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What is a pillow?

As part of the bedding, the pillow primarily serves to support the head in the lying position. It is used in addition to the duvet. A pillow in general is a thin-walled and also formable bag with a corresponding filling. Various natural substances and synthetic fibres are used as filling. Today, the pillow is considered the standard in individual bedding. For most people, sleeping and lying without pillows are virtually unimaginable. Without the pillow, the head falls on the bed while sleeping and thus tilts downwards. This is avoided by the pillow, which compensates for the height difference. In addition to the underblanket and the bed sheet, the pillow is also counted among the body pads.

The pillow always lies under the body. Like the duvet, the pillow is covered with a cover to protect it. Bed linen is usually made up of optically coordinated sets of pillows and duvet cover. The pillow is offered in standard sizes in Germany. The classic pillow measures 80 x 80 cm. Basically, however, various dimensions can now be found on the market. Many people roll up the pillow while sleeping, which is no problem thanks to the filling. The roll-up doubles the difference in height between the bed and pillow positions. This is often perceived as very pleasant during sleep.

In addition to the standard size of 80 x 80 cm, the standard sizes in Germany are 40 x 60 and 60 x 80 cm.

It's not only in bed that people like to fall back on a pillow. It is also used, for example, to rest on the sofa or a couch. In this case, however, we are usually not talking about a pillow, but rather about a headrest. Such a headrest ensures that the head always lies at an angle to the body.

During sleep, which usually lasts for hours, the pillow has a function that is already very important from a medical point of view. While lying down, the body is on the mattress, whereas the head is bedded on the pillow. In this case, the pillow is slightly higher than the mattress. If this difference in height were not present, would bend the cervical spine during sleep. This known risk is fundamentally present in every lying position. So it doesn't matter whether you lie on your side or on your back.

If the cervical spine were to buckle, this would not always necessarily result in immediate pain. However, a bent posture that lasts for hours would cause tension and possibly also compression. Exactly these can then trigger permanent pain. In connection with this pain, those affected often explain that they have become embarrassed during the night. The basic rule is that a horizontal or completely horizontal posture is both unhealthy and uncomfortable and should therefore be avoided by using a pillow.

The pillow for a good night's sleep

In our hectic everyday life, sleep at night is more important than ever before. After all, at night there is the possibility to recharge your batteries for the coming day with all its experiences and hurdles. Various factors have a distinct influence on one's own sleep at night. But while many people worry a lot about the bed, the mattress and the slatted frame, the head pillow looks completely different. But this is a pity and also a big problem for many users, because also this has a big influence on the comfort of sleeping.

There are various aspects and points to consider with regard to the matching head cushion for a pleasant sleep, also due to the numerous differences in the models available on the market. As with the general bed, as with the mattress or as with the slatted frame, the choice of the right pillow is essential for a pleasant and restful sleep, whether at night or during the day. And the pillow also requires a certain amount of commitment when it comes to care, so that the user can enjoy it for a correspondingly long time.

How does a pillow work?

A pillow has to fulfil many different functions to make you happy. First and foremost, it is important that the pillow compensates for the difference in height between your body and the mattress. If the pillow is too high or the mattress too soft, your body will sink or get too much support. This, in turn, causes the spine to bend unattractively.

In the morning you notice this in the form of neck and back pain. Therefore, the pillow must fit perfectly with the spine and ensure that you lie straight on it. A further task of the pillow is to compensate for moisture. During the night man begins to sweat, especially in the face. If there is no good moisture regulation, you would soon be in a sweat. Therefore, it is very important that a pillow provides good air circulation. The moisture is transported into the cushion and evaporates there. This ensures a dry and pleasant sleep.

Otherwise, a pillow naturally provides the comfort you need at night. If you only slept on the mattress, it would not only be unpleasant for the spine, but for the whole sleep feeling. That is why pillows are made of very soft and pleasant materials, which make sure that you feel good on the pillow and can relax. Especially after a hard day there is nothing better than to fall into bed and feel the soft pillow on his head. It doesn't matter whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side. A good model from a pillow test will support you in all areas.

Advantages and areas of application

The pillow is considered the standard element of bedding and is therefore also used in most beds. It is used during sleep, but often only during rest and relaxation. The pillow lays the foundation for restorative sleep. The pillow brings the body into a very comfortable position, so that you can sleep relaxed. The choice of the right pillow should always depend on the personal reclining position.

It is important that only the head lies on the cushion. The pillow should not be touched by the shoulders.

The standard dimensions of 80 x 80 cm are rather unsuitable from an ergonomic point of view, but have become established due to the importance of optically coordinated bed linen. Pillows prevent tension and pain. They ensure a pleasant sleep and create a comfortable sleeping position both in the lying position on the side and on the foot. With the right pillow, you can wake up at any time without any discomfort. It is important that in a lying position a relief from the cervical spine is achieved. The pillow can be used in the home bed as well as in pensions, hotels and holiday accommodations.

In addition, the pillow is a basic component of bedding in hospitals and clinics, for example. Many people also use it on the sofa, for example, to achieve a comfortable reclining position. Not only adults can often not sleep properly without the right pillow. This also applies to infants and children. Even if for them there are usually other cushions on the market. For example, pillows for small children often have smaller dimensions.

Side sleepers should also fall back on a pillow. If the shoulders are narrow, it is recommended to use only a low pillow. On the other hand, should be completely without a pillow in the prone position . Here only a very flat base is suitable. The basic rule is always: the pillow belongs under the head and should therefore not be missing in the bed or on the sofa, in the guest bed or even when lying on the floor.

What types of pillows are there?

Pillows are distinguished by their dimensions, among other things. Due to the different sizes and thicknesses, the cushion manufacturers try above all to meet the different preferences and requirements. Pillows can be rolled up thanks to their flexible filling so that the thickness is fundamentally variable. The roll-up can also double the difference in height between the bed and pillow positions. In Germany, pillows for adults are mainly offered in three sizes. These are 80 x 80 cm as the most common measurement and 40 x 60 and 60 x 80 cm. In addition to these, there are other dimensions that are tailored to the needs of side sleepers, for example. Basically, a pillow that is too large should never be chosen, as it counteracts a restful sleeping environment.

A special form is the Neck roll. The neck roll differs significantly from the classic pillow. The classic pillow can be shaken up, this is only partially the case with the neck support pillow. The bolster doesn't shake at all.

Differences between the cushions can also be seen, for example, in their strength. For example, there are low pillows that are ideal for lying on one side and have been developed for people who only have narrow shoulders. The classic pillows are equipped with a mixture of down and feathers , whereby these are used to varying degrees depending on the manufacturer and quality. Both elements fulfil different functions. The feathers give the pillow its basic support , whereas the down makes it elastic. If a pillow has a high proportion of feathers, this is mainly hard.

One of the biggest innovations on the pillow market is the Latex cushion. It was developed with innovative properties. The latex cushions nestle perfectly to the body. In addition to latex pillows and pillows with down and feathers, there are also versions with small fibre balls hidden inside. These fibre balls are made of polyester. They nestle perfectly against the head and neck and are therefore very comfortable.

For some time now there have been multi-chamber cushions on the market. These multi-chamber cushions have two or three chambers. These chambers are usually filled with both feathers and down. Especially those who often suffer from tension and are susceptible to it should think about these pillows.

Orthopaedic pillows are also a good choice in this case. They usually have an anatomical preform made of latex and foam. Elastic new wool or millet have also established themselves as filling materials for pillows. Other natural materials are spelt, kapok and cotton.

A real upwind has recently been experienced by orthopaedic pillows.

The special thing about these cushions is their size. After all, the pillows are shortened by half. This makes them particularly neck-friendly. They can also be found on the market as comfort cushions. Since they are clearly smaller, support they also only the head. This provides optimum relief for the cervical spine.

Orthopaedic pillows also have a significantly thicker padding, which prevents them from sinking off the head. Manufacturers use flexible foams for these cushions. These are not shaken up, but consist of a visco-elastic moulded foam. Alternatively, at this point polyether-foam is used as well. The special feature is that these pillows have dynamic breathability. Viscoelastic foam is a by-product from space research. Originally, this material was used by scientists to minimize the pressure on the body during the launch into space.

If you want to buy an orthopaedic pillow, you should make sure that it is foamed in an environmentally friendly way and that it does not contain CFCs.

The shape of orthopaedic pillows is always based on the human body. To guarantee this, the manufacturers process two curvatures and a hollow . This shape is on the one hand the head shape and on the other hand optimally adapted to the neck. If the cervical spine cannot buckle during sleep, any tension can also be excellently prevented. Compared to the normal pillow it is narrower. There are orthopaedic pillows in the dimensions 60 x 36 cm. The special feature is the height, because these pillows are basically 10 cm high.

Another offer are grain and neck support pillows.

Grain pillows are not only used for restful sleep, but can also be used as heat pillows. It can also be used as a cold cushion. For the grain and neck support pillows there are very different pillow fillings available. These mainly include various cereals such as spelt and wheat. But rye has also proven its worth as a filling for these cushions. The use of cores is also possible. cherry and grape seeds are just as welcome as currant seeds. In recent years, various fillers have also become established for pillows. In addition to spelt , the fillers are made of millet husks, EPS beads and buckwheat . Also pine wood chips can be used as filler. If you are looking for something special, you can also opt for a herb- odscent-pad. rose blossoms, lavender blossoms and herb blends inspire above all by their pleasant smell. In addition, the offer includes cut peppermint leaves, which are used as fillings. Even Hop has proven itself with some manufacturers.

The Pfulmen is especially generously designed.

This pillow is almost opulent. The name comes from Switzerland and has since become established for this cushion shape. Thanks to their dimensions, Pfulmen can basically be used as a wide pillow. When oversized, the word Pfulmen is often used to refer to the Swiss size. The pillow test 100 x 65 centimeters proved to be a common measure for such a pillow. Thanks to its size, the Pfulmen not only supports the head, but can also be used as a back and neck support.

Popular is fulming for example in case of permanent bedridden. Due to its volume, fulming goes hand in hand with very special uses and applications. Thanks to its flexibility, this cushion shape has also established itself among German manufacturers in recent years. Most pillows of this type are offered with a durable zipper, which makes it particularly easy to fit the Pfulmen with new filling material.

There are now synthetic fibre cushions on the market.

Here mainly three fillings have prevailed. On the one hand they are polyester fibres and cotton wool and on the other hand polyester balls and foam fillings. Which of the plastic fillings you choose should depend on your individual preferences. However, the care properties and the price are also important. The synthetic fibre fillings show considerable differences in properties and quality. Nevertheless, synthetic fibre cushions are considered to be quite cheap to buy. In addition, they are suitable for allergy sufferers, which distinguishes them from pillows with natural fillings.

In the synthetic fibres mites do not find a breeding ground, so that they cannot settle in it.

In general, however, synthetic fibre cushions do not offer the durability we know from down and feather cushions. This has been confirmed once again by the pillow test winners. The man-made fibres tend to be quickly sagging. This also leads to unattractive lumps quite quickly. The lump is a particular disadvantage of cotton wool and polyester fibres. Basically, such fillings should not be washed in the washing machine. Cushions with these fillings are best washed by hand . Foam fillings, on the other hand, offer a decisive advantage. After a load, the foam fillings disperse on their own. In addition, foam flakes offer the advantage that the cushion volume can easily be determined itself. The flakes have springy properties. All in all, viscoelastic foam cushions offer excellent lying comfort. However, they are accompanied by a considerable disadvantage in terms of care, as they can definitely only be washed by hand.

Down pillows are a classic

These pillows are characterized above all by the positive properties of the filling materials. The down is those feathers that come from the bird's undergarment. In nature, the animals are protected from cold and humidity by the down. The special feature of these feathers is that they are particularly soft and fluffy. In addition, there is no hard wedge in them. For pillows, duck and goose down are mainly used. Goose down is considered to be of higher quality because it has preferred properties. So the goose down is bigger. In addition, they have a wider and softer down. However, a down pillow must always contain at least 60 percent down.

Down pillows are particularly soft and elastic. In addition, they are considered very cuddly. Due to the quality of the down, the pillows are real lightweights. Especially on cold nights, down pillows have gained acceptance in recent years. Here they are known for their pleasant isolating effect. In pure down pillows the support function is almost completely gone .

By the admixture of feathers is again provided for these. In order for the down to retain its original shape, the cushions must be shaken properly several times. Less popular are the pillows for allergy sufferers. Especially with down pillows it is important that they are washed regularly at 60° Celsius. If they are not washed properly on a regular basis, there is a danger that house dust mites will settle in the pillows and these pose a considerable danger, especially for allergy sufferers.

From a feather pillow…

is used when the cushion has a spring content of at least 70 percent. Feathers have a firm keel, which gives them a supporting function and distinguishes them from down. The keel can unfold excellently from its own power both during weight shifting and when changing position. This means that there is no danger of these pillows being flattened. The properties of the springs ensure that the cushion has a supporting function throughout the night. Shake up is not necessary. Spring cushions are also characterized by a excellent temperature regulation . So you don't sweat so easily with a feather pillow. In addition, the body moisture produced is first absorbed and then released into the air by the feathers.

In comparison to down pillows the feather pillows in the pillow test are cheaper at purchase. Fundamentally, however, the decision should not be taken prematurely. Much more important is that the different feather pillows are compared comprehensively. Compared to down pillows, feather pillows clearly have more weight. In addition, the keel end can stand out through the cushion cover. Allergy sufferers should only use these pillows to a limited extent. The basic rule for feathers and down is that mites like to nest here. These mites quickly become a problem for house dust allergy sufferers. In order to prevent or get rid of the animals, it is best to clean them in the washing machine.

natural hair pillow recommended

There is also a selection of pillows with natural hair on the market. These are fleece wool, camel hair and cashmere. In addition to these, there are other natural fillers which are cotton, wild silk and poplar fuzz. The pillows with natural hair filling are particularly recommended for those who tend to sweat during sleep. Natural hair has a temperature balancing effect. This makes them excellently suitable for use in rheumatic diseases. In addition to this there is also bed linen made of natural hair on the market. Sheep's wool is very popular as a pillow filling. Virgin sheep's wool is extremely bulky. It stores very much viepillow-on-pillowl air. This forms a good insulating layer. New wool is capable of absorbing both the humidity of the air and the humidity caused by sweating. This moisture is then fundamentally released back into the outside air.

In addition to virgin sheep's wool balls, Lindflocks wool balls have also made a name for themselves. Both are fundamentally derived from controlled animal husbandry, which fulfils the organic guidelines. Natural hair cushions with camel hair are a little less common on the market and are therefore considered exotic. For the cushion filling the silky chest hair of the camels is used.

The natural hair pads, on the other hand, are particularly problematic for allergy sufferers. Instead, they should preferably use pillows with foam filling and other synthetic materials. Pillows with natural hair are not only a beloved residence of mites, but they are also an excellent breeding place of moulds . In the cushions prevails permanently a warm and damp climate , so that molds can spread excellently. This in turn can lead to infections, allergies and other diseases.

The right care for maximum durability

Due to its nature, the head cushion is of course not suitable for use over many years. Because the filling and the material quickly show the first signs of wear. In general, an exchange is already recommended after three years. However, the actual time period depends on various factors, such as the type of cushion, the filling used and the user himself.Pillow Classik quilted, filling from 3-D fiber beads

With simple but targeted measures, the user ensures that the pillow offers a consistently high level of comfort during use and leaves little to be desired. So it is recommended to wash the pillow at least once yearly. Washing in the washing machine is no problem at all for most models with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, the cushion should be shaken up again and again. This is the only way for the filling to accept and maintain the desired volume. So this ritual must not be missed when you make your bed in the morning.

Pillow for optimal lying comfort

f.a.n. frankenstolz 03393-10816-10 PillowAs is well known today, your own Pillow has a great influence on lying comfort. The main task of the cushion is to support the neck. Because no matter which lying position in the night is preferred, the neck suffers from this in any case. Although mattresses and beds are so modern today that they optimally relieve and support the body on the back, on the hips and even on the feet, this is unfortunately not yet possible on the sensitive neck today. Anyone who has ever had to spend a night without a good pillow can confirm this with certainty. The following morning, pain in the neck or back is unfortunately the order of the day and can hardly be avoided. For exactly this reason a good head pillow should not be missing in any bed and is part of the obligatory basic equipment.

But not every Pillow is the right choice for every claim. While the back sleepers, for example, need a cushion that is as simple as possible and offers the necessary support at the neck, the side sleeper already has a completely different look

If you spend most of the night lying comfortably on your back, you should choose a relatively flat pillow for neck support. The classic head cushion is not necessarily the right model because it does not offer the right support for the neck. In the supine position, it is precisely this position that is most challenged. When lying flat on the back, the neck suffers just as much as when using a too high specimen, through which the head is tilted upwards the whole night. The only exception is a hunchback. Because with this, it even makes sense to choose a slightly higher pillow.

However, it should be noted that here too there should be no exaggeration in order to minimise health impairments and maximise sleep comfort. With a special neck support pillow as head pillow the user usually does nothing wrong. These offer exactly in the neck at the so-called lordosis the suitable support. The special, ergonomic increase ensures maximum comfort every night and optimum adaptation to the respective user.

Sleeping on your side makes special demands on the pillow. This has the very simple reason that in this position the distance between the mattress and the head area is the highest. The choice of the right cushion is crucial in order to successfully compensate for this distance and relieve the neck. Very important: The shoulders have nothing to do with the actual pillow. Because for a further relief and more comfort with the sleeping it is important that the shoulders have also with the side sleeper direct contact to the mattress and these can sink in here. For example, a narrow, wide pillow is the right choice to achieve this result.

The dimensions 40 x 80 and 40 x 60 centimetres have proved to be a good choice. Due to the relatively small width and the rectangular shape, the head and neck find a safe and comfortable place on the pillow, while the shoulders perfect remain outside. However, the question of the amount depends to a large extent on personal taste. The only guideline: The new pillow should be chosen so that the spine forms a straight line when lying down. If the head is still too low here or too low, this puts an enormous strain on the spine and neck and in the course of use, clear complaints in the form of severe pain can be expected again and again.

A good Tip for a successful purchase: By the company of a friend or acquaintance the suitable pillow is found within a short time. This is because during the test lying it can be quickly checked in this way whether the spinal column actually forms a straight line or whether the cushion is out of the question due to the incorrect posture. In the case of a narrow hold, especially in relation to the general head size, the use of a neck pillow also makes sense in order to successfully compensate for the large distance to the mattress.

The belly sleeper is not only relatively rare, but can usually confidently do without a cushion for the head. Because in the position on the stomach the head is directly on the mattress and also the distance of the neck to this is minimal. The use of an additional cushion directly overstretches the neck with the consequences already described. If, however, a pillow is obligatory for reasons of habit, it should be as flat as possible and very soft.

Alternatively, there are also models with corresponding recesses for the head and neck available, the cushions accordingly form a shape around the head and the neck. However, these cushions are usually not only very expensive, but also in small selection on the market and also very expensive.

Differences in the individual pillows

Pillow 80x80 Microfiber Sleeping PillowPillow is not the same today Pillow. Not only the experiences of the users show this very clearly, but it is also always a striking result in the pillow Test and comparison. The market today is more productive than ever before, more and more models in all areas and categories are available for the user to choose from. Unfortunately, this is not always pure marketing, because the differences are sometimes really enormous and should be taken into account when choosing a cushion. In general, the models differ in size, of course. From the classic square measuring 80 x 80 centimetres to the rectangular product for a comfortable sleep on the side, there are innumerable variants ready and waiting to help the user sleep. There are further extensive differences in the filling of the pillow. Logically this has a very big influence on the comfort and also on the quality of the pillow. The best known fillings will be briefly introduced in the following.

Pillow with LatexschaunflockenThe best-known variant for comfortable filling of the Pillow are the classic feathers and down, which can also often be found in the pillow Test. The difference between down and feathers is easily explained. While feathers have a firm structure and are mainly responsible for supporting when lying down, the down in the pillow provides a very soft feeling when lying down. The high bulking power can be restored at any time by simply shaking on the cushions; even today these cushions are still among the most popular variants on the market.

A special feature are the head cushions with a three-layer construction. For a successful combination of softness and neck support, a total of three chambers are used in the pillow. In the outer two layers, manufacturers rely on soft springs for maximum comfort on these models, while the down in the middle provides the right support and support. This structure is frequently used, for example, in the neck support pillow. Due to the warming effect these cushions are also the optimal choice for fast freezing users as well as the cold months in winter.

horsehair pad Derby extra festAs an alternative the natural fillings are also very popular today. There are several representatives, but the best known are the pillows with a filling of horsehair, virgin sheep's wool and camel fluffy hair. Each filling offers different properties and for this very reason appeals to different target groups. For example, horsehair is very firm and flat, while wool and camel hair are the exact opposite. Pillows with an appropriate filling are very soft and adaptable. At the same time, the pillows with an appropriate filling ensure optimum removal of liquids. Anyone who tends to sweat more at night should take a closer look at the pillows as alternatives to the classic choice.

If you like it very soft, wish an optimal adjustment and a deep sinking, you can hardly avoid the pillow with the popular filling-wadding especially in today's time. These pillows are also widely represented on the market and also play an important role in the pillow Test again and again, among other things because of the high popularity.Filled-wadding from polyester hollow fibresHowever, in its original form the wadding has a big disadvantage because it clumps by lying down, compressing and shaking up again very quickly. However, the manufacturers have of course considered appropriate measures and techniques to prevent this. The processing into fleece is intended to ensure that the new pillow can provide the desired comfort even after a few weeks or months. In general, there is another difference with the pillows with the wadding filling. Depending on the model it is natural or artificial cotton wool. The artificial cotton wool is of course much cheaper for the manufacturer, so it is mainly used in cheap pillows. However, the problem here is the fact that durability and comfort also suffer from this. The low quality of the artificial and inexpensive cotton wool often becomes a problem after only a few weeks and makes a quick replacement necessary. The supposed bargain then quickly turns out to be a trap.

Seitenschläferkissen ACAMARPillows with foam curls are also popular on the market, for example they are often used in neck support pillows. These are very dimensionally stable, the height is therefore usually kept constant. However, there are sometimes clear differences between the different versions, which quickly become apparent in the basic properties. Thus Pillows with a foam filling made of Latex or Viscos foam are very soft and adapt themselves accordingly fast to the user, the supporting effect is however rather small. Exactly the opposite is the case with PU or cold foam. This is usually very firm and offers accordingly a high supporting effect in the neck. The cushions are also a good choice for strong sweating in the night. Because the spaces between the individual foam elements ensure comfortable and extensive ventilation as well as fast and efficient moisture removal.

Allergy sufferers make particularly high demands on their own head pillow. In such a case, many people reach for a pillow with a filling of so-called hollow fibre balls. This is a synthetic filling. The cushions are available on the market not only in different sizes, but also with different volumes on request. By simply adjusting the amount of filling, the pillow is a very good choice for ideal sleeping needs. The cushions can be washed without any problems and, even with frequent use in washing, lose neither volume nor comfort. At the same time, the synthetic filling ensures a successful and unique combination of pleasant warmth and optimum moisture removal. So if you sweat and freeze at the same time during the night, this special cushion is a very good idea and should take a closer look at the corresponding models.

The last alternative are the natural fillings of the classic pillow. Here, millet and spelt are filled into the cushion. The feeling of lying down is unusual at first due to the relatively hard surface, but offers numerous advantages. Among other things, a corresponding head pillow offers best results in supporting the neck and the head, at the same time, the massage effect of the pillow promotes circulation. Unusual: The pillow causes a quiet noise due to the filling and the trickling of a movement.

There are further differences in the popular neck support pillows. The three variants visco foam, latex and gel foam are used here. The differences in all three options are marginal. For example, gel foam is temperature-independent, while viscose foam can only develop its properties at temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius in the bedroom. However, all variants offer maximum adaptability, allow a comfortable lying feeling and are also resistant and durable. Due to the high breathability and the optimal moisture transport these cushions are also very suitable for strong sweating.

branded pillow or NoName product?

Many users ask themselves this question again and again when they are looking for a new pillow. Because the problem is also the fact that on the market today a multiplicity of different models is available for the selection. It is therefore very difficult for laymen to find a suitable and good model. Because both the big brands and the no-name products do not spare with elaborate promises, great sounding descriptions and a visually appealing presentation. But with which product does the user make the right choice? Is a brand pillow generally recommendable or can it really be the significantly cheaper NoName product?

So we tested the pillows

Without a comfortable pillow sleep is hardly to be thought of. That is why we have put numerous pillows through their paces for you. We have dealt with the quality, but also with the price-performance ratio. Of course, the focus was on the filling used by the manufacturer. Hardly any other pillow area has as much variety as this one. The cushion filling was dominated by natural and synthetic materials. We took a closer look at the filling materials, their properties and the advantages and disadvantages. Our gaze was particularly accurate. For example, we have checked whether the supposed down pillows keep what they promise and whether a large part of the filling quantity is really down.

Care and hygiene play a decisive role in every pillow. After all, our head usually lies on the pillow for several hours. It is therefore particularly important that the pillow is clean and that it contains neither mildew normites. This applies in particular to allergy sufferers. In order to prevent the implantation of mites, it is important that the pillows can be washed at at least 60 degrees Celsius . In our pillow test we examined which pillow can keep up here. You can rely on the fact that our pillows are comparison test winners of high quality and naturally easy-care. The filling often determines the price. Of course, the price of your pillow should be reasonable, but also affordable.

The dimensions of the pillows are fundamentally important. The standard size of 80 x 80 cm is also common in the pillow test, but there are differences. Exactly these differences we have investigated and tested how comfortable the narrower or longer pillows are. The upper material of the pillows is usually designed in such a way that dirt and filth cannot collect in it. We have also dealt with this point in the pillow test.

Each Pillow should be first of all one: comfortable. In the pillow test we investigated how comfortable and comfortable the pillows are. This also includes the breathability of the materials used and the absorption and release of moisture.

What do I have to look out for when buying a pillow?

Let me make one thing clear: Take your time when buying your pillow and compare the offers exactly. The differences that exist on the market are great. One of the most important points for the individual purchase decision is the washability. In recent years, manufacturers have introduced more and more pillows to the market that are particularly easy to clean and can be easily washed in a washing machine. The majority of pillows found on the market today can be washed in the washing machine at at least 30 degrees Celsius without any problems. Your own pillow should be cleaned at least once a year. Basically it is a good idea to air the pillow in the sun. This is also accompanied by a cleansing effect. However, bear in mind that even if you clean the pillow regularly, you will still have to replace it every five years.

A pillow should not lose its shape too quickly. If the pillows are incorrectly shaped, you will often suffer from neck problems very quickly. These neck problems can in turn cause disc pain, so you should pay a lot of attention to choosing the right pillow shape. When selecting the pillow shape, you must consider your personal body proportions, but also your sleeping habits. There are some special pillows on the market that have been developed explicitly for side sleepers, but also for back sleepers. Depending on the individual sleeping position, the posture of the spine also changes. If the pillows on offer are adapted to the sleeping behaviour, they show considerable differences both in shape and volume.

Those who belong to the sidesleepers are fundamentally dependent on a pillow with more volume. Back sleepers, on the other hand, can fall back on narrower pillows. It is important to ensure that both the head and the neck are optimally supported. If you are always struggling with neck problems, you should consider buying a orthopedic pillow or a pillow that is anatomically shaped.

An important purchase criterion is the filling material. Choosing the right filling can make a decisive contribution to sleeping comfort. The filling influences two elements in particular. This is the hardness grade on one side and the support force on the other side. In order to achieve optimum properties here, many manufacturers rely on the combination of different filling materials. The favourite on the market is the feather pillow, which is filled with a mixture of down and feathers. The exact feel of the pillow depends mainly on two characteristics. This is the mixing ratio. The down makes the cushion particularly soft, while the feathers make it harder. Always pay attention to the dimensions of the pillow when buying.

Standard sizes for pillows have become established in Germany in recent years. They are, for example, 80 x 80 cm. According to expert recommendations, however, smaller pillows are recommended, as they are better adapted to the anatomy. Examine the pillows carefully, because there are pillows that allow an individual adjustment.

Check whether the pillow is a multi-chamber pillow. It consists of two or three chambers. These chambers are filled differently.

Short information about the leading manufacturers

High-quality pillows are offered today by different manufacturers. There are models on the market as cervical spine cushions that have been specially developed to relieve and stabilize the cervical spine.

  • Mediflow
  • MaxxGoods
  • Hanskruchen
  • Sleeping moon
  • Sabeatex
  • Ebitop
Mediflow has succeeded in creating a true innovation in the field of pillows. The company has brought an extraordinary range of water cushions onto the market. The water cushions ensure a gentle fall asleep and are intended to provide a significantly better sleep, especially in the case of chronic neck pain. The water base makes it possible to adjust the exact degree of hardness of these pillows. By adapting to individual requirements, it can optimally support the back, neck and shoulders.
MaxxGoods develops different pillows under the motto “Feel better”. The pillows are one of the many offers that the manufacturer makes available in the range of his household assortment. In addition to neck support pillows and Mediflow pillows, MaxxGoods also offers Visco pillows. They have a pressure-reducing effect and are considered anti-allergic and mite-resistant.
Hanskruchen has earned the title Made in Germany. The company is known throughout Germany for its special down quality and offers duvets as well as pillows in various qualities and sizes. All processed down comes from species-appropriate goose husbandry and therefore meets the requirements for sustainability.
Sleeping moon manufactures high-quality pillows to the highest standards. The cushions impress with their sustainability. The origins of the company go back to a quilt factory in 1816. All bedding products have been manufactured for more than 200 years to provide the ideal basis for healthy sleep.
Sabeatex offers a selection of functional orthopaedic pillows. The dimensions of these cushions can be changed by simply turning them over and adapting them to individual requirements. The pillows from Sabeatex are anti-allergic and also mite safe.
Ebitop offers a selection of high quality cushions, which inspire with quality and functionality. The products are distributed via Amazon, among others, which enables Ebitop to guarantee its customers fast delivery. The pillows are offered as dream sleep pillows.

Internet vs. specialist shops: where is the best place to buy my pillow?

A high-quality pillow should not be underestimated, which is why you should take your time when buying. But there is also the question of whether you buy the pillow in a specialist shop or on the Internet. You must first go to the specialist dealer. Surely you get some offers in furniture shops, but better are so-called bedding. Here everything revolves around restful sleep. Another disadvantage is that not all cushions have a demonstration model. In this respect, you don't know exactly what the cushion will feel like before you buy it.

Therefore, you have to rely solely on what the seller or manufacturer tells you. Of course, Small things are often concealed, so that you only notice after unpacking that the pillow does not agree with your ideas after all. An exchange is no longer possible with most dealers for hygienic reasons. But there are other disadvantages. For example, the price, because in retailers you usually pay 50 percent more, although you do not get a better model from a pillow test 2019. Also driving around and looking for the perfect pillow can be very exhausting and complicated. You should therefore choose the Internet.

For the Internet you do not have to take much time, but the offer is available around the clock for you. Even on the way to work, in the middle of the night or in the evening in front of the TV, you can quickly go on the Internet and search for your fitting pillows. You will receive an impressive selection, because not only well-known brands are represented. There are also numerous small Internet companies and manufacturers from abroad. This gives you the advantage of having more choice and finding exactly the pillow that appeals to you.

A further advantage from the internet is that you get many important facts from the manufacturer, but you don't have to rely on them. Customer reviews are much more important. This means that previous buyers may express their open and honest opinion among the products.

So if there is something wrong with the pillow, it will be addressed here. This means that you do not have the problem of reaching for the wrong pillow. The delivery is also a children's game. Simply select the pillow, put it in the shopping cart, enter your address and in a few days it will arrive at your home. You even save up to 50 percent.

Things to know and advice

History of the pillow

Apart from the development of innovative fibres in the recent past, the history of the pillow is closely linked to the History of the bed.

Centuries ago, people tried to make sleeping more comfortable by using cushions made of natural materials. The first precursors of the bed were not cushions as they can be found on the market today. The first bed-like solutions may have been recesses. These were covered with mats by the people. Such couch pits were found in habitation pits in the earlier Bronze Age. This origin does not come from by chance, for the term bed traditionally describes a deposit that is infiltrated into the ground.

The first rest camps, on the other hand, which were made of a frame of wood or bronze, were already known to the ancient Egyptians. Already in ancient Egypt the first pillow-like solutions were found. Upholstery was used both as a base and as a supplement to the headrest. This type of bed with all its equipment could finally also be retained in the >em> Greek-Roman antiquity.

The development to today's bed was already apparent quite early in the European Middle Ages. The wooden belt frames were mainly covered with furs, upholstery and blankets, with the upholstery serving as head support. Already one century later a gigantic step was made in the bed development compared to the 12th century . The beds in the 13th century had for the first time a mattress, a strawsack and a pillow. For the filling of the first pillows people used wool, hair and of course already the first feathers. In addition to pillows, the so-called lower beds also moved into the beds at this time. The duvets were made of skins. feather duvets and duvets were only able to assert themselves in the beds in the 18th century and then became important components. The 18th century was also the time when the mattress was launched. Thus the basic elements of today's bed were present.

Originally, the bed was an object that was mainly reserved for the rich and distinguished. Only slowly did it develop over the centuries into a very successful everyday article of daily use.

Figures, data, facts about the pillow

For centuries the pillow has been an integral part of our bed and thus also of our everyday life. We spend almost a third of our lives in our bed and therefore also on our pillow. Reason enough not to leave the cleaning outside. Especially if your pillow has a natural hair filling, regular cleaning should not be neglected. Molds feel comfortable in natural materials, because your pillow always offers them a very pleasantly warm and moist culture medium. Moulds thus find ideal conditions to settle and spread. The same applies to mites, by the way. Therefore, you should replace your head pillow every 5 years.

Did you know that pain in the disc can be caused by a wrong pillow? If the pillow is not strong enough for your lying position, you run the risk of having neck problems. As a result, disc discomfort can occur again. Due to its fluffness, the pillow can contribute considerably to a good night's sleep and is therefore just as valuable as a duvet.

The average German sleeps about seven hours according to statistics. The night's rest extends from 23:04 to 06:18.

Pay attention to a particularly comfortable pillow, because if you sleep a lot, you will also keep fit. While you are dreaming, important chemical processes take place in your body that have a rejuvenating effect. For example, the body releases important growth hormones. These ensure that during sleep the cells in the body are repaired and grow.

By the way, even during a short nap you should not do without a good pillow. Naps are especially valuable for our social competence, because they make you friendly according to the results of researchers. Through the Power-Naps the brain is sensitized and perceives positive emotions . For a particularly restful sleep an apple next to the bed can provide. The scent of fresh fruit has a positive effect.

5 Tips for a restful sleep

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  • Tip 5
Hardly anything is as valuable as restful sleep. Sleep hygiene ensures a healthy sleep. You should therefore refrain from having breakfast in bed. The brain is able to establish a connection to the waking activities through a lack of hygiene. Even if you lie down in bed, your brain primarily adjusts to activity. Only sex is an exception, because promotes a better sleep.
For a healthy and restful sleep, make sure that your bedroom is adequately tempered. Cool 16 to 18 degrees Celsius are ideal. But if you freeze quickly, you can raise the temperature to 20 degrees Celsius. You should refrain from freezing, because it is not conducive to a restful sleep. In addition, a humidity of 45 to 65 percent is optimal.
Always try to relax sufficiently before sleeping in order to be able to let go of everyday life. It is important that both your body and your brain are able to shut down. To relax, techniques such as autogenic training, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation are the right choice. Courses are now also offered on CD and DVD, for example.
If you want to sleep restfully, you should do without green and black tea, but also without coffee, after 16 o'clock. Besides, you shouldn't drink Coke anymore. The contained Coffeine can stimulate your body for hours , so that sleep is not to be thought of. Also refrain from drinking alcohol three hours before bedtime. This applies to wine and beer.
Always refrain from going to bed with a full stomach. Ideally, take the last meal about three hours before going to bed. If the time window between eating and sleeping is too short, the stomach and intestines are fundamentally too busy with digestion. Only small portions should be eaten before sleeping. Pay attention to food that is easy to digest.

Tempur explained

Tempur pillows as well as Tempur mattresses on the market have a special position. They are known for their ability to adapt to the body excellent . Due to their special construction and comprehensive equipment, they convey the feeling of weightlessness while lying down. Tempur mattresses have developed into a prime example of this. If you lay on such a mattress for the first time, you quickly get the feeling that it is very firm. However, it can adapt excellently to the body. This is ensured by body temperature and personal weight. Both make the Tempur material softer.

As soon as the material becomes softer, it adapts to the shape of the body. It also conveys a special feeling of weightlessness. Tempur was originally developed by Nasa, to be more precise, by the Ames Research Center in the early 1970s. Thus the pressure forces better should be absorbed. These forces arise primarily during the launch and act on the astronauts. Scientists recognized the enormous potential of Tempur very early on. You have taken care of the further development of the material.

As early as the early 1980s, researchers began to adapt Tempur to consumer needs. Finally, after intensive research and development, the Tempur material, known today, was created. The Tempur material is particularly temperature-sensitive and also viscous-elastic. It has open cells which make it possible to distribute pressure and body weight excellently . Today Tempur is regarded as a pressure-relieving sleeping system in the 21st century.

The special feature of Tempur is the temperature sensitivity. This allows the material to adapt perfectly to the body. Tempur differs significantly from conventional foams, which are usually made of irregularly shaped cells, mainly due to its special cell structure. The classic foams are compressed exclusively by the body weight. Tempur is composed of one billion cells, which are spherical and open. These are viscoelastic. Today, this special physical feature is regarded as the greatest achievement in sleep technology.

Wash pillow properly

To ensure optimum hygiene, you must wash your pillow regularly. Up to one tenth of our pillows consist of mite excrement and mites. Whether you wash only the cover or also the filling depends on the degree of soiling. However, it is recommended to wash at least once a year the pillow. The best way to wash your pillow is to refer to the washing label. It is basically processed on the cushion and provides the most important key data for cleaning. This label shows the temperature at which the pillow can be washed, for example.

In addition, there are also pillows where machine cleaning should be avoided. These are pillows equipped with natural fibres such as virgin wool. If you are unsure how your pillow should be washed, it is always advisable to go to a cleaning . To make this possible, you should pay attention to an extra rinse during washing.

Some washing machines also offer the option of adding more water to the laundry.

  • When washing, it is imperative that you keep to the specified temperature
  • Also be careful not to use fabric softener. The fabric softener would clump the filling material
  • Make sure that the detergent is rinsed well out of the pillow

To make this possible, you should pay attention to an extra rinse during washing. Some washing machines also offer the option of adding more water to the laundry.

So that the cushions after washing are again beautifully fluffy , it is recommended to put them in the dryer. Especially with the dryer you should preferably choose lower temperatures and accept a longer drying time.

If you do not have a dryer, you should fill up the cushions again and again during drying. This ensures that the filling material cannot clump during this time. It is recommended to use a washing bag. This ensures that the filling material does not end up in the washing machine if the cushion bursts. If you are washing bed linen, you should make sure that the covers are closed. Otherwise other laundry may land in the cover, which will then no longer be cleaned. The covers should always be closed in the tumble dryer.

The field is broadly positioned

Not only the selection of the different Cushions is now as large as never before, the pillow Test always shows a completely different result in an impressive way. Because the good cushions come from all areas and from all price ranges. In other words: expensive head pillows are not always good and cheap pillows are not always bad. And even the well-known brands are no guarantee for high quality and the best comfort when sleeping. A correspondingly precise selection is therefore very important, just as the pillow Test can prove again and again impressively. This is because the above statement is repeatedly supported and confirmed in the pillow Test. Because the test winners come from well-known brands as well as from absolute NoName products at a reasonable price.

A comprehensive search helps quickly and efficiently

Accordingly, relying on the brand image when buying a pillow is not a good choice. Unfortunately many people make exactly this one mistake and decide for a pillow which is actually not well suited and cannot provide the necessary comfort during the night. In order to prevent this unpleasant scenario, it is advisable to conduct an extensive research before the actual purchase. In the age of the Internet, this is of course easier today than ever before. Because also the purchase takes place ever more frequently in an on-line Shop. Among other things the reasons for this are to be found in the variety of the offer and naturally also in the Convenience. In the search for a good pillow, however, the online shop can be a great help. As is often the case, the real customers and users write a review of the respective product after the purchase. Not only important aspects such as comfort are applied here, but also the general quality and even the durability are evaluated here.

Also the practical ** pillow Test ** is a good way to quickly recognize the good models on the market and thus find a good choice for optimal comfort at night. In general, however, here too it is once again true that a choice and an evaluation should not be made on the basis of a particular brand. The winners in the **Pillow Test ** include a wide variety of very inexpensive models from the NoName range as well as pillows from major manufacturers, and also clearly show that price has no influence on quality. The ** pillow test ** uses models and products from all areas to create the most meaningful picture possible of the important and large area of the pillow. From the simple pillow for only a few euros from the discounter up to the expensive luxury pillow of the big and well-known manufacturers on the market, everything is represented here. Of course, the ** pillow test ** is also updated at regular intervals, because new products are constantly coming onto the market.

Ultimately, however, it is always a question of personal taste which Pillow is the right choice for a restful night's sleep. Because while one user experiences perhaps on the cushion of a well-known and large manufacturer restful sleep, the comfort is completely negative for the other user here.

A reasonable way to decide for a suitable head pillow is a combination of the already mentioned research and trying out different models. Because this is of course no problem at all when buying over the Internet. If the new pillow does not please you, you can replace it with little effort. So everybody can quickly find the right pillow for a perfect and restful sleep, no matter if brand or good NoName product.

FAQ on the subject of pillows

How often should you change the pillow?

The frequency of the change depends on different factors. However, it is recommended that you completely replace the pillow at least every five years. If you sweat or salivate heavily during sleep, it is advisable to replace it prematurely. Best after two years. However, if you do not use a pillow often, for example only as a second pillow in bed, you can use it a little longer. Just make sure that it always has a high level of hygiene.

Where to buy the pillow?

There are two places where you can buy pillows. Many people opt for the classic specialist trade. In so-called bed dumps there are numerous different offers, whereby the selection is mostly limited to the most popular manufacturers. Of course, this is annoying if you are looking for a particular pillow or if you are looking for low prices. This is why the Internet is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the Internet, you can search for the perfect pillow in peace and at any time. You don't have any time pressure, but you have an even greater choice. Above all the favourable prices, the honest data as well as the easy order inspire from the Internet.

How to dispose of your pillow?

There are many ways you can dispose of an old pillow. The easiest way is via the recycling centre or the bulky waste. Only protect the pillow from rain, otherwise it will become unpleasantly soaked, which will cost you more money. If the cushions are still in good condition, you can also dispose of them in the old clothes collection. Social organisations are happy about good pillows and pass them on to those in need. Of course you can also sell or give away high-quality pillows. If the pillow can no longer be saved, children will be happy about it, because many pillows are the perfect basis for handicrafts.

How to prevent pillow lumping?

The correct washing process is essential if you want to prevent the pillow from clumping. Even too high temperatures or an incorrect wash cycle can result in you receiving only one lump at the end. Therefore, look at the washing label beforehand and adhere to the instructions. In general, however, it is better to choose a low temperature and a low spin rate. Even a good mild detergent will help. Never use fabric softener or bleach. With down pillows, clean tennis balls can help during the wash.

What do you do against a musty pillow?

Over time, smells accumulate in the pillow. Now it's high time you washed the pillow. Stick to the washing label. If you have first washed the cushion and it still smells unpleasant, you should ventilate it. It is best to shake the pillow after going to bed. You should also ventilate the bedroom so that unpleasant odours do not arise in the first place. Sweat hard, ventilate the cushion at the window. But there are also special fragrance sprays that will help you against musty pillows.

How to keep the pillow cool?

Especially in the warm summer months, many people want a pillow that is permanently cool. With conventional down or synthetic fibre models, this is only possible to a limited extent, so that you only have the choice of changing the side of the cushion. If, however, you want permanent cooling, you should opt for a cushion filled with water or gel. They remain pleasantly cold even at high temperatures and are therefore perfect for the summer.

Which pillow helps against sweating?

With a pillow for heavy sweaters you must pay attention to two little things. First of all, the material used must be very breathable. Polyester is particularly suitable because it allows good air circulation so that you sweat less. But other synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene, are also suitable. On the other hand, the cushion should be easy to clean. After all, you have to wash your pillow more often than if you sweated less. Cushions that have a cooling effect and thus reduce sweat production are also practical.

Which pillows help against neck pain?

Some people suffer from neck pain with a conventional pillow. The reason is that the cervical spine is not sufficiently supported so that it bends unpleasantly. That is why it makes sense to choose a neck support pillow. This variant is already available today in a large cushion format and can therefore replace the classic pillow. A neck roll can be a cost-effective alternative. This is simply pushed under the neck and ensures a straight cervical spine.

Which pillow do you use for waterbeds?

Waterbeds are becoming more and more popular, but you need to match the pillow purchase to the waterbed. Otherwise, you may wake up in the morning with headache or neck pain. For a waterbed, flat models from a pillow test are best suited. A water cushion is particularly suitable because it balances the hardness of the waterbed and adapts perfectly to your head contours. Instead of a water pillow you can also use a pillow with memory foam or an orthopaedic pillow. In both cases, you sleep well.

Which pillow is suitable for travelling?

When travelling you should not do without a restful sleep. Hotel beds do not offer the right support, which is why you usually get up with neck pain in the morning. That's why you should take a travel pillow with you. These are available in different forms. The neck roll, which can easily be stowed away in the luggage, is popular. But neck support pillows are also practical if you want to sleep restfully. Otherwise, there are some pillows that are slightly larger, but all the more perfect if you stay longer in one place.

Useful accessories

The market has selected accessories to go with the pillow to help you get a good night's sleep. For example, you can choose the right bed linen. Today, bed linen for all common pillow sizes is usually offered in combination with a cover for the duvet. These sleeping pillow-bed sets are optically coordinated with each other and provide a harmonious design and feel-good ambience.

Besides the classic pillow you can choose smaller pillows, which you can use additionally. They are offered as grain cushions and are therefore suitable for use as heat cushions. For heating, these cushions can simply be placed in the oven or microwave.

For example, you can also choose nursing pillow to match your pillow. These were originally developed to make breastfeeding more comfortable. They are excellent as side sleeper pillows and give side sleepers additional support. The special thing is their filling. These are composed of many small balls. These small balls make the cushion very flexible and make sure that you can straighten it the way you like it best.

Neck support pillows are very popular. neck support pillows are particularly suitable for people who frequently have to struggle with tension. These cushions have a supporting effect and help you to relax sufficiently in the cervical vertebra area. Inside these cushions there is a foam block or a latex block. This ensures that the head is held centrally.

To go with the pillow, retailers naturally also offer a selection of duvets and pillowcases that score points for their functionality and comfort. Together with the pillow you should buy a laundry bag for the cleaning. The pillow lands in this laundry bag during washing. In addition, there are special protective covers for the pillows, which should support optimal hygiene. They represent an important protection especially for the filling of the cushion.

Alternatives to pillows

Get an overview of nursing pillows here. Learn everything about how a side sleeper pillow works.
Here everything revolves around bed linen and the selection of these.
Find on important tips for a healthy sleep.
Find out here about neck roll and Co.

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