior mobile phones at least one third of dementia patients could be found faster .

More Freedom for Seniors: By carrying a Senior mobile phone they can move more freely and follow what they want. Family members or even the nursing staff often impose rules on senior citizens that restrict them in their freedom of movement. There is often no evil intent behind this – it is rather the worries that drive the family members to issue these rules. Therefore, the senior mobile phone is sensible for both sides to give the relatives a feeling of security and also to grant seniors their freedom.

Trends in the senior mobile phone sector

There are also Trends in the area of senior mobile phones.

Seniors don't just want to be sure that they are carrying a technical marvel. No, seniors' mobile phones must also convince with their appearance and design.
As far as functions are concerned, seniors are not willing to forgo advantages. According to a research study also want seniors, if they can already use a mobile phone also want to take full advantage of it. Therefore, Trend lies in the development of devices that ensure easy use. The function is not limited to making calls. Mobile phones with telemedicine are special models that can, for example, also create a ECG. In addition to GPS localization, there is reminder function, when and if medication must be taken. All these helpful functions can be integrated into modern models today. Just like a computer, a mobile phone can be very helpful in many situations life situations. You just need to be aware of the benefits of using a senior mobile phone.

Compatible prepaid rates

Prepaid rates have the advantage that there are no monthly running costs. Seniors do not necessarily need all Possibilities like a Internet usage. It makes sense to Primo 413 by Doroin contrast, Flatrate Tariff are used to make calls to all networks. Any additional options such as Internet use are usually expensive and are not needed at all. Prepaid Tarife offer the advantage that credit can be called off without fixed running costs to the senior. You decide for yourself how much credit will be charged, you can add options yourself, and you can decide monthly if you want to continue using the option. When selecting a prepaid tariff, the network coverage must also be taken into account. Although many supermarket tariffs are suitable for saving costs, they have minimal network coverage. In network of O2 there are still considerably more network failures today than in the D-networks. The market leader is the D1 network, which is offered by T-Mobil. However, there are also so-called third party providers such as Debitel who use the D1 network, but are usually not able to show all the advantages. We have looked around for you and show you mobile operator with the currently best options:

Congstar is located in the D1 network with a correspondingly good network coverage. There is no runtime, so the SIM card never loses its validity. You will only receive a message that there may be no credit left on the card. The prices both for calls and also Internet are in the lower price segment, so that Congstar is one of the most favorable Provider at present. There is the possibility to book many options, such as the surfflat or a landline flat. Vodafone, O2 or also T-Mobile has just as many options, which can be booked individually. There are no terms for the prepaid card, so that it is still active even without credit and you remain reachable.

T-Mobile currently offers the cheapest tariff in terms of Internet use. When deciding which tariff is the right one for you, it is important that an exact usage is explained. If you want to make cheap calls, a Flatrat for the landline network and / or to other mobile networks is a good option. Please also note that the prices of the individual providers differ considerably.

A mobile phone contract is usually not useful for senior mobile phones. Unintentional activation of calls may result in high charges.

With a Prepaid SIM you have the Costs always in view and simply charge the card when it is empty. If a call is unintentionally activated, no major damage will occur. The same applies to Apps or Abofallen. As soon as a Prepaid Card has no Credit, no more debit can be made – if an unintentional subscription would be triggered with a Mobile radio contract, it would be difficult to get out of this subscription again, since it is often not clear which Abo it is. For this reason, it makes more sense for senior cell phones to purchase a prepaid card to steadily enjoy a full cost control. Today's tariffs hardly differ in price from mobile phone contracts, so that there are no disadvantages in terms of costs and prices.

Radiation values for seniors' mobile phones

Older people are increasingly concerned about the radiation values of electrical devices. For the younger generation, on the other hand, this topic is usually far away.

devices like the mobile phone belong to everyday life, and although one knows that there are so-called radiation values, these are not considered. Often you buy a mobile phone or smartphone because it is the trendiest model or because you like it the best. According to a survey, very few users know what kind of radiation they are exposed to with mobile phones. It is more important for seniors to know to what extent there is a health hazard due to mobile phone. The radiation values are given by the bvalue. The manufacturers publish this value in the respective technical data of the device. The SAR value indicates the extent to which a biological tissue can absorb electromagnetic radiation. The absorption causes the tissue to heat up. If the SAR value is low, the tissue is also warmed less and there is only a low radiation exposure. Modern mobile phones or smartphones today have SAR values between 0.10 and 1.99. The World Health Organization recommends not using devices above radiation exposure of more than 2.0.

However, SAR value does not describe a fixed and continuous value, but varies depending on situation. Where the network is poorly developed, the SAR value is significantly higher, since the device transmits with a significantly higher power. In well-developed networks, the SAR value is significantly lower, since the device does not need to install a high transmission line. However, in order to make a comparison of devices, there has been a fixed standard since 2001, which describes the conditions under which the SAR value must be measured. It is always necessary to measure under the worst conditions, such as a low network, etc. Therefore, it can be said that the SAR value does not always correspond to the daily values.

Senior mobile phones also have SAR values. These can be found in the rule the technical data of the mobile phone. But also in this area there are mobile phones, whose radiation values are lower or higher. It always depends on the equipment of the devices. If, for example, a senior mobile phone is equipped with Bluetooth, the overall radiation value may be higher. What you can do yourself against the radiation is to use a headset when making calls. In addition, the mobile phone should be placed at a certain distance at night and not directly on the bedside table.

The manufacturers Doro and Emporia have mobile phones in their product range that are classified as very low in radiation. But the other manufacturers are also becoming more and more involved.

Mobile phones with less than 0.40 are regarded as devices with svery low radiation exposure. Between 0,40 and 0,60 these devices are still considered to be very low. From 0.6 to 1.0 the mobile phones are in the middle range. Only from a value of more than 1.0 is a high radiation exposure considered.

FAQ about senior mobile phones

Here you can find Questions and Answers about Seniorenhandy. The first question, of course, is this:

Which senior mobile phone is the best?

In general, you can't say which mobile phone is the best. It depends on the needs of the seniors. There are mobiles, with which one gets along well, while the other speaks of a complicated handling. As a rule, however, you can assume that a senior mobile phone is equipped with a low radiation exposure, few functions, GPS and emergency call function with everything that seems important. If you want additional functions such as Internet access, this is in your own interest. In our test series we have tested the models according to the simplicity, the operation up to the functions. The comparison test winner may also be unsuitable for you if other facts are more important to you. Our comparison list gives you a clear overview of which model can score points with which functions and which equipment.

Senior mobile phone – how much does it cost?

The iPhone 6s is available for about 700 euro in the trade. A Samsung of the same class can cost up to 900 Euro. A senior mobile phone, on the other hand, is a simple mobile device, which has less equipment. Therefore the models are already available at a price from 30 Euro. Depending on equipment and model a mobile phone for seniors can cost up to 100 or even more. Even inexpensive models have a sufficient quality are robust and easy to handle.

Where can a senior mobile phone be purchased cheap?

You can purchase the Senior mobile phone both in Retail and in Online Trading. There are models, which are offered with or without mobile tariff. Purchasing a senior mobile phone with a mobile phone contract can be an alternative. However, you should make sure that these are cheap Prepaid tariffs and not overpriced mobile phone contracts with monthly basic costs. The purchase appears advantageous in Internet, since you will find a wider selection there. In addition, the models on the net are priced far below what you would have to pay in retail.

Useful accessories for senior mobile phones

As for the smartphone of the young generation, some accessories are important to prolong the life of the device. We will explain to you exactly which purchases make sense for the senior mobile phone.

  • Headset
  • Bag
  • Display protection

With a headset, you can make calls using headphones that have a microphone attached. They understand better and may be better understood. The headset can also be used as headphones when you want to listen to music on your phone. This accessory can therefore shorten your bus journey. You can also sweeten your waiting time at the doctor's by listening to music on your mobile phone, without disturbing the other waiting people.

A mobile phone pocket is an inevitable utensil to protect the device. Many women like to carry their mobile phones in their handbags, where other utensils can be found. Slightly scratches the mobile phone or becomes so dirty that the microphone no longer functions or the loudspeaker is silenced. This results in high repair costs, which could have been avoided with an appropriate protective bag. A high-quality bag can also protect the mobile phone from falls and possibly prevent a display break.

A display protector protects it from scratches which can impair the view of the display. In most cases, the display protection consists of a film that can easily be replaced.

Is there an alternative to the senior mobile phone?

A Alternative to the Seniorenhandy would be in normal Smartphone or Handy. Since with these Models however important functions like Emergency call button are missing, you should refrain from buying a normal Handy. In addition, many smartphones have a short battery life because they contain more functions. These make the use unnecessary complicated, so that most seniors do not get along with it.

A alternative to the senior mobile phone, if the emergency call is in the foreground, would be a radio finger. This is a necklace with the emergency call on it. A disadvantage of this is that this radio finger only works in connection with a base station – so it can only be used where the base is located, which is usually at home with seniors. If you want to be mobile, the Funkfinger is also not a real alternative to the senior mobile phone.

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