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Best Kitchen Machine 2019 • 0 Kitchen Machines Reviews

KitchenAid ArtisanMany users report that they no longer want to do without the food processor and would buy another at any time. So that you too cannot contradict this statement, you should stay tuned and follow the following reports on kitchen machines closely. Here the different types of appliances are presented and questions are answered as to how you can find the right food processor with certainty.

How does a food processor work?

The function of a food processor is explained very simply. With a food processor, you have a device that can do several jobs. Many kitchen machines can be used for stirring, beating, kneading, puréeing, chopping, rubbing, grating, grinding or as a meat grinder. Many have additional functions such as a juicer or centrifuge. The variety of application areas is therefore quite recognizable.

From time to time one discovers also the attachment, with which one can use the device as a pasta machine. The intended use is therefore very versatile, so that you can save several appliances with one food processor. This of course saves a lot of space in the kitchen cupboards. If you want to purchase a food processor, you should already be familiar with the functions and know what a food processor can do and should do must do .

The food processor primarily has a housing in which the motor is located. The motor can be used to define the power with which the tools are driven and the food processed. For stirring, kneading, rubbing etc. the special attachments are attached to the device. Only then is the machine switched on and the food processed.

In order for the machine to work safely and well, a bowl is attached to the food processor, which can be removed at any time by means of a special safety device. This is where the food is processed or collected depending on its function. A good machine is equipped with several speeds so that the food can be processed individually.

The kitchen machine is therefore a universal helper that can be used in all areas of kitchen work. There are small and large devices with different functions. The simple and mostly inexpensive appliances contain only a few functions, while a larger and therefore mostly expensive appliance can sometimes do the complete range of kitchen work. The idea of the kitchen machine arose with the development of motors for other kitchen appliances. The designers developed the idea of creating a device for all work processes. So kitchen machines all work on the same principle and are controlled by a motor whose power depends on the size.

What types of kitchen machines are there?

Philips AvanceMany appliances are described as kitchen machines that combine at least two characteristics. A machine that replaces stirring and the manual stirrer, as it were, and also has a grater function, is already known today as a kitchen machine. But the kitchen machine differs fundamentally from hand mixers and Co. – it is developed stationary.

In addition to the stand-alone units, there are also intermediate forms that can be used both as stand-alone units and for flexible applications. The Standmixer is the simplest form of a food processor. It consists of a motor block and of course the mixer attachment. The stand mixer has a simple construction, but can do an amazing amount of work. Mashing, mixing, chopping or the function as a meat grinder make the stand mixer very popular. Depending on the performance, it can also be used to chop ice and thus replace the Ice Crusher.

It is always up to the requirements of a household which type of device should be purchased. A large appliance is more suitable for a large household in which several people live. Singles do not have to do without a food processor. The smaller devices were developed for low requirements.

So-called kneading machines are also available under the name of kitchen machines. With a kneading machine you can produce all types of dough in the twinkling of an eye . Even the yeast dough, which would otherwise require a lot of effort, can be made in no time at all using a kneading machine. To ensure that the stirring or kneading function takes place without any exertion, the device usually has a very stable base. The bowl is also attached to this and cannot slip either. The kneading or stirring hook is attached to an arm that can be folded up and down. Optical the kneading machine is also very good for the kitchen .

For other functions, simply change the attachment that is included in the scope of delivery. Depending on the manufacturer, you can also purchase attachments separately and practical accessories. If you purchase a appliance with many attachments, you should always store the food processor in a place together with the accessories.

What functions are important in a food processor?

Kenwood KM 086 Cooking Chef Scope of SupplyWhen choosing a food processor, it all depends on what you expect from it. Basically, many functions are important in the kitchen machine. Think about what expectations you have on a device. If you only want to mix or crush with it, a floor mixer is completely sufficient.

But if you want to do more with the device, these special functions should be included. If you attach great importance to a device that is absolutely flexible, you should switch to an all-rounder. You can avoid buying a food processor that does not meet your expectations. It is therefore very useful if you know some functions and then select the food processor according to these criteria.

If the food processor has a stirring function, the attachment is usually a whisk. With this tool you can easily make light doughs. This function is one of the basic functions that a food processor must have. The whisk is also used for beating. Whipped cream or egg whites are prepared in seconds and require no effort.

With a food processor, beating at a higher level is possible, so that the end result is also more perfect. The hooks are simply exchanged for kneading. The dough hooks should also be part of the basic equipment of a good food processor. With the dough hooks you can make heavy doughs like bread dough or pizza dough. If you need larger quantities of pasta, make sure you buy a high-performance motor. It should be at least 1000 watts already.

Puréeing is a function that should also be part of the basic equipment. Here a mixer is used, which can also be exchanged in a few steps. You can use it to puree soups or create fruit and vegetable purees.

It is also possible to finely chop herbs with the mixer. You no longer have to struggle with the knife, which also saves a lot of time. In addition to the herbs, you can also use it to chop nuts and make a delicious cake dough. With the fresh herbs it is possible that you try homemade pesto and conjure up a brilliant dish on the table. With the grater insert you can easily make potato pancakes or use the attachment which is suitable for slicing. When purchasing, make sure that at least two different sizes are included in the scope of delivery. You can use the grater insert to add simple grated raw vegetables and then grated carrots to the bread dough. Here, too, at least two different inserts should be included in the scope of delivery. The Raspele insert is not available with every food processor, so please pay attention to the requirements you place on a device.

With a mill you can grind coffee yourself or process grain into flour. It can also be used to finely grind spices. If you use many dishes that are made on whole grain basis, a mill is inapplicable. Even if you want to grind your coffee fresh at home, the use of a grinder is highly recommended. With some kitchen machines you can buy the mill separately in addition .

With the mincer you can turn your meat into minced meat yourself. The advantage is that you know exactly which products are in the minced meat. They can produce fresh minced meat over and over again, are no longer dependent on the retail trade and can avoid high germ contamination. The meat mincer is a metal screw which is provided with perforated discs. The meat mincer is included in the delivery of very good devices or can be purchased separately as an accessory. If the desired food processor still has a juicer, then you actually have a Allrounder in front of you.

With a juicer or a centrifuge you can produce delicious vegetable and fruit juices in no time at all. In this way you can provide the whole family with plenty of vitamins every morning at breakfast. Some of the kitchen machines also have a metal screw that can be fitted with pasta attachments. With it you can make spaghetti like fresh from Italy. If you love Italian pasta dishes, this function is also indispensable.

The extensive functions of our winner of the comparison in video:

For whom is a food processor suitable?

A food processor is suitable for every household in which a lot is cooked or baked. Who cooks and bakes less, gets along very well with a smaller machine. Nevertheless, it can be said that the food processor is suitable for every household. Because if the visitor rings the doorbell at short notice, you can whip delicious cream or prepare tasty juices in no time at all with the food processor. When buying, you should pay attention to quality, size and performance. Because not every food processor works according to the desired requirements.

Which food processor fits me?

Bosch MUM57810 Styline HomeProfessional MUM5 Scope of SupplyBefore you buy a food processor, some considerations are necessary. What would you like to prepare with the food processor? If a small device is enough to simply work like dough to stir or once in a while whip cream out. Would you like to use the machine daily to make delicious juices or to bake fresh bread yourself? Would you like to consume your coffee freshly ground every day or do you value minced meat freshly minced by the mincer?

You must ask yourself all these questions before you buy so that you are satisfied with your device afterwards. Because a kitchen machine that gets dusty in the kitchen cabinet after the purchase should not be the sense and purpose of the purchase. When selecting the appliance, make sure that all removable parts are dishwasher safe. Only then can you save yourself the trouble of cleaning by hand. Kitchen machines made of stainless steel not only look better and better, they can also be better cleaned.

It is also important to note that you are already looking for accessories before purchasing. Which parts can still be purchased and what can be bought later. Even high-quality equipment does not necessarily have to be expensive. Because sometimes traders offer B-goods, which come along with small blemishes and have been drastically reduced in price. Of course, your own taste should also play an important role when buying a food processor. After all, you have to work with the machine and this should also be optically a real pleasure.

Brand versus No Name – the performance always justifies the price?

The Thermomix by Vorwerk is currently one of the most popular aids in German kitchens. According to the manufacturer, it should have a total of 12 functions in its repertoire, including mixing, grinding, crushing, cooking and steam cooking and much more.

Vorwerk Thermomix TM 5 NEU VERPACKTA true Multitalent, which leads even inexperienced cooks to success step by step with the innovative guided cooking function. A so-called recipe chip should make this experience possible.

Simply connect it to the Thermomix and all the dishes stored on the stick will be displayed on the touch screen of the device as if by magic. Now you only have to provide the ingredients according to the instructions of the machine, set the times and the temperature – done.

This comfort has its price, of course. Thus the TM5 Premium package costs directly from the manufacturer almost proud 1300 €. The financing of the Mercedes under the kitchen machinen is however also possible.

But what do the No name products discounters, which are up to 1000 € cheaper, think in contrast to the branded products? Anyone interested can read this in a wide variety of product tests on the Internet and draw their own conclusions on this question. Not everyone wants to prepare an entire dish in just one machine. Many cooks obviously enjoy slicing and stirring.

Therefore the question should be honor: What would I like to have removed from the kitchen machine and what do I still like to do myself. Otherwise you run the risk of buying a very expensive toy, which may only be used once or twice a year.

What is certain, however, is that the brand also bears a large part of the costly marketing measures of the companies with the payment of the device. Awareness and market presence are not free of charge.

In order to keep up in the highly competitive market, however, the manufacturers of no-name products do not sleep on the tree either. The development departments of these manufacturers certainly work every day to improve their products and upgrade them step by step. Here it is worthwhile, as already mentioned, to carry out a thorough fact check and to have a little patience.

test criteria: How did we test the kitchen machines?

Modern households can no longer do without a kitchen machine. The ingenious technology makes it possible for the work to be carried out very easily thanks to the modular principle. But the manufacturers are also scoring points with more and more areas of application and accessories for the devices. The devices are available either as a complete set or with a basic configuration that can be expanded as required. You can put together your individual food processor according to your wishes.

We have taken a close look at the kitchen machines and divided them according to special criteria. In special comparison tables, you can see at a glance what performance the food processor provides. The devices have been around for more than 100 years, but the appearance and technology inside the devices has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, devices with only one function were developed. Today, one can look at devices that have several functions at the same time and are therefore versatile. Of course, engine operation is an inevitable part of it today. But the growth of the market is not always positive. Because You as a customer are more and more spoilt for choice when choosing a food processor.

Philips HR7958 AvanceWhich model of the many kitchen machines is the right one? The customer asks himself these and many more questions when he overtaxes the broad product range of kitchen machines. In most cases, the manufacturer promises more than the device can actually deliver. For this reason, we have decided to put all devices through their paces and categorize them according to the respective requirements. A detailed comparison table provides a general overview of which device does which work.

Once you have selected a device from the masses, there is another informative product report. In it you will learn all the details there is to tell about the device. You will also get an impression of which requirements the device meets and whether the manufacturer has promised too much.

The basic functions of a food processor should all be the same. However, since the manufacturers manufacture the products for individual requirements, it is possible that the Bosch device holds less than a device from Klarstein and, of course, upside down. This and other information can only be found at . We also attached great importance to the handling. Because the best food processor doesn't do much good if the handling is complicated and the cleaning process takes far too long. The quality of the appliances says a lot about the longevity of the kitchen machines. Plastic devices are more likely to be described as inexpensive devices with a short service life. In addition, the removable parts should be dishwasher safe. In this case, the sometimes lengthy cleaning process is no longer necessary.

Special processes according to which a food processor works are, for example, the 3D stirring system. This stirring movement results in a movement which is carried out around two axes of rotation. One of them is right in the middle of the bowl. The other tool is located directly on the motor drive and rotates around itself. This is where the human movement is most strongly imitated. The next time you stir a dough, pay attention to the technique you use when stirring.

Another technique found in food processors is called planetary stirring system. The solar system, i.e. earth and sun, moves the stirring function here. The earth is the mixing tool and the sun is the central axis of the mixing bowl. The stirring tool is designed in such a way that the axis does not coincide with the centre axis, but runs slightly beside it. The stirring tool rotates around the central axis and additionally around itself, as is the case with the earth. However, the designers have come up with a tiny detail that has a great effect. Because the movements are not carried out with each other, but against each other. This system ensures that every area of the bowl is processed and a perfect result is the result.

There are also machines that are equipped with a single rotation axis. Of course, there are already kitchen machines that are equipped with a planetary stirring system, in which even more planets are used. However, these devices are mostly used in canteen kitchens or industries. Another point, which we have examined in detail, is the accessories. What is included in the delivery of the food processor? If dough hooks, whisks and other accessories are available or must be purchased separately. Special accessories are available so that the machine covers an even wider usable range.

Buy a Kitchen Machine: What does a food processor cost?

02-Kenwood-KMM-020-Major-DetailThe prices for a food processor are very far apart. It always depends on which device, which manufacturer and which functions the device contains. In addition, it is not only quality and performance that play an important role. Models that have a plastic housing usually have only a low power output. They are in the lower price segment and are not designed for excessive use.

Good kitchen machines are available from 200 Euro up. There are almost no upper limits, so that also 500 to 800 Euros for an all-rounder in high quality can be described as a good normal price. If you offset the purchase price against the time saved, you will have saved many hours within a year, which you no longer have to spend on kitchen work. You should also pay attention to good quality if you value a healthy and balanced diet.

In the internet vs. specialized trade – where do I buy my food processor best?

Kitchen machines can be bought everywhere. Whether in the Internet or in the specialized trade – you will always find a kitchen machine. It's just a question of which model you get in retail. If you have already looked around the Internet for a model and would like to purchase exactly this device, it could be that you very long after a specialized trade search must.

If you order the device directly on the Internet, this can save a lot of time and money. But if you're still not sure which appliance you'd like to buy, you can take a look at the kitchen appliances in the store and have the seller explain it to you. This gives you a good impression of the device and makes it easier for you to decide whether to buy it or not. Before you get carried away into a retail purchase, you should not ignore the price. Because in Internet the devices are usually much cheaper, so that you can save up to 30 percent or more. At a price of 600 Euro 30 percent are already a considerable amount of money, which you save when buying on the Internet.

If you do not need a specialist dealer to make a simpler decision, you will find a large number of machines with different equipment on the network. The selection is much larger and you can choose the food processor comfortably from home . This is advantageous if you work full time and have already closed the shops after work. With an online order, the food processor is delivered directly to the front door , so you don't even have to lug heavily. Many online shops offer realistic images that give a clear impression of what the device looks like in real life. Also the graphics are already so far advanced that there is hardly any difference between picture and reality. With the purchase in the Internet you do not have to go through laboriously several business, but can accomplish comfortably from the sofa a Shopping route also after close of business . You save valuable time and money when buying on the Internet.

The top 10 kitchen machines brands:

  • Bosch
  • Kitchenaid
  • Kenwood
  • Clear stone
  • Philips
  • Brown
  • Moulinex
  • Siemens
  • TV The Original
  • Zyon
Bosch belongs to a company that everyone knows. No matter whether from the automotive industry or in the field of household appliances – Bosch stands for competent solutions in all areas.

The company was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. The headquarters of the German company is located in Gerlingen. On 1 July 2012, Volkmar Denner was appointed Chairman. The share capital amounts to approximately 1.2 billion euros.

For the Federal Republic of Germany, Bosch is therefore one of the largest companies to constitute a GmbH. But Bosch is not only active in Germany with great attention. Bosch is also a leading global corporation abroad and on an international level and the largest supplier to the automotive industry.

There are a total of 80 locations in Germany alone. About 118,800 employees are employed in Germany only. Bosch is also represented in other countries. Around 50 countries can look forward to Bosch products. Approximately 306,000 employees work at 260 international locations.

In the year 2012 Bosch worldwide achieved the highest turnover of 52.3 billion euros in the company's entire history. Bosch is divided into several divisions. The company is one of the largest suppliers of automotive technology. There are several patented techniques related to this area. In addition, the Group covers a broad range in industrial technology. This also includes packaging technology, where Bosch is the world's leading manufacturer.

Bosch is also active in building services engineering and consumer goods. Bosch covers a broad range in the field of power tools and safety technology. What might be of interest to you now is the fact that BSH Bosch is the manufacturer of household appliances and thus also the manufacturer of kitchen machines. Together with Markt Siemens Hausgeräte, they form the leading branch in Germany.

Of course, Bosch has also invested in solar technology and can now score points with many different technologies. The Robert Bosch Stiftung was founded in 1964 and a new development center was built in Schwieberdingen. There, the company developed new technologies that are now found in every vehicle. But drive technology is also used successfully in household appliances.

Rough 3900 patents are registered annually by Bosch, which equips its products with advanced technologies. Bosch is also already successfully involved in medical technology. The family-owned company ranks third among the largest family-owned companies in Germany. In the year 1933 Bosch produced the first electric refrigerator.

In 1949, the company launched the first sound scrubber. Further ingenious devices followed, which enjoyed a positive resonance. The assortment includes washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, stoves and all kinds of household appliances that fall into the category of small appliances.

Bosch convinces with very good service and gives a two-year warranty on all devices. Customer service is also always available. The Bosch kitchen machines have the modern technology and are easy to use.

Of course, security is also a very important issue for the company. The Bosch kitchen machines all have rubber suction feet so that the appliance can stand firmly. Overload protection is also part of the standard equipment. The company is also very careful to ensure that high quality is applied. The devices are manufactured to a high standard so that the safety standard can also be maintained. The cable rewind is also not missing in any of the high-quality Bosch devices.

It is also typical that you can still buy all accessories after years. For this purpose, please contact the manufacturer directly, who can help you at this point. The stylish design is also something to be proud of. The Bosch kitchen machines have a practical design and are a visually very successful part of the kitchen. With a kitchen machine from Bosch cooking and baking are twice as much fun. The longevity of Bosch equipment can also score highly. Because it also happens that devices sometimes carry 13 to over 22 years life around with them. In addition to the small repairs that have to be carried out from time to time, larger repairs are almost completely omitted. With a Bosch food processor, you acquire a device that will accompany you for a long way in your life and actively support you in the kitchen.

The brand Kitchenaid is the invention of a woman named Josephine Cochrane. It just started with a dishwasher. In 1886 Josephine patented the invention and the history of dishwashers began.

Nine of the Wonders were sold and found their way into luxury hotels. Today it is impossible to imagine hotels and restaurants without the dishwasher. A dishwasher cost between 700 and 1,000 dollars, which not everyone could afford back then. Without further ado, she decided to create a more cost-effective device. The dishwasher was available on the market for 350 euros.

Gradually more and more products were added. 1919 it was the whisk that makes the housewives hearts beat faster. In the first three years the whisk with the designation H-5 sold 20,000 times. Kitchenaid became a brand that was very popular in America. In Europe, however, the devices did not yet manage to gain a foothold.

The design was not changed even 60 years after the first invention great. The designer Egmont Arens already developed a timeless design at that time, which became established in the minds of consumers. The H-5 kitchen machine became the K5A shortly before the Second World War. All models of the kitchen machine can still be seen in museums today.

Still today the devices are manufactured after this Design, which appears again and again with tiny changes on the market. It was not until 1949 that Josephine Cochrane's dream came true and Kitchenaid improved the dishwasher. Even today, the model fits perfectly into the kitchen of the modern woman.

1955 for the first time the idea came to create the kitchen machine from Kitchenaid now also in several colors. The otherwise white devices got a new cover and were available in pink, money, green, copper and chrome. In 1994 further colours were added, which was very well received by consumers. The Kitchenaid kitchen machines, however, did not remain the same over the years. They were put into the same shell again and again, but the technique was constantly improved.

This is how Kitchenaid became famous for its professional performance and unmistakable style. Many models have not been developed, but the devices that exist are of an outrageous quality. In 2003 Kitchenaid surprised us with something special. The company is committed to breast cancer, which inspired women in the USA. There was a special edition, part of which benefited the foundation. It also earned Kitchenaid a great reputation around the world, making it one of the most popular brands in households worldwide.

2007 saw the big breakthrough to Europe. Now the ingenious devices were also available in Europe and inspired the housewives and househusbands there.

In 2009 there was a reason to celebrate, which was reason enough for Kitchenaid to publish a cookbook. Colourful pictures and a perfect appearance brought even beginners gladly into the kitchen. In 2010 there was a renewed development on the market. The Chef Touch was born. Ingredients are completely sealed in a bag with the spices and vacuumed. In the steam cooker and below 100 degrees the ingredients are cooked gently, so that they remain juicy and aromatic. This method of preparation is also much healthier than the traditional method.

In 2012 Kitchenaid designed an innovation in the field of kitchen machines. The new Artisan kitchen machine was born. The bowl holds 6.9 litres. The engine produces a power of 1.3 HP, which corresponds to about 1kW. She processes ingredients quickly and thoroughly. Even large quantities are no problem for the device. The high quality was even awarded a prize.

With Kitchenaid models you can be sure that you are buying models that are equipped with modern technology. In terms of quality and durability, the brand can also convince in every product. State-of-the-art technology and an unmistakable design have made Kitchenaid's products Lover models. The cleaning of the appliance has also been improved so that the food processor is easy and simple to operate and clean.

Kenwood is not to be confused with the Japanese manufacturer of electrical goods. Kenwood is a British manufacturer of small kitchen utensils designed for private use.

Kenwood first became known when the manufacturer introduced the first food processor to the market. Today, the brand's focus is still on kitchen machines. The company was founded in England in 1947. The first products the manufacturer developed were a stylish toaster and a mixer. But this was not the beginning of the great success.

This didn't come until Kenwood Chief expanded the market. Kenwood Chef is a kitchen machine equipped with a lot of attachments and accessories. Success didn't stop, which led Kenwood to change location and expand. In 1974, a kitchen machine was developed that could regulate the speed. Thus, Kenwood was the first manufacturer to allow control of speed.

Only years later could the other manufacturers follow the example and also develop devices for which the speed could be controlled. Over the years, Kenwood acquired several companies and grew steadily. In 1994, Kenwood started production in Asia, which benefited the local economy. Today there are other locations around the world where Kenwood's products are manufactured. Distribution of the devices is also designed for the entire market worldwide . Kenwood kitchen machines are popular appliances that are used in many households.

Kenwood can be found in over 100 countries and is a global brand that stands for quality and functionality. The ingenious techniques are partly patented and can be found in every device. The continuous development of technology has put Kenwood at the top of the world rankings. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of small electrical appliances.

Kenwood's range does not only deal with kitchen machines, but also with other small appliances. There's toasters, hand mixers, kettles, deep fryers. Bread bakers, coffee makers and many other small appliances. The main feature, however, is the practical kitchen machines that Kenwood has developed over the years. There are so-called compact kitchen machines, which are designed for shredding food. They have various attachments that can be used individually. The models differ in size and price.

The Cooking Chef food processor is currently, the absolute racer on the market. The device comes with many attachments and accessories. There is almost no work that the device cannot do. Even a induction plate can be controlled while the food processor is in use. The use of Kenwood kitchen machines is very wide, so there is hardly any action that a Kenwood kitchen machine cannot perform.

Other models like the Kenwood Chef or Major complete the offer. The devices convince with an extraordinary design. The Cooking Chef is the Allrounder, where you can see that you can prepare even more with a food processor than just pasta or shakes. The price-performance ratio at Kenwood leaves nothing to be desired. There is the all-rounder for the demanding consumer, but also high-quality appliances that meet the demands of consumers with small budgets.

As you can see, there is something for everyone at the manufacturer Kenwood. The fantastic quality promises a long service life, so the purchase of a Kenwood device is well worth it. What all the devices from the manufacturer Kenwood have in common is the fact that the handling is very simple. While complicated processes were necessary in the past, modern devices are easy to operate.

Today, cleaning is also quicker and easier. Kenwood has developed systems that allow all removable parts to be dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To prevent the food processor from slipping, anti-slip devices were fitted. Thus Kenwood has also considered the safety aspect of the devices.

Consumers who have ever worked with a Kenwood kitchen machine appreciate the quality and standard of the appliances. Of course, there are also differences between the individual models, which you will all find here in the Product reports. In addition, we report on the functions and the respective technology with which the Kenwood kitchen machines are equipped.

2008 Klarstein was founded. The head office is located in Berlin, where the corresponding online shop is also registered. Klarstein devices are new on the market, but can convince very well .

Klarstein is not one of the manufacturers designed for advertising or other marketing strategies. On the contrary, Klarstein has an online shop in which all products of the manufacturer can be found. The range covers many areas and is also convincing in terms of price. Klarstein's goal was to make devices available to consumers with a low budget . There is no model in the kitchen machine sector whose price exceeds 150 euros.

On the contrary, the price-performance ratio can be kept very low, as Klarstein does without any marketing. This benefits all customers who want to purchase a high-quality device but low budget. The kitchen machines are not limited to just a few models. You will find models for every requirement and in every imaginable performance class. If you are looking for a food processor with Ice Crusher function, you will find the right model at Klarstein.

The design of the devices is also impressive. The materials that were used are convincing. There are almost no plastic parts which could limit the quality. High-quality steel or stainless steel was used for each individual device, so that also a long life is given. Many models are also available in different colours so that you can unfold freely in your kitchen.

Klarstein is a German brand that of course still produces German standard. So it happens that all devices are subjected to constant controls. Klarstein therefore also contributes to the topic of safety and ensures that the devices all function safely and that every source of accident has been eliminated.

Klarstein also has new developments, which are constantly being equipped with new techniques. Technical refinements can be discovered again and again with Klarstein models. Klarstein is clearly on the advance, especially in the area of robot vacuum cleaners. Perhaps you already know the robot vacuum cleaner from advertising from other manufacturers.

Also here you can clearly see that the Klarstein models are quite affordable in price. You won't find any overpriced devices at Klarstein. The manufacturer can guarantee price performance, since it reduces costs by dispensing with marketing strategies and does not have to pass them on to the consumer. So they only pay for what you actually buy. In the area of kitchen appliances, Klarstein scores well with a wide range of coffee machines, kettles, toasters, grills and practical kitchen aids.

Accessories can also be found in the online shop. In the household appliances department you will find refrigerators, hobs, extractor hoods. Microwaves, ovens and beer dispensers. A Highlight are the stylish refrigerators or wine refrigerators or also the Mr. Barbot bar fridge. Klarstein can also clearly convince in terms of climate control with products and very good value for money.

There are air conditioners, fans, heaters. Humidifiers, air purifiers and ionizers. In the Modern Living area you will find high-quality equipment such as light showers that bring a special relaxation experience to the day. Also irons, shoe shine machines, suction and wiping robots are on the list of the offer. In hot summer days, the purchase of a air conditioning unit should be reconsidered. In this area Klarstein can also provide very good equipment. Differences are clearly visible in size and performance. The smaller units are ideal for small rooms, while larger units should also be used in large rooms. If you have any questions about the products, Klarstein can also provide very good customer service. You can use the contact form to contact the manufacturer in writing. There is also a hotline and a fax number that you can use for questions or orders.

The online shop of Klarstein is very clearly arranged, so that you can easily find your way around and the shopping tour is a lot of fun. All in all, Klarstein is a brand that is quite respectable on the market. Convincing quality at a reasonable price is the first priority here. We set off and also took a close look at some of Klarstein's kitchen machines. Take a look at the positive result we achieved and the result the devices were able to achieve compared to other devices.

Philips is a Dutch company, which is specialized in electrical articles. Philips was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The first product Philips launched was bulbs.

At that time, the company had only ten employees. In the following years, the company expanded and added even more products to its range. In 1914 the research laboratory was founded, which was operated by the company until 2012. In 1918 the first radio tube was manufactured by Philips and marketed. Further radio sets followed, which were manufactured before the Second World War. During the war, the company had to manufacture products for the Wehrmacht and lost sight of the actual project.

It was only after the war in 19947 that the production of radios came to the fore again. 1951 followed televisions in black and white. The first color television came onto the market in 1967 and caused a mass rush. Everyone wanted to buy a Philips colour television. Even then, the brand stood for quality and high-quality products. In 1982 the telecommunications market was covered and telephones, CDs and medical devices were developed. Today, Philips offers a range of appliances for the household, cosmetics and consumer electronics sectors.

Philips is awarded for the quality of the products and the high-quality workmanship. Philips has an exciting history behind it and is also represented on the stock exchange. Due to the research laboratory, innovations could constantly be installed in the devices, which stand out from the other manufacturers.

Philips has its own online shop, where you can also buy all the devices from other shops or the retail trade. Interesting is the development of the kitchen machines from Philips. In the online shop you will find a wide selection of devices for every requirement. Small kitchen machines but also large appliances are in the assortment. For large families and an increased volume there are bowls with a capacity of 3.4 litres.

At present there are 4 kitchen machines in the on-line Shop up to a price of scarcely 240 euro are available. It is a device with an output of 1000 watts. The sophisticated technology of the devices is recognizable by their features. The design also promises a lot. Easy operation at the touch of a button promises a good result. You can find out whether Philips kitchen machines are really so easy to operate on the respective test pages. We have also taken a close look at many devices here and tested Philips devices extensively.

One thing can already be revealed: The handling of Philips kitchen machines is simple and very easy to follow. You do not have to spend hours studying any operating instructions to become familiar with the unit. But Philips is not only a renowned manufacturer of kitchen machines, but of all kinds of appliances. The online shop includes areas such as sound and vision, mother and child, body care, household appliances, lighting and PC products. There is also any amount of accessories that can be purchased separately.

What has made Philips this unique brand is the tenacity of its founder. Products should be manufactured for the broad masses, but also with a certain degree of quality. The founder has brought this to the point all these years. The devices from Philips are affordable and available in every price range. If you want to buy high-quality kitchen machines, you will certainly find the right model from the manufacturer. But Philips is not only convincing with its products.

Also in things Service Philips can, clear set characters. Should you have any questions about any of the products, you can contact customer service at any time. There is also a technical support that will help you if you don't get along with the device at all. When ordering in the direct shop, you can see the progress of the order.

There is also a Call Center which is manned daily from Monday to Friday and which answers all your questions about Philips devices. Frequently asked questions are summarized in a form which you can always view on the website of the manufacturer. As you can see, Philips not only manufactures low-cost and high-quality devices , but also offers its customers excellent service . Even if you are not satisfied, the team always tries to find an acceptable solution for both sides.

Braun is one of the few companies that is known across the globe. The company has been in existence for more than 90 years and has a lot to report. Braun was founded in 1921 by a family man.

Max Braun opened in Frankfurt am Main and began with the production of radio parts. In 1929 whole radios and power amplifiers were produced. At that time Braun was one of the first manufacturers to produce radio and turntables in one device in Europe. The clientele agreed with Braun and decided that a combination device was a great invention. In 1934, the typical logo was created and Braun became an unmistakable brand.

In 1944 Braun was also forced to stop production during the war. In 1950 nothing was to be recognized from the forced break and the first electric shaver was introduced. This is the principle according to which all electric shavers available on the market still work today. Max Braun died in 1951 and left behind two sons, who from then on were responsible for the management of the company.

The two carried out some modernizations and worked on a new idea, an employee magazine. Shortly afterwards, a health centre and a modern canteen were created for the employees. To date, the Braun facility has remained the same, so that also the employees benefit from the company .

1954 a new concept for the design of the products was created. This idea was also accepted and accepted by consumers. Braun had already established itself as a fabulous brand at that time. 1980 followed the assortment of pocket calculators and wristwatches. These products also showed what Braun had learned and researched over the years. At the end of the 80s the HiFi sector was completed and a limited edition was launched.

After that, the company only wanted to concentrate on small appliances. The shavers thus became one of Braun's main products. 1997 saw the development of electric dental care devices and hair removal devices. Also with these devices it came to an unmistakable Design, which was typical for the mark Braun. The vision of developing products that treat employees and customers with respect and appreciation was kept. This was probably also the success that still exists today.

Braun products in the cosmetics area are still at the forefront and are sold worldwide. Braun has also entered into a cooperation with Procter and Gamble to cover further areas. Braun products can be purchased in one shop. There is also a blog here that provides valuable information for you. In the course of time, the product range also expanded to include household appliances. Braun can also keep up in terms of kitchen machines and convinces with its unique design and extremely broad equipment.

Braun currently has 4 kitchen machines on offer. This may not seem much, but the individual devices have an ideal appearance. The most expensive device costs almost 160 Euro. The performance is surprisingly well maintained. The food processor is equipped with 800 watts, which is quite satisfactory for domestic use. All models come with lots of accessories and attachments.

In the shop you can also buy other devices and accessories. Customer service is available with a hotline for questions. If you wish a telephone consultation, you can also call a hotline here. You will receive detailed advice that is perfectly tailored to your needs. If you also look at the product reports on the Braun models, you are absolutely certain to buy a device that meets your requirements.

In addition to the kitchen machines, there are also appliances that are suitable for both male and female shaving. Also the hair removal with special devices is in the foreground. Hair care products are also available. This includes hair straighteners, hair dryers and various styling appliances. Braun watches are also available in the assortment. You will find high-quality Braun alarm clocks, wall clocks and even wristwatches with the latest technology and in the finest design. In addition, there are Braun weather stations that are operated via radio. Braun convinces by technological know-how in all areas and provides again and again for progressive innovations.

Moulinex was founded in 1955 by Jean Mantelet. He wanted to make life easier for everyone. This was the guiding principle that was to spread to the budget area. Moulinex is a brand that everyone knows. Almost every household can show a device of the brand Moulinex. The founder had many ideas and implemented them very well with a certain amount of zest for action.

The electrical articles should simplify the housework and save time. The name came from the name Moulin (mill) and Ex, which simply stands for Express speed. The history of Moulinex began in 1956 with a simple coffee grinder for the home. The model is an electrically operated coffee grinder that was sold 1.5 million times in its first year.

Moulinex came to Germany and Austria in 1957 and also became a registered trademark here. The Moulinette revolutionised the market in 1960. The electric mixer sold undefeated 10 million times to date. In 1962, an advertising campaign was launched to free modern women from the constraints of kitchen work. From now on cooking should be fun again and it should also be possible to save time with the Moulinex appliances.

In 1960 Moulinex already had mixers, juice presses and other useful equipment in its range. In the 70s the appliances already became standard equipment in modern kitchens. This was followed by products such as vacuum cleaner, iron and hair dryer. The first microwave came onto the market in 1979 and set the starting signal for a new era.

In 1990 Moulinex could report a worldwide success curve. By then, the devices had been sold a total of 45 million times. In 1997 Moulinex was chosen as the mark of the century due to its success. To date, the sales figures have not lost any ground. Moulinex is the leading brand when it comes to mixers and small appliances for the kitchen. When you buy a Moulinex device, you know that you are dealing with a professional device.

The same applies to kitchen machines. These are manufactured in a high-quality and lead good work. The idea of freeing the woman from the clutches behind the stove worked. Thanks to modern equipment, there is more time for the family and for the beautiful things in life.

Meanwhile the assortment has increased many times over. There are kettles, coffee grinders, hand mixers, hand mixers, hand mixers, choppers, cooking and mixing machines, the practical meat grinder, kitchen machines, compact kitchen machines, toasters, waffle irons and many other appliances. You can buy Moulinex devices at retail and via internet. In order for you to keep track of the wide range, we have also taken a look at these Moulinex devices.

If you have any questions about the products, you can always contact the online shop. Or you can contact the manufacturer directly. Should you ever lose the operating instructions, Moulinex offers all operating instructions on the homepage.

Unless otherwise agreed, Moulinex gives a 2-year guarantee. Depending on the device, the warranty can also be 5 to 7 years. If you need spare parts or accessories, you can order them directly from the manufacturer. If you have questions about a device directly, you can also find it here. Via the website of the manufacturer you will get to an area where you can express your concern.

The reference number of the device takes you directly and automatically to special employees who will take care of your request. Moulinex convinces with a high quality, which is recognizable in all devices. In the past, patented systems have been developed that make Moulinex devices unique. There are kitchen machines that are created for every requirement. Both small and large devices are in the manufacturer's portfolio. If you always want to be informed about News from Moulinex, register for the free Newsletter and be the first to know all news from Moulinex.

Siemens is a company with a good reputation not only for household appliances. The company is also active in other areas. Siemens has been in existence for 160 years and has been able to gather a lot of experience during these years. These values appear time and again in Siemens devices.

The history of Siemens can look back on international success. Today, Siemens is represented in more than 190 countries. The company scores well not only in household appliances, but also in other areas. There are currently over 125 locations in Germany alone. The idea to found a company like Siemens came into being in 1847. Werner von Siemens and Johann Halske were friends and were peacefully peacering around a telegraph in a back building in their home town Berlin. First of all, they founded Siemens and Halske.

This company also launched the first pointer telegraph on the market, which was developed for the consumer. Only one year after the invention of the first pointer telegraph, the company received a major order. A connection was to be established from Frankfurt to Berlin, which could be used by telegraph. From then on, the company became known far beyond the borders of Germany. This level of recognition contributed to Siemens becoming more and more successful in the years that followed. In 1850 Siemens founded a branch in London. In 1855 a branch in Eastern Europe, Russia, followed.

No state was willing to do without the practical telegraphs. So Siemens and Halske became more and more popular. As early as 1897, the company was transformed into a public limited company. Further electrical devices came onto the market, which helped the company to great successes. In 1912 the company still consisted of the two founders. After the First World War had ended, the company gradually got into a tailspin. For the first time, high sales losses were recorded, which did not stop until the 1920s. Siemens, however, could not be got down and stayed on the ball.

It paid off, because in the 1950s there was a new phase of upswing. In 1954 Siemens researched semiconductors and computer systems, which were successfully marketed. Due to the many products it soon became confusing and the founders developed an idea. Some subsidiaries were founded. Among other things the name Telefunken emerged, a company which was founded for communication devices. The subsidiary Siemens Elektrogeräte AG was not founded until 1957. Small appliances as well as large appliances were in the wide assortment – including the kitchen machines. The kitchen machines of the brand Siemens are equipped with a sophisticated technology. Siemens is constantly improving the technology used in the devices.

Particularly convincing is the modern comfort, which is available in the kitchen machines down to the smallest detail. If you make exclusive demands on a food processor, then Siemens has the right device for you.

Over the years, Siemens has proven that it never develops and produces half things. It is noticeable on the Design, on the Comfort and also on the Quality of the kitchen machines. Siemens kitchen machines are available in various versions. They all differ in their forms and also in their colours. We will also present some Siemens devices in detail and equip them with text reports.

Thus you always get a clear impression of which device meets which requirements. The Siemens name alone stands for high-quality devices in the entire field. The processing is excellent and not only visible from the outside. If you take a look inside the devices, you can also see the precise work for which Siemens became known and the name still stands today.

Customer service is also a top priority at Siemens. Of course, a large company also needs first-class customer service. If you purchase a device from Siemens and there are malfunctions, a first-class customer service is available. Also helpful is the technical support, which is always available for all questions. Siemens products can be purchased both in retail stores and online shops. The warranty is usually 2 years, unless otherwise agreed. Siemens kitchen machines differed from other manufacturers less in appearance, but from the technical refinements that are only used in Siemens appliances.

TV The original is a registered trademark of DS Produkte GmbH. We are dealing here with a family business, which is located in Hamburg. In 1973 DS Produkte was founded. The businessman Dieter Schwarz set the first milestone for the company.

The company should become a manufacturer, importer and exporter. Innovative products should convince through perfection. Today DS Produkte GmbH is an international trading company offering a wide range of goods. The range includes electrical appliances, cookware, cleaning, floor care, outdoor, beauty, fitness, textiles, health and many other products. The company's head office is located slightly northeast of Hamburg.

In 1997, due to high demand, a logistics centre had to be opened in Gallin. This centre also became too small at some point, which was the reason why this centre was also extended. The company employs around 350 people. Marketing should start young and dynamic. What is better than marketing the products on TV? TV The original is a registered trademark of DS Produkte GmbH and is distributed exclusively through the TV and its online shop. The idea was born for a very simple reason. They wanted to offer devices for people who by no means want to do without quality, but do not have enough budget available. The devices are partly manufactured in-house and partly imported goods of high quality. Before a device is marketed, it is subjected to strict conditions to quality testing and only then reaches the consumer.

This sales strategy has developed positively in recent years, as all those who have purchased TV Das Original products are consistently satisfied. Both the price and the performance are correct. The advantage of marketing via TV is the simplicity of describing the products with it. To introduce a product, the moderators take a lot of time. Usually one hour per device. In what shops do you get such detailed and detailed advice?!

TV The original began with only a few products. However, the demand was so enormous that the founder decided to constantly expand the product range. The Shows should be perfectly adapted to the customer and show the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the devices. This system was well received by consumers and has been successful to this day. In terms of price, the devices from TV Das Original are far below the prices of the other manufacturers. This is because the TV Das Original does not advertise outside the TV shows. It was of course a big risk to start a company with this intention – nevertheless it succeeded and TV Das Original has today very many products in the assortment.

TV The Original has high-quality kitchen machines that meet the requirements of consumers. The Gourmet Maxx and Mister Magic are kitchen machines which are subject to the brand TV Das Original. These fabulous examples show the high quality of the devices. The kitchen machines are easy to operate and are equipped with a wide range of accessories. The attachments can be easily exchanged and cleaned after use. TV The original stands for optimal equipment that everyone can afford. At TV Das Original, the entire operation is demonstrated so that you won't experience any surprises at home.

You can start immediately after receipt of the appliance and test your new food processor extensively. Because you already know how it works. TV The original is repeatedly described by consumers as a first-class product. Customers who have once purchased a TV Das Original device will always purchase a device of the brand TV Das Original – this can also be seen from the many customer responses. TV Das Original is unmistakable and one of the best-selling brands specializing in marketing by TV.

Little is known about the Zyon brand. The brand has only been around since 2009 and is based in Great Britain. Gearstore LTD is the holder of the trademark offering Kitchen Machinery and Office Equipment. Zyon devices fulfill a high standard and are shipped directly from England worldwide.

Zyon products are not available in shops. You will find Zyon products exclusively about selected shops. The Zyon range currently includes two kitchen machines that differ in colour only. You get the Kitchen machines in the colours red and silver. Even if the Zyon brand has not yet launched many appliances on the market, the kitchen machines are still convincing. The appearance of the devices is very high quality. Even if one takes a closer look at the devices, the entire extent of the devices becomes apparent.

High-quality processing of the device itself and also in the attachments and accessories ka defect can be found. The Zyon food processor can also make a contribution to safety. As soon as the engine starts, no removable parts can be loosened. By setting the exact speed, the result is perfectly mixed. No matter if for cooking or baking, the devices from Zyon are absolutely recommendable. You will get a detailed insight through our test series, in which we will provide you with further information about the Zyon kitchen machines.

Things to know and advice

The History of the Food Processor

Making work easier for yourself – that has always been what drives people. Be it the invention of the wheel or the development of the electric motor.

Also in the kitchen and in the household in general there were still many activities at the end of the 19th century, which were very laborious and time-consuming and made life difficult for the housewife. But it was to take until the early 1950s for modern technology to find its way into European households.

This development was clearly driven by the economic miracle, from which West Germany in particular benefited. In 1945, after 15 years of war, the country was completely ruined economically. During the war years, developments had mainly concentrated on the arms industry.

Now, several years after the end of the war, things were looking up again in Germany, not least thanks to the Marshall Plan of the Americans, who had a great interest in the reconstruction of West Germany as a bulwark against communism.

Especially in the occupation zones controlled by the USA, the American “Way of Life” found its way into the country and aroused various desires among the German population.

The first electric kitchen machine from German post-war production was presented on the market in the early 1950s by Bosch. It had the name “Neuzeit” and was the symbol for a successful new beginning. “modern times” was very similar to today's kitchen machines.

She had a mixing bowl made of enamel and a stand-mixer that could stir, rub, cut and mix. Modern times were, so to speak, the original device by which other manufacturers had to be measured and with whose further development one could earn money in the coming decades.

The more a newly launched machine could do, the more it saved the housewife time in the kitchen, which she could use for other, far more beautiful things.

Little by little, resourceful engineers and designers developed multifunctional devices, some of which seemed like real miracles.

Today kitchen machines are multifunctional . In addition to the basics of cutting, stirring and grating, you can use them to prepare whole dishes without having to place another pot or pan on the stove. On the other hand, a bread baking machine, for example, is not a multifunctional food processor because it only has two functions for baking bread.

Standard functions todayHigh-tech kitchen machines include, for example, grating vegetables and chocolate, gently cutting fruit and vegetables, puréeing a wide variety of ingredients, juicing and pressing various types of fruit and kneading dough. Some kitchen machines are even able to chop ice cubes and shake cocktails.

The performance of the machines, which for example also makes ice crushing possible, was made possible in particular by the installation of increasingly powerful electric motors. The designers had to make sure that the engines were relatively small without sacrificing performance.

The reason: The kitchen machines must not take up too much space in German kitchens due to the sometimes cramped conditions. Kitchen machines with a rated output of 1600 watts are therefore no longer a rarity on the market.

However, the aesthetics also plays a decisive role in the development. Customers want a device that can be used as widely as possible with many functions, but that takes up as little space as possible and also sells stylishly.

Yes, you can almost say that kitchen machines have become luxury goods with a show-off function in recent years.

Free according to the motto: “My house, my car, my kitchen machine.” It will be interesting to see where the trend in kitchen utensils will lead us in the coming years.

Kitchen machines – An energy-saving variant?

Kitchen machines have experienced a real boom in recent years. A hectic everyday life and less and less time for the household and the preparation of food have fired this trend. In addition, the desire for a healthy diet has prevailed among the German population.

Fast food, which used to be increasingly used due to lack of time, is no longer quite so popular. Doing it yourself is the motto today. But still the preparation of healthy food must not take up too much time.

Of course, many portals have adopted this trend, countless product tests, which take a close look at the latest kitchen machines in terms of performance, functions and price, are already online. A good decision-making aid for all those who fancy the purchase of such a kitchen aid.

But what price does one actually pay for the commissioning of Kitchen Aid and Co. What is not meant here are the acquisition costs, these are the willing to buy in every shop and in everyone online shop willingly and crystal clear before eyes. No, this refers to the power costs incurred during operation of the machine. One reads of this only rarely at all.

These unavoidable facts, which cannot be discussed away, will now be examined in detail.

Multifunctional kitchen machines – power guzzlers or even environmentally friendly?

Our modern world cannot be imagined without electricity costs. There is hardly a device whose amenities cannot be found one to one on the electricity meter today. This is to the detriment of the wallet and, of course, the environment.

If you want to use the advantages of a kitchen machine, it is therefore worth taking a look at the performance of the appliance (usually indicated in watts) and the associated power consumption in advance. As a rule, manufacturers and online senders such as Amazon like to keep a low profile when it comes to the power consumption of the equipment they advertise. But how do you get the information you want?

Very simple: With the help of the power specification in Watt. For example, if a manufacturer specifies a power of 1600 watts for his appliance, this means that the kitchen machine consumes a total of 1600 watts in one hour when it is put into operation at the highest level. The conversion with this information is then relatively simple. You simply take the nominal power with the electricity price to be paid per kWh times.
  • Here an example calculation: 1600 Watt x 1 hour = 1.6 kWh x 0.25 € = 0.4 €
  • This means you pay a total of 34 cents for the 60-minute operation of the kitchen machine at the highest power level.
  • Now you can easily calculate the costs for different models with the presented formula and compare the costs.

The comparison candidates in the field of kitchen machines

In a detailed test the Internet portal regarded seven modern kitchen machinen of well-known manufacturers. Among them are the models

  • KMX 51 by Kenwood
  • Bosch MUM 56340
  • Krups KA 3031 Perfect Mix
  • clear stone Lucia Rossa
  • Masterchef Gourmet of Moulinex
  • clear stone TK2 Bella Rossa
  • Philips HR77 62/90

to find the right one.

The kitchen machines have a rated output in watts which is between 500 watts and 1200 watts.

The two kitchen machines from Klarstein are the front-runners in terms of rated power. They consume 1200 watts during a 1-hour start-up at the highest level, which is equivalent to a cost of 0.30 € for an electricity price of 0.25 €.

A quite acceptable price for its so great power density. These stylish powerhouses are followed by the comparative models of the suppliers Krups, Moulinex and Bosch. Your kitchen machine all have a rated output of 900 watts.

This means that all three devices cost just under 0.23 € for one hour of operation at the highest level. So much for the midfield of the devices tested on

The kitchen machine HR77 62/90 from Philips has only 750 watts. The power of the KMX 51, on the other hand, has the lowest rated power in the field of test candidates with only 500 watts. This corresponds to costs of around 19 cents or 13 cents per hour.

The result of the consideration: The electricity costs for multifunctional kitchen machinen are all relatively low and should play only a minor role in the selection of the suitable and desired device.

Does the rated output of ice machines affect the price?

Is the power consumption higher for kitchen machines with cooking function? The Tester from only looked at models without cooking function in their Test. As we have already noticed, these had relatively low rated outputs in watts. Thus the calculated power consumption in € for one hour commissioning was relatively low

But what about Creme de la Creme, the kitchen machines with integrated cooking function? Due to the additional function, these machines should be based on a higher wattage.

In a product test of the Internet portal the testers have examined only kitchen machinen with cooking function. Here, the testcandidates included the models

  • Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC 9060S
  • Krups Prep & Cook HP5031 Kitchen machine
  • KitchenAid 5KCFO103EER/4 Artisan Kitchen machine
  • Clear Stone Food Circus Kitchen Machine

The test of the experts of confirm our assumption. All four devices included in the product test have a rated power of 1000 watts and more. The last in the league in terms of performance is the Klarstein model with a total rated output of 1000 watts.

This corresponds to an electricity consumption of 25 cents per hour of operation. All three other test candidates, on the other hand, have an output of 1500 watts per hour. With these devices, you pay 0.38 cents in electricity costs per hour.

But is a high rated output also synonymous with a high price? A price comparison of the candidates from confirms our assumption. The Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC 9060S leads the price range of kitchen machines with cooking function with a proud price of 1203.55 €.

This kitchen machine will be followed by the model from KitchenAid with 956,53 €. Although the price for this model is still in the 3-digit range, it is also not cheap with almost 1000 €. The Prep & Cook model from Krups, on the other hand, offers the same rated output, namely around 1500 watts, at a significantly lower price of a good 500 €. The Klarstein Food Circus kitchen machine is also the taillight in the positive sense in terms of price.

For you you only have to pay 200 €. The extent to which the services offered by the four machines and their handling differ can be seen by interested parties in numerous further product tests or with the help of customer reviews in the
Research network

Accessories and attachments for the food processor

As accessories you will find many parts in the scope of delivery or you can choose an individual kitchen machine. The dough hooks are used to create firm dough. If you want to produce such doughs more often, the device needs a corresponding number of watts. The whisk is also considered an accessory that should be included in the scope of delivery. However, make sure that you can still buy the dough hooks and the whisk.

Some of the kitchen machines have an emulsifying disc. With these accessories emulsions can be produced. Mayonnaise, for example, would be an emulsion that is easy to produce with the device. In addition to the basic equipment, there are so-called special tools, which can either be included in the scope of delivery or purchased separately. A continuous slicer is a disc attached to the accessory hub. The slice is used for shredding, i.e. for crushing and cutting. The continuous slicer is divided into several slices. With the discs you can grate, grate and cut depending on the version. Cucumbers are cut into even wafer-thin slices so that the cucumber salad becomes a tasteful experience. Whatever food you crush, the end result is convincing and above all fast.

A mixer can create creamy soups or milk shakes. If you want mashed potatoes without pieces of potato, the mixer is also perfect. In addition to these accessories, there is also a meat grinder, a mill, a noodle attachment, a citrus juicer and even a ravioli maker. As you can see, the attachments and accessories are very wide and you can in the future all work from your new kitchen machine handle leave.

Sensory accessories for multifunctional kitchen machines

As the name “Multifunctional Food Processor” implies, the appliances of today's generation leave nothing to be desired by housewives. But the marketing departments of manufacturers wouldn't be creative if they weren't still looking for the one or other trend that could be served with accessories.

And so, of course, you can always find one or the other accessory part that appeals to the joy of experimentation of many hobby chefs in stationary shops or on one of the numerous online shops.

  • Mixing bowl
  • Mincer additives
  • Asia vegetable slice
  • Mixer attachment
  • Grain Mill
  • Spiral cutter
  • KENWOOD Flexi stirring element
  • Bosch Cube Slicer MUZ5CC2
  • Cookbooks

In any case useful – one additional mixing bowl

Once you've got used to a multifunctional kitchen machine, you're sure to want to use it all the time. For this reason, the purchase of another mixing bowl, for example, is a sensible investment. Many menus are very complex and the use of a further bowl eliminates the annoying decanting and intermediate storage of menu components.

Meat Mincer Additives

If you have decided on a food processor that has a meat grinder function of its own, you can also sensibly retrofit it here. Surely you still remember your childhood when the mother made the preparations for baking cookies in the kitchen. First the dough for the biscuits was prepared and after a few minutes of rest in the fridge we started to prepare the mass. The good hand mincer was taken out of the cupboard and attached to the edge of the kitchen table with a clamping device. Finally, the nut took the rail inserts for the biscuit preparation out of the drawer. And the Christmas bakery started. Stars, plates or even rhombuses were twisted out of the mincer as if pulled by a string. These rails for unproblematic biscuit production are still in use today – of course for the electric meat grinders of a food processor.

Asia vegetable disc made of stainless steel

Every good food processor has its own slices for grating and cutting vegetables. But here, too, there are possibilities to upgrade cost-effectively. For example, the manufacturer Bosch offers an extra vegetable slice for the preparation of Asia vegetables. A good edition for fans of Chinese or Thai food.

mixer attachment

If your food processor does not yet have a blender attachment, you can also add it here. Many manufacturers offer these accessories. The mixer can then be used to make delicious smoothies or yoghurt dishes. A must for every good kitchen.

The grain mill

Somewhat more unusual and certainly not for everyone a “Must have” is the grain mill that the manufacturer Bosch offers for its kitchen machines. But certainly a sensible supplement for people with a food intolerance in the field of cereals. With the attachment, which is suitable for all Bosch kitchen machines with the marking MUM5….. the direct grinding of cereals into the mixing bowl is possible. The mill has a large feed chute for grain quantities of up to 750 g and the robust stainless steel cone allows easy grinding of the grains. The degree of grinding can be infinitely varied between fine and coarse.

The dough for the homemade bread can then be prepared in no time at all using the stirring function. From the baking machines and after a few hours the delicious homemade bread smelled on the table. The grain mill is also suitable for oilseeds.

The spiral cutter as accessory for your KitchenAid kitchen machine

The KitchenAid food processor has caused a sensation in recent years. It was on everyone's lips and those who had bought such a good piece for the kitchen and had put a lot of money on the counter, also like to present the gold piece as a status symbol in his kitchen. Of course there are also numerous accessories for the KitchenAid, of which we would like to recommend the spiral cutter. This spiral cutter is a multifunctional knife system (4-in-1) for the production of fine to medium-sized vegetable spirals. The spiral cutter is dishwasher-safe and is stored in a practical storage container included in delivery. The spiral cutter can be used in all models of the manufacturer.

KENWOOD Flexi-Stirring element “Chef AT501” for the production of fine sauces

Sauce fans will be thrilled by the practical Kenwood accessories. The KENWOOD Flexi stirring element is ideal for preparing very soft compositions such as creams, béchamel sauces or very fine doughs. The flexible wings of the stirring element are made of rubber and adapt perfectly to the mixing bowl of the food processor. Of course the material is heat resistant, so that you can also mix hot ingredients with the stirrer without any doubts. The KENWOOD Flexi stirring element “Chef AT501” can be used for all models of the KENWOOD Chef and Chef Sense series.

You'll love it – the Bosch dicing machine MUZ5CC2

The Bosch cube slicer MUZ5CC2 is a true addition to your Bosch food processor. With this insert you can easily cut meat, potatoes, fruit or vegetables into even cubes. You can choose between two deserving dice sizes. The practical lid lock guarantees maximum safety during operation. The MUZ5CC2 dicer is suitable for processing both small and large quantities and can be used for all Bosch models in the MUM5….

The cookbooks for the Thermomix devices

Anyone who decides on one of the Thermomix models from Vorwerk and invests a very proud sum should not save on accessories. In order to be able to work properly with the Thermomix, it is advisable to buy one of the special cookbooks that have been published with the appliances.


Finally a prescription

The fan community of the Thermomix grows and grows and you can also find many recipes on the net for preparation with the kitchen machine including cooking function.

For example, how about preparing a Low Carb chicken breast pan with tomatoes and peppers. We have found this recipe in the fans' self-created recipes to make available for Nachkochen. ,

For the preparation you need 600 g chicken breast, 2-3 pieces of paprika and 1 small tin of diced tomatoes. 150 g cream and 2 cloves garlic belong to the recipe as well as an onion, 1 heaped teaspoon vegetable broth, 1 chili pepper and salt and pepper to taste.

The preparation

The chicken breast is first cut into small pieces and fried in a pan (but you can also make it directly in the Thermomix).

The onions and garlic are then peeled and minced with the help of the appliance.

Heat 20g oil in the Thermomix and sauté the onions and garlic for 2 – 2.5 min at level 2. Then add the quartered paprika and steam another 3 min. – 100 degrees. Then add the tomatoes, cream and spices and bring to the boil for 10 minutes at level 2.

Then puree the mixture and add to the fried meat in the pan. Simmer for another 8 minutes and season to taste with pepper and salt at the end.

Alternatives to the food processor

There are certainly alternatives to a food processor. A simple Standmixer can prepare delicious juices and shakes. However, it cannot produce solid pasta. There are multifunctional tools that are available from retailers starting at 20 euros. Here is an abundant accessory, which performs good services. The disadvantage is, however, that the performance is limited to a minimum and only a few jobs can be done with it. chopping onions, will rather become an onion porridge in such a device. Perfect results can only be obtained with the respective appliance for the intended work or with a high-quality food processor, that is equipped with a good performance.

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