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Best Home Theater System 2019 • 0 Home Theater Systems Reviews

What is a home theater system?

The world of technology today offers a broad standard. There is hardly anything left that differs from the former professional devices. So what used to be reserved for cinemas can now easily be used at home. If you are interested in a home cinema system, the selection is often not easy. There are many models that are marked with different facts.

First of all you need TV to recognize a picture. Today more and more flat-screen televisions are sold and bought, because they produce a better picture. Flat-screen televisions have a very large surface area, which allows the use of high-quality technologies in order to achieve a high-quality picture transmission, but the sound is most of the time on these models on the decline. It is therefore advisable to connect a separate speaker system. Most will buy a 5.1 surround sound system , which is best suited as a home cinema system and is also referred to as such.

5.1 Home cinema systems describe that sounds are transmitted over 5 channels . There is a separate bass channel called a subwoofer. Using the 5 channels results in outstanding surround sound. The 5 channels are divided as follows : Two front speakers, one center speaker and two rear speakers are used. The subwoofer is also connected and provides a good sounding bass.

With a home cinema system you feel like you're in a cinema, which makes you feel like you're in the middle of the action. There are other home theater systems that we will present to you in more detail later.

How does a home theater system work?

A home theater system works according to a simple system. The home cinema system consists of 6 parts. Subwoofer and 5 channels which are recognizable as loudspeakers. If these are optimally positioned in the room, a perfect surround sound is created, which lets you participate live in the film events.

The channels are split again so that there are two front speakers that provide the stereo sound. As the name already suggests, these are placed in the front area to you. There is a Center speaker that forms the center. Ideally, it should be positioned close to the television. This speaker plays sounds from the center of the picture. Consequently, the dialogues of the film mostly come from him.

In addition, two back speakers are used, which should be positioned behind you. Sounds and effects are transmitted from them. This interaction of the individual channels results in ideal surround sound. The subwoofer also ensures that the bass and bass effects are presented as well as possible.

The home cinema systems are available in different sizes. You can choose between a system with small or large speakers. In addition, there are systems that have Standard loudspeakers.

Word to look out for when buying?

As already mentioned, the selection on the market today in the area of home cinema system is as large as probably never before. Especially in recent years, more and more people have decided to make the investment and buy a corresponding model.

However, this is modern and at the same time sensitive technology with many properties. Especially technical laymen are looking for a new home cinema system with the selection quickly overwhelmed. However, this is usually not a big problem at all, because we are also very happy to help you find the right system for use in your own four walls.

For exactly this reason, we will show you in the following which aspects and points you should pay attention to when making a purchase. With the help of this display, you will then be able to quickly and effectively select the appropriate home cinema system, order it and have it delivered to your home.

First and foremost you should make sure that the new system offers you a really good sound. This is where the clear differences between the numerous models on the market lie and the sound is a very important point.

Bose ® Solo 5 TV Sound System blackBehind in all other respects, the sound and the high-quality reproduction of audio in the Home Cinema System Test is used again and again and contributes significantly to the evaluation. In the end, it is always a question of personal taste how the sound should turn out. However, there are some clues you should always keep in mind when choosing a new system.

Because a balanced sound plays an important role here. Both depths as well as mids and heights should be clearly shown to advantage here. Unfortunately this is a big problem especially with the cheap models on the market.

Because here most models are very bass heavy, because at first sight this sounds like a lot of power and modern technology. But especially with music and modern movies the balanced sound plays a very important role and should always be present.

Also with regard to the sound, you should pay attention to how the playback uses itself at a higher volume. Because among other things also thereby the rather bad models can be recognized in the range home cinema system.

Especially with the inexpensive models with little performance and low-cost equipment, it quickly becomes apparent that the quality continues to decrease with the increasing volume. This is actually not the case with the really good models, and this can also be recognized very quickly, if desired of course also by laymen.

Is the new home cinema system really suitable for your own needs? This is one of the most important questions you should always ask yourself when looking for the right model. Because not all variants are exactly the right choice and you may then have the problem that you may have chosen a good model on the one hand, but it is not suitable for use in your own four walls, yet.

This is the case, for example, if the actual loudspeakers are too large for the corresponding room. Even cables that are too short can quickly become a problem here, as you do not have the option of installing them as desired. You should therefore think carefully before you buy what requirements you have for the new system and what it looks like in your own four walls under the given conditions.

Sony BDV-E2100 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System (1000 Watt, 3D, W-LAN, Smart TV, Bluetooth, NFC) blackSmall rooms and Co. Can quickly become a big problem here and you have to start looking for a new home cinema system right after the decision, since this is not suitable for use.

Another very important point concerns the general functionality and features. On the one hand, the construction of the home cinema system models is of course very similar today, but there are still significant differences in the equipment.

This already starts with the included remote control. On the one hand it is not even included in all models, on the other hand they do not always offer all important functions.

As a rule not only a selection of the source and the volume should be possible, but also an adjustment of the own settings regarding playback and sound should be done with the remote control within a few minutes. The same applies to the individual options for adjusting the volume and playback. Most of the models on the market today offer you a variety of possibilities, because as already mentioned, the demands are of course different.

With a good model, you should make sure that not only bass control is possible, but also midrange and treble adjustment is not a big problem. If you stick to these points and perhaps make a short but extensive comparison in advance on the Internet and in the online shops, you have found the exactly fitting home cinema system within a short time and nothing more stands in the way of your order.

Advantages and applications of a home cinema system

Bose ® Solo 5 TV Sound System black TestHome cinema systems are mostly used to give the TV a better sound. Nothing is more unpleasant than a film whose effects don't come into their own perfectly. The film seems boring and only convinces in a few cases. If the same film is viewed with a home cinema system and the effects are optimally transmitted through the system, the film appears in a different light and appears more effective and interesting. Cinema lovers benefit from a home theater system because it is finally possible to watch movies in cinema quality to house.

You can also use the home cinema system for other purposes. If you are a fan of games that are played via a console, a home cinema system provides the special effects. Especially action-packed games benefit from the home cinema system. Again, you feel as if you are fully integrated into the game. In addition, the game appears more real and varied. So also for the game console a home cinema system is a sensible purchase.

What types of home theater systems are there?

Home cinema systems differ in design and size. There are home cinema systems which are marked with the designation 2.1 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1. There are also complete systems that are equipped with a receiver.

2.1 Home cinema system

Who does not have such a large budget, the TV sound however nevertheless to improve would like, can already for approximately 130 euro a 2,1 home cinema system buy. It consists of two speaker boxes and the subwoofer (THX). The boxes are usually placed to the right and left of the TV screen. Some people also buy a 2.1 home theater system for their computer or laptop, but if you watch a lot of movies on it, it makes a big difference to the built-in speakers.

5.1 Home cinema system

What types of home cinema systems are there?A 5.1 home cinema system is a system with 5 sound channels. This means that 5 loudspeakers are available, which ensure perfect surround sound at different positions in the room. The 1 stands for Subwoofer, which provides the necessary bass. There are systems that you can attach directly to the television or that work with a receiver. Important for the 5.1 home theater system is the optimal positioning of the speakers to get a corresponding result.

6.1 Home cinema system

This system is also about a home cinema system, which is equipped with appropriate speakers. In contrast to the 5.1 home cinema system not only 5, but 6 loudspeakers are included. The 6th speaker is a back speaker, which is placed directly behind the seat in the room. If it is now detected that an equal level is reached on the other two back loudspeakers, the noise is also transmitted to the 3rd back loudspeaker. This has the advantage that realistic surround sound is achieved. However, the home cinema systems are priced far above a 5.1 home cinema system.

7.1 Home Cinema System

The 7.1 home theater system has 7 and a subwoofer instead of 5 speakers. Since the introduction of the Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD or Dolby Digital Plus sound formats, the demands have been constantly increasing, so that the home cinema system also needs to be expanded. Manufacturers have developed the 7.1 system, which includes two more speakers. These are additionally installed on the side walls to further improve the spatial effect. A Receiver is absolutely necessary for the 7.1 home cinema system to work. Be sure to check for compatible connectivity when purchasing separately.

With or without receiver

Further there are still home cinema systems with and without Receiver to right come. 5.1 System can usually be connected to the television direct and require no receiver. However, there are also manufacturers who equip the home theater system with a receiver to provide the consumer with an even higher comfort. Which system you ultimately choose is at your own discretion and depends on the requirements.

Wireless Home Cinema Systems

Since a further disadvantage is the cable clutter that occurs when setting up the speakers, some manufacturers have already launched wireless home cinema systems on the market. These have the advantage that they can be placed in the room without considering the cable length. The unsightly cables along the skirting board or on the ceiling are a thing of the past.

However, this system also has one disadvantage – the connection. The loudspeakers are often Bluetooth loudspeakers, so it is absolutely necessary that you pay attention to the Bluetooth version. Ab Bluetooth 4.0, an almost interference-free transmission occurs.

So we tested the home cinema systems

This is how we tested home cinema systemsManufacturers and models have multiplied since home cinema systems entered the home walls. The market is overcrowded and offers a very large selection. If you are looking for a home theater system, you will find many models that differ in performance and quality. However, it is often not even possible to differentiate the systems, which often tends to lead to a faulty purchase.

Therefore we have created the Home Cinema System Test 2019 and offer you a lot of information about the respective models. Home cinema systems can quickly cost more than 1000 Euro. This is due to the sophisticated technology inside the box system. In addition, it is decisive which accessories are still included in the scope of delivery. Systems with Receiver are usually also somewhat more expensive.

Therefore we have already started with the test in the purchase phase and with the search for the most favorable model. We usually found this on the Internet, so we ordered the home theater systems in Online Shops. A decisive point was also the delivery as well as the packaging. In addition we set a criticism point, which informs about the simplicity of the start-up.

Like fast the home cinema system can be set up and connected. We got professional help for this, which helped us with the correct setup of a sound system. We show you in detail how easy it is to connect the cables and how handy the home cinema system is.

Furthermore it comes to a Praxistest, which was a lot of fun for us. We used appropriate film material for each practical test. Thus same conditions could be created. We tested the functionality, the settings and of course the effects.

Again we used Professionals to help us, who informed us about the corresponding qualities. At the end there is information about the manufacturer and his service. In a concluding Fazit we summarize the facts once again and can give you a clear Purchase recommendation. So you will see if the home cinema system meets your needs, or if you might be better off with another system.

What do I have to look out for when buying a home cinema system?

If you are interested in a home cinema system, you will encounter many models. In order to make a purchase decision, it is important that you know which factors should be considered when buying a home cinema system. We have then put together some of the most important factors that are fundamental to a purchase.


In order to be able to connect a home cinema system, it must of course also be possible to connect it to the television or receiver. There are several ways to couple the home theater system. Some systems allow one optical cable while others rely on one HDMI cable. Also older connections like Cinch are usually still present. So before you buy a home theater system, make sure you know which connections are required.


Wo the home cinema system should be connected. It can be connected to a PC, TV or player. This requires various cables, which should be included in the scope of delivery. However, there are models where this is not the case. Pay attention to which accessories are included in the scope of delivery and purchase the matching cable separately if necessary.

Watt rating

So that the home cinema system can offer also a tidy Raumklang, this is not only the wattage a crucial point, but is dependent on many factors. It is not necessarily said that a home theater system with a high power rating can also deliver optimal quality. The wattage also depends on the room size. 40 watts are more suitable for small rooms. More than 200 watts are suitable for large rooms.

The price

Home cinema systems are available in different price classes. Cheap models are already available from a price of 100 euros. These systems have none sufficiently good quality. If you want to purchase a decent home theater system, this should not be available under 200 Euro. Only from 200 Euro the quality is passable, so that a good surround sound can develop.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Philips
  • Blue dot
  • Sony
  • King Electronics
  • Yamaha
Philips comes from the Netherlands and has several locations worldwide. Philips is one of the well-known manufacturers when it comes to the electronics industry. The company has existed for many years and supplies, among other things, devices for lighting technology, consumer electronics, household appliances and devices used in medicine.

Philips also manufactures home cinema systems that work with and without receivers. The quality of home theater systems is very high and incorporates the latest technologies. Philips has its own research department, where new technologies are always developed and thoroughly tested.

Even in the professional sector, the manufacturer has a large portfolio to offer. With the purchase of a Philips home cinema system, you get more than just a cinema experience in your own 4 walls. The models are manufactured high-quality and have a long service life.

The history of the manufacturer Blaupunkt is fascinating, because the name does not come from by chance. At that time the manufacturer was still to be found under another name. His only trademark was a blue dot. The demand for the devices with the blue dot increased, from which the idea arose to change the company name, since the blue dot had a broad degree of popularity. This is how the name Blaupunkt came into being, which is known to almost every inhabitant today.

First the company was engaged in the manufacture of HiFi systems for the car. Still today you can find a lot of car radios in the portfolio of the manufacturer. In the course of time, the requirements of consumers changed and Blaupunkt put its faith in consumer electronics products. Here, too, the company recorded high success rates. However, there was also a turnaround of the company, which led to a restructuring. Since then, Blaupunkt no longer only produces its own devices, but has them produced and uses the brand name for them.

The products that can be purchased from Blaupunkt today have a high-quality workmanship, testify to a long service life and deliver a very good sound quality, especially in the home cinema system sector. There are different systems that also fulfill special requirements.

Sony is headquartered in Japan and has other locations around the world. The manufacturer was founded in May 1946 and since then has been engaged in the development of electronic devices. Sony could inspire with many devices from the technology industry. Especially in the world of music and acoustic industry the products of the manufacturer are indispensable.

Sony employs a total of around 16,000 people who are involved in research, production and manufacturing. The company has its own research department in which new highlights are constantly being developed, some of which have already been patented. Home cinema systems of the brand Sony testify to a high quality and can score with an amazing sound experience. The workmanship and design are also robust and stylish at the same time. Quality and customer service are Sony's top priorities.

The company has also set up a fabulous customer service in German for Germany. There are sales offices that look after consumers in Germany. With a Sony home cinema system, you will find a technical Highlight, which can be purchased at an optimum price-performance ratio.

König Electronics is a manufacturer that has not been on the market for long. It deals with the manufacture and production of devices that are suitable for the small purse. However, the main focus is on good quality. Especially in the area of home cinema systems the manufacturer can show good models at low price. Soundbars are also included in the manufacturer's portfolio.

The company does not yet manufacture equipment for professionals, but this will change in the future. If you take a look at the workmanship and quality of König Electronics home cinema systems, you can see that high-quality materials were used for production. In addition, the home cinema systems have a long service life, which you will enjoy for a long time.

The manufacturer also has a lot to offer when it comes to customer service. If you have any questions or problems with the device, you will always find a friendly and competent customer service that will do its best to resolve the question or problem. King home cinema systems are suitable for the schmalen purse, which can convince nevertheless with one passablen quality.

When it comes to HiFi, electronics and musical instruments, Yamaha is a good place to buy high-quality equipment. Yamaha stands for quality and has been active in the field for many years. The company currently employs about 25000 people. An in-house research department allows new developments to be integrated into musical instruments and other devices. Likewise, patents have already been listed, so that the manufacturer stands out from others very strongly.

Yamaha spares no expense and effort to continually develop its portfolio and deliver high quality products to consumers. In addition, a good customer service testifies to the fact that the well-being of consumers is very close to his heart. If you have any questions about a Yamaha product, you can contact support. Solutions are quickly found that satisfy both sides. No matter whether musical instruments or a home cinema system is purchased, the products convince with a excellent quality. Already during the processing one can recognize that the manufacturer does not get involved with half things. High-quality materials are used, which guarantee a long life span of the devices.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy the home cinema system best?

A home cinema system can be purchased both in free trade and in Internet. Free trade offers the advantage that you can already see the home cinema system in front of you. However, you often cannot try out the system, which is a big disadvantage. The purchase on the Internet also shows that the home cinema system cannot be tried out, but you can data compare.

While in the free trade only the information on the packaging can be recognized, the data of the home cinema system on the Internet go much further. Even hidden data is displayed and made visible to you. Various test pages as we offer them or also forums deal exclusively with the appropriate topic and supply the necessary information. With this data, Comparisons can be made to obtain a suitable home theater system.

Because not all models are the same and show a good quality. In addition the Internet offers a great variety, so that you can not only compare two to three devices with each other, but you will usually find an infinite number of them. It is therefore advisable to narrow down the search a little.

Before making a purchase, you should choose one or more brands that are suitable for you. In addition, you should ask yourself which System should be used. You want to set up a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 home theater system. Consequently, the number of products can also be limited. Now you have a selection of high-quality products at your disposal, between which you still have to decide. A look at Price can also narrow down the search. If you are still not sure which home cinema system is right for you, you can look around in the free trade for the device.

Price match? – Missing display

Internet vs. retail: Where do I buy the home cinema system best?If you have found what you are looking for and now know about which home cinema system to buy, it makes sense to make a price comparison. Retail models can quickly cost up to 50 percent more than the Internet. This is because the Online Shop has to cope with fewer running costs per month. Therefore, other prices can be spent where you can record substantial savings. This is another reason why it is worthwhile to make the purchase on the Internet.

Some tests show that the purchase on the Internet is more advantageous. If comparisons are made, the Internet shows time and again that the products are better, cheaper and of a higher quality there. Because you receive with the purchase in the on-line Shop a home cinema system, which would be in the free trade around one Multiples more expensive. In addition, you save a lot of time which you can better use elsewhere.

The new home cinema system is selected bequem before the PC in on-line Shop, where also the payment is completed. The parcel service brings the home cinema system to the front door. You don't need to go to an infinite number of shops to find out and look around, which can take a lot of time. As you can see, buying on the Internet is more advantageous and ultimately saves you more time and money.

The History of Home Cinema Systems

The history of home cinema systemsThe first Cinemas were opened around 1930. Films were played on a big screen, which could only be seen without sound. Maybe you remember the Silent movies, which were mostly issued as comedies. For a long time it was not possible to make film recordings with sound. It was not until many years later that black and white films were provided with sound. The cinemas also recorded these films, but soon noticed that Acoustics was very bad.

Consequently, systems have been developed which should be based on good acoustics. Again, it took years until a reasonable result was achieved. The cinema-goers were however content, since they had mostly no television or comparable in the living room. The visit to the cinema was therefore in former times always a special experience.

Only when the television set entered the home living room did the demand for suitable acoustic systems increase. In the 60s, a television set in the living room was already described as a home cinema system, but from today's point of view this had nothing to do with a home cinema system. It was not until many years later that the stereo system was developed, whereby two loudspeakers provided a better sound. In the 80s the development of HiFi systems took place, which provided a good sound development. The manufacturers were wondering how this could be transferred to home cinema systems.

The development stood still for a while, so that a cinema experience actually only came about in the cinema. It was not until the 90s that multi-channel systems were developed, which ensured perfect surround sound. However, these were still very expensive to buy, so that they were used in the cinemas. Only around the year 2000 home cinema systems for the living room were developed and sold.

For the first time, 2.1 systems with only two loudspeakers and a subwoofer came onto the market. Gradually, products such as the 5.1 home cinema system came onto the market. However, this system had some downsides. As today, it is still necessary to position the loudspeakers optimal so that a good surround sound is created. Many laymen desperate on the systems, so that these were increasingly used by cinema lovers.

Today the setup of the loudspeakers is not as complicated as it used to be , but it still has some downsides. Today, the technology even reaches a standard that is referred to as 7.1 or 7.2. These are 7 channels, 7 speakers, which are positioned in the room and make the home cinema look perfect.

Figures, data, facts about the home cinema system

When you purchase a home theater system, you can choose from older, state-of-the-art models and devices. The technology is evolving rapidly, so that yesterday's device may be outdated again today. Especially in the technology of Blue-Ray and home cinema systems new highlights are constantly being developed. A home theater system can be assembled single or purchased in a compact system.

So before you buy a home theater system, the question of the system is crucial. beginners are very well advised with a complete system , because all components are already coordinated with each other. Professionals on the other hand can rely on a own compilation, since the necessary expertise is available.

In addition, other factors such as the size of a room or apartment play an important role in the selection. In small apartments should be placed on a system with small boxes. Large rooms allow
the use of correspondingly larger box systems.

Power consumption of home cinema systems

There are always many appliances in the household that consume a lot of electricity during normal operation. This is a big problem, especially in today's world, because on the one hand, users are always anxious to recognize the real power guzzlers and eliminate them. In recent months and years, significant progress has been made in this area, and the selection of efficient models is now greater than ever before.

In general, modern technology saves electricity in a wide variety of areas ex works, at least if the right choice is made. But of course there is always technology and equipment in everyday life that you would not necessarily suspect or even know what the power consumption looks like here.

A here very classical and straight today relevant example is the moderne home cinema system , which is to be found in many households today and also again and again to the use comes. In the following article you will find important information about the power consumption of home cinema systems. How high this consumption is here and how it may also be possible for you to reduce consumption effectively and with simple measures, you will now learn in the following.

First and foremost, of course, it depends again and again on the selected model, how it looks with the power consumption and the power consumption with the desired home cinema system .

LG LHB655NW Home Cinema System with Wireless Rear Speaker (3D Bluray Player, DLNA, Smart TV, Bluetooth, 1000 W, 5.1 Multiroom Soundbar)A lot of other functions and factors have an influence on this as well, so it is very difficult to find a general answer to this question. By the way, the home cinema system Test also deals again and again with the theme power consumption and efficiency, because especially in today's world this can be decisive for many customers in their search for the right home cinema system.

Other factors that have an influence on intake and power consumption play a very important role, especially in everyday use. For example, it is a fact that the selected volume can have a significant influence on the power consumption.

Because the higher you set the volume on the respective home cinema system , the more power is needed again, of course, to make this volume possible. Also the generally used technology and performance has quite simply a clear influence.

By the way, the manufacturer give a good indication for the models directly. Because in the description and with the important data with the offers you find almost always an indication to it, which achievement the respective Heimkinosystem in the application can maximally furnish.

Here it is clear again that the consumption is always higher, the higher also the maximum achievement with the appropriate home cinema system fails. This means that when you buy a system, you are already in control of whether it has a high or low consumption.

So if you would like to save energy in everyday life and reduce costs , you should take a look at the information provided by the manufacturers. Even today it is hardly easier and faster to search for the right home cinema system.

For the best enjoyment during playback, it doesn't always have to be the model with the highest performance, because in fact it says relatively little about the actual quality.

Much more important here is modern technology in combination with extensive equipment that leaves nothing to be desired in everyday use.

Systems with a output of actual 200 Watt should normally be perfectly sufficient for all users and for all requirements.

Efficiency also plays a very important role for power consumption. Of course, as a user you will only benefit from the high performance if it is actually achieved. This is seldom the case, especially with the low-cost models, where the performance specifications are completely exaggerated. The more efficient and modern the model is, the more you benefit from a good performance and do not consume power unnecessarily.

In general, you also have other options to reduce consumption during use and avoid unnecessary power consumption. On the one hand, this not only costs you money, but of course also has an additional impact on the environment. You probably want to avoid both, and that's a good thing. For this reason, you should of course make sure that the system does not run unnecessarily.

Of course, you don't have to play music when you're not at home, for example. And even in standby mode, you should only leave the technology alone if you cannot avoid it. Although the intake here is very low, this consumption also accumulates, especially in the longer term. In addition, this problem can be disabled and fixed with a simple Adapter with switch to interrupt the circuit.

Best Home Cinema Systems

The market is such that the manufacturers always promise a lot, but are not always able to keep all their promises, and sometimes even exaggerate. For you as a customer this is of course very annoying, because you want to be able to rely on the information and descriptions, so that you can quickly decide on the right model.

This also applies to home cinema system, because although there are numerous variants available for you as a prospective customer, they are not all good and well suited for daily use. This is the result that the Home Cinema System Test has come up with time and again in this day and age.

So that you can be completely sure when buying which variant and which home cinema system is really good on the market, we would like to show you this now. To guarantee this and to support you in your search for the right home cinema system, we would like to introduce you to the best models.

They offer you a lot of performance, a good price-performance ratio and could of course also convince in the home cinema system Test perfectly and all along the line.

The superhero Ultima 40 Surround 5.1 Set from Teufel
is a very good choice for the high demands.[/box]

This is a powerful and high-quality model from the upper middle class, which is both for the classic home cinema and for use in the normal living room a very good choice.

The model scores also in the Home cinema system Test with a very good performance and a recommendation is thus gladly expressed, even if the model is not quite favorable of course.

But apart from the pure and high performance, the home cinema system also offers you an attractive appearance in use, which can of course play an extremely important role in today's world. The system is suitable for every AV receiver on the market, so you are welcome to continue using your preferred technology.

If it may be a bit cheaper, maybe the model HD COM 1619S from Harman Kardon is the right choice for you.

Also this device can convince in the home cinema system Test on whole line and offer you beside the contained loudspeakers directly a practical and high-quality Receiver, which is naturally completely essential for the high-quality reproduction. With this model, there is very little that stands in the way of a direct start with the new system.

The sound is, as the customers expect from this manufacturer, very clear, high quality and also in high volumes unchanged.

Different connections are available on the model for the user, different hardware can be connected accordingly also with few handles with the Heimkinosystem.

Optically the device is rather reserved, the small loudspeakers and also the relatively small subwoofer don't really stand out in the home cinema, nor in the living room and can be installed and set up here without any problems.

The maximum power with this system is up to 625 watts, high-quality sound and easy operation are certainly the points that speak for this good system.

Of course it can happen again and again that you don't want to spend so much money on this technique of course and exactly for this reason you are looking for a rather cheap variant. This is of course no problem today on the large and extensive market, because you will also find these variants in a large selection.

In addition, the Home cinema system Test shows you that you can also benefit from good quality and high performance with the low-cost models and variants on the market. A good example is again the Badass Consono 35 MK3 home cinema system from Bose.

This is available on the market for significantly less than 500 euros and still meets high demands without any problems. Despite the relatively low price, the manufacturer does not save on quality or sound, of course, in the Home cinema system Test can convince and inspire the model throughout the line.

The loudspeakers also look good, even if they are simple, and thanks to their compact size and simple colour scheme they stay discreetly in the background. However, this important aspect makes the necessary installation in your own four walls much easier.

As usual from Teufel, this system also offers a very good and high-quality sound, which shows no real weaknesses neither in movies nor in music. Here, too, it is possible to use it with all available AV receivers on the market, so that you again have complete freedom in your search for the right hardware.

Favoured brands

The modern home cinema system is enjoying an ever-increasing popularity, especially in this day and age. After all, modern technology has long since become an integral part of everyday life for most people, and of course it should no longer be missing here.

The home cinema system also belongs to this group. And as is the case on the open market, manufacturers offer many different variants and models when demand is as high as it is today. The result is a wide selection of different models on the market, which are available for all customers and can be bought and ordered with little effort both locally in a specialist shop and over the Internet.

The big and well-known brands the offer dominate and provide a wide variety here. In order to give you a comprehensive overview of the great variety, we would like to introduce the most well-known manufacturers and the most popular brands to you in the following.

One of the best known manufacturers and at the same time also one of the most popular brands in the present time is Teufel. Teufel's models offer everything a high-quality and modern home cinema simply cannot do without today. Among other things, the focus here is of course on sound and high-quality reproduction in all situations, so that the system can really fulfil its actual task reliably.

Like no other, the manufacturer focuses on small and fine details, such as applications in chrome, in the development and manufacture of the corresponding systems but also like no other.

These give a particularly high-quality impression already with the first contact and make many of the models also a design object in the own four walls. As a customer you have the choice between different variants, which not only offer different services, but are also priced in different areas on the road and located.

  • Samsung
  • Sound Harman Kardon
The South Korean company Samsung has been active in the modern technology market for many years and has penetrated countless areas in the meantime. The modern home cinema system is no longer an exception here, and you will find a wide selection of corresponding models from this area today. Here the user not only has a choice of different technologies, sizes and variants to choose from, but in the home cinema system test, the models also prove again and again the very good performance and above all a very good price-performance ratio. Among other things the models are not only in many home cinemas, but also in the living room or also at the PC at the home desk to find and here regularly in use. A balanced, yet very powerful sound is a matter of course with the models today and is of course also realized by the variants. However, compared to the big specialists and popular brands, the user has to make some compromises, especially the relatively inexpensive models cannot really keep up with the competition. Here, the models fall behind in terms of optics and technology, for example.
Today, the specialist for high-quality sound Harman Kardon belongs to the very large and popular suppliers. Today, the systems are very popular in various areas and households and are also becoming increasingly popular. Although the systems on offer are anything but inexpensive and belong to the upper class in terms of price, the customer is also offered a comprehensive service for his money. Among other things, you will of course benefit from a particularly high-quality and powerful sound, which basically shows no real weaknesses either in classical films or in the reproduction of modern music and can prove a balanced sound image here. Of course, this supplier also has numerous different models and products on offer for you, which can certainly meet all requirements, wishes and needs within the scope of daily use without any problems.

For home cinema at home

Compact home cinema systems offer very many functions. You can play Blue-Rays, DVDs and 3D movies. JPEG, 3GP or DIVX data can also be played back. Many systems also allow other formats to be played back, as you can see from the manufacturer's specifications. Even mobile devices can be connected to the home cinema systems. However, compact systems are more suitable for small rooms, but have the advantage that these systems are also more economical.

If you want to set something higher demands on the home cinema system and invest more time, it is better if you put together the home cinema system yourself according to your wishes. The home cinema consists of a screen, a sound system and an AV receiver.

Considerations, which devices are connected to the receiver, should be considered before the purchase. Because there are different models that also have different connection options. Note whether you may want to connect a game console.

A HDMI connector should be present in any case. DTS HD and Dolby True HD are also indispensable equipment. A 2.1 system is better suited for listening to music than a 5.1 system. If you want to enjoy more movies in home cinema quality, at least one 5.1 system is required. Because only with this home cinema system is it possible to dive directly into the virtual world.

Many watts describe that the home cinema system can be turned up very high in volume – but has very little to do with the actual quality. Therefore, you should always look at the overall package and not be affected by the wattage.

Perfect cinema experience

To make the cinema experience perfect, not only the home cinema system should be of high quality, but also the ambience should be right. Dimming curtains are therefore a must for every home cinema owner. Also the furniture should be adapted to that of a cinema. Dark rich colors are optimal for a home cinema. It is also ideal if you can set up a room separately as a home cinema, which you use only for these purposes. Many people convert the cellar into a home cinema, so that a real cinema experience is presented. Of course, popcorn and soft drinks are not to be missed.

Home Cinema System Care

Regular care is essential to ensure that you enjoy your home cinema system for a long time. Each dust grain impairs the sound quality. If a lot of dust accumulates in the loudspeakers, interference often occurs. Therefore, it is extremely important that the home theater system at regular intervals thoroughly clean.

Before cleaning, it is necessary to remove the system from the mains to avoid the risk of electric shock. The dust can now be easily removed with a damp and soft cloth. Scribes can be cleaned with a brush or toothstopper. Before commissioning, make sure that all components are well dried. Also protect the entire home theater system from high temperatures and sunshine.

Trends in the Home Cinema System Area

Technology is advancing every day and the wishes of consumers are also constantly increasing. If the trend of the home cinema systems is observed, it goes to the effect that the placement of the loudspeakers simpler appears. For this reason, more and more systems are being used that are equipped with sophisticated technology. The boxes no longer have to be set up precisely and can show slight deviations without impairing quality.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic home cinema system knows the disadvantages hidden behind the system. Each channel is connected with a cable to the subwoofer or receiver. If you are planning a home theater right from the start and are planning a separate room for it, it is easier to lay the cables or even conceal them.

If the home theater system is integrated into a living room, it is often not possible for the cables to remain hidden. Therefore manufacturers developed special systems, which can be used wireless. The boxes have Bluetooth, which are connected wirelessly. The advantage is that no annoying cables are required, which could impair the room ambience.

However, wireless systems are disadvantages. Because Bluetooth only works over a distance of 10 meters. Interruptions in the radio waves may cause interference to the connection, resulting in audible interference to the speakers.

According to the current state of the art a Bluetooth 4.0 or higher is recommended, because these versions work very stable and nearly no disturbances allow. If you purchase a home theater system that is equipped with a lower version, interference that affects the quality of the overall cinematic experience may occur more often. Therefore, you should carefully consider which system to purchase beforehand. One Alternative form Cable guides, which can be installed almost invisibly in corners.

In terms of design and appearance, home theater systems are also subject to a certain trend. Speakers, subwoofers and all components become smaller and are able to deliver a higher quality.

But be careful: A good loudspeaker needs some volume to produce a good sound. Therefore, make sure that the speakers and the subwoofer are not bought too small.

Most systems are upgraded with piano lacquer, resulting in a timeless design that can be integrated in all rooms even years later.

Position your home theater system correctly

No matter how many speakers are connected to the home theater system, it all depends on a suitable positioning. Because only the perfect alignment can produce good room acoustics and sound quality. An ideal arrangement, as one knows it from the cinema, will usually not be obtained at home. Usually there is a lack of space or other factors impair the quality. But in order to get very close to the ideal exhibition areas, a little skill is necessary.

We will tell you the following how a home cinema system is set up correctly and what you need to bear in mind. What is often done wrong by beginners is the furnishing of the room. Ideal is an empty room, so that the sound waves are optimally reflected on the walls. As a rule, however, the home cinema system is used in the living room where furniture is already located or is added.

If you want to achieve high quality, it is important to find out where the best symmetry is. Can this be reconciled with the viewing direction. With these considerations you will find out which area in the room represents the front – i.e. where the television set should be placed. Once this area is found, the rest is usually just a piece of cake.


Symmetry is the most elementary point to be considered when setting up a home cinema system. No matter which home theater system is used with how many speakers, they must all be balanced. The setup to each other should be symmetrical and the whole system should act according to this fact.

If deviations occur, this has an immediate effect on the surround sound. You will notice this as a sound is amplified from another direction. This is particularly noticeable when the center speaker is not used. If the room is L-shaped, you can create symmetry using a curtain or partition.

Where is the front located?

Before it goes thus to the actual setting up of the home cinema system, the Front must be found. The front describes the area into which the field of view is directed. Television sets and the centers as well as front speakers are installed there. Here the best symmetry in the room is decisive. Doors and windows interfere with symmetry, making it much more difficult to create a proper surround sound.

The Front should therefore not be located on the wall where a door is visible. In a room there are actually only 4 areas where the front could be. There are 4 walls, of which the walls with door or window are omitted. In most cases two walls are left, which could be used as a front. Now it depends on a good imagination where the best symmetry is found.

Weigh the pros and cons of each side and then choose the wall that has the best properties. With a room divider you can create a symmetrical room from an unequal room. This partition wall can also be well suited as a front, provided that the properties meet the requirements. Usually it is even good for the room sound result to choose a not real wall. Acoustically this can lead to a better result of the front speakers.

Whither to go with the center?

If you have now found the symmetry and the front area in the room, the loudspeakers must be well positioned. Also the Center should get a good place. The front loudspeakers find their optimal range of application left and right next to the TV or screen. The ideal installation is one fifth of the room width. The more distance there is to the side walls, the more ideal the sound will be. This is because there are no early reflections, which could affect the quality.

The main loudspeaker so the center does not necessarily have to be attached to the edge of a TV set. It should be placed in the middle of the TV set but not too close to it either. Hold the stereo triangle while setting up the speakers to create an ideal stereo sound. Also consider the optimum seating position.

The sitting position

The seats or sofa are located in the rear half of a room. The best acoustics are perceptible there. However, there is only one ideal place, the other places have acoustic impairments that are hardly perceptible. Professionals will recognize this, which is usually hidden from laymen's ears.

Important for you to know is that the seating area should be located behind half the room. However, do not place the seat area too close to the wall. Because this would again lead to impairments. So if it's possible, move the sofa further away from the wall and place it more in the back third of the room.

Attaching the rear channels

The back speakers are placed behind the sitting position. When setting up these speakers, you must pay attention to a certain angle. You will find the exact specifications for this in the operating instructions, as these values can only be described exactly by the manufacturer. A slightly higher mounting can also be very useful. If you use a 6.1 or 7.1 home theater system, position the speakers accordingly. The loudspeakers should be approximately the same distance from each other in order to achieve an optimum result.

Where to put the subwoofer

If the speakers are well positioned, the subwoofer must also be placed somewhere. Often this is placed between the center and a front speaker. If this is not possible for space reasons, you should place it never in a cabinet. This can cause the furniture to vibrate unintentionally, which has a negative effect on the sound.

A subwoofer is subject to none special regulation, where it should now be placed. The human ear is not able to locate low frequencies, so the subwoofer could also be placed in the rear area. Simply try out where the perfect place for the subwoofer is, because it can output the bass and bass in different positions, differentiated accordingly. Where the subwoofer is ultimately located is also a question of place. When setting up the subwoofer, make sure that the subwoofer is never in a corner.

This results in an extremely strong roar, which is perceived as unpleasant. If the subwoofer is placed on a wall, this should be done at one fifth of the room length. Optimal is also when the subwoofer is slightly further away from a wall.

Rules for setting up the loudspeakers

In order for the home theater system to produce optimal surround sound, there are a few rules that should be observed. Speakers that are not directly referred to as floor speakers have no place on the floor. Stand loudspeakers are suitable for the floor and were also designed for it. Other However, loudspeakers should always be mounted at appropriate heights to prevent premature reflections.

It is also important that the speaker is not placed behind a front edge of a piece of furniture. The loudspeaker should at least end with the edge of the piece of furniture. If possible, it makes sense to leave the loudspeaker one to several centimeters, reaching. Here, too, the reason for this approach can be found in the quality of the spatial sound. If the loudspeaker is placed too far behind, the sound cannot distribute itself optimally and a restriction of the quality occurs.

In addition, speakers should never be placed in a shelf. These act like a further housing and dampen the function. The shelf acts as a funnel, which results in poor sound transmission.

In addition, speakers should remain flexible. Do not install them firmly in the cupboard. The vibrations are transmitted to the cabinet so that great losses in sound quality the result performers.

Optimal is the use of loudspeaker stands or also wall mounts, which are flexibly movable. If you don't have both, you can also place the speakers on feet. These feet are available as accessories in selected online shops. It makes sense to purchase these at the same time as buying a home cinema system.


Many consumers assume that a 5.1 home cinema system involves very complicated handling. However, this is not the case if some factors are taken into account. If you place the speakers optimally and position them perfectly, nothing will stand in the way of a home cinema experience.

5.1 or the 7.1 home cinema system?

Meanwhile you can choose between several systems. There are 2.1 sound systems that are increasingly suitable for listening to music.

Surround sound systems start with a designation of 5.1. Since there are however also already 6.1 and 7.1 home cinema systems , the question arises, which system is more suitable for the domestic four walls. The goal of the loudspeakers is always that a saturated sound can be produced in the living room or cinema room.

numbers over numbers

Home cinema systems are provided with numbers that guarantee a certain description. The first number stands for the number of speakers included in the home theater system. The number after the dot describes the subwoofer.

There are systems that are numbered 7.2. This therefore describes that 7 channels, i.e. loudspeakers are equipped with two subwoofers. But is this system also suitable for home use? A home theater system should consist of several speakers and at least one subwoofer. Therefore only systems marked as 5.1 or higher can be considered for perfect surround sound.

2.1 System should rather be used for music transmissions. When purchasing, it is therefore important to consider whether more films or music are to be played via the system.

If you purchase a system that is marked 6.1, it means that there is still a loudspeaker in the rear area. At 7.1 there are separate speakers that are placed on the side. This system produces a rich sound that sounds through the room.

For those who want it perfect there are 11.2 sound systems, which should only be used in correct home cinema rooms. In addition, there is acoustic shielding so that neighbours are not disturbed by the rich sound. With these systems it is possible that thunderstorm noises can be reproduced realistically. These systems are often referred to as 3D Sound.

The room size

In general, it cannot be said with which home cinema system the perfect surround sound is created. Because it also depends on the room. The placement, the furniture and whether it is a separate room are important factors here. For a small WG room the 2.1 system is sufficient.

For the living room it is recommended to use a 5.1 system. Only if complete rooms are optimally equipped according to the guidelines of a cinema, it makes sense to choose higher home cinema systems. They only develop their entire skills when a certain amount of space is available in the room.

Surround sound

The surround sound, i.e. the surround sound is only produced when more than 2 loudspeakers are present. This is because the separate controls of the other loudspeakers can create a surround sound. Therefore, a home theater system is not described as such until more than 2 speakers are present.

For domestic purposes a 5.1 system is completely sufficient. These home cinema systems are available from a price of 200 Euro in a good quality. High quality devices cost many times more and are not always useful. When choosing your home theater system, also consider the number of speakers and the cable clutter that can occur when you set it up.

Accessories for the home cinema system

As soon as loudspeakers are placed somewhere a suitable accessories makes sense. When you purchase a home theater system where the speakers are placed on the floor, the manufacturing process is designed to ensure good sound distribution.

If you place the speakers on a TV board, it is recommended that the speakers be labeled Feet. These can be purchased separately in selected online shops as accessories. The feet ensure a perfect sound emission, so that no sound is reflected prematurely from the contact surface. In addition, there are special wall mounts that create a certain distance to the wall. Direct contact with the wall should always be avoided.

There are special stand fixtures for both loudspeakers and the subwoofer to ensure perfect placement. If you want to achieve a perfect spatial sound result, it is advisable to purchase these brackets. If the loudspeakers are well placed, the rest is done in a few simple steps.

Cable guide rails are also accessories that should be considered. If you do not necessarily want to find the cable spaghetti on the floor, you can buy so-called cable guides in any DIY store. The cables are pulled through the guide and disappear into the small housing. Usually the guides have different sizes and are hardly noticeable in the corners and edges of a room. These are either fastened with nails or can be glued.

So if you want to prevent the cable tangle, you should use a sufficient number of cable guides. Also note that the cable guides may require a longer speaker cable to each channel. When purchasing the home theater system, make sure that the cables can be extended at will without any loss of quality.

Alternatives to the Home Cinema System

A good alternative to a home theater system is a soundbar. This is designed like a surround system, but the difference is that all speakers are in only one cabinet. The sound bar is usually placed under or above the television and provides a virtual surround sound.

However, the sound bar is more suitable for small to medium rooms. In addition, the surround sound provides a somewhat worse quality, so that an optimal result can only be achieved with a home cinema system. So if you can't make room for a home theater system, the soundbar can be a Alternative, but you'll have to make some compromises.

If it is not at all possible to choose a loudspeaker system, there are alternatives where you have to make some compromises. Also Soundplates can be an alternative to the 5.1 home cinema system. These devices are similar to a sound bar, but they are mounted directly under the TV . Most of these models have an already integrated subwoofer, which explains the length and width of the models. The result in small rooms is moderate to good.

If you do not want to distribute cable clutter or cable runs in the room, you can use alternative systems with wireless speakers. There are also home theater systems that include a wireless subwoofer. You will only get a real cinema feeling, however, if several loudspeakers are distributed in the room. Small rooms can be equipped with the alternatives without suffering an audible loss of quality.

However, if alternatives such as soundbar or soundplates are used in large rooms, the negative characteristics can no longer be ignored and the joy of cinema fun will disappear just as quickly. Quality also has its Price in the home cinema system, which you should consider before.

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