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What is a radiant heater or mushroom heater?

Unlike a campfire or a fireplace, which are characterised by their very special touch of romance, a radiant heater or mushroom heater is a technical device that can be installed in the garden or on the terrace, and which provides heat at the touch of a button. Such a device can be up to three meters high, because the heating radiator or heating mushroom must warm the immediate environment gently and sustainably from above. Radiant heaters or heating mushrooms are particularly frequently used when, for example, it is a question of being able to be outside at garden or outdoor parties, at barbeques or cosy meetings with friends in the beer garden even later in the day, i.e. when it gets cooler, without having to freeze. Certainly even the best radiant heaters or heating mushrooms are not able to warm the feet of those present, but the high temperature control of the ambient air is indeed a beneficial affair, which tempts one or the other to take off the jacket or take off the scarf.

Donate heat – even on cold days

The special feature of a radiant heater or heating mushroom is that the regulation of the temperature, which the device emits in each case, can be regulated individually and completely as required. Interestingly enough, well-stocked retailers have heating appliances that are still powered by gas or that are already powered by electricity from the socket. As helpful and functional as radiant heaters or heating mushrooms can be in general, it is important to make sure that they are never left unattended when using these devices. In addition, it is fundamental that radiant heaters or heating mushrooms never come into contact with tents, trees, curtains, etc., because under these conditions a considerable fire risk is given.

How does a radiant heater or mushroom heater work?

The mode of operation of a radiant heater or heating mushroom is different depending on the model. Thus a radiant heater that is operated with gas “works” completely differently, of course, than an electrically operated device. Notwithstanding, the service portfolio that a radiant heater or mushroom heater has to offer is very comprehensive, whereby it must not least be taken into account that gas appliances in particular are much more efficient than electric radiators or mushrooms. Both device variants – both the electric radiator and the gas heating mushroom – must first be installed where the heat is needed, but where they are not obstructed by hanging trees, roof projections or laundry lines etc.. Rather, it is important to ensure that the device absolutely needs a space of at least two to three meters in order to be able to emit heat safely. While the electrically operated radiant heater or heating mushroom only needs to be connected to a socket, the situation is different with a gas heating mushroom. It is connected to a gas container, which, in the opinion of inexperienced consumers, can sometimes give rise to certain difficulties. After all, gas containers always have a special insecurity factor. Those who, on the other hand, are trained in the use of such containers will certainly have no problems with the commissioning of a gas-powered radiant heater or heating mushroom.

Relatively easy to handle

After the hose or the connection piece of the device has been connected to the gas container and the container has been brought into the “On” position, the temperature control should now be set to the lowest possible level.

Because immediately after switching on the emitter now with the lighter or a match a fire is ignited, which is held directly to the beam field located in the upper range. The flame is distributed in fractions of a second and can then be adjusted as required by means of the thermostat or temperature regulator.

Advantages and applications of the radiant heater

The advantages of a heater are remarkable. The consumer notices this at the latest when he is invited to a garden party, a barbeque or similar social events and when the first cool breeze is felt late in the evening.

Because then only the radiant heater or heating mushroom must be brought into position and adjusted to the desired temperature. The heat effect, which is only noticeable a few seconds after switching on, is truly beneficial. And so it is not surprising that radiant heaters and heating mushrooms are enjoying an almost constantly growing popularity.

In your home garden you can literally spend the whole night outdoors with such a device, without goose bumps or a feeling of discomfort due to too cold outside temperatures. It may well be that the garden party lasts into the early hours of the morning. While it can mean for “night owls” without such a device quite already times to shift the celebration into the warm one and/or into the dwellings or into the garden house, the use of a radiant heater and/or a heating mushroom offers nevertheless a remarkable comfort.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that radiant heaters or heating mushrooms are also widely used in gastronomy . In beer gardens or in outdoor wine taverns as well as at public events it is simply much more fun to celebrate under the protection of a radiant heater or heating mushroom and to enjoy the sociability in a pleasantly warm atmosphere. In the course of time, a new trend has emerged – both on a private basis and on a commercial level – the so-called winter barbecue.

In fact, it is an “ice-cold” pleasure to light up the grill in the snow or in the freezing cold and enjoy wonderful delicacies in illustrious company. Lanterns, small fireplaces as well as heating radiators or heating mushrooms must not be missing on such occasions. True to the motto: “The later the evening, the more helpful the radiant heaters or heating mushrooms”, these devices are always a guarantee for cosiness and a homely festive atmosphere. It's different in greenhouses.

This is less about celebrating than about healthy growth of plants. What could be more obvious than to use specially designed radiant heaters or heating mushrooms in certain growth phases in order to improve the success in the garden and plant world?

What types of radiant heaters or heating mushrooms are there?

Quartz radiant heaters

Quartz radiant heaters are particularly suitable for smaller balconies or terraces with a small surface area. Their performance portfolio is certainly not comparable to that of the new infrared radiant heaters, because the wattage of most devices is just 2,000 watts.

But nevertheless they are quite suitable for meetings with friends on the Hollywood swing on the terrace or on the tiny roof balcony. In addition, they score points because they do not have a gas surface and because, as a result, the potential fire hazard is reduced to a minimum. Not to forget is the extremely low energy consumption. In comparison to electrically operated radiant heaters, quartz radiant heaters are not only impressively inexpensive to purchase or with regard to energy consumption >but they are also exemplary with regard to ecological aspects. It is also worth noting that devices in this product category can even be adjusted in height. With most other radiant heaters or mushrooms this is not possible without further ado.

Gas mushrooms or radiators

The gas-powered radiant heaters and heating mushrooms are among the classics among Outdoor heaters and score with their special efficiency.

A decisive disadvantage that one or the other device could bring with it in this respect is a not inconsiderable fire risk. In this respect, very high security requirements apply, and the current legal requirements must be observed.


The new infrared heaters are extremely efficient, but quite expensive to buy. A decisive advantage of these innovative heat dispensers is that they function short-wave, so that the emitted heat can only be felt when it hits the clothing, etc.

And that without being associated with a considerable potential danger. More and more consumers are opting for the purchase of the innovative infrared radiant heaters, which have a solar drive, because here the electricity consumption is practically zero. The heat energy of the sun is directly converted by means of special technologies, so that the heat obtained from it guarantees a pleasant warm climate in the outdoor area.

Electric heaters

Wherever > a socket is available, electric radiant heaters or mushrooms can be used. Only there, though. If no electricity connection is available, devices of this category are not usable. In principle, the acquisition costs are relatively low, but the energy consumption is comparatively high.

This is how we tested the radiant heaters and heating mushrooms

When it comes to radiant heaters or heating mushrooms, quality-conscious consumers often face a not inconsiderable problem. The fact is that many are rather inexperienced on the one hand with regard to the technical aspects of such devices. On the other hand, a series of different aspects has to be considered in order to do everything right from the beginning. In our institute we have inspected radiant heaters and heating mushrooms from various suppliers and manufacturers and tested them with regard to the following criteria, among others:

Scope of services

In principle, radiant heaters or heating mushrooms for use in commercial and private areas must be distinguished. The corresponding range of services can, depending on the manufacturer, vary greatly. Of decisive importance in this context is the wattage, but also the range of the generated heat.

In our tests > it was shown that there are considerable differences between the individual manufacturers, so that it is in fact worthwhile to use our product reports when it comes to making a decision for or against a device.

Product type

Depending on the planned application or intended use the purchase of specific radiant heaters or heating mushrooms is recommended. Certainly, an infrared heating device is considered to be the most efficient and also comparatively cost-effective – at least in the long term. On the other hand, the desired field of application should always be taken into account. For example, a quartz radiant heater proves to be more suitable in the commercial sector than in other areas in view of its relatively low output volume. Therefore, it makes sense to find out in advance where the device should end up or which features are desired for the respective radiant heater or mushroom heater.


The handling of a radiant heater or heating mushroom is essential with regard to the use of such devices. The device should be set up as easily as possible at the appropriate location and ideally be switched on at the push of a button. Depending on the appliance, the consumer may have to put up with considerable heating times, so that it can take up to several minutes before the radiant heater or mushroom heater is fully heated and generates the desired heat. Inexperienced consumers are generally not well advised to use a radiant heater that is complicated to operate, as the associated increased fire risks play a very important role.

Efficiency and/or energy consumption

The more heat a radiant heater or heating mushroom can generate, the higher the energy consumption. At least that's what you'd think. But in reality it looks different. It is a fact that today there are highly efficient radiant heaters or heating mushrooms which are characterized by a high environmental orientation and a relatively low energy consumption. Solar-powered infrared heating devices are certainly worth mentioning in this respect, as their energy consumption is extremely low. However, our research also shows that each product category produces efficient devices. However, it depends here on the selection of the right manufacturer. Our product tests also provide explicit information in this respect.


Safety is a top priority right from the start when it comes to purchasing radiant heaters or heating mushrooms. Because electricity and fire are used here, it is essential that the applicable legal regulations are complied with. And not only with regard to the suitable locations, but also with regard to the respective technologies.

Price Performance

High quality radiant heaters or heating mushrooms do not have to be expensive at all. On the other hand, there are numerous devices on the market that are powerful, functional and very expensive. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning in this context that these costs can be amortized in the long term through extremely low energy costs. Our experts have used the red pencil in the individual tests and examined the price-performance ratio of each individual radiant heater or heating mushroom under the magnifying glass.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a radiant heater or heating mushroom?

When purchasing a heating radiator or a heating mushroom it is certainly important that the device meets the highest requirements with regard to Optics and quality. In this respect, the design may well fall behind. Much more important is that the performance volume in particular is impressive. In principle, however, this should also correspond to the respective intended use.

So it is for example not meaningful to buy for example a quartz heater , if this is to be platziert on a large terrace or in a large garden area, in order to donate as much warmth as possible. Although quartz heaters are certainly comparatively inexpensive to purchase, it is by no means a good idea to use them in order to achieve the desired cost savings.

Here it is well worthwhile to spend one or another Euro additionally and to decide for a radiant heater which is characterised by high performance and good energy efficiency. Even if such products may be comparatively expensive, the purchase is always profitable in the long term.

Always pay attention to safety

Safety should be the top priority when purchasing a radiant heater. For example, the consumer should first ensure that the spotlight is highly stable so that the device does not start to wobble even in the event of carelessness and consequently causes a fire. It is also important that the radiant heater or mushroom heater is easy to operate and that the warm-up phase is as short as possible. In general, it is essential that handling is also as consumer-oriented as possible. Cumbersome turning of knobs or time-consuming installation of cables or hoses, as is often the case with cheap devices, not only affect the heat output, but above all the safety of the radiator.

Short information about leading manufacturers:

  • Landman
  • Enders
  • Firefly
  • Activa
  • Einhell
  • Empassa
  • Traedgard
  • Zelzius
Landmann has been on the market since 1966 and is one of the best-known suppliers when it comes to radiant heaters and mushrooms. The headquarters of the company is located in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, where the products are no longer only offered in Germany, but in numerous other countries. Landmann is now even one of Europe's leading manufacturers who have a lot to offer in terms of quality and value for money.
Regardless of whether it's gas cookers, grills or radiant heaters: Enders is characterised by the fact that it brings innovative and high-quality products to the market and markets them with growing success. For more than 130 years, the name Enders has been a household name in this industry. The products are manufactured both for the commercial customer and for private end consumers. 
Heating radiators and heating mushrooms from Firefly can be found especially in the low and medium price segment. In fact, it has been shown time and again that this internationally active supplier has consistently good product quality to offer, whereby even the services are very customer-oriented with a view to the huge sales network.
For many years now, the renowned company Activa has been synonymous with high product quality when it comes to grilling, heating and cooking. For a long time, the company has been scoring points with its very comprehensive sales network and can therefore offer its discerning customers extremely attractive conditions. This also applies to the purchase of heaters and heating mushrooms for commercial and private use.
The product range offered by the Einhell group is extremely comprehensive. From drilling machines and other electrically operated tools to heating devices, etc., the products of this German manufacturer are truly of high quality. The company is headquartered in Landau, Germany, and its products have long been available all over the world.
Customer orientation is a top priority at Empassa. Demanding private and commercial customers who want high-quality products for DIY or the garden are in very good hands with this renowned manufacturer. In addition, Empassa also offers well thought-out toys, products for insect protection, trampolines, products for more beautiful and functional living and Christmas specials.
The x-TradeGroup GmbH, which is also known as Traedgard company on the international plateau, is a trading and distribution company which distinguishes itself above all by the exquisite product quality with regard to radiant heaters, camping accessories and garden tools. The Traedgard company can now look back on more than ten years of company history.
Whenever the company Zelsius is mentioned, the customer knows that he can purchase a large number of different outdoor products here, which are usually characterised by a comprehensive range of services and functions. Regardless of whether it's heating mushrooms, heating appliances or other high-quality electrical products in this product category: the variety of products on offer is remarkable, and new Zelsius products are constantly conquering the market, inspiring the discerning consumer.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where do I buy my radiant heater or heating mushroom best?

With regard to heaters, it is always a good idea to take a look at the selection on the world wide web before buying such a product in order to get a first impression of the variety of products on offer as well as the technical possibilities.

Once you have found adequate radiant heaters or heating mushrooms in the course of an initial short search, it can be very helpful to examine these devices in the local specialist trade and obtain appropriate advice.

However, it is often the case that either the products in question are not available in the shop, or the sales staff is not properly trained and therefore cannot guarantee adequate advice.

This is often due to cost savings in terms of hiring sales personnel. Because the costs for warehousing, product presentation, rent and employees are often extremely high for the retailer. This financial expenditure is to be compensated by the cheapest possible personnel. With the consequence that the quality of advice, but also the services and the friendliness of the employees leave much to be desired.

The advantages of the Internet speak for themselves. Therefore it shows up again and again that it makes absolutely sense to buy the desired radiant heater and/or heating mushroom in the Internet.

Here the customer profits even from a comprehensive and purposeful consultation – both in the context of a telephone discussion, in on-line Chats or – depending upon enterprise – in company-own Show Rooms. In this respect, our experts also recommend purchasing radiant heaters or heating mushrooms preferably online, as quite apart from the mentioned advantages, one also saves the long queues in front of the cash desk as well as the confrontation with not always very motivated sales personnel.

Things to Know & Advisor

The history of the radiant heater or the heating mushroom

Already since the man knows the fire and knows how to use for himself, one profits from the warmth, which proceeds from this element. Over the millennia, different methods have been established to achieve the desired heat. Among other things, this refers to fireplaces, campfires or fire bowls, which were already used in antiquity.

Certainly a decisive defect of these antique heat dispensers is that the safety of the corresponding devices or devices is not particularly good. In the past, fires caused by these sources of heat were a recurring problem. Either because they were operated improperly, by mistake or simply because they did not take the supervision very seriously.

It is precisely for these reasons that fireplaces in their various species have developed successively up to today. Thus, some centuries ago, the first stoves were established, whereupon stoves were built, until one was finally so far that heaters were invented. Initially, these were operated with gas, whereby only a small fire spark was required to generate the required energy.

Heat recovery over time

With the discovery of electricity it was also possible to invent heating. This was initially used exclusively in people's homes, with the increasingly frequent use of gardens or Outdoor facilities for social events or meetings also developing the desire for heating points for outdoor areas.

Surely there were campfires or small fireplaces surrounded by stones, but it was quickly found out how advantageous radiant heaters could be, which could give off their heat not from the ground, but from a height of one to three meters over into wider area.

gas radiant heaters in accordance with the “good, old” gas heating system enjoyed great popularity in the beginning, whereupon electrically operated radiant heaters and mushrooms established themselves only a short time later. In the meantime, ecological aspects play an extraordinarily important role, so that, looking back, it was only a matter of time until the first infrared emitters were established on the market in the mid-1990s.

Numbers, data, facts about the radiant heater or heating mushroom

Often one is faced with the question of which radiant heater or heating mushroom variant one should choose . First and foremost, the intended use must be taken into account, whereby the energy consumption of central is also important.

For example, it can be seen that a gas heater has a consumption of one kilo of gas per hour, while an electrically operated heater has about 1.5 kW or an infrared heater about 2 kW. The cost of a 1-litre gas cylinder is between 10 and 15 euros, by the way, while the financial expenditure for one kilowatt hour is currently around 20 cents.

Extrapolated it can be seen that the cost expenditure for the operation of a gas radiant heater is extremely high, while the energy costs for an average annual use are around 600 euros. Provided that the radiant heater would be used about ten hours a day, six days a week for a period of 25 weeks.

In comparison, the energy consumption of the new solar-powered infrared emitters is at an absolute low level, because here only the power of the sun is used and converted into heat through specific technologies.

However, the consumer has yet to accept that these innovative appliances are almost three times as expensive to buy as gas or electric radiant heaters.

Trends in the area of radiant heaters or heating mushrooms

Considering that classic gas heaters are already largely banned in many German cities, such as downtown Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin or Cologne, because environmental pollution because of the relatively high CO2 emission it is obvious that besides the electrically operated devices also the new solar-powered radiant heaters and mushrooms have established themselves on the market.

It concerns thereby a genuine trend , which enjoys both with private users, and with commercial consumers already now a constantly increasing popularity. Already with the introduction of the infrared devices it became apparent that these not only convince in functional regard, but that they also have a lot to offer with regard to performance and safety.

Of course the purchase price for such devices is still relatively high , but this investment proves to be very worthwhile in view of the relatively low energy costs, as the long-term energy cost savings are really considerable.

Low level energy consumption

If one throws a view of the current trends in things radiant heaters and – mushrooms , then the solar radiators are truly a highlight. They are ideal to be installed on the terrace or balcony, as they know how to use the power of the sun for themselves even at dusk and convert it directly into heat energy. This means that neither gas nor electricity from the socket must be used, but only solar energy is sufficient to put the solar radiators into operation. Energy consumption is therefore out of the question, so that the efficiency of these appliances is indeed remarkable.

Use instructions

When using a gas heater , it is always necessary to pay attention to the extent to which there are certain regulations or rules at local level. For example, in Munich's city centre or in the Cologne area, as well as in Hamburg and Hanover, it should be noted that equipment in this product category may no longer be used because it is associated with unacceptable CO2 emissions. In addition, with other radiant heaters and mushrooms, it must be ensured that certain specifications are also met when they are used.

It is essential to observe legal requirements

It is important that the stability of the devices leaves nothing to be desired. The wider the stand and the better the stability, the more the consumer benefits.

It is also important that indoor appliances never be placed outside and outdoor radiant heaters never indoors at any time. Here too, CO2 emission is a fundamental criterion. If the manufacturer's instructions are not observed, this can sometimes have serious health consequences. Whenever a radiant heater or mushroom heater is set up in a tent or outside, it should be noted that the upper part never comes into contact with the ceiling or tent roof, but that a minimum distance of one metre must be observed. In addition, a distance of at least two and a half metres from trees, clotheslines, roof boards etc. must be ensured.

Legal framework conditions and regulations

In accordance with the currently applicable legal guidelines with a view to FIBauR Point 5.4, when using radiant heaters in party tents it is essential that they be installed at least one metre or more away from combustible materials. In this context, the direction of emission of combustible substances shall not be less than three metres. In addition, it is important to note that most gas-fired radiant heaters or heating mushrooms are no longer allowed to be used in more and more cities. In this respect, it is advisable to obtain information from the local authorities in advance of any planned commissioning.

Rent or buy a heating mushroom?

Whenever a celebration is planned, it is worth considering the purchase of a heating mushroom. However, it should be borne in mind that such a device is rarely used, so that the financial expenditure for a radiant heater would be disproportionately high. S

o it is quite possible with modern devices that these have a purchase price of 2,000 euros or more to book. For the heating of a party tent or an outdoor area for a few planned events alone, the purchase of a heating mushroom is therefore unprofitable. It's a good thing that you can rent heating mushrooms from special suppliers and from many DIY stores.

The financial expenses for this are comparatively low. However, in view of the huge selection, it is worthwhile to use the red pen and compare the costs with each other. The power volume of the respective radiators or mushrooms must be taken into account.

different prices

A gas radiant heater with a power volume of 12 kW can have a daily impact of around 50 euros, while there are also suppliers who charge only 35 euros for a period of three days. Of course, it is important to consider whether a gas container must be purchased additionally or whether it is already included in the price.

Position radiant heater correctly

Radiant heaters which are operated with flammable substances should never be used in closed rooms. No matter if living room or party tent – the danger of burning is very high with such devices. In addition, please make sure that floor units are not placed on uneven ground in order to prevent them from tipping over.

This could also be accompanied by devastating consequences. It goes without saying that the area on which the device is to be installed should be as windless as possible.

Basically, a gas emitter should never be used in closed rooms, as CO2 emissions could have considerable health consequences. This is not the case with infrared radiant heaters or fan heaters, which are also designed for interiors.

In general, it must be taken into account that a distance of at least two metres from walls, trees, clotheslines or other obstacles should be ensured in order to keep the safety risk as low as possible.

When placing such a device, it is also important that the distance to the roof of a room , the awning or the eaves should be at least one and a half meters in order to avoid heat accumulation. In addition, the distance to combustible materials must not be less than one metre. When setting up the unit, it should also be ensured that a minimum distance of at least two and a half metres from any existing side walls is maintained.

Useful accessories

As helpful as a radiant heater is, as important is the availability of accessories. For additional comfort when using heating mushrooms or radiators, integrated or mountable party tables or table devices can be used, which – depending on the device – are usually very easy to mount. In addition, the purchase of special cover hoods is an option, which help to ensure that the device can remain outside even in wind and weather and is not affected by cold, wind, hail, snow or rain. Weather protection sleeves also help protect the heater from dirt, insects or dust, so you can do something extra to keep the unit durable.

A comparison when buying accessories is always worthwhile

Motion detectors are also helpful to increase safety when using . Wall brackets or mounting accessories are also recommended to ensure strength or even greater stability. No matter whether you decide to purchase a cover, a weather protection cover or installation accessories: Always make sure to purchase product-specific, proprietary accessories. In this way you also play it safe with regard to the safety and efficiency of the device.

Alternatives to radiant heater or mushroom heater

The purchase of a radiant heater or a heating mushroom is associated with a not inconsiderable cost . Financial expenses of around 2,000 to 3,000 euros are by no means unusual in this context.

It is therefore quite understandable that cost-conscious consumers are sometimes looking for adequate alternatives. The essential characteristics of a radiant heater are the reliable generation of heat and the uniform heating of indoor and/or outdoor spaces. In view of these aspects, a fan heater may well be a suitable alternative. Most fan heaters are about one or one and a half metres high and are therefore only able to provide heat in the lower area. If you sit comfortably at the coffee table outside on the terrace, your buttocks and legs are kept warm for a while by a fan heater.

A campfire is the classic alternative, which convinces with this touch of romance. Certainly a campfire can not donate the targeted heat, as you know from a radiant heater, but this solution is quite suitable under certain conditions.

A fire bowl does not only look nice , but it is also very suitable to be used as a heat source in the garden or on the terrace. However, it is advisable not to leave the fire bowl unattended at any time. It goes without saying that it should never be installed indoors.

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