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Best Router 2019 • 0 Routers Reviews

The practical routers are not only used in professional joineries, but also in workshops of hobby craftsmen. Here the machines are also used for building furniture. With a good router, for example, cabinets, chests of drawers and tables can be created.

But how does the router work? Which different types are offered? Which Functions should a milling machine have? We clarify all questions in this detailed overview. We also consider how much money the future user will have to invest in his new router.

Routers are produced by many manufacturers who specialize in the manufacture and sale of wood tools. Large companies such as Bosch or Makita manufacture such machines. We portray the most important manufacturers who carry the router in their assortment.

Within the scope of a extensive test series we have been able to test the routers of many different manufacturers. We discovered powerful devices that make woodworking easier. But we also mill with machines that didn't convince us so much. In order to arrive at the most objective judgment possible, we applied different test criteria, which we reveal in this article. So you can make your own picture about the test conditions. You will also learn how the devices have been tested by independent experts.

The machines can be purchased at different locations. We will tell you where you can buy your new milling machine at a very special low price. So you can save a lot of money. We hope that you will discover with our help exactly the milling machine with which you will work on wood in the future.

Functionality of a router

There are devices that surprise the user again and again because they offer a large range of functions. The router is such a machine. Even experienced wood craftsmen are amazed when they discover a new function. After all, the versatile devices can be used for countless jobs on wood.

The router can be used to Profile edges, Generate recesses and Create grooves. Actually, these machines are only an electric motor connected to two lifting columns.

These columns can be moved by the user. This allows the milling machine to plunge into the workpiece to be machined. In addition to the so-called dive function, the practical devices can be upgraded with many other parts to extend the range of functions.

The manufacturers not only produce the actual router, but also countless milling baskets that can be inserted into the practical tool. These baskets can be used, for example, to mill different grooves, which are the basis for the construction of furniture.

However, in order for the router to be driven over the wood in straight lines, an additional component is required, which is included with many devices. The machines are equipped with guide rails with which exact lines can be milled. Other milling machines are equipped by the manufacturer with a so-called parallel stop. The stop can be moved freely on the wood with the help of the rail.

The interaction of the hopefully powerful motors of the milling machine, the different milling baskets and the guide rail enables many-sided working.
This is the reason why these devices are appreciated by professionals. Beginners may sometimes be overwhelmed. However, if you take the trouble to understand your milling machine, you will use it for a lot of woodworking in the future. This is not just about milling grooves.

Important functions & features of a router

Many devices have a copy sleeve. With this tool Templates can be created and run over the wood. So you can create many wooden copies from the same stencil. Ideal for recesses. With a good milling machine, for example, the shell grips of cabinets and chests of drawers can be manufactured.

Some routers have a ball bearing. With this device edges can be processed. Therefore these machines are used for profiling or rounding of wooden edges. Many milling machines can also be equipped with a circle device. With this aid the passionate craftsman can even mill round tables, which can be produced in a short time.

Only the other components that are available on the market significantly enhance the functional range of most routers. However, some machines are already equipped with these additional parts at the factory. Beginners should therefore make sure that you purchase a milling machine with the accessories already included.

If you want to machine hard wood, you should not trust that the cutter can work its way through this material. The smaller devices, which only produce router mills circlean output of about 600 Watt, often come up against the limits of their performance with hard woods. The rule here is: If you save at the wrong end, you will be disappointed. You should therefore make sure that you purchase a milling machine that has a motor that generates more than 1000 watts of power.

Important considerations before buying

However, the customer should not only pay attention to a preferably high-performance drive. After all, the most powerful motor is not enough if the device cannot be operated safely.

We therefore recommend that you make sure that he allows the machine to grip well. Therefore, check whether the device has handles. Some models must be gripped by the engine. The vibrations are transmitted much more strongly. If you want to do a lot of woodwork, you should choose a model that has own handles.

You should also make sure that you can freely regulate the power of your router. If the machine is too slow, it will hardly mill, but only drill into the wood. This can permanently damage the integrity of the workpiece. However, if the machine is too fast, there is a great risk that the wood will overheat. Then the unattractive fire marks are left behind, which would reduce the quality of the resulting piece of furniture.

Many milling cutters suck in the resulting dust and chips. These machines have a connection to which a vacuum cleaner can be attached. With the better models there is no rubbish left behind. You should therefore purchase a router that can be used in combination with a suction cup.

Before buying, however, you should not only pay attention to what performance and which functions the respective milling machine offers. In order to avoid the risk of disappointment, you should inform yourself exactly about the available devices.

Read the Product reports published about the respective model. Also pay attention to the reviews written by users. Better not buy a machine that disappointed other customers and independent testers. You'd better get a tiller that got a good rating.

Costs for a router

Because the milling machines differ significantly in terms of performance and equipment, the price varies very significantly. The simplest routers are already available for a price of less than 100 Euro. Good basic devices, which sometimes only have a limited range of functions at first, cost a little more.

Customers usually have to invest around 200 euros in these models. For the better models you have to pay significantly more. In the Professional segment a machine usually costs significantly more than 1000 Euro.

Internet or specialized trade: Favorable possibilities of the purchase

Routers are sold through the large DIY chains, which operate branches in every major city and also in rural regions. But they are also sold through the large Online-Shops, which have included the practical devices in their assortment.

This allows the customer to purchase the milling machines at different locations. There are clear price differences. No wonder: DIY stores have to employ expensive personnel. The goods must also be stored on site. These costs are often added to the final price. So the future user of a router has to pay significantly more if he buys his machine in a DIY store.

Price comparisons prove that buying via the Internet is usually the cheapest. This eliminates expensive personnel and storage costs. Many online dealers can offer the milling machines at very especially attractive prices.
Due to the great competition between the dealers, milling head with groovea huge price war has broken out, from which the customers profit. After all, the future user can often buy a bargain on the net.

However, the consumer does not only save in price. After all, the ordered machine does not have to be transported from the DIY store to the workshop. Instead, the desired machine is simply delivered to your home . This eliminates the need to transport the mostly heavy routers. Before the purchase the customer should inform himself nevertheless completely exactly about the different models. We help with our product reports, about the origin of which we explain in the next section.

Our test criteria: How we test routers

The currently available routers differ considerably. They have different drives that do not always deliver the performance promised. Some machines are equipped with all the necessary accessories when they leave the production site. Other milling machines only have rudimentary accessories.

With the devices different work on the wood can be carried out. With some milling machines it has long been possible to mill more than just grooves and recesses. Other machines are only usable for simple woodworking.

We tested 15 different routers. Our test started long before we ordered the test device.
First Handwerker mit Fräsewe informed ourselves on the internet. We read the reviews written by other experts and users. So we hoped to discover any weaknesses that we wanted to check in our test. We also tested where the machines are quite particularly cheap.

Subsequently, we purchased our test equipment at the locations where the machines were sold at attractive prices. We checked how much time passes before the milling machine is delivered. During delivery we also tested the quality of the packaging . Only the devices that were packaged very safely were rated more positively by us in this respect.

After delivery, we not only checked the respective router, but also the quality of the supplied components. We also tested the Manual. Only the devices that were delivered with descriptive and well explanatory instructions were able to enjoy good ratings in this test category. We also tested the quality of processing and evaluated the material used. These important criteria were also included in the final score.

Then we tested the machines in practice. We worked with different types of wood to convince ourselves of the power of the drive. We milled our way through hard cherry and beech wood. However, we also process soft materials. This allowed us to convince ourselves of the performance capability of the respective milling machine. We also tested the quality of the milling cut. Only the devices that left a clean cut were rated more positively by us.

At the end of our test we summarized the advantages and disadvantages. So we could create a objective end note. We hope that with our help you will discover exactly the router with which you will work wood in the future.

Important manufacturers at a glance

Routers are manufactured by almost all manufacturers who specialize in production and distribution of wood tools. Among the producers are well-known names such as Bosch or Black & Decker. However, good routers are also produced by some other manufacturers that are hardly known to many customers.

  • Makita
  • Bosch
  • Black & Decker
  • Triton
  • Metabo & TTS
The practical routers made by Makita come from Japan. The company was founded on 21 March 1915. At that time the ingenious inventor Mosaburo Makita, who gave his name to the company, opened a small repair shop for engines. Only a few years passed before the company, which was already based in the Japanese city of Anjo at that time, developed its first own drives.

The experiences with the motors of the company were used a little later, in order to manufacture the first own devices. German customers, however, had to wait until 1977. At that time Makita opened a German branch in Duisburg. From then on, the company's machines were sold from the Ruhr district town.

Over the years, Makita has made a name for itself with high-quality tools, which have been offered very cheaply. Today the company offers more than 850 different articles, which are manufactured at the production sites in Japan, the USA and Brazil. In addition to battery-powered devices for drilling and gasoline machines for sawing, Makita also produces routers, of which we have examined some models.

The German manufacturer Bosch, which was founded at the end of the 19th century, has also gained a certain reputation with practical wood tools. However, the conglomerate initially made a name for itself with spark plugs, which were installed in motor vehicles at the beginning of the 20th century. Later, the company also produced wood tools. To this day, these aids are an integral part of the production range. The equipment contributes to the huge profits of the conglomerate. In 2017, the company generated turnover of almost 50 billion euros.
TThe Black & Decker milling machines come from America. The company, which was founded in 1910, first became known with various electrical appliances. In the course of the company's long history, lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners have been produced. The Group uses various brands that it has acquired over the past decades. Many wood tools are sold under the brand name DeWalt. The company's routers are also often sold as DeWalt devices.
In Australia Bosch or Makita devices are rarely used. Instead, the inhabitants of the distant continent often use the machines of a domestic manufacturer. You use the milling machines of Company Triton. These devices are now also available in Germany. But they are still niche products, which are mainly sold via the Internet.
The German company Metabo and TTS Tooltechnic Systems GmbH also produce milling machines. While Metabowerke GmbH, based in Nürtingen in southwest Germany, mainly manufactures smaller machines with only rudimentary functions, the less well-known TTS Tooltechnic Systems GmbH produces the milling machines of the Festtool brand. These machines are especially appreciated by professionals because they make extensive milling work possible. Both manufacturers have long been selling their machines not only through DIY stores, but also through the renowned online shops.
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