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Best Laser Printer 2019 • 0 Laser Printers Reviews

New developments in laser printers

Have you ever been more closely involved with the topic of laser printers and looked at the large selection of models and possibilities? Then you have no doubt already noticed that the models and techniques here have developed continuously over the past few years.

The manufacturers of the different brands and models contribute to this, but of course also the meanwhile very high and different demands of the users, who are looking for a new laser printer for use in their own four walls. Also in the laser printer test the new developments of the laser printer are used again and again and determine here among other things the picture.

The technology market is subject to strong fluctuations again and again and new technologies are almost part of the order of the day here. As a user, you can of course expect the majority of benefits from this, because thanks to this technology it is after all possible to use the modern laser printers today more efficiently than ever before in everyday life.

A new development in the field of laser printers should not only be very practical, but also make the numerous models and variants on the market known and interesting for a much broader and larger target group.

Brother HL-L2340DW Monochrome Laser PrinterFor it is a fact that so far most laser printers have been used in companies and business areas.

With the development of new models and techniques , the manufacturers now want to put an end to this point once and for all and make the models more interesting for the private sector. The result can not only be seen for some months in the shops or in the online shops, but can also be seen at the same time really well.

Thanks to modern technology and an intelligent solution, manufacturers have not only succeeded in making the models significantly smaller, but also lighter and more economical. Especially for the use in your own four walls, i.e. in a private environment, this point naturally plays a very important role and you should definitely include it in the selection of the new model.

But the manufacturers don't save on performance, because of course the laser printer test also takes a close look at the models for private use.

The performance leaves nothing to be desired and can at least compete with the good and high-quality models with the large and classic laser printers without any problems. As a customer, you do not have to make any compromises here and can rely completely on the extensive functionality.

Thanks to the latest developments, manufacturers have also been able to demonstrate success time and again in terms of efficiency and consumption costs. The result are particularly economical laser printers, which can score well with this strength both in the private and in the professional area and draw attention to themselves.

Because this not only saves you as a customer and user money on the one hand, but at the same time also relieves the environment and you can rely on an economical, efficient operation.

News about laser printers

There is always more or less exciting news and Nes from different areas. In the end the area of laser printers is no longer an exception, also here there are always news and novelties. In the following we would like to introduce you to the most exciting news and information about the laser printer, which should also play an important role in the laser printer test.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M281fdw Multifunction colour laser printer, laser printer (printing, scanning, copying, faxing, WLAN, LAN, duplex, airprint) weißIn general, the big manufacturers and well-known brands are also in the field of laser printers again and again and especially with new techniques and new models attract attention.

This has not changed in recent years, and it is unlikely to change in the near future. Another news, which deals mainly with the area of laser printers extensively, but refers to the type of use.

Until a few years ago, the modern laser printer with all its features and good performance was mainly used in a professional environment. So all the customers came from the business sector, for example from small and large companies.

But this has changed over time, and the target group of modern laser printers, how they are tested and compared in laser printers test again and again, is much bigger today than it was just a few years ago.

The reasons for this are manifold and have a lot to do with the use of printers in private environments. After all, the printer is an essential part of today's home and office life. The manufacturers and companies of the laser printers have of course recognized the demand for modern and reliable technology more and more in the past months and years and have of course taken advantage of it directly.

This results in special models and products that are optimized for use in a more private environment. This not only starts with the size, but also goes beyond the price. On the one hand, the models for the private sector are not only much smaller and lighter, they can also be stored safely and without problems in smaller rooms, but have also become much cheaper. Today, good models and variants are hardly more expensive than other techniques and variants, but they convince with all the other advantages that might be known from this area.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw Color Laser Printer (Printer, LAN, WLAN, Duplex, HP ePrint, Airprint, USB, 600 x 600 dpi) AppPrices from 60 Euro for the simple models and variants allow every user a cheap and easy entry into the world of modern laser printers. The Laserprinter Test shows again and again at regular intervals that the low price does not necessarily mean limitations in performance and functionality. Because in fact these models can convince in a Test and score here with a good performance.

By the way, the news and information from the area Laserprinter also concern the suitable and of course urgently needed accessories. First and foremost, of course, we are talking about cartridges and toners, thanks to which the operation of the laser printer is possible in the first place. The cartridges have been refilled for several years and then resold, this should no longer be news for most people. Until a few years and months ago, the situation was different for toners, which are used in laser printers.

However, this has changed considerably in modern times, because here, too, processes and techniques have become possible that make it possible to use the toner again, even if it is actually empty after use.

This has a clear advantage for the customer as well as for the user, because on the one hand the toners are of course much cheaper compared to buying a new model directly, on the other hand the sale of the reused models relieves the burden on the environment and you contribute a lot to the protection of the environment .

HP Color LaserJet Pro M281fdw Multifunction color laser printer, laser printer (print, scan, copy, fax, WLAN, LAN, Duplex, Airprint) white Test

Technology 2018

Always new models, always new technologies and always also new requirements, which are put by the users to the new technology, also the year 2018 will bring with security some innovations and technologies, from which you can profit as a customer on the market then gladly.

If you are looking for a new laser printer, but want to wait a few weeks or months to buy it, this year may be a good time. In the following we will show you the upcoming innovations in the field of laser printers, which you will soon be able to read in 2018 in laser printers test.

In 2018, manufacturers and companies from the exciting and extensive field of laser printers will continue to focus on intuitive and simple operation of all models and functions. This plays a particularly important role, because the laser printers are used more and more in the private environment.

To ensure that users are not overwhelmed with the application, the manufacturers have been developing new concepts and ideas for several months now, with which simple operation is ultimately really possible. A good step in the right direction is the use of practical and high-quality touchscreens. Because more and more, faxing and sending e-mails directly via the laser printer addresses and longer entries must be made so that the printer really works well and can perform its functions to the desired extent.

With a simple Touchscreen and the usual arrangement as the users know it from their smartphone or tablet, for example, the input of all desired information is completed with little effort and you can successfully complete your work on the laser printer. Even technical amateurs get along very well with the modern and good models, as the good ratings and the easy handling in the laserprinter test show clearly.

Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer (2400 x 600 dpi, USB 2.0) blackAnother important point, which plays an important role especially in today's society and thus also in the development of the laser printers in 2018, is the connectivity> in the year 2018, the inectivity in the year 2018.

Because more and more devices and more and more hardware has direct access to the Internet and to the local network, which of course simplifies the application and work enormously and ensures more time for productive work.

Here the modern and powerful laser printers are no longer an exception on the market and the manufacturers follow the call of the users for more connectivity.

Most printers today have a wireless interface for exactly this reason, so both a connection via network cable and via WLAN is no problem at all. However, the demands and wishes of users go a significant step further, and with the new technology in 2018, manufacturers are also responding to the clear wishes of users.

Among other things technics like Bluetooth and NFC are on board and you have the possibility to use even more hardware in the office or also in your own four walls efficiently.

What can the new laser printers do?

The modern laser printers are real all-rounders today. The selection of models on the market has not only grown over the past months and years, but also the technical possibilities and capabilities that each laser printer brings with it.

The days in which a modern laser printer was only capable of simple printing are long gone. The simplest variant still available on the market today is the so-called all-in-one laser printer. This offers not only the classical printing, but at least also a scanner or a copier. Since these functions are also needed more and more in everyday life today, this is certainly also a great advantage. Because all the same whether in the private or in the professional surrounding field, the modern laser printers enjoy a very large popularity and are to be found today in ever more households, where these come then also actually more or less regularly to the employment.

Just a few years ago it was also necessary to connect the new printer to the computer with a cable. Also the integration into the own network was actually until relatively short time only very complicated and with much expenditure possible. Today this looks quite different again, and the laser printer test shows this again and again more than impressive. Many models not only have a wireless interface, but can also be connected directly to the network via cable.

In this case, it is not even necessary to install additional software, because the model is usually available directly for all devices in the same network and can be used for the first time after a short setup.

It is also very easy to connect the new laser printer to the wireless network in your own environment. With most models, this even works directly via the printer, the modern software and the input via the built-in displays makes this possible with little effort.

Samsung Laserprinter - A printer that makes your smartphone even smarterYou just need the name for the desired network, your own password and the setup is completed and the connection to your own network is established without any cables. Today it can hardly be easier and faster and you as a user can save a lot of time and effort.

But the numerous and modern functions do not only extend to the possibilities for setup and connection, but also to the general features, which every modern laser printer of today offers and which are proven again and again in laser printer test.

Among other things these extend to the application when copying. Because while some months and years ago it was still necessary to place each sheet individually on the scanner in order to make a copy here.

Thanks to modern technology, however, this has also changed significantly and things are quite different here today. This is made possible by significantly faster techniques during the draw-in process. This is very important especially in the professional area, because often several documents have to be copied directly without wasting a lot of time. With every modern laser printer, ten pages and more are no longer a problem, they are simply fed in and a copy is done within a short time.

Every modern laser printer of the well-known manufacturers and brands offers many more functions today, as the laser printer test proves again and again and shows very clearly. Among other things, scanning documents and sending them directly by mail from the printer is no longer a problem, even sending them to different PCs or making them available in the network is no problem at all with the modern laser printer.

But of course it always depends a little bit on which model, which manufacturer and which variant you choose in the end, because here you can find some significant differences.


Software Updates

Today, every modern laser printer not only has practical functions and high-quality hardware, but also the corresponding software. Also with the laser printer it is, like with every PC or with every notebook, because without the suitable software not only in the laser printer test works, but also in the everyday life simply nothing more.

Usually all programs and the software for the simple and fast operation are pre-installed directly from the factory and the printer can then be used quickly and directly after the first start. Among other things, the software on and at the printer naturally ensures that all functions can be controlled and used without problems.

Samsung Laserprinter Triple MultifunctionalityThe software on the laserprinter and with this modern technology has become more and more important in recent years, because users expect significantly more functions and more and more performance from each printer, so that the models can meet all requirements in normal everyday life.

This starts with simple printing, through to scanning or copying. But the integration of modern technology into networks and the Internet also plays a significant role here, as to why the modern laser printer is increasingly dependent on modern software.

Because with the modern laser printer it is of course no longer only possible today to print the desired documents. Even scanning directly at the printer, including sending to the desired PC or notebook in your own network, is now very easy with a good and modern model and with just a few movements possible.

The software on the printer not only ensures that the functions can be used at all and function immediately, but also ensures simple and intuitive operation at the same time.

Of course, this is a must today, because it is no longer just the users in the professional environment and in offices who opt for the appropriate use of a laser printer in their own four walls.

In times when prices continue to fall and customers increasingly need a printer at home that offers many practical functions, more and more private users are opting to buy a corresponding variant. However, beginners and users who decide on a printer for the first time will have problems with the operation if the software is not designed to be simple and intuitive.

As already mentioned, each laser printer is equipped with software directly from the factory. Of course, these software or the system work the first time directly after the first switch on completely simple and fast, but of course the manufacturers are also anxious with the printer to keep the new laser printer always up to date. The practical software and system features can be extended by this on request.

And also in times, in which the printers have more and more access to the internet and the own network, the current software plays a very important role, because only with such a protection the necessary protection can be really guaranteed and the printer is available as desired with all functions.

And as the laser printer test proves, the printers work much better with the latest software and with this you can actually activate new functions and use the current functions much better. As a user of use of the laser printer, you should always ensure that the software used is up to date.

Many laser printers provide with an automatic function for the fact that the newest software is loaded if desired directly always if an appropriate update is available. In this case, of course, access to the Internet is necessary so that the software can be downloaded and installed. Alternatively, as a user, you are of course welcome to create your own software and you can download the new software from the Internet and then install it on the printer.

The laser printer test very quickly shows that this procedure can also be completed within a short time if desired and that the effort is kept within limits. You should check at regular intervals whether there is an appropriate update for your modern laser printer. Some manufacturers also offer customers the opportunity to register on the website in order to be kept up to date directly on new functions and offers.

The history of the laser printer

The american physicist Chester F. Carlson registered 1937 the electrophotography to the godfather and put with it the grunstone for up to today used laserprinter.

His aim was to develop a multiplication system based on the principle the electric charge, a multiplication system, commonly known today as photocopier.

The project initially met with little interest among the possible companies such as IBM or General Electric.

1950 the company Haloid starts with the marketing of the first dry copier. First successes lead to the renaming of the company to haloid Xerox and from 1961 to Xerox.

1959 is filed by Xerox the first color copier to patent.

1970 opens the now successful company Xerox the Palo Alto Research Center. The engineer Gary Starkweather employed there finally developed the first laser printer, based on the technical experiences of production of copiers.

The device worked according to the ROS principle (raster output scanner) and already delivered resolution of 500 dpi.

The acquisition cost for a so constructed laser printer was initially enormous high. So a device in the 60s and 70s cost between 100,000 and 350,000 US dollars.

1984 the company Hewlett-Packard is launching the first device that until today continued model series HP LaserJet. The unit has a introduction price of still 3,495 US dollars.

The greatest challenge and thus the decisive cost factor in the further development of technology, was the necessary modulation, so put simply, the on- and off, of the laser beam.

The initially exclusively available gas lasers enabled no high velocities and had to be supplemented by complex optical-mechanical components in order to enable the necessary modulation.

Only the Introduction of Diode lasers enabled uncomplicated fast Modulation.

Functional principle of a laser printer

Laser printers operate according to the principle the electrophotography.

A coating that is installed in a laser printer image drum, is charged electrostatically negatively.

Different methods are possible: a corona discharge, in which a wire generates high voltage or the use so-called charge rollers, which are themselves under high voltage and transfer these to the image drum.

By exposure with the laser beam the print image is now transferred to the image drum. Where this meets the drum, the negative charge is cancelled. The laser beam is deflected in grids from a rotating mirror (laser scanner) to the drum.

grayscale are achieved by halftoning, as well as simple color laser work to create the additional colors from the basic colors. With higher value color lasers the color image is generated by a graded discharge.

The image drum (also referred to as photoconductor) is introduced to the toner by rotation, which in turn is charged with a synthetic resin negative and thus adheres to the previously discharged locations of the photoconductor.

By a further turn now the toner is applied either directly to the paper to be printed or in an additional step on a transfer roll or a transfer ribbon and afterwards on the medium.
For modern colour lasers the described process for each of the four primary colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) takes place in four separate printing units, one after the other. The exact positioning of the paper is therefore essential for fault-free print image.

This design makes it possible to start the pressure of a second page already, if the first one passes through one of the following steps. This allows same print speeds at monochrome (b/w) and color printing.

Alternative work older printer models with a transfer ribbon, which is coated with one color and transfers it. Here the color toner is in a turret drum.

In another step the previously applied toner is fixed. Here the printed paper passes through a fixing unit, consisting of two rolls, coated with Teflon or silicone rubber. At least one of the two rolls can be heated to about 180°C.

Due to the temperature melts the toner and bonds stable with the paper. In order to avoid contamination of the fixing rollers by surplus toner, they are coated on the one hand and statically charged on the other hand, which repels the toner. Some models also work with cleaning rollers.

Alternative Fixing methods work with Pressure instead of High Temperatures. These Procedures are cost-intensive in their Prerequisites however and are only used with high-priced devices for professional use. The low necessary temperature enables pressure even on temperature sensitive media.

In the last step, a further rotating motion remaining toner is released from the image drum by means of so-called wiperblades. The dissolved toner is collected either in a separate container or in a part of the toner cartridge and disposed of individually or with replacement of the cartridge.

characteristics and distinguishing features

Laser printers are offered by different manufacturers in numerous models. Some basic printer types can be distinguished, which are aimed at the requirements different user groups. laser printer tests compare sinvoll before all things models of a construction type.

  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Color laser printer
  • Multifunction laser printer
Laser printers, that print only black/white or better in grayscale are commonly referred to as monochrome laser printers.

The limitation to the black-and-white print reduces the application possibilities of a laser printer clearly. These models are primarily designed for pressure of texts.

Of course, you can also print graphics with them, but they do without all visual possibilities a colored representation and reduce them to a grayscale.

It is generally assumed that this printer variant can be used wherever almost exclusively text is printed and placed on as low printing costs and high printing speeds value.

The commercial use is here classical in foreground. In general, the new acquisitions the number the monochrome laser tend to decline.

Until recently, color laser printers were hardly affordable for private users and as investment in office use a challenge. With last years prices falling significantly, this has changed fundamentally.

simpler models are now also affordable for private use, without having to do without the usual quality of laser technology.

Nevertheless, colour laser printers are still noticeably more expensive, than comparable inkjet printers, which is why, in the case of a planned purchase, the need and conditions should be weighed carefully.

Multifunction devices are offered as monochrome laser printers, as well as colour laser variants. The characteristic is the extension of the functionality, to which they owe the name all-in-one printer.

A multifunction laser printer is simultaneously printer, scanner, copier and in many cases fax machine. The additional functions justify the suitability of such a multifunction device for office use, because with it everyday work can be done.

Multifunction devices enjoy all printer variants in the last years greatest popularity, also in private use. So they rank first in distribution of printers in households.

However, in the case of purchase the multiple benefit must be weighed against higher purchase price and in the case of low-priced models the quality of the individual components in relation to pure laser printers.

So the presumption suggests that a multifunction device at price of a “only” printer, buys a more at functions with lower quality, for example the pure pressure component.

Technical details and features

Some features distinguish single models among laser printers and allow distinction within device class and between devices different variants.

These are on the one hand technical details, which result from the basic functions and influence them, on the other hand equipment features, which influence the function range and the operation.

Technical Details and Equipment are the key Rating criteria of a Laser printer test.

Output volume

A indication about the output volume gives primarily about it information, how long a laser printer needs for the print a page, mostly given in A4-Format,. grades in commercial use, with high numbers of pressure, the speed is a relevant factor.

The indication for the private user, on the other hand, is usually of secondary importance.

The lower limit is often one number of 16 pages per minute that a laser printer should at least achieve. Maximum speeds are significantly higher and allow 40 pages per minute and more.

However, the data are theoretical values, since the concrete page number depends on the type of pressure.

Due to technical basics of laser printing black-white- and colour printing here not differ significantly.

However, when it comes to print speed, it is not only print time per page that is important for a laser printer.

In addition the all models necessary warm-up phase should be considered. When sending a print job, a laser printer must first send a warm-up cycle.

After a print job the printer switches back to standby mode after short time. The duration this warm-up phase is an additional selection criterion, especially in commercial use of a laser printer.

Main memory

A print job is always transferred from a connected computer or other connected device to the printer. Whether this is done with transfer in one go depends on the size of the file to be printed and the size of the printer memory.

Is the file larger than the capacity of the printer memory, the print job will be processed step by step , the memory will be emptied and further data will be transferred to the printer. This extends the print time in doubt clearly.

Some Models offer the option, the memory afterwards to exchange or to complete.

Pressure resolution

The Manufacturer Resolution indicates how fine a printed image is. For a high-quality typeface it is sufficient for a laser printer already 600 x 600 dpi, thus 600 pixels per inch (2.54 cm) horizontal and vertical.

A variety on modern laser printers already offer resolutions from 1200 x 1200 dpi and beyond. With this also the expression of detailed graphics is no problem.

Paper sizes

Standard laser printers are designed for printing of suitable paper in DIN A4 format. Some models are additionally suitable for the A3 format. Depending on model you will also find devices,which enable or simplify printing of special formats, like envelopes,.

Besides the supported Format also the Art of the Feed is of importance for many users of . Most models have a paper cassette, that hold larger quantities of paper, allowing longer operation without refill.

professionals office-lasers often offer several such paper cassettes, which can be controlled separately and thus enable uninterrupted expression on different paper.

Few smaller models work with a rear, open feed, in which paper is held standing in smaller quantity. In addition, models with paper cassette usually have a so-called multifunction feeder, which also enables feeding of special paper formats or alternative media.

Power consumption

The factor power consumption moves ahead of the known costs for consumables like toner and paper and one in intervals possibly necessary exchange one image drum mostly in the background.

At a closer view this aspect, especially in commercial environment, but not should be completely neglected. The described processes, which make up a printing process for a laser printer are in part clearly energy-intensive.

The electrostatic charge of the image drum, of the operation of the imaging laser and last but not least the process of the fixation, about temperatures of almost 200°C, need large energy quantities.

Some models achieve a power consumption of up to 1000 Watt and in pressure operation of up to 500 Watt. when switching on.

The power consumption of a laser printer is specified in various values:

  • Print mode
  • Ready mode
  • Sleep mode
In Print or Operating mode, i.e. during a concrete printing process, the maximum power consumption of a laser printer is reached.

After Finish of Print the printer switches to standby mode.

In Standby- or Standby mode, the printer is held at operating temperature and remains without delay ready for a new print job.

The power consumption in standby mode is many times lower low, than in print mode.

The Sleep mode, which is called alternatively as Sleep mode or also Energy saving mode is characterized by the clearly lowest Power consumption.

The device will cool down completely but remain standby. A new print job initiates warm-up of the printer and starts all necessary sequences for a new printout.

The differences in the power consumption are strong from model to model in all three modes.

So they are in Print mode between just 300 Watt and above 500 Watt, in standby mode between 2 Watt and 70 Watt and in energy saving mode between 0.5 Watt and 10 Watt.

The Rating of Energy Consumption of a Laser Printer depends on Single Case.

If a laser printer is used only seld and under circumstances is even manually disconnected from the power supply if it is used not, the consumption values for standby and energy saving mode maximum are of secondary importance.

Here the largest savings can be achieved by low consumption in print mode.

If a laser printer but strong is used to full capacity, for example in commercial use with many print jobs, is more important than Consumption in Print mode also Standby mode .

Finally, if a laser printer, is operated, for example in a network, and used little, but must nevertheless remain permanently operational, a low consumption in sleep mode pays off most.

Housing size

With the performance of a laser printer its sizes usually grow as well.

Simple models, for the manageable need of a private usage, are usually not larger than comparable inkjet printers and therefore without greater effort also in private environment with small space supply to use with small space supply>.

Professionals Models, that enable high Printing rates and high Printing speeds, require more due to additional equipment often more spaceem>.

One print option in A3 format as well as one or even several cassettes for large paper volumes, expand the housing size quickly significantly and thus make greater demands on a possible location.

Equipment features

features are all those hardware components and devicerelated functions, that different application scenarios and application possibilities.

In addition, each manufacturer has a different scope of device software, which makes it possible to use the functional scope optimal and comfortable.

While simple models for the pure private users should be easy to install and none should require extensive technical knowledge for their application, the feature range professional laser printer, already at the installation a network connection, often rather at the experienced user or in the commercial environment at appropriately trained staff.

Connection variants

Data Transfer to Printer is a central feature of equipment of a laser printer. The Art of the connection determines the speed of the data transmission, the flexibility at the selection of the location as well as the possibilities of the access, also from several users simultaneously.

  • USB
  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • WiFi Direct
  • AirPrint
USB is still the Standard for Connection of Peripherals like Laser printers. The Connection via USB cable connection is easy to establish and the Data exchange is easy to set up.

The different supported StandardsUSB 1.0, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 – differ primarily in different transfer rate. USB but is also subject to significant restrictions.

A USB cable can only be connected to one device at a time without any problems and can only transmit data from this data. In addition, the selection of the location depends on the maximum length an unimpeded cable connection.

A classic network connection is established by a connection of a suitable laser printer, via LAN cable, to a network router. Then it is possible to access the printer from all suitable devices connected to this network.

As with USB port, this Type is subject to Connection Capabilities is subject to Dialing is subject to Location.

The WLAN connection is basically like the classical LAN connection. Here, too, all participants of a network can access a connected laser printer via a network router. However, this connection is made wireless via radio.

The selection of the location is thus clearly more flexible and is subject only to the restrictions of the transmission power of a radio network as well as the availability of a mains power connection.

The maximum number possible user, who can access a laser printer in a WLAN network at the same time, is limited under circumstances by the performance of the WLAN router used.

A connection via a WiFi Direct function is basically the same as a connection via WLAN. The difference, however, is that a network router can be completely dispensed with here.

A laser printer with this function forms its own network and functions as base station, takes over the function of a network router.

The AirPrint function is similar to the WiFi Direct function, but is based on the use with devices the company Apple, with the operating systems iOS and Mac OS X optimized.

It allows direct shipping of print jobs of devices of this type. AirPrint-capable Devices are found by iPad, iPhone, iPad and Mac automatic and the communication uncomplicated.

Additional functions

Some Models try additional to score with useful functions that increase convenience and extend applications.

  • Document feeder (multi-function printer)
  • Duplex printing
  • Single sheet feeder
A central component of a multifunction printer is the scanner. This enables, similar to a photocopier, the digitization of documents and photos. This is done by Hang up of the respective document on a flatbed scanner.

If the scanner is also to be used as a copier or fax machine, an automatic document feeder simplifies the work considerably. A single or several documents become a special device on the top scanner cover, a so-called feeder, and from there automatic, to Start of the respective application, retracted, scanned and ejected again.

In order to enable an appropriate speed, the digitization is done in low resolution. With the corresponding Software it is possible to multiple documents, in one step, in one file merge and edit further. The number maximum over the document feeder in one process readable pages, may differ from model to model.

Automatic duplex printing is the optional function of a laser printer to print suitable paper of both sides.

When the Print is finished on One Page, the Sheet Automatic will be fed back from the Printer again Feeded, Rotated and printed on the Second Page.

At first glance, banal function, is the so-called single-sheet feeder. Since not all laser printers have such a option, it should, however, be taken into account when selecting a suitable model.

Most, especially professional laser printers use a paper cassette, for paper feed where larger amounts of paper are held and fed to the printer.

A single-sheet feeder enables you to additionally feed individual sheets via a separate access. This option makes it possible to print at short notice and without great effort, leaves other quality, size or texture.

known manufacturers

The printer market in general and that for laser printers in special are rather closed markets. Few known Manufacturers share customer favor and convince, often already for many years, with constant qualitative offer. Classic NoName manufacturers are kaum to be found.

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • Kyocera
  • Samsung
Known as Hewlett Packard, the 1939 trades in Palo Alto based company today under the known abbreviation HP.

The company achieved a high degree of recognition mainly through the time inkjet printers inkjet printers the ThinkJet series.

Despite losses in sales the last years is HP today with about 40% clearer market leader for printer in general and also for laser printers.

HP offers some devices for private users in medium price segment as well as a large number professional devices, for office use. Both segments include also multifunction devices.

That for its photocopiers famous Japanese firm Canon, founded in 1937, has earned itself above all in manufacture photocopiers a solid place at market.

laser printers make another successful field of activity, that, taken together with production of other printer types, the company Canon the third space among the printer manufacturers worldwide.

canon offers laser printer for home office and for small offices, and professional office systems.

As important pioneer of matrix printing the Japanese company Epson focused many years exclusively on the market of inkjet printers.

However, in the last years the significance of the laser printer was increasingly recognized and the activities were significantly increased.

Epson provides laser printer for small and medium workgroups and multifunction devices.

The Japanese Kyocera group is known for a large bandwidth of different products.

From ceramic products, to telecommunication products, to solar cells, kyocera is active in many different fields. Due to the acquisition of copier manufacturer Mita, in year 2000, Kyocera opened up to printer market.

Kyocera offers some fewer models, which are priced according to the private customer segment. In the main the offer addresses itself to monochrome and colour lasers to the elevated requirements of a professional extensive, commercial use.

In the last years the company Samsung has made a name for itself in the consumer electronic market and convinces with popular television and mobile phones.

price values and in relation high-quality laser printers increasingly complement the offer in last years.

Laser printers and Multifunction devices from Company Samsung are offered in lower and medium Price segment and are directed accordingly at Private users, self-employed and small offices.

Basics of a purchase decision

A purchase decision should ideally always be based on individual needs and preconditions. For example, concentrating on price of a offer alone can easily lead to error purchase and last but not least to unexpected consequential costs.

In order to filter out the appropriate one from the variety at offers, one should ask oneself some questions, whose answer should clearly limit the selection:

– What should be printed mainly?

laser printers convince above all by a high-quality typeface. Who prints exclusively Text, is satisfied with Graphics in black/white and possibly for more elaborate Graphic- or Photo printing additionally has a Ink jet printer, for this a monochromer laser printer is completely sufficient.

If regular also colored graphics are to be printed, a color laser is the appropriate choice. However, the restrictions, especially with regard to the possibilities of photo printing should be observed.

– How often and to what extent should printing take place?

The question about the print size has impact on various selection criteria. For a purely privately used printer, with a manageable number at regular print jobs, are print speed, Power consumption, paper capacity and not last the printing costs per page less decisive than for commercial use.

In professional use it makes a difference, if a printer holds 50, 250 or 500 sheet paper, if it is used in Standby 2 Watt or 70 Watt and last but not least, how control is the toner for a certain number on printed pages.

– How to access the printer?

The question after the access to the laser printer concerns above all its interfaces. If a printer only has a USB port, it can only be operated with a computer connected directly /em>.

A network connection, on the other hand, enables access from several, even remote workstations and from different devices.

– Where to place the printer?

The desired location, for example, determines the maximum size of the laser printer. In addition, it has a significant impact on the appropriate connection options.

Sources of supply – specialized trade vs. Internet

Laser printers for Private users are offered by Retail, in Electronics stores and Electronics departments by Department stores.

Primarily for the commercial use certain devices offers usually only the proven specialized trade, often in the form of system houses, which often specialize in the offer individual manufacturer.

A unlimited selection offers the online trade. Here it is possible to overview the offer of different manufacturers in full scope, compared to position and to compare.

The technical data individual devices are retrievable and the full functional range is documented. You can also choose from various providers who can differ in final price >difference.

Delivery conditions as well as Guarantee and Warranty generally correspond to Conditions in Retail shops. Laser printer Tests also offer the possibility to include the expert evaluation individual models in a purchase decision.

The most common warranty periods for laser printers

Virtually every laser printer, receives from factory a warranty, which can be used if the device has a defect. In this case, the printer must be sent to the respective manufacturer by post or also to a specialist shop. Closing a Repair of the problem is carried out or the printer is simply replaced. Depending on the damage, this process only takes up a few working days, so that the printer can be used again quickly.

If, on the other hand, the device is used in business areas, the warranty makes it possible to have a replacement device installed for the duration of the repair in order to be able to continue printing at any time. As long as the respective damage occurred during the warranty period, customers do not have to pay money for this service. This also applies if the laser printer is returned several times within the warranty period. An extensive and above all high-quality repair is always carried out. It is important to know that the warranty is a voluntary service from the manufacturer, which according to the law is not offered must.

Either way important regarding the guarantee it is of course to know which runtimes can be expected here. Since the guarantee is not a legal regulation, the manufacturers can decide for themselves whether and for how long they offer this service. Accordingly, it is not uncommon for warranty periods to differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Thus, a guarantee can be taken between one year and three years in claims. The most common is the warranty period of one year. There are however again and again Actions or also models of the different Manufacturers, with which the customers can then claim a longer warranty accordingly. Such offers can be found both on the Internet and again and again in specialist shops. It can also be stated that it is possible to have the warranty extended.

In this case the customers must usually make a corresponding payment in order to receive the guarantee service in the future. The corresponding payments usually offer fair prices. But even if this service should not be extended, please note that in Germany there is a legal warranty from dealer which runs for two years. This is the customer's right to return defective goods to dealer for up to 24 months. In some cases, the warranty may also be reduced to 12 months. During this time, the customer can then return damaged laser printers in order to recover his money. Accordingly, he can then buy a new and thus functional printer. However, the warranty is often used to replace the defective device with a new printer of the same design.

Finally, in the case of Guarantee for laser printers, it should be mentioned that a running time of more than three years is usually not advisable. The reason for this is that new printers that have better performances come on the market again and again. Accordingly, the repair of the old laser printer would often be less cost-effective than the purchase of a completely new device. A current test 2019 shows which laser printer is suitable for purchase, which can be found, for example, on the net.

The correct and environmentally friendly disposal of a laser printer

If this is an old and defective device, it makes sense to return it to the next recycling yard. In the rule it is the case that the farms accept the printers without the owners having to pay money for it. The reason for this is that employees remove all still usable components of devices and sell them on. These are for example the whole blanks, precious metals or also the merging the plastic parts.

Environmentally friendly procedures are used to prevent possible toxins from being released into the environment. Another variant for the disposal of a defective laser printer is the service of some retailers. Also in this case it is often possible to return the Drucker free of charge and thus ensure a correct disposal. Finally, some companies also offer professional disposal services.

This is useful, for example, in business areas where offices dozens of printers have to be disposed of at the same time. In this case, the company comes to the client and then independently ensures the correct disposal of the equipment. Since not all printers are broken, it is possible to get money for each non-defective printer in order to reduce the disposal costs. These three disposal options make it easy to throw away all the defective printer quickly and environmentally friendly. Under no circumstances should the device simply end up in the trash bin or the “yellow bag”.

Second, disposal must be named from an old but still functional printer. In this case the device should not be scrapped on a material yard. It is better to invest something time and to sell the printer for example on the online auction portals or on a flea market. But also specialty stores often offer to sell the functional printers for a fair price. The sales opportunities even with old laser printers are quite good, because there are always people who are looking for one or the other device. Sometimes the printer is only used as spare parts store for hobbyists. In any case, owners receive more money than if they just disposed of the printer. It is of course important to research how much the laserprinter is still worth at the moment and for how much money it can be sold. For this purpose it makes sense to visit websites such as Amazone, which always offer a good price. But also a product test the same printer can help the owners to choose the right prices.

Finally, it is of course also possible to give the device away to friends or acquaintances if there really is no buyer.

In this way, customers do not receive any money, but less garbage is produced, which is good for the environment.

The correct disposal of laser printer accessories

When Disposing of of a printer different points must be considered. This is first of all the disposal of the printer cartridges. Since these goods usually consist of plastic, it is possible to dispose of them in the “yellow bag”. However, it makes more sense to recycle the cartridges. There are extra companies that buy the laser cartridges to clean and refill them. Depending on which laser printer cartridges are involved, it is possible for customers to receive a price of up to 20 Euro per unit. With which provider the customers get paid the most money can be determined via a test. For the sale the cartridges only have to be packed securely and sent to the address of the respective company. After the cartridges have been checked, the corresponding Money is sent to the customer. Please note that the products must not be damaged or very dirty. If this is the case, it can usually happen that the sellers do not receive any money.

The same type of disposal also applies to other accessories the laser printer such as a fine dust filter. These products made of plastic can also be easily thrown into the “yellow bag”. It is important that the bag always remains well closed so that the fine dust cannot penetrate to the outside. If you don't want to buy a new filter over and over again, you can clean this product with compressed air. However, this procedure should always be performed on the fresh air, whereby the user should best wear a breathing mask. It should also be noted that this cleaning saves money, but the fine dust filter does not have the same performance as a new product after cleaning.

The Use of Apps for the Laser Printer

Many of the manufacturers like: Samsung, Brother or also HP, offer special applications for their printer models. In this case it is a program that can be installed on any modern mobile phone or tablet. The respective Software is usually available via the App-Store from Apple or the Play-Store from Google and can be downloaded here for free. But also devices using Blackberry or Windows as operating system can be used to find the respective Applications. However, a smaller selection must usually be reckoned with here. Connecting it is necessary to connect the App to your printer.

For this purpose it is of course necessary that the printer is connected to the Internet. Only in this way can the App make contact. The next step is to connect to the printer. For this purpose, it makes most sense if both devices are located in the same network. Then you can search for the laser printer via App. In general, this search should only take a few seconds. Furthermore, a connection will be established with the device, which can be stored permanently. Thus it will be possible to find the respective printer faster in the future. If there are several laser printers in the same network, it makes sense to name the device beforehand via the computer in order to find it easier via the App. Here a general name is useful, like the name of the owner or also the number of the respective office, in order to enumerate only two examples.

As soon as a connection has been established, it is possible to control various functions directly via App on the printer. In addition to the simple Print, the scanning or copying of Documents can also be named. A fax can also be sent directly if the printer has this function. Directly via button press, the file can be selected via the mobile phone and then printed or faxed. For this it is of course necessary that the laserprinter is on, has enough ink and paper. It should also be noted that depending on the size of the file and the current Internet speed, the transmission of data may take a few seconds or minutes. After all printing work has been done, only the App and the printer have to be switched off. In this way, the online connection is also terminated so that the mobile phone or tablet PC does not permanently consume data volume.

The advantages of App for printing are first of all that this program can be used free of charge and easily. It is only necessary to have enough memory on your mobile device for availability to install the software. The mobile phone or tablet must then be connected to the Internet via W-LAN or HTMC. Another advantage is that no computer or laptop is needed anymore to output the print commands.

In this way the users of App save a lot of time, for example if you just want to print a picture quickly or Document.

It should also not be neglected that with the App you can basically print anytime and anywhere as long as the printer is switched on in the office or at home. So it is possible to take photos on the way and then print them directly afterwards. The images can then be viewed directly when the user returns home or to the office. So two people directly can work together, by one taking the pictures and the other processing the printed photos directly. This is useful, for example, in business area with advertising companies, bloggers or also newspaper companies, so that with the pictures for example the next newspaper pages can be created.

Safety information for laser printers

In order to use this device always correctly, some safety instructions must be observed. This is first and foremost the right location. This includes that the laser printer must be able to use sufficient free space on all sides in order not to become too hot during full operation. Depending on manufacturer a distance of 10 up to 30 centimeters on each side makes sense. The page spacing also has the advantage that it is easier to reach the machine from all sides, e.g. to insert new paper, change toner or use other functions.

It should also be noted that the printer must always be correctly connected to the socket, the Internet or the nearest computer. Do not use any defective or incorrect cables. Ebenso you must always make sure that the connections are firmly connected and protected from Humidity and Dust.

It should also be mentioned that the use of the laser printer is always only performed the prescribed way. This includes, among other things, that the paper feed and output must not be clogged or that the toners are always used correctly. Should this not be the case, not only an incorrect result will occur when printing, but also the printer could be damaged permanently.

It is also of interest, that the location of the respective laser printer is chosen in such a way that it cannot be reached by small children or animals such as cats or dogs. This includes, among other things, that the printer are sufficiently high and secure on a shelf. This ensures that these devices cannot be thrown down by children or animals while playing, which poses a considerable risk of injury. In addition, there is the power connection, which should also be inaccessible for children, so that they do not play with the power cable and accidentally reach into a socket outlet.

In Final it is of course still valid that Accessories like the laser cartridges except Range from Children must be stored. The Grund for this is corresponding that the toner powder in the cartridges is poisonous and therefore must not get into the hands of children. If powder is inhaled or swallowed in large quantities, a doctor should be consulted immediately. But also for adults it is important to ensure the correct storage of the toner cartridges.

If the product is damaged, for example, the toner powder will escape permanently, which will then be inhaled unnoticed as fine dust for a longer period of time. It is best to leave the cartridges in the original packaging until they are needed accordingly.

Important aspects of health through the use of laser printers

In more and more offices but also German households the laser printers are used. The reason for this is that they have a low purchase price and offer good print quality. However, it should be noted that printers can release fine dust which has a negative effect on health people. This is particularly the case if work is carried out for a long time in an environment which has an increased fine dust pollution. In order to reduce the exposure to fine dust as much as possible, there are some tips that should be observed.

1: First of all, it is important to decide in the shop or via the Internet for a device that it will be environmentally friendly. It is particularly useful to make sure that the device has a certification, which indicates that proven measurements show that little fine dust is produced. Related to this it can be assumed that today's laser printers meet high standards and accordingly have a good protection for fine dust. If, however, a used laser printeris purchased, it is important to read through customer reviews and expert reviews in network in order to determine how strong the particulate matter load is.

Also a Test can be used to get an idea of the currently best printers. Accordingly, it makes sense to replace all laser printers older than 3 to 5 years with new models for health.

2: Another Tip is to use a fine dust filter if the printer itself does not already have such a product. Depending on the size of the laser printer, it may be necessary to use one or two fine dust filters. It is important to know that the print quality is not negatively influenced by the filters. In addition, the fine dust filters are easily attached to the units. In this case it should of course be noted that the filters should be changed regularly. If the printer is used accordingly often, the filters must be replaced after 6 months. If, on the other hand, you only rarely print, you can do it with a filter change every 8 to 12 months. A corresponding product test 2019 shows which fine dust filter works particularly well.

3: A third Tip is the regular Maintenance of the Laser printer. Among other things, there are special toner vacuum cleaners, with which the printer can be sucked out. In this way superfluous toner dust, which could settle as fine dust in the lungs, is removed. The dust suction should always be performed when the toner cartridges are changed. It can also be worthwhile to blow out the printer with a compressor. However, only a low air pressure that is sufficient to blow out the fine dust should be used. This way Wise prevents the compressed air from damaging the components of the printer. This work should best not be done in closed rooms and with a breathing mask to be on the safe side. The purchase of such a vacuum cleaner is usually only suitable for companies that operate a correspondingly large number of laser printers. Individuals can also use Tush to remove Toner dust residues. Of course, this cleaning is not as thorough as with the professional devices.

4: To Finish it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the toner cartridges. In this case, products should be used which offer a low fine dust load. In this case it is necessary to spend a little more money for the purchase of these cartridges, but a better health can be guaranteed. Correspondingly good cartridges are marked with the “Blue Angel”. This seal can be found mainly on original products. But also some of the refill cartridges, that have already been refilled, according to a high standard. Also in this case, a Test 2019 can be used to find the Toner cartridges that fail best.

If these aspects are taken into account, then modern devices can be expected to have a particulate matter load, which can certainly be classified as harmless to health.

This applies even in offices, where several charger printers are used.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

– For whom is the purchase of a laser printer worthwhile?

The question after the individual useful value of a laser printer is usually the same as the question, whether one should decide for a laser- or rather for an inkjet printer.

both systems have direct comparison advantages and disadvantages or restrictions.

Before choosing a new acquisition, one should weigh these against the personal requirements and requirements.

Laser Printer


  • low printing costs per page
  • highest font quality
  • high quality for graphic printing (colour laser)
  • Prints are immediately water- and smudge-proof
  • ideal for high circumferences and high printing speeds
  • no drying out of the toner


  • higher purchase investment
  • appropriate for printing photos
  • higher energy consumption
  • higher operating volume

Ink-jet printer


  • in relation to lower acquisition costs
  • equally suitable for text and image
  • simple models already with good photo print


  • higher cost per page
  • ink consumption due to cleaning
  • low range with one set of ink cartridges
  • Prints are not immediately dry and smear-resistant

Especially modern, high quality inkjet printers from the office segment, so-called high performance inkjet printers, relativize some of the mentioned differences and can compete in many areas with classic laser printers.

However, these models are much more expensive and especially suitable for professional use, where value is placed on high quality photo printing.

Otherwise, the laser printer is superior to the inkjet printer in daily use in many dots.

Still, laser printers are more expensive than comparable inkjet printers, the increased demand however, today already has a significant effect on prices. It is to be expected that the prices will continue to converge here .

If a argument is suitable to give preference to the inkjet printer, then it is the photo print. laser printer are only suitable here very limited.

A laser printer usually has a lower color gamut and a lower color brilliance than an inkjet printer.

A decisive factor is also the fact that laser printers do not control the unbordered print important for photo print unlike inkjet printers.

– What can be printed with a laser printer?

Basically, most paper grades can be printed without problems with a laser printer. In contrast to the inkjet printer, the absorbency of the paper is not of importance.

Overall the selection of printable materials of the laser printer is limited compared to the inkjet printer but . Foils can be printed, but they must be especially suitable for laser printers.

One Direct print on surfaces, like CD- or DVD blanks, which can be performed on some inkjet printers using accessories problem-free, is possible with laser printers for example not.

Printable Media must generally resist high temperatures fixing unit of ordinary laser printer.

– Do you have to clean a laser printer?

no. This is one of the most important advantages of a laser printer: for printing, instead of liquid ink, dry, powder toner. In addition to the circumstance, that no nozzles are required, so that they cannot be clogged not, toner not can dry out.

Therefore, no is necessary from ink jet printer leidig known cleaning. So also no toner is wasted by regular, tedious cleaning procedures. Whether printing daily or only occasionally: even if you turn on a laser printer after a year, the image without cleaning is unchanged.

– Does it always have to be original toner?

The necessary toner cartridges are besides the paper, just at regular and extensive use, the main cost factor of a laser printer.

A filling is designed for an immense number of printed pages – so the capacity of some manufacturers and models with up to 20.000 pages, which corresponds to 40 times average ink cartridge – but these are cartridges corresponding to control.

In addition, the first toner cartridge delivered with the laser printer is usually a so-called starter toner, with fraction of fill and thus capacity of original replacement cartridge, why a first exchange may be necessary earlier than expected.

Even if toner, is calculated on the single printed page, usually is cheaper than printer ink, many users are afraid of costs for replacement from manufacturer.

The trade offers different alternatives: on the one hand compatible cartridges from the accessories trade or so-called rebuild toner, on the other hand toner for personal use refill a existing manufacturer cartridge.

The rebuild toner are original cartridges, which are professionally refilled by third-party suppliers. original cartridges is usually used here, since their type of construction is protected by patent and therefore not may be imitated. A refill is exempt from patent law but .

If there is no such protection, the accessory trade also offers own products. In both cases serious provider provide precise information on capacity and guarantee proper compatibility and function.

The handy refill is regarded as lowest-priced alternative, but is associated with risks and therefore only conditionally recommendable. For example, refill always involves a health risk, because losem toner is handled, which for example not should be inhaled.

The personal refill is regarded as cheapest alternative, but is associated with risks and therefore only conditionally recommendable. For example, refill basically involves a health risk, because losem toner is handled, which for example not should be inhaled.

In addition, choosing wrong toner or inappropriate filling may damage laser printer, for example, by contamination fuser unit.

If the use of a third-party toner is proven to cause damage to the printer, the manufacturer may refuse a warranty or warranty /em>.

– Are laser printers harmful to health?

Basically not. toner consists of tiny, few micrometers (µm) large colour particles, which behave physically similar to liquids due to their low size. At the same time, the small size characterizes these particles in principle as fine dust, which is generally considered to be hazardous to health.

However, measurements have shown that the laser printer caused by a fine dust exposure, is so low even under extreme circumstances, that, at least with proper use and handling with the toner cartridge, a health hazard can be excluded.


The high acquisition costs of the first decades of the advanced technology begin to change increasingly to .

simple laser printers are already available today at prices, which many interested parties previously thought possible only in combination with the widespread ink jet printers.

This trend is expected to continue in the next years and thus make laser printer a real alternative also for a broad user circle in private use.

The laser printer in many areas can decide the direct comparison with the direct competitor, the inkjet printer, already today for itself.

print quality and print costs prove to be clearly superior in many cases.

Even if the laser printer cannot completely replace the inkjet printer and special variations like the photo printer, it is worth a comparison as a everyday printer.

Laser printer Tests document all relevant criteria, both for a comparison with the alternatives techniques, as well as between the models single manufacturer.

In Equipment and Functionality exists between Laserprinter and Inkjetprinter none Significant Difference.

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