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Best Fan Heater 2019 • 0 Fan Heaters Reviews

What is a fan heater?

A fan heater is a device that is used as direct heating. The heat is therefore produced immediately as soon as the appliance is switched on. Depending on the model a heating coil or a heating conductor is used to convert the current, which is drawn to the fan heater via a binding cable in the socket, into heat. Depending on model, up to 2000 or 3000 Watt are possible for this heating method.

The more higher the watt consumption is per hour, the more higher also the power costs increase. Fan heaters usually also have a fan, which evenly releases the heat from the unit into the ambient air. The room is heated fast, so that well climate exists.

How does a fan heater?

Sichler Household_equipment Ceramic_fan_heater with LED, remote control, 2000WThe heating fan is a device which usually consists of plastic. The inside contains the heating elements, which can be a heating coil or a heating conductor. There are models, whose heating spiral consists of metal or ceramic, which differs in heat dissipation. You will learn even more about this in the following if the different different models are cut.

The cold air is guided along the heating spiral, which may heat up. By means of a fan the air from the unit is discharged to the ambient air. The room is warmed up within a few minutes , so that the living room reaches a pleasant room climate in short time.

Advantages and applications of a heater

The fan heater is a device that supplies fast Wheat. In addition, fan heaters are available for a low price due to the simple design. The application area of a heating fan are large rooms as well as small. In small rooms the heating fan finds a place due to its compact dimensions optimal. none additional connections, like gas or oil are necessary to operate the heating fan. A socket and possibly a extension cable are sufficient to connect the device to the circuit and operate it. Many models are equipped with a timer, which is individually adjustable, so that for example in the night the heater automatically switches off.

The application area of a heating fan is in many areas. Usually a heating fan is used in the winter months when it is cold outside and the room fast is to be heated. Especially bathrooms are today not yet all provided with heaters, so that the fan heater provides for comfortable warmth when shower or bathing. It can also be used with Camping if there is a socket or a current transformer with corresponding power. Also on mountain huts the heating fan can be used very well , so that the time can be bridged until the wood stove can heat up the room. In workshops there is also the possibility to install a heating fan – in this case industry heating fan are increasingly used, which have a higher power range and are construction her robuster.

What types of fan heaters are there?

There are quite different fan heaters, that differ from construction but not from function. There are fan heaters, that are equipped with wire coils or models, that work with ceramics. If wire spirals are used, the price is low, because it is a simple type of the heating fan. Ceramic Heating fans have better Quality, which provides long Lifetime. It can happen that a low-cost fan heater with wire spirals after 3 to 4 years none function will produce more. Ceramic models usually live longer and are therefore more robust. There are also differences in the housing production. There are simple devices that have a plastic housing. However, as these also achieve some disadvantages as with higher heating capacity the melting point of the plastic, these models are often replaced by metal housings fan heaters. If a metal housing is selected, the service life is also increased, the device itself turns out to be robuster and can also withstand heat development. Beside these factors there are also other models, which we would like to introduce to you now in more detail.

  • Vehicle heater
  • Bathroom Fan Heater
  • Fan heaters for construction and industry
Especially when the heating fails in winter, it is good if you have a fan heater that can also be used in the vehicle area. In the vehicle, the heating fan can replace the parking heater, which can be pre-programmed and thus free the fogged up and icy windows from it. The advantage is that you neither have to scrape off the ice nor freeze in the vehicle. The control is controlled via the 12 Volt connection, i.e. the cigarette lighter. If your vehicle is equipped with none parking heater, you can use the car heating fan, which ensures a pre-warmed and ice-free car. 10 to 20 minutes are usually sufficient to heat the small vehicle interior .
Another variant of fan heaters is the model, which was designed for use in bathrooms. Today there are still bathrooms, that do not have heating, so the bathroom fan heater was created exactly for this area. The bathroom is a moist room, where the use of electrical appliances is not suitable. Therefore, the fan heaters, that can be used in the bathroom are specially designed. They have a spray protection, which protects the interior from water splashes. However, the heating fan should not be placed near the shower or bathtub, as threat to life lurks when used indefinitely. Place the fan heater in a safe place where it can never come into contact with water. The advantage, when a fan heater is used in the bathroom is that the room is warm and cosy within a few minutes. Showering or bathing is more fun and you don't have to freeze. There are also models, that have towel holders, so that the towel is also well preheated, preventing freezing. Bathroom fan heaters can also be wall mounted, which is a sensible solution if it is not to be used for other rooms.
If a fan heater is used on a construction site in winter, it has to do a lot more than a normal device for home use. Deshab these models have a more massive construction. The materials used are also more robust, so that it is not uncommon for the industrial heater to be integrated in a metal housing. In addition, industrial heater fans are larger and apply more wattage. Also workshops, which have to get along without heating in the winter Model find a perfect alternative in this model not to have to do without a warm environment in the winter.

So we tested the fan heaters

At the fan heater test 2019 some models were taken very exactly under the loupe. We have already presented several models in the comparison table at the beginning. There is also a detailed Product report, DeLonghi TCH7091ER Ceramic heater tower form, 2000 Wattwhere we evaluated and noted as follows data. First we dealt with the purchase of the devices and a price comparison. The acquisition costs for a heater are in the network much lower with a higher quality. Due to the fact that we purchased the fan heater in network, there was a test point, describing the delivery and packaging.

To put a fan heater into operation, it is often only necessary to plug the cable into the socket and switch on the device. However, with some models it can happen that these still have to be mounted or adjusted beforehand. We will show you how the commissioning is structured and which requirements still have to be fulfilled. After we have explained this point, we go to the Data comparison. We introduce you to all important data, so that you keep everything in Overview. In addition, there is a practice test, which gives decomposition about the actual power consumption and also describes the duration how long the heating fan takes to heat a room of corresponding size. We exposed all fans to the same conditions, so that fair results could be recognized. At the end there is a conclusion with a recommendation, for which application area the fan heater is suitable and where it should rather be used not.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a fan heater?

2,0: AEG HS 203 T Fan heater, 2000 WBefore you go to the Purchase from a fan heater, some Details have to be considered. The models differ in their properties as well as from design. Since the purchase also results in different price structures, it is advantageous if you determine in advance how high the outputs may be for the device. There are low-cost models that are already available for 10 Euro. If you want a higher quality fan heater, this may cost 100 Euro and still. Therefore it is advisable that you already know in advance in which price frame you would like to move.

Another consideration is the application. For what should the heating fan be used? Where should it come to use. In the vehicle, in the workshop or in the bath there are differentiated models. You can therefore choose from the range in which you would like to integrate a heating fan. Also note that different performances of the devices may occur. Also for use in bathroom it is sensible, to purchase a suitable device with spray protection. In addition, protection against condensation is also given.

The fan heater is used as long. If one long lifetime per day is planned, the power consumption is all the more important. In addition, the heating fan should have a higher quality in the case of a long life . If you want to use the device only little hours per day, you can switch to model the favorable price class.

The power consumption is an elementary component for heating fans. A device that has 500 Watt needs a lot of less power than a Fakir Heating HobbyDevice, which 2000 Watt or more. Here also the application purpose results. Because for a space of 50 square meters it is sensible a device with more power to acquire. 30 square meters can already be heated with a model, which has only 1000 Watt. For the bathroom even low-performance models are available.

The space requirement still plays a essential role. In bathroom it is advantageous, if the device is mounted on the wall. The heating fan can also be mounted well on the wall in the hobby cellar. If the fan heater is to be installed in a room, the size of the fan heater is decisive. There are very long but thin models, that fit into corners or narrow areas. Large Industrial heating fans require more space than the small 500 Watt heating fan. First determine for which range the fan heater is to be used. Based on this determination the space requirement can also be determined, so that later not you have to make do with large or small model.

Also fan heaters are equipped with extras. Some models have a time switch, where you can adjust the heating time individually. The continue there are fan heaters equipped with a remote control, so that the device is comfortably up from the sofa controllable.

Short information about leading manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of fan heaters, so that the question arises again and again, which manufacturer or which brand is the best. It is not possible to say in general which fan heater is the better one, as the requirements for the models are regulated individually. For one, the technical highlights count more, while the other is more limited to economic aspects. We now introduce you to the leading manufacturers of fans, so that a better impression can be conveyed.

  • EWT
  • Rowenta
  • Goodness
  • Delonghi
  • Honeywell
  • Steba
EWT is a manufacturer headquartered in Ireland. In November 1973 the company was founded, which already then concentrated on the manufacture of electric heaters. The manufacturer is one of the largest companies in the world, specializing in the production of electric heaters. In addition, there are other products such as heating fans, which are available in different sizes and shapes.
The company Rowenta has been in existence since years 1884. The production of household appliances and kitchen utensils had already been in focus at that time. In 1988, the company operated with the SEB Group, which is located in France. Still today devices of Rowenta are very popular and known by all. Since fan heaters also fall under the electrical equipment category, it goes without saying that Rowenta can also show fan heaters in its product range. The quality speaks for itself, which can also be seen in the high-quality workmanship.
Güde is a manufacturer, who was actually engaged in the production of tools. Since it is however also in the do-it-yourself range heating fan necessary to set up, Güde is a manufacturer, which could extend its product foil with the production of heating fans. The quality is in the foreground for devices for the home as well as for workshops. High-quality materials and a perfectly solved processing are part of the standard at Güde.
What once started as a small crafts business has now developed into a well-known brand. The company originates from Italy and was founded there in 1902. Once the focus was on the production of spare parts for different products. Today Delonghi is a popular manufacturer of coffee makers, cook and household appliances. Also in the area of fan heaters the brand can offer some special models. Highlights such as models with remote control are of course also included in the range.
The year of foundation refers to 1885, where Honeywell first opened its doors in the USA. The aim of the company was an automatic control of the interior temperature of buildings. Even today the company is specialized in this field, but also offers other heating systems such as the heating fan.
The company Steba convinces with many experience values. The product portfolio contains everything that is necessary for the household. It is mainly about kitchen utensils which have fantastic basics to make the work easier. The range also includes several fan heater models with different classifications.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my heater best?

Who wants to buy a device like the heating fan, we sooner or later before the question asked, wo because the heating fan to be bought. Our fan heater comparison test winner 2019 we found for example in Internet at a fabulous favorable price. The other models from the fan heater test 2019 were also acquired from the Internet, as the most favorable models could be found there. Honeywell HZ-510E ceramic fan heater in red chromeThe price is therefore a decisive argument, why a purchase appears in the net meaningful. The favourable price can be explained by the fact that dealers have to pay a lot less fixed costs. In addition, it is usually the case that online dealers can cover another area. While a shop can only show a small selection on heating fans, it is possible for online dealers to complete higher order quantities, so that here too there is a price advantage. These two factors clearly describe that the online dealer can offer the end consumer much cheaper sales prices.

A further reason, why a purchase in Internet represents a alternative is choosing a model. While you are bound to the legal opening times in the shop , you can select heating fan in the network day and night. You can switch on at any time the PC, select a online shop and order the fan heater of your choice. If you choose Selection to find the right device, you can expect several advantages in the network. Because Test pages introduce you to the devices that have already been subjected to a Practical test. You will learn first-hand what the strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, Information can be exchanged in forums, giving you an impression of Handling and Application of the device. So it is in many respects sensible, to switch to the purchase in Internet. Because even if you should purchase the wrong device once, there is a 14-day return period, which you can take in claim. The legislator provides that the purchase in Internet is performed much faster. As the customer has ordered the device, but doubt can arise again, he may return it within 14 days without indication of reasons . So if you don't come back with the fan heater or it doesn't match your conceptions, you can return it at any time under compliance deadline.

However, it is recommended to inform the dealer in advance about , that you withdraw from the purchase contract and claim the 14-day right of withdrawal. buy buy one fan heater in trade, it's not it's just simple return the device .

In most cases the reduction is only a cancellation of the business, but counts not as obligatory.

The history of the fan heater

Clatronic HL 3377 HeaterfanThat man must warm himself at cold days has been clear since the beginning of mankind. Earlier warm regions were visited. Leaves and other material used to body regions to protect. In stone age one already used fur which was stripped off the animals so that the body can warm up. When man invented fire, there was another heat source, that could protect man from subcooling. fire was important at that time, also in order to expel dangerous animals to . fire and fuel to use to heat something, today is still used. In flats and houses there is often still a tiled stove, wood stove or other heart systems. In run the time these devices were developed further, so that modern heating systems opened. When electricity found its way into the human realm, researchers came up with the idea of generating heat with electricity. The actual inventor the fan heater is named until today not. It is assumed, however, that the fan heater was a invention, which occurred incidentally.

Heating coils and others Materials were used to convert the Current into Heat. The air and the draught played a significant role, so that a room could be heated. Since one did not always have a proper distribution of the air, the manufacturers decided to install a fan, which caused the air to exhaust. In this way the warm air is released into the room, where cold air flows into the room and thus closes the circuit. Within 10 minutes a room can reach the desired temperature, so that in winter a comfortably warm environment is created.

Figures, data, facts about the fan heater

The heating fan is used in many areas. It is not only useful when it is cold outdoors, but can also be used to dry from spaces. An unheated room is often prone to the formation of mould. If you bring the room to a certain temperature every day, the humidity is reduced and the room has a dry heat. In this environment, the formation of mould is hardly possible, so that the heating fan also fulfils a wonderful purpose here. Bathrooms heating fans also have the air movement property that the room dries faster due to the heat development the air movement . If you have a bathroom without window, the use of a fan heater is recommended. Let the heating fan run for a while after the shower or bathe, so that the moisture in the bath retracts.

Both in the private range and in the industry fan heaters are popular. Especially Workshops benefit from the use of a fan heater. Due to the construction method of a warehouse, workshop or hall there is not enough insulation available, so that it can be as cold in these areas as it is outdoors. This is, of course, anything but a good working environment. Because of this fact, companies in the industry heating fans manufactured, which are able to bring an entire hall within few minutes to a pleasant temperature. However, the use of a heating fan is always associated with power costs , as we would like to explain in more detail in the next section.

What is the power consumption?

Fan heaters are equipped with different performances. There are models which can be operated with 500, 750 or with 3000 Watt and more. The heat development also depends on the performance, so that the power consumption can only be calculated with limited accuracy. Many models have a thermostat, that will respond to a temperature and stop heating. During this time the fan heater of course needs less costs, than if it runs on full tours. Nevertheless, you can create a base calculation, so that you get an idea of what the fan heater would cost in average.DeLonghi TCH7091ER Ceramic_Heater_Tower_Form, 2000 Watt

The electricity price varies greatly in Germany, so we decided to use a price of 0.30 Cent per kilowatt-hour. A device which is equipped with 500 Watt Power needs only Hour 500 Watt, i.e. only Half one Kilowatt hour. The Price is therefore equal to 15 cents for one hour. If you use the heater several hours a day, the consumption becomes natural higher. A lifetime of 5 hours would result in 15 Cent multiplied by 5. The cost would be 75 cents per day. Let the fan heater 10 hours do its work on day, the cost will be 1.50 euros per day. Calculated on the month basis, a daily usage of 5 hours might come together. If you let the fan heater 10 hours do its job, you can expect power costs from 45 euros.

So it all depends on your use behaviour how high the power costs are regulated. Requires a fan heater more watts and is operated with 1000 watts arise at 5 hours daily costs of 1.50 Euro, whereby a total cost price of 45 Euro would occur. With a use-life of 10 hours you are in month already at 90 Euro, which you should count as your monthly household costs.

Fan heater or radiant heater or radiator?

There are several heating methods, that can be performed with electric current. Therefore we will now also clarify the question which system is better suitable. But even here there will be no clear response in the basic consequence, since the heating systems were designed for different requirements. Furthermore, all three systems have pre- and night line, which we no longer want to withhold from you.

In principle the heating works with current always in the same way. You have different level settings, which are individual and according to personal feeling adjustable. In some models a thermostat is built in, which is responsible that the device switches off reach this temperature and restarts after a temperature drop. In addition, a time switch is also very helpful, so that the heating fan or the heating system can switch itself off after a while. In addition, the models have safety switches and, depending on the model, also castors so that the radiator can be moved and transported.

  • Oil radiator
  • Convector
  • Fan heater
That a oil radiatoroil burns is a error. The radiator uses the oil to release the heat to the outside. The current is sent to the heating coils, which now heats them. The coils are located in oil, which is found in inside of heating. This oil is now heated so that heat can be permanently released to the outside. This device is missing a fan or a blower, that could distribute the warm air. Due to this fact, Radiator longertime required to warm a room. Another disadvantage of a oil radiator is that these models are usually large and bulky. They take up a lot of space and space, so that the application area is increasingly concerned with rooms with sufficient space.

A convector is a light device, which is equipped with and withoutventilation or fan. For high-quality models, the fan can also be switched on. The convector stands on feet so that cold air can flow in from below. This air then passes heating elements and rises upwards. The cold air can follow and in this way closes the cycle. Within short time the room is nice warm and cosy. The advantage is that the convector can also be operated without fan, which concentrates on the background noise. Fan heaters have the disadvantage, that they only work with a fan. The sound background is low, but especially in the bedroom a disturbing noise can develop which disturbs sleep. Therefore, convectors are also recommended in rooms where noise must be avoided. The convector is in no way inferior to the fan heater in terms of heat phase. The convector has a more bulky construction, so that it has a certain space requirement.
The fan heater has the advantage, that it can fast and heat the air quickly with a fan. The disadvantage is the noise backdrop, that the fan heater places on the lag. With a heating fan, the fan can usually not be switched off, so that a application area is emerging in which a noise backgroundnonerole plays. The advantage however is that the models are found in different sizes. There are Minifan heaters that can be placed on the table to illuminate body areas. Contrary to this, there are models with a largeconstruction.
Which system you choose depends solely on your requirements. The devices are usually provided with the sameperformance features, so that due to the performance no disadvantages can be detected. If you want to have it warm quickly without background noise and you have enough space a convector is exactly the right thing for you. If you set other priorities, it is sensible to switch to another device .

Useful Accessories

Steba KH 2 Ceramic- Heater, CUBE- Design, 900 / 1800 WattNo matter which heating system is used to heat a room, a dry air, which is not healthy for the human organism occurs again and again during the heating period. The dry air may cause eyes dry or mucosa to dry out. You will become more susceptible to bacteria, which ultimately can also trigger cold and infections. Therefore it is recommended to purchase a humidifier in addition to heating. The set up of water in the close of heating presents itself as less meaningful, since the warm air would hardly reach the water. Therefore, if you switch to these alternative fan heaters, it is sensible to set use of a humidifier.

Furthermore it is recommended to think of a protection of walls or furniture. Heaters can also make the walls, wallpaper and furniture humidity dew and the material then look brittle. To prevent damage, it is advantageous, to set up a suitable protection, which protects the surrounding furniture and walls from heat radiation .

How many watts may a fan heater have?

fan heaters are offered with different power ratings. The palette is very broad. Devices for household use usually supply 500 to 2200 Watt. On the highest level a power of 2200 watt is reached. But how much watts can a heating fan produce? This question also cannot be answered in such a general way. Because it is dependent on the size of the room to be heated .

What does the wattage of a fan heater say?

watt is a unit of measure for the power, thus the energy consumption per period of time used. Thus, the wattage gives information to each electrical device, always about the respective power.

The higher the wattage is, the higher is also the power.

In relation to the heating fan, the heating capacity is also the heat thus generated. All models have adjustable levels, with different wattages. There are models for medium to high heat output requirements. In the lower range, for example, there is 250 Watt, but this occurs in relation to heat fans rather rare. The most common fan heaters are available in the range from 500 to 1,000 Watt. However, it can also rise up to 1500 or 2000 to 3000 Watt. Industrial heaters provide much more power, so that models with 9.000, 12.000 or 15.000 Watt are no rarity.

The higher the wattage is, the higher is also the power consumption.

The heating at the lowest level e.g. 500 Watt is at first sight more energy-saving, but it takes longer until the desired room temperature is reached. It is recommended, if you first warm up the room with full power and then set the fan heater, to the lower wattage to keep the power costs low.

How much Watt do you need for which rooms?

Basically, fan heater is only recommended for use in smaller spaces. 10 to 15 square meters can be heated without further with a fan heater. Beer with the electric heater quickly leads to a pleasant temperature. The bathroom is the typical place of use, that is optimal for fan heater .

If the fan heater has a power of 500 Watt, it can be described as a mini fan heater. These are especially intended for Camping or for use in camper . Often these models are also called camping heaters. Usually they can be placed comfortably on a table due to their small size. In addition, it is possible that you can also use the heating fan at home. A Hobbyroom or the Bath can be heated.

If the room larger than 10 square meters, the 500 Watt heater can be used to apply none sufficient power. Therefore it is sensible, to heat larger rooms with a device of 1000 Watt power. But here it also depends on the personal perception. If you like it very warm, it may be that a fan heater with 1000 watts not adequate enough power will bring the room to the desired temperature. A device that works with 2000 Watt can be a alternative because you can set power individual set. However, these devices are also usually somewhat more expensive in the purchase, which, however, pays for itself in the power again.

Alternatives to the fan heater

A alternative to a fan heater are for example infrared heaters. These models have light sources, which emit the heat. However there is with this heating method a crucial disadvantage. Only objects and body are heated up, so that it hardly comes to a heating of the indoor air. The so-called radiant heat is more suitable if you are outdoors and are warmed up by the direct radiation of the radiator. If you want a increase of the room temperature, can either only create a heating or a heating fan help.

The regular heating method is also an alternative to the heating fan. However, heating can be used in workshops and warehouses only to a limited extent, so that there are almost no alternatives for this area.

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