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Best Garden Trampoline 2019 • 0 Garden Trampolines Reviews

Outdoor trampolines for gardens and terraces

For children, the sandbox after kindergarten age is just as uninteresting as a slide or swing. With a garden trampoline, however, children can enjoy themselves for many years, and teenagers and adults can also enjoy this sporty leisure activity.

For many years trampolines have been among the most popular leisure equipment, on which acrobatic tricks are often trained. With a garden trampoline eyes radiating with joy are guaranteed for young and old. The little ones have valuable movement experiences on the trampoline, older children can perform tricks, while adults can complete an effective training.

A Outdoor-Trampolin offers the possibility to do sports in the fresh nature, to keep yourself healthy and fit, to have fun, to feel weightless and to live out the urge to move. This sports equipment combines a varied, healthy, sporty and fun leisure activity for the entire family. Parents can live out a Hobby together with the child and thus spend more time with the Wonneproppen.

What is a garden trampoline?

Gartentrampolin Test - Monzana Gartentrampolin im TestA garden trampoline is a piece of sports equipment that brings the pleasure of jumping into your own garden. It is designed for year-round outdoor use. In the private sector, garden trampolines are mainly used, which offer a variety of advantages. Outdoor trampolines are weatherproof and therefore it is possible to compete all year round. Neither precipitation nor icy temperatures can harm high-quality models. The robust sports equipment can thus be installed outdoors all year round. With some trampolines for the garden even several persons can jump at the same time. A safety net, which is stretched around the sports equipment, ensures maximum safety so that jumping persons do not accidentally fall on the ground. A safety net can efficiently prevent falling down.

Characteristics of a garden trampoline

In contrast to oval medical trampolines and sports equipment, garden trampolines are round. The diameter varies from model to model. Smaller leisure equipment has a diameter of about three meters, while larger trampolines have a diameter of almost five meters. The height of the diving surface is mostly between 80 and 100 cm. In order to prevent the danger of falling from the garden trampoline, most models are surrounded by a safety net and edge cushions.

Garden trampoline test 2019

Since the selection of different manufacturers and models is huge, we recommend a look at the current Garden trampoline test, in which the current bestsellers are examined, evaluated and ranked. If you want to buy an outdoor trampoline, this test lists the most important features that should be included in the purchase decision. In addition to aspects such as high quality and very good workmanship, the individual test candidates were also tested with regard to their own weight and maximum load-bearing capacity.

Further decisive test criteria were not only the diameter, but also the diameter of the spring surface. The objective testers also tested the individual sports equipment in terms of the number of springs and feet. Models with a safety net have a higher degree of safety and also received more points than devices without a safety certificate. The neutral testers also tested each device in practice and awarded points for handling, comfort and functions. In the current test the prices are clearly listed and the testers also evaluated the price-performance ratio.

If you want to get a overview of the best models on the market and want to profit from the objective ratings of the tester, you should read through the individual test reports to select the individually suitable model.

Test categories

This training and leisure device is guaranteed not to leave you bored. Children can let off steam, acrobats can try out new jumps and it is also possible to complete an efficient training. But which garden trampoline delivers what the manufacturer promises?

  • Diameter
  • Trampoline height
  • Net height
  • Total height
  • Weight
  • Target group
  • Strength
  • Net
  • Standfeet
  • Jump mat
  • Stable Stand
  • Construction and User Manual
  • Input range
  • Padding
  • Durability
  • Conductor
  • Frame
  • Fixing and conductor
  • Accessories
  • Price performance ratio
  • Tests, exams and certificates
The neutral testers measured all test candidates exactly and listed the measurements clearly. Small models are recommended when several people do not want to jump at the same time and when there is little space available. Of course, smaller outdoor trampolines are also cheaper than devices with a diameter of five meters. Large models usually find room in spacious gardens and are ideal when two or three people want to jump at the same time. Models from a diameter of four meters are excellent for romping around and acrobatic jumps.
The height of each tested jump equipment varies from model to model. Some test candidates usually have a height between 60 and 90 cm.
In contrast to the trampoline height the net height shows only small differences. The neutral testers came to the conclusion that the nets are usually 180 or 182 cm high.
The total height of the test candidates is different and therefore a comparison is worthwhile. Low models are about 2.50 cm high, while high models have a height of more than 2.70 cm.
The dead weight of the tested garden trampolines shows considerable differences. Lightweights include sports and leisure equipment that weigh about 30 kilograms. Models whose own weight is more than 80 kilograms are considerably heavier. Since high-quality garden trampolines do not have to be dismantled even in winter, their own weight plays a minor role. Weight is only important for transport and assembly.
The objective testers took a close look at numerous jump equipment for outdoor use and checked whether the models were suitable for small children, children or adults. The result of the current test 2019 was that all test candidates on the high score list are ideal for young and old.
The resilience is an essential aspect and therefore the test candidates in this category have been carefully examined. The load capacity varies from trampoline to trampoline and therefore a comparison is worthwhile. In the current test one finds a overview and it is easy to compare the individual sports equipment with each other.
The load-bearing capacity ranges from 100 to 180 kilograms.
A safety net can prevent serious accidents. The neutral testers awarded points for excellent quality and safe attachment. Not all safety nets are fixed inside and foldable! An internal net is far safer than a net mounted on the outside. High-quality nets, which guarantee a high degree of safety, are made of tear-resistant material. A thick and reinforced safety net provides a high degree of safety.
In order for the trampoline to stand securely and securely, the feet of the trampoline should be robust, made of long-lasting materials, and tilt resistant.
According to neutral testers, the jumping mat should be made of high-quality materials, sewn several times and be UV-resistant.
If you want to find out which trampolines offer a safe and stable Stand for outdoor use, you can obtain information about the individual test candidates in the current test.
The objective testers assembled each test candidate and evaluated the assembly. Not all garden trampolines are characterized by a rapid and uncomplicated construction. Some models require a second person and not every manual is easily understandable and written in German.
The testers also noticed differences in input range. Models whose input range can be safely closed by zipper were rated positive. Points were also awarded for buckles. Only a very well secured entrance area can prevent accidents with potentially serious consequences.
Excellent cushioning of the frame is an essential safety feature. The objective testers highlighted those garden trampolines that are equipped with high-quality cushions. Some of the test candidates have extra padding on the poles, which offers enormous protection.
An enormous durability guarantee models that are made of high-quality materials. Trampolines made of tear-resistant materials are more durable. As the trampoline is exposed to the sun for many hours, you should use a UV-resistant material. This prevents the trampoline from bleaching out after just a few months and the colours from appearing unsightly. To ensure that the jumping mat does not lose its elasticity, it should be made of a stable fabric
In order to prevent the danger of slipping off the ladder, a model with a non-slip ladder should be selected. Thanks to the non-slip material, one or the other fall can be prevented when upon- or downhill.
The garden trampoline stretched on the frame is exposed to a high load. The neutral testers examined each frame of the test candidates and evaluated them in terms of robustness, stability and materials. Models whose frames are of high quality and stable against deformations could be pleased about positive evaluations. Even frames made of galvanized steel performed excellently
Not all models in the highscore list are supplied with including conductor, ground anchor and tension straps. A ladder is also not a matter of course and therefore a comparison is worthwhile.
The neutral testers awarded plus points for a extensive scope of delivery. Some manufacturers include accessories such as a tarpaulin, while others include anchors, tension straps and a ladder. A comparison pays off to save cash.
The test candidates were evaluated and compared by objective testers. The current garden trampoline test offers an excellent overview of the respective price-performance ratio of the individual test candidates. The trampoline with the best values in terms of price and performance was selected as the price-performance winner.
The current garden trampoline test shows which models have been awarded Certificates and which sports equipment has performed outstandingly in previous tests or trials.


Test result

In summary, it can be said that models of the top ten have very good or good ratings in all test categories. All devices of the Garden trampoline comparison are supplied with a safety net and an edge cover for the springs. Basically all garden trampolines with a very good rating can be recommended and also those with a good rating are a good choice. Ultimately it is a personal decision and also a question of the price, since this varies extremely. If you choose a quality device, you minimize the risk of injury and enjoy jumping for many years.

Advantages and areas of application

In contrast to other leisure equipment, a trampoline for outdoor use is multifunctional.

  • Fresh air: With an outdoor trampoline you not only prepare children, but also teens a great pleasure and you can be sure that this leisure activity is carried out in the fresh air, is healthy and keeps fit. A garden trampoline is the perfect combination of fun, sport and fresh air.
  • Experiences in movement: Children can live out their urge to move, jump for the competition and have numerous experiences in movement.
  • Playground and sports equipment for boys and girls: While numerous toys and sports equipment are especially suitable for boys or girls, the garden trampoline enjoys great popularity among both sexes.
  • Time and route savings: Often sport is connected with a route to the hall, to the game- or sports field or into the forest. The driving distance is omitted with this sport and leisure equipment, which can be set up in the own garden. With an outdoor trampoline not only the outward and return journey can be saved, there is also no time expenditure for this distance. Moreover, jumping pays off for a few minutes!
  • Garden trampoline Test - Advantages and applications of the garden trampolineAcrobatics: Acrobats can train creative Jumps and Turns, while this device can also be used for funny ball games. The safety net can be converted and the trampoline is already converted to another piece of sports equipment.
  • Fitness: With a garden trampoline the Fitness can be increased. Whoever uses this device for training keeps fit, healthy and young.
  • Sport and fun: Another advantage of a Outdoor trampoline is that sport and fun can be combined. It is also possible to train in pairs, as long as the diameter is large enough. When training on the trampoline, the joints are spared because the jump is cushioned.
  • Training: The training is efficient because numerous different muscle groups are addressed. It is not only possible to train the large muscle groups, the deep muscles can also be addressed efficiently.
  • Any age group: Who decides for a garden trampoline, chooses a leisure- and sports equipment, which gives pleasure to young and old for many years and connects the family.
  • Calorie reduction: This exercise machine is ideal for burning calories without feeling like exercising. This jumper burns as many calories in just ten minutes as a 45-minute walk. If you train regularly on the garden trampoline, you can let a few kilos tumble down and have fun at the same time.
  • Coordination and balance: Jumps on the trampoline train the sense of balance and coordination ability. Thus this training device is ideal not only for children, but also for adults.
  • Articularly gentle workout: Even as with rebounders, the intervertebral discs and joints are extremely protected and thus persons with back or articular problems can also complete a joint-gentle workout on the garden trampoline.

Disadvantages of a garden trampoline

Outdoor-Trampolines have a lot of advantages, but there are also one or the other drop of bitterness.

  • Accident hazard: Trampolining is not harmless and children and adults repeatedly injure themselves when it comes up.
  • Location requirements: Anyone interested in this piece of sports equipment needs a garden in which the garden trampoline can be set up. Owners of a small garden often choose a smaller model that doesn't take up as much space as a trampoline with a diameter of less than five metres.
  • Assembly: The assembly sometimes takes several hours and you often need the help of a second person. It should be noted that some models should be dismantled before the winter months, so that neither icy temperatures nor snow or rain can harm the materials and individual components.

Purchase tips

The range of different models is wide. In order to avoid a fair purchase, some purchase tips must be observed. The selection of this multifunctional sports equipment should be made carefully and one should read through information about the current bestsellers in the current garden trampoline Test 2019.

In this Test and Comparison you will find a Overview about the most popular models, which were objectively evaluated by neutral testers, tested in numerous categories and compared with each other. If you want to be on the safe side, you can choose the comparison winner or price winner.



In terms of quality, one should not make any compromises under any circumstances. In order to prevent injuries, the choice should be made for a high-quality device which is made of robust and high-quality materials. When buying an outdoor trampoline, it pays to attach importance to quality. If you decide on a model in the lowest price range, you run the risk of purchasing a piece of sports equipment that can start to rust after a short time. For discount devices the stability, elasticity and safety may also suffer. Not only the trampoline itself, but also the edge cushions should be of high quality. Those who opt for inferior edge cushions risk serious accidents. Who decides for a quality product, must reach deeper into the pocket, however, the investment in a high-quality sports equipment is worthwhile itself, because this has a very good durability and is long-lived.



Since high jumps are possible on this jumping device, the garden trampoline should be excellently processed. Only with excellent processing is the degree of safety high! In addition, very well processed leisure equipment is characterized by a long service life.



The risk of an accident can be drastically minimized if a model with high safety precautions is taken. The garden trampoline should be equipped with a safety net to prevent falls to the ground. In addition, high-quality edge covers are also recommended accessories. The current Test provides an overview of the security certificates and the equipment in terms of security.

Individual requirements

Individual requirements

Before purchasing, you should think about which requirements the leisure device should meet. In addition to the question of how many people will jump at the same time, one should also consider where the sports equipment will be positioned. If you suffer from problems with your back or joints, you should choose a model with long springs. For children there are special Children's trampolines on the market and also for adults the assortment is large.
Another criterion is the space available. Owners of a very small garden often choose smaller models while five metre diameter jumpers are suitable for large open spaces.
If you want to jump and romp to your heart's content, you should choose a model with a diameter of four metres or more.



The diameter of a outdoor trampoline indicates on the one hand how much space must be available in the garden to set up the sports equipment, and on the other hand it gives information about the size of the jumping surface. For tiny gardens, allotments or small colonies of foliage, models with a diameter of 250 cm are ideal. A diameter of four metres or more is only recommended for garden owners who have a lot of space available, as the trampoline cannot be placed directly against the house wall, a fence or a tree. It is important to leave sufficient safety distance!



One of the most important purchase criteria is the suspension. It pays off to invest a little more so that the sports equipment can withstand a high load for many years. The suspension depends on the structure of the springs used. If the garden trampoline is equipped with long springs, the springback is extremely soft and deep.
In contrast to the long feathers, short and harder feathers cause a more elastic and harder springback.
If you want to buy a Outdoor-Trampoline for children, you should choose a model with soft suspension. A soft suspension is also recommended for people who have problems with the back or the knees.

Number of persons

Number of persons

Some outdoor trampolines have a particularly generous diameter and therefore several people can jump on the trampoline at the same time. For families with several children, larger sports equipment is recommended so that the kids can hop together with their siblings or friends around the betting .



According to the garden trampoline test, the assembly of the individual components does not prove to be uncomplicated for all models, so the current Test 2019 should inform you whether the assembly is simple or complicated, whether it is quick or takes a lot of time. With many Outdoor-Trampolines the necessary tool for the assembly is included in the delivery . Some models may take more than two hours to set up. In order to save not only time but also nerves, a garden trampoline should be chosen whose construction is uncomplicated and quick.

Mounting and Operating Instructions

Mounting and Operating Instructions

With an easy to understand Manual in German language or the respective mother tongue the structure and the Handling proves to be particularly simple.

total height and weight

total height and weight

The total height of garden trampolines varies between 2.50 and more than 2.70 cm and also the dead weight of the sports equipment ranges from 30 to 80 kilograms depending on the model. Therefore a comparison is worthwhile. The current garden trampoline Test 2019 provides information in this respect.

Target group

Target group

Meanwhile some manufacturers have developed special Children's trampolines. The test candidates of the current outdoor trampoline test are suitable for both children and adults and are therefore multifunctional. Garden trampolines in mini format are sufficient for small children, while models suitable for adults should be slightly larger.

Load Capacity

Load Capacity

The load-bearing capacity is an essential purchase criterion. The maximum loading capacity shows differences from trampoline to trampoline. In the current Test 2019 the maximum load capacity is clearly listed and therefore a comparison is possible. The maximum load capacity ranges from 100 to 180 kilograms.

Safety net

Safety net

The impact on the padded edge is harmless in comparison to the fall from the trampoline. For models without a safety net, there is a danger that children or adults will be catapulted out of the net and suffer serious injuries. A safety net can prevent serious accidents. However, it should be noted that network is not the same as network. On some models, the net is inside, while other manufacturers offer jumpers with an outside net. Those who value safety should opt for an internally fixed net made of high-quality materials. An essential quality and safety criterion is a tear-resistant material. Reinforced safety nets are also recommended.



The feet of a trampoline should be stable as well as durable and should be characterized by tilting safety. It is recommended to choose a model with Stand feet surrounded by padding.

Jumping mat

Jumping mat

With the jumping mat, it must be ensured that it is made of high-quality materials in order not to lose the clamping force so quickly. In the current test one finds models, whose jumping mats are not only high-quality, but also UV-resistant and sewn several times.

Input range

Input range

If you want to buy a garden trampoline, you will notice that the entrance areas are also manufactured differently. Networks are recommended which can be safely closed in the input area with a zipper. In addition, buckles should be used to prevent accidents.



An excellent and high-quality cushioning of the frame and the feet is an essential safety feature. To protect the trampoline from various damages, the edge of the jumper should be surrounded with wide and thick cushions. An essential factor is that the upholstery completely covers the springs. Only if the springs are covered, they are not damaged and children or adults can prevent accidents.

frame height

frame height

The height of the frame varies from model to model. High quality specimens have a greater distance between the ground and the diving surface. The greater the distance, the lower the risk of an accident.



The models that are made of high-quality materials are durable. Nets and jumping mats made of tear-resistant materials are not only safer but also more durable. Since an outdoor trampoline is exposed to strong sunlight, UV-resistant material should be chosen to prevent the sports equipment from becoming porous and the colour from fading after a short time.



Especially for high trampolines a conductor is advisable, which is non-slip.



The frame is an extremely important component, which is exposed to high loads. To prevent the frame from deforming or rusting, the materials used should be of high quality, stable and durable. The current Outdoor-Trampoline Test shows which models offer a stable frame. High-quality specimens, for example, have a galvanized tubular frame and very well welded seams. These two factors ensure a long service life.

shape of frame

shape of frame

In addition to the classic trampolines in round design, square sports equipment is also available on the market. Square models have the advantage that they are much easier to transport and store. If you want to move the trampoline more often or assume it regularly, you should use a trampoline with a square frame. Whether angular or round, the jump behaviour hardly differs.

Jumping comfort

Jumping comfort

An excellent jump feeling on an outdoor trampoline depends on various factors. Basically, a larger jump surface offers a better jump quality. However, some manufacturers have developed small models with excellent jumping comfort. An important aspect for a very good jump behaviour is the suspension. High-quality springs are either very well processed or they are characterized by a double suspension. Good springs are crucial for a pleasant and even jump on the one hand and guarantee a long service life of the sports equipment on the other hand. Trampoline springs, which are made of high-quality materials do not wear out and do not rust.

Value for money

Value for money

Numerous outdoor trampolines from different manufacturers were carefully examined by objective testers and compared with each other. The current garden trampoline comparison provides an overview of the price-performance ratio of the individual test candidates and a model was named price-performance winner.

Year-round deployment

Year-round deployment

The current garden trampoline comparison shows that some manufacturers recommend dismantling the sports equipment in autumn to protect the components from rain, snow, wind and icy temperatures. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. If you want to use the trampoline all year round or do not want to dismantle it in autumn, you should inform yourself in the current garden trampoline Test 2019 about which models do not have to be dismantled. However, it should be noted that all sports equipment exhibits rapid wear due to minus degrees and adverse weather conditions.



A comparison is also advisable for accessories, as not every garden trampoline is equipped with a ladder, anchor, straps for tensioning and a tarpaulin for covering. Various accessories are available for Outdoor-Trampolines, which not only increases safety, but also protects the sports equipment from precipitation and unpleasant environmental influences.

Cover sheet

Cover sheet

The purchase of a cover tarpaulin is useful to protect the Outdoor-Trampolin from various weather influences. Thanks to the tarpaulin neither leaves nor dirt remain on the trampoline. A further positive aspect of this protective tarpaulin is that the sports equipment is protected and the trampoline has a longer lifetime.

known manufacturers

The selection of garden trampolines is huge, but not all models on the market are safe, high-quality and durable. Some manufacturers have made themselves an international name with their quality products in the past years and also in current tests the following specialists can be pleased about excellent evaluations.

The renowned manufacturer Ultrafit has been convincing for many years with high-quality trampolines, which are ideal not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. Ultrafit could convince in numerous garden trampoline tests with his mark products and also in the current Test 2019 one finds some models of this manufacturer on the best list.

Gartentrampolin Test - Kindertrampolin im TestAnother supplier that has made an international name for itself with its quality equipment is Hop-Sport. In the current garden trampoline test, Hop-Sport was also able to convince with several models and was pleased with excellent placings.

Also the producer Ancheer convinces with his high-quality sports and leisure equipment not only numerous customers, but also the neutral testers. This supplier is characterized by high-quality models with a fair price-performance ratio.

In garden trampoline tests, the manufacturer Ampel 24 also performs excellently. Several models made it into the top ten. The internationally renowned specialist attaches great importance to safety and quality.

Izzy is also one of the best manufacturers on the market and combines innovative technologies with high-quality workmanship, robust materials and excellent jumping properties.

History of the garden trampoline

The inventor was the US-American high artist George Nissen, who founded the company Griswold-Nissen & Trampolin Tumbling in the 30s together with the gymnastics trainer Larry Griswold. The clever and imaginative inventor duo not only built in extra springs, but also elastic jumping mats, which made new acrobatic tricks possible.

In the 30s the trampoline became an independent jumping and sports equipment. In the year 1974 the first competition on the trampoline took place, the so-called Nissen-Cup, which reminds of the high artist and inventor. This trampoline competition still takes place once a year today. Since the '80s, the space agency uses NASA trampolines, to keep astronauts fit.

The trend sport Jumping Fitness developed in 2001 after the fascinating performances of Tomas Burianek and Jana Svoboda. For about five years this Trendsportart has enjoyed great popularity in German-speaking countries. Meanwhile there are numerous trampoline types on the market, which combine sport and fun.

From the garden trampoline to the WM

vom gartentrampolin zu olympiaIn November 2018, the WAZ published a detailed article on the 14-year-old exception trampoline jumper Nina Pape shortly before her participation in the trampoline WM in Russia, Saint Petersburg. The young athlete's career began with a garden trampoline. As she reported to the newspaper, she “annoyed” her parents until they bought her a garden trampoline.

If your children are also annoying you with this wish, you might be interested in the article, which also reveals a lot about trampoline jumping as a high-performance sport.

Alternatives to the garden trampoline

Those who do not own a garden can choose an alternative. Besides the garden trampoline there are also other trampoline types for private use, which combine movement and fun.

mini-, gymnastics- and fitness trampolines

These are trampolines specially developed for the sport. These models were developed for Jumping Fitness. Among the best-known manufacturers are Hudora, Trimlin and Berg. The providers Jumpmaxxx and Ultrasport are known for their inexpensive and high-quality models. These models can be placed in a large room and it is also possible to do the workout outdoors.

Inflatable trampolines

Garden trampoline test - children's trampoline testedFor children there are inflatable trampolines on the market which do not have a frame. Instead of the metal frame, the plastic body can be inflated. The net is tensioned with ropes, while springs are used on models that are also suitable for adults. Inflatable models are not only suitable as sports trampolines, they can also be used in water. If you like jumping over the water, you can take this variant with you to the lake.

Children's trampolines

This means understands one very small Indoor trampolines, which were developed especially for small children. Mini-Trampolines are equipped with a handle which contributes to safety. It is characteristic that the net is only fixed by ropes. No feathers are used.

Inground trampolines

Meanwhile, floor trampolines are part of the standard range of the brand manufacturers Berg and Etan. The main advantage of a Inground-Trampolins is that it can be set up in any garden, no matter how small. The sports and leisure equipment is located directly above the ground and therefore both the ascent and the descent are very easy.

Another advantage is that in contrast to a garden trampoline there is no danger that small children will crawl under the jumping device.

The Inground trampoline is placed over a large pit, while the conventional garden trampoline is placed on the floor. The floor must be excavated before the floor trampoline is fixed. The jumping behaviour, the jumping comfort and the quality of a Inground trampoline is in no way inferior to an outdoor trampoline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to buy a garden trampoline will soon be confronted with one or the other question. Enclosed are those questions which are asked very often.

If you need a safety net?

A garden trampoline with safety net guarantees maximum safety and maximum jumping comfort. A safety net prevents children and adults from being catapulted out of the trampoline and landing roughly on the ground.

Thanks to jumping net it is prevented that jumping persons fall accidentally from the trampoline and get injuries. However, it should be noted that a jumping net is not suitable for jumping against it. The net serves only for jumping persons to land on the jumping surface.

What criteria characterize a high-quality safety net?

A high-quality safety net is tear-resistant and made of robust materials. Another quality criterion is the processing.

can the safety net be changed?

Safety nets not only provide efficient protection, they can also be used to play ball. Thanks to safety net, children who like jumping and throwing balls do not always have to climb off the trampoline to get a ball that has not been caught. The balls are caught by the net and roll back onto the trampoline. So it is possible to play during Up- and Bounce ball.

Why should the maximum load capacity not be exceeded?

Each manufacturer gives information regarding maximum load capacity, which should not be exceeded under any circumstances. Jumping persons can injure themselves if the trampoline is subjected to more weight than the manufacturer recommends. On the one hand, there is the danger that materials can be damaged, ripped off and show signs of wear; more quickly. On the other hand, jumping people cannot land in the air but on the ground and injure themselves. The maximum permissible weight is determined in such a way that it is impossible to touch the lawn or hit it roughly on the ground when it comes up. The information provided by the manufacturer should therefore be followed.

A garden trampoline suitable for babies and toddlers?

Babies should not use a garden trampoline any more than infants up to three years of age, as the bones of the infants do not yet withstand the forces acting on them. An outdoor trampoline is recommended from the age of three.

At what age can children jump alone?

At the tender age between three and six years, the outdoor trampoline can be used to gain initial experience of movement, but an adult should always be in view. Between the ages of six and twelve, children can also romp, play ball and jump on the trampoline without an adult attendant. It should be noted, however, that some children can only spend their leisure unsupervised at the age of seven or eight because they are not yet so mature. From the age of twelve, the little jumpers can also incorporate acrobatic elements into their jumps.

To prevent accidents, only one child should jump at a time. The majority of accidents happen when several people jump on the trampoline at the same time.

What size should the garden trampoline be?

The size depends on the size of the garden. For small gardens and allotments, models with diameters between 250 and 300 cm are recommended. For medium-sized gardens, Outdoor trampolines with a diameter of up to 400 cm are suitable, while jumpers with a diameter of four to five meters are ideal for large gardens.

Can fitness also be trained with a garden trampoline?

This leisure device combines sport and fun in the fresh air. It is an efficient training device, with which numerous muscle groups can be trained. Jumping promotes not only health and fitness, but also balance and coordination. The training effect is high and the fitness level can be drastically increased with regular training.

How many calories are burned when jumping?

A outdoor trampoline is ideal for losing weight. Jumping on a trampoline burns a lot of calories. If you jump for ten minutes, you burn the same number of calories as a person who takes a walk of 45 minutes. If you jump regularly on an Outdoor-Trampoline, you can not only lose weight, but also shape your body, because the training effect is excellent.

Which manufacturer develops the best garden trampolines?

Among the leading manufacturers are Ampel 24, SixBros, Izzy, Ultrafit and Hop-Sport. These specialists produce affordable outdoor trampolines that are characterized by very good quality.

Are cheap outdoor trampolines from discount stores recommended?

If you don't want to dig too deep into your pocket to buy a garden trampoline, you can buy a cheap one at a discount store or online.

Please note that neither the quality nor the security should suffer from the lower price. Also the quite inexpensive models from Ultrasport, Hudora and Kettler guarantee a secure Stand and Security.

Wozu serves as cover?

For maximum comfort, a cover can be purchased that protects the trampoline not only from sun, wind and weather, but also from dirt and leaves. This weather protection also prevents materials from bleaching out unless they are distinguished by UV protection.

Why is a conductor used?

With a ladder, getting on and off is particularly convenient. Some ladders are non-slip to prevent accidental slipping.

How tall should the frame be?

If the garden trampoline is used as a sports trampoline, care should be taken to ensure a sufficient frame height. A height of at least 80 cm is recommended for people weighing many kilograms. The frame should have a height of 80 cm even if the sports equipment is used intensively.

What net weight of the garden trampoline is recommended?

The weight of the outdoor trampolines should be appropriate for the size. Trampolines with a diameter between 305 and 366 cm often weigh between 50 and 60 kg when assembled. This weight is recommended when the trampoline is used as a fitness machine.

Do safety nets have to be replaced?

If a safety net is slightly damaged or very faded, it is advisable to replace it. The maximum protective function is only guaranteed with safety nets in perfect condition.

Is it dangerous to jump with two or three people?

For safety reasons, you should only jump alone on the garden trampoline. It is much safer to jump alone so as not to collide with another person. Most accidents occur because several people jump on the trampoline at the same time and collide or collide with each other.

Why do garden trampolines enjoy such great popularity?

A outdoor trampoline in your own garden is not only attractive for children and teenagers, but also for adults. Children can gain movement experience, acrobatic jumps are possible and on the trampoline training can be combined with fun. The joints are spared and both balance and coordination are promoted. This sports equipment enjoys great popularity with boys and girls, ball games are also possible.

This leisure activity can be carried out in the fresh air, the calorie consumption is enormous, while the expenditure of time is small. Children and adults love the feeling of weightlessness, when they take off from the jump surface and also the cushioning provides for enthusiasm.

can individual components be replaced?

On many models it is possible to replace the jumping sheet if it loses its tension after intensive use. Worn or worn springs can also be replaced. The upholstery of the frame can also be changed.

Danger of jumping on a garden trampoline

Doctors and surgeons agree that jumping on a trampoline can be dangerous. However, it is possible to minimize the risk of injury!

The most important rule is that only one person jumps, because most of the injuries occur when several people jump, collide or land on each other at the same time. Almost 60 percent of accidents can be prevented if the trampoline is surrounded by a high-quality safety net. The safety net protects children and adults from an ungentle fall to the ground.

Numerous accidents occur when children jump on the trampoline without supervision. Adults should therefore always be within sight when the children of kindergarten and preschool age are romping on the trampoline.

Purchase from a specialist dealer or in an online shop?

The selection of different garden trampolines is huge and the choice is not easy. In addition, the question arises as to whether the purchase should be made in a specialist shop or online.

Specialist and sports shop

Specialized dealers and sport shops offer the substantial advantage that the advice takes place personally, however one cannot be sure that the salesman is expert and friendly. Often it is even necessary to wait for the salesman, to look for him and the time for the consultation is mostly limited, because other customers already have questions about a product. In the meantime, some discounters such as Lidl and Aldi have inexpensive garden trampolines on offer. A further advantage is that the trampoline can be taken home immediately after completion of the purchase.


In contrast, buying on a website offers numerous Pluspunkte and only a few Wermutropfen. If you decide to buy on the Internet, you can choose from a huge range of different models. There are several providers to choose from and a comparison is not a problem.

Gartentrampolin Test - Gartentrampolin im Online Shop bestellenInteresting models can be immediately examined in the current outdoor trampoline test and it is possible to get an overview of the most important features in a few minutes. Thanks to the enormous selection, there is something for everyone in the right price range! Customers can choose between bargains, models in the middle and upper price range, while specialist dealers usually have only a few garden trampolines available.

The purchase can be made comfortable from home or on the road. Orders can be placed around the clock and no opening hours have to be observed. In addition, online shops offer the advantage that a purchase is also possible on weekends or holidays.

A further advantagefrom online-shopping is that the ordered goods will be sent to the given delivery address and usually only a few working days before arrival. It is therefore not necessary to worry about transport. Another advantage of buying online is that no time is lost waiting for a freelancer or in the queue.

In addition, there is no need to travel there and back, which saves time and money. New customers receive a welcome gift on numerous websites and voucher codes can be redeemed again and again. If you have a question, you can easily send it by e-mail to customer service. Alternatively, some providers also offer a telephone hotline with helpful employees. If the garden trampoline does not please, does not meet the conceptions or is damaged, it can be returned free of charge in the original packaging.

Figures, data and facts about garden trampolines

In 1979, the space agency NASA organised a comprehensive study on trampoline jumping with four athletes aged between 19 and 26. The result was that the consumption of oxygen during running and trampolining did not differ. Jumping on the trampoline is more intensive than running and is easy on the joints.


Garden trampolines offer the ideal combination of exercise, fun and fresh air. The feeling of weightlessness is fascinating, the variety of different jumps is enormous and acrobats also get their money's worth. In addition to the fun factor, Outdoor trampolines offer the advantage, that they also serve as a fitness device, enable effective training and protect the joints. Also losing weight is easier with a trampoline, because the movement is connected with fun and can be trained in the open air.

Safety should be written in capital letters when jumping on a trampoline, because some accidents can be avoided. It is important that the Outdoor-Trampolin is made exclusively of high-quality and tear-resistant Materials. The workmanship should be excellent and the feet should be tilt resistant. A safety net prevents children and adults from landing on the ground roughly, edge pads prevent you from coming up on or between the springs and injuring yourself while a non-slip ladder ensures a safe up- and downhill.

Anyone who thinks in advance about the possible areas of application, the available space and the maximum load will certainly find the individually suitable model. A Onlinekauf is not only more comfortable and cheaper, the selection is also larger. To make the purchase decision easier, interested parties should take a look at the current garden trampoline test and comparison 2019, in which the individual test candidates are clearly listed and ranked.

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