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Best Light Alarm 2019 • 0 Light Alarms Reviews

How does a light alarm work?

With a alarm clock you first set the alarm time like with a normal alarm clock. A modern light alarm simulates the sunrise in the morning, by waking its user up with a light becoming brighter and brighter; this usually starts about one half hour before the regular wake-up time. Particularly popular are those models, that record the colour spectrum of the sun and the colours from orange to yellow to white. The continuous Philips HF3419/01 EnergyUp White (natural white light, 10.000 Lux, dimmer)increase the brightness is initially perceived unconsciously via the lider. The brain is now preparing to wake up time soon.

The production of melatonin is now stopped, instead more cortisol is released. Thanks to an alarm light the body goes through all natural awakening phases. Experience shows that this time should be between 30 and 90 minutes. In the evening, however, the alarm light mimics the sunset and dims the light continuously. This helps enormously with falling asleep and is especially suitable for people with sleep problems. A alarm light can usually be programmed so that the awakening phase can be set to 30, 60 or even 90 minutes.

During this phase the lamp becomes continuously brighter, which helps the body to wake up. Also, the duration of the sleep process can be programmed for many alarm lights. For the duration of 30, 60 or 90 minutes again, the light will be continuous darker. If the sleep phase is finished, the light is finally completely off. With some models you can also start a dimmer – especially suitable for children who are afraid of dark.

Advantages & Application areas

The largest advantage of a light alarm is surely the soft type of awakening. A conventional alarm wakes you up with a shrill alarm ; instantaneously so that sleep recovery is over. The body produces more stress hormone cortisol; heart palpitations can result.

Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30 Alarm clock with sunrise and sunset [energy class 485 Lumens]Other it looks like a alarm clock: Already about one half hour before the actual awakening time it starts to emit a soft light. This allows the body to slowly prepare for awakening. With this slowly increasing brightness the natural sunrise should be felt – our body now knows that it is time to end the deep sleep phase. The production of stress hormone cortisol is gradually increased ; for the body this is much healthier. Some popular alarm clocks combine the slowly brightening light with popular natural sounds, like the noise of the sea or the twitter of the birds.

light alarm clock are therefore generally suitable for all persons suffering from sleep disorders. If you consciously want to have influence on your sleep behaviour, an alarm light is well suited. Not only workers, who often get up before sunrise benefit from such an alarm clock,, but also children and seniors. Although seniors usually need less sleep (usually only six hours), they still usually have problems falling asleep. Just the first sleep phase but is important for the regeneration of the body. A light alarm clock can also help seniors to spend a restful night.

Some alarm lights are also equipped with a dimmer or a night lamp. This lamp spreads a light light, all night long so that older people find it easier to find their way around the room – for example when going to the toilet /em>. That the light alarm have a positive effect on the organism is scientifically proven. After all, the entire immune system benefits from a healthy sleep.

In the following, all application areas of a light alarm briefly summarized:

  • Waking up problemsPhilips HF3419/01 EnergyUp White (natural white light, 10,000 Lux, dimmer)
  • Problems when falling asleep
  • insomnia
  • Winter depressions
  • winter blues
  • night work
  • Jetlag
  • Headache and migraine
  • voice swings
  • skin diseases

What types of light alarm clocks are there? (incl. advantages and disadvantages)

Basically you can differentiate between light alarms the different alarm types. While some alarm only wake you up with their light, you can additionally set nature tones or also a radio sound for other models to wake you up.

The advantage here is surely that you wake up with music faster than only by a light.

Good alarm lights but have at least 300 lux; with this brightness you can be sure that you will wake up.

Beurer Lichtwecker WL 70So-called Wake-up-Lights simulate the colors of the rising sun, i.e. orange, yellow and finally white light. If light alarms with the Pure Twilight function, on the other hand, you are only woken with a white light. Some alarm lights are so modern that you can even wake up with your favourite song.

Very popular are also the alarm clock, where you can set different colors. These models, also called atmosphere lights, are not only usable as alarm clocks, but also as a great and individual decoration idea for the living area.

You can also distinguish alarm light according to their optics. Here you should go according to your personal preferences: While one prefers the round form, others find the cylindrically shaped light alarm more appealing. Some light alarm clocks have a socket from chrome, in which the display with the time is embedded. These alarm clock look quite modern, while the alarm light without chrome use fit more to the hip country house style.

Basically light alarm without exception positive aspects are to be won from one light alarm : Not only the gentle waking up in the morning, also a clear improvement the sleep quality speaks for the acquisition of a light alarm clock. Who sleeps good does not only his body something good, also the skin profits from it. Also bring yourself with a alarm light a young fountain for your skin into your bedroom!

This is how we tested the light alarm clocks

The following criteria are especially important for purchase of light alarm and should convince in light alarm test :

  • The lux number
  • The optics
  • The alarm type
  • The additional functions
A good alarm light should emit at least 200 to 300 lux to achieve a positive effect and to make sure that you really wake up. 300 lux are also the minimum requirement if you want to use your alarm light as a reading lamp at the same time. This way you kill two birds with one stone – good light alarm clocks combine an alarm clock and a bedside lamp in one device.

Some high-quality models even have up to 10,000 lux – these light lamps are even suitable as therapy devices for domestic use. If the sun does not want to show itself at all in the dreary winter months, these lamps are to be recommended quite. Already 30 minutes per day are enough and you get the required amount of daylight.

Of course, the optics also plays a decisive role when buying a light alarm clock. Most models have a very modern design and are a real decoration on any bedside table.
While most light alarm clocks wake you up with a combination of light and noise, there are also alarm clocks that are supposed to wake you up alone with light. In the Lichtwecker test, we particularly liked those alarm clocks that help you to wake up gently with a combination of soft light elements and natural tones.

The sea noise is a particularly atmospheric sound that also helps you to fall asleep. Some light alarm clocks even have very unusual sounds like the rattling of a train or baby noises. However, in the light alarm clock test it was noticed that these are often very unnatural and do not necessarily serve the relaxation.

Particularly popular are those light alarm clocks that have various additional functions. Particularly worth mentioning here is twilight function. Especially if you suffer from sleep problems, this function is sensuous. A constantly darkening light helps you to fall asleep. If this is accompanied by soft natural sounds, you can fall asleep even more relaxed. Also the Snooze function or Snooze button is a useful additional function of a light alarm. The alarm tone can then be switched off, while the light usually remains switched on.

A Radio as an additional function is now standard on most light alarm clocks. If, on the other hand, you want to be woken up by your MP3 player with your favourite song, this will usually cost you a considerable surcharge.
If you want to use your light alarm clock not only to wake up, but also as a harmonious decoration idea, the mood light is the right purchase. With this type of alarm clock you can set different colors – depending on your current mood – or the light automatically changes its color.

What do I have to look out for when buying a light alarm clock?

The basic idea of a light alarm is that you are woken up as gently as possible by the natural light. But in order to really wake up, you should make sure that it has at least >em> 200 to 300 lux; this corresponds roughly to light a bright office lamp.

Philips HF3419/01 EnergyUp White (natural white light, 10.000 Lux, dimmer)It is also important that you can set the time interval in which the alarm clock reaches its maximum brightness. For most devices you can choose between >em> 20 and 40 minutesn. For which Art the light color you choose depends on your personal preferences.

Some light alarms have a color change from Rot to daylight white; this is supposed to imitate sunrise. Still others models prefer a cold white light, because this should stimulate the organism. sensible it can be, if you can set different alarm times. So you can set a different Wake-up time at the weekend and you don't have to do without the alarm clock . Also different Wake-up times are suitable if you work in shifts. Also various alarm tones are quite appealing; besides various nature sounds like bird chirping or sea noise most alarm light also have the usual radio alarm tone.
If you choose a model from the House Philips, you can even wake up with your favourite song, because it is compatible with the iPhone or the iPod. When you select Lamps, you can choose between LED- or Halogen lamps.

Philips HF3520/01 Wake-Up Light (sunrise function, digital FM radio) whiteboth are absolutely high-quality, but LED lamps frequently not can be replaced. You should note this before purchase. Beware When you buy your new Alarm , make sure that you can adjust the Brightness of the Display according to your individual Conceptions. Furthermore, there is a built-in buffer battery sensible – this ensures that the settings are retained in the event of a power failure. Some models even have a built-in dimmer and are suitable if you suffer from sleep problems. Similar to the morning sunrise they simulate a sunset in the evening, by gradually dimming the light before the lamp turns off completely.

Short information about leading manufacturers

In the trade numerous light alarm clock different manufacturer are available. Both the equipment and the price differ from each other drastically. The best known manufacturers of light alarms are Philips, Beurer, Medisana, Davita and Lumie. But also No name products, as they are available in places at Aldi, Tchibo and Co., one should not disregard. In the following some of the best known manufacturers and their most popular products will be presented.

  • Philips
  • Lumie
  • Lunartec
  • Medisana
  • Beurer
  • Naf Naf
  • Davita
  • Pure
  • Hydas
Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of light alarm clocks; which distributes Philips under the name “Wake up Light”. An excellent quality and a high-quality processing distinguish all products of the company Philips, which currently employs about 7,000 people in Germany alone. The cheapest light alarm clock from Philips is already available for about 60 Euro and offers besides a good luminous intensity also two natural tones with which one can gently wake up. The “Wake-up Light HF3550/01” model, on the other hand, is almost twice as expensive and can only be controlled via app. This light alarm clock even allows you to record your sleep rhythm. Philips light alarm clock convince with a fair price-performance ratio and stand in various light alarm clock tests always in the first place.

Just because of its round shape the Philips light alarm clock is very appealing. These models are equipped with high-quality LED lamps that do not need to be replaced. This can, of course, mean the opposite: If the light source fails, the entire alarm clock must be disposed of. The Philips light alarm clock simulates the sunrise with its slowly brightening light in five colors perfectly; you can set the sunrise duration between 20 and 40 minutes. You can also select from alarm tones birdsong, forest tones, Zen-Garden, piano music, sea sounds, alpine sounds, yoga sounds, crowing rooster and set up to ten different alarm times. Also the light alarm clocks from the house Philips have a so-called Smart Snooze function; this is activated by a simple touch of the lamp. By the way, you can also use this Philips light alarm clock as bedside lamp, because the light is bright enough for reading.

If you look at various light alarm clock tests on the Internet, the Philips HF3520/01 Wake-Up Light is often chosen as the comparison test winner. Equipped with modern LED technique, this light alarm clock brings it to powerful 300 Lux. With a diameter of 21 centimeters and a depth of 14 centimetersn this also fits on the small bedside table. On the positive side, you can set the duration of sunrise between 20 and 40 minutes. In the evening hours this Philips model can be used as a mood light as well as a reading light. This light alarm clock even has a twilight function; here you can set times between five and 60 minutes. Thanks to the high-quality materials it makes a very valuable impression and convinces with a suitable price-performance ratio. At the moment you can buy the model for about 126 Euro at Amazon.

Lumie is a manufacturer based in Great Britain that specializes in the distribution of light therapy products. Accordingly, Lumie has a particularly large selection of light alarm clocks; Lumie is practically considered the inventor of light alarm clocks. Lumie was also the first manufacturer to ever produce light alarm clocks. Today they are sold under the name “Bodyclock”; the most expensive model costs 200 Euro. However, this also has a light intensity of 10,000 lux and can be used well as a therapy device for winter depression. The highest quality model is the Lumie “Bodyclock 300 Elite”; this simulates the sunrise as well as the sunset and creates the perfect sleep meditation with atmospheric music. An integrated radio and an integrated MP3 player are further highlights of this device, as is programming for up to seven days. By the way, this light alarm clock is also suitable for hearing impaired people, because it emits light flashes. The lamp socket is made of high-quality opal glass, which also speaks for its high quality.

Absolutely unique is an additional function of the Lumie “Bodyclock Active 250“, the so-called safety function. This ensures that the light switches on automatically at irregular intervals between 16 and 2 o'clock. This is particularly useful if you are on holiday and want to deter burglars. Another additional function of the Lumie “Bodyclock Active 250″ is the so-called “white noise”. While you fall asleep relaxed, this function ensures that disturbing ambient noises are suppressed.

Lunartec is a comparatively inexpensive manufacturer, known for high quality lighting ideas. Of the LED lamps equipped light alarms only two models are commercially available. The basic functions, which one expects from a high-quality light alarm clock, are given here, however. The “Sunrise” light alarm clock, for example, a simple model in black, is simply connected to the bedside lamp. The illuminant used here must be dimmable so that a perfect simulation of sunrise can be achieved. Half an hour before the set alarm time, the light starts to glow; this time cannot be changed. Also otherwise this model offers hardly any additional functions and is therefore rather suitable for beginners.

Furthermore Lunartec offers the model “Sunrise Comfort NC-7342”. This alarm light offers you a sufficiently large display, six different natural sounds and a variety of buttons for easy operation. Unfortunately, there is no backup battery in this light alarm clock; if the power fails, all stored settings are lost. This light alarm clock is operated with halogen lamps. These do not last as long as LEDs, but can be easily replaced.

Medisana also offers you a good selection of attractive light alarm clocks. The “45100 SAC” model is particularly recommended, as the wake-up phase lasts 30 minutes. Nine acoustic signals and an additional radio reception are further highlights of this device. This light alarm clock can also be used as a mood light; the colours blue, green and red are available. The large display as well as the simple operation are to be emphasized positively; thus the Medisana light alarm clock is the ideal entry-level model.

The Medisana Light Alarm Clock “WL 450” is available in stores for about 90 Euro and can also be used as a mood light. Seven different colours are used; the colours have a calming or activating and stimulating effect. Not only two alarm times can be set on this model, you can also connect your MP3 player to this light alarm clock. The large and easy to read display and nine different natural sounds are further advantages of this popular model. Thanks to the long-lasting and energy-saving LED lighting you will enjoy this light alarm clock for a long time. By the way, the manufacturer has Medisana not only light alarm clock, but also high-quality light showers, as well as massage rollers and humidifiers, in his offer. These certified medical products will also convince you with certainty.

The manufacturer Beurer does not only offer great light alarm clock, also light therapy devices can be found in abundance with this brand. After all, the manufacturer Beurer has been known for high-quality health and wellness products for many decades. True to the company's motto “experience meets innovation“, all light alarm clocks from Beurer are consistently recommendable. The “WL 70” model was particularly positive in the light alarm clock test. With a purchase price of about 80 euros, this is about in the midfield in the light alarm clock test, but has numerous functions. With this alarm light you can not only set the sunrise duration, you can also adjust the light intensity to suit your own conceptions. An integrated radio, various natural tones and an input for external audio sources round off this popular alarm light. The maximum light intensity is 2,500 Lux, which is surprisingly high. A slumber function includes this Beurer light alarm clock as well as the use as a reading light. Only the security function to keep burglars out is not found on this model.

If you have only little space available on your bedside table, you should choose either the >em> model “WL 30” or “WL 32”. The design of these Beurer light alarm clocks is reminiscent of an ordinary alarm clock. Nevertheless, these also simulate the rise of the sun and wake very cautiously. The “WL 32” model even has a mood light where you can set different colors. The “good night function” allows you to fall asleep while listening to the radio.

In addition to light alarms you can also purchase daylight lamps, sleep sensors and infrared lamps from the manufacturer Beurer.

Naf Naf is a French company that offers a particularly inexpensive light alarm clock. Nevertheless, this is extremely shapely and differs from the optics strongly from other models. The lower area is designed in an appealing silver; here you will find all operating elements. In the upper area there is the actual lamp; this light alarm clock is constructed like a kind of cone. Also with this you can not only adjust various natural tones, but also wake up from the radio. With this model, the simulation of sunrise takes exactly 20 minutes; unfortunately, another time span cannot be set.
Davita is also known as a specialist in light therapy. The “VITAclock 200” model is not dissimilar to the competing products from Philips and Lumie. This light alarm clock is also well suited as a daylight and reading lamp. A high light intensity of at least 2.500 Lux (this corresponds to the intensity of daylight) is the main feature of this popular alarm clock. With this value, the Davita Light Alarm Clock can also be used well as a therapy device for winter depression. Unfortunately a radio is missing and also alarm melodies will be searched in vain with this model.
Light alarm clocks from Pure stand out primarily because of their puristic and modern Design. The upper part of a Pure light alarm can be used well as a bedside lamp, which attracts attention by its multiplicity at different colors. You can also set a twilight function for these light alarms; ideal for falling asleep quickly in the evening. The simulated sunrise, on the other hand, can be set in time intervals between 15 and 40 minutes. In addition to various natural tones, you can also preset church bells here. The speakers of this light alarm clock are characterized by an excellent sound, which will convince you immediately.
Let's get to the manufacturer Hydas. This is the only manufacturer in the Alarm Clock Test, that puts the subject Wellness especially high on the agenda. The Hydas “WE 677” feel-good alarm clock is additionally equipped with an aroma function; this not only simulates sunrise, but also emits pleasant scents at the same time. It is certainly very pleasant to be woken up with these in the early morning. You can set a time interval between 15 and 60 minutes for both the fall asleep and the waking rhythm; you can also choose from a total of nine different colour tones. Ten natural shades round off the extensive features of this lamp. In addition to the sounds familiar from other models, such as the sound of the sea, you can also adjust baby sounds or the sound of a train. By the way, this light alarm clock can also be used as a romantic mood light.

Hydas is a manufacturer of high-quality health products that advertises on its website with the slogan “Start the day gently without being ripped from sleep”. This motto is Hydas program, because especially the above mentioned feel-good alarm clock can score with numerous Highlights. With a light intensity of 315 Lux this model achieves one of the best values in the light alarm clock test. Furthermore, the light alarm clock has an integrated audio input; here you can connect your MP3 player. The integrated digital radio, on the other hand, has an automatic station search function; of course, you can also wake up to radio music on this model.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where do I buy my light alarm clock best?

Philips HF3520/01 Wake-Up Light (sunrise function, digital FM radio) whiteBoth in Retailers and in various Onlineshops you can buy different Alarm Clock. Advantage when buying in the local Retail is that you can possibly test the alarm clock here and see it in kind in front of you. In Internet however, the choice is usually clearly larger. Countless Onlineshops offer you a huge selection that you will hardly find in the local shop – hardly a product that you cannot buy online. If you have already decided on a special product, simply use a online price comparison, because the prices vary at the online shops sometimes considerably. Also one can acquire a light alarm clock here usually very much more cheaply than in the specialized trade locally. Of course, a purchase on Internet is absolutely safe; most shops are certified and do not share any of your personal data.

You can also usually choose from various Payment methods: Besides a convenient purchase on invoice most online shops also offer payment via prepayment, via Philips Living Colors Iris, energy saving LED technology with 10 watts, 16 million colors, with remote control, clear 7099960PH [energy class A]credit card or per cash on delivery on. You can also pay online via your Paypal account. Even a purchase on Rates is no problem for many online shops. If you choose an expensive alarm light, you can make good use of this option. Another option that is only available to you on Internet is to purchase a used light alarm. Ebay or other Auction portals are in this case especially interesting for you . At these you can buy used light alarm clock at especially fair prices.

A right of withdrawal of 14 days is available at all shops on the Internet. If you are not satisfied with the product to 100 percent, you can return it free of charge to . The statutory warranty period of ztwo years is also available for all products purchased online.

Last but not least, a not inconsiderable advantage when buying on Internet, is that you can shop around the clock. The World Wide Web is available to you on seven days a week; you are not dependent on the opening hours of a business. You also save driving time to retail – you save time and also money for the fuel. Traffic jams and the eternal search for a parking space are therefore no longer topics. Dealers in the Internet however deliver the goods direct to your door; some suppliers even completely free shipping.

Things to Know & Advisor

The Story of the Light Alarm

alarm light are a quite young invention. While the first models available in commerce models usually had cylindrical form and were operated with halogen lamps, modern light alarm clocks usually use LEDs. One of the first manufacturers of light alarms was Davita; already in year 2011 the popular model “Vitaclock Premium” came onto the market. After all 60 LEDs reach with this light alarm clock a Luxnumber of 3.000 Lux – a remarkable Performance.

Without any problems you can use this light alarm clock as reading lamp and even set it individually. All Settings are made via a well readable Display, whereby also the Brightness of the display itself individually can be controlled. As color for the background both green and orange are available. This alarm light not only helps you to gently awaken, also a sleep function is integrated. These can be set between ten and 60 minutes.

In the Philips finally followed and brought three popular light alarm clock on the market. All these light alarm clocks did not only have exchangeable lamps, but also different alarm tones and a UKW Radio. In the meantime these exchange models are available and in the trade only occasionally. Of course, there are corresponding successor models, that score with a improved brightness, a lower power consumption and thanks to LED luminaires of a significantly higher lifetime. Last but not least, these current alarm lights from the House Philips are so popular because they offer numerous natural sounds as alarm signals. Among other things you can be woken up by piano music, by alpine sounds or a crowing cock.

But how did the idea that light alarm clock? The principle originates – one will hardly believe it – from the poultry breeding. It was recognized early on that the day- and night rhythm could be controlled by broiler chickens with a supply of light. By controlling the chickens specifically with light, one could influence not only their sleep, but also their intake of food at the same time. So they gained weight fast if possible. What worked in broiler chickens should be possible in humans, too, they said, and wanted to influence the light quality of sleep. Today, light alarm clocks are more popular than ever and can be found in numerous German households.

Figures, data, facts about the light alarm clock

Which numbers and facts are significant if one speaks of an alarm light? First of all, the light intensity is decisive for a alarm light. This is given in Lux; a good alarm light should have at least 300 Lux.

This luminosity is required to awaken a person. For so-called light therapy devices, on the other hand, such as those used for control of skin diseases or winter depression, higher light intensity is required. 2.500 Lux here are the minimum; high-performance models even bring it up to 10.000 Lux.

If one speaks of numbers in connection with an alarm light, the price is surely also interesting. Here the differences are partly considerable; from the favorable model for 40 Euro up to the sophisticated device for 200 Euro something is available for every taste in the trade. not is always most expensive model also the best; decide according to your personal preferences which additional functions you actually need, because these ultimately determine the price. additional functions, which drive the price mostly a bit into the height are among others:

  • several wake-up times can be stored
  • integrated radio
  • Sleep function
  • Colour change
  • Sleeping aid
  • Use also as reading light

Help for sleep disorders and winter depression?

Who healthy sleep usually experiences three different sleep phases, the deep sleep phase, the light sleep and the dream sleep. During sleep, our body not only processes the daily experiences, but also regenerates the entire body. Those who regular and good sleep live longer, as statistics prove. Six hours Sleep in one go is minimum for an adult; infants whereas sleep up to 16 hours per day. However, many of us know sleep disorders. Above all, falling asleep is difficult for many people; for example because problems burden them.

However, if these sleep disorders persist for several months, they should be clarified by a doctor. lack of sleep may not only cause the inner clock to lose its balance, but also cardiovascular problems and chronic articular complaints are not least due to lack of sleep. Who suffers from sleep problems, should decide for a light alarm clock with twilight function, which helps particularly well with sleep.

The days shorter becoming days in winter cause the body to produce too little serotonin and cortisol; the sleep hormone melatonin, on the other hand, is increasingly released. This can lead to so-called winter depression in some people. If one suffers from this, one is not only particularly tired, but under certain circumstances even exposed to extreme mood swings. With such a winter depression, a light alarm clock can be helpful, but many doctors also prescribe a light therapy.

Useful accessories

Much Accessories for light alarm clock is available in stores not, but you can benefit from various additional functions.

A security function, such as those provided by Lumie's light alarm clocks, is intended to deter burglars and is particularly useful if you are frequently away for a longer period of time. Then you can adjust the lamp so that it turns on automatically at irregular intervals.

The read function is given if the device has at least 300 Lux. In this case, you can also use your light alarm clock as a bedside lamp at the same time.

If you like to make yourself comfortable with your partner in the evening, you should decide for a light alarm clock, which is equipped with different colors. Both the Medisana WL 450 Light Alarm Clock and the Pure Twilight emit different color tones; they can be relaxing and calming or stimulating. Also this atmosphere light is a great alternative to the conventional lamp. especially in the dark autumn and winter months.

If you not only like to be woken up by radio music, but also like to listen to radio during the day, you should pay attention to a separate radio function when buying. The alarm light test showed that almost all models have an integrated radio. Only the sound quality was quite different.

In our light alarm clock test we especially liked the slumber function very well. This allows you to stay in bed for a few more minutes before you have to get up. When you press the Snooze button, the alarm is turned off. On most models in the light alarm test, the light remained switched on – so you can safely sleep on for a few more minutes.

A twilight function is suitable for all those who have problems falling asleep in the evening. While the light alarm clock in the morning gradually increases the light intensity, it is gradually attenuated in the evening. Thus the sunset is simulated and the body can fall asleep according to its natural rhythm.

Alternatives to the Light Alarm Clock

Similar to an alarm light, light therapy works. This is often prescribed for winter depression; unlike the alarm light, light therapy is a scientifically recognized method. The patient is exposed several times a week for about 30 minutes special light sources which are based on the natural sunlight. At least 2,500 lux are necessary to trigger transmitters in the brain that drive away winter depression. In order to increase the effect of light therapy , the use of a light alarm is highly recommended.

A further alternative to the alarm light is the light shower. This medical therapy device, which is also called light therapy lamp, is also particularly frequently used in winter depression. These lamps also have at least 2,500 lux and are provided with a protective layer that allows sufficient UV light to pass through. During treatment you sit about 60 to 110 centimeters away from the lamp. This therapy is best carried out early in the morning, since an evening light therapy under circumstances could disturb sleep. The success rate for winter depression has been shown to be twice as high in the evening as in the morning. Please note the recommended application duration of a light therapy device: If it has 10,000 lux, one half hour per day is sufficient, for a device with 2,500 lux however, you should spend at least two hours in front of the light every day.

The light therapy as alternative to the light alarm can be used however not only with depressions sensibly, also against acne this can help. Almost everyone adolescents aged between twelve and 18 yearsn suffers from acne. For some, the complaints are so bad that they need medical attention. Often in this case a light therapy is prescribed; during this the positive effect of the UV light is used. In particular, a combination of the blue and the red wave range is supposed to have positive effects on the unloved pimples and knives. Blue light stimulates the formation of oxygen in the skin pores and has an antibacterial effect at the same time. The red light on the other hand promotes circulation and thus wound healing. Already after two to four weeks one can notice a clear improvement of the skin appearance.

The Isotronic Happy Eyes Sunshine Simulator is a particularly recommendable device for light therapy for household use. With a maximum output of 10,000 Lux a light deficiency can be effectively combated with this. The device weighs only 2.4 kilogram and can therefore be easily mounted on the wall.

A clear purchase recommendation also gets the Elta light therapy device “HL 100”. Since this is up to 10,000 Lux strong, daily 30 minutes are sufficient to get a sufficient dose of light. If you suffer from winter depression, you can easily combat it with the Elta light therapy device; the lamp is also excellent for prevention.

Another alternative to the alarm light is the sleep phase alarm clock. Such a device, also referred to as sleeptracker, recognizes the individual sleep phases and wakes up its user during a light phase. This may be a few minutes before the actual wake-up time, but you will feel much more rested and relaxed.

Most of these sleep trackers determine the sleep phases on the basis of movement activity; in the light sleep phase you roll back and forth in bed significantly more frequently and change your sleep position. A few models also measure brain activity, which also indicate the respective sleep phase. Since this is only possible by means of electrodes, these sleep phase alarm clock are somewhat more complicated.

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Do you also belong to those people who only heavy come from bed and turn off the alarm again for five minutes? Then a light alarm clock, also called daylight clock could help you to get up relaxed, especially in the dark autumn and winter months. Even if you work in shifts and your day- and night rhythm is constantly out of balance, a alarm light is certainly a successful purchase.

Gone are the times, when you are ripped from sleep with a sudden awakening sound. Rather, you will be woken up with a light alarm clock with a gentle and steadily brightening light as you know it from the sun. But even if you suffer from sleep problems in the evening, a light alarm clock could help you. In this case, you should choose a model that mimics the sunset in the evening.

Simply set it to the desired interval and slumber down with a continuously darkening illumination. sleeping pills belong to the past; try just once try it out!

Even if you suffer from seasonal depressions, a light alarm can help. In this case, a light therapy device is also recommended. Just one session of half hour a day gives you the necessary energy, you get in the summer months from the sun. Just browse a little in Internet and you will find with Security also the right one for you suitable Model!

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