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Best Lawn Seeds 2019 • 0 Lawn Seeds Reviews

What are lawn seeds?

Turf is not equal to lawn. Rather, it is always clear how important it is to choose the right lawn seed right from the start. Because this is the basis for the fact that you will soon be able to walk over a wonderfully rich green, robust and evenly growing “carpet” in your home garden or set up your garden set on it.
In the course of time many different lawn seed products have established themselves on the market, so it is worthwhile to take a close look. Anyone who believes that a blade of grass is nothing more than a weed that you only have to cut with a lawn mower from time to time to keep it in shape and have a beautiful garden area in the process is mistaken. Rather, each blade of grass is a very sensitive plant that needs continuous care throughout the year: not too much, but also not too little. And so today you can choose between different lawn seeds.

The most common seed mixture components are the well-known meadow rispe, the ostrich grass, the classic red fescue, which has been used for many years, and last but not least the grazing grass, which is found in large parts of Germany. Depending on the desired condition of the lawn or its intended use, the proportion of the said Turf varieties can vary in order to benefit from the corresponding advantages, so that you can enjoy the lawn for as long as possible.

It doesn't always have to be expensive, but…

Unfortunately, particularly inexpensive products are all too often lawn seed mixtures to which often enough cheap lawn is added.

This is characterized by the fact that it is mainly used as cattle feed because it contains a lot of nutrients.

However it also grows very easily , it becomes beautiful green, but it is “only” a wild grass, which will overgrow the remaining, mostly only in small quantities contained, high-quality lawn seeds.

Last but not least, in the lawn seed mixtures it often turns out only a few weeks after sowing that some of the varieties contained do not “compatible” with each other.

This can be shown, for example, by the fact that certain seeds do not even attack because other varieties secrete certain biological substances that the adjacent seeds literally cannot “smell“.

Or there are varieties in the mixtures , some of which are not suitable either for sowing in shady places and others not for sowing in sunny places .

Especially low-priced products are unfortunately all too often lawn seed mixtures to which often enough cheap lawn is added.

What types of lawn seeds or lawn varieties are there?

Of course the well-assorted Onlinefachhandel meanwhile numerous lawn seed products are ready, which are even especially on the individual requirements of the consumers as well as on the respective local conditions “cut only ten“. This means that there are lawn varieties that are specially designed for shady areas, which require little sunlight to grow well and vigorously.

In addition, you will find lawn varieties , which are mainly sown on sun-flooded outdoor areas without withering prematurely or turning brown .

In general, the higher-quality lawn seed species are characterised by slower growth on the one hand, but on the other hand by dense and above all uniform growth. Equally important in this context is the fact that the often more expensive lawn seeds also score with better tread resistance.

English or robust?

Robust and particularly hard-wearing lawn varieties are offered which are particularly suitable for sowing on playgrounds, on lawns which are frequently frequented by children or athletes.

Although such varieties are comparatively costly to buy, the seedlings prove to be extremely robust , so that the adult blades of grass do not give up so easily the spirit “, if they are once too strained.

In addition, lawn seeds are to be found mainly in castle gardens, parks or other ornamental lawns. The shape of the individual stalks is particularly attractive and differs considerably from the “average lawn”.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that this so-called English lawn is extremely sensitive and that it also requires a lot of care and regular, specific fertilisation. In addition, a certain amount of sun rays must “arrive” per year on English lawns, but not too much, as excess sunlight could also lead to withering of the sensitive half of the grass. As beautiful and high-quality as the lawn seeds of the English lawn are, it is complicated for consumers without the well-known “green thumb” to retain pleasure in this specific green area for a long time.

So we tested lawn seeds

In order for the consumer to have it as easy as possible after the purchase of lawn seeds and for the new lawn area to be sewn on as efficiently as possible, lawn seeds of various types were inspected with a view to the following criteria:

  • Quantity ratio for lawn seed mixtures
Experienced experts know that the proportion of high-quality lawn varieties in inferior lawn seed mixtures is relatively low.
But qualitatively “questionable” varieties contain a quite high proportion of forage grass or even weeds, which are characterised by very rapid growth, but which, for example, only tolerate regular maintenance or lawn mowing to a very limited extent.

Thus it turns out again and again in the tests that even higher-quality, but mostly slow-growing lawn varieties are included in the products, but that these are literally “ subjugated” due to the often over-rapid growth of the comparatively thick blades of grass. Thus, inferior lawn seed varieties have two considerable disadvantages: the inferior lawn seeds grow very quickly, they thrive abundantly and thus easily cover the slower lawn varieties, but they are lost after regular lawn mowing. With the consequence that the overgrown, higher quality lawn seeds only grow back very sparsely and the overused or mown forage grass blades die off, so that sometimes huge holes occur in the lawn.

  • Maintenance effort

In most cases, the aim is to obtain an attractive, treadable and densely overgrown lawn within a certain period of time , which also scores with relatively low maintenance effort. It is therefore important to have the intended use in mind right from the start so that you can enjoy your lawn for as long as possible. Accordingly, an adequate labelling of the varieties as well as a meaningful description of handling and care is important. In the product tests, therefore, great importance was attached to these aspects.

  • Rename of the provider
Why should one decide for Billiganbieter, with which the purchase of lawn seeds in the end nevertheless with a not insignificant additional financial expenditure can go along, if one can rely on famous manufacturing companies >?

The experience values, the know-how as well as the existing products on the market from renowned suppliers have therefore been particularly scrutinized by Tester.

  • Price

Certainly, many consumers would like a product that scores with a attractive price/performance ratio and at the same time convinces with good quality. Not all suppliers have anything to offer in this context, but in our product reports you can find out which manufacturers score points with which lawn seed products due to their particular consumer orientation.

What do I have to look out for when buying lawn seeds?

When it comes to buying lawn seeds , you should not opt for “somewhere” mix from the hardware store.

Certainly products from the DIY store or from the petrol station score points frequently also by the fact that they are particularly inexpensive in the acquisition. However, it is always apparent that cheap variants in particular will sooner or later be associated with considerable follow-up costs.

With regard to this it is mentioned that the Turf does not grow properly or is not hard-wearing enough, so that lawn seeds have to be bought and the bald areas in the lawn have to be additionally reworked. Furthermore, with cheap varieties it is often noticeable that a strong moss or weed growth occurs in the lawn area after only a few weeks, so that it is again necessary to give out new lawn seeds or even to give a “new” face by scarifying or similar time- and nerve-racking activities of the area.

In this respect, we recommend that when buying lawn seeds, you make sure that do not choose the cheapest product, but rather that you first focus on the intended use. Would you like to green a particularly sunny place or is the area rather shady? Will the lawn be frequented a lot later or is it only used for decoration? In accordance with these and other aspects, you should make a preselection at the time of purchase.

consider various factors

How much care do you want or can you invest?

If you choose a lawn that is as easy to care for as possible >strong, pay attention to robuste varieties, which can, however, be a little more expensive to buy.

In general, ornamental lawns, such as the classic English lawn are particularly expensive – and at the same time extremely maintenance-intensive.

The stalks are very thin and therefore also very sensitive to excessive fertilizing, sun rays, too much rainwater etc., but in the opinion of particularly demanding (hobby) gardeners they also look a lot more attractive than solid, classic lawn seeds, from whose roots sometimes even several stalks sprout at the same time.

How often do you plan to mow the lawn and what about the soil conditions?

In our product reports you can find out, which lawn seed is best suited for your purposes .

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Compo
  • Wolf Garden
  • Dehner
  • Eurograss
  • Barenbrug
The company Compo has been on the market since 1956 and has been convincing the discerning (hobby) botanist for many years with its ever new, very high-quality and at the same time very attractively priced garden products of all kinds. From potting soil to garden tools to lawn seeds, Compo has just about everything to make the gardener's heart beat faster. In its early days, the company was primarily active throughout Germany, but today its products are available in many countries around the world.
No matter whether you want garden tools, tools for botanists or lawn seeds: For many years, the German company Wolf-Garten has stood for very good product quality and a remarkable price-performance ratio. Time and again it has been shown that the manufacturer can even compete on an international scale when it comes to the quality and innovative nature of its products.
In 1947, Georg and Albertine Weber certainly had no idea that the founding of their company Dehner in Rhein am Lech would be so successful. The Dehner product portfolio has established itself as a very comprehensive range from then until today, making Dehner Europe's largest garden centre chain today. Today, the company has well over 1,100 branches employing a total of around 5,000 people.
Eurograss has much more to offer than just high-quality lawn seed mixtures. Of course, it is now one of the three leading producers worldwide when it comes to lawn seeds, but there is still something in focus: Eurograss is also highly committed to the fight against the illegal lawn seed trade, in which the Breeders Trust Organisation plays an important role.
Barenbrug, headquartered in Luxembourg, has made a name for itself as an international supplier of lawn seeds, fodder plants and legumes. The product variety is remarkable, the services are extremely comprehensive and the price-performance ratio of this group, which has been growing for over 100 years, is also impressive.

Turf seed test of the NDR

In this slightly older lawn seed test of the NDR lawn seeds are explained understandably. You can see how fast the meadow gets holes if the lawn seed mixture contains not only breeding lawn but also feed lawn. The lawn seed expert recommends lawn seeds with the seal RSM 2.3. for utility and play lawns and explains why the standardized standard seed mixture causes the least work.

Internet vs. specialised trade: Where is the best place to buy lawn seeds?

For the inexperienced consumer it is sometimes difficult to find the right lawn seed right away, which is also characterized in the long run by a good price-performance ratio or good quality.

The selection in the Internet is truly impressive large, and exactly that makes it for “Otto normal consumer” and “Lieschen Muelleroften not evenly simply, lawn seeds to find, which become fair the individual requirements as well as above all the conditions in the domestic garden.

A sound consulting is indispensable under these conditions, and as experience has shown time and again, the local retail trade can certainly be seen in this respect. Provided that there are adequate localities in the direct vicinity of the consumer, which score points due to a large variety, attractive prices and good service.

Levder is that not in every city so. In view of the often high costs that retailers have to bear, for example for rent, warehousing, product presentation, personnel, etc., they are forced to pass these financial expenses on to their customers on a pro rata basis. This means that the purchase price for lawn seeds can sometimes increase considerably.

Quite different from the case on the Internet, because most Online providers, which do not have local shops on top of that, can buy huge quantities of products, which in the end has a positive effect on the total price. Accordingly the cost-conscious customer benefits from a not infrequently considerable price saving when buying lawn seeds.

Often accept high costs

Another aspect from the point of view of the retail trade are the often very high personnel costs. This is one reason why many local providers feel compelled to hire employees who are as inexpensive as possible and who do not have the competence that one would expect from trained specialists. Also
many employees who are employed in the retail trade for a comparatively low salary are not always particularly well in terms of motivation and willingness to perform.

Therefore it is from the customer's point of view often difficult to profit from a really competent and also friendly consultation.

This means that online trading has a clear advantage . In fact, many consumers continue to be surprised by the fact that e-commerce is increasingly offering very good advice. Surely this cannot always be done personally for understandable reasons. Unless the dealers in question have showrooms or their own local shops which could be visited if necessary. If not, there is usually the option to benefit directly from Online-Chat from a free consultation – or you can contact the friendly support via a hotline number which is often free of charge. In any case, Internet retailing scores points through a number of positive aspects from which quality and cost-conscious consumers benefit. This is also the case, incidentally, when it comes to processing possible returns.

If something does not agree at first go – for whatever reason – the ordered products can be returned within a certain period – depending on the supplier – even free of charge or can even be picked up by a parcel carrier at the front door . The fact that the exchange or a replacement delivery, if desired, also takes place promptly often turns out in the context of extensive supplier tests.

Things to know and advice

The History of Lawn Seeds

Green forests and meadows have always existed. Most of the time, however, the pastures were “saturated” of long blades of grass blowing back and forth in the wind – and sometimes making it difficult for the hiker to walk through them.

Also in private gardens or groves it was often wild growing grass that lined the paths or greened the areas. For many years, this uncontrolled growth was part of the landscape as well as the gardens of the people.

Whoever had huge estates could usually also look at uncontrolled grass moving back and forth with the wind.

It was only when the rulers of the time wanted to boast of the splendour of their castles and palaces and make an impression on their aristocratic and ruling circles that it slowly became fashionable for not only the rulers and their families to dress in the most expensive robes, and that the rooms were decorated by heavy curtains and thick carpets, but the focus was put in the course of the centuries more and more also on the as splendid as possible design of the outside facilities .

The creativity was impressive

This meant that the meadows and pastures as well as sometimes entire forest areas were cleared and transformed into impressive park and garden landscapes.

Columns were erected, garden and manor houses were built, beautiful gardens and flower beds were created, whereby the focus was always on the most attractive and high quality of the green areas .

And it was just these green lawn areas that made it difficult for the gardeners, who henceforth also belonged to the staff of the rich and powerful, to do so.

Because again and again it turned out that lawns lasted only a short time, that they quickly turned brown or perforated, or that weeds, moss or even thistles formed in the beautiful lawns.

In this respect, there were literally growing challenges, and there were virtually no limits to the creativity of the gardeners and the park guards. Anyone who was able to present the most beautiful gardens and lawns was particularly highly regarded in the so-called better society or was particularly admired for the botanical arts.

The performance pressure, to which the gardeners were also exposed at the time, was correspondingly high.

It was therefore only a matter of time before individually conceived lawn seed variations established themselves over the years , which were able to adapt optimally to the respective local conditions.

The experts developed lawn seeds for particularly dry areas, then again they put together products for rather shady areas, for the flat land, but also for the greening of mountain slopes or groves, in the course of time they constantly developed new products.

Even today still the industry with growing commitment is busy to constantly design new innovations in order to further develop the quality of lawn seeds.

Numbers, data, facts about lawn seeds

Depending on the quality, a kilogram of lawn seed can cost between two and 10 euros. However, it is essential to pay attention to the intended area of use.

If a high-quality, densely growing lawn seed is desired, the discerning customer will have to dig deeper into his pocket.

Anyone who by the way is of the opinion that one could also buy lawn seeds for the so-called English lawn is mistaken.

There is no such lawn variety.

Rather, only the lawns are given this special designation, which is characterised by its extraordinarily beautiful, uniform, uniform and densely overgrown texture.

The proportion of moss, weeds and co. in an English lawn is of course 0 percent, although it may take up to 10 years for a lawn area to meet these high standards.

Daily care, precisely fitting fertilizing and watering as well as trimming with specially designed machines is one of the prerequisites to succeed in becoming the proud owner of an English lawn one day – even if only for a certain period of time.

The mixture makes it

Be that as it may: The proportion of lawn seeds with the most varied characteristics of common lawn seeds can vary – depending on the desired field of application of the lawn.

German pasture grass is a very coveted and frequently sown lawn variety, which prefers milder climatic regions and can endure temperatures of up to minus 18 degrees Celsius.

German pasture grass scores with a high tread resistance , it grows back very quickly and is ideal for use on sports turf or also for moderately frequented decorative turf.

If you decide on a lawn seed product of about ten kilograms , you can assume that with a sowing rate of 25 to 30 grams per square meter an area of between 300 and 400 square meters can be sown.

If the desired lawn type is an average frequented area, then the following mixing ratio has proved to be very promising: For a
normal lawn in the domestic garden one uses mostly lawn seed mixtures, which contain approximately 70 to 80 per cent German pasture grass and are enriched by approximately 10 per cent red fescue.

In this respect however is to be considered, which also gives many further subspecies with the pasture grass as well as with the red fescue etc., which are characterised likewise by certain advantages, in addition, occasionally by certain disadvantages.
  • Trends in the field of lawn seeds

The ideal conditions for sowing lawn seeds are soil temperatures of around 10 degrees Celsius and ambient air temperature between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius.

As a rule, > should not be sown if one of the two temperature settings is below 10 degrees Celsius. The trend is clearly towards tread-resistant, densely overgrown and, above all, weed-free lawns.

That this, however, cannot be achieved with a special lawn seed alone >, should be understandable even for the inexperienced hobby botanist.

Basically the breeding of the “Traumrasens” is connected with a very high expenditure of time as well as with much work and high commitment.

If, in addition, the quality of the lawn seed leaves nothing to be desired, the best conditions for a “trendigen” lawn are as good as given. Indeed, rich green lawns that are not too tall and are characterised by narrow blades of grass are very popular at the moment.

This means that many consumers consciously opt for lawn seeds with at least 3 percent willow panicles .

This variety can be recognized by its long and light green stalks on the one hand, and by its robust and solid growth on the other hand.

Although this type of lawn initially growth is a little slow, it still scores by benefiting from long-lasting and healthy lawn growth and a beautiful, rich green and dense surface. Even frequent entering or even playing is almost no problem for this species.

  • Robust and beautiful at the same time
Considering that it is especially the inferior varieties that are used, for example, as feed, which are characterized by multiple root growth, and that they also stand out due to their rapid growth, it is obvious that the industry has long been interested in filtering out these advantages and combining them with less fast-growing lawn varieties.

And so in fact to this day a special lawn variety has established itself on the market, which distinguishes itself by these very advantages, but which at the same time is not averse to regular care. Therefore, it does not harm to cut this innovative trend variety at certain intervals, without, as has been the case with classic feed varieties so far, forming larger holes in the lawn over time. Although this new type of lawn is a little more expensive, it is well worth buying this product.

  • Seed grass correctly
The quality of lawn seeds can be of high quality and solid: There are always many other aspects to consider which have a promising effect on the long-term, hopefully healthy growth.

In this context it is therefore essential to buy lawn seeds which optimally correspond to the local conditions as well as the condition of the soil and which also fully meet the intended purpose of use. It should be borne in mind, for example, that there are lawn seed varieties which are only suitable for the lowland regions, while other varieties are designed primarily for sowing on hands and in hilly landscapes. If possible, lawn seeds for shady soils should not be sown in sunny regions – and vice versa.

  • The right timing is crucial
At which point in time the lawn seed is sown best, is at first rather secondary. Provided that the temperatures meet the requirements of the product – ideally the floor temperature is not less than 10 degrees Celsius and the ambient temperature should be at a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius – good conditions are already given.
The autumn and spring, unlike winter and summer, prove to be particularly suitable for sowing seeds.

However, before you can start sowing, it is necessary to to surround the soil in the garden over the entire planned lawn area .

All foreign objects such as stones, pieces of wood etc. are too to be removed.

After this quite laborious work, the soil must be smoothed and then reworked with a wide rake.

If the soil is too dry, it is worth distributing evenly and not too much water over the surface. Depending on the nature of the lawn seed, it is advisable to spread fertilizer in order to provide the seed with an ideal nutrient base.

After fertilizing the soil, it is recommended to wait one or two days until the fertilizer has spread evenly in the soil before sowing the lawn seed.

If necessary, the seed can be additionally distributed with a wide rake, whereby it makes sense to press the small granules a little bit . In this way you prevent birds from using them as food or from being blown away by the wind. Repeated watering supports the lowering of the grains in the soil and also helps to set the germination process in motion.

Tip: If you think you can still use old seeds, you're wrong. The rule of thumb is that lawn seeds should not be older than two years in order to ensure optimum germination.

10 Tips for optimal lawn care

    1. The probably most important and therefore “goldene” rule with a view to a contemporary or optimal care of the lawn is the need-based selection of the suitable lawn seed. If you decide to use an ornamental lawn on a planned children's playground or a sports field, failure is virtually guaranteed right from the start. The fact is that an ornamental turf never has the robustness that a durable sports turf has. It is therefore indispensable to find out which product is best suited for which area from our lawn seed product reports prior to purchasing lawn seeds.
    2. Regular care is important. In this respect, the first step is to mow the lawn at the right time. The shorter the distances, the stronger and greener the lawn becomes. It is advisable to make the first cut in March as soon as the first rays of sunshine can be seen in the sky, which are responsible for the growth of the stalks. Do not cut the stalks to any length, but at least one third of the total stalk length should be. However, this can vary with ornamental lawns: Here it is ideally about three centimeters. For sports turf, it may be 6 centimetres, but it is imperative that you also take a look at the condition of the ground and the moisture level.
    3. Do not mow the grass when it is wet. Because the fact is that the individual blades of grass could take additional damage through wetness. In addition, it has been proven that wet grass is always sticky, can stick to it and that the risk of a possible fungal attack could increase as a result. You should also avoid mowing the lawn at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Excessive exposure of the cut grass to the sun will stress the stalks and can lead to dehydration.
    4. Many hobby gardeners are of the opinion that frequent scarifying is the basis for a beautiful, healthy lawn. However, the opposite is the case. Scarry the lawn if possible only if moss or lichen has actually formed at one point or the other. Scarifying means stress for the lawn and should therefore really only be done if there is no other way to control the weeds.
    5. Through the targeted administration of lime you prevent the development of diseases and fungal infestation. On the other hand, too frequent calcification of the soil could have a long-term adverse effect on the nutrient content , which could possibly lead to a decline in lawn growth.
    6. Do not fertilize too often – with a view to permanently healthy growth. Even if, in the opinion of discerning gardeners, it may seem tempting, too much nutrient can turn into the opposite and affect the health of the lawn. When fertilizing, also make sure that you do not apply fertilizer at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius under any circumstances. The sun's rays reaching the earth, in combination with the nitrites contained in the fertilizer, could literally cause the stalks to burn in the sun. If you fertilize, it is best to do so only if you give in new lawn seeds before you give in and just before the first frost. This strengthens the roots of the lawn and makes it fit for “hibernation”.
    7. When the first frost is there, it is a good idea not to walk on the lawn. Even if it may seem strange at first glance, this caution is well justified. Frost freezes the water contained in the blades of grass. The stalks become brittle and lose their elasticity immediately. If you were to enter the lawn at frosty temperatures, the sensitive stalks could break off particularly easily.
    8. It was previously believed that just before the hibernation period it was no harm to simply leave the foliage that had fallen from the trees onto the lawn. This is because the soil or lawn area benefits from an additional warming layer. So far, so bad. Rather it is to be paid attention that the foliage should be removed absolutely before the first snowfall with the rake. Finally bacteria and sometimes even viruses are on many sheets, which could cause a mold infestation in the worst case. The death sentence for the perhaps still young lawn.
    9. Avoid playing on or walking on the lawn before mowing. Only the most necessary steps should be taken before mowing to prevent the stalks from buckling and thus from being trimmed evenly by the cut surfaces on the lawnmower.

Only the most necessary steps should be taken before mowing to prevent the stalks from buckling.

  1. Aproximately 15 to 20 litres of water per square metre per week are sufficient to ensure adequate irrigation. Make sure that the lawn is watered as regularly as possible.

Useful accessories

  • Foliage baskets

In principle, it is advisable to release the lawn from leaves, stones or other residues from time to time. This makes it easier for the stalks to “breathe” and thus grow more freely. All in all, leaf baskets positioned at a certain corner near the lawn are an advantage for collecting this type of waste.

  • Calculation

A rake always proves to be a helpful accessory to free the lawn of leaves, stones and the like at regular intervals. In this respect it makes sense to always have a rake at hand in the garage or cellar.

  • Hand cutting device

If you want to make a lawn as decorative and even as possible, the use of a lawn mower is by no means enough . Rather, it is worth using a specially designed hand cutting device to remove individual blades of grass if necessary. This will give you an even overall picture and over time you will have a moss and weed free lawn that can literally be seen.

Alternatives to lawn seeds

  • The wild herb meadow

True to the motto: “Back to the roots“, many garden owners like to go over to instead of a lawn.
to give preference to a wild growing flower meadow
and to let the home garden become something very special. Surely such a wild meadow, which you almost never have to take care of anymore or only have to prune “bending” from time to time, doesn't really look professional.

Also the high requirement, which many consumers place to a English lawn , becomes such a meadow in no way fair, however it is a genuine plus for nature friends, who attach importance to the regular attendance of bees, butterflies and other Getier in the domestic garden.

  • Stone slabs or asphalt in the garden

An unused area does not always have to be converted into a lawn, but according to taste it can make sense to lay paths of decorative stone slabs or to lay entire areas with stones. Here it depends entirely on the manual skill as well as on the available surface in the garden. There are virtually no limits to creativity.

  • Beete instead of lawn

Who would like to do without a lawn and looks for a stylish alternative to it, that is well advised with handsome put on flower or vegetable beds . Here it is worthwhile to find out in advance which flowers and plants best meet your personal needs and requirements.

  • A beautiful terrace

The creation of a terrace is an ideal way to create a lawn . Provided that the appropriate materials are available and the motivation is given to beautify and sustainably change the outdoor area through laborious construction work, a terrace is a wonderful alternative.

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