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Best Petrol Leaf Vacuum Cleaner 2019 • 0 Petrol Leaf Vacuum Cleaners Reviews


The Bosch ALS 25 Leaf Vacuum Cleaner easily absorbs rubbish in the gardenLieber to brooms and rakes than to the noisy, not particularly environmentally friendly leaf vacuum cleaner or leaf blower? If you don't want to do without a more comfortable way of sweeping leaves and a sound power of often more than 100 decibels, then concentrate on the offers of such devices for the autumn season. They either suck up everything that comes in front of the suction pipe – of course also spiders, beetles and even frogs or toads – or blow everything away at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour.


You are less bothered by ecological concerns than by the natural removal of autumn leaves? Then you won't find it difficult to choose between many – even price-differing – devices. But it is to be noted: Because of their approx. 100 decibels of noise development, leaf vacuum cleaners are subject to a Equipment and machine noise protection ordinance.

It states that on weekdays in the morning only from 9 to 13 and in the afternoon from 15 to 17 may be used in residential areas. On Sundays and public holidays, motorised, noisy leaf vacuuming is generally prohibited. The latest vacuum cleaners must also have a marking from their manufacturer on the respective sound power level, which is guaranteed not to be exceeded by the appliance.

In comparison to a vacuum cleaner, a leaf vacuum cleaner is a garden tool for vacuuming up leaves, which has been operated with combustion engine since its beginnings and its rapid spread since approx. 1990-2000. Depending on the type of requirement, portable, manually controlled, or on the back, leaf blowers and leaf vacuum cleaners are available for private users and professionals.

The demand has increased in the meantime and the development is rapidly advanced, so that in addition to petrol vacuum cleaners, there are also electric devices with cable and also without, i.e. with batteryoperation.

The noise development is to be criticized, for many a nuisance and therefore to the use in the USA already for a long time forbidden. A wide variety of leaf vacuum cleaners – or even converted to leaf blowers or leaf blowers – have now been thoroughly tested with different results. Many manufacturers offer these articles successfully – despite still immense noise nuisance.

The petrol vacuum cleaner …

The Bosch leaf vacuum cleaner ALS 25 has a blow function… with a mostly two-stroke engine, higher performance than its electric or battery competitors. In a medium to large garden with lots of leaves in autumn, the petrol leaf vacuum cleaner gets well under all bushes and trees standing in its way, even in difficult terrain, since the often obstructive cable is not present.

Walkways or squares are an easy task for petrol vacuum cleaners anyway. A powerful motor from 1 HP, which just brings a higher power than an electric motor, sucks and crushes leaves , small branches and debris easily into a collecting bag . Most models are supplied with carrying straps and vary in weight. To the weight of the petrol vacuum cleaner, which on average is between 5 and 8 kilos, you have to add the additional weight of the petrol and the leaves absorbed.

The speed must be set well throughout. Some models are also equipped with wheels – more for level terrain. A integrated chopping unit is very useful, and a volume of the collection bag of approx. 200 ml is very useful despite the volume reduction of 16:1. During a test it was also important that the tank nozzle was easily accessible for the gasoline.

The Prices for petrol-powered leaf vacuum cleaners have a wide range. Depending on your petrol leavening vacuum cleaner, you will receive the appliance of your choice from 90 to 550 euros. The follow-up costs for maintenance and the purchase costs must of course be calculated separately. A petrol vacuum cleaner is simply more expensive, heavier and of course louder than its electric and battery competitors.

The electric vacuum cleaner …

… and of course also the battery-powered vacuum cleaner get their energy from the socket and not from the petrol tank. These devices have a power consumption from 1000 to 3000 Watt, depending on the model – and also on price. With most electric vacuum cleaners you can adjust the suction power in several stages, so they can be adjusted to the specific needs on site. That, too, is a question of price.

For large gardens an additional extension cable should be taken into account.

For example, a battery-powered vacuum cleaner has a powerful 18 V Lithium-ion battery, which ensures good performance and makes continuous operation of 10 minutes possible. The ergonomic handle arrangement – as with the petrol vacuum cleaner – is very advantageous when it comes to simple operation.

A conversion without tool between the blow and the suction operation function is easily possible. The capacities of the catching bag vary between 35 l and 50 l. Battery vacuum cleaners can be purchased at a price from 35 EUR to approx. 270 EUR.

Comparison of battery, electric and petrol vacuum cleaner

In a test one model each was tested as battery, electric and petrol vacuum cleaner. Experts found that in all three categories for fans of deciduous gardens, paths, squares – but without sweeping and raking – even with extremely favorable prices the tested devices met requirements.

The Bosch Leaf Vacuum Cleaner ALS 25 is a true comparison test winnerLeaf Vacuum Cleaner with Gasoline Engine (Gasoline Leaf Vacuum Cleaner)

With its enormous power it masters better large plots. First of all because of its higher performance and also because of the freedom to work without cables as with the electric vacuum cleaner. As the operator, you have to come to terms with the unpleasant odours of the unavoidable petrol. The prices for the petrol vacuum cleaner are at the highest. A petrol vacuum cleaner is the most powerful, flexible but also the heaviest and most expensive appliance.

leaf vacuum cleaner with electric motor

The best price was the electric vacuum cleaner with cable. It also belongs to the cheaper category. In a test a no-name device under 35 EUR was tested, which functioned perfectly measured by the price. However, there are no upper price limits.

When buying a cable, you should consider that it is only suitable for small areas due to its cable – unless you want to work with an extension cable and cable drum in addition. Practical is with the electric vacuum cleaner that it is not limited in time. No battery charging, no petrol filling. However, always dependent on a cable.

leaf vacuum cleaner with battery

The battery vacuum cleaner is in the mid price range of the tested devices. It is at most environmentally friendly, since it no emissions are emitted. It belongs to the light, inexpensive and environmentally friendly group of leaf vacuum cleaners – but is also only suitable for smaller areas.

A additional battery is recommended if you use your battery frequently. The replacement battery can be charged while the battery in the device is being discharged during use. However, you should pay attention to a good quality when buying an additional battery .


FUXTEC Benzin Laubsauger & LaubblesserAdvantages for all vacuum cleaners also serve the garden and the compost heap. The lawn can breathe again and unfold its green colour by liberating itself from the wet, rotting foliage. Those who afford a somewhat higher priced leaf vacuum cleaner with integrated shredder – they are available for gasoline leaf vacuum cleaners, electric vacuum cleaners but also battery vacuum cleaners – will already get shredded leaves, small branches and any refuse for their compost heap, which is now easier to compost. With shredders you pay a little more for your vacuum cleaner, but it will be worth it.

For all tested suction cups, the test persons also evaluated delivery and packaging. The delivery time was met for all devices. The original packaging was in order, undamaged and safe. All devices have been expertly packed and arrived undamaged. We found the packaging of a device, namely the “frustration-free packaging”, not only funny and new, but also very good.

“Frustfreie Verpackung” is a long-standing initiative in the fight against all packaging madness. Recyclable, easy to open cartons are used, which do not contain any hard plastic material, wire bindings or other plastic filling material. A good idea to avoid superfluous packaging waste. At the same time, gift packaging was also offered.

The commissioning for all leaf vacuums was unproblematic, the installation minimal, the operating instructions comprehensible throughout.

What could be recommended as accessories are the already mentioned additional – high-quality – battery, of course for the battery vacuum cleaner. The extension cable for the electric vacuum cleaner, possibly replacement bag and – especially for the petrol vacuum cleaner – a ear protection.

Here the earmuffs are recommended. It is inexpensive, with exceptional carrying comfort and foldable for easy storage when not in use.

In total all devices were worth their price . Even if one might mention with the cheapest one that the on/off switch is very primitive and quite prone to defects for a strong male hand. A slightly stronger attachment of the leaf collecting bag would also have been desirable. Of course, these improvements would have driven the price up again.

The manufacturer's warranty for most devices is two years for private users and one year for commercial users. You should make sure you are aware of the genuine warranty services before you buy. They are different and apply only to certain defects.

The function of a petrol vacuum cleaner

The collection bag of the Bosch leaf vacuum cleaner ALS 25Since the very first leaf vacuum cleaners came onto the market in the 1980s, they have been operated with petrol mixtures. This has not changed until today, although there are some models that draw their energy from a power cable. The petrol vacuum cleaner converts the mineral oil into energy.

With the current models is mostly something more power possible than with the electric variant. The gasoline is used to generate an air flow. The airy stream can be sucked in or out. All petrol vacuum cleaners are therefore suitable for collection of leaves. They can also be used to transport foliage.

The more modern petrol vacuum cleaners, however, are also suitable for other jobs. The powerful drive also allows other objects in gardens to be removed. With the newer models, users can eliminate a variety of objects that are sucked up during gardening. Especially with the petrol version of the leaf vacuum cleaner such objects can be easily removed. The units can also process grass and mulch.

Wherefore do I recognize a good gasoline-leaf vacuum cleaner?

A high quality petrol vacuum cleaner, characterized by performance, which can be read on certain data. First of all, the power of the engine is relevant. Finally, the unit is driven by this unit. The large garden companies offer two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The larger four-strokes are much more powerful. However, the smaller petrol version is usually sufficient to clean leaves and other organic residues from smaller garden areas.
The Einhell BG-EL 2500/2 Electric Leaf Vacuum Cleaner is a cheap alternative for small gardeners.Ergonomics
Some models only have a small engine. These devices are so light that they are even carried in the hand. Other petrol vacuum cleaners are attached to the back with a belt. This often makes them suitable for gardening in larger areas. Huge gardens can be cleared of rubbish with the help of mobile leaf vacuum cleaners. The better devices also offer the possibility to adapt the performance of the device to the specific requirements of the user. This should consider before the purchase still further data.
Suction and blowing power
The exact specification of the maximum blast air flow, for example, indicates the speed at which the air flow comes out of the device. The average petrol vacuum cleaner offers a speed of around 300 kilometres per hour. In addition to the blowing speed, the suction force is also relevant. It is expressed in cubic metres. The modern petrol vacuum cleaners manage to absorb between 8 and 15 cubic metres of air per minute. This allows larger sheet quantities to be processed in a short time.
Size of the collection container
In addition to blowing speed, motor power and suction power, the size of the collection container is also relevant. The larger the container, the more leaves can be processed without emptying. The higher quality petrol vacuum cleaners offer a container that can hold at least 40 litres of leaves.

What_advantages/disadvantages does a leaf_cleaner have?


  • Of course the movement in the fresh air! The smaller devices, often to be carried with a back strap, are not necessarily a burden on the back.
  • The bending of the leaves during other lifting of the leaves is not necessary. The back is therefore protected.
  • With your vacuum cleaner you have of course a very big time saving compared to sweeping or raking the leaves together! This time should be worth buying a leaf vacuum cleaner.
  • And this is also very important: If you have removed your leaves with a lot of fun and your vacuum cleaner, you have also prevented slipping. Damage to persons caused by slipping can be expensive!


  • Countless small creatures fall victim to the strong suction of your leaf vacuum cleaner. You can't talk about animal friendliness with a leaf vacuum cleaner. Spiders, ants, even frogs, beetles and earthworms that survive this procedure will certainly be very lucky if they land on the compost after the leaves have been sucked. But the probability that the living beings will be injured is of course extremely high.
  • If the leaf vacuum cleaner also has a shredder, not even the smallest ant will be able to save its life.
  • Did you choose a petrol vacuum cleaner? Then not only you have to bear the bad smell at your work, but also neighbors, passers-by or playing children!
  • Yes, and then of course the noise nuisance already mentioned several times. One has to deal with this for oneself and above all for the environment itself. You will certainly wear hearing protection when working with your petrol vacuum cleaner … but what do your neighbors do?

Vacuum cleaner restrictions or even bans on the replacement of sweeping and raking are considered again and again and are even enforced. One can be divided about it – but each prospective customer or later buyer of a device with increased noise level must the purchase before itself self-responsibly to be able.

When finally the joy of clean and non-slip space, path or garden prevails and you temporarily put your possibly existing environmental consciousness in the corner! And the consideration for the neighbors, which one has always tried to keep? The neighbour to the left has had a leaf vacuum cleaner himself for two weeks now, and the neighbour to the right will certainly not be cleaning his leaves and rubbish just with brooms and rakes – he will get a leaf vacuum cleaner! So, what are you waiting for?

The best known manufacturers of gasoline vacuum cleaners

Since the 90s of the last century, most well-known garden manufacturers have been offering various models of leaf vacuum cleaners, which have evolved over time. So there are models from famous manufacturers.

The renowned garden manufacturer McCulloch, for example, produces various petrol leaf vacuum cleaners. The well-known German garden company Einhell also sells leaf vacuums. There are also versions that have been released by more unknown producers.

We would like to briefly introduce some manufacturers and their products to you:

  • Atika
  • Güde
  • Honda
  • Cramer
Atika in Ahlen is a very renowned supplier of building and garden products, in whose product range u.a. there are also four leaf vacuum cleaners with suction, blowing and chopping functions. These devices are despite comfortable handling and good equipment in the lower to middle price range. At Atika we found the Atika KLS 1600 sweeping vacuum cleaner. With it you are well prepared against any amount of leaves. Suction and blowing of the foliage is its strength and it minimizes the foliage volume by up to approx. 90 %. More leaves fit into the green bin and no storage in the garden is necessary.
The sweeper also cleans sidewalks, lawns and terraces very effectively. The price is 90 EUR.

The technical data proves good know-how:
Technical data
the AC motor: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
the power consumption: 1600 W
Speed of rotation: 11000 rpm
Blowing speed with blow nozzle: max. 200 km/h
Blowing speed with blowing hose: max. 400 km/h
suction power: approx. 900 m³/h
Volume of the collection bag: approx. 25 l

The leaf vacuum cleaners of the company Güde in Wolpertshausen, the company with the blue design, are of the highest quality.Güde has been developing and selling high-quality products for home and trade, for leisure, house and garden since 1979. Petrol leaf vacuum cleaners, motorized leaf vacuum cleaners, sidewalk vacuum cleaners, etc. are in the range here, e.g. the AKKU-LAUBBLÄSER GLB200 18LI-ION. With the 18 V/1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, you can use the leaf blower for up to 10 minutes without interruption, freeing your terrace, sidewalks and/or garden from leaves, weeds, small trees etc. in the shortest possible time.

The features of the GLB 200 18LI-ION leaf vacuum cleaner:
stable soft grip, comfortable on/off switch, blowpipe, battery 18 V/1.5 Ah and charger.
Technical data:
the battery: 18 V/1.5 Ah (Li-Ion)
the charger: 3-5 h
air speed: 200 km/h
the battery runtime: approx. 10 min.
the noise value LWA: 93 db
weight net/gross: 1,75 kg / 2,3 kg
The dimensions L x W x H: 895 x 160 x 190 mm

Honda has equipped a leaf vacuum cleaner, model HHB 25, with micro 4-stroke technology. This not only inspires the users, but also the environmentalists.
The noise development with this leaf vacuum cleaner is clearly audibly reduced in comparison to the predominantly usual 2-strokes. The exhaust nuisance is 50 % lower, and thus even half as much lower than the European exhaust emission standard. The extremely low vibrations protect the user's joints and make working with the leaf vacuum cleaner easier. No matter if leaves, rubbish, cuttings, branches, paper, etc. are involved. – quickly and easily with the leaf vacuum cleaner can create order. The handling is simple and the ergonomic controls and handles offer absolute safety. The price is 470 EUR.

And here the technical data:
the motor type Micro 4-?clock GX 25
the cubic capacity 25 ccm
the rated power 0.72 kW
the rated speed 7000 rpm
the start Honda Super-?light start
Weight (empty) 4.5 kg
the tank capacity 0,32 l
the air velocity 70 m/s
The air volume 600 m3/h

An appliance from Cramer, an extremely innovative company that has been in existence since 1835, is an innovation that we do not want to withhold from you in the Leaf Vacuum Cleaner Report – even if it probably does not correspond to your purchase or use thoughts. The company Cramer, which stands for technology in the garden with professional level, has some new in the offer which concerns leaf vacuum cleaners. Here we found – at a top price of almost 3,000 EUR – an interesting machine: a Cramer LS 5000 XP leaf and waste vacuum cleaner with a Honda engine 5.5 HP, 4.0 kW, a working width of 80 cm. The steel rotor is insensitive to beverage cans, glass and wood residues. The leaf vacuum cleaner has a huge 240 litre sack with very useful features. Engine operation and height adjustment are conveniently located on the guide rail. The drive is controlled by a worm gear with differential.

The stable wheels are thorn-safe and have pneumatic tyres. An infinitely variable speed regulation is made possible by maintenance-free hydrostats.
This star among the leaf vacuum cleaners can, if used commercially, also save some jobs. One can judge this positively but also very negatively. For private use it is really only useful for a very large property – although probably not yet profitable.

And then there are the leaf loading blowers, which are really only recommended for professional use. Also here we could find 13 different models in the price range from 3.000 EUR to 6.000 EUR. They have extremely powerful engines from 6.3 to 23 hp and a kW output from 4.6 to 13.2. Despite this high engine output, the weight of the machines and the relatively high PS output for leaf vacuums, the noise level of these robust machines is only around 100 decibels. You will not need it for private use, but if you are in agriculture or own a country house with a few thousand square meters, you might be interested in this device: Leaf loading blower LVG 370 | 371 from Stoll, mounted on a trailer with grid structure.
High-performance turbine, weight-reduced due to directly flange-mounted motor, high suction power
by a high performance turbine, very low drive power, an ergonomically formed hand suction nozzle with a roller trailer as ECO top loader plus leaf grid. Permissible total weight [kg] approx. 1600. The leaf grid is galvanised.
The drive runs over petrol engines [PS] 5,5 and 9,0
The ejector can be rotated 360°.
an adjustable ejection flap
add. manual suction nozzle
additional 4 m suction hose Ø [mm] 200
additional hose suspension

The platform gates can be folded and removed all round
Accessories: the wear plate for the turbine, mobile set-down frame.

The Atika LSH2600 Leaf Vacuum Cleaner and Leaf Blower offers a lot of comfort during gardening.In recent years, handy Multifunctiongeräte have come onto the market, which not only pick up the leaves, but also chopping. This has the advantage that the leaves can be composted afterwards. It can also be used as mulch replacement. With some devices, it is not even necessary to change the attachment when switching back and forth between the two working modes.

Some newer devices are even capable of dismantling smaller branches into their components. In addition, the manufacturers are successfully trying to reduce the volume of the petrol vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile the devices are clearly quieter than their predecessors. Nevertheless a ear protection is necessary.

Certain rest periods also apply in Germany. With a more modern model, however, you won't attract much attention outside these rest periods. These vacuum cleaners aren't much louder than a conventional lawnmower.

Well, there are some things you can do to get the foliage under control. But you probably don't really need this device. But there will also be customers for this.

Vendor type of petrol vacuum cleaners

The manufacturers of petrol leaf vacuum cleaners have long ceased to sell their appliances exclusively through traditional DIY stores. The electronic leaf vacuum cleaners are even sold via the best known electric chains. The petrol version is sometimes offered in retail stores. It can therefore be found at autumn time in the brochures of the large supermarkets, which promise a good bargain with their equipment.

Unfortunately, the devices offered there are nameless models, which often do not deliver the performance they promise. Fortunately, there is a better place, where also high-quality petrol leaf vacuums of renowned brand manufacturers are offered very cheaply.

You prefer to buy your vacuum cleaner over the Internet?

The Homelite HBL26BV Petrol Vacuum Cleaner at WorkOrdering your vacuum cleaner, blower or puster is very easy, but requires extensive information about the device to be purchased. These can be viewed on a large scale on the Internet. An advantage is primarily the direct price comparison. We have found over one hundred leaf vacuums on the Internet. Prices ranged from EUR 32 to EUR 5999. You really have the choice in terms of model and price!

Who does not shrink from the trouble of the extensive reading of the descriptions and by the innumerable word and number data successfully fought, sufficiently informed feels – without such a part in natural size, structure and function in the retail trade in inspection to have taken and also not for necessary considers, can in good conscience an Internet purchase make. Provided he has chosen a device without restriction.

In most cases the delivery of goods in stock takes place in 2 – 3 days and is even free of charge with many suppliers. An important aspect when buying on the Internet: Time saving! The inner cities are full, the parking lots rare and expensive – your Internet is however around the clock , twenty-four hours for you present and waits for your purchase!

The renowned Stiftung Warentest has not yet invited a leaf vacuum cleaner to the test. Only one message about a possible waiver of leaf vacuums for ecological reasons appeared on their website. Doesn't the Foundation consider vacuum cleaners worthy of being tested by environmentalists? This is understandable and legitimate – in the end only the consumer decides about a purchase and use in his garden or on ways and places!


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