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Best Pot Set 2019 • 0 Pot Sets Reviews

What is a pot set?

03-2-Karcher-induktionskochtoepfe-Topfset-JasminA pot set consists of different pots in which delicate food can be prepared. So you can move into your first own apartment, buy a complete pot system in which food will be produced in the future. In family households the cooking pot sets can also be very useful because they contain all the equipment needed for cooking. Usually the sets contain at least four cooking pots, but sometimes there are more pots.

Tested pot sets, which are manufactured by famous companies such as Fissler or WMF, are available in different versions which differ considerably. However, all sets contain basic equipment in which delicate dishes can be prepared.

Some sets contain only a few pots. Here you must be content with three vessels. Other articles contain five pots that can be used for cooking in the future. This more comprehensive variant also includes our comparative winner in the pot set test.

How does a pot set work?

The functionality of the pot sets or cooking pots depends on which material they are made of and for which type of cooker they were developed.

In our Test the Pot sets we would like to point out to our customers that the Coordination to the stove and to the individual needs must not be neglected.

For detailed Notes on Pot sets please refer to Products for a Gas cooker, for an Electric cooker or for an Induction cooker.

If you are familiar with Check of Material, you already know whether the stainless steel , steel enamel or aluminium pot set fits the kitchen stove.

The modern technology of the Induction hob requires certain Properties for cooking pots.How does a pot set work in the test and comparison at ReviewInstitutes? At an induction cooker magnetic fields cause the heating of the cooking pot. However, this only works if the pot has the corresponding coils.

Only with a magnetic pot bottom the heat is transferred from the stove. If the pot set is unsuitable for induction, then will stay the kitchen will unfortunately be cold until you have bought the appropriate pots.

Conventional cooking vessels made of stainless steel, aluminium or copper cannot therefore be used on an induction hob. They lack the magnetic core. In the meantime, however, there are more and more pot sets that are suitable for gas– and electric cookers as well as for induction cookers.

In any case, you should not only look for the official test winner of the pot sets, but also take a close look at whether the set is actually suitable for your own stove.

One classical gas cooker or electric cooker offers several options. The pot sets made of stainless steel are very popular. Since it is stainless and is considered to be very durable, it may even be put into the dishwasher for cleaning . This makes the stainless steel pot sets from our test very easy to care for and correspondingly popular.

Often a core off aluminium is responsible for the heat function. This supports the ideal distribution of heat. This saves time and energy costs. Some of these stainless steelpots are also suitable for induction cookers. So anyone planning to buy a new kitchen soon with induction hob is well advised to use such a modern stainless steelset.

What different types of pot sets are there?

After inspection, the offered sets do not only differentiate themselves by a different processing quality. Finally, some items contain fewer pots than other offers. In most cases, if you choose a set, you will not only receive the pots, but also fitting lids for it.

13-piece pot set from Warimex with foodOften the set also contains a saucepan in which sauces can be prepared. In this additional cooking opportunity meat or tofu pieces can also be fried. The casserole, which is not included in all sets, is also used to stew vegetables, which can be prepared particularly gently. The pots that are included in the sets fit on common cooking surfaces. They are designed for standard hobs with a diameter of 16, 20 or even 24 centimetres.

Some sets also contain an additional oven , like our comparison winner from the external practical test. Sometimes the set is also equipped with inserts. Many consumers and experts favor sets that include a roasting pan or casserole of medium size. After all, it cannot be used to prepare meat, but also to stew vegetables.

Some sets are very versatile because they contain high pots in which, for example, the pasta is particularly successful. Soups and stews can also be prepared in congruence with these cooking pots. Large quantities of vegetables can be gently prepared for consumption in such pots, which are not included in all sets. This preserves important nutrients and vitamins.

Some sets checked in the product test do not only offer pots for cooking, but also contain other articles with which special dishes succeed very well. For example, they offer lid shapes that can be used to create special dishes. Other sets also contain milk pots in which, for example, rice pudding can be gently prepared without the food burning. Some complete solution even offers a frying pan, so that the range of functions of the set is extended again.

Advantages of a pot set

  • By purchasing this product you get a complete system that can replace all previous cooking pots. Most dishes can be prepared in these containers so that the costly purchase of additional pots is no longer necessary.
  • In comparison, the pots can usually be stacked into each other well, so that only little space is consumed. After all, many manufacturers make sure that the pot set is easy to stow away. The sets often require less space than different pots, which can be purchased separately.
  • The purchase of a set usually costs less money than the purchase of different pots.
  • Because the pots of a manufacturer are combined in the set, you can buy vessels in uniform design and uniform color. If individual cooking pots are purchased, the appearance may differ. The sets, however, offer pots with the same handles and lids, even if the pots can be differentiated by size. This is how you receive products that stand out due to their uniform appearance.

What does a pot set cost?

In consideration you can save a lot of money if you buy the pots in a set. One example is the Diadem Plus Set, which is manufactured by the well-known manufacturer WMF. If the pots included in the set were purchased individually, the cost would be an impressive 259 euros. If you purchase the set instead, you will have to invest much less money. After all, the pots in a set cost only 149 euros. In juxtaposition, the savings amount to almost 40 percent. With other tested sets, savings of around 30 percent can be achieved.

Often dealers offer the sets as special offer. In this case you can save additional money.

The price range between the individual sets differs significantly. Simpler versions cost little more than 100 euros. In comparison, you have to spend a little more money on more expensive sets, which are usually of better quality. The Original Profi Collection of the renowned manufacturer Fissler tested by us costs almost 500 Euros.

What functions should you pay attention to when buying a cooking pot?

Tefal A70544 Duetto saucepan Ø 20 cm, suitable for inductionIf you inform yourself with e.g. a test report before buying, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. So you can buy a suitable cooking pot set that meets your needs. You should also check your hob. Because there are different types of stoves. Depending on whether they cook with gas, electricity or induction, different products are available. For example, the manufacturers of the sets offer pots made of stainless steel, aluminium or steel enamel.

If you use a particularly modern induction hob, you must ensure that the set also works on these hobs. Not all pots work on such cooking opportunities. Finally, an induction hob uses coils to activate alternating magnetic fields that must be in the pot. This creates the heat required for cooking. Therefore the pot must have a magnetic base. The comparative winners in the pot set test can be used on induction fields as well as on conventional ceramic fields.

Unfortunately, certain vessels made of stainless steel, copper or aluminium cannot be used on induction hobs because they do not have a magnetic core. Before buying, you should make sure that the set can also be used on an induction hob. On other types of cookers you can use other pots made of different materials.

Many people use stainless steel when cooking with gas or a classic electric cooker. These durable products are even dishwasher safe. Such sets are often very easy to care for. Often these pots, which are available as a set, have an aluminium core which distributes the heat particularly well. Such vessels can even be used on induction stoves. So the evaluation of an experiment.

If you want to use pots in the oven you should pay attention to the handles. Handles made of plastic are not suitable for operation in the oven. In congruence, you need a container whose handles are made of metal.

If you want to cook at particularly high temperatures, you should not use pots with a non-stick coating. Such vessels can be damaged by intense heat.

GRÄWE® pot 24 cm, with 5 litre scale, series 'Pro-Line' Also pay attention to the equipment, which differs from set to set. Some sets contain additional pans. Compared to this, a large variety of uses is created, but a lot of space is also required in juxtaposition. Particularly in small kitchens, attention should therefore also be paid to the size. Also compare how easily the pots can be stacked. With good stackability you can save a lot of space. The pot sets from the practical test, which cannot be easily stowed away, can hardly be used, especially in smaller kitchens.

Do not just consider the material and the range of functions. Other consumers have already purchased the product before you, about which they report in reviews. Unfortunately, these experience reports are not sufficient to get a comprehensive picture of the respective pot set. Therefore it is recommended that you inform yourself before the purchase by serious product reports with exact evaluation and test note. One help can be the Potfset Test with a comparison table in this report.

The sets from manufacturers such as WMF or Fissler have been thoroughly tested. The test conditions required for objective control will be explained in the next section. The examination conditions are explained there. By inspecting the advantages and disadvantages of the respective sets, a comparative winner can be presented to you in the pot set test.

What types of pot sets are there?

The presentation of the numerous species of pot sets in our test is about the number of cooking pots and the material selection. The material is a important criterion for the purchase decision, for it says something about the thermal conductivity and stability of pots.

pot sets made of aluminium have good heat properties and are easy to clean and maintain. Also with What types of potset are there in a test? high temperatures it doesn't come so fast to roasting residues, because the content usually doesn't burn. In addition, aluminium has a relative low weight, so the pots are easy to handle.

The stainless steelpotsets are clearly heavier but also more robust than the aluminummodels. Cooking experts in particular like pots that are safe and handy to hold. Another advantage is shown by the optimal surface, which is guaranteed even if the pot is filled with little content. The heat conduction is correspondingly good, especially if the stainless steel pot has a bottom with aluminium core.

Cooking pots made of glass ceramic are also popular, although the selection here is somewhat smaller. The glass ceramic is not as robust as stainless steel and aluminum, but it protects the cooking process.

In the healthy kitchen the glass ceramicspots help with the gentle cooking with low temperature or with steaming: Thus vitamins are preserved and the aroma can unfold perfectly.

Copper pots are usually used in a Profikitchen. With their strong heat conduction, they require a lot of trace from the cook, because the risk that the food will burn is relatively large. A complete pot set made of copper looks great, especially in a traditional kitchen. However, the result of cooking depends strongly on how experienced and skilled the chef is.

Even a pot set made of cast iron looks nice. The cast iron has a lot of weight. In addition, the cast iron cookware has a very thick bottom. This stores the heat very well and is therefore primarily suitable for dishes that have a long cooking time and should remain warm over a certain period, for example for pots or goulash. However, the heat conductivity is not so good, so that it takes while for the food to be heated.

A advantage in which cast iron dishes is their adaptability: It is suitable for the gas stove, for the electric stove and if required even for the grill an advantage where cast iron dishes are their adaptability: it is suitable for the gas stove, for the electric stove and if required even for the grill.

Dependent on the individual habits it might be useful to buy one or more pots from another Material in addition to the Pot set. In general, the classic pot sets do not contain any unusual products, but they concentrate only on one design.


If you like cooking with higher heat, you should not use a pot set with sensitive non-stickcoating.What types of potfset are there in a test? Unwanted damage could quickly occur here. The selection of the cooking utensils also plays a role when it comes to not scratching the coating of the pots.

In our Test of Pot sets we have found that there can be large differences in the equipment. Some sets not only have cooking pots, but also pans in several sizes. This extends the possibilities of use, but cooking utensils also need more storage space in the kitchen. If you only have a small kitchen with few cupboards, you should consider carefully which pots and pans are really needed.

In this contextit is helpful that many pot sets can be stacked. This saves space and you can also store the dinnerware in the cupboard. Even if the kitchen is big, you shouldn't overdo it with the cooking utensils. After all, the pots are not intended for one-time use only, but should be used more frequently.

In the following we list the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the cooking pot sets in a few short notes. This is intended to help sales prospects with the selection of a pot set. With this in mind, it is helpful to keep the most important things in mind.

The advantages

Low total price of the complete set compared to single cooking pots,uniform design for one Advantages of a pot set test at ReviewInstitute beautiful appearance,by stacking the pot sets are very space-saving,all in one package: practical combination,can be chosen specifically for your own needs

The disadvantages

Due to the complete price relatively expensive initial purchase, adjustment to individual needs can be difficult, limited selection.

How were the pot sets tested?

In the course of a detailed investigation, the sets of different manufacturers were put to the test in a practical test . Among others, pots from WMF, Fissler and Silit were tested. Different dishes were cooked to compare the respective sets, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages.

The cleaning and the material

Among other things, the materials of which the pots are made were checked. So pots made of aluminium and stainless steel were tested. There is a visual resemblance, but there are some other distinct differences. For example, many sets made of stainless steel are particularly economical because the material emits little heat to the outside. Therefore, many sets made of the steel material passed the pot set test with particularly good test results.

Other sets consist of Aluminium. These pots leave are not dishwasher safe. The floor may discolour unattractively if exposed to the detergent and the machine. The stainless steel products, which can also be washed in the dishwasher, are quite different. In the product test, these sets usually achieved somewhat better test results because the cleaning was also included in the final result of the pot set test.

The lids

However, it was not only the cleaning and the material from which the pots of each set are made that were checked. The processing quality of the vessels and also the quality of the lid were tested. If the lid closes well in the suitability test, little energy is lost. Pots that are equipped with well closing lids also facilitate steaming with little water.

Some experiments have shown that nutrients and vitamins from various vegetables are preserved. In the product test, pots equipped with a lid that closes well > were able to achieve better results than those sets where the lid only closes insufficiently.

The bottom of the pot

During the practical analysis of the pots, the bottom was also examined. If this is not optimally positioned, a lot of energy can be consumed. The temperature distribution is much worse than with vessels that can be placed well on the stove. If the energy is distributed evenly, the risk of burning is reduced. In Potfset Test, the sets finished with excellent test marks, which are characterized by an optimal contact surface.

The time of heating

During the test run we also checked the time that passes before the pot is heated. A short period of time makes cooking easier. In addition, energy is saved , because the necessary temperatures can be reached much faster. Such pots react much faster than other vessels, which we have also tested. In our investigations, only the sets that heated up in a short time were able to achieve good results.

Low-fat cooking

Many manufacturers promise that only little fat needs to be used in their pots. It was fried with little oil and butter to test this advertising promise. Pots where it worked got good test scores. It has also been tested whether the food to be fried sticks. In the suitability test, for example, meat was prepared in the pots. If it could be fried gently, good grades were awarded.

The handles

If you cook for family or friends, you know the hustle and bustle that can occur. It was therefore also examined whether the pots could be used under time pressure. After all, not all people think of using a rag to grasp the handle of a pot when they are in a hurry.

Therefore, in an experiment for example, it has been tested how the handles are called . If there was a risk of burning the fingers, a negative assessment was made in the analysis. A bad grade could also be awarded if the vessels were difficult to grasp because the handles were too small.

The hygiene

However, negative assessments were not only made in the category of handling. Finally, for example, water may collect in some glass lids. This allows food leftovers to enter the inside of the lids, for example when soups are being cooked. If such residues were found in the edge of the lid, a negative assessment of the test result was made.

After the investigations, in the context of which ten sets were examined first, the advantages and disadvantages of the processing are known. strengths and weaknesses were detected during the handling of the pots and also a simple cleaning of these was found. This survey was followed by a test report.

Detailed reports were produced, which are published in the potfset test on this website. There, strengths and weaknesses discovered during the practical use of the pots are explained. In addition, information is provided about certain quality features that distinguish the pot sets from each other. So you can make your own picture to acquire exactly the set with which you will prepare tasty dishes in the future.

Pot set test judgement Stiftung Warentest

The consumer magazine 2017 tested twelve pot sets made of stainless steel and four made of aluminium in the pot set test conducted by Stiftung Warentest. Even if pot sets do not differ visually, they have very big differences in quality. For example, how evenly the heat is distributed and whether the handles become hot. On the same hotplate three liters of water in two different pots once only twelve and once a whole 21 minutes are needed to cook.

It turned out that the best pot sets are expensive. The test winner is Fissler Intensa for about 500 Euro. The heat is distributed well, the handles don't get hot, the lids can be fixed, the pots can be stacked and stowed away wonderfully: according to Stiftung Warentest everything is just right about this pot set, which is why it is even ahead of the most expensive pots from AMC – a pot set brand that is only available in direct sales according to the Tupperware principle.

The Stiftung Warentest also points out that both Fissler and WMF produce only a few pot sets (such as the test winner) in Germany. If the pot set is marked “Fissler Germany” instead of “Made in Germany“, it was produced in China.

The four best manufacturers

Cooking pots have been manufactured for thousands of years. To this day, there are companies rich in tradition that produce these practical kitchen aids. These companies have faced strong competition in recent decades. After all, there are younger manufacturers who also produce good cooking pots. The producers of cooking pots often offer the products as a set. The Potfset Test introduces you to the most well-known companies that produce high-quality sets. These are renowned manufacturers such as Fissler, WMF or Silit.

  • Fissler
  • WMF
  • Rösle
  • Schulte Shore

Brand quality from Rhineland-Palatinate

Fissler GmbH is a German company specialising in the manufacture of cookware. The company, located in the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Idar-Oberstein, was founded more than 150 years ago. The foundation had already been laid in 1845 when Carl Phillip Fissler opened an installation specialist shop. However, several decades passed before Fissler became known in the emerging German Reich. In 1892, the manufacturer developed a mobile kitchen that went down in world history as the “goulash cannon”. The invention was used to provide people with food like stews.

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, Fissler used aluminium to manufacture kitchen and household appliances. Due to the new material Fissler reached many consumers, who from now on produce their tasty food with the cook pots of the manufacturer. But Fissler products were also used on gigantic luxury liners.

At the beginning of the 1930s, for example, the company produced special tableware, which was used on German ships such as the Europa and Bremen. The kitchens in the Olympic Village, which was built before the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, were also equipped with Fissler products.

During the times of the economic miracle, Fissler developed the first pressure cooker, which was equipped with a multi-stage valve. Fissler also proved to be an innovative manufacturer of other cooking appliances in the 1950s. As early as 1956, the company presented pans with a Teflon coating.

In the following decades, Fissler was not only successful in Germany with the good quality of its products. Finally, the producer's pots were also exported to other European countries. Shortly before the turn of the millennium, the German manufacturer finally conquered the world market. Now Asian consumers could also purchase Fissler products, which quickly became sought-after status symbols there.

In Germany, too, the Fissler products tested by Stiftung Warentest are often high-quality alternatives that many consumers favour. Today the kitchen appliances are created by about 700 employees, who contribute to the fact that Fissler GmbH achieves an enormous turnover. In 2012, the manufacturer generated sales of 206 million euros. The current range includes pots, pans and woks. The manufacturer also offers many pots in a practical set.

Specialist for cookware and kitchen utensils

The public limited company WMF is one of the most traditional manufacturers of kitchen articles. The origins of the company can be traced back to the 19th century. Today the manufacturer is one of the most known producers of helpful kitchen utensils made of glass or metal.

The company “Straub & Schweizer” was founded as early as 1853, from which the “Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik” (WMF) was to emerge in 1880. The company quickly made a name for itself with kitchen products. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, more than 3,000 employees were working for the group. Among other things, they produced cooking pots that were used in many households.

The number of employees was to double by the 1960s. Back then, WMF gained a good reputation for its simple yet functional household appliances. The products were conceived by the Bauhaus student Wilhelm Wagenfeld, who was to shape the unique design of many pots that were created during these years. This is how WMF earned its reputation as a manufacturer of minimalistic kitchen appliances, which still applies today.

Even then, the products of the test winner were sold in their own stores, which were established in many cities of the Federal Republic of Germany. Even today, there is still a branch network comprising more than 200 branches. The current pots of the company, which currently employs more than 6,000 people, can also be purchased in traditional retail stores and via the Internet.

The WMF includes a number of brands that contribute to the company's level of recognition. The company also owns subsidiaries that also produce cooking pots and kitchen appliances. Thus the manufacturer Silit, which was founded in 1920, belongs to WMF. The brands Auerhahn and Kaiser Backformen are also owned by the company.

As a specialist in kitchen appliances, WMF generates enormous sales. With its knives, cutlery and cooking pots, the company generated sales of around one billion euros in 2012. The current assortment of the manufacturer includes different sets, which include different pots.

Cooking pots from Allgäu

Rösle GmbH & Co KG is located in the tranquil district town of Marktoberdorf in Bavaria. The company is located in the Bavarian Allgäu and was founded in 1888. At that time, Karl Theodor Rösle opened a tinsmith's shop from which the manufacturer of kitchen appliances would later develop. As early as 1903, electroless kitchen utensils made of enamel were created.

In the following decades, the company's employees also produced kitchen utensils made of chrome or brass. In the 1930s, the manufacturer developed the first kitchen appliances and cutlery that could not rust because stainless steel was processed. This assortment was extended even after the Second World War.

Rösle's products were used at that time mainly in professional gastronomy. Later, other consumers should also be able to purchase the manufacturer's articles. Finally, the Bavarian manufacturer also offered articles for domestic use. Above all through innovations such as the White sausage lifter, the manufacturer was able to make a good name for itself.

Today, Rösle produces more than 500 products, which are exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Numerous articles of the manufacturer were awarded with coveted design prizes. The company, which among other things offers cooking pots as a set, currently employs around 70 people. In recent years, branches have been opened in the USA, China and France. In this way, Rösle could develop new markets in which the products are also offered.

In addition, the company even secured an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The manufacturer erected a huge cooking spoon, which is located in the Bavarian home of the company. This replica of a wooden spoon is 10.01 metres high. It is the emblem of the company that will continue to produce cooking pots in the future.

High quality cooking pots in a set

The small town of Sundern, which belongs to the Sauerland region, lies on a slope of the slate mountains on the right bank of the Rhine. This is where Josef Schulte KG, which has acquired a certain reputation through the production of high-quality kitchen appliances, has its headquarters. The company, which among other things offers cooking pots as a set, was founded almost 130 years ago.

At that time Josef Schulte founded a company after he had previously manufactured wall strips for the fastening of firing equipment as a sideline. When the trained packer with curtain rods to pull out had acquired a broad customer base, he made himself independent. Schulte gave up his job to found the Josef-Schulte-Ufer KG in 1886.

In the following decades the range of products was constantly extended. Until today Schulte-Ufer produces high-quality kitchen products, which are characterised by a catchy design and meaningful functions. Throughout its long history, the manufacturer has developed special kitchen utensils that were ahead of their time. In the production halls, for example, the first metallic pot was invented that could be cleaned in a dishwasher.

With its articles obtained Schulte-Ufer violent sales successes. One example is the Romana i series, which includes pots and pans. The articles in the series, which today are considered classics of modern design, have been purchased more than five million times. The pots and pans are also sold as a set. The other assortment includes frying and cooking utensils. The Schulte-Ufer employees process special materials such as copper.

The cooking pots of the manufacturer are often offered as a set. However, all cooking appliances are no longer produced in Sundern in the Saarland because the famous plant in Sundern was closed in 2013. The products are now manufactured abroad. The design and the specifications are, however, still conceived in the Sauerland , there is also a factory outlet. If you don't want to go to the Sauerland, you can also buy the pots and kitchen products from Schulte-Ufer via the Internet or the regional specialist trade.

Internet or specialized trade: where do you buy your potfset best?

Cooking pots, which are available in sets, can be bought at different places. Some regional dealers offer the practical sets. Large department store chains such as Galeria Kaufhof or Karstadt often offer a selection from which you can freely choose. A much larger selection is offered through well-known Onlineshops such as Amazon. So you can decide where you want to buy a set.

In the regional specialized trade

A purchase via the regional specialized trade is associated with disadvantages. After all, you first have to go to a shop. The exhausting arrival and departure must be accepted in this case. Shopping often involves a time-consuming search for a parking space. Once the right parking space has been found, the immense fees that can be incurred often result in additional costs.

In a department store

In most department stores you can only choose from a small selection of sets. Here the sometimes overtaxed employees, who have to know numerous products, offer only limited advice. This creates the danger that you choose the wrong product because you are unable to obtain comprehensive information. A price comparison also shows that the sets in the classic retail shop are usually somewhat more expensive.

In the online shop

If you purchase a set via the Internet, the annoying access and departure routes are eliminated. All you need is a computer connected to the network. If you read this sentence, all prerequisites are fulfilled. On the Internet you can usually buy the cooking pots at cheaper prices. The winner of the comparison, which was put to the test in the test run, is also available online at a slightly lower price than in retail. The network is also the place where you can obtain comprehensive information about the sets. There are various product tests with comparison table that have similarity with the pot set test. This reduces the risk of a faulty purchase.

Once you have found your pot set, all you have to do is place your order. Especially with an order via Amazon, only a few mouse clicks are required to receive the set. Then it usually takes only a few days for the product to be delivered home. This eliminates the annoying transport of the set, which can weigh a few kilos. Instead, the pots are simply brought to the front door in a secure packaging .

For these reasons, it is recommended to make more modern purchases via the Internet, which will save you time, nerves and money.

You should inform yourself well beforehand. The Potfset Test offers independent reviews, which were created after extensive testing of the sets. You should definitely consider these Product reviews so that you purchase a product whose ingredients can prepare many years of tasty food. By taking into account the reports and also by resorting to the possible winner of our comparison, you save yourself the risk of the wrong purchase.

With the help of the pot set test you will surely find the set that is ideal for the gentle preparation of your favourite dishes.

The history of pot sets

The cooking pot sets have been around for several decades, but cooking pots themselves have been around for thousands of years. Long before man invented the cooker, pots were used to cook food over fire. In the Neolithic Age and also in later cultures these pots were made of ceramics. Also still in the Greek and Roman antiquity one formed the vessels for the kitchen from ceramics and clay, because metal was at that time still extremely expensive. A relic of this time is the classic Römertopf.

Materials such as soapstone were also used in the manufacture of cooking pots. It was not until later that they started using cast iron, brass and copper for the pots. The developers found out how well the heat of these materials is passed on. Also Aluminium was added in 19th century.

The invention of the electric cooker naturally had a strong effect on the refinement of the cooking pots. You needed cooking utensils, that had a flat floor, because without it the heat transfer was only irregular. Thus the cooking pots with turned pot bottom were created. Later further developments such as Ceran hobs and Induction hobs also led to the development of special pots. So you need for the induction cooker a pot with ferromagnetic bottom.

Apart from this heat function a lot has also been done with the coating of the pots. About since the 1930s years the manufacturers were concerned with the topic of the surface coating: This should prevent that food burns in, and in addition the cleaning facilitate. Typical coatings are Teflon, enamel and stainless steel.

The fact that you need a special cooking pot for every type of food and preparation is a relatively modern idea that is not shared by all star chefs. What they do agree on, however, is the basic idea: For gentle cooking you need a cooking pot with an even heat distribution and a coating, on which the food does not adhere, while sharp frying on a robust pot bottom is particularly good.

The typical Pots used in the household are the classic Roasting pots, which used to be available in only a few sizes and are now available in many special formats. The saucepan, a soup pot and possibly also pans are also indispensable, and have been for many years.

The pot sets that have been used since the middle of 20. Century, make it possible for users to buy complete equipment immediately. In former times it was primarily the task of the housewife to take care of the food and thus also of the cooking pots. Over time the Design.

In the beginning, the cooking pot sets were decorated on the outside with coloured flower patterns, in the 1970s it was for example coloured stripes. In the meantime, stainless steel pots have become particularly popular. Others cooking pot sets are characterized by a uniform appearance in black, red or other decorative colors.

Since 20. century more and more manufacturers are working with heat-resistant glass. This Jenaer glass also convinces by its good thermal conductivity and stability.

Figures, data, facts about the pot set

When viewed sober, the pot sets from the test are functionality and efficiency. Therefore, in this chapter we deal with the relevant facts, relating to thermal conductivity as well as the targeted handling of pots. The focus here is on the efficient properties of materials,reinforced bases and the connection between cooking pot and lid.

Only if the pot set meets the efficiency and practical usage requirements, cooking is fun. A reinforced bottom prevents the food in the pot from cooling down so quickly: This means that the heat of the hotplate can be switched down, which in turn has a positive effect on energy consumption. The cooking result is not affected by this.

Many successful brands rely on innovative material mixtures, that combine the preferences of stainless steel, aluminium and copper. In this way, the pot bases receive an optimum reinforcement, which on the one hand is very conductive and on the other is convincing due to its safety and stability.

If you want to eat healthy, you should pay attention to a balanced food and to the correct preparation of the food. When selecting a pot set this includes, among other things, checking the abrasion resistance. The modern pots made of durable material are generally very reliable and food safe, so no problems should arise in this regard.

The test winners of the pot sets are often suitable for all stove types, so switching from the gas stove to the electric stove should be unproblematic. In the detailed product description of the pots, the buyers learn whether they are suitable for a Ceran field as well as for the Induction cooker. In any case, the pot bottom must be flat so that it is correctly positioned and no heat energy is lost.

In addition, the heat is distributed more evenly if there are no irregularities between the bottom of the pot and the hotplate. This results in an efficient heating of the food, furthermore the improved heat distribution reduces the risk, that something burns.

The statistical numbers show how high the lifetime of high-quality mark pots is. Especially if you buy a pot set, you want to present the unit of the cooking pots. But not all pots are used equally often. With older pot sets you can sometimes tell from the faded color which cooking pots were used particularly often and which were used only rarely. The modern pot sets hardly show any wear marks, so that the complete cooking utensils look like new even after several decades.

The advertising that some pots are lifelong companions is therefore not necessarily an exaggeration. In fact, many cooking pots are so robust and well made that they are passed on from one generation to the next even during daily use. The resistance of the material makes the attractive cooking pot set sometimes even a heirloom.

Questions and answers about potsets

Where do I dispose of a pot set?

An old, scratched or completely burnt pot set can usually no longer be used. Then only a visit to a recycling centre or scrap metal collector will help. Many institutions are happy about still well preserved old pot sets and dealers like to offer a new versus old action.

Which pot sets are suitable for induction?

Many pot sets are suitable for induction, which are identified by the classic induction symbol on the bottom of the pot. The symbol consists of a line that runs to several loops. If you are not sure whether the pot is suitable for induction, you can try an adhesive magnet.

Which pot sets are suitable for gas?

Pot sets that are used on a gas stove should have sturdy and heat-resistant handles. Pots with ceramic, Teflon or enamel coating are best suited. They get along with less fat for frying and they carry the common gas stove symbol on the floor. They can also be quickly cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Which pot sets are suitable for Ceran?

It is important that the pot set does not scratch the stove plate when using a stove with ceramic hob. Generally, stainless steel pot sets are the best choice because they conduct heat well and are easy to clean.

The symbol for ceranfeld-suitable pot sets looks like a normal hotplate.

What is the cheapest potset?

Cheap pot sets are on offer at many furniture stores, discounters and online shops that are so cheap because they function so simply. A 5-part pot set made of stainless steel, which is suitable for Ceran, gas and induction fields, costs between 25 and 60 Euro at favourable suppliers.

In agreement, the service life of the pot set is usually lower than that of more expensive models and should be taken into account before purchase.

How do I clean my pot set?

On the bottoms of the pots there is usually a dishwasher symbol which allows cleaning in the dishwasher. If you want to be on the safe side, rinse the pot set by hand in lukewarm water and a drop of detergent. For more stubborn encrustations, lemon and acetic acid as well as soda powder, which are mixed with a little water, cooked on the stove and rinsed with a sponge, helps.

Which material is ideal for a pot set?

The materials for a pot set can be very different: The most common material is usually stainless steel. It is inexpensive to produce and, as several studies and experiments have shown, it is heat-resistant, rustproof and easy to clean.

In addition, there are pot sets made of enamel, ceramic, copper, aluminium and many more. Depending on the type of stove, a certain material is therefore recommended that gives off the heat optimally and ensures optimum cooking and frying.

Which pot sets are suitable for the oven?

Not all pot sets are suitable for the oven: Sometimes it is necessary to fry a dish and then stew it further in the oven.

Especially pot sets with plastic handles should not be placed in the oven as they cannot withstand the high temperatures. Many manufacturers indicate in their products tested by Stiftung Warentest whether the pot set is suitable for the oven or not.

Which pot sets prevent burning?

It happened quickly and the court was burned: For pot sets coated with ceramic or Teflon, firing is less common. Especially hot fats such as oil or butter ensure that the dish burns. Constant stirring helps to counter this and avoids encrusted pots.

Which pot sets are suitable for camping holidays? 

Who likes to go with a camper on travel , should of course also take care of the correct equipment. cooking utensils and complete sets must not be missing. Recommended are sets made of stainless steel. These convince with a very high quality and therefore a long durability. The sets are available in many different versions and they are also very inexpensive.

Where to buy pot sets?

pot sets made of different materials and for different types of cookers are available for purchase in furniture stores. Discounters often offer a cheap pot set for a certain period of time. You will also find what you are looking for in online shops. These provide valuable tips and a list of the individual modes of operation, as well as test winners from various studies are identified.

Useful accessories

In order to be able to use a cooking pot set sensibly, the perfect equipment must be ensured. The Handles are fixed in such a way that they normally cannot come loose. However, depending on the quality, it may be necessary to replace the handles.

If the handles are handles which have to be screwed to the pot itself, then it is no problem to fix replacement handles. When buying these accessories– or replacement elements you have to make sure that they are compatible with the pot itself.

The Accessories for the Pot sets from our Test also includes the matching pot lids. These are generally included in the delivery of the sets. In some cases, the brand companies also provide individual lids. This allows the pots to be supplemented or the old pot lids to be replaced.

The selection of the suitable lid depends first on the exact dimension.

Je better the pot lid fits with the upper edge of the vessel, the less air can escape. Furthermore, the content is protected from cooling.

The Lids are available with different Handles. Which Form and which Design you choose depends on which Material you prefer and which Lid are particularly safe to handle.

A glass lid provides the necessary visibility, while lids made of stainless steel or other opaque material must be lifted to see if the water is boiling. Here a lid handle, which is heat resistant and can be touched without pot holder helps.

The other Accessories for the Pot sets from the Test mainly refers to the additives that increase the functionality of the pots. For certain cooking pots there are special steam inserts, which ensure gentle cooking of the food not only for rapid-boiling pots.

Also important are the coasters, which allow the decorative pot sets to be used not only on the stove, but also on the dining table. On a heat-resistant coaster, the large noodle pot finds a safe place when one sits down directly at the kitchen table to enjoy lunch. At the dining table you need a solid coaster at least to open the soup, so that the table does not suffer from the heat of the pot.

The utensils, that are used for cooking also belong to the category of accessories. cooking spoon and pan turner, whisk and other cooking utensils should be selected to match the pots so that the coating is not scratched or abraded.

Alternatives to pot set

One pot set sometimes contains more vessels than are needed in everyday life. Therefore, the experienced brand manufacturers and dealers also offer small sets. As alternative you can buy the cooking pots of course also single. With regard to functionality this does not change anything. However, it may become more difficult to stack the single pots you have bought.

Also, the optics is not necessarily uniform. Not everyone attaches importance to it, but who wishes himself a harmonischwe kitchen, feels with the complete pot set on the safe side. Especially with the first equipment young people like to decide for the single purchase or they “inherit” the pots of their parents.

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