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Best Mattress Topper 2019 • 0 Mattress Toppers Reviews

The numerous functions of a mattress topper

mattress toppers are offered today in different versions and materials. This enables good ventilation and contributes to correct and comfortable lying so that the spine is relieved. At the same time it protects the valuable mattress from dirt, dust, pollen and moisture.

With their antibacterial and skin sympathetic properties the pad ensures healthy and recovering sleep. For allergics it becomes almost indispensable, as it counteracts the nesting of mites.

Mattress overlays protect the mattress

Viscoelastic mattress topper 200 x 200 x 9cm H2 with reference to medicareWho attaches great importance to a restful night's rest cannot avoid a high quality mattress. In order to treat the mostly highpriced sleeping pad as gently as possible, a mattress topper the ideal choice. When correct Application can extend Cushion the Lifetime of a Mattress. It absorbs the sweat of the sleeper and keeps it away from the mattress.

The washability of most models ensures high measure on hygiene. However, the cushion may affect the mattress's own ventilation system. Therefore a regular and sufficient ventilation of the complete sleeping pad is important.

Improved comfort

There are different reasons why a mattress is too hard. With a viscoelastic cushion the hardness can be counteracted and possible pressure points can be compensated. Even older sleeping sofas become comfortable and comfortable sleeping options.

What types of mattress toppers are there?

Good mattresses are a meaningful and usually cost-intensive investment. Therefore they should last as long as possible. To achieve this goal, mattress covers and mattress covers are often used. While the actual mattress protector is placed between the mattress and the slatted frame, the mattress topper is on the top. The mattress protector protects the mattress from abrasion through the rust, no dust gets from the underside to the sleeping mattress.

As with the mattress protectors, the consumer can also fall back on a very large selection different models for mattress covers. So it is possible to find exactly the variant that best meets the individual claims. The Cushions are offered in different dimensions and materials. For optimal comfort the cushion should have the same size as the mattress on which it should lie. So you can pull up a sheet without problems. The result is a smooth surface, which offers a very high measurement at comfort.

Incontinence requirements

The reasons to buy a special mattress topper can be very complex. One of these is incontinence. Many millions of people worldwide suffer from it. These special cushions offer a much better sleeping comfort, more hygiene and safety.

incontinence is also in this country a widely spread problem. If the patient is also bedridden and spends a lot of time there, this means in such a case special diapers to wear. However, this is beneficial for bladder strengthening workout not. Therefore, many sufferers like to do without it. If a malheur occurs, this leads to load of the hygiene. This can be avoided with a so-called incontinence pad. These models can be used in normal beds as well as in beds. Despite incontinence they guarantee a hygienic pad.Memory 6 Breckle Visco Topper Ventilation channels 6 cm Visco core cover washable Total height 7 cm - size 180x200

The high hygiene measure results from the coating the conditions. you prevent that neither dirt nor urin can seep into it. At the same time, the bottom side is designed to allow optimal ventilation. Within the mattress no unhealthy climate can form. In addition, there is the fact that such a circulation can extend the entire lifetime of the mattress. The valuable piece is effectively and reliably protected from dust and pollution. If required, the incontinence pads can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

The variety of materials

When select a suitable cushion the material plays a very important important role. it has contact with the mattress and at the same time has direct influence on the sleeping comfort. In Internet and in Resellers there are especially thickness and heating mattress toppers, they are often also called underbeds. Others Circulations in different Thicknesses are characterized by Highly modern Materials, which adapt to the respective body shape completely individually.

Viscoelastic mattress topper 200 x 200 x 9cm H2 with cover medicareCotton and blended fabric

In many cases customers choose Purchase a mattress topper a model made of cotton. The easy to clean properties and the stress resistance are here from large importance. Very often the conditions are offered also in so-called Molton qualities.

This is both sides roughened tissue, which is produced in a complex refining process. Molton is very robust and hard-wearing.

If you are looking for a particularly soft mattress topper, you can choose a blended fabric made of cotton and polyester. Also these models are very easy to clean, because they simple can be washed in the machine.

Underblanket lamb pile with Merino virgin wool overlay mattress topper LukasCuddly warmth from underblankets of wool or wool blends

Natural materials like wool or wool blends convince by a pleasant heating effect. Therefore these mattress toppers come especially in the winter months to use and provide in this time for a comfortable heat.

But attention, these mattress toppers can usually be washed not in the washing machine.

With many models a gentle hand wash with wool detergent and lukewarm water is possible. A regular ventilation is particularly important in the context of regular care because natural fibres can regenerate in this way.

synthetic models

If you are looking for a new mattress topper, you will also find a wide range of selection on synthetic variants. For the manufacture of cushions and underbed a variety of artificial microfibres is used.

The synthetic fibres offer numerous advantages. So many models for example at temperatures can be washed up to 90°. Since they form an excellent protection against house dust and mites, these conditions are suitable for allergics.

Models made of especially fine microfiber are especially popular: The allergens can penetrate the density tissue not.

At the same time, the fine texture, prevents skin flakes from entering the inside of the mattress. This deprives the mite of her main food.

High-tech for the bed: mattress toppers made of cold foam

Cold foam is a very modern and mature material, which enjoys mattress toppers ever greater popularity. Model variants from cold foam are up to 10 cm high and score points with special elasticity. A very high Lounging comfort promise memoryelastic constraints, that individually conform to body's own form. Such products can significantly contribute to relief of the spine and increase sleep quality.

Very often cold foam layers are equipped with a skin-friendly cotton cover. It can be dropped and in the washing machine hygienically washed.

Memory 6 Breckle Visco Topper Ventilation channels 6 cm Visco core cover washable Total height 7 cm - size 180x200Mattress covers made of visco foam

Only those who lie correct can healthy sleep, recover and start the new day relaxed. So it is not surprising that viscoelasticmattress toppers always largerpopularity are enjoying . Viscos foam is a material, that was originally created in space research the NASA.

These are heavyfoams with lowstrength. Already at lowResistance or Pressure adjust ViscoMattress toppers the body shape. This results in less or even nonepressure points at the typical points such as the shoulder or hip area.

Even with longer lying a better circulation is guaranteed. Sleepers, who spend the night on a Visco-coating, usually sleep quieter, because the body gently sinks into a couchbed and the body optimal supported.

In contrast to other foams holds the deformation longer, one speaks therefore also of so-called memory foam or of memory foam.

Visco Circulations are available in all widths represented on the market and are also offered in different strength from five, seven up to nine centimeters and different hardness types. According to the hardness grades, the rests are suitable for a body weight from 40 to 160 kg and can also be used excellently for Amelioration of older mattresses or to Amelioration of Lounging area of Sleeping couch as well as for Boxing spring beds.Ebitop Ebi - A 180.7 Mlily Dream- Sleep Mattress Covers, Viscoelastic Topper 180x200x7 cm, white

The difference between cold foam and memory foam

Memory Foam or Memory Foam is the common term for viscoelastic foams with form memory. The NASA developed this innovative material, to better protect the astronauts from the forces acting at launch. Today the further developed foams are used for production of mattresses, pads or cushions.

The material is heat sensitive and adapts to the body through its viscoelastic properties. Under the pressure of body weight and by body heat it deforms slowly and thus provides optimal body support.

Neither cooling nor pressure peaks are generated. In the rest the foam then again assumes its actual form. The Visco foam – similar to a thick liquid gel – reacts quite sluggishly. Memory Foam models the body print perfectly, but does not generate any backpressure.

For some seconds the foam remembers this imprint.Changes the sleeper its sleep position, adjusts the mattress again.

PROCAVE MICRO-COMFORT Mattress protector 140x200cm with 4 corner rubbersCold foams are characterized by excellent Suspension behavior and high Point elasticity.

For their production, synthetic polyurethanes are used, which are processed in a special procedure: In contrast to other foams they are foamed with cold air .

This results in different large pores in material.

They later provide a relieving feel when lying down and enable optimal humidity and air circulation. The material reacts to pressure in a similar way to latex..

If a finger is pressed into this fabric, the pressure is applied only at this one pressure point. At locations without pressure supports cold foam through pressure distribution.

The right size

mattress toppers are available in numerous sizes. To be able to offer the desired comfort, it is essential that it is matched to the respective mattress in terms of size exact. If the edition is purchased later, a measurement of the existing mattress is recommended.

This is the only way to ensure that the circulation matches the 100 % zu of the documentation. In some cases mattress toppers are offered for double beds in one piece. This makes the so-called visitor scribe disappear.

Buy mattress toppers – you should pay attention to that

The Manufacturers of Mattress toppers offer the different Models for different applications. The following Overview is intended to facilitate the Selection of the appropriate edition a little.

Mite protection

Mite protection

Special fabric made of cotton and microfibre make it more difficult for uninvited guests to settle in a mattress and in fibres. The covers are boil-proof and easy to clean. mites and others microscopic small inhabitants can be effectively combated by washing with high temperatures.

Models, that were grafted with extracts of Aloe Vera for example, can influence sleep by the skin-friendly properties additionally positive. Especially allergic benefit from the simple care conditions, as they can meet the high hygiene requirements.

Water impermeability

Water impermeability

pads like the widespread Molton pad prevents penetration of wetness or humidity of any kind. The waterproof mattress protectors are especially suitable for children, sick or incontinent persons who are still not dry. One finds the editions frequently in Hospitals or in Hotel beds.

Silver Protect - effective protection against bacteria

Silver Protect - effective protection against bacteria

When spun into mattress toppers silver threads, they have a permanent antibacterial effect. Since they almost completely prevent establishment of microorganisms, they are also hypoallergenic.

Temperature compensation

Temperature compensation

If a mattress topper is filled with high-quality cold foam, it can have a bit of temperature compensation. Those who tend to freeze quickly when sleeping walking can fall back on models with a warming feeding. For sleeper who sweat more at night, the thin variants, which consist of virgin sheep's wool, for example, are suitable.

The material is characterised by its high absorbency and always feels pleasantly dry, even with increased sweating, as it does not cause heat build-up on the mattress. Also highly recommended are climatizing products with so-called 3DHightechPolyester.

Optimal air conditioning

Optimal air conditioning

A balanced and dry bed climate is important for restful sleep. This is especially true when the sleeper tends to sweat more sweating. In such a case, breathable blanket and a mattress topper, which allows a balanced bedding climate provide a remedy. The layer must absorb sweat and the like as quickly as possible and release the absorbed moisture back into the room air as quickly as possible.

As a result, the climate regulation of the mattress toppers improves. The sleeping environment is pleasantly tempered and heat accumulation is avoided. Merinowool with its self-cleaning properties is one of the most suitable materials for this purpose. It has a regulating effect in a natural way and ensures a dry sleeping climate. A filling made of 100 % washwool is permanently bulky and easy-care. It's ideal for anyone who likes it cuddly.

The degree of hardness

The degree of hardness

Mattress topper is not equal to Mattress topper. Therefore one should have a closer look at the different products before buying them. If you want to carry out a mattress topper test yourself, you should also consider the degree of hardness of the respective products. Too hard an overlay can be just as bad as too soft an underlay.

This is not only uncomfortable, but leads to back– and health problems. How hard or soft and how well you ultimately make your bed depends on the material you use. Viscoelastic mattress toppers react to body heat and yield flexibly. On the outside, the mattress topper, remains firm, as the cushions are also called, on the lying surface it gives way back-friendly. In the ideal case the spine remains straight in the sideways position

The material thickness

The material thickness

In a mattress support test it is important that the selected model is not too thin. But since the purpose of a mattress topper, also called topper, is to be lighter and more flexible than a complete mattress, it should also be not to thick. A material thickness from four to seven centimeters is therefore recommended. For special claims it may also be eight centimeter once.

Safe and reliable support of mattress toppers

Safe and reliable support of mattress toppers

Mattress toppers lie directly on the mattress and under the sheet. If it slips, it is difficult to bring the edition back into the correct and wrinkle-free position. Therefore, it is important that each circulation model can be fixed reliably and safely without great effort.

Many models have a holder made of rubber. But there are differences in this respect differences. A classic among the fixing options are so-called cover rubbers. The name already suggests it: The rubber is pulled over the corner of the mattress. A slip is therefore only possible with strong movements. It is advisable to pay attention to processing this covering rubber when purchasing, as it influences how long the respective model can be used.

In addition, round rubbers are available for fastening. With this version , the rubber runs around the entire mattress topper and fixes it in place. This fixing method is very often found with voluminous underblankets, as it provides a particularly secure hold.

So we have tested mattress toppers for you!

It is always difficult, to lie the different mattress pads sample. We have done this work for you and subjected the topper and saver to an extensive mattress support test 2019. And so we tested:

luxury microfibre mattress protector quilted 90x200, extra soft and softAdequate price-performance ratio?

In our tests we have already tested numerous mattress toppers /em>.

The price-performance ratio is right for some models, for others rather not.

Especially with something more expensive variants the consumer may expect that the product not can be thrown directly after the first wash cycle into the waste bin.

If you choose models from the lower price-segments, you have to consider circumstances certain disadvantages, which are mainly reflected in perishability and quality.

Basically it is worthwhile to pay attention not only to the price, but also to certain characteristicshow material is used, height of the edition and of course the quality. The purchase decision should also include the usage purpose.

The Material

Besides natural materials such as cotton, wool or new sheep's wool there is a variety of modern artificial fibres, used for production. Which Advantages does which Material and for which Application is it suitable?

The ease of care and handling

How simple can the respective mattress toppers be attached and removed? What about washability?

The shelf life and quality

Mattress pads are intended for perennial use. Night after night they must endure the load by the body movement of the sleeper. Can the different models, that are entered in the mattress cover product test 2019 stand up to these requirements?

Manufacturer of mattress toppers

As versatile as the selection is designed on different mattress toppers , as diverse is the number of manufacturers for these products. Biberna, Breckle, Diamona, Dormisette or Frankenstolz are among the leading companies in this field.

  • Biberna
  • Breckle GmbH
  • Diamona Mattresses
  • Dormisette
  • f.a.n. frankenstolz
  • Tempur
Biberna – the Westphalian company based in Hamminkeln produces high-quality textiles and bedding in the third generation. The focus was on natural material cotton. 1932 The success story begins when Josef Schmänk founds a small weaving mill in Dingden in the community Hamminkeln.

Since this time the modern company has adapted structurally to the market needs permanently. State-of-the-art production facilities and the use of international resources for raw fabrics, yarns and finished goods ensure reliable and consistent high product quality. Milestones include the development of printed bed linen.

Often Biberna, for example, with certification according to “Öko Standard 100“, take the pioneering role for market trends. Today the company sees itself as a generalist in the bed linen sector. Technical textiles and mattress toppers expand Biberna's business areas.

Breckle GmbH was also founded in year 1932. Today, the medium-sized company has its headquarters in Northeim, Lower Saxony. In the last decades the Breckle group has developed into one of the most important manufacturers for cushion beds and mattresses as well as mattress overlays in Europe.

The production facilities are equipped with high-tech equipment. In addition to springs and spring cores, cold foams, polyether- and moulded cold foams are produced there using state-of-the-art processes. The company's own upholsteries and carpentries produce box springs, futon and upholstered beds as well as high-quality slatted frames.

The covers for mattresses are sewn manually on ultra-modern machinery. The entire production chain loves to be in one hand. Only the raw materials are purchased. Thus Breckle ensures a constant high quality level and an excellent price-performance ratio.

1858 Diamona was active in a small village called Harriehausen in resin as saddler and upholstery manufacturer. In the 1920s the small company moved to Braunschweig and developed there into a stately upholstered furniture- and mattress manufactory. Today, the traditional firm is known above all for its bedding, slatted frames and high-quality mattresses and is being conducted in the fifth generation.

As first manufacturer developed diamona end of 50ies multizone technique for mattresses and coined diamona end of 50ies and multizone technique for mattresses with This Plus at Comfort the market for Mattresses and was thus also Wegweißer for numerous others Company in this segment. The range of Diamona consists of cold foam mattresses, products with spring core or elastic Visco material.

Dormisette is a brand of Wil. Wülfing GmbH & Co KG. Since the company foundation in the year 1885 the manufacturer has developed from a small company to an internationally known label. Today around 430 employees produce bedding, mattresses as well as baby articles and mattress toppers in high-quality quality in Germany on state-of-the-art production lines.

The brand Dormisette stands for products in high-quality quality and a beautiful design. The manufacturer has set itself the goal of communicating comfort and well-being to its customers and at the same time offering bedding that is characterized by high functionality. All Dormisette products have been certified since 2008 according to Global Organic Standards.

Mattress pads from France. Since the company was founded on 01. January 1955, f.a.n. frankenstolz has developed into one of the most important manufacturers for home textiles in Europe. Today the company produces thousands of quilt beds, pillows and mattresses for the international market every day at several locations in Germany with state-of-the-art machines.

The sleeping systems of frankenstolz include mattresses, slats, quilts, pillows, special pillows and further products like mattress pads and a special children program.

Exclusive High-tech products for a restful sleep! Tempur stands for very high-quality and also for high-priced mattresses and bedding, that are supposed to provide healthy and recreative sleep. At the beginning of the 70s the US federal agency developed for space NASA a completely new material, able to absorb the enormous pressure during the launch phase. As the material was temperature sensitive, it optimally adapted to the body shape and evenly distributed the pressure of the body weight.

Around a decade later, the agency then released the material to the public. The NASA material was further developed and optimized by a group of scientists, the two merged companies Fagerdala (Sweden) and DanFoam (Denmark). Millions of research funds and scarcely ten years later succeeded in finding the perfect composition of Tempur material and it was used for production of mattresses. The launch of the first Tempur products followed 1991. Today the mattresses, system frames, pillows and accessories are available in more than 76 countries.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where is the best place to buy mattress overlays?

For many decades the shop in specialist retail has been a proven model for many stores> it is still responsible for the large part of sales. However, with the establishment of Internet as shopping platform the existing equilibrium shifts in favor of the new medium. More and more online shops make this traditional business model competition.

The strengths of the specialist trade lie in a direct consulting on the customer and personal contact between consumer and seller. At the same time, a visit to a specialist shop offers the opportunity to products direct in front of location, to touch or even to try.

Also the Internet and the Online-Shopping have numerous Preferences to offer, which lead to a special Einkaufserlebnis. The Shopping-Tour cannot be more comfortable. Just Computer power up, order the Online-Shop and order the Special products. Few days later, often even overnight, you get the product delivered, in many cases even free. Another advantage for Internet purchase is the temporal independence. The customer can order 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, when it fits best.

Likewise the possible employment times at the cash register are void just like the perhaps time-consuming search for a parking space. Likewise very simply the price comparison is designed. With only a few Klicks can be compared without effort the prices several offerers comfortably.

The number of the online shops increases as well as the quantity of the offered articles. Today there is hardly a product that cannot be ordered online. If consumers in the Internet in the past often had to do without services like a consultation or similar, this has changed meanwhile very strongly. Many Online shops offer additional services. For example, the recipient product can be sent together with a selected recipient card to a third person or to a other address.

More and more online shops offer their customers very extensive product descriptions. In an “offline business” you are usually dependent on the help of a seller for this information. Many customers are still sceptical about security and transparency in online shopping.

Therefore, most providers are particularly keen to meet the customer requirements fully and completely and leave no questions unanswered. And if a bought product should not correspond to conceptions , it can be returned or exchanged within legal deadlines simply or .

Knowledge about mattress toppers

A look into the past

Who today to night rest, enjoys recreative seed and healthy sleep, depending on the bedding. But what has long been a matter of course looked quite different in the past. Once the relaxed night in a soft bed was reserved only for the privileged upper layer. The first sleeping pads consisted of mats, which were simply laid on the floor for sleeping. The today common term mattress was translated from arabic word “matrah“, which means as much as floor pillow .

The predecessors of today mattresses and mattress pads were already known in the arabic world in 12th and 13th century. It is due to the crusaders of this time that this type of sleeping found its way to Europe. Until the actual mattress became popular in the western world, it still took until the 19th century, when these sleep documents became accessible for all social classes.

There is nothing left of the sleeping mats or the Stroh filled mattresses in the modern sleeping systems. For sleep comfort today quality and of course ergonomics are decisive. Modern Designer beds are just as popular as the comfortable Box spring bed always bigger Popularity.

Man spends about 3,000 hours per year in his bed. This is long time, to be wrong. The consequence is to wake up in the morning with painful back and tense shoulders and neck. manufacturers are repeatedly inspired by demographic change and changing requirements in increasing age to invest in new and innovative technologies. Today, the consumer finds different forms of mattresses as well as many species of pads, with which he can transform the bed into a private wellness oasis.

Numbers, data, facts about mattress toppers

Mattress toppers are available from various manufacturers in various types for a wide variety of applications. The pads provide better hygiene and regulate the climate and heat in the bed. They represent a comparatively favourable method to allow an existing sleeping surface to be upgraded and thus to significantly improve sleep comfort .

The large mattress topper test 2019 – The most important facts in brief

Improved hygiene: It is extremely important especially in bedroom. Finally, the average human sleeps about 24 years of his life. In matters of climate circulation, cleaning and care, mattress pads can convince all along the line and simultaneously extend the service life of the mattress.

Mattress too hard: Also in this case a good Mattress topper can create fast and uncomplicated Aid. However, it is important that the respective model matches the personal sleeping habits and not the other way around.

Luxury to take away: Anyone who is always on Travel and does not want to do without the usual Comfort in Hotel or in Motorhome etc: In such a case the purchase of a mattress topper is worthwhile. It can be easily transported and transformed even the simplest mattress into a pleasant bedding.

A Question of Material

When select from mattress toppers the material plays a very important role, because it has a direct influence on the sleeping comfort. Besides the personal preferences it is the properties of the various starting materials, that flow into the purchase decision.

  • Cotton or blended fabric
  • Wool and wool blends
  • Synthetic Constraints
  • Cold foam
  • Viscoelastic mattress toppers
The natural fibre is breathable, absorbent and very hardwearing. At the same time cotton scores with the simple cleaning and care. Cotton is often also used in refined quality as Molton for mattress toppers.

The blend with ultra-modern artificial fibres such as polyester produces very soft and at the same time long-lasting and hard-wearing fabrics, that are easy to care for.

This is also a natural fibre. In contrast to vegetable cotton, wool is of animal origin.

mattress toppers made of this material are clearly warmer than cotton models and are therefore primarily used in the winter months and are suitable for all sleepers who have a very high heat demand.

The selection of mattress toppers from synthetic is large. A variety of artificial microfibers are used to manufacture these practical products. All artificial fibres offer numerous advantages such as washability.
As material for the production of mattress toppers cold foam ranks at the top of the popularity scale. The cold foam pads are up to ten centimeter high and offer excellent point elasticity.

Memoryelastic Restraints adapt long-term to body and retain under body pressure exactly this form. The material can contribute to relief of the spine during sleep phases. Many models are also equipped with a easy-care cover made of cotton or cotton-blended fabrics.

They are the highlight for each bed and enable a pressure-free sleep with optimal support of the body. The material scores with its pleasant sleep climate and the breathability.

The care and cleaning of mattress toppers

New mattresses are mostly cost-intensive acquisitions, that quickly cost several hundred Euro. A great and also cheaper Alternative is the Purchase a new Mattress pad. It can be placed on already existing Sleeping pad and thus offers significantly more Comfort. Due to sweat, skin flakes or similar, each mattress topper becomes dirty in the course of time and must be cleaned.

Many materials allow cleaning in the washing machine. However, this possibility depends on the capacity of the respective machine. Therefore especially the larger models have to be washed by hand.

For the first step the support is removed from the bed and placed in a well ventilated place. This can be directly at the fresh air or at a window. You should pay attention to a safe and solid surface.

With a vacuum cleaner all loose dirt particles are removed from both pages in next step.

If the mattress topper stains can be removed with a clean cotton cloth with water and a gentle cleaning agent. Then warm water and a suitable detergent in ratio 2:1 is filled into a spray bottle and the solution is sprayed onto the entire top and bottom of the coating. The soak should be avoided. After spraying the coating may rest for a few hours so that the solution can act.

In fifth step a clean cotton cloth is used again. With light pressure the detergent is removed from the fabric. It is important to rinse the cloth again and again . If both pages are cleaned in this way, the mattress topper must dry. In beautiful weather it can happen outdoors in a flat and shady place or in a well ventilated room with windows. In both cases it is very important that the mattress pad complete dry.

If the drying takes place in interior, the cushion should only be put back on the bed after 24 hours. If it is completely dried, minimizes the chance, that molds form.

Useful accessories for mattress toppers

Mattress pads provide each quantity flexibility in application. They can be easily rolled up and thus become a practical travel companion that lends each hotel bed a touch of luxury.

A robuster match bag or a bag for the conditions facilitates transport. An additional cover for mattress cushions facilitates the regular care and thus ensures a permanent use.

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