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The comparative winner in video

How does a battery-powered hedge trimmer work?

Bosch Battery Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LIIn comparison to a hedge trimmer that can be operated manually, the best battery operated hedge trimmer offers numerous advantages. These brand devices from Makita, Bosch, Einhell and Metabo are usually not only more handy, but also lighter. Since you operate the battery-powered hedge trimmer with a rechargeable battery, it has no annoying power cable.

It is important that you charge the battery a few hours before working. Afterwards, according to a survey, the device can already be used in a study. However, you should always adhere to the manufacturer's specifications. If you do not charge the battery hedge trimmer sufficiently, this may lead to a limited function of the battery over time.

Since the battery-powered hedge trimmer does not have a power cable, it also has greater flexibility. You don't need an extension cord more if you want to cut your hedges. This means there is no danger of you tripping or accidentally cutting the cable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of battery-powered hedge trimmers compared to hand-held garden trimmers, petrol or electric hedge trimmers?


  • Most often the branded instruments of Makita, Einhell, Bosch and Metabo show a lower weight in samples and experiments than other instruments. This makes working with these hedge trimmers a lot easier. In most cases, the devices weigh only about 2.5 to 3 kilograms. When cutting hedges, it is important that you apply less force due to the low weight. Fatigue therefore does not occur so quickly. A hedge trimmer with less dead weight is also advantageous for the
  • Battery hedge trimmers are particularly suitable for cutting small hedges. Large hedges are more likely to be trimmed with petrol-powered or electric hedge trimmers.
  • As these hedge trimmers do not have any power cables, they are also less restricted in terms of mobility. The battery-powered hedge trimmer allows you to move freely in the garden. With an electric hedge trimmer without blade protection, you should always keep an eye on the cable. Even if you want to cut hedges in the garden that are further away, you don't need an extension cord. Compared to a petrol-powered hedge trimmer with blade protection, the cordless hedge trimmer is also much quieter. Try a test run yourself and order the winner of the comparison in congruence with your expectations after inspection as well as weighing in the online shop of your choice!


  • With the rechargeable battery, working with a hedge trimmer is always limited to a certain time according to various experiments, surveys and controls. If the battery is empty, you must first recharge it. Only then can you use the hedge trimmer with rechargeable battery again. On many tested models with rechargeable batteries, the battery power usually lasts only an hour or a little more due to an external test run. If you have a larger garden with moaning hedges, this can be a problem.
  • With a petrol powered or electric hedge trimmer you can treat the whole garden in one piece. The battery-powered hedge trimmer, on the other hand, can only be used in stages. The battery-powered hedge trimmer is also not quite as suitable for large hedges and thick branches. In this case you should rather switch to a petrol powered or electric hedge trimmer for cutting the hedges.

Why do I recognize a good battery hedge trimmer?


The Einhell RG-EH 6053 Electric Hedge Trimmer has a cable strain relief First and foremost, you should pay attention to the weight when purchasing. Good models are already available from a weight of 2.5 kilograms. You should not consider more than 3 kilograms with your battery-powered hedge trimmer. This not only robs you of your strength, but also burdens your back.


The volume also plays an important role. Battery-powered hedge trimmers are quieter than petrol-powered or electric hedge trimmers. However, they may also have an increased noise level. Try out the cordless hedge trimmer before charging. So you can convince yourself of the volume.

Battery power

Bosch DIY Electric Hedge Trimmers AHS 55-16As the battery is an important core component of hedge trimmers in online product tests, product tests, practical tests and comparison tables, it is best to pay attention to its performance. Obtain information on how long the battery is running. Also check how long the battery is to be recharged afterwards.

In addition, you should make enquiries as to whether it is a Li-Ion battery. This is not only lighter, but also more efficient. If you opt for a battery-powered hedge trimmer with Ni-Mh battery, a second battery is recommended. According to external investigations, suitability tests and juxtapositions, the disadvantage is that these batteries must be completely discharged before charging.


According to a product test and practical tests conducted by Stiftung Warentest, when purchasing a battery-powered hedge trimmer you must also pay attention to the manufacturer's performance and warranty. It makes a difference whether you get spare parts within a few hours. Often you have to wait several weeks for the desired product. As a rule, well-known manufacturers also deliver the spare parts quite quickly. If you want to work regularly with a battery-powered hedge trimmer, you should consider the pros and cons of buying it, according to a market analysis. A pleasant weight and a good battery performance are, after all, the basic prerequisites for sensible work.

Which manufacturers sell cordless hedge trimmers and what to say about them?

Gardena 8871-20 Electric hedge trimmer EasyCut 46As a result of online product tests, inspections, analyses and experiments, a large number of manufacturers produce battery-powered hedge trimmers and other garden tools with good overall marks.

Most Stihl hedge trimmers already contain a Li-Ion battery. In addition, these hedge trimmers can also be used for professional operation.

The battery-powered hedge trimmers from Wolf are not only easy to hold. They often only have a low weight.

Hedge trimmers from Ryobi are characterised by their long service life, according to external studies. You can usually balance the devices very well: For both horizontal and vertical cuts.

Bosch has made significant progress with battery-powered hedge trimmers. Numerous models are very light and handy.

The Brill cordless hedge trimmers stand out in many cordless hedge trimmer tests due to their particularly long service life. When charged, this can last up to three hours.

Black&Decker Hedge trimmers with a good overall grade generally have a complex technique according to the evaluation of test reports and test results. However, they are a little unwieldy when cutting.

Correct hedge trimming – the best tips for the cordless hedge trimmer

  1. The best months to cut your hedge with a battery-powered hedge trimmer are March and April in Germany, just before budding. In the month of June the hedge can be pruned again and then the hedge should be in shape until the next spring.
  2. If you want your hedge to be green at the bottom as well, professionals recommend a trapezoidal cut. This means that the hedge becomes narrower from both sides upwards and wider at the bottom. This way the lower branches also get enough sunlight.
  3. Start the lateral hedge trimming with the battery-powered hedge trimmer from below and then pull up flat.
  4. To cut the top edge too straight, tie a guideline. A simple parcel tape is suitable for this. Tighten the thread at one end and pull it so tight that it forms a straight line to the other end of the hedge.
  5. You can best shred the cuttings in a suitable shredder.
  6. The shredded branches and leaves are put on the compost or in the organic waste bin.
  7. Hedges are self-sufficient and hardly need any maintenance, nevertheless it is advisable to do something good with natural compost fertilizer after the annual hedge cut of your hedge. Simply spread the fertilizer under the hedge.
Breeding and nesting time must be observed! From 1. March to 30. September of every year strong pruning of hedges is forbidden in Germany. This serves the protection of species. You may therefore only trim your hedge.

Are new features to be expected in the field of battery-powered hedge trimmers?

According to external test reports and samples from Stiftung Warentest, most of the cordless hedge trimmers with the best test grade already have a Li-Ion battery. These have the great advantage that they do not discharge themselves. If you charge the Li-Ion batteries only partially several times, the battery performance still does not diminish.

In addition, these batteries are not only lighter, but also more powerful than other tested models with good test marks in the evaluation. Compare and test the cordless hedge trimmers yourself Test winners in juxtapositions, trials and comparisons on the Internet! Start your purchase only after thorough inspection, consideration and in accordance with your ideas!

Modern Li-Ion batteries no longer have a so-called memory effect. According to tests, the battery thus suffers a comparatively low to no loss of capacity even during constant use and charging.

Battery hedge trimmer for small hedges

Akku-HeckenschereAs you can see in our ReviewInstitute comparison table, we have taken care that the Akku-Heckenschere can also cut high hedges as far as possible, or we have the separate test for telescopic hedge trimmers for extra high hedges. But what if you only have a small and comparatively low hedge, for example in Kleingarten. In this case it would be unnecessary to buy a large and heavy hedge trimmer. Ideal for such hedges is instead a handy model, with short blade.

The English garden magazine Gardeners' World tested gasoline and electric hedge trimmers in October 2018. The results were published by the German counterpart Mein Schöner Garten. The very good performance of the battery-powered hedge trimmer Bosch EasyHedgeCut is interesting here. The brand Bosch has already been able to prove in external practical tests with many devices such as cordless screwdrivers that they can also process power in handy cordless devices. So the small EasyHedgeCut also cuts thicker branches without effort. But it only has a short blade of 35 cm. In addition to hedge trimming, the battery-powered hedge trimmer was also recommended for trimming shrubs. In the British test, she scored 19 out of 20.

What positive aspects does the battery hedge trimmer purchase on the Internet offer me?

Gardena 8880-20 Electric hedge trimmer HighCut 48You can expect several advantages on the Internet. You can not only choose from a rich assortment, but save in most cases also money. There are two main factors that explain the lower prices.

First, you can set the prices and similarities as well as differences directly with each other in Comparison. Nevertheless, when comparing and testing online evaluations, studies and test results, you will find the best provider as well as the comparison winner with just a few mouse clicks. Secondly, the low costs are characterized by missing factors, such as storage costs and costs for the business premises.

Furthermore, on the Internet at Amazon you can quickly view, test and compare customer opinions, ratings, similarities and reviews. In this way you can quickly find out the advantages and disadvantages of the respective battery-powered hedge trimmers, test winners and other garden tools. Because the Internet is open around the clock, you still don't have to stick to store hours. You can order in accordance with your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week the best cordless hedge trimmer of your choice on Amazon.

Questions and Answers about cordless hedge trimmers

How do I maintain a battery hedge trimmer properly? 

The care of a battery hedge trimmer is actually relatively simple. For a longer service life this tool the hedge trimmer should be cleaned thoroughly after each use. For this it is actually sufficient to remove the soiling with a cloth and make sure that there are no residues on the blades. You will learn about this topic in the manual of the hedge trimmer certainly many tips and tricks.


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Safe handling of hedge trimmers – safety instructions

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