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Best Heating Blanket 2019 • 0 Heating Blankets Reviews

What is a blanket?

An electric blanket is a textile heat dispenser that is equipped with a special technical device that helps to boost body temperature. In principle, a heating blanket is therefore a heatable body blanket, whereby the desired temperature can be set as desired. Essentially, a distinction is made between electric blankets, which can either be laid over the body in order to be able to “wrap” oneself in it wonderfully, or one chooses the so-called warming underblankets, which are simply laid on the mattress in order to warm up the night in a pleasant way.

How does a blanket work?

As the name suggests, a heating ceiling is indeed equipped with a small heating system that can be heated and regulated by the action of power as desired. In general, integrated heating is a specially designed heating wire that converts the energy into a pleasant heat. It should be noted that the performance portfolio of the electric blanket itself is comparatively low and lies at a maximum of 200 Watt. Usually it is necessary to connect the heating blanket to the power supply by means of a cable in order to guarantee the heating of the heating elements in this way. Basically it is irrelevant whether one decides for a heating blanket to cover or chooses a heating blanket for the bed or the couch: The heat effect is remarkable and can be brought to temperature as required with the help of the circuit, which is also available.

In the case of a heating blanket, which is primarily intended for warming up a bed or couch, it is advisable to switch it on for about half an hour – depending on the model – before going to bed so that the heat generated by the regulation can be distributed evenly over > the entire surface of the blanket. Heating blankets, which require a longer lead time before the desired temperature is reached, are certainly relatively expensive in terms of energy consumption. However, it is up to the consumer himself whether or when he switches off the heating blanket again or brings it to a lower temperature when the desired temperature is reached. A heating blanket, which can be thrown over, for example, when relaxing on the couch, usually suffices a push of a button to warm up the heating rods inside, so that you only have to wait a few minutes until they have heated up.

Advantages and areas of application

First and foremost, they choose the Purchase an electric blanket because they appreciate lying comfortably on the couch after a strenuous day and being able to relax in a homely atmosphere. In fact, an electric blanket represents a certain kind of luxury, because the warming effect that can be achieved with such a “helper” is truly remarkable.

So one of the typical application areas of the heating blanket is the couch, the armchair or the sofa. Wherever you want to lie comfortably warm and relax or sleep , the use of the heating blanket is the obvious choice.

Today, there are even high-quality electric blankets that can be used on the road , for example when driving a car for a longer period of time. For example, a passenger who does not want to freeze standing in a traffic jam in winter can pull out the blanket and – depending on the model – have it warmed up by the cigarette lighter.

Here, however, >to be noted that energy consumption is comparatively high for some electric blankets, so that this could be at the expense of the car battery. If you spend hours standing in traffic jams, you may even experience technical problems when you continue your journey:

Due to lack of energy the vehicle may not start anymore, so that it is very important to switch off the heating blanket from time to time for one or the other product.

Heating ceilings for humans and animals

People with chronic pain or also rheumatism patients etc. are always well advised to buy an electric blanket for “heat“. As science has proven years ago, heat can make a very significant contribution when it comes to combating pain. Thus the metabolism can be stimulated by the increase of the body temperature, the blood circulation promoted or supported and in the course of this the feeling of pain can be reduced lastingly.

Not to forget the valuable effect of an electric blanket in the animal world. Also dogs, cats and other pets love it when they have it warm and cuddly.

In this respect, after long frolicking in the snow or in cold outside temperatures after a hund long walk, it is a good idea to offer your beloved pet a blanket in which he can retreat as he pleases.

Fur, which became by rain or snow wet, becomes by the way by the application of an electric blanket very fast again dry.

The beautiful thing is that people and animals can feel equally secure in an electric blanket.

What types of electric blankets are there?

The product variety with a view to heating ceilings is truly enormous. Over the years, numerous suppliers Vidabelle XXLor manufacturers of various types of electric blankets have established themselves on the market – and the trend continues to rise.

Because Fact is that ever more fastidious consumers would like to take the advantages, which a heating blanket has to offer, up for itself.

In view of the fact that the professional as well as the private everyday life for many people is usually connected with a lot of stress and hectic, many consumers at the end of a day just want to relax to their heart's content and feel completely comfortable and secure.

The purchase of a blanket is obvious. On the one hand the well-assorted Online-Handel provides practical heating pads, which can either be warmed up by connecting them to the mains and donate pleasant warmth, or they have a special device inside, which contains a chemical liquid, which gives off successive warmth over a certain time.

In contrast to a normal electric blanket, an individual regulation of the temperature is not possible.

The classic electric blanket is available today in different sizes and designs. While there are small models that are very suitable for taking along in the car or for longer journeys by bus and train, the larger electric blankets are more suitable for making yourself at home comfortable on the couch.

Here the creativity of the suppliers with a view to Design, Vidabelle XXL Electric cuddly wellness heating blanketTechnology and material is virtually unlimited today. There are heating ceilings for home, which are equipped with a conventional temperature regulation system, and there are products which can be easily tempered with the help of a sensor higher or lower.

Also In this product category, it is important to distinguish between electric blankets with particularly low and particularly high energy consumption. In this respect, the focus is not least on the warm-up phase, which can be associated with the use of many heating blanket products. Not only humans are demonstrably doing well when they can make themselves comfortable under a blanket, but also their animal companions love it warm and cosy.

And so also in the well-assorted Zoo trade there are various heating blanket products available, which can be placed in the “bed” of the dog, cat or domestic pig, so that they feel good all around.

It is worth knowing, that with this procedure you can also prevent diseases with Pet . Because a wet coat, which the fur noses can very easily get after raving in the snow or in the rain, is also usually the starting point for a “animalcold.

If you take care of yourself in time with an electric blanket, you can sometimes even save the high veterinary costs.

So we tested the electric blankets

The experts in our institute are well aware of the fact that it is by no means easy for “Otto normal consumers” and “Lieschen Müller” to find the right blanket right away. This is because there are considerable qualitative and functional differences. It was therefore important for our professional team to make sure that all relevant criteria that make up the value of a heating blanket were included in our tests and analyses. We inspected, analysed and evaluated the heating ceilings provided to us on the basis of the following criteria, among others:

  • qualitative valency

Especially when it comes to heating blankets, it is important that you are dealing with a product that scores with its special value. After all, it is by no means just a matter of the material feeling soft, cuddly and therefore pleasant overall, but rather of the workmanship as well as possible. Because on the one hand the heating blanket donates pleasant warmth, on the other hand one has to do it however also with Electricity, which is in direct proximity of the body.

  • Functionality

If you want to make yourself comfortable under or on the heating blanket, it is of course not desirable if you first have to make complicated presettings or adjustments, so that the heating blanket works as you want it to. Modern electric blankets can therefore be switched on with just one movement, whereby the desired temperature can be set either steplessly by means of a regulator or at the push of a button. The less complicated this process is, the more the consumer benefits from a comfortable, easy-to-use heating ceiling technology.

  • Security

Anyone who wants a pleasant warmth while relaxing or during the night will feel completely at home with a blanket heater. Also pain patients as well as last but not least animals appreciate the beneficial effect of the warming blanket very much.

In this regard, however, the safety factor should not be neglected either, because sweat, body fluids or overturned beverage cups – for example a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine in the evening – represent a real source of danger.

Not to be imagined if they would come into contact with a poorly secured heating rod or with an insufficiently insulated electronic unit inside the ceiling. In the past, fire accidents, etc., which were triggered by a short-circuit in a heating blanket, have repeatedly been mentioned. This is why manufacturers of electric blankets are now subject to very stringent safety regulations, and in our tests we check which products actually meet these high quality requirements – and which do not.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

In view of the fact that an electric blanket could be caused either by overturned beverage cups or cups or also by body fluids etc. soiled, it is important that modern products are characterised as far as possible by easy to clean. Ideally, the electronics can be taken out or removed without great effort, so that the textile material can either be easily washed off or washed in the washing machine at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius. This is the optimal temperature to declare war on bacteria, germs and the like.

  • Energy consumption

Heating blankets, which are primarily designed to heat the night's bed, are placed on the mattress under the fitted sheet a few minutes before bedtime, depending on the model. It then takes some time for the heat to spread evenly throughout the bed. Also some heating blankets for the couch need a few minutes warm-up time, whereby the energy consumption, depending on the product, can be quite different. This aspect is therefore all the more important in our tests.

  • Price performance ratio

If you can relax under the warm heating blanket or lie in the cuddly bed, this is literally priceless. Nevertheless it is important for the cost-conscious consumer that the new heating blanket is characterised by a moderate price-performance ratio .

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a blanket?

An electric blanket primarily serves to create a cosy atmosphere, increase the body temperature and in the course of this provide security, safety, warmth and comfort, at home or on the way.

So that all these aspects can also be “operated” according to requirements, it is essential that you pay attention to some important criteria when buying a new electric blanket.

In this respect it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the textile material.
  • Felt good when you hold it in your hands?
  • If the seams are well processed and the fabric being processed is of good quality?

Particular attention must be paid to the solidity and processing of the electrical device. There are heating blankets where this is located outside the ceiling and which can be individually regulated or adjusted by means of a cable.

Then again there are products, where the electricity is embedded in the inside of the ceiling, in order not to disturb during relaxation or sleeping.

The insulation of the technical device or the heating rods must meet the highest requirements in order to be able to completely rule out accidents, cable fires or short circuits.

The focus is clearly on safety

It is important that the Operation is as simple and uncomplicated as possible, so that older or sick people can also generate the warmth they need with the blanket without any problems. The same applies in Vidabelle XXL 2Other also for the animal inhabitants, whereby it is to be paid attention here likewise that the technical “interior life” of the electric blanket can cause damage in no case.

Of course, it is just as important in terms of cost aspect and energy consumption that the product meets modern standards. Long lead times until the heating blanket has warmed up evenly are not only annoying and time-consuming, they also represent a considerable burden on the household budget.

Short lead times or warm-up times, on the other hand, help to save cash. In addition, it is much more pleasant to simply switch on the heating blanket and feel a pleasant warmth just a few seconds later.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Beurer
  • Hydas
  • Medisana
  • AEG
  • Jolta
The Beurer company has existed on the market since 1919 and has been convincing discerning consumers ever since with new devices and innovations in the fields of health and well-being. It doesn't matter whether it's heating blankets, heating pads, inhalers, humidifiers or foot warmers: the number of product developments at Beurer is truly diverse and the quality of the products is equally impressive.
Hydas' innovative products can be found on the German market as well as in nations such as China and Japan. In terms of pain therapy, wellness, massage, well-being and health, the Hydas product portfolio is always characterised by high quality and well thought-out technologies. The company has been on the market for more than 45 years. It is already exciting to see what product ideas Hydas will come up with in the future.
For more than 30 years, Medisana's products have been helping to meet the constantly growing demands of health and wellness care professionals. The company Medisana thus advertises to create products “for life” and also to market, distribute and even make demanding end consumers happy. Consumer orientation and professionalism have always been a top priority in this company.
AEG is a company whose advertising promise has always been: “Good from experience”. With regard to electronic devices of all kinds, this promise refers on the one hand to the well thought-out technologies and on the other hand to the remarkable functionality. The customer has always been well advised to rely on the quality and innovative products of this renowned supplier. This is also the case when it comes to electric blankets or heat cushions etc..
Top-class household and electrical appliances – that's what the renowned company Jolta has been offering since 1998. Every product is manufactured with great attention to detail, and the quality of the materials is particularly important to ensure a long service life. Not to forget the sophisticated design that distinguishes most Jolta developments and has always made them something special.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my heating blanket best?

It is always an advantage if you take your time to look at the innovations the market has to offer when it comes to buying a new electric blanket. Accordingly, our product tests are helpful in this context, as they are a valuable and above all consumer-oriented conceptual reference point, according to which “Otto Normal consumer” and “Lieschen Müller” can be guided when it comes to finding the heating blanket that is individually most suitable as quickly as possible.

On the basis of our product reports you can search the internet for the suitable products and have a first selection available. These can now be compared with the individual wishes and requirements. If you like, you can use this information to take a look at a few products in the local retail trade and get adequate advice on this.

Use the many benefits of the Internet

In fact, In the opinion of most consumers, good and, above all, well-founded advice is important. Until now, it has always been thought that these could only be obtained through local trade. That this is by no means always the case, however, is shown again and again in reality.

The reason for this negative development is obvious: The financial expenses that the retailer usually has to bear, for example for the premises, the presentation of goods, the storage, but also the personnel costs etc., increase almost constantly depending on the region.

This is cost expenditure, which the retailer usually allocates proportionately to its products. This means that the electric blankets in the local retail trade are sometimes more expensive than in the world wide web.

Online dealers usually do not have to bear the high costs, but they negotiate completely different – more attractive – conditions due to their considerably larger range of goods. This ultimately benefits the customer in particular, as cost savings are also usually passed on directly to the consumer.

In view of the rising costs for the retail trade, especially with regard to personnel costs, many retailers now proceed in such a way that they primarily hire inexpensive or unskilled employees.

The comparatively low income is certainly not for every employee Motivation in order to be friendly towards the customer or to show willingness to receive adequate training. In this respect, the

Entrepreneurs in the local retail trade also lose out in this respect. Just like the customer, because he benefits less and less in the retail business from consistently friendly and motivated specialists. So what could be more obvious than to plan a shopping tour on the Internet and buy your blanket online?

Things to know and advice

The history of the electric blanket

The electric blanket itself experienced a boom immediately after its market launch in the 1950s. Anyone who wanted to treat themselves to something special in terms of well-being, health and cosiness made use of the electric blanket.

In that time it was still very thick and massive, whereas the material composition has changed a lot until todayalte zeiten. Nevertheless, the warming properties of the electric blanket are remarkable.

Not to forget is also the technological change as well as the improvement of safety standards of particular importance.

Already in the 18th century people appreciated lying in a pleasantly preheated bed after a strenuous day in the field. At that time the so-called wooden pan was in active use. This, however, was still fired with glowing coals “>fired” and thus represented a not inconsiderable hazard potential.

Another shortcoming of the “good, oldbed pan was the comparatively high dead weight and the associated, very complicated handling. Quite apart from that, it was extremely laborious to place this pan, which was often equipped with a long handle and a specially designed lid, under the duvet or under the bed.

The heat spread very fast and became unbearable after a short time. The equipment of that time was therefore not comfortable at all. The handling was difficult, and the cleaning of the heating pans also involved a great deal of effort.

Heating ceilings in the course of time

When with the years finally the electricity arose, also the qualitative condition of the heat donors changed.

With coal “betriebene” heating pans more and more belonged to the past, while the modern, electric heating blanket enjoyed great popularity almost from the beginning. Mittlerweile are it long no longer only the human consumers , who come only too gladly into the benefit of the warmth by the heating blanket, but also for domestic animals the purchase of a new heating blanket is worthwhile itself in each case.

Figures, data, facts about the heating blanket

While the performance portfolio of a heating pad is around 60 to 80 watts, the performance of the heating blanket can also be between 100 and 200 watts. Some electric blankets are relatively small in size, with a size of between 50 cm x 50 cm or one square metre.

However these covers offer themselves rather, around on the way or in the bed used to Beurer UB 75 warming underblanket be, so that only the bottom or the intervertebral discs are supplied with pleasant warmth. Of course, today's well-stocked shops also have electric blankets that score with a size of two by three meters, so that you have the opportunity to cuddle up in them as you please. Even double ceilings are available, so that you can even lie under the ceiling with your partner to your heart's content and benefit from pleasant warmth.

Kleine heating blankets , which warm only partially, strike – depending upon offerer – with a purchase price of approximately 20 to 40 euro to beech. It should not be forgotten, however, that cheap products in particular require a great deal of energy. This can, for example, take the form of a long warm-up lead time, or can be noticeable in terms of power consumption. Medium-priced heating blankets cost today in approximately between 80 and 120 euro. In addition, there are virtually no upper limits on the price scale.

Washing and cleaning the heating ceiling

The more often a blanket is used, the more likely it is to soil .

If, for example, it is thrown over for relaxing on the couch , there is a great danger that one or the other cup of tea, cocoa or coffee will be spilled over it if one is careless.

Furthermore it is primarily the body fluids that contribute to the fact that the electric blanket has to be cleaned over time. This is the case even if the product does not come into direct contact with the body.

In the case of underblankets for example, which are placed on the mattress under the fitted sheet, the situation is such that they do not come into direct contact with body fluids such as sweat or saliva.

But nevertheless sooner or later they absorb an unpleasant odor or the moisture collects on the surface. Be that as it may, heating blankets should be cleaned at regular intervals.

Clean, hygienic and cosy warm

Many products can easily be cleaned in the washing machine, whereby a minimum temperature of 60 Hydas 4652.5.01 3 zonesGrad Celsius must be observed. This is because at cooler temperatures any germs or bacteria that may be present do not die in the first place.

Odours often only disappear at higher washing temperatures, even though there are detergents today that are extremely powerful in this respect. The heating element or electrical device must always be removed from the blanket before washing.

If you are dealing with a product in which the heating elements are successively distributed inside, it is only possible to clean the surface with a damp cloth.

Under these conditions it is impossible to clean the corresponding blankets in the washing machine.

All heating blankets that cannot be cleaned in the washing machine should not only be cleaned in the meantime with hot water mixed with an all-purpose cleaner, but it also makes sense to use special anti-fragrance sprays.

These almost completely absorb the smells that have accumulated in the ceiling over time and thus convey a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

FAQs around the heating blanket

  • The wide world of electric blankets is extremely versatile today. In the meantime there are even modern products with sleeves. It's even more fun to slip into the heating blanket or heating jacket and feel completely comfortable in it.
  • It is also worth knowing that the competition among manufacturers of electric blankets is growing and that the creativity of the suppliers knows hardly any limits. If one looks around in the specialized trade once, one encounters even heating blankets, which attract attention by their particularly light own weight. If you lay them over your body, you can hardly feel them anymore.
  • What could be nicer than being treated by a beautician? Both male and female consumers like to make use of this beneficial service from time to time. It makes the whole thing even more pleasant that more and more cosmetic institutes offer the possibility to sit on electric blankets during the respective treatments, which donate a pleasant warmth from the very beginning.
  • Even the furniture industry has discovered electric blankets for itself and today offers a large number of designer pieces of furniture which are equipped with an electric blanket and which – depending on the model – even include a massage function. In fact, this is a much sought-after feature, which is enjoying an almost steadily growing popularity not only in Germany.

Useful accessories

In general the essential “features” that make up a blanket are included in the products. This means that both the heating elements and the thermostats as well as the regulators etc. are present on the product. But anyone who believes that the accessories portfolio is correspondingly small is mistaken.

Because the creativity of the manufacturers knows in this context as well as no limits. If you take a look around in the online trade, the quality-conscious customer is spoilt for choice between additional switches or regulators, which cannot be set over several levels, but which can be set steplessly.

In addition, special heating plates are offered, which can be fixed to certain parts of the body if required in order to warm them up separately. In this respect, we are talking here about calf warmers, pulse plates or heat pads that can be fixed to the hips, buttocks or intervertebral discs.

In things Hightech the fastidious customer finds however still many further ideas in things heating blankets. If you consider that you can relax to your heart's content under or on an electric blanket, then it makes sense to listen to music during this time.

Why should one take the MP3-Player out of the drawer for this purpose, if the technical specialized trade has special headphone and loudspeaker systems to offer, which can be brought directly in connection with the electric blanket?

In this way, your favourite music is only a push of a button away and you save yourself the trouble of getting up to insert a new CD or the like, for example. Of course it is obvious that one would also like to be massaged during the comfortable relaxation.

How good it is that the accessories portfolio even offers Massage elements, which can either be placed separately or fixed to the individual parts of the body, such as shoulders, hips, thighs or feet, as required.

In addition, there are even illuminated controls, so that the desired music volume, the degree of massage or the temperature when relaxing in a dark room can not only be regulated after cumbersome searching. Modern technology makes it possible and therefore provides highly interesting control elements that are easy to find in the dark and easy to operate.

With regard to Pampering and Relaxing of pets, an additional level of safety is required. This means that not only the heating elements must be specially secured and protected against possible bites, but also the operating elements must be secured in a special way.

Alternatives to electric blanket

What should be done if – for whatever reason – no electric blanket is available at the moment? Under these circumstances, helpful alternatives are called for that – just like a blanket – warm and tempt you to feel good. Surely it is difficult to find suitable alternatives, although one can try it with the following products.

  • Heating pad
  • Down or wool blanket
  • Turn heating on
In any case, a heating pad is a promising solution for making sure that you lie comfortably warm on the couch or in bed, for example. In contrast to the electric blanket, a pillow does not usually have the electrical features, but rather the inlay contains a chemical solution that provides heat for a certain period of time. It should also be noted that the heat cannot be regulated as desired, as is the case with the electric blanket. The fact is that the temperature of a classic heating pad is always constant. Being able to feel a pleasant warmth for a few hours, however, contributes greatly to relaxation.
A cuddly woollen blanket that is not equipped with heating elements, as is the case with a heated blanket, is still the traditional alternative. No matter whether made of down, wool or other warming materials: It is always a pleasure to cuddle up in there and lay the beautiful piece casually around your shoulders or over your body. Compared to the electric blanket, it has the advantage that you don't necessarily have to have a power source nearby to warm up a bit. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the normal blanket does not allow the pleasant temperature control that is known from the modern electric blanket.
If you are cold and feel uncomfortable at home in your own four walls and there is no blanket available, it makes sense to turn the heating a little higher. In this way, the climate in the rooms becomes much more pleasant. On the other hand, however, it should be borne in mind that turning the heating up is associated with considerable energy consumption and therefore high costs. In general, it is worth taking into account the well-being of the environment and preferring to reach for the ceiling instead.
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