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Best Rowing Machine 2019 • 0 Rowing Machines Reviews

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What is a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is a fitness and sports machine that simulates the movement in a rowing boat. This allows the performance of the physical activity to be measured. The first devices have been available since the end of the 70s. At that time they were founded by the company Concept2. Rowing machines can be used to assess the endurance performance of athletes through various performance tests. In addition to individual step tests, the 2000 metre maximum test has become the standard in competitive sports.

Meanwhile, the so-called rower ergometers can also be found in popular sports and fitness studios. Below you will find further important information on different models.

What is a rowing machine test and comparison?Conventional rowing machines have a sturdy steel frame, which ensures a high level of stability at the front and rear with extending feet. In the front area there is usually a so-called air wheel. This is a type of flywheel that is equipped with a T-handle pull mechanism. There is a seat on the long central strut. In order to measure physical performance and ensure a certain training resistance, rower ergometers with friction and air resistance are available. Although models with magnetism and water-braked resistance systems are offered. The respective training data, such as

  • beat frequency,
  • heart rate,
  • Energy consumption,
  • Training course or
  • force curve

are played back via a digital display. The integrated computer can also be used to display performance motivating games such as smaller rowing races.

Among the best known rowing machine manufacturers are Concept2, WaterRower and RowPerfect.

Depends on the braking system

The Ultrasport Drafter 550 Pro Ruddermachine 2 in 1 has a clear display.In numerous external rowing machine tests great attention is paid to the brake system used. Very low-priced rowing machines are equipped with hydraulic cylinders , which do not have a very long life expectancy. They also usually damage the joints and tendons because of the lack of flowing movement. You should rather use other braking systems, such as a magnetic brake or a electromagnetic brake,. Braking is achieved by an electric or permanent magnet.

A highlight is the air resistance brake. Here a wind turbine provides the resistance, which rotates through the movement. A combination of air and magnetoresistance is even more effective. With this method, the integrated windmill allows a more intensive training intensity.

Finally, there are rowing machines with a water braking system. These are commonly known as models with WaterFlywheel. Similar to real rowing on the water, the resistance is increased by increasing the pulling speed. The stronger you pull, the higher the rudder resistance. This can be achieved by the water braking system. In addition, this variant is very easy on the joints and has a very calming effect during training thanks to the real water sound backdrop.

Various rowers Online comparison test winners are equipped with magnetic, air or water resistance braking systems.

How does a rowing machine work?

You sit on the rowing machine like in a rowing boat. During training, the movement sequence of a rower is imitated. First stretch your legs, then straighten up your upper body and pull your arms towards your body. Depending on which resistance is set, this leg and arm movement will be correspondingly difficult for you.

Most rowing machines consist of a sturdy steel frame. The front and rear of the machine are equipped with high-quality feet, which give the rowing machine the necessary support. An air wheel is mounted in the front area. This is a flywheel, which is equipped with a T-handle pull mechanism. On the central strut is mounted the accompanying seat, which moves evenly with the forward and backward motion of the rudder.

Depending on the rowing machine ergometer, the resistance is realized by friction resistance or air resistance, by means of magnets or by a water-braked resistance. The digital display shows various training relevant data, such as the beat rate, calorie consumption, heart rate, training distance or strength.

Advantages & Application areas of rowing machines


Many home athletes are very sceptical about the rowing machine. Steppers, ergometers or treadmills are often more popular. Wrongly, as our rowing machines showed. The rowing machine is one of the few home trainers that simultaneously improve your endurance, stimulate fat burning and build muscle. In addition, hardly any other fitness machine trains so many muscle groups at once. Among the most important advantages of the rowing machine are:

  • The whole body is stressed and trained
  • 60 percent of kinetic energy comes from the legs
  • 40 percent of the kinetic energy is produced by the upper body
  • The back muscles are strengthened
  • Perfect to avoid postural damage
  • High calorie consumption of about 500 calories per hour
  • Simple and intuitive use, joint-gentle training
Due to its numerous advantages, the rowing machine should not be missed in the gym. But it is also increasingly being used in private households. Since the joints are spared during training, the rowing machine is also highly appreciated by older people, overweight people and people with joint problems.

The Rowing Machine Advisor

Below we have some aspects from external rowing machine test reports, comparisons, different technologies in use. According to various product tests and evaluations of numerous studies, the modern training devices work with air resistance, which is caused by a ribbed flywheel. Simply test these devices during a trial!

Analyses, studies, investigations, practical tests and surveys around the Purchase of a rowing machine with magnetic brake prepared for you. If you keep these test criteria in mind, you will find the best rowing machine that is very similar to your personal sport goals and wishes! Start a test run and also consult product tests and comparison tables when weighing up the rowing machines!


In order to achieve the desired resistance for the training, in the individual comparison winners

This sucks in the air during the retraction process and generates the characteristic buzzing that emanates from many steering gears. Using a flywheel, the resistance can be adjusted steplessly and is available with almost no upper limit. The faster the pulling movement, the more air is sucked in and the greater the resistance.

Particularly with steering gears in the low price segment, manufacturers often use a different technology after checking evaluations. Hydraulic rowing machines use a piston driven by pressure to generate the desired tractive force. The resistorsThe best advisors from a rowing machine testnde are usually not adjusted steplessly, but by a kind of clamp or lever. Test and compare these products yourself in a test run!

The disadvantage compared to the air resistance of this variant is the lack of feeling of rowing. Accordingly, compared to other training methods, uneven, jerky movements can occur instead of a steady pulling process.

A third variant of the resistor are products with a flywheel that operates with magnetically operated brakes. Traders now offer both options: Rowing machines with stepless resistance adjustment as well as rowing machines with a limited number of adjustment possibilities.

The special feature of this type of aerodynamic rowing machine is that there are also mixed forms which use a combination of air and magnetic resistance. In the professional sector or for ambitious athletes, there is usually only one type of rowing machine according to an external inspection, which comes very close to rowing on the lake or at sea.

So-called Water rowing machines with magnetic brake convey an authentic feeling of real outdoor rowing!

A paddle in a container filled with water is used for this purpose. The intensity of the training can be varied steplessly, similar to rowing machines based on air resistance, by adjusting the corresponding water level.

In contrast to conventional models, this type of rower allows absolutely quiet and even movement, surrounded by the noise of the water instead of the whirring of the flywheel, according to external proficiency tests, investigations and experiments. Especially comfort oriented athletes often attach importance to this ease of use.


Rowing machines and fitness machines can vary enormously in price, depending on style, quality, equipment and ease of use. While there are models on the market, that are already available from about 80 Euro , you pay up to 2,000 Euro for a device from the professional athlete range.

As with almost all rowing machines, the same applies to rowing machines: you get what you pay for after you have sampled the test results from product tests, product tests and practical tests.

If you choose an inexpensive variant instead of the winner of the comparison, you unfortunately have to accept some compromises – as external rowing machines have shown in tests. In case of doubt, the so-called Price/Performance Winners are also in demand here: rowing machines from online tests that offer good quality at a reasonable price.


The Skandika Aquarius 3-in-1 Rudergerät Liegeergometer silber grau, SF-1040 can be folded together to save space.The size of aerodynamic rowing machines is increasing, especially with more expensive models. Here, generously dimensioned seat rails are often used. A rowing machine or a rowing machine with a seat that is not too tightly calculated provides pleasant comfort, especially for tall people with correspondingly long legs. This looks different from the more compact rowing machine models.

Before you decide on a rowing machine in accordance with your wishes, please make sure that you measure the corresponding room in which the training machine is to be positioned later during the personal aptitude test. You'd better expect a little more space so that you don't have to row in the corner or between the table and the wall during regular training.

Control panel

In contrast to many treadmills or modern exercise bikes, rowing machines do not offer such comprehensive training programs and adjustment options. According to an experiment, the speed and resistance of rowing machines in particular usually depend on how much power and energy you use to operate the machines.

Technology of the rowing machines

The majority of rowing machines with the test grade “Very good” as test result are operated by means of a rope pull. A few sports machines are equipped with lateral rowing arms. In the rope pull method, the athlete pulls the rope while rowing by pulling the handle attached to it with both hands next to each other. In the two-pull method, the user operates the rudders attached to the right and left with one hand each.The best guides from a rowing machine Test

The rowing machines or fitness machines equipped with a rope pull are usually controlled by a magnetic brake system, which is also responsible for the pulling resistance. This brake system is wear- and maintenance-free. Thus a harmonious motion sequence is guaranteed.

Hydraulic brake systems are mainly used for steering gears with rudder arms. A high level of coordination is necessary in order to achieve a harmonious sequence of movements. The air resistance system is also very popular. With this system, air resistance increases automatically as the rudder speed increases. This variant also enables a very smooth motion sequence.

The rowing machine comes closest to real rowing with water resistance. The principle is similar to the air resistance system. Accordingly, the resistance increases with increasing speed. The seat of the rowing machine moves on the rail by means of rollers.

When the athlete takes up his rowing activity, he moves the roller sled back and forth on the rail with the rope pull. Each rowing machine has a training computer. This allows the user to save training-relevant data, which differ depending on the equipment and price of the rowing machine.

The computer displays data like time, beat, distance, speed etc. Computers of high-quality devices can also offer additional training programs, USB ports for the PC and many other gadgets.

Muscle training on the exercise bike

Muscle Training on the Exercise Bike

A rowing machine or similar fitness equipment can also be referred to as a full-body sports machine. A rower can be used to train main muscle groups shoulders, arms, belly, back, buttock and legs. In addition, training on the rowing machine is beneficial for the entire cardiovascular system.

Anyone who works with a rowing machine therefore not only wants to improve their fitness, but usually also to build muscle. Rowing mainly provides strengthening of the back muscles. Ergo users can counteract back problems. Fat burning is a positive side effect of rowing. With a targeted workout, calorie consumption can be as high as 600 kcal with such a piece of sports equipment.

Experts paid attention to this in online tests

For external practical tests, experts have selected 10 rowing machines from all price categories and from various manufacturers. In order to test delivery times, packaging and delivery to the installation site, the devices were ordered from different dealers. In the end, an online comparison winner always crystallized out.

Reliability test

Of course, the experts wanted to know how reliable the suppliers are in meeting the delivery deadlines. Attention was also paid to areas that involved the transport of goods and their delivery to the door.

Adherence to delivery deadlines and bringing the goods into the home should be a prerequisite for such a “heavy” order. Tip: Replacement must be made for transport damage.

Device construction and commissioning

The next test criterion was the assembly of the delivered individual parts. Here, rowing machine test participants from the Internet paid particular attention to the completeness of the screws and nuts. Very few people have suitable replacements in their do-it-yourself cellar. Another test criterion in the rowing machine test related to the tool supplied. Screwdrivers and the like should work at least until the assembly is finished.

An important test criterion in the context of an external rowing machine test continued to be the Assembly instructions. The focus here was particularly on German-language texts and how well the sketches and illustrations presented themselves. Equally important was the comprehensibility of the individual passages. Some manufacturers had found really ingenious solutions for a light construction.

Technology and Function

In this context, the operability of the devices, computer and the smooth functioning of the technology were put to the acid test. The training computers received special attention. These were tested for power connection, data transmission, operability, display size, readability and operating instructions.

Furthermore the reliability, times with the stopwatch and the number of strokes were checked. When it comes to technology, experts primarily pay attention to processing. These devices are usually not cheap and should last as long as possible.

Various rowing machine tests also report on the pulling devices and where friction points may occur which could accelerate wear. The material of the pull ropes and the attachment of the pull handles play a particularly important role here.

The control of the rolling seats and running rails concentrated mainly on evenness and smooth running. For the braking systems, it was important how demanding the individual stages of load resistance were.

The durability of such a machine can be estimated in a rowing machine test only with the eye. The main focus in external rowing machine tests was always on the quality of the materials used. Special controls also showed how robust the machines were in the test. Some devices had multiple functions.

In various rowing machines tests on the Internet, experts wanted to find out how quickly the machines can be converted to the additional functions. This sector is not irrelevant as to whether the costs and benefits are in good proportion to each other. Finally, the customer reviews of the relevant dealers also had an impact.

What different rowing machines are there?

A rowing machine as an exercise bike needs to be well chosen. They differ in several categories, which are determined by their technical construction. So everyone has to decide individually what they want to train, how they want to train and how much the rowing machine may cost. Above all, the devices differ in price.

Rowing equipment with boom

A few manufacturers sell rowing machines with lateral outriggers which are in no way inferior to a real rowing boat. These are in most cases equipped with a hydraulic brake system. An outrigger rowing machine requires a high degree of coordination from athletes, as it has to bring both arms in line for even pulling.

Anyone who has ever been on the water with a rowing boat knows how difficult it is to row straight ahead. One arm works more and more actively and usually more strongly. For a beginner the even rowing with one outrigger is already a challenge.

Rowing tackle with rope pull and double handle

However, wire-rope controlled devices are most frequently manufactured. These are generally equipped with a magnetic brake system which works without friction and enables even and harmonious pulling. Here the pulling resistance is generated with the magnetic brake.

Rowing device with air resistance control

This kind of resistance control should be closest to the real rowing, because is pulled against the air resistance. The higher the number of strokes, the more the air resistance increases. Also with this device a uniform and fluid pulling is guaranteed.

Rowing machine with water resistance

So far, only the manufacturer of the online comparison winner has dared to use this construction method. The company is convinced of its product and believes: “This model gives the user a true-to-original rowing feeling. In addition to the pull against the water resistance, the splashing of the water can also be heard. The ergopaddle embedded in the water tank can also be pulled evenly through the water with harmonious pulls.

Rowing machines with multiple functions

Some manufacturers have made multifunction for sports enthusiasts from their rowing machines. If you want to do more than the rowing test for abdomen, back, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks, you can order a rowing machine with integrated biceps trainer.

Another manufacturer offers a 3 in 1 – device, which is next to the rod trainer also reclining ergometer and training device. When searching for and selecting a rowing machine, it should be noted that expensive is not always synonymous with high quality. With many devices sport can be carried out simply and practically. The comparison is possible at any time.

These functions should be considered when purchasing a rowing machine

The trend continues to move in the direction of home training. The rowing machine is a favourite among exercise bikes. But which rowing machine from the large range is the best for those interested to buy? Here everyone has to decide individually what, how and how much they want to train.

The price

Many people orient themselves on the price of the goods offered. In the category rowing machines products of each price category are offered. However, here applies, as in any other category, expensive is not equally good and cheap is not always bad.

The comparison results of the rowing machines have shown that even machines from the lowest price segment can be sufficient for home training. Again, devices from well-known manufacturers have been torn apart in various tests from the Internet as well as in customer reviews, although they are quite expensive.

The Function

The desirable functions for a rowing home trainer cannot be generalized. An athlete who has already trained at a rowing machine in a fitness club has different demands than a newcomer. It is important to pay attention to the type of braking system in a good rowing machine.

Wire rope hoists with a magnetic brake system require far less coordination than a boom unit with a hydraulic brake system.

Furthermore, the question arises as to general physical condition, muscle strength and the project (muscle building or fitness training). After that, interested buyers should decide how many resistance levels the device should offer.

It is also important to know the flywheel mass of the device in order to determine the pulling resistance. If this is too low, the resistance also acts too weakly.

Functions of the training computer

The display of the AsVIVA rowing machine Ergometer Rower Cardio XI is clearly arranged.The rowing machines of different manufacturers can differ enormously in comparison in the complexity of the programs of the training computers.
This raises the question of what the athlete wants to achieve with the rowing machine.

For normal home training, the computer does not need to have 10 different training simulations. In principle, a computer capable of displaying time, distance, rower strokes and stroke rate is sufficient for fitness training at home.

Those who prefer a targeted workout or cardiovascular training must look for a device with integrated pulse measurement and training programs. Therefore, you should already think about which test criteria are important for you before buying.

Combine rowing machine with Apple Watch

Combine rowing machine with Apple WatchLaut the Apple Watch automatically recognizes that you are sitting on the rowing machine and asks you if you want to record the training. The app is called “Rowing Coach”. “It shows the SPM (the number of strokes), as well as the speed, calorie consumption and the pulse. The recordings are stored on a long-term basis so that you can track your training development.  If you like, you can upload the training sessions to a fitness platform like “Rowsandall” or “Mapmyfitness”. Since the newer models are waterproof, this is also suitable for real rowing on the water. Anyone who wants to use another display in addition to the display on the rowing machine can follow the Apple Watch display on the iPhone at the same time.

What does a rowing machine cost?

This question is in principle quite easy to answer. Meanwhile, really inexpensive rowing machines can be bought for less than 200 euros. Of course, there are also expensive variants that cost 1,500 euros and more. Thus something is offered for every purse and in every price range. With the purchase of a rowing machine the price should depend on the individual requirements of everyone. For simple home training and physical fitness, it is not necessary to buy a machine in the upper price range. In the Internet with Amazon or other mail order companies you receive favorable offers. Compare for yourself and take the test.

Compare Price and Benefits

Good does not always have to be synonymous with expensive. A good rowing machine can also be in the medium or even low price category compared to other fitness machines. This always depends on the expectations that such a device has to fulfil in accordance with them. Compare the products in congruence with your ideas and you will soon find your personal comparison winner.

A rowing machine of 180 Euro, for example, can of course be a good machine if it meets your expectations.

However, you do not get a rowing machine with a really complex training computer at favourable conditions. However, according to product reports and customer reviews, such a device meets all the requirements of a beginner who does not want to train for 5 hours a day. The middle price range with devices between 300 and 600 euros is a bit more comfortable. An excellent board computer is often standard. These models display a lot of data, offer different training programs and are suitable for cardiovascular training. In addition you can be pleased with the sample of the equipment about a chest belt, which records the heart rates. Of course one can assume that a equipment from this price range is better processed and consists of high-quality material. Both components normally stand for a longer service life, even with higher loads and use. Try it after inspecting various rowing machine tests!

However, in the price class around 500 euros, devices have also failed completely in the tests and customer reviews. A good manufacturer name does not always stand for quality goods. At least various test results have led to this conclusion.

The slightly different rowing machines

Rowing machines from external tests often differ not only in the price but also in their construction. In the middle price segment between 300 and 600 Euro there are machines with the designation 2 in 1 or even 3 in 1. Some of these devices can be used for additional bicep training, for example. Another can be converted into a recumbent ergometer.

One of the devices from the upper price segment (costs around 1,500 euros) is a model with the test mark “very good”, with which the traction resistance is produced by means of water. According to external comparison tables, evaluations, surveys and analyses, a magnetic brake system is responsible for many other devices. The price of the equipment is partly justified by the water tank, which is made of impact and shock resistant material, which is used in the aircraft industry for the production of windows after the production of rowing equipment test reports. The decision to purchase a rowing machine that is not inexpensive and conforms to personal expectations should be based on financial aspects as well as requirements and tested.

Top 5 Rowing Machines Manufacturer

After intensive inspection of the market, there are manufacturers for rowing machines like sand at the sea. A Bestenliste der Hersteller cannot be attached to known names, these do not always manage to meet the demands of users.

Good quality and a reasonable price-performance ratio

In the top 5 tested manufacturers you will find AsViva, Concept, Hammer, Kettler and Skandika. Each of these manufacturers offers different rowing machines in several price ranges. Almost all devices have landed in the product reports and ratings on the top ranks. Although each model has a similarity – a good test result.

The names of the top 5 manufacturers of rowing machines stand for high quality. This not only speaks for the best workmanship, but also for the use of high-quality materials. The latest technologies, in combination with modern computer software, make it possible to manufacture devices without flaws, even for the most sophisticated requirements.

Top 5 rowing machine manufacturer

  • Kettler
  • Concept
  • Hammer
  • AsVisa
  • Skandika
Kettler-Sportgeräte – Kettler has been a household name for many athletes worldwide for decades. The company, based in Ense-Parsit on Lake Möhnesee, has always been one of the leading companies in Germany in the production of sports equipment. The company has become known among other things by its high-quality bicycles.
Concept – Schweizer Zuverlässigkeit – The company Concept is a Swiss enterprise with seat in Samstagern. In addition to rowing machines, they sell other fitness machines such as the SkiErg, a training machine for skiing.
Hammer Sport AG – Popular in all sectors of the industry – Hammer Sport AG is a sports equipment manufacturer from Hamburg. In the fitness sector, the company stands for names such as Men´s Health, Finnlo, FinnSpa and Mikasa. Here an athlete will find everything his heart desires when it comes to fitness equipment. The company's product range enables it to equip an entire fitness studio.
AsVisa – So young and already so good – In the 10 years since its foundation, AsViva has stormed the German market. The offer of the still quite young company contains fitness equipment of every kind and corresponding accessories. In the meantime, the company has built up a chain of sales partners who help to sell the products.
Skandika – Reliability from the coal pot – The German company Skandika has its headquarters in Essen. In addition to outdoor articles such as tents and camping accessories, this company also sells rowing machines and other high-quality fitness equipment for home training and the professional sector.

Internet vs. specialist shops: Where is the best place to buy my rowing machine?

Both possibilities of purchasing have their charms, advantages and disadvantages. When you buy a rowing ergometer online, you could say you're buying a pig in a poke. However, this does not have to be the case, as there are sufficient possibilities to obtain information about interesting devices in advance. Nevertheless, there is a requirement to test and compare these devices in practice.

Purchase from specialist dealer

The purchase of a rowing machine in a specialist shop is the traditional method of shopping. In the specialized trade you can use likewise the option and employee directly address. The equipment from face to face to be explained to be able to get to questions a direct answer, has its advantages. You can also view the product on site and test it personally.

However, a purchase from a specialist retailer is also associated with disadvantages. Many shops do not deliver free home, but charge sum X of transport fees. In addition, specialist retailers often sell at higher prices. In the event of a complaint, the customer must transport either the complete device or the dismantled, defective parts to the branch office at his own expense.

Purchase on the Internet

Internet commerce has increased drastically in recent years. In principle, there is nothing that cannot be ordered online. Amazon & Co. offers a stately offer, which is not to be missed. This has its reasons, because what is more convenient, as a test winner from home to buy. In times of Visa and Mastercard payment is no longer a problem. So why not buy a rowing machine online at Amazon?

Mr. Google provides a lot of information about rowing machines. If you would like to test such a machine once, you can do it with interest at a specialist dealer. Buying does not necessarily have to be immediate. A fitness studio offers a further variant to the opinion, however already rather for a professional equipment, offers a fitness studio.

With a day ticket, you can test a rowing machine with rowing ergometer at your leisure. Probably the most common reason to buy a rowing machine on the Internet is price. Online dealers often differ enormously from the specialized trade personnel. In the online area you can buy rowing machines at offer prices, which are partly lower by three-digit euro sums than in the specialized trade.

box type=”success”]In addition short delivery times and free delivery are guaranteed in these price ranges. So why spend too much money in specialist shops when buying on the Internet is cheaper and more convenient[/box]?

Experts pay attention to this when using external rowing machines Tests

Even ambitious hobby sportsmen and women often can't see through the thicket of different offers of rowing machines. To change this, a clear comparison table will help you. This compares the essential features of the rowing machines with and offers a neutral and independent comparison. Sometimes a comparative winner often emerges.

In numerous product reports, experts scrutinized the following product criteria:

Test Criteria

  • Technical description and assembly instructions for the rowing machine
  • Duration and complexity of assembly
  • Quality of the installed components and workmanship
  • Individual movement of the rudder arms
  • Tension resistance individually adjustable, evenly increasing,…
  • Operating comfort: seat upholstery, ergonomics, back compatibility, etc.
  • Screen: Additional functions, training modes, etc.
  • Size and proportions of the user
  • Additional functions, such as possible folding of the rudder

On the basis of these test criteria, the currently leading models from various manufacturers, such as Christopeit, Hammer or Kettler, could not only be assessed in terms of technical aspects and facts. Numerous models had to undergo a unsparing practical test.

Especially with the operation and the training feeling of the rowing machine, there is a difference between the cheap products and the high-quality rowing machines tested in online tests like day and night to register. In the overview table and the detailed product reports you will find the details of the examined steering gear.

In external rower tests 2019 the most popular top favourites were presented as innovative sports equipment. Perhaps you will find your desired rowing machine for indoor use a little faster in this way.

Optimal training with the rower

As explained before, the rowing technique with a rower ergometer corresponds to almost the same movement as when using a real rowing boat. For example, in the initial position hip, knee and ankle joints are bent. The lower legs should be vertical and the upper body almost lying on the thighs. The arms are stretched of course. With the stretching of the legs the draught begins.

Shoulders and upper body are clamped. They move backwards into the back position during the leg thrust. They do not bend their arms until their hands have reached the level of their knees. Now the legs are stretched in the back, whereby the knees are not pushed through. Finally, you stabilize your upper body in a light back position.

Pull the pull handle all the way down to the lower ribs, with the elbows close to the torso. After pulling through, stretch your arms again and lead your hands to your knees. Now the upper body follows the movement of both hands. Then rinse the reserve liquid again. After erecting, the seat is rolled forward in a relaxed and even manner.

All in all, the motion sequences on a Cardiostrong rowing machine are relatively easy to learn. With a rower ergometer you can train regardless of the weather and at any time of the day. Many known endurance sports only burden certain parts of the body on one side. With the rowing machine you can strengthen your entire body and in particular your trunk muscles. This helps against possible back problems in everyday working life.When training with a rowing machine, a correct load intensity, which you can most easily determine by your pulse rate is particularly important. In the morning before getting up, measure your resting pulse. The best thing you can do here is to use an ordinary heart rate monitor. Some devices are designed so that you can set certain upper and lower limits. If the intensity was set too high, the athletic load quickly leads to premature termination. With a correctly determined intensity, you can easily at least 45 minutes on the rowing machine. You should train at least twice a week.

In total, the rowing motion takes place in two phases. On the one hand there is the so-called recovery phase, in which you cannot rest completely, but instead release the tension of the body a little. With your arms and upper body you go forward and bend your knees at the same time.

This is followed by the pull phase. Here you stretch your legs through and give your body the necessary support. The upper body is tilted backwards and the arms are pulled with the handle. Rest phase and pull phase alternate continuously. The typical rowing movements arise.

Rowing – Indoor rowing

The Indoor Rowing or Indoor Rowing is a fitness sport with rowing ergometers which is practised exclusively indoors. Many rowers use this opportunity to pursue their competition hobby in the cold season. Interestingly enough, so-called ergometer competitions take place in winter as well.

One of the largest Indoor regattas in Germany is the German Indoor Rowing Series – DIRS, which takes place regularly between the months of December and February. This event is particularly varied, as not only professional athletes, but also recreational athletes take part here. This is about the title of the German rowing ergometer champion.

The awards are made at the DIRS by the Deutscher Ruderverband – DRK . Ambitious athletes are recommended to participate here to experience the great competition atmosphere. Afterwards your own training is all the more fun.

Rowing or indoor rowing is also ideal for women. The legs and not the back become most strongly involved with the rowing. This sport is very easy on the back. Nevertheless, the back, abdomen and arms can also be trained. In this respect, indoor rowing is an extremely interesting fitness program with which women achieve a great figure. In short: a rowing machine Cardiostrong burns an enormous amount of calories and shapes the stomach, legs and bottom.

Rowing was invented in 1980 in the United States: The year the United States boycotted the Olympic Games. At the same time the still completely unknown rower ergometer, called Concept2, came onto the market. It is interesting that some US rowers withdrew into a small boathouse at Harvard University and used this piece of sports equipment to complete the first competition dry regatta. This was followed by the Indoor World Championship, which takes place annually in Boston.

More than 3,000 rowers fight for medals every year at such a World Cup. They must complete a simulated competition distance of 2,000 m. This must be completed in less than six minutes.

Rowing can also be done via Internet. If you can compete in an exciting online competition with like-minded people at home, you will have to register on one of the few rowing servers on the Internet. The Venezuelan rower Marilyn Duarte founded a German online rowing club. It is therefore possible to take part in an online rowing competition from your living room. In recent years, rowers from Norway, Australia, South Africa, the USA, Canada, Denmark and Germany have rode together online.

As with conventional dry rudders, the correct pull is especially important. This determines the power, i.e. the wattage reached. The distance covered so far is displayed on a monitor on the rowing machine. Rowing is very effective if you always exercise an even pull.

If you decrease the pull intensity, the Flywheel will slow down and your performance will be minimized. By smooth motion sequences you reach the best speed and can reach the goal faster on the monitor.

Statistics, numbers, data and facts about the rowing machine

In the following you will find some interesting data and facts from external Rowing equipment tests. These should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.

What do doctors say about rowing?

According to an article by the sports physician Dr. Christoph Schmölzer in the German magazine Focus, rowing is one of the healthiest sports in the world. Rowing trains as many muscles as hardly any other sport. From a medical point of view, the human body consists of about 650 muscles, which are all strained when rowing. The legs, the arms, the back, the hips and the upper part of the body can be trained.

Ideally, the regions abdomen, legs and bottom find an excellent load when rowing. Rowing is therefore an interesting alternative to aerobics.

Doctors explain that during active training, about 60 percent of the maximum pulse value is reached in the shortest possible time. Sports physicians agree that rowing offers a successful combination of muscle and endurance training. High blood pressure and shortness of breath are just as effective against rowing. Interestingly, active rowing also creates new nerve cells so that the brain is more receptive. The versatile movements stimulate the grey cells sozusagen and are also a good remedy against depression. rowing is suitable for any age group, as well as for men and women. Even people with physical limitations can, to some extent, use this training. Various sports physicians point out that rowing less risk of injury involves less than other sports such as running, tennis or football. The joints and the spine thus find excellent protection.

Things to know about rowing

Rowing belongs to the oldest sports . Since ancient times, people have used muscle power to transport larger ships across rivers and seas. It has been proved that in 1716 some Englishmen held the first rowing competitions. Since 1900 this discipline is olympic.

The two types of rowing machines with pulling system

Among other things, rowing machines differ in their towing systems. In various rower tests 2019 both systems are frequently addressed.

Rowers with two booms
There are rowing machines on the market with the best test marks, which are equipped with two lateral outriggers. They best represent two rowing grips. In this form, experts also speak of a Latin or Scandinavian train. These rowing machines allow the same motion sequence as on the water. However, the trainee is assumed to have already mastered the rowing technique. They are therefore primarily suitable for advanced and professionals.

Rowing equipment with cable pull and T-handle
The mid-stroke models represent the most common form of rowing machine today. This also includes online rowing machine comparison test winners. These rowing machines are exactly the right entry aid into this exciting sport. Rowing machines with cable pull are equipped with various braking systems so that you can increase your performance individually without having to pay attention to the aforementioned rowing technology.

If, however, you would like to increase your training effect, then you should, of course, exercise the greatest concentration. This is necessary in order to achieve even motion sequences. Good rope pull rowers have the same training effect as models with side boom.

Optical characteristics

Equally popular are rowing machines with rope pulls. These rowing machines are usually relatively long, narrow and have a stable footing due to their lateral feet. Particularly decorative are the rowers with water tank, some of which are also completely made of precious wood. Take a look at the online comparison winner, who not only shines with a water tank, but also with a noble wood look. The other rowing machines with magnetic or air resistance brakes are pure sports equipment which can be stowed away in a space-saving manner in upright position.

What to look out for when buying a rowing machine

A new rowing machine always represents a special investment. Avoid a bad buy here. Overall, this piece of sports equipment must fit your body size. In addition, a maximum body weight in kilograms must be observed. Check the solid workmanship and the high stability. The running boards should be stable, so that you can repel yourself powerfully. Always choose the resistance levels that suit your workout.

The equipment should be complete

In addition to the actual basic machine, which usually has to be assembled a little, high-quality rowing machines are also equipped with other features. This includes for example

  • different training programs,
  • the possibility to connect to a PC for data and training analysis,
  • one heart rate display,
  • a distance display and a stroke frequency that promote motivation,
  • a speedometer, calorie consumption display and a force gauge, and
  • programmed training distances for practicing.

Alternatives to rowing machine

There are several other training and fitness machines with the best test scores that can be used as alternatives to rowing machines. However, it should be mentioned beforehand that many of these sports machines do not use all muscle groups as intensively as a rowing machine.

The Ergometer

The Ergometer

An ergometer is often referred to as a bicycle ergometer or home trainer. These types of motorcycles simulate natural cycling. Mechanical and electronic settings of the respective difficulty levels can be adjusted individually. Using a training computer, you can also call up complex training programs and simultaneously record all essential health data.

With such an ergometer the leg muscles can be trained in the first place. Likewise a bicycle ergometer increases the heart circulation system as well as the general well-being.

The Crosstrainer

The Crosstrainer

The Cross- or Ellipsentrainer is an endurance sports equipment which can be found at home as well as in the gym. With a crosstrainer, considerably more muscle groups can be trained than with a home trainer. As a user, you are not sitting on a bicycle, but have to exercise a pedal movement with both feet in an upright position. The exercises are supported by two handles running in opposite directions.

The training effect can be individually adjusted, since the degree of difficulty is realized by the resistance of a flywheel or a magnetic brake. Crosstrainers distinguish themselves as very gentle on the joints and are also suitable for older people.

The Treadmill

The Treadmill

The treadmill is also an interesting alternative. A distinction is made here between electrically driven and manually operated models. With an electric treadmill, you can adjust the speed individually. An integrated training computer can be used to set various training programs.

Manual treadmills do not have their own drive. You can achieve better training effects by adjusting the inclination angle of the belt. Although treadmills promote overall condition very well, running is a not inconsiderable strain on the joints. In contrast to a rower the upper body is not trained here.

The real rowing

The real rowing

Last but not least a good alternative is the real rowing with a rowing boat. It doesn't matter if we sit alone or with several people in one boat. Most motion sequences are comparable to those of a good rowing machine.

The only difference to dry rowing is that you have to keep your balance on the water in a narrow rowing boat. Otherwise you train the same muscle groups with right rowing.

Rowing gear set correctly in 3 steps

Basically the operation of a rowing machine is very simple, so that you do not have to make any complicated settings here. Nevertheless, training is possible in just a few steps.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
Make sure that your rowing machine stands securely with the pedestals. You should have at least one meter of freedom of movement around the sports equipment.
Sit comfortably on the Roller seat and secure your feet with the straps provided on the respective footrest.

Via the integrated training computer you can now select your desired training program. Here you will also be informed of all important training data. In addition, various competition simulations are available so that you have even more incentives for your training.

The so-called WaterFlywheel rowers do not require the setting of a training computer as they are often offered without technical equipment. Here you determine the training success by the individual tractive force.


Questions and Answers about Rowing Machines

How does a rowing machine affect your muscles?

A rower is a real all-rounder among the training devices and should not be missing in any fitness center.

Sports physicians have found out that around 80% of all muscles are trained effectively with this training device. Whether legs, arms or especially the biceps: With a rower you can do a very good whole body workout.

What is the optimum stroke rate for rowing machines?

In order to ensure a good muscle build-up, a solid training plan and a correct execution of the respective exercise is very important. With a rower it does not behave differently of course. No matter which difficulty level you choose, the number of strokes per minute should be about 24 to 30. In a competition, the number of strokes per minute should not exceed 36.

How many calories do I burn on a rowing machine?

A rower is a very good and effective trainer for the whole body. Depending on the degree of difficulty and the training duration, about 700 to 1,000 calories per hour are consumed.

However, anyone who has already become familiar with this training device will confirm that a duration of 60 minutes is quite long. From a medical point of view, this training length is not recommended.

How often should I use the rowing machine?

In order to ensure a reliable muscle build-up, regular training is necessary.

Experienced athletes and sports physicians recommend training sessions of about 20 to 30 minutes with a rower.

Daily exercises are not recommended as the muscle groups need a regeneration phase to build muscle.

What's better: a rowing machine or a treadmill?

In general, both training devices are very good and have a high value among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is difficult to say which training device is better. Each device sometimes trains different muscle groups.

If you prefer running, a treadmill is the best choice. Athletes who want to do a full-body workout are more likely to stick to training sessions with the rower.

What types of rowing machines are there?

Rowers are available in many different versions. Whether for sports medicine or leisure sports: You will find a suitable rower for every occasion and purpose. Not only in application area there are gradations, because the individual models also differ in the functions.

Which rowing machine is quiet?

Rowers work with cable pulls and are therefore loud.

In recent years, however, manufacturers have taken greater care to ensure that rowers do not develop any interfering noises. This allows you to concentrate fully on the training.

The modern rowing machines are now all very quiet. So you don't have to deal with this topic when buying.

Which is the best rowing machine?

Rowers are available in all imaginable designs and price ranges. However, defining the best rower is not so easy due to many different requirements. Before you buy, simply have a look at the various test reports of the individual models to make a preselection.

What is the smallest rowing machine?

There is, however, the right training equipment for all court conditions. Today, manufacturers are also developing rowers, which are collapsible and can therefore be used even in the smallest apartment.

If you need more information about the smallest rower in the world, you will certainly find it on the Internet and in the special sports forums.

What muscle groups can be stimulated with a rower?

With a rower about 80 % of the muscle groups are trained very reliably. Especially the legs and the arms can be stimulated with these training devices. A muscle build-up is thus guaranteed.

You can find out which muscle groups you can still train effectively with it in the operating instructions of the individual manufacturers. You can also find this information on the Internet.


What are the criteria for a rower?

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Why row is so healthy!

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