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Best Pocket Spring Mattress 2019 • 0 Pocket Spring Mattresses Reviews

What is a pocket spring mattress?

The pocket spring mattress is a optimized mattress with spring core.

Our pocket spring mattress test provides information about the advantages compared to other mattress variants and what exactly makes up the quality of the pocket spring mattress.

The spring mattress has a Bonell spring core, which has a stabilizing effect. When the mattress rolls around at night, it immediately returns to its original shape, so that no hollow space is created. In order to cushion the steel springs, they are joined into small pockets in the pocket spring mattress. These are closely bonded together, either by bonding or by other fixation, which also has a positive effect on stability and dimensional stability. These pencil cases are padded with a layer of foam at the top and bottom to avoid pressure points on the body and to ensure a comfortable sleep. With the improved point elasticity, the entire body receives good support during sleep. Especially for the spine, the pocket spring mattress offers excellent comfort. Even if opinions differ about the perfect bed and the right mattress, we have compiled helpful tips for choosing a mattress. With this help it is easier to find the right pocket spring mattress or an alternative mattress model depending on your body type, desired sleeping climate, living conditions and your own body feeling.

How does the pocket sprung mattress work?

The spring core is to a certain extent the main component of the pocket spring core mattress. It includes the steel springs that are neatly lined up and connected to each other. This mattress core contains special compression springs that regain their original shape as soon as the pressure on the mattress decreases. With this ability, the spring core of the mattress ensures that the body lying on it is evenly supported. The result is a horizontal and relaxed lying position. The necessary stability can only be guaranteed with springs made of metal or steel. The pocket spring mattress or Bonell spring mattress is equipped with centre tailed steel springs equipped, while the barrel pocket spring mattress has bulbous shaped springs.

In all three variants the springs are sewn individually or in rows into fabric pockets and additionally fixed on the entire surface. Felt elements are placed inside the mattress to protect the surrounding foam and the supports. The outer cover of the pocket spring mattress usually consists of a durable mix of materials. Cotton, new wool, polyester and horsehair are often used here. The upper material of the mattress is typically made of a skin-friendly cotton mix.

The mattress with pocket spring core has a high spring force and supports the lying body. This support force is based on the high number of springs and the quality of the foam padding. When the body moves away from the mattress, the supporting springs do not leave a hollow; instead, the surface becomes a straight surface again. Exactly this technique characterizes the advantageous properties, as our pocket spring mattress test shows. Thanks to the springs inserted into pockets and connected to each other, the mattress is both flexible and dimensionally stable. In addition, the sheathing of the springs provides good protection for upholstery and cover.

Important criteria in pocket spring mattresses Test comparison include the different hardness grades and the number of zones. With these quality features as a basis, it is possible to find out which mattress is suitable for individual use. In addition to the actual functionality or supporting force of the pocket spring mattress, the ventilation also plays an important role. This is ensured by the hollow space inside the mattress.

In order to achieve the various degrees of hardness, the manufacturers are constantly working on optimising the materials as well as the spring geometry. The differences in strength depend on the type of spring mattress and on specific measures taken when assembling the individual components. In the case of pocket spring mattresses, the differences can be seen, for example, in the wire thickness used for the springs. For example, a soft mattress with hardness H1 springs are used that have thickness of approx. 2 mm, while the hard model with hardness 3 has springs of 2.4 mm thickness. The variant in between, i.e. the pocket spring mattress with the mean hardness grade H2, is accordingly equipped with a spring thickness of 2.2 mm.

However, there are also other possibilities to influence the strength of the mattress. Thus, pocket spring mattresses from one manufacturer can all have the same spring strength, but be equipped with reinforced padding. Among other things, stabilizing padding materials such as horsehair or solid sisal are used for this. For those who rely on mattresses with foam, reinforced models with an optimised foam cover are available. With its higher density, such a pocket spring mattress offers more strength so that the sleeping person does not sink in. The volume weight also influences the total weight and offers more safety with a higher value: the greater weight reduces the risk of the mattress slipping. This can be particularly relevant for beds without a border around the mattress layer.

Application areas and advantages

Ergonomic pocket spring mattressThe pocket spring mattresses prevent an unconscious malposition during sleep. They help to find the right position and give the body more security. Thus the lying person does not slip into hollows, as can be the case with older mattresses of inferior quality. For an effective effect, the innovative pocket spring mattress should be adapted on the one hand to the individual physique and on the other hand to the bed including slatted frame. The ergonomic geometry and the quality of the mattress are the basis for the fact that the skeleton and the musculature of the human being regenerate while lying down. This is achieved by some with a slightly softer mattress, while others sleep better on harder pocket spring mattresses. In order to achieve this goal, the slatted frame should also be replaced if necessary. A good mattress can reduce back pain and problems with the intervertebral disc, for example. Tensions and pressure points will soon be a thing of the past.

A pocket spring mattress is suitable for every bed. In particular in combination with a box spring bed many consumers rely on the high-quality and comfortable documents for sleeping. These mattresses are not only used in private households. Since they are often especially suitable for allergy sufferers, many hoteliers also opt for this comfortable equipment. With their elasticity and easy-care properties, they offer a pleasant feeling over a long period of time. When choosing a mattress for a bed with side borders, it is particularly important that the dimensions are perfect. Such a bed frame, which limits the mattress on all sides, provides perfect stabilization. For double beds, either two single pocket spring mattresses or a large mattress measuring 180 x 200 m can be used. Special sizes are also available, such as those designed for narrower double beds or children's beds.

Special advantages of the pocket spring mattress Test

  • Excellent lying comfort
  • glued pockets offer particularly good hold with simultaneous stability
  • air circulation and moisture absorption prevent possible mould formation
  • very good load-bearing capacity even at higher weights
  • longevity

Recommendation pocket spring mattressIf you are lying on a pocket spring mattress for the first time, you may encounter problems with the new surface at the beginning. Exactly those people who have been lying on an old mattress for years must first get used to the new, stable spring mattress. The body needs a few days until it adapts to the new lying position. After one week at the latest, the muscles and the entire musculoskeletal system should have become accustomed to the pocket spring mattress. By opting for such a mattress, previous pain can disappear and sleepers benefit from improved recovery.

What types of pocket spring mattresses are available? Advantages and disadvantages

There are a total of three species of pocket spring mattresses: The simple variant is equipped with waisted steel springs, while the optimized barrel pocket spring mattress has bulbous springs. This makes the mattresses with barrel pocket spring cores even more comfortable, as the shape of the springs improves the point elasticity. The big advantage is the targeted adaptation of the mattress surface to the sleeping or lying body. The third version is a mixture of these two types of mattresses. They are intended to combine the better properties of each. In the following, we explain the relevant features and comparison results in order to provide the necessary decision-making aid for the selection of the ideal mattress.

The simple pocket spring core with waisted shaped springs are glued or jammed together and arranged in rows. Above and below, i.e. towards the two surfaces of the mattress, there is foam for padding. These mattresses have good adaptability to the body and are point-elastic and comfortable.
Ton pocket spring core optimizes the comfort features of the simple pocket spring core. This is achieved by the belly shaped springs, which are extremely flexible and also have a better load capacity. Thus the barrel pocket spring mattress shows up as even more comfortable variant.
The Mixform of the two previous models contains both Federarten. The use of waisted and bulbous springs makes it possible to increase flexibility, which in turn has a positive effect on comfort and longevity.

Independent of the type of pocket spring mattress, the different versions are convincing due to the following

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • suitable for supine and prone position
  • also ideal for people with more weight
  • excellent load-bearing capacity
  • welding resistant
  • point-elastic, flexible and extremely dimensionally stable
  • protective for the spine
    • not suitable for fast freezing persons

not suitable for heat accumulation

  • unfavourable for lateral position
  • less comfortable at low weight
  • generally not to be combined with adjustable slatted frames

The pocket spring mattresses can be divided into further subcategories, which always raise new questions. Concepts such as pocket spring core, double barrel pocket spring core and viscose barrel pocket spring core unsettle many consumers who are actually only looking for a comfortable bed. The different types of mattress cushion the pressure more or less when lying and turning around and move upwards again as soon as the lying pressure decreases. A double barrel pocket spring mattress is, so to speak, the highest quality of this type of mattress, but the normal pocket spring mattress also convinces with its top comfort.

Especially in demand are the barrel pocket spring mattresses for allergy sufferers. This is due to the fact that the spring core is built directly into the body of the wearer and thus does not trigger any possible allergic reactions.
In addition, many people produce more sweat during sleep than they think:
This moisture penetrates into the mattress, causing much of the comfort to be lost. In addition, the moisture in combination with the resulting heat can reduce the longevity of the mattress. However, a barrel pocket spring mattress has a first-class ventilation system that reduces moisture and heat, absorbs perspiration within a short time and provides a pleasant, dry sleeping climate.

So we tested the pocket spring mattress

Matrazenquerschnerschnitt-HalmarFoam cushioning

The quality of the foam padding plays a relevant role for sleeping comfort. In the pocket spring mattress comparison test, we therefore examine the stability and dimensional stability of the surface and the damping properties. So the feathers themselves are not to be felt, but their supporting qualities nevertheless offer a pleasant feeling. For this improved upholstery it is worth spending a little more money.

Hardness grade

The selection of the degree of hardness depends on the individual body weight and preferences. For people with back problems and similar complaints, pocket spring mattresses that are somewhat harder are ideal. The marking H1 indicates that the mattress is very soft and suitable for a body weight of up to approx. 60 kg. H5 stands for very hard and marks mattresses which have been designed for heavy people or which are used especially for orthopaedic purposes. With the degrees of hardness in between, a gradual gradation takes place.

There is no fixed standard for these degrees of hardness; the various manufacturers therefore only have their own guidelines on which the degree of hardness specifications are based. Some mattress manufacturers, for example, offer only two different degrees of hardness, while others offer three to five strengths in their range. So if you compare mattresses from different manufacturers with the hardness grade H2, you cannot always assume that these products actually have the same strength. It is even possible that a H2 mattress, which should be relatively soft, is harder than a H3 mattress from another manufacturer. The model series of a manufacturer can also be different in terms of hardness grades. So blanket comparisons can hardly be made.

cover-removable pocket spring mattresscover

The mattress cover, which is usually made of cotton, should be removable for cleaning: In the pocket spring mattress test we of course also check the hygiene. In the case of quality products, the cover can usually be removed with a zipper running all around. Some of the pocket spring mattresses have wool quilting. For a high quality this new wool should have 540 g/m² to support the desired temperature balance. Other materials for the mattress cover would downgrade the overall quality.

pocket spring core system

The pocket spring core system is mainly qualified by the padding of the zones. Some mattresses have only zone or foam padding, while the higher quality versions have zones integrated directly into the pocket spring core Irisette-Lotus TFK. The size and number of integrated springs also provide information about the mattress quality. 600 small springs are significantly better than about half as many large springs because they have a higher point elasticity and thus offer more comfort. Nevertheless, it cannot be generally said that a higher number of springs is better than a lower one. The fixing of the pockets also plays a role here: glued pockets are a better solution than stapled pockets.

Lying surface and border

A relatively high mattress makes it easier to lie down and stand up and is not only popular with older people. In combination with zones for shoulder and hip relief, these pocket spring mattresses offer a good lying comfort. Some models have a reinforced edge: This is advantageous when sitting or standing up. The improved stability of the border makes it easier for older people to stand up. Some of these mattresses have an increased number of springs in the edge area, but a stabilised foam with a high density can also improve the stability of the edge. Other pocket spring mattresses are equipped with a special steel strip frame. This frame does not need so much space that the spring cores themselves can be larger.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a pocket spring mattress?

The pocket spring mattress test provides an overview of the selection criteria and the various possibilities.

Which mattress is actually suitable for personal use depends not only on the quality, but also on sleeping habits and body weight. Only when there is a feeling of all-round comfort does one fall asleep well and can rest while sleeping.

Interbett-MatratzeThe pocket spring mattresses are typically suitable for people who sleep on their back or stomach. For side sleepers, the combination of elasticity and adaptability does not always provide a comfortable feeling. The pocket spring mattress is also suitable for people with a little more weight. These criteria are related to the fact that point elasticity only shows its benefits when the body lies relatively flat and the weight is evenly distributed. With a lighter body weight, elasticity can therefore cause a somewhat uncomfortable position. Nevertheless, the good ventilation function and the stability of the mattress remain important advantages here as well.

The standardization of pocket spring mattresses in the comparative test does not only focus on hardness and point elasticity. Other details are also important in the selection process. In addition, the descriptions are often not sufficient to make the right decision. What one person sees as a hard surface is perceived as pleasant by the next. Therefore, the detailed classification in combination with the recommendations is nothing more than a rough guideline to help consumers choose the right mattress. Even a careful test cannot replace the test lying, but only give hints.

Hardness grades and recommendations for pocket spring mattresses
  • H1: suitable for max. 60 kg body weight, very soft
  • H2: suitable for body weights from 60 to 80 kg, soft
  • H3: suitable from 80 to 100 kg body weight, medium
  • H4: suitable from 100 kg body weight, hard
  • H5: suitable for severe overweight (or for orthopaedic applications), very hard

The so-called HEIA formula offers a small support for the choice of the suitable mattress. These are sleeping habits that depend on the build of the body. The H stands for persons with wide shoulders and normal hips, the E type is tall and has a straight body, the I type symbolizes a small, mostly narrow body and the A type is characterized by narrow shoulders and wide hips.

Those who know how to judge themselves will find it easier to choose the right bed and make a safe decision for a mattress. Sometimes you are not so aware of your own needs, but a cool head and a sober approach can be useful in this case. With the body types and the weight it can be determined which family member needs a harder or softer pocket spring mattress.

The thickness of the mattress should not be neglected when choosing, as the slatted frame should not be felt when lying down. A heavier weight can have a negative effect on the ergonomics of the mattress if the overall thickness is too small. In general, pocket spring mattresses have a thickness of at least 16 cm. The decision depends, among other things, on the type and size of the bed and individual comfort requirements.

Short information about leading manufacturers of pocket spring mattresses

OekotexsiegelThere is a wide range of mattresses in the pocket spring mattress range. The various manufacturers and brands offer high-quality mattresses and, in this context, speak of continuous optimisation, first-class comfort and mature systems. When selecting the right pocket spring mattress, a glance at the current comparison results will help. There are also helpful details about the individual products, both from the manufacturers themselves and in the pocket spring mattress test 2019.

Who is on the search for the perfect sleep document, becomes with the large manufacturers such as Schlaraffia, Badenia, Swissflex or Dunlopillo founds. Other mattress manufacturers include Malie, Breckle, TFK and Ravensberger Mattresses. The quality products are often offered by mail order or online. Here a direct comparison of the product features as well as the prices is possible. Whether it is the f.a.n. Comfort Plus T mattress from Frankenstolz or the Diamona Wellness Comfort spring mattress, the evaluations and tests are a good decision-making aid. Among other things, spring mattresses are often used for box spring beds. For this reason, large furniture stores often cooperate with mattress manufacturers. Some furniture manufacturers also make their own underlay mattresses for their beds.

In various sizes, the comfort products can be matched exactly to the size of the bed. The manufacturers often offer their quality mattresses not only in standard sizes such as 90 × 200 cm, 180 × 200 cm and 140 × 200 cm, but also in special sizes . In addition to the dimensions, the zones of the mattresses also play a role: Many manufacturers now hardly rely on pocket spring mattresses with 5 zones; instead, they offer 7-zone mattresses, which increase the comfort factor even further. With this division, the pocket spring mattress offers the perfect comfort for the whole body. Each stress point gets an optimal underground, so that the body weight is well distributed and a healthy sleeping position is reached. In this way, sleep experts minimise any back pain and the nights become particularly restful.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my pocket spring mattress?

Bedroom-Sun-Garden-TFKA general pocket spring mattress test shows which details have to be considered when selecting and what matters. The comparison possibilities on the Internet are a valuable help in the search for the right mattress. In the portals and online shops the consumer gets a good overview of the various models, the degrees of hardness and the available alternatives. The pocket spring mattress comparison test winner is presented in this way as well as other designs with the required quality. All-round mattresses and specific designs are available on the Internet and in specialist shops, for example for allergy sufferers or for overweight persons. When comparing the numerous pocket spring mattresses, you can lose track over time. For this reason, you should have brochures handed out to you when you walk through the shops and take notes if necessary. A direct view at the screen with Stöbern by on-line offer simplifies this confrontation and is thus the correct solution for the mattress purchase.

Beside the shops of the specialized trade also with large houses like Ikea and Aldi high-quality mattresses are available. These can also convince with their properties and are in no way inferior to the quality products of renowned manufacturers. Often these cheaper variants even come from the proven mattress producers . They are rated accordingly positive in the pocket spring mattress test.

The sales outlets of furniture stores are particularly suitable for testing, but when it comes to price comparison, delivery times and a clear presentation of the respective features, research on the Internet is irreplaceable.

A short overview or comparison of two or three mattresses leaves enough room on the screen to weigh the pros and cons and make a choice. Internet comparison does not give consumers the opportunity to test hardness, but online comparison is unbeatable for initial selection and detailed quality information.

With the help of tests, evaluations and comparisons on the Internet, you can quickly determine which mattress is most suitable for your personal sleeping preferences. If necessary, the pocket spring mattresses that are shortlisted can be tested in a specialist shop or furniture store. Another option is to order the mattresses directly online and try them out at home. If the comfort requirements are not met, these pocket spring mattresses can be exchanged if necessary. Detailed advice from the experts is useful both in the shop and at the experts in the online shops. Among other things, this involves the body structure and weight, the preferred posture when sleeping and the individual's need for rest. Also the existing bed should be considered, because often only the mattress is to be exchanged and not the entire bed with edition.

Things to know & guide on pocket spring mattresses

A pleasant feeling of lying down is a subjective feeling. Many people like to lie a little softer, even if orthopaedists generally recommend a firmer mattress. What is particularly important is the surface on which everyone finds their ideal sleeping position. Turning around at night does not have to be a sign of a restless sleep, some people dream very vividly while others lie still. Whether the mattress should be soft, hard or medium, depends on the personal preferences . The pocket spring mattress test can therefore only provide clues about the assessments of the experts, but cannot provide information about a general suitability.

Pocket spring mattresses are a good choice for people with frequent back problems, especially if a sleeping position on the back is preferred. The good support and flexibility of the mattress can significantly reduce pain in the neck, shoulders and spine. The mattresses with several zones also provide ideal relaxation in the lumbar area. The various pocket spring mattresses can be precisely adjusted to the existing back or tension problems: In this way, the entire musculature can be relieved. The nocturnal relaxation promotes regeneration during sleep and provides new freshness in the morning.

As an alternative solution to cold foam and latex mattresses, pocket spring mattresses offer convincing comfort. This is achieved by the improved adaptation to the body shapes. When buying a mattress, the aim is to find the right pocket spring core system for your personal needs. The number of springs indicates how high quality and stable the mattress is. In general, the pocket spring mattress with a high number of springs has a particularly good point elasticity. This in turn means optimised comfort. Those who find it difficult to sleep in the evening or do not feel rested in the morning should perhaps consider changing the bed mattress. A pocket spring mattress ensures excellent lying comfort, which provides the desired relaxation. After all, you don't want to roll around in bed to find a comfortable sleeping position, but rather lie as still as possible. That's why we offer Pocket Spring Mattresses Test Comparison, an opportunity for consumers to get to know the available models and learn more about details such as spring core, elasticity and degree of hardness.

In addition to fixing the pockets – gluing or clamping – questions about the materials and geometry of the mattresses are in the foreground. A padded carrier made of jute and sisal provides increased protection for the foam. The height of the foam padding should be at least 22 mm, 30 mm being even more comfortable. Also the density of the foam should not be neglected. With a minimum value of 30, this density ensures the long durability of the mattress upholstery. Further extras of the pocket spring mattress refer for example to the condition of the cover. This is typically made of cotton or wool blend and is generally completely removable. Very practical is a mattress cover with zipper, which can be removed in no time at all. The material of the cover should be washable and allow a good temperature balance. This allows the mattress cover to be easily washed in the washing machine – at 40 or 60 degrees, depending on the material. After drying, it is quickly stretched over the mattress again and provides a clean, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

If you still have problems lying on the pocket spring mattress during the first nights, you should not despair immediately. At the beginning, difficulties with the changeover are still to be expected. In around 85% of cases, the settling-in period lasts only a few days. After four weeks at the latest, the body should have adjusted to the new environment, so that the sleeping persons benefit from the perfect comfort.

Historical details about the pocket spring mattress

The history of the mattress goes back to antiquity: At first it was a kind of floor cushion used in Arabia. The Arabic term matrah is supposed to be the origin for the later Italian word materazzo. In ancient Greece, bed pads made of animal skin and linen were used, some of which were filled with fibres. Often there were even raised headboards with these beds. Even in ancient times it was allowed to be comfortable, and even the Romans liked it luxurious and cozy. They filled their mattresses with hay and reed, sometimes with wool and feathers. This could be proven by the remains of Pompeii. Not only the rich Roman people afforded this comfort, also the less wealthy people of that time equipped their beds with a soft filling.

Later, in the Middle Ages of the 12th century, the invention of the mattress came from the Arab countries to Central Europe. At that time, however, the firmly filled documentation and pillows were mainly made for the richer people. The rest of the people filled sacks with seaweed, straw or reed so as not to lie too hard. Only at the end of the 19th century did the quality of the mattresses improve, and they were used more and more by the middle class. In the course of the 20th century, the developers worked on innovations to satisfy the growing demands for comfort. Innovative standards were established and not only maintained, but also continuously refined. Latex and polyurethane foam were used as fillings. The bed springs themselves were a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but offered much more stability. This also led to the further development of the pocket spring mattress.

In order to perfect the point elasticity, the feathers in the mattress were individually sewn into fabric pockets. The tightly clamped or glued rows of these bags still form the inner workings of the pocket spring mattress today. In the meantime, however, not only the standards for mattresses have changed, but also the environment: for this reason, normal pocket spring mattresses are usually not suitable for slatted frames with adjustable headboards. But there are also innovative approaches to solving this problem. As an extension of the pocket spring mattress, the barrel pocket spring mattress offers even better comfort. Due to the special shape of the metal springs, it is extremely flexible and at the same time very robust.

The spring mattresses as well as the improved pocket spring mattresses have proven themselves as classics of today's mattresses for many years. Especially people who sweat a lot during sleep are enthusiastic about the good air permeability. In contrast to the earlier mattress models, the breathable variants provide a good sleeping climate with excellent moisture regulation. The optimised shape of the spring mattress also improves the quality of the point elasticity: it adjusts precisely to the strain exerted by the body and creates the ideal conditions for sleeping comfort.

Numbers, data, facts about the pocket spring mattress

The pocket spring mattress test shows models in various dimensions. Among other things, the height of the foam layer plays an important role for suitability and comfort. The foam padding should have a minimum height of 22 mm, mattresses with a padding of 3 cm and more are better. The density of the foam offers a good quality with a value of at least 30 and thus provides the necessary durability of the pocket spring mattress.

When numbers are required, the number of feathers comes into play. At first glance, a large quantity of feathers seems to be advantageous. However, there is not always more comfort when the number is greater. Sometimes the springs are too tight at a high number, so that they lose flexibility. A high-quality pocket spring mattress normally has about 450 to 500 springs, as the pocket spring mattress test comparison shows. With its innovative equipment and the right geometry, such a mattress offers excellent stability and point elasticity. This makes them a comfortable bedding. An inexpensive mattress often has fewer feathers, which reduces point elasticity: So when making your choice, you should not only pay attention to the costs, but above all keep an eye on the desired comfort factor.

The weight of a pocket spring mattress depends on several criteria. On the one hand, the overall size has to be taken into account, i.e. width, length and height. The weight itself has nothing to do with the quality of the mattress, so it is not a decisive criterion when choosing a mattress. More important are the processing of the materials and the height of the density, which should not be too low. In general, however, it can be said that the inexpensive pocket spring mattresses are somewhat lighter and often flatter than the more expensive models. The foam padding should never be too thin so that the springs do not penetrate. Of course, the size of the mattress must fit perfectly to the bed and slatted frame so that comfort is not compromised.

pocket spring mattress or cold foam mattress?

The comparison of pocket spring mattress and cold foam mattress shows the comfort properties and suitability of the two alternatives. On the one hand, this concerns the lying zones with which the mattress is equipped. For tall people, 7- or even 8-zone mattresses are a good choice, as they use the entire length of the mattress and can therefore enjoy the optimum comfort of the individual zones. However, smaller people usually do not need more than four zones that lightly support the hips, shoulders, head and legs. Also for the decision between pocket spring mattress and cold foam mattress there is no one hundred percent and generally valid recommendation.

The pocket spring mattress is especially popular with people with a slightly higher weight. Its true comfort, however, can only be enjoyed by people who sleep relatively quietly and do not lie on their side. This makes the pocket spring mattress a good choice for those who sleep on their back or stomach. However, side sleepers are better served with a cold foam mattress. Another typical feature of the pocket spring mattress is its good ventilation: this ensures good sweat absorption, but it also has a cooling effect. It is therefore preferred by people who warm up quickly. If you have a tendency to chill, you will feel more comfortable on a cold foam mattress.

In short, it can be said that small, light people are better advised to use a cold foam mattress, while large, heavier people sleep more relaxed on a pocket spring mattress. In addition, the question of the usual sleeping position should not be neglected. Regardless of the type of mattress – cold foam or pocket spring core – certification should be taken into account. Many mattresses have an Oeko-Tex seal, so they do not contain substances that are harmful to health, prohibited or of limited use. With the Oeko-Tex certificate, pocket spring mattresses and cold foam mattresses are also suitable for children, babies and allergy sufferers.

This is how the cover is washed correctly

As high-quality as a pocket spring mattress is, dust can form anywhere. Many remove the external traces by vacuuming the mattress after removing the bed linen. However, house dust mites cannot be deterred by this, so the mattresses including the cover should be cleaned somewhat more thoroughly at regular intervals. Normally it is sufficient to clean the cover of cotton, microfibre or wool mixture all three or four months in the washing machine . Repeating this cycle too often may adversely affect the durability of the mattress cover. In general, however, it is not a problem to replace or renew the cover if necessary.

In most cases, the mattress covers can be easily removed with a zipper that runs once around the outside. These covers are often made of cotton and can be washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees. In this way possible problems such as mould formation or mites are excluded. The risk of health hazards caused by dirt or moisture is thus significantly reduced by the use of pocket spring mattresses with removable covers.

Allergy sufferers in particular pay attention to the washability of the covers and the easy care of the mattress itself. For domestic use, it is normally sufficient to vacuum the pocket spring mattress from time to time and turn it over if necessary. With regular washing of the mattress cover, nothing stands in the way of pleasant cleanliness. However, when perfect hygiene is required, either at home or in an inn, careful cleaning is essential. This is not limited to the vacuuming and washing of the covers, but also includes the treatment of the mattress surface with a gentle brush. In this way, dirt can also be removed directly from the mattress. The air circulation ensures that the pocket spring mattress itself dries quickly if cleaning with a damp cloth is necessary. In general, however, one can do without such a cleaning action.

Cleaning and maintenance

The pocket spring mattress does not require any time-consuming care and cleaning. Nevertheless, there are some things to keep in mind to keep the mattress clean for many years to come. With its special construction, the pocket spring mattress ensures perfect ventilation so that heat and moisture are absorbed well. This reduces the risk of mildew formation and makes house dust mites feel very uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to counter the dust from time to time. The daily airing of the duvet already helps to drive away the mites, because they like it warm and a little moist. It also makes sense to vacuum the mattresses when changing the bed linen. It is not only suitable for allergy sufferers to remove the cover three to four times a year. This is simply washed in the washing machine, preferably at 60 degrees to remove any dirt. Many pocket spring mattresses have a cover with circumferential zipper, which facilitates this cleaning. Once the cover has been removed, the mattress can be treated with a brush: This should be as soft as possible so that the fabric is not damaged.

The care of the pocket spring mattress also includes the washing of the bed linen in the broadest sense: after all, you feel particularly comfortable in fresh bed linen and on scented sheets. The regular change of textiles therefore promotes a pleasant wellness feeling in the sleeping area. The bed itself also needs some care to reduce the dust. Allergy sufferers in particular know how important a clean environment is to find peaceful sleep.

The pocket spring mattress is always turned over when the cover is washed in order to ensure an even load on the mattress and to promote the circulation of air. However, this is only advisable if the upper and lower sides of the mattress have the same geometry. Any pressure points caused by the bed frame or slatted frame are also visible: it may be necessary to adjust the slatted frame or move the mattress slightly.

To make cleaning, removing and turning the mattress easier, they often have sturdy grip loops on both sides. These are a practical extra and disappear under the sheet when the bed is covered. For guest beds, narrow mattresses with such handles are the ideal choice, as they can be easily removed if a larger bed is set up. If necessary, these pocket spring mattresses also offer sufficient comfort directly on the floor when the beds themselves are already occupied.

Useful accessories for the pocket spring mattress

A pocket spring mattress needs the right environment to develop its comfort properties. For this purpose, the individual components of the bed should fit together. Our tests and a detailed consultation provide the necessary background knowledge. For example, the pillows should be matched to the mattress and the duvets also play a role when it comes to a pleasant climate when sleeping. The extended equipment of the bedroom may also include additional comfort pads.

A pocket spring mattress does not need any accessories at first glance. A second look, however, reveals that a few things may be necessary to maintain longevity and optimize the bed's surroundings. A new slatted frame may be due, which is exactly matched to the dimensions of the mattress. In addition, movable or adjustable slatted frames are usually not compatible with pocket spring mattresses. However, a simple roll grate or slatted frame should not cause any problems. To protect the mattress surface, a thin layer can be placed between the rust and the mattress: This prevents pressure points from forming on the underside. Special pads are also available for the upper side of the pocket spring mattress. However, these are rather hygiene requirements , which are designed, for example, for the baby cot. They prevent moisture from entering the mattress unintentionally. Although the pocket spring mattress has an excellent ventilation system, liquids such as urine are difficult to remove.

There are also simple toppers for the mattress which provide a softer surface. Some of these are pure textiles, others are made of gel foam and are used in orthopaedics. Pocket spring mattresses for orthopaedic purposes are in great demand anyway. The gel foam toppers reinforce the health effect even further and adapt precisely to the body shape and weight of the person lying down. Popular variants of these editions are cold foam and Molton Topper. If required, these can also counteract the relatively cool feeling of lying on the pocket spring mattress and are therefore suitable for older people as well as for other people who are sensitive to cold. In addition to the good comfort and hygiene properties, the Topper also convinces as a mattress protector : They can significantly extend the service life of the pocket spring mattress and avoid annoying odours. They also serve as practical protection against house dust mites. When choosing the right mattress topper, one can orientate oneself on the degree of hardness so that the products fit together perfectly. The same as the mattress cover, the Topper can also be maintained without any problems. To remove dust, it is usually sufficient to shake out the schooner and air it for a while. For more thorough cleaning, simply put a textile topper in the washing machine. Gel foam toppers can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

The original covers or exchange models are also available as accessories or replacement elements for the pocket spring mattress. After a certain time and many washes, it may be necessary to change the first mattress cover and buy a new one. The mattress covers made of washable material are available in various dimensions and can be easily exchanged if necessary.

Alternatives to pocket spring mattress

As an alternative to the pocket spring mattress, a cold foam mattress can also be considered. Also the latex mattresses convince by a good comfort. In comparison to the pocket spring mattress, however, these two variants offer a lower point elasticity. However, they can be used with almost any type of slatted frame and bed, giving you more freedom when combining. In contrast, the pocket spring mattress cannot be used with an adjustable slatted frame, as the springs would bend when the headboard is raised. In addition, the pocket spring core is mainly suitable for people who sleep on their backs or bellies. Side sleepers, on the other hand, prefer the normally softer cold foam or latex mattresses. The visco mattress, which is also in demand, is equipped with a core made of visco-foam. This reacts to the warmth and the lying pressure, so that it adapts exactly to the body shape. This visco mattress is a good choice for those who are sensitive to cold because it stores body heat.

The simpler variant of the spring mattress has a shorter durability, but can be a cheaper alternative to the pocket spring mattress.

Also with these models there are products with good comfort characteristics. Both the pocket spring mattresses and the models with cold foam and latex are very popular with allergy sufferers. Regardless of the type of mattress, the removable and washable cover ensures a hygienic and dust-free sleeping environment. In addition, the various designs are convincing due to their outstanding durability. With the technical possibilities of modern times the advantages of the respective mattresses are more and more refined.

With the pocket spring mattress the comfort factor is even higher: Here the special shape of the springs ensures an even higher resilience. This perfects the basic shape of the pocket spring mattress. This innovative variant is correspondingly popular, even if the quality is reflected in the increased price. When choosing the perfect mattress, it's all about comfort, so it's worth taking a closer look at the pocket spring mattress comparison winner 2019. The bed is much more important than many people want to admit: After all, it is only here that they find a deep sleep to recover from their exhausting day, and it is precisely for this purpose that they need a mattress that is precisely adapted to their needs. Ultimately, it is the quality of sleep that matters, and a good mattress is indispensable for it. Those who feel comfortable with a pocket spring mattress will find the suitable products in our test and can make an individual selection on the basis of the pocket spring mattress test comparison.

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