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Best Seat Cushion 2019 • 0 Seat Cushions Reviews

How does a seat cushion work?

Seat cushions belong to the most uncomplicated furnishings, their use is self-explanatory. In their simplest form, they are placed as they are on a chair and decorate it, but also provide a soft base. Last but not least, they also shield the seat of the chair and prevent scratches that are quickly caused by a jeans button. If they are flat and flexible, they can be washed without problems in the domestic washing machine. Some seat cushions can also be covered with cushion covers so that they can be put into the washing machine if necessary, while the seat cushion can remain outside and was protected from dirt the whole time. This also has the advantage that a change of the cover brings a new colour into the living area without having to replace the entire seat cushion.

In addition to the simple form, there are special seat cushions for an ergonomic sitting posture. These are partly free How does a seat cushion work in the test and comparison at ReviewInstitutes?for sale, partly they are made to measure from a medical supply store. The latter are mainly found in back patients patients, because then a correct sitting posture is particularly important. If it is not possible for them to sit less, for example by working at a standing desk, the seat cushion helps them to adopt a healthy posture.

Such a seat cushion is less decorative, but it can be used on any chair and also on a bench. Whether on the dining table chair at home, on a garden bench or even on the office chair at work – with the help of such a seat cushion, the most uncomfortable chair can be made comfortable and back pain can be better prevented. The best known form of this is the wedge cushion, which is higher in the back than in the front and brings the person into a back straight position without him having to do anything for it himself. However, there are also special designs which are adapted to the exact requirements of the user.

Larger shapes of seat cushions are usually protected and decorated with a cushion cover as they need to be washed occasionally. They can also become dirty due to their size alone and usually lie on the floor, where they absorb even more dirt. At the latest, when dog and cat discover how comfortable a seat cushion is, hair collects on it and the cleaning already serves a certain basic hygiene in the household.

Such seat cushions consist of an undecorative and simple held cushion filling, as this disappears under a cover anyway. Materials such as polystyrene balls, but also cotton or synthetic wadding fibres can be used as fillings. Depending on how firm or soft the seat cushion is to be, it can be filled looser or denser with filling material. While cotton wool or a comparable synthetic material will always remain very flexible and crumpleable, small polystyrene balls as a filling for a large seat cushion offer a very special seat feeling, similar to a seat bag. Smaller balls are more flexible and it is easier to sink into such a cushion, which is why they are used as larger balls for filling.

The seat cushion itself is no longer washed at home, but if necessary professionally cleaned, because it is too big for a washing machine. Only his covers, which can be exchanged flexibly according to desire and mood, fit into these. A cleaning of the cushion filling of a large Sitzpouf is only necessary in case of coarse contamination – a whole juice bottle would have to leak and contaminate more than the cushion cover, which hopefully is the exception.

The aesthetic element of a seat cushion is its cushion cover, as long as the cushion itself is not made decorative. When not in use, the seat cushion should be chosen in a beautiful design and a matching colour to match the rest of the home or garden decoration. This allows it to be placed on any chair or bench and even embellishes the living room. It is well known that the devil lies in the detail and a seat cushion that does not match the colour would attract attention – a seat cushion that is well chosen in colour, on the other hand, subconsciously contributes to the colour scheme.

Advantages & Application areas

Basically there are seat cushions for indoors and for outdoors as well as medical support for patients with back problems. Of course, such seat cushions can also be used as a preventive measure to help you sit better and with less strain on your back. The cushion cover adds a further range of possibilities for individualisation, which can contribute to harmonious room decoration. Some possible areas of application for a seat cushion are:

  • hard dining chairs
  • benches at a dining table
  • Garden furniture (chairs and benches)
  • unergonomic chairs
  • as a stool (e.g. as a seatpouf)
  • for seating circles (large seat cushions for the floor)

Uncomfortable, hard Chairs sometimes look great, but you don't like sitting on them for long. Since they are usually not quite cheap designer parts, it would be a pity for the money if nobody would want to sit on them for long. Often you also want to protect their surface, because the wear comes early enough and makes the furniture look used. However, a seat cushion can solve these two problems, and if it does not match the chairs visually, it is simply locked back into the cabinet afterwards.

However, many chairs still benefit optically from a seat cushion and therefore look a bit more homely. A naked chair without any edition always seems a little impersonal. On seats for indoors and outdoors custom-made seat cushions or seat cushions are used. This means that they fit precisely to the centimetre, do not slip and also look tailor-made. Furniture manufacturers often offer a range of products for their benches
tailor-made seat cushions or seat cushions, so that you can choose the colour and the material. If nothing is included, the seat cushion can of course also be made by yourself so that it exactly meets the expectations.

Office employees often deal with inappropriate, uncomfortable and downright healthy seats. Ergonomics is no longer an issue and the standing desk is not offered in every office – and it is not wanted by everyone. In most cases, an employee must first become ill in order for employers to attach more importance to an ergonomic chair.

A brought seat cushion for better ergonomics at the workplace can help to protect the back, even if there is no possibility of sitting less during the day. Because not everyone can afford to make regular breaks, and not everyone wants to make stretching and stretching exercises before the other colleagues. A correct, healthier sitting posture can release one or the other tension and lead to going home in the evening with less back pain.

If one were to be healthier during the day, many cases of back pain would probably be avoided or at least improved in their later extent.

Such a seat cushion can be placed on any office chair if it is not already ergonomically designed. Then a seat cushion is no longer advisable, since the already formed seat surface of the chair does not get along with the seat cushion and the employee probably sits on it incorrectly again.

In principle, seat cushions are suitable for inside– and outside areas. Inside, they are a decorative and practical element and make hard seats softer, but also embellish the home and protect the surface of chairs and benches. With a seat cushion on the chair and bench, the furniture looks as if it is regularly and lovingly in use, because where there are residents, there are also textile elements like a seat cushion.

Seat cushions also have their right to exist outside. garden furniture like chairs and benches look great in rattan, reed or concrete, but just soft and cuddly they are not. You can change this easily with a outdoor-suitable seat cushion. At best, it is water- and dirt-repellent, then wind and weather are equally less suited to it. After all, even the warmest summer can surprise you with a spontaneous shower of rain, outdoor cushions must be able to withstand that.

Otherwise, the seat cushion is simply taken out if necessary and then taken back to the garage or basement, where it can also winter. Since garden furniture is even harder than furniture for the living area, the seat cushions made for it are often thicker. This also insulates them from the cold at night when it gets longer in the evening and you don't want to go inside, even if it has already cooled down outside.

Hocker are currently developing into new trend under the seat cushions, most likely in the form of the seatpouf. Most of us might still know the stool from Mom's and Dad's living room, which was rather Dad's footrest and nobody else used it – which is a pity, because you can sit on it wonderfully.

They are based on the tradition to sit and eat together on seat cushions on the floor, which in many advantages of a seat cushion test at ReviewInstitute natural peoples has been preserved to this day. The beanbag for a teenager's room or a living room that has remained young at heart is now almost an old hat, the seat cushion is just turning into a design object and offers more than enough inspiring design possibilities. stools or seatpoufs turn an already cosy, personally furnished living room into a nest that you simply want to get yourself into. They fit in perfectly with currently popular Furnishing trends such as the Scandinavian look and country house style, with other covers they even fit into the Industrial Loft and a Shabby Chic style.

The covers are also their major advantage, because they can be changed at any time and thus ensure that the seat cushion remains hygienic. As cheap, but striking seating, they are also comfortable and space-saving, so they can also give a small apartment a touch of its own charisma. You can also make your own seatpouf in parts: if you are experienced with knitting or crochet needles, you can make your own pillowcase out of coarse yarn and thus be in line with the trend with any colour. The chic Pouf can not only be placed in the living room, but can also be used as a seat for a low dressing table or as a clothes rack at the foot of the bed…

With the seat cushion the health care sits

Experts have been warning against long and motionless seating units for some time due to incorrect posture, circulatory weakness and back strain. The solution is medical seat cushions. Orthopaedic and dynamic seat cushions stimulate the cardiovascular system due to their instability. The documentation also promotes coordination and contributes to back health. This is due to the minimal compensatory movements that the torso must make when sitting on an unstable surface in order to maintain the body position.

What types of cushions are there?

Under a seat cushion everyone imagines something different. For some it is a square piece padded fabric placed on a chair to make it softer, optically enhance it and protect a sensitive surface from the signs of the times. Others know the seat cushion better than ergonomic help for the workplace, higher in the back than in the front for the straight seat, which hardly anyone can hold by himself.

Some combine seat cushions with soft, cuddly underlays for the garden bench or a hard garden chair on which you can stay comfortably for a long time thanks to them. In other cultures seat cushions are something completely different than in this country. They are the Standard seating, while the chair is considered more exotic. In short: the seat cushion is available in many shapes, colours, designs and styles, there is a suitable seat cushion for every taste.

What types of seat cushions are there?Seat cushion for chairs

Seat cushions for chairs are intended as upholstery and deco. But they also offer protection, because you wouldn't believe how much strain a chair in use is subjected to every day. This manifests itself over time in worn surfaces, which would not have to be the case with the seat cushion – the chair looks longer like new.

If the chair alone is too hard and does not have a firm upholstery, a seat cushion can be used to help. The seat cushions used for this are usually thin, but there are also thicker variants for very hard chairs – or, if thicker seat cushions simply fit the chairs well and look more comfortable. Optical they should fit to the rest of the apartment, because then they can simply be left on the chair. As small color dots in the room they also support the color scheme.

Seat cushion for benches

It is a bit more difficult to find the right seat cushion for a Bench. The garden bench outside is not as challenging as a chic seat at the table or a upholstered bench in the interior. For the bench in the garden, a cushion as thick as possible is sufficient, which is weatherproof and also prevents the rising cold at night if you want to go into the garden after sunset. For a bench at the dining table the seat cushion should be tailored to measurement, many furniture brands therefore offer matching seat cushions and upholstery at the same time. But you can also make them yourself if the colours and materials offered by the furniture manufacturer do not suit your taste. It is important that you sit on a bench for the dining table not to slip, but stable.

Seat cushion for garden furniture

In contrast to cushions for indoors, cushions for garden furniture are often made softer. Early in the evening one gets up regularly and gets something from the grill or the next cool beer. Later in the evening one prefers to stay seated, snuggle up on the bench or deep into the garden chair and enjoy not having to get up all the time. Since garden furniture is often made of artificial materials, they attract the night cold and pass them on directly to the person sitting on them.

Now at the latest you can appreciate a thick, comfortable seat cushion , which hopefully can store some warmth on cooler evenings and lets you forget how cool it has become outside. The visual appearance is no longer as important as in the interior, only the cushions should match the garden furniture with their design. More important is that they are water- and dirt-repellent and that you don't see every little spot on them immediately – because it will come, they are finally outside.

Ergonomics seat cushion

Be it for an uncomfortable office chair, with which you have to make do with for a while, or for back pain, which don't exactly get better by sitting on the home furniture – ergonomic seat cushions come into question in many situations. The wedge seat cushion is particularly well known. It is higher in the back than in the front to enable a straight sitting posture that hardly anyone adopts on their own or keeps for hours. With a few exceptions, however, it would be the healthiest sitting posture and is better than a curved back.

A seat cushion with ergonomic thoughts is therefore also suitable for prevention of back pain, there are some potential new patients in the waiting room of the chiropractor. Patients with existing back pain, on the other hand, should consult their doctor consultation about which type of seat cushion is best for them. Depending on the back pain, they may need a special product from the medical supply store anyway, which specifically addresses their individual clinical picture.


Similar to a stool the seatpouf is designed. It is most of the time round, so there is the current trend around this seat. Sometimes, however, it is also angular like a stool or takes on a different shape. The seatpouf is for sale, but can also be individually embellished with a knitted or crocheted cover .

Apart from the more or less stable cushion filling you only need some craftsmanship and can then decide on the design of the interior with your own hands. A similar form of seat cushion existed in ancient Japan and still exists today, the meditation cushion. It is traditionally made of black cotton fabric and takes on the same dimensions as most of today's sitting poufs, at that time it was intended as a comfortable seat without distractions for the Buddhist meditation. But the seatpouf with a good book can also be a meditative pleasure.

Traditional seat cushions

The seat cushion is no invention of the modern age. In the African region, among near-natural peoples and also in the What types of seat cushions are there in a test? Japanese culture are seat cushions a Standard seating and are considered like in this country the Chair. Chairs are rarely found there, or not at all, because they are made of wood and wood is not available everywhere as it is in this country.

In the North African room the term “Surmije” means the seating furniture of every household, it is a kind of seat cushion for the floor with armrest. You sit on it for dinner, in the evening for a convivial get-together and also for any other occasion at home. Some North African families in the western world even keep this to themselves and do not buy a sofa for home at all, but invite their guests to find a place on one of the many cushions.

In Japan there is the Zafu, which resembles the local Sitzpouf. It is also very old and is called “meditation cushion” because (not only) Buddhists meditate on it. The traditional Japanese cover for the zafu is black and made of strong cotton fabric. At least until DIY fans and needle artists in Germany discovered how beautifully self-knitted or crocheted covers can look…

So we have tested the seat cushions

Seat cushions are an easy and pleasant to test product – just sit down and enjoy! After that, only a few more factors need to be examined more closely, and the verdict is already in place. After ffollowing criteria the seat cushions were examined in this test:

This is how we tested the seat cushionsSoft/hardness grade

Whether a seat cushion should be hard or soft is taste . Similar to the mattress some like it so and some like it differently. Nevertheless, seat cushions can be easily classified between soft and hard, so that customers know in advance what they are buying.


With a seat cushion the processing plays a large role. Unfortunately, inexpensive seat cushions are often inadequately sewn so that they do not last long until the first repair is due. It's difficult when they don't have a reference. For this reason, the tested seat cushions were designed with stable seams and tear-resistant fabrics in mind, as a seat cushion must withstand the same everyday strain as a chair and remain as attractive as possible.

Indoor and outdoor suitability

Not every seat cushion is suitable for outdoors. If it doesn't, the user naturally wants to know, in order to save it from wind and weather in time – or rather to buy a less sensitive model…

Seat comfort

Ultimately, everyone decides subjectively whether a seat cushion feels comfortable or not. Sometimes this also depends on softness or hardness – if this does not fit, the whole seat cushion does not fit. Nevertheless, some cushions are more comfortable than others – and some are downright uncomfortable, which is not only due to their filling. This is also something you certainly want to know before buying.

Easy to clean

The seat cushion is not an item of furniture that can be left unwashed for years – with the right care. However, you also sit on it and have to be able to treat it hygienically so that it is fun in the long run. Therefore, the seat cushions were also evaluated according to easiness to clean and possibilities of cleaning. A seat cushion that is so sensitive that it needs an expensive special cleaning agent from the manufacturer or even professional cleaning every few months may be cheap to buy – but it quickly becomes an annoying burden when it comes to care.

Environmental compatibility

Whether made of (synthetic) leather, linen or ordinary fabric, all these are textile materials and they should be subject to similarly strict quality guidelines as cloth fabrics. After all, the seat cushion will be in the household from now on and you will come into contact with it, even if only for a short time. This means that dyestuffs should not contain any toxic components and the fabric should not be mixed with potentially harmful substances so that the seat cushion in the showroom looks better. Especially with children's cushions this is a decisive criterion, as you can never be sure what the little ones will put in their mouths.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone will find the right cushion to match the interior. Especially unusual, sophisticated or striking seat cushions, however, are also rewarded with a good rating, because what adds more charisma to a living room than an individual decoration thought through to the last detail.


For medical seat cushions, certification plays a role. Like other medical products they should have these and of course meet all other quality requirements, because medical seat cushions are not cheap and should therefore last a long time.

What should I look out for when buying a seat cushion?

What do I have to look out for when buying a seat cushion?

A seat cushion can be quickly taken along if required, if you are already in the furniture market or online ordered. New garden furniture is purchased for the season? But then also with the matching seat cushions, because the old ones no longer fit the new style! You want a new dining table with chairs or a bench? No question about it, this is a wonderful opportunity to shop new seat cushions, as the worn old upholstery from the past will no longer be used for the new dining bench. With simple chair cushions there is hardly anything to consider, a large decorative seat cushion or a ergonomic shape are somewhat more challenging to buy. The following points can and should be emphasized when purchasing a seat cushion:

Quality and workmanship

With a low priced, quickly bought seat cushion, the quality may not matter or you know what to expect for the price. You don't expect to have it in the next few years anyway. A seat cushion for one season outdoors in the garden only has to last this one season, after that it will probably be replaced anyway. Also the replacement seat cushions for guests who spend most of their time hidden in the cupboard and are only taken out when the so sensitive aunt comes to visit, for whom every chair is too hard, need no particularly high requirements to meet.

On the other hand, it would be a pity if the costly seatpouf, which was supposed to give the living room something rustic and cosy for the next few years, already shows leaking seams after a few months – at best, although it was not used too often. As soon as the seat cushion is to be something staying or costs more, it should therefore be valued for stable processing.

It is also important to have a firm, stable fabric, as seating furniture is subjected to more intensive stress than you might think: not only the weight of the person plays a role, but also, for example, a protruding jeans button, which roughens the fabric of the seat cushion with every movement. We only become really aware of this when the chic cushion cover of the seat cushion begins to develop an unattractive hole in its centre…[/box]

Colour and Design

As quickly as you take a seat cushion for the hard dining room chair with you when you shop at the furniture store, you regret it as much if the colour and design don't go so well with the rest of the living room. That's why it's better to think for a moment longer and choose the variant that suits the rest of the interior. Recommended for the dining table is the color of the deco, which is on the one hand on the table itself and on the other hand in the other room.

A blue tablecloth harmonizes wonderfully with blue seat cushion, green or grey would also fit. Bright pink, on the other hand, would be completely wrong. Colours that bite each other do the same with the seat cushion-decorative combination. The Design also plays a role here. A frilly, filigree seat cushion does not fit into an industrial loft, as beautiful as it looked in the perfect country house scenery in a furniture store. A minimalist seat cushion in a country house dining room would also look very unloving. The seat cushion is and remains a design element, which must be purchased matching the rest.

Outdoor suitability

A seat cushion for inside may be made of fine fabric, because here the worst stress factors are dust and use. It's not for out there, though. If you don't want to take the seat cushions back inside after each use, you should buy labelled outdoor and garden seat cushions, which cannot be damaged by a small rain shower. These have a less filigree, but robust hull. It is usually removable and washable, and water- and dirt-repellent. This makes them easy to clean and the rain or a little dirt can no longer harm the seat cushion.

Seat cushion test 2019 - Cover yes or noCover? No reference?

Not every seat cushion needs a cover. Some can easily be washed in the machine and get along well without a pillowcase. If they cannot be washed so easily, however, the cover should be windable. The seat cushion must be a bit thicker, because the cover does not hold well on a thin cushion. In addition to the care, this offers the advantage that the seat cushion can be changed at any time by a new cushion cover optically if the taste changes spontaneously.

Ease of care and washability

Most robust seat cushions can be washed without problems. Seat cushions made of finer materials are already more complicated, even large seat cushions such as seat poufs do not fit into the domestic washing machine and would probably not survive the wash cycle undamaged. You should know this before you buy, so that you can be prepared to bring the seat cushion to professional cleaning if necessary. Especially sensitive fabrics like glossy fabric, silk, leather or other artificial fabrics are not washable and have to be treated with special cleaning agent . The price of the cleaning agent should also be known beforehand, as such sensitive seat cushions usually do not tolerate an alternative.


Test sitting on a seat cushion is mandatory! Whether you like it hard or soft is a matter of taste. But since you don't want to find out at home that the longed-for seatpouf is uncomfortable and you prefer to sit on the sofa, you should test a seat cushion beforehand. For seat cushions and upholstery for chairs and benches, it is sufficient to drop onto the exhibition item once. If it's comfortable, it's bought.

stools, poufs and beanbags you should test something fathomable. Are they still comfortable after a few minutes? Do they deform quickly? Are they too hard or too soft? If you order a seat cushion, it should keep the possibility of return open, because then you can also test it at home and send it back if necessary if it does not fit.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • IKEA
  • POCO domain
  • cubivent
  • My Pillow Factory
  • miaVilla
The Swedish furniture store sells a number of Scandinavian inspired seat cushions. However, these are mainly suitable for the currently manufactured IKEA chairs and benches and are optimised for their seating surfaces. However, customers have the choice between several colours, trendy and classic, for their IKEA seating furniture. Again and again and depending on the trend, the range also includes seat cushions for the floor, stools and complete bean bags.
The furniture discounter ROLLER offers a range of inexpensive seat cushions in current trend designs and colours for its own indoor and outdoor seating furniture. This changes depending on the season and trend, but the seat cushions remain inexpensive. Whether adapted to a bench for the matching dining room table or for the newly purchased garden furniture – here too the suitable seat cushion is quickly found. In addition, there are also some universally applicable seat cushions in the range that are not tied to a specific piece of furniture.
The also well known furniture discounter has suitable seat cushions for all furniture and several models that are not tied to a piece of furniture. Also POCO follows gladly current trends and sets on low prices. Seat cushions are available here for indoors and outdoors in different designs.
You only know this manufacturer if you are looking for ergonomic seat cushions and medical aids. In addition to mattresses and other aids, the range also includes ergonomic seat cushions, which can be ordered from Sanitätshäuser.
If you want a really individual seat cushion , please contact the young company My Pillow Factory. Beside some designs on the website it is also possible to design a seat cushion completely by yourself. If you have creative ideas, but not the craftsmanship, the equipment or the time to implement them yourself, My Pillow Factory offers you the opportunity to get your hands on a truly unique seat cushion. The manufacturer is also known from the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”.
The Hamburg-based company miaVilla produces a whole range of furniture and design accessories which, although look expensive, are not . Among them are also appealing seat cushions in high quality as well as seat poufs. MiaVilla orients itself thereby at current trends and sets therefore at present strongly on Trend seat cushions such as the seat pouf. But if you like this style, miaVilla is the right place for you!

Internet vs. specialist shops: Where is the best place to buy my seat cushion?

Especially in the last years the Internet has become the contact point for customers who want to choose or are looking for a specific product. Online you can find everything if you search correctly. Among others, the Furniture segment profited from this. Home and decoration blogs, social media such as Pinterest and Instagram and, of course, many furniture manufacturers and mail order companies have played their part.

New, inspiring trends, beautifully staged by professionals, are often enough to convince people to buy a seat cushion. If you are a bit insecure about the furnishing of an apartment, you can get Inspiration and instructions here. In contrast, the specialist trade also has its advantages: Advice, support for local businesses and the opportunity to take a close look at the goods beforehand. However, where is the best place to buy seat cushions in particular – online or rather classic from the specialist trade?

Buy seat cushions at your local dealer: Advantages and disadvantages

The specialist trade is still popular today for products that are difficult to select. Some do this only to look at a piece of furniture before and it ultimately to order online . Others buy from Solidarity with the specialized trade also there and can be delivered the commodity later. The advantage of the specialized trade is that you can get advice there – so at least the theory.

In practice today it is rather the case that the employees of the specialist trade also no proven experts are more in favour of the topic and do not offer any really better advice than the Internet. But that also depends a lot on the individual shop.

However, a seat cushion is not such a complex and difficult to select product that it would require advice. Even the most trained owner of a specialist shop cannot answer a decision about his own furnishing style. After all one could look at the product there before and test it out, what can be a nette decision aid with a seat pouf or other large seat cushions.

The disadvantages of the specialized trade are the advantages of on-line Shopping. Consulting back or forth – one is not constantly addressed, if one only wants to look around. Many customers find this unpleasant. The selection on seat cushions is larger, and if the desired color is not in stock, it is simply delivered later, which usually does not take too much time in addition.

In retail you are limited to one brand when shopping in the boutique, or to the assortment that fits the shop space. A specialist shop also has to pay shop rent, so that it price can often not keep up with the Internet. In addition there is the time factor. It is not possible to shop comfortably from the couch at home in a specialist shop, but you first have to go there and take the time to do so. A delivery is now available in specialist shops, but this causes additional costs. Online shops, on the other hand, are already partly free of shipping costs.

The Reseller is therefore only worthwhile if you are so unsure that you want to see the seat cushion unconditionally beforehand – and the time for it can also be saved.

Buy seat cushions online: Advantages and disadvantages

In the past, at least, it may have been true that you received high-quality advice in specialist shops and were left on your own on the Internet. It's completely different today. Even if it is only about a cheap seat cushion, there is a customer support for all questions on the pages of the furniture manufacturers and brands. By telephone, by mail and sometimes by chat you could get rid of questions without having to look for the answer yourself. 3D presentations, colour examples, product photos in various furnishing styles and videos enable a view of the goods that is not even available in specialist shops. All that is missing is the possibility to try out the seat cushion online beforehand.

However, the customer can do this at home. He has a 14-day right of withdrawal, even if ordering from a foreign EU country. This means that the seat cushion can first be delivered and the customer can see for himself whether it meets his expectations. If not, free return shipping must be guaranteed. A purchase to test the seat cushion is therefore possible without any problems and probably costs less time than to go to a specialist retailer and notice that the seat cushion does not fit at all.

Online you also have the possibility of a comprehensive price comparison. Before you buy, you can look at several shops and perhaps find the same or a very similar seat cushion elsewhere cheaper than expected.

Many shops now even ship free shipping, partly in the entire range and partly from a certain value. Who thinks of the travel costs to the specialized trade, will notice that even with forwarding expenses a purchase in the Internet comes more favorably (and less nerve-straining).

By the way, special offers, sales and clearance sales are more frequent online than in specialist shops. There are also attractive prices for changing the collection. But this happens more often online, even in the high-quality online shops. Anyone who discovers a particularly stylish seatpouf or a seat cushion that is too expensive at the moment should therefore wait a while if there is no immediate hurry. It is possible that the product will be reduced in a few weeks and will then become attractively priced.

All in all, the Internet is more worthwhile for a seat cushion than a specialist retailer. There is very unlikely to be a great need for advice – questions can be answered by a product description on the Internet. Whether the design fits, you have to decide for yourself anyway, no experienced specialist dealer can do that. Online is the Selection but at least larger than in the specialized trade, which can not have so many seat cushions in stock. While a journey to the specialist trade takes time, online at most the price comparison takes its time – and this is at least worth it.

Things to know & guide to seat cushions

Things to Know & Advisor

The History of Seat Cushions

The seat cushion is a relatively modern trend piece of furniture. With its colourful upholstery fabrics, creative materials and new features such as the Sitzpouf it will certainly remain popular for quite some time to come. It is regarded more as a piece of furniture for young people than for established gentlemen – and this is sometimes due to the history of seat cushions and bags.

Seat cushions were former the only piece of furniture that many families could afford next to a mostly homemade wooden chair. One had an old jute or cloth bag standing around in the house, this had to be filled only with hay or cloth and already one could use it. In earlier times, poor often meant young, because before the population grew old, they were satisfied with what they could get, as they are today.

In other cultures, on the other hand, seat cushions enjoy the status that chair has in this country. They are the Standard seating and can be found in every living room. Especially the Muslim and African countries, which until today prefer large families, use the seat cushion regularly for the meals of the family. On the floor, seat cushions are distributed everywhere, in the middle the pot is placed and the family gathers around the food.

By the way you can also save the table . Even others natural peoples outside these cultural circles eat and live with the seat cushion in this way and do not perceive it as a sign of poverty or youth.

The seat cushion or the seat bag, as used today, are a relatively modern development. A few decades ago it would not have existed like this. Now that the furnishings can be made more unconventional and thus more personal at the same time, seat cushions are becoming more and more popular. In the meantime they are even orienting themselves away from the object for the teenager's room and can be integrated as chic knitted pouf or seat cushion with modern design into the living room of an adult.

Figures, data, facts about seat cushions

Not in every culture is the seat cushion the youth furniture that it is in this country. Especially in natural peoples as well as in African countries a seat cushion is a utterly ordinary piece of seating furniture like the chair or armchair in this country.

On many seat cushions you can even sleep. If they have a similar length as a bed, they make a good mattress – for example for spontaneous overnight guests. Since these variants are seatbags, they are usually very well padded and thus isolate well, so that one night can actually be endured on them.

A special form of the seat cushion is the Sitzpouf, which is also okay for not quite young people or teenagers. It is a round seat cushion with slightly flat seat. The seatpouf can be embellished with a knitted or crocheted cover, which allows it to be integrated into currently popular living styles such as the Scandinavian look or the country house style.

A seat cushion is available for indoors and outdoors . Seat cushions for the interior may also be made of fine fabrics. In the outdoor area, on the other hand, you should pay attention to waterproof fabrics. Even if they are stored in the cellar in winter, there will still be one or two rainy days in midsummer. The seat cushion survives this much better if its surface is water-repellent.

The fill for a seat cushion consists either of a solid cushion, which can be covered, or of more or less large styropor spheres in a cushion cover, over which the cover comes. A soft cushion filling can be professionally cleaned, while styrofoam does not require this. The latter, on the other hand, is lighter and individual balls can be replaced over time. Styrofoam is also the best choice for hygiene , as no germs can collect in it if the seat cushion is contaminated.

Correct sitting and ergonomics explained

With a flat, simple seat cushion for a chair, ergonomics depends more on chair than on the seat cushion. It is important that it is neither too soft nor too hard and that it does not tempt you to sit down unfavourably. Seat cushions are considered especially ergonomic if they are slightly higher at the back than at the front, because they do not make it uncomfortable to lean forward to the table. With back pain and a hard seat, a seat cushion can even be highly recommended, as hard surfaces can aggravate the pain and strain the back. A seat cushion for a seat is therefore no problem, neither for indoors nor outdoors.

Larger seat cushions up to seat bags are already more ergonomically problematic. For a short time it is perfectly okay to drop into a soft beanbag. In addition, it depends on the activity. If you look up at a television set all the time, for example, a seat cushion that does not rest directly on the floor would be recommended, as this could result in an uncomfortable neck posture. A large beanbag can be leaned against a wall to provide more stability for the back if you want to sit on it for a longer time.

The special shape of the seatpoufs is rather intended for short seat duration. As it does not have a backrest, you cannot lean against it unfavourably on the one hand and tense the back muscles, i.e. train them. A upright sitting posture is recommended for this type of seat cushion. However, this can become uncomfortable over a longer period of time, as you sink quickly into the usually rather soft seat bottom. If, on the other hand, it is regularly reshaped, it is not a problem ergonomically either.

Seat cushion for office chair

Office chairs are usually already ergonomically designed and the seat is shaped so that the person sits down just right. At least this is the case with the forms known as “executive chairs”, because employees usually sit on them for several hours a day. In addition, almost all office chairs have a upholstered seat , so that no additional seat cushion is necessary or useful.

The exception are office chairs that are either not padded or are used alternately by several people. In addition, a seat cushion can also be a visual embellishment.

Office chairs with hard seat are strictly speaking not suitable for long periods of sitting. Nevertheless, they are still to be found in one office or another today – be it because you don't want to buy new chairs or because they look stylish. A seat cushion makes itself much more comfortable on them for those who have to sit there longer. Thanks to colour matching, it does not interfere with the desired style of such a chair.

Seat cushions can also be placed on an office chair for hygienic reasons. If the seat is upholstered, the seat cushion should be as thin as possible. They are used when you are not the only user of the office chair and you may not even know who else is using it. Some people find this unhygienic or disgusting, so they shield their clothes with their own, brought seat cushion. As long as it is washed regularly, it can actually shield the clothes a little.

Pillow make your own

A seat cushion is one of the simplest exercises for experienced sewers with their own sewing machine to do it themselves. Whether it's a small, square seat cushion for a chair, a longer version for a bench, a seat pouf or an entire beanbag, it doesn't matter – everything can be done by yourself.

On lightest are certainly flat, simple seat cushions for chairs. More than the dimensions of the chair, a filling that can be kept flat and a beautiful fabric is not needed. The cuts are made quickly, the sewing is also done quickly and if necessary even by hand. For a bigger seat cushion, e.g. a tailor-made variant for a bench, a sewing machine is recommended due to its size alone.

Seat cushions in larger formats are also easy to make. A previously purchased cushion filling is recommended, for example for a DIY seat bag or seat pouf from the home workshop. In this way, you know the measurements beforehand and can estimate how much fabric you will need. For knitting or crochet of a cover, measurements are also important.

The practical thing about it is that for a fully filled seat cushion you only need the cover and you can make several of them to wash them or change the style according to your mood. Apart from a larger amount of fabric, beanbags and seatpoufs hardly need any other technique – unless you want to play with the material. For a large seat bottom instead of a small seat cushion creative covers like leather are suitable, they can also be elaborately crocheted and knitted and provided with patterns. Of course, they also look beautiful when they are simply kept in a smooth structure…

5 valuable tips for back-friendly work in the office

Especially office workers are the most endangered group for the widespread disease “back pain”. Herniated discs, lumbago and the like are not only painful, they also do not heal overnight. This makes it all the more important not to let them arise in the office in the first place through work that is easy on the back, for example with these 5 tips.

Ab and get up

Chair or no chair, sitting all day can't take a back. Therefore it is necessary to to stand up and walk through the room from time to time. Smoking breaks, a fresh cup of coffee or a snack in between are exercise, but are often not enough. Then it is better to take a conscious 5 minutes break and go for a short walk , even if it is only in the stairwell.

Stretching and stretching exercises

Apropos movement: it's not so much about the legs, but about the back. If you sit for a long time, you should stretch and stretch every few hours. This relieves emerging tension, relaxes physically and mentally – and simply does you good!

Counter unhealthy sitting posture

The current office chair always leads to tension, back pain and pulling muscles? Then it belongs to exchanged. A seat ball, a seat cushion for an ergonomic seat or even a standing desk are required. Employees who already have serious back problems can convince their employer of this more easily – or they can bring their inflatable seat ball or the ergonomic seat cushion themselves.

building back muscles

One of the safest preventive measures against back problems is back muscles. The stronger the supporting musculature, the more likely it is to tolerate a day of sitting in the office. back muscle training does not take long and can even be done from home with the right instructions.

Set up computer workstations correctly

A PC screen must not be too high or too low. The height of the desk also plays a role. In many companies there is a Ergonomics Guide about how to set up a workplace correctly and in a back-friendly way. If this is followed, back pain becomes less likely.


Is a seat cushion the same as a beanbag?

Is a seat cushion the same as a beanbag?

The beanbag is a large, bag-shaped item of furniture, which strictly speaking is still considered a seat cushion. Sometimes it is also sold under this name. Usually, however, a seat cushion means a real cushion for sitting – not the whole beanbag.

Are there ergonomic seat cushions?

Are there ergonomic seat cushions?

Ordinary seat cushions are used for decoration and comfort. In addition, there are also seat cushions that are used to make a chair more ergonomic. They affect the sitting posture of the person and promote a healthy position.

They are particularly suitable for existing back problems and are available in sanitary houses, where they can even be tailored to the patient.

Where are seat cushions used?

Where are seat cushions used?

In addition to their fixed place on chairs, seat cushions are also a must for seats. Usually they are made-to-measure for these so that they cannot slip.

They form a beautiful decorative element and make the otherwise rather hard bench more pleasant, even over longer periods of sitting. But you can also just put them on the floor if you want to sit down there.

Are cushions also suitable for outdoors?

Are cushions also suitable for outdoors?

If the surface is water-repellent or if the cushion is taken back with you into the house when you go indoors, they are just right for outdoors.

On a garden bench or a garden chair seat cushions look good as an optically beautifying underlay and optimally cushion the sometimes somewhat hard garden furniture.

Is the seat pouf a seat cushion?

Is the seat pouf a seat cushion?

A Special shape of the seat cushion and at the same time a Trend item of furniture is the seat pouf. These almost knee-high, round or square seat cushions resemble a stool and, following the current trend, are often embellished with a knitted or crocheted cover. Of course, they're also part of the seat cushions.

Useful accessories

The seat cushion gets by with little or no accessories. Since a seat cushion has to be washed occasionally for hygienic reasons, it would make sense to have some replacement cushions ready for the chairs in the household. Seat cushions for a bench made of fabric must also be washed, for materials such as leather damp wiping with a cloth is sufficient – so no replacement is necessary here.

For special shapes like the seatpouf or a beanbag a changeable cover is recommended, which can be replaced by another one during washing. Here, too, fabric has to be washed occasionally, while leather or other water-repellent materials only need to be wiped off.

If the seat cushion is broken, because seams can come loose during long use, a sewing machine would be useful. Smaller seam tears can also be re-stitched by hand. It only depends on the correct colour of the sewing thread, if this happens at a later visible place.

Seat cushions made of sensitive materials such as shiny fabrics or fine leather may need special cleaning agent. As a rule, water does not harm such substances. To clean them hygienically, do not use soap or any other household detergent as they can be aggressive and attack the material. Simple substances are again quite insensitive to this.

Alternatives to the seat cushion

Depending on the application, there are some alternatives for the seat cushion. If it does not fit optically into the apartment or the garden, then another solution has to be found. The following ideas offer themselves:

Upholstered chairs and benches

Chairs and benches are available with firmly integrated upholstery. These fit stylistically perfectly to the piece of furniture and can either only upholster the seat or the whole backrest. At the dining table such an upholstered chair unfolds a completely different look than the wooden chair with seat cushion. However, the optical look also takes up relatively much space in the room and is more suitable for large rooms. A padded seat on the other hand, which is firmly attached to the chair, resembles a chair with a seat cushion. It just can't keep falling down anymore. The same is of course true for the bench seat.

Padded stools

A single, ready-upholstered stool can be an alternative to a wooden stool with seat cushion. Low stools in the style of a bench seat appear again and again in different Living styles and certainly do not look bad within these styles. However, pure wood is uncomfortable to sit on, which is why they are either equipped with long seat cushions or upholstered from the outset. This makes them look as if they were made for a vintage or Shabby Chic style…


Whether a beanbag is a seat cushion or something of its own is a matter of debate. A alternative to a sitting pouf or a chair he is in any case. Actually, beanbags are considered the youth room part par excellence, almost every teenager loves them. But they are also so beautifully unconventional!

Some adults even omit the living room couch completely and prefer to equip a corner completely with comfortable beanbags. As long as there is no high attendance, this is certainly not a bad idea and can also be very livable implemented. However, it is usually only a single beanbag that is in the living room instead of a stool, a recamière or a seatpouf – or even in the teenager's room in case friends come to visit or the teen needs time all by himself.

(sheep)skins for chairs

Admittedly, a fur is not everyone's cup of tea. Even if it is a fake fur, it always seems that there is an animal in the living room. Sometimes that's what's wanted. sheepskin is finally incomparable cuddly-soft and not without reason the basis of a real wool. Sheepskins in particular are easy to colour and can be draped on chairs, in an armchair or simply on the floor, where there would normally be a form of seat cushion.

The same applies to any other animal fur, be it genuine or from artificial fur. Skins are warm, soft and insulate well against the cold of the ground. They also have their own visual appeal and can replace the seat cushion particularly well on a chair.

Living areas

For some applications it also does a cuddly blanket instead of a seat cushion. Large blankets can be folded together and placed provisionally on a chair, forming a soft base. The one guest who wishes to have an additional seat cushion will surely be satisfied with a folded soft blanket.

For a garden bench outside, a blanket is also a good alternative, because as long as it is not needed, it can be folded several times and then placed on the seat. It also serves as a cushion there, and when it gets cooler in the evening, it can be used as a blanket again. When it comes to protecting seating furniture, living ceilings are also suitable because they can cover not only the seat, but also a backrest.

Chair covers

A chair cover belongs without question to a wedding, beyond that it is taste . Those who like chair covers have an all-round protection of the chair underneath with them. A seat cushion can be hidden under the chair cover, some are already reinforced on the seat surface and are therefore well suited as a replacement.

Chair covers have a decorative function and are initially intended to enhance the room, as they are not an everyday and design element that can be found in any living room. Besides, they also protect the underlying chair from small and large scratches of all kinds and when they are removed again, it looks like new underneath: no scratches, no scratches, no influence of sunlight.

Suspended chairs

You won't find a suspension of the chair with every model. If it is, then it is common for cantilever chairs or bar stools, which drop slightly under load. If the suspension makes them soft instead of hard, the seat experience feels completely different and a hard surface looks like padded. Although such chairs are not suitable for hours of sitting, they become more comfortable around worlds for an evening among friends at the kitchen table.

Inflatable seat balls

If the seat cushion is used for ergonomic reasons, a gymnastic ball is also suitable. This is inflatable and can be made small again at any time when it is no longer needed. Such an inflatable Sitzball is often taken into the office if the office chair does not fit and no seat cushion can be put on.

The gymnastic ball makes it possible to hold the back even as it feels comfortable, it also stimulates regular movement and you generally sit better on it. Gymnastic balls are therefore not only popular in offices, they can also easily be used at home instead of an ergonomic seat cushion. They are comfortable in any case, because an inflatable seating furniture contains only air – and this cannot be hard at all. Something about the hardness can be decided by the amount of air that is blown into the gymnastics ball.

inflatable seating furniture

They were a rather short-lived trend of the 90s, but they were not really a stupid idea: inflatable seating furniture. Armchairs and chairs that can be filled with air may not be stylistically what fits into a country house style. But if you occasionally like a soft seat and a piece of furniture that not everyone shows off today, you can try out an inflatable seat.

Mainly they are very cheap and are used for example in the first own apartment, where there is not much money and nevertheless nobody wants to sit on hard chairs. Of course, inflatable furniture still fits into youth rooms today.

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