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Best Microwave 2019 • 0 Microwaves Reviews

What is a microwave?

A microwave is an additional device in the kitchen to stove and oven, that a faster warming of food, that thawing of food, but also that cooking and cooking makes this possible. Important is the water in the food, without that the function of the microwave would hardly be possible.

Bauknecht MW 179 INThe devices are in the design mostly adapted to the requirements of households. Therefore both Stand devices, Built-in devices and Built-in devices are available. There are also combined variations, such as models, which are both microwave oven and grill.

The technical construction of a microwave and its power are based on a magnetron, which is generated by a waveguide microwaves and conducted into the cooking chamber. This must be metallically sealed so that the microwaves do not leave the device, while the magnetron is supplied by a high-voltage transformer and the alternating supply voltage present there triggers current pulses.

In abbreviated form, this means that a magnetron converts electric current into microwaves, and the microwaves are distributed in the device using a wave stirrer. An also available fan provides the cooling of the magnetron and dries the cooking chamber with the generated heat loss.

Also the power of the device is done by intervals, so that the magnetron always works at full power, the regulation is set by the user himself. For example, a device that runs at 1,200 watts but is switched to 600 watts for Gar- or Defrost will alternate with the total radiated power and none at all, i.e. a temporary idling. The power value, which can be set manually, remains the power value of the mean energy per time.

Adexi Melissa 163-30089Since the power of the magnetron must always be absorbed, which is the case with food to be heated, the microwave should not be switched on without content. This could quickly damage the unit as the back reflections of the magnetron are not recorded anywhere and a three-dimensional pattern is generated from “Hot spots”, which also ensures that different amounts of energy are delivered to the food, which can lead to overheating.

This in turn compensates for the presence of microwave turntable on the floor, but food always has a different water content or warms up salted food faster than e.g. fatty food. Additionally the food are covered by a protection, also to avoid splash.

The power levels can be set according to the following conditions:

  • In the low range, that lies between 90 – 180 Watt, foods are simply thawed or certain foods are cooked especially gently and over a longer period.
  • The medium range, approx. 300 to 400 Watt, suitable for continue cooking certain dishes or for simple heating.
  • The higher range between 500 and 700 Watt is ideal for cooking and cooking. Even fluids can be heated so quickly.
  • The highest level from 1.000 to 1.200 Watt is basically unnecessary and should rather not be used.
To prepare the dishes normal or cooking, the power of 600 Watt is sufficient perfectly. If high adjustment it can happen that the food dry becomes, outside burns and inside raw is. This is partly due to the fact that radiation of microwaves always occurs from outside to inside in order to warm up or heat food. The average power is therefore sufficient.

The Weight also plays a Roll and the Automatic Weight is part of the Microwave program, so that the weight of the food can be used to determine and adjust the optimal type of the preparation.

In most cases, microwave ovens have additional symbols and designations that indicate which type of food for which power level is suitable. Here the data can only be regarded as guidelines and also deviate by 10 percent. The performance level should therefore be set to lower or the time shorter, the food should be cooked after if necessary.

Similarly, power decreases slightly with time. Older devices become weaker and the adjustment must then be extended by a few minutes. shorter cooking times can save energy and time, especially compared to conventional cooking at the stove.

How does a microwave work?

At activity of the microwave electromagnetic field energy is converted into heat energy. In the process, decimeter waves, also called microwaves are absorbed. The waves have a wavelength, which is about 10 centimeters, i.e. a decimeter. Therefore also the alternative name.

Food or generally Materials are shifted by microwaves in their water molecules into vibration. These are not symmetrical, but have different different positions different charge. In this generated alternating field in the microwave each molecule then fast oscillates back and forth. This motion generates heat.

Severin MW 7873So food is heated differently than e.g. by infrared radiation or heat conduction. While infrared radiation is also triggered vibrations of molecules, so that a jitter movement occurs around the atom core, is caused by impact of microwaves on the molecules with electric dipole moment, which is spatial separation of charge, turn of dipole. More specifically, this means that the molecules of water are balanced in the natural state electrical not.

A water molecule consists of hydrogen and oxygen, where different charge is present, only the oxygen atom negative is charged. Therefore, a electrically charged field occurs near the water molecules and the alignment of this field occurs in a new array. oxygen molecules are directed due to their negative charge always in direction the positive charge, coming from outside. Thus, it is possible that the water molecules, present in the foods are rotated by the irradiation of the microwaves. Electric Alternating fields become active, change the direction and the charge of the molecules, which causes the water molecules to rotate in this process. This results in friction natural heat and thus heating of food.

The recorded electrical energy is converted to about 65 percent by a microwave device into microwave radiation. The rest is waste heat, therefore only the food itself is heated, not the ware or the stove itself. Likewise little the environment is exposed to heat.

Installed or free-standing microwave

A microwave must not be missing in any household. You will save a lot of time and money with this kitchen appliance. In a very short time you can prepare many different meals with one microwool. In a direct comparison with the cooker, the use of a microwave also saves you electricity costs. Whether for thawing food, heating dishes or liquids, a microwave has become an indispensable device for many. You would like to buy such a kitchen appliance for the first time or your old microwave has had its day? Due to the wide range of models you may be faced with a difficult decision before buying. Well-known manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer many different microwaves in their portfolio. In general, however, a distinction must be made between two types:

  • Mounted microwave
  • Stand Microwave

Whether an installation and stand microwaves is up to you. Both variants offer their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, of course, there is the structure of the kitchen. If you already have a built-in refrigerator and cooker, a built-in microwave may be the better choice due to the overall appearance. If you have enough space in the kitchen, a stand microwave can be the ideal choice. However, one thing is certain: a microwave belongs in every kitchen.

To make the purchase decision easier, you will find some pre- and disadvantages: in the following for both variants.

Advantages of a free-standing Microwave:

  • lower acquisition costs and usually a much larger selection
  • no costly installation necessary – power cable into the socket and the free-standing microwave is ready for use

Disadvantages of a freestanding Microwave:

  • some models take up a lot of space in the kitchen

Advantages of a built-in microwave:

  • very space-saving
  • no soiling on the work surface

The negatives of a built-in microwave:

  • more expensive than freestanding microwaves
  • In most cases, installation is only possible by a specialist

As already mentioned, you alone make the purchase decision. Which variant is the most sensible and best decision can only be answered with great difficulty. First and foremost, the choice also depends on the size of your kitchen. In addition there is the personal taste. With built-in appliances you usually do not have such an extensive selection as with a free-standing microwave.

If it is a small kitchen, you should decide on a built-in appliance. You will certainly not want to sacrifice your valuable space on the worktop for another kitchen appliance. Another important point is also the need. microwaves are very practical and useful kitchen aids. However, they are also used differently often. If you use a microwave daily to warm or prepare food, you will make a different purchase decision than if you use the microwave only occasionally.

Winner of the microwave test

At regular intervals, the many different manufacturers present their new models. To give you a rough overview, these devices are subjected to detailed tests time and again. As the past has shown, the model versions of the well-known manufacturers can all be positively convincing. Of course, there are differences in terms of design and function. Due to the test results a test winner can unfortunately only be determined with great difficulty. Finally, it depends again and again on your own wishes and needs, which microwave is recommended. However, there are a few important points to bear in mind when making a purchase. Especially in the area of performance and operability there are many differences.


In summary, when buying a microwave you can choose between a built-in or a stand-alone device. Once this decision has been made, you will still be spoilt for choice between numerous manufacturers. The range of products on offer is almost limitless, especially for floor-standing appliances. The various manufacturers have also been catching up in the field of built-in devices for years. If an old device breaks down, it is usually the more sensible decision for cost reasons to choose a free-standing microwave. When it comes to flexible and immediate use, this model variant is also recommended. In the field of design, built-in appliances naturally look more stylish than ever. If you need further information or are still uncertain, you can take a closer look at the numerous test reports. During a personal consultation with a specialist you will learn many more advantages and disadvantages from the individual variants.

No matter which type you choose in the end, a microwave has almost become an indispensable kitchen appliance. Within a few minutes you can heat and serve food. microwaves are also excellent for thawing. The services of a microwave, no matter whether freestanding or permanently installed, you will certainly not want to do without them in the future.

The difference between the two variants

As you now know, a Microwave has a free-standing variant and a Microwave. The differences are not so much in the area of function as in the visual appearance of the two Models. You have a large kitchen with sufficient space, then in most cases and also from a financial point of view a free-standing microwave is recommended. Such a microwave looks very chic in a spacious kitchen and you also have a very extensive selection available. You enjoy the following advantages with a free-standing microwave:

  • many different sizes
  • extensive selection with regard to the design
  • several colour variants to choose from

The free-standing microwave

Exquisit wp700j17b-2 freestanding 17L 700 W silverOn a built-in microwave you will hardly enjoy these advantages. You want a white, black or green Microwave? Do you want to go with the fashion trends and have a colorful and eye-catching Microwave? If you answer these questions in the affirmative, then free-standing microwaves are the perfect choice. Another advantage is that you can place the free-standing variant flexibly. Whether you now have a fixed place for this kitchen appliance or occasionally want to redesign the kitchen, with this model variant you have a free hand.

It is well known that a built-in device always remains stationary at the place of use. You will also find a microwave which fits harmoniously into the overall picture. Whether a single household or for a large family, for every purpose you will find a visually appealing and functional free-standing microwave. A built-in microwave always has a fixed size and therefore this circumstance can lead to minor problems in some situations.

Another very positive aspect is that you can simply unplug the microwave if required and possibly take it with you on a trip. Do you like to travel by motorhome? So why buy two kitchen appliances? Simply take the free-standing microwave from the kitchen. You have a small party room in the cellar and would like to serve your guests warm meals? With a free standing microwave you enjoy a variety of advantages regarding handling and operation.

The built-in microwave

Samsung GE89MST-1XEG Grill-Microwave (1.200 W) blackIn many kitchens a built-in microwave is preferred. Probably the biggest advantage is that this variant fits perfectly into the overall picture. The practical installation in a cabinet ensures that no space is lost on the worktop. Especially for smaller kitchens, experts always recommend a built-in appliance.

What differences are there?

The above-mentioned deviations are actually the only ones that are actually worth mentioning. When it comes to quality or the function of the individual devices, you don't have to compromise on this or the other variant. As probably the biggest disadvantage of built-in microwaves it has to be mentioned that they are much more expensive and in case of a defect it is not so easy to replace the device. However, take a look at the Test reports of the individual Models on the Internet and then decide for yourself. With regard to quality and durability, both models can be recommended without restriction. microwaves offer a lifetime of more than 15 years. Of course only if you handle the kitchen appliances well and conscientiously. A complex care and maintenance do not need microwaves.

Advantages of using a microwave

The energetic efficiency of the preparation in a microwave starts at 250 grams of the food or 250 milliliters of liquid to be prepared. It is therefore more favourable of the energetic effort to warm up the court under these conditions in a microwave oven than, for example, in a pot on a normal hotplate. The microwave has developed into a popular and widely used household appliance today. According to Statista, over 73% of households own a microwave oven. This makes the household appliance more popular than dishwashers (71.5%) and almost as popular as coffee machines (84.7%) for preparing food quickly. Such numbers are not surprising, as the microwave is used for far more than just warming up and preparing food. You can even cook properly with them. microwaves are simply practical and offer so many advantages.

The quick and easy preparation of food

Even eggs can be cooked in a water bath in the microwave. You can't prepare your breakfast egg easier and faster in the morning.DeLonghi Microwave Because if the alarm clock hasn't rung on time again and there's hardly any time left for breakfast, you'll be happy if the Microwave does its job and the breakfast egg cooks in a few seconds. In today's hectic everyday life the fast and uncomplicated preparation of food has become a must. this is where the microwave comes in. It can even be used to cook and prepare fresh vegetables precisely in the garden bag and bag. With little effort one can cook in the microwave fast healthy and tasty … even several side dishes at the same time. Since the microwave today with numerous additional functions, such as steam cooking, grill or oven, any recipe for the small household appliance is an ease.

With the microwave it simply tastes good! You can bake it yourself in the small kitchen all-rounder.

operation at the touch of a button

No matter what you want to cook and how you want to prepare your lunch or dinner with the microwave. The operation of microwaves is so simple that even small children can enjoy it to the full. There is also no need to worry about whether the meat is cooked to the perfect core temperature. It's just perfectly cooked. This is ensured by the modern technology of microwaves.

Save time and have more time to enjoy

With the microwave it cooks easily and quickly … it saves real time. Time to enjoy your meal afterwards. This shifts the focus from food preparation back to conscious enjoyment … and this can be lost quickly and easily in hectic times. But not with the microwave. Because instead of standing for hours in the kitchen and preparing food, man and woman only spend a few minutes waiting until a tasty and delicious meal can be served.

ready for use in many applications

Ob to warm up the leftovers from the day before or to prepare your own meal – with today's microwaves you can really cook, roast, grill and even bake everything. Whether pizza, cake or cooked vegetables – the microwave has the right setting for every meal. It is a multifunctional appliance with which men and women can conjure up new culinary delicacies, especially with an integrated steam cooker. Because steam cooking is currently regarded as the most gentle way of preparing food, especially vegetables. All essential vitamins and nutrients are contained in steamed vegetables and are not overcooked. Thus the food preparation in the microwave is not only varied, but also particularly healthy.


Severin TO 2034 Toastofen2So a Microwave changes the own cooking and eating behaviour. It brings numerous advantages into your own household. You can cook with it varied and healthy … and all this in incredible times. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to steam vegetables, while they can simmer in a pot for up to 20 minutes. With the numerous extra functions and adjustment options you can also prepare cakes, pizzas and roasts tasty and easy with the microwave.In addition, the food on the plate or the drink in the cup directly can be prepared and warmed, without that an additional cooking utensils becomes necessary. Cleaning and washing-up are therefore less significant, and use saves and much more additional work. Of course, just the convenience and speed are the microwave versus the stove enrichment in the household.

Also advantageous is the essential low energy consumption.

What types of microwaves are there?

Of course there are qualitative differences of the different devices just because of the different types and models. One microwave made of stainless steel is something different than one made of plastic. In addition, there are devices which are provided with automatic programs and thus make preparation a lot easier. Not only does this result in optimal result, but the device can also distinguish when, for example, between grill and hot air has to be changed. Or it has a indicator, when the feed has to be turned over or turned.

This provides cooking more time for other things, since your own looking, how far the court is warmed up or cooked, is omitted. Also in the power differences the devices differ considerably, whereby a higher power always brings with it a higher power consumption, but the highest power does not have to be exploited in its entirety. In most cases the power range is between 700 and 1,000 Watt.

solo microwave

This model is a simple device, which is independent from cupboard or stove free in the kitchen, so simple can be placed on a table or a kitchen shelf, a workspace or on a other device. So the design of the kitchen itself is also more individual. Such appliances are usually the first choice for small kitchen, as they take up little space and do the job of warming up and thawing up outstandingly well.

You have to consider maximum, that none smaller objects on the microwave, for example B. a towel or cooking cloth, so that there is no overheating.

Microwave of stainless steel

stainless steel than housing for microwave is one of the higher quality materials and one eye catcher for the modern furnished kitchen. The glossy colour of these microwaves can be combined with other household appliances or the fridge, is also very easy-care and heat-resistant. The material scores with resistance and can hardly be damaged or scratched.

Microwave built-in

To cooker and oven this variant is a meaningful supplement, not only to save time with cooking or fast to warm up a bit, but also well suited for thawing, heating or cooking all food and beverages. This is especially true for smaller dishes very energy-saving and is worth the consideration when buying.

Installed devices are not free-standing, but are adapted to the kitchen cell, so that they are individually coordinated and planned. In most cases, the built-in microwave is purchased with the new kitchen line and can thus be fitted directly.

However, it is also possible to have the device retrofitted installed. In contrast to the substructure microwaves, which are embedded in the cabinet body, built-in devices are completely connected to the cabinet, but are still sufficiently ventilated, which is necessary to damage the device not . Many Installed devices are also Standard versions for certain Kitchen lines, thus coordinated and suitable for many variants.

substructure microwave

This type of the microwave belongs to the harmonious design of the kitchen and is usually part of the basic equipment of such a kitchen. Here, the emphasis is on Looks and space is saved. When using the substructure microwave it is of course essential to ensure that it can also be substructured.

While the microwave is inserted into the corpus of the kitchen cabinet, the ventilation shafts must always be located above the unit so that they do not overheat or otherwise be damaged. This means the note “substructurable“.

underframe kitchens are mainly available from suppliers such as “Sharp”, “Siemens” or “Bosch”. Here it is important to to note, that fitting mounts are used by manufacturer to install the unit in the kitchen, as well as a proper connection of the current, therefore a nearby socket is used.

Gastro microwave

Not only in households, also in gastronomy, in holiday homes, school- and office buildings or breakfast pensions are used microwave ovens due to their performance . Whether professional or semi-professional, also especially in Hospitality as in Snack bars, restaurants, Hotels or service stations is the kitchen utensil an enrichment and enables faster operation. Gastro-Microwaves are available from manufacturers like “Hendi”, “Stern Gastro-Handel” or “Bartscher”.

Combi microwave

These models are devices with different additional functions. Since the invention of the microwave, the devices have strongly improved in their functions and their performance . Dealers have adapted the demands to the needs of humans and households.

With these devices not only simply food is heated or defrosted, but the combi-microwave can also be used as a whole normal stove or oven. For example. also the preparation of a simple pizza succeed, which becomes in the microwave nevertheless crispy, however less time and effort requires than with the preparation in a baking oven.

combi-microwaves are therefore distinguished once again in their additional functions :

Microwave with oven

This function basically does not require a stove or oven, because it offers the same conditions. The purchase of a device with this function is especially advisable as a space-saving alternative, but may also enrich the improved model compared to the simple microwave built-in kitchen.

Microwave with steam cooker

Especially the preparation of vegetables requires a gentle process, to preserve all vitamins and trace elements. It also tastes better, if it is not cooked through, but cooked with steam. Eastern or Asian food is very often prepared by steaming.

A distinction is made between steam cooking at ambient pressure and pressure steam cooking. The former variant exposes the food to vapour through boiling water, where the cooking temperature is about 100 degrees Celsius. The latter variant is a closed system, whereby the boiling water leads to a constant pressure increase and is approximately temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. This enables shorter gardening times.

The gentle preparation is possible because hot water vapour flows onto the food and encloses it from all pages. Thus, the water-soluble nutrients are preserved, among them mineral substances, vitamins and similar.

In the microwave with steam cooker function several layers can be prepared simultaneously under these conditions. This combi variant is an important addition to oven.

Microwave with hot air

This function can be used like a oven. Just smaller dishes are in effort and energy consumption in such a microwave faster and better to prepare. For this purpose no additional tableware is required like a pot or a pan, which washing is omitted, nor does an extra stove have to be preheated.

With the hot-air function the food is served just as well as in the oven. Also sweets, cakes or a hearty roast can be a great success.

Recirculating Microwave

While hot air is generated by a ring heater in the unit, the recirculation air function provides sufficient upper- and lower heat, which is distributed by a fan. This function allows feeding to be prepared slightly faster and energy savings.

Depending on type of the prepared meals, a distinction must then be made between hot– and recirculated air. Circulating air extracts moisture from food, is not suitable for croquettes, for example. vegetables or casseroles, according to which foods that are in a casserole dish and are covered are excellent for function.

Novelties in the field of microwaves

The microwave seems to have reached its limits. You can do everything you can do with her in the Kitchen. The microwave started out as a simple device for food reprocessing. Food could be warmed up at the touch of a button. Later, frozen things could also be defrosted or thawed. The baking was added and then the grilling. In the very end, the technology was developed so far that it was possible to cook gently with the microwave. That's how we know her today. Our Microwave – an all-rounder in the kitchen. I can't go on without her. It simply replaces all other cooking utensils at once.

Energy efficiency also a topic for microwaves

If you want to talk about innovations in microwave, then these relate primarily to energy consumption. As with most household appliances, it is important that the microwave can be used with as little energy as possible … and in the past, these kitchen all-rounders were real energy giants. Today they are on a normal average. As with the washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and other household appliances, the old classification according to the energy efficiency classes A+, A++ and A+++ is no longer sufficient for microwave ovens, so that they have been adapted to the new system A+++*, A+++** and A+++***. Although they are not technological innovations, they are still technological progress. microwaves are no longer the energy giants they used to be.

Temperature accurate preparation with sensor measurement

The individual microwave programs are also further refined and the final results are made even more perfect. Some microwaves work with sensors that are able to determine the temperatures of the microwave material inside and outside. Thus the thermal energy in the respective food can be precisely defined down to the gram and the microwave power can be adjusted for a correspondingly good end result.

Intelligent Microwaves

Also our microwaves are becoming more and more intelligent. Some models can now even be integrated into Smarthome and operated and controlled via App and Smartphone. So hungry souls can switch on the microwave on their way home via their smartphone and not only warm up the dinner with meat, potatoes and vegetables but also prepare it properly. Finally at home, you are greeted with a wonderful fragrance from the Kitchen … even though you are single and cook for yourself. Long live the technology. Long live the Smarthome.

Long live the fact that now also Microwaves can be controlled via Smartphone and App.


Such real novelties are really no longer to be admired in the microwave range. The cooking technology optimised a few years ago is still one of the latest achievements. In line with the health scientific knowledge of how important gentle cooking is for the preservation of nutrients, vitamins and mineral in our food, the microwave has experienced a new revolution. Since then, the all-rounder has become indispensable in the kitchen. It is therefore also gratifying to note that, with regard to energy efficiency, further improvements have been and are being made to existing technology. After all, the food should simply taste good and not beat on the stomach due to the energy consumed during preparation. Here, the developers have performed real miracles and turned the former energy giant into a good average energy consumer in the household. The integration of the microwave into the Smarthome area is also welcomed and received with pleasure.

The ultimate microwave test – we have tested these microwaves for you:

Microwave Comparison Winner 2019 is the Microwave AEG MCD1763E-M. The device is in its Design already a real Hingucker, has a Housing made of stainless steel with AntifingerPrint.

This Installable Microwave can be used as Microwave and as Grill. But you can also use both functions simultaneously and get more flexibility when preparing your food. With its automatic programs for different meals and food and with its programs for thawing, Cooking and Warming provides microwave oven AEG MCD1763E-M always perfect results and makes cooking very flexible.

The volume is in the average capacity range and includes 17 liters. The microwave power is sufficient 800 Watt and in 5 steps adjustable, the quartz grill 1000 Watt. With the clear and easy to read Digital display of this Microwave oven you have a complete and clear overview of all Programs and your selected settings.

The cooking chamber is illuminated when opened, quick start function at full power with 30-second intervals, a digital clock and child safety are available. The price is 339,95 Euro.

On the second place the device Bauknecht MW 80 SL landed in our Microwaves Test. This microwave is free-standing, has both a hot air function, grill function, steam cooking function and crisp function. It has a great design, is held in silver and black stainless steel and has a glass front.

The dirt-resistant MagicClean non-stick coating in the interior microwave Bauknecht MW 80 SL makes the annoying cleaning superfluous. The unique 3D system from Bauknecht ensures that your food is warmed up when heating inside and outside evenly.

The volume is 30 liter, the power is 1000 Watt; one weight sensor and one automatic cooking time adjustment are available. The price is 284 Euro.

The model Samsung MS23F301EASEG with coating made of scratch-resistant ceramic enamel. It is freestanding and in black-silver design made of stainless steel. About 6 Power levels, besides the Hot air function and the Tauf function, there is a Guard time timer up to 99 minutes and Digital LED Display with Clock function.

Samsung MS23F301EASEG has a volume of 23 liters and has a power of 800 watts. The device costs on the market only 92 euros.

Also Bauknecht MW 179 IN scores in our microwaves test as microwave oven with many functions: hot air function, grill function, steam cooking function, crisp function, bread defrost function, rapid defrost build-up function. The capacity is 33 liter with a power of 1000 Watt. Bauknecht MW 179 IN has 8 power levels and 3D system for uniform cooking results. The price is 264 Euro.

What to look out for when buying a microwave?

For the purchase a microwave it requires some preliminary considerations, so that the device also fulfills its use /em>, ideally fits into the kitchen equipment and becomes the practical kitchen helper.

Information about the necessary performance, the price, the handling, the size and the task of the microwave should make the search a little easier and narrow down. The decision also remains important, whether a combination of microwave and grill or oven meaningful is important. Further considerations are the application, so how frequently the device is used, whether only small snacks are prepared or microwave but continuous is in use.

The Thawing that Food requires none Device that also includes Steam cooker or has Hot air.

Basic Prerequisites for Purchase could then affect the following Topics:

Size of the appliance and capacity of the cooking chamber

First the question of the volume must be clarified. This determines the size of the microwave as well as the content, that fits in. The information about the Capacity of the devices is given in Liter.

For pure thawing and heating of meals the cooking chamber is sufficient, which holds between 17 and 20 litres. Such appliances are particularly suitable for smaller kitchens or when lack of space prevails. The size of the microwave itself is then about 45 x 30 centimeters.

However, if it is already preparation larger meals and microwave is used more frequently and replaces some cooking, then the volume should also be slightly larger and around 25 liters. The size of the cooking chamber also always determines the heating time and the power consumption. A turntable is therefore meaningful. In this way, the food also fit in larger scope in microwave oven.

If it is a combi-device, which e.g. should replace the oven, a minimum volume of 30 liters is necessary, because different grill-inserts or trays fit into it. Equally important is an equal large turntable, which exposes the food to a balanced ratio of heating.

Especially with substructure- or installation-microwaves the measurements and the size should be adjusted to your own kitchen line. For free standing devices play length and width of the device noneessential role, nevertheless it should be considered that the larger the device is, the more more space it removes.

The material of the microwave

A microwave, which has a housing made of plastic is widespread and as one of the most frequent versions in the more favourable range. Here, the production costs are low, which is why the price low also fails. These are mostly in whiter color and look not particularly beautiful, but fulfill their purpose quite normally.

The cleaning is something more difficult than for example with devices made of stainless steel, but the damage is more difficult and scratches are rather no problem. Microwaves from stainless steel are not only high-quality in processing, but of course also look elegant. The price for this material is accordingly higher, because also the costs for the design and the equipment flow in.

Microwave power overview

Although the power basically plays a role from a certain watt level no role anymore, higher quality microwaves or combi-devices are always equipped with a high watt number. Of course, these also consume more power and then bring 1,000 to 1,200 Watt, which then not have to be used in full frames. Basically, a device with Watt power of 800 Watt is sufficient and even with 500 Watt, cooking of feeding is possible.

Here you can hold , that the power or the higher watt count none decisive indication about the quality of the microwave, but only the range that shows and limits power.

Hobby- and Professional chefs use e.g. one Microwave always at 600 Watt. Only special functions require higher power, but such devices are adjusted in their functions to the power ratio.

Control panel – with rotary knob, display or electronics

Also the operation of the microwave is an important purchase decision. If it is to be more complex or light, it can be set precisely by a knob or by several keys, is Electronics important or a meaningful Use of symbols, to find the applications easier.

Many microwaves contain watt power symbols, which inform about what is under this power at cook-, thawing and cooking processes is possible, also which species of food can be prepared under this performance , so z. B. vegetables in the mid range, meat and fish in the higher.

Also the defrost value can always be found or the different performance levels in numbers, percent or direct values like “thawing”, “heating”, “cooking” and similar. Another indication is that in the appropriate order of magnitude, e.g. in “Low”, “Medium”, “High”.

For combi microwaves the symbols are often marked with propeller or spikes and refer to the use of recirculated air, hot air or grill.

The Operation generally says something about the Comfort of the device. Favourable devices have the push button for opening microwave and control by a simple knob, by which the individual functions can be selected or the cooking time can be set. With this, rather coarse Settings are possible. The device is similarly simple with two rotary knobs, which provide a complete control. The first rotary knob determines the time, the second the adjustment the power. This variant is of course relatively inaccurate and hardly allows food to be cooked exactly to the point. The user must also be familiar with range the necessary performance.

A device with sensor keys, digital display and various adjustment options is already more complex. Somewhat higher-quality devices have an electronic operating concept with keypad and usually also a display, which is illuminated or unlit. There the Settings are clear and extremely precise, mostly there is also a Display of Date and Time.

Additional or special functions for microwave

These are defined as special programs that are adapted to food. back-, meat- or fish programs make the cooking process considerably easier and no prior knowledge is required. A step sequence can look like this:

1. drinks or soup
2. rice
3. spaghetti
4. potatoes
5. warm up
6. fish
7. chicken
8. beef or lamb
9. pig

Here you can see the whole automatic cooking of a microwave very clearly arranged, which is so well adapted to the needs of the household. Nevertheless, the appraisal is an average and always only guideline value, also depends on the weight and the scope of the food, also on the personal preferences of the user, e.g. about the degree of the garment. of the .

A Stop- and Backspace allows a different Procedure of Interruption.

The key is not only pressed to interrupt a specific preset or to cancel the entire preset before the cooking is performed at all, but can interrupt the cooking process by pressing once twice and then interrupt the cooking process by pressing twice the entire process sequence completely . In most cases, the Child safety lock is also specified here.

A locking fuse and an additional child protection always provide a important function. It is sensible, that the microwave cannot be used if it is open or empty.

A Timer can be used to determine when the Microwave automatically should go out or is set in Operation. So the constant look at the court during the preparation is omitted.

Installed, sub-mounted or free-standing microwave

Nowadays most households and kitchens are equipped with a built-in kitchen unit which already leaves space for an additional appliance. Optically, the built-in kitchen naturally brings some advantages and can be complemented by the different appliances, including oven, dishwasher or microwave. Certainly the device must then be adapted to the room of the existing niche and selected in the correct size.

Simple microwave or a combination device

Many devices, also in a good price performance ratio, today offer more functions than simple thawing and heating. Who wants to use the device alone for this purpose, needs none failed additional functions or a combi-microwave, which functions e.g. also with hot air or as grill. The solo microwave is in this case full sufficient.

However, many households require further functions, since cooking at stove and additional using the microwave often go hand in hand. Then the decision for a combi-device is worthwhile all the more.

In many microwaves one or even two grill modules are already installed. This enables heat to be generated from above and below. This grill function is then only distinguished into infrared grill or quartz grill, whereby the heating up occurs by infrared more evenly and faster.

Who uses the device very often for preparation of feeding, should also think about the additional functions of hot– and recirculation. One step further is the equipment of the microwave with steam cooker function. Last Models are usually already something larger in scope and capacity, so that also whole sheets, cake- or em>meal casseroles fit in.

With the Additional functions of the Combi-devices you can additionally make sure that the corresponding Baking tubes in the Garraum are not exposed, but covered. This makes the Cleaning then considerably lighter.

Better results with comfortable programs

In addition to the special functions, qualitatively higher-quality devices have equipped with various programs, that show during preparation, for example, whether a court has to be turned over or that then independently reduce heat irradiation.

A certain sequence can also be started, so that e.g. a meal is first only warmed up, then heated and finally cooked.

There is also a selection special Programs for Cooking for different Food, which must also be prepared differently, e.g. B. the gentle process, the choice between different meat- and fish dishes or the simple frozen pizza.

The Performance then depends as Setting on the foods, that are prepared in the microwave, which in turn takes away the more complex setting time and cooking and achieves better and safe results. The performance can also always be adjusted to the size of the portion.

In most cases up to 6 power levels are available, via which the use can be determined individually. Also a “Quickstart” is helpful, if it is about the Cooking time in a Time window of few seconds under full Performance or the device should start immediately start.

The viewing window of the microwave

The view window is an important component of the appliance for tracking and observing the process of the preparation, even if the microwave significantly facilitates cooking and cooking.

Through the view window not only the status of the meals can be checked, but also nothing can burn or boil over.

Some old devices are sight protected and in view on the safety are questionable. Looking at the cooking or heating should always be possible, even without anything happening.

What must a microwave be capable of?

When it comes to replacing or buying a new microwave, you should first think about what functions the device should offer. Unlike a few years ago, there is now an almost infinite selection of models. Some functions are practical and useful and you can confidently do without other features. The more functions a microwave has to offer, the more expensive the device usually becomes. Many specialized salesmen would like to convince the customers naturally a good and mostly also expensive Modell. It is therefore recommended that you make your own thoughts about this in advance. If you don't want to travel home with an oversized microwave, consider how often you have a microwave in operation and which functions are necessary for you.

How does a microwave actually work?

Before you get to know the functions of the individual models, you may want to learn how such a device actually works. An oven uses heat to bring the food to the desired temperature. A microwave looks completely different. These kitchen helpers are working with radiation. With the help of electromagnetic radiation, you can warm food and food.

What functions should the microwave provide?

If you have decided between a free-standing microwave or a built-in microwave and have already nominated a certain manufacturer as favourite, you still have to think about the functions. In general, microwaves offer the following programs and functions:

  • Heating and thawing of expenses and food
  • grill function
  • Hot air and circulating air
  • Steam cooker

The basic functions

With each microwave you can heat and defrost food. When the microwave was invented, these two properties were the origin. So if your purchase is just about these two features, you don't really have to worry about anything when you buy. All models available on the market have these basic functions.

The barbecue function

So-called combination appliances offer a grill function. With these models you can defrost, heat or grill food. You can choose between models with a single grill function and a double grill.

The single grill

Test results have shown that the single grill unfortunately does not always deliver what it promises. If you want to grill food or dishes as usual, you should rather rely on a double grill function. These models are characterized by a grill in the upper and lower area. The result has convinced experts in the tests. Whether you prefer chicken or another type of meat, a double grill function will certainly meet your expectations.

Microwaves with recirculation function

If the microwave can offer such a function, it is already a serious competitor to the oven. With such a microwave you almost have a full replacement for an oven. Although the function is very good and useful, there is also a disadvantage, that should be mentioned. This is clearly the space available in a microwave. A delicious feast for 10 people you will hardly be able to prepare in a microwave with circulating air function. For everyday use, however, these models represent a perfect alternative to the oven.

Microwaves with steam oven

models with steam cooker are still relatively new on the market. With this function you can prepare various dishes gently. In the past it has been repeatedly criticized that many models remove important vitamins from food during preparation. The manufacturers reacted to the criticism and further developed the individual models. test reports showed that these statements are no longer true today for any model. So you can easily get a microwave with steam cooker and don't have to worry about a gentle preparation.

The Size of the Microwave

Some time ago, the devices were all manufactured and delivered in a single size. Those days are long gone. Today you are spoilt for choice and for every purpose you will find a suitable Microwave. Whether a rather small Model for smaller kitchens or a Microwave for a multi-person household. However, this selection is often only available for a free-standing microwave. If you prefer a built-in microwave, you have to be satisfied with certain dimensions.

In many households similar dishes are often prepared in a microwave. It can therefore be very useful if the selected Model offers preset programs or programs for your personal needs. If you prepare pizzas regularly, a preset program would be advantageous for this dish.


In summary it can be said that microwaves today have a multitude of functions and features to offer. The basic functions, such as thawing and heating, are provided by all microwaves on the market. If you want more programs, you should take a close look at the individual models before buying and compare. For this you can get a very good overview on the Internet. Use the Test reports the Models to make a preselection. Please note that simple operation naturally makes it easier to handle such a kitchen appliance. You should also check the processing and the quality. If you decide in front of a microwave from a brand manufacturer, you usually don't have to worry much about these issues.

If you have the possibility and there is perhaps just a favorable offer, the purchase of a device with steam cooker is worthwhile in any case. However, you should be aware that the more functions a microwave offers, the more expensive it is. With regard to shelf life, the tests showed that well-known manufacturers were able to convince extremely positively.

Microwave safety instructions

Actually working and preparing food with the microwave is quite easy. You can't do much wrong either. Nevertheless there are a few safety instructions to note that nothing really will catch fire.

Matching crockery? Microwave compatible?

Frequent mistakes happen especially when using underpads, plates and ware, which are placed in the microwave. In any case, make sure that the crockery is microwave suitable . Porcelain and ceramics, for example, are absolutely unsuitable for use in microwaves. Why? Because ceramic and porcelain tableware can have small cavities in which moisture and water accumulate. This would heat up in the microwave and cause the porcelain or ceramic tableware to crack, break and in the worst case burst into lots of small pieces. Also the microwave vessels should not have silver or gold applications. Because also these heat up and burn through the heat. Microwave are pots and other metal containers. These interfere with the electromagnetic field of the Microwave and cause a short circuit of the device.

Plastic is also not suitable for the microwave. Depending on the heat radiation, plastic containers can deform or even melt.

Microwave dishes – you have to pay attention to that:

microwaves suitable tableware is important and can be purchased in addition to normal tableware. It is permeable to microwave radiation and allows energy, to pass through the cooking utensils and to heat the food in the best possible way.

The ware is in size and form specially adapted to the microwave and allows correct cooking, such as potatoes or pasta.

Usuitable are products, consisting of paper, cardboard or recycled paper. These can also contain small particles from metal and spray not only sparks during preparation, but also fire trigger.

The tableware should always be round or oval, not square or square, because the food, located at the corners, otherwise cooking or not will be cooked.

A exception are stripes made of aluminum, that can be used in cooking, but in small numbers and with a distance to ceiling of more than 2.5 centimeters.

Specials Microwave dishes has additional Plastic handles, so that they do not become not hot and not Potholder or Towel is needed.

Besides the ware a cover is good to prepare the food gently and to avoid splash, so much work and cleaning.

TÜV Nord: no food packaging into the microwave

According to a consumer magazine report Stiftung Warentest the Tüv Nord warns against using used food packaging for the microwave. These are e.g. the plastic boxes from Eiscreme, which many people want to use as practical storage containers. According to Tüv Nord, the punctiform heat can, however, release substances from the plastic, which then enter the food.

For very >fatty or salty food this could also happen without heating in the microwave, which is why the testers generally advise against the further use of food packaging.

Microwaves – exclusively suitable for food

Even if this should actually be Common Sense, it should still be mentioned briefly. The Microwave is a kitchen appliance and was developed to warm up food and prepare it later. Besides microwavable dishes and food there are no other objects inside the microwave. Even if the temptation may be great to conduct in-house scientific experiments with the microwave and to see how some objects develop under extreme heat wave irradiation, it is simply an unnecessary danger that one exposes oneself to with such experiments. Not to mention the potential consequences for the microwave. Because this can break faster in such fun investigations than one would like.

Performance and program match the content

In order for the food to really taste good afterwards, it is important that the respective foods are used with the programmes intended for them. A too high time or power setting can also cause Food to ignite. Here it is always helpful to have a look at the instruction manual of the manufacturer and to follow the program instructions. Then no more food can catch fire, but only the hearts of the gourmets, who rejoice in a delicious food prepared in the microwave and give it away.

In the middle, please!

Last but not least: Whoever uses the microwave for food preparation has to make sure that the food on the appropriate microwaveable surface is always in the middle of the turntable. Even with appliances without rotary plates, the food must always be placed in the middle of the cooking chamber. It is therefore particularly important, because otherwise the food cannot be heated evenly, baked, grilled or cooked.



Really a lot does not need to be considered when it comes to the correct and safe use of microwave. The main thing is to make sure that the right tableware is used. But here a market of its own has already established itself, offering suitable tableware for grilling, baking and cooking. Who invests here a little time and money can equip himself with exactly the right accessories, the man and woman needs, in order to prepare really everything with his all-rounder of kitchen utensils in food. If you then keep to the fact that only food actually enters the interior of the microwave, you can expect a particularly long lifetime of the devices.

These manufacturers are recommended:

  • Bosch
  • AEG
  • Buyservant
  • Siemens
  • Zanussi
  • Severin
  • Neff
Of course there are many more well-known manufacturers of kitchen appliances. The tests have shown that with all well-known manufacturers of microwaves you will definitely not make a wrong purchase. Pay attention to simple operation and the individual functions of the devices. Get more information about various Test reports or contact your dealer for advice.


In summary, the differences between a freestanding microwave and a integrated microwave are more related to price and design. Which model makes the most sense for your situation depends mostly on the size of the kitchen. If you decide for a microwave, you should rather invest one or the other Euro more in a branded product. In independent tests, however, many cheap products from unknown manufacturers could convince with a good quality. Take the necessary time to purchase and weigh the pre- and disadvantages from free-standing microwaves and built-in devices. Due to the extensive selection of kitchen appliances, you will certainly quickly find a good and suitable microwave.

Short information about leading manufacturers of microwaves:

The Selection the Manufacturer is risy, especially in the field of electrical appliances. The microwave remains one of the most frequent purchases for the household and is therefore also marketed extensively, so that many companies have adjusted themselves specifically to the distribution high-quality models. In addition also qualitative demand to small prices is offered, entry-level models is sold or no-name products is offered.

For microwave ovens, the warranty can be defined by the brand, so that leading manufacturers with their devices preferably determine the market. These include large companies such as “Siemens”, “Bosch”, “Samsung”, “Panasonic”, “Severin”, “Bauchknecht”, “Sharp”, “Neff”, “Clatronic”, “Miele” “Philips”, “De'Longhi”, “Bomann” and “LG”.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where is the purchase of a microwave worthwhile rather?

The purchase of a microwave is possible in the retail or in the electrical market, where also a personal consultation can take place, but also effective is the purchase in the Internet. microwave ovens are described in detail by dealers, presented in their power and preferences .

The Benefits of Online-Order lie in the Delivery home, without the Transportation, and of course price performance ratio, because online dealers have less costs for personnel and rents and therefore the prices reduce or also discounts enable can.

Microwave power consumption

With household appliances that are powered by electricity, you should also think about this before buying because of the rising electricity costs. microwaves usually have a capacity of 20 to 30 litres. The output of the devices is about 700 to 1,000 watts. Of course, there are also versions that achieve higher performance. You should know that the more power a device has, the higher its power consumption. In addition, the size of the cooking chamber must also be taken into account for electricity costs. So that you can remain flexible and enjoy the food even after warming up, the output of a microwave should be individually adjustable.

microwaves with an output of over 1,000 watts are only worthwhile in very few exceptional cases. Heating will be faster, of course, but you will also incur higher electricity costs. Since a microwave is only in use for a few minutes, the power consumption of these household appliances is rather low. The fact is that a microwave is in any case cheaper to maintain than using a stove.

Today's electrical appliances are divided into energy efficiency classes. Modern devices convince with an extremely low power consumption. You can recognize these models by the specification of A+++. If the microwave has such a specification, you have made a very good decision with regard to low power consumption. In general, however, the use of a microwave is hardly noticeable in the electricity bill. Experts in independent tests have come to this conclusion.

The quantity matters

Electricity consumption also depends on the quantity. After numerous tests and studies, it was proven that microwave is preferred for the preparation of about 250 ml or 250 grams. If the dish or the food has more weight, then the preparation is not worthwhile measured by the electricity consumption. These are, of course, gadgets that move in the cent area. If you want to heat water in a microwave, e.g. for a tea, the power consumption is much lower when using a kettle than when using a microwave.

If you need more information about the power consumption of a microwave, you can get it from the Internet and the many different test results. There are no differences in power consumption between free-standing and built-in microwaves. If you pay attention to a small number of watts, the power consumption is very low. The specialists in the trade will certainly be happy to provide you with information in this regard. The purchase decision to determine the power consumption is rather inappropriate for a microwave due to the low use. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on it. If you have been using a microwave in your household for several years, it looks quite different. Older versions consume a lot of electricity and an exchange can be worthwhile in terms of electricity billing.

What are the costs now?

The exact costs of a microwave are rather difficult to define. With conventional use, you will certainly not notice the use in the electricity bill. Experts assume that one microwave causes about Euro 1.00 to Euro 4.00 in costs per year. As you can see, you don't have to worry about excessive costs when commissioning. The costs depend of course on the respective model and which power provider you are with.

Something different it looks with outdated Models. Here the consumption can already be about half higher. An exchange of the old device is not only recommended for microwaves.


In summary, it can now be said that the electricity costs for a microwave are extremely low. The exact amount is different from Model to Model and also the electricity price of your provider has to be considered. In independent tests it was found that the new models were able to convince everything positively in the area at cost. Nevertheless you should pay attention to the performance and the energy efficiency class of the microwave. A look at various test reports will help you with your purchase decision. Information on power consumption can usually also be found in the operating instructions of the model or on the packaging. The salesmen in a specialized trade are to you for questions regarding the topic electricity consumption certainly also very gladly at the disposal.

Things to Know & Advisor

The History of the Microwave

The first product, that was tested in a microwave was, if surprising, the popcorn. The second product is a bit more questionable and was a egg. But it all started with the melting of a chocolate bar. That was melting in the pocket of engineer Percy Spencer, who just tested a magnetron for a radar. This was a vacuum runtime tube, that generated electromagnetic radiation, which was possible with radiation of microwaves.

When the candy bar melted while working on the radar , the engineer knew how to react immediately and registered his detection as patent, even before many others who had noticed a similar effect. The effect of popcorn is known, which is why it is hardly surprising that microwave popcorn is one of the most popular products for the device and probably one of the most frequently prepared food. The egg as second trial exploded naturally in the experiment and showed the effectiveness the microwaves in all their impact.

The first microwave was then 1947. Spencer called it “Radarange”. It had a proud size of 1.80 meters and weighed almost 350 kilograms. The power was about 3.000 Watt and water cooling was also present. For comparison moderne microwaves today have power of about 1.000 Watt.

The microwave was then also commercially marketed. First devices cost up to 3,000 dollars. Interestingly, microwave ovens were initially mainly a enrichment for passenger aircraft, but then also gradually found in large kitchens and in private households.

In the seventies the microwave was then affordable in America for many households and wog between 10 and 20 kg. Gradually, the device found further dissemination and is now modern kitchen no longer imaginable without it.

General questions, data and facts about the microwave

For which people is the microwave well suited?

In Grund there is no need to ask for whom a microwave is useful for, since almost all households now have such a device.

Especially as a single person a person rarely feels like great to stand at the stove and to prepare himself/herself elaborate dishes to . Therefore, warming up the food or a quick snack is usually sufficient, for which microwave alone is sufficient. People who work a lot and are involved in a stressing everyday life are probably in a similar situation. The cooking must then go fast and not involve much effort, so that fast can be relaxed.

families benefit from microwave as additional device of course too. Professionals will hardly have the opportunity to come home for a moment and serve the children food. Therefore, the microwave is a source of hazelessness, as soon as the children can meal prepared in the evening fast for themselves warm up.

Even the worker himself will be happy if he finds the meal ready and only short heat has to, in order to enjoy it hot anyway.

But only the time saving at cooking with the microwave is already a Pluspoint.

Some food simply require not of the total energy expenditure, that the stove entails. This is not only true for small dishes and snacks, many dishes are successful due to the gentle process in the microwave better.

Even a large-scale cooking process can be designed differently in the preparation, so that certain meals precooked or subsequently reheated warmed can be cooked and all dishes are served in the same heat.

Ultimately, the thawing of food remains a important enrichment. Who has always lust and time, to fall back every day on fresh goods to go out and buy the individual ingredients. Many people fall back on cooling , especially when it comes to vegetables, which has meanwhile also been scientifically confirmed that the valuable vitamins are preserved by freezing rather than in the freshly bought goods in the vegetables department, which gradually lose their nutrients alone through time and lying around.

Thanks to the many additional functions, microwave is also space-saving and can replace cooking plate and oven . Here a capacity of 23 liters should be sufficient to prepare all food as usual. Current save the microwave compared to the oven in any case.

How much watts does a high quality microwave have?

Many devices with a capacity between 20 and 30 liters have a power of maximum 1,000 Watt. Some devices have an even higher power,which is basically completely unnecessary and has no advantages. Dishes are overheated by higher watt count although faster, but can also become fast overheated and thus inedible.

Who thinks about the power, should keep the size in mind with the watt-number. More Volume also needs more Watt. The Performance must therefore match the Capacity Fit and also make a rich Fill possible the Microwave.

How safe are microwaves really?

Although the microwave is already over 60 years in use, the thought persists that the device could be dangerous. That is why studies and research work in this area put their statistics at disposal and refer to the harmless handling with the microwave in household.

It is only important, that the device works and is not damaged. As soon as interferences occur, they should be repaired as soon as possible by an electrician or the entire device should be replaced by a new one.

statistics speak of a limit of about 5 milliwatts per square centimetre, which are emitted as radiation in a microwave.

This statement testifies the unobjectionability in the usage, because here no health risk exists.

But not alone the health is asked again and again in question, also the alleged loss at nutritional values. In test trials it was shown sufficiently that the nutritional value loss in the appropriate application of microwave of same as in the conventional cooking method or heating on a oven. However, since the entire cooking process takes shorter time in microwave, nutrients are more likely to be preserved than in longer cooking on the stove, simply because vitamins are very heat sensitive and in microwaves then heat not so long are exposed. Here it is particularly worthwhile to use a microwave for food quantities up to 500 grams.

More energy-saving is with larger portions of course then again the stove or oven. However, the nutrients are lost with cooking nevertheless limited. The healthiest type and way to distort, e.g. vegetables, remains the raw food. this has, however, nothing to do with the difference between microwave and stove .

When heating in a microwave oven only must be observed that not all locations of the food are heated evenly. This can be due to different thick or shaped food or to the differently composed meals, that are to be warmed up or cooked. Therefore, attention can be paid to the fact that food should be even thick.

It is also advisable to select a low power level, if the feed are composed differently to enable the necessary temperature compensation. Especially when thawing is low power level necessary, so that there is not the risk to have thawed the outer area, while the core is still frozen. Sensory is also Stirring the Food during Cooking, because in this way a temperature compensation is created.

What's with the radiation?

The radiation the microwaves remains a theme the research and scepticism. It is factually proven that microwaves have an effect on the human organism damaging effect, more precisely on the cells. However, the microwave oven is designed exactly so that the radiation not penetrates to outside. The devices often have glass panes and are metal sealed, whereby the emission of the radiation is not possible.

When open the microwave and in closer environment there can always be low residual radiation, but this is harmless. Dangerous it would only become dangerous when the microwave is opened when it is in the middle of operation, which is no longer possible nowadays due to locking mechanisms.

The hazard was therefore calculated and the devices further improved. In addition, a emission limit value was defined, which is at 50 Watt per squaremeter and is classified as harmless. As long as the microwave works, is properly connected and all safety instructions in a user manual have been observed, there is no danger to the household or to your own family when using.

Operate microwave safely – that's how it works!

If the microwave is properly connected to the kitchen integrated and to the socket, hardly anything false can be done. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions, that should be observed, so that not unexpected problems occur.

First of all, suitable ware should be used. This must be not always special microwave dishes, but should fulfill the requirements of the device, so microwave suitable. Most plates and cups have a sticker, which informs about this indication.

gold- or silver ornaments are advisable on porcelain plates also not are advisable in use for microwave. The plain porcelain plate or different tuperware are better suitable. are better suited. are on porcelain plates as well not in use for microwave. The plain porcelain plate or different tuperware are better suitable. are better suited..

Whole and garly renounce one should use of pots and pans, thus everything which is from metallic material. Cutlery is therefore just as unsuitable as ornaments on plates.

This is simply due to the fact that the process of the vibrational water molecules set in vibrations flow through microwaves especially at metal currents which are more than 20 ampere. The material is conductive and causes current shocks and sparks. One exception forms aluminium foil or aluminium packaging. However, the application correct must take place, so that each hazard can be excluded.

With products in a aluminium dish the cover must always be removed first. The bottom of the shell should be sufficiently covered with the court, otherwise no even cooking can take place. The aluminium shell is placed on a non-metallic surface, which is the case with the turntable, which is usually made of ceramic or glass. The shell must not touch the margins of the microwave when heating.

Also only one aluminium dish together with court warmed, not several at once. Then nothing can happen.

The radiation of the microwaves can aluminium not penetrate, therefore brings e. g. complete wrapping of meat or fish little, if these food are prepared in microwave. Here again aluminium strips can be used which cover sections , to prevent them from becoming hot or burning unevenly.

Beverages heated by the microwave can trigger a time delaying or sudden occurring cooking effect. This should be considered when they are heated, e.g. milk or cocoa..

A microwave is also suitable with additional functions not for frying.Hot oil would not only damage the device, but can also lead to serious burns.

Food and Liquids may normal heat, but not in completely closed or sealed containers. This can lead to Explosion.

Even if the second trial, was the microwave to test, in the invention a egg, it is not advisable to heat eggs, neither fresh nor cooked variants. Also these explode. However, there are now certain containers for cooking from eggs in the microwave. These then also enable suitable preparation.

food like apples, potatoes or pumpkins, so mainly vegetables with skin, should be perforated before preparation in order to achieve cooking and cooking.

The microwave must always be closed when using, the device should be not when open door used, which is possible in most models as security solution no longer. The only reason the microwave energy is not dangerous is because the device is completely locked. The safety interlock should therefore also be bypassed not.

Similarly, none objects should be between open door and front. cleaning residues should be completely removed and not accumulate on gaskets.

not should be used the microwave, if it is empty or for drying of content (e.g. for wet laundry or a moist newspaper).Corrosive Chemicals and Solvents are also unsuitable for use.

Beware should also always be the signalwords in the manual, which in turn must be well kept to be able to access them quickly if something is unclear. Danger of electric shock or Danger of fire should always be considered as pictograms.

If benefit is microwave, the instructions in the instructions should always be strictly observed, so that accidents or damage can be avoided. The technical environment of the device must also be checked in advance, e.g. whether the lines, leading to the device are in order.

The device should only be connected and used when all packaging materials and components completely removed have been removed.

The correct care of the microwave

Microwave ovens are very practical and easy to handle and operate. This concerns their cleaning as well as the general preparation of food. microwaves convince by a particularly long lifetime, if you care for and clean it properly … and you really don't have to do much for it.

The cleaning challenge? A piece of cake!

Microwaves are designed in such a way that all important corners and edges are easily accessible in the interior. This makes cleaning especially easy, fast and effective. If the device is used and then wiped out with a damp cloth for a short time, you have already done everything to call a clean microwave your own. Even if something does overflow, it is easy to wipe it off. Why wait until it dries up and becomes stubborn stains? One ‘intensive cleaning' can be done every two weeks. Then the microwave must not only be washed out with a damp cloth but also with a mild dishwashing detergent or an appropriate special cleaner. Such an intensive cleaning depends, of course, on the degree of contamination present and how often the microwave was used for food preparation.

Hard stubborn dirt

Stubborn soiling residues, such as grease, burnt on or encrusted food remains are then however already a small challenge. Finally one would not like to scratch off the stains with spatula and knife and possibly still damage or scratch the interior of the microwave. But there is also a trick for this: simply place a glass of vinegar water in the microwave and bring the contents to boil. If the liquid boils, the microwave can be turned off and the vinegar steam can be drawn in for another 5 to 10 minutes. If the steam has done its job, it is usually only necessary to wipe out the microwave once and remove all once stubborn soiling. If the stains are very persistent, repeat this procedure several times until there are no residues left. Working with vinegar water is a very natural cleaning path and the smell of vinegar does not have to be a concern. Because usually the serse very strongly flies. However, if you reach your limits with this natural cleaning method, going to the supermarket will help you to clean your oven.

Here are some sprays that are also suitable for the microwave. By the way, cleaning agents that are not intended for cleaning microwaves should be avoided.

note differences in material

Even if there is not so much different material in the commercial microwaves, at least the interior is usually different from the turntable and the microwave cover. Most of the time the latter can simply be washed and cleaned in the dishwasher. But also regular dishwashing liquid is recommended for cleaning both things.

Outdoor cleaning

The interior is not the only area, to be cleaned regularly. Also the outside cleaning must not be forgotten. But this is just as simple as the interior cleaning. Simply wipe the case with a damp cloth and the microwave shines in its new shine. If the housing is made of stainless steel, occasionally a special cleaner is necessary. because stainless steel is demanding in the right care and cleaning.

For the glass front from the outside, simple clear glass cleaner can be used.

Care, cleaning and proper disposal of the microwave

A frequent usage of the microwave, but also the not quite so successful successes of the food often lead to dirty results, that have to be removed. The care and cleaning of the device depends of course also on its material, so stainless steel simpler in dirt and residue removal as e.g. plastic.

Also combi-devices make the cleaning sometimes something more complex, especially when there is a lot of grilling and baking in them. The interior should therefore always be covered with a light non-stick coating to be cleaned. more expensive devices of course also have a self-cleaning function.

The inside- or garden of the microwave should always be kept clean, residues should be removed immediately. These may be food traces or beverages adhering to the inside of the device. They are wiped with a moist cloth.

If coarse soiling and spatter a non-corrosive cleaning agent can be used, but no sprays or sharp agents are suitable. The latter can, for example, make the door area and the view window blunt, so that the view inside is no longer possible, or the device even completely damage.

Also the outsides of the microwave can be cleaned with a damp cloth. However, care must be taken to ensure that no water enters the aeration rooms and openings, as otherwise the operating components can take the microwave damage.

The cleaning should take place at all regular, especially at the sides,the door, the window, between the door seals and the adjacent further areas. At best, only water should be used and light pressure should be applied with the cloth. abrasion is not advisable.

microwaves with control panel and keys must not get wet during cleaning. A soft, slightly damp cloth is sufficient. During Process it is best to have the unit open so that not accidentally comes on when the cloth rubs over the keyboard.

Humidity, accumulated on outside or inside door must also be removed. This happens e.g. when the device is used at particularly high humidity.

The glass or turntable can be removed from the microwave as normal for washing and cleaned with hot soapy water or in the dishwasher .

Also the turnstile and the roller ring, as well as the entire floor inside have to be cleaned from time to time, so that no noise development results. Again, only not caustic cleaning agent should be used, preferably warm soapy water.

A tip for avoidance of odors within microwave is that setting of a cup, filled with water and juice or peel a lemon.

The device is then turned on for 5 minutes and wiped dry thoroughly with a cloth after operation. The Odor is now removed.

There is also a further effect, that the water vapour remains and dirt dissolves, which can then be removed without problems with a loop.

The surface should always be clean held, otherwise it can wear out and reduce the service life of the microwave, in addition to hazardous situations.

If the device finally broken, it should not more used to not safety and health risk.

The microwave is then not disposed of via domestic waste, but via a disposal container provided by the municipality.


The care and cleaning of the dishwasher could not be easier. No wonder that the device has developed into a true all-rounder. Because what is so easy and uncomplicated to clean with a cloth and a little vinegar and to maintain, that simply must be able to do even more … and the clever kitchen helper really did it. The only disadvantage is the limited size … but a pizza always fits and even in the height it fits with a good cake, which really nice rises.

Alternatives to microwave

If you are at home, the classic alternative to the microwave is of course cooking, baking and warming up on the stove or in the oven. When warming up food, you should always do this on a low flame and with the lid closed. If you want to warm up rice or pasta, you should better add some water or oil so that the food does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Another way to avoid sticking or burning is to use special steel grid coasters for the hob. These conduct the heat, but prevent it from burning. Warming up on the stove, however, takes more time than with a microwave.

For all those who use the microwave in particular to warm up their food in the office or university, there are heated food containers for on the go. An interesting model is e.g. the box “Steasy” from a Swiss start-up company, which just started a Kickstarter campaign for their product.

The system is simple: the box in the form of a bread tin is filled with water, so that the food in the metal bowl is in the water bath. Close the lid, press the button, after a few moments the meal is warmed up.

The most popular dishes from the microwave at a glance

On the first place of the most popular products, that are prepared in a microwave is unbeaten the popcorn. The effect is known, the preparation incredibly fast. Many popcorn products are also now specially designed for the microwave and work incredibly simple and not as cumbersome as e.g. in a pan.

The bag with the popcorn is put into the microwave, the time is set and already the place sounds can be heard when the corn changes its structure. The variants of the popcorn packages differ in taste and size.

There is simple salted butter popcorn, the more hearty version in barbecue or chili taste, but also sugared or caramelised popcorn.

A casserole is of course also popular, e.g. a potato gratin. Only few ingredients are needed and very little effort. For a simple casserole, four big potatoes, which are cut into thin slices and distributed in the casserole dish are sufficient. These are seasoned with salt and pepper and then poured slightly over cream. The Portion is then rubbed with Cheese, e.g. Gouda or Emmentaler. Here 50 grams should suffice.

It is important that all layers of potatoes are covered. The casserole dish is then placed in the microwave, provided with a cover and heated at 600 Watt about 20 minutes. Finished is the yummy soufflé.

noodles with a ham-cream sauce are excellent as recipe for microwave. The preparation is time-saving and also requires little effort.

1, 5 liters of water are previously heated rapidly in a boiler and then given onto a cup of noodles with salt in a casserole. The whole thing is first cooked five minutes at 700 Watt, stirred and heated again at 150 Watt another 5 minutes.

In the intermediate time cold water and eating starch are stirred in a microwave jug, a corner of processed cheese, small pieces of ham and milk are added.

After the pasta ten minutes has cooled down, the sauce is prepared in the microwave. This is also cooked 2 minutes at 700 watts, stirred once and put in again for one minute. The water of the noodles is poured off, the sauce distributed over these. The portion is ready.

A dish made from feta cheese and tomatoes also tastes good. To do this, four big tomatoes are diced and placed on a deep plate, seasoned with salt and pepper.

This is covered for 2 minutes at 600 watts placed in the microwave, then mixed with a package diced feta cheese. The plate is again covered 2 minutes with the same performance cooked and can then be refined with something oregano, pepperoni and olive.

Also sweets are popular and can easily be prepared in the microwave, e.g. a cocoa cake. The baking only takes quarter of an hour and requires few ingredients.

With a hand blender you first whip three eggs, a little oil, 2 tablespoons sugar and vanilla sugar foamy, then add a little flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder. The latter should be sieved beforehand. Now, ground nuts and 50 ml mineral water with carbonic acid are added.

The mass is filled into a baking dish, which best consists of silicone and is round. This does not have to be greased either.

The cake is baked now about 3 minutes at 450 watts covered, then at 700 watts without cover again 4 minutes. Who would like to pour afterwards still another glaze from chocolate over it. Finished.

Very simple is also preparation of a fried apple in a microwave. The apple is peeled, the inner housing removed and provided with a sweet filling after taste. This could be nuts, raisins, jam, apple must, vanilla sauce or marzipan. The apple is seasoned with sugar and cinnamon and baked in a form suitable for microwave form, there without cover 3 to 5 minutes at 600 watts.

Useful accessories

In addition to the glass or rotary plate, which is already standard equipment in which microwave , a grill is also suitable if the microwave is to be used as oven .

The turntable provides the even heating of the meals and is therefore decisive for the capacity of the cooking chamber. Due to the beam path and the balanced rotating process, the microwave can work effectively, because only the food, located on the rotating plate are actually heated.

The turntable is therefore also for saving the energy sensible, consists of glass or ceramic and is about 5 centimeters thick. It lies in the microwave on a turntable.

Even if the turntable is made of glass and forms a underlay, the food to be heated should not be placed directly on it, but in a container intended for this purpose or on dishes suitable for microwaves . The cleaning of the turntable is simple because it can be excluded once and is also suitable for the dishwasher.

Due to the volume cooking chamber and the turntable you can decide how large the container or the vessel for heating the food may be.

On square shapes should rather be not be used, because during rotation the meal must be free to move and not may touch the walls. This would significantly damage the operation of the device interference or even damage.

The grill grate enriches the preparation of fish and meat dishes. It is placed in the interior of the microwave and functions there like a baking tray or rust.

Alternatives to microwave

Any kitchen appliance for warming food preparation is an alternative to microwave … but isn't the microwave an alternative to all the other appliances? Because while you can mainly cook and cook with the stove, the microwave can also be … and if you use the Oven to Braten and Backen, then this can also be taken over by the modern Microwave … and when it comes to the delicious grilled steak and the fish, even there the Microwave can also offer its services. She is just the kitchen all-rounder, you want. Because with it not only in various way delicious food can be prepared, the food is also prepared in a gentle and especially healthy way , so that all important nutrients, minerals and vitamins remain. An aspect that is often forgotten in microwave cooking and is so essential.

Microwave integration

As alternatives to a pure microwave as an independent compact device, integrated compact ovens can be understood, which have integrated other functions besides their main function of baking, so u.a. the initial function of the microwave, the warming up of food, as well as the last form integrated into the microwave, steam cooking. With such compact ovens, which also handle grilling, steam cooking and food warming, you no longer need an independent microwave. Because the microwave is integrated in such a compact furnace. This saves space and you only have to worry about cleaning a kitchen appliance. As a rule, all combi appliances can be an alternative to microwave; although here again, the microwave combines more than all other kitchen appliances. If such other combination devices have integrated the heating of food as a function, it can be said that they are alternatives to the microwave. Once upon a time, the microwave was intended primarily and exclusively for reheating food. The fact that further functions, such as baking, grilling and ultimately also steaming have been able to establish themselves in it, is due to the modern technology and the numerous clever minds that have developed with the microwave as kitchen aids and appliances.

Competing with the microwave? The Dialoggarer

It's supposed to be a real miracle, the newly invented Dialoggarer. It relies on cooking technology in a very special and new way. But as competition to microwave it is not enough, is it? The microwave was once invented to warm up food. The fact that today it can also cook vegetables and other foods is an additional cooking feature that sets the appliance apart from other kitchen appliances. Mieles also focused on cooking in the development of her Dialoggares. Because we know Cooked food is richer and fuller Vitamins, minerals and Antioxidants … at least more than if you would cook the same food in a water bath or bake it in the oven.

The steam cooker cooks its food in a gentle and time-saving way. As in the microwave, you can even cook meat and tomatoes at the same time … without losing any of the ingredients in taste or quality. But somehow the microwave can do that, can't it?


Alternatively you can prepare your food with stove, oven and grill. You don't have to. Because the microwave is the combination device that combines all functions and cooking options. Therefore there are no real alternatives for the device. It is itself the alternative and combination of all known cooking and preparation methods. The only true alternative can be considered to be combination ovens which also take over the warm-up function. But what about these devices with the grill function? How about the cooking? Only when these preparation methods are also included in the combi kitchen appliance can one speak of an alternative to microwave … and then actually only because there is more room in the oven format than in the rather small, compact microwaves.

The steam cooker, on the other hand, is an interesting gadget and especially those who like to eat cooked food can rely on an additional kitchen appliance. But it's not a real alternative to microwave ovens.
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