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Best Executive Chair 2019 • 0 Executive Chairs Reviews

What is a executive chair?

headerbildmo_Chefsessel-testAn executive chair is the best version of a Office swivel chair with high sitting comfort and is designed according to ergonomic aspects. He distinguishes himself in executive chair tests from the best office swivel chairs by various optical and functional elements. In comparison to ordinary swivel chairs, various executive chair tests showed that an executive chair almost always has armrests. In addition to the executive chair test and comparison, you can also read the office chair test of the 10 best office chairs 2019.

The best basic mechanical principle of an executive chair does not differ significantly from ordinary office swivel chairs. An executive chair stands on a foot cross formed from 5 arms. The designation base cross for the star-shaped structure dates back to the time when swivel chairs stood on only 4 cantilevers. The arms of the base are fitted with chair castors so that the swivel chair can be moved in all directions. The seat of the armchair can be cushioned and damped by a central gas pressure spring. You should take this component into account when comparing or comparing executive chair tests.

Depending on the castors with which an armchair is equipped, the chair is braked when relieved. There are two types of chair castors: castors for hard floors and castors for carpet. The barrel jacket of braked hard floor rollers is relatively flexible. Swivel castors for carpets are less elastic and have a larger diameter in congruence than hard floor castors.

The best executive chair should offer the user a maximum of seating comfort and functionality. It assumes a representative function. From an ergonomic point of view, the executive chair should support the body in the best possible way and thus prevent discomfort. Height and weight are irrelevant. For the user, the focus is often on promoting concentration and productivity compared to other components. Furthermore, an executive chair should offer relaxation during rest breaks to the muscles stressed by work. More information can be found in the executive chair reviews!

Office chair in black Duhome 0391 Executive chair Ergonomic mesh Rocker function Desk chair Office chair Swivel chair Office chair with headrestA executive chair is often used for many years. All parts of the swivel chair are therefore designed for long service life and high load capacity. As with all products, however, there are comparatively high differences in the quality of tested executive chairs. The Chefsessel Test 2019 serves the purpose of determining the strengths and weaknesses of various swivel chairs. Anyone who decides on a comparison winner or test winner for an executive chair will enjoy their swivel chair for a long time. Please consult the independent test reports and the clear comparison table of the executive chair test 2019!

In contrast to many office swivel chairs, an executive chair has armrests according to comparative tests, practical tests, product tests, product tests or other tests on the Internet. A comfortable upholstery and extending armrests are the hallmarks of executive chairs. The design of an executive chair originates from the fact that the buyer of an executive chair used to be primarily concerned with administrative tasks and participation in conferences. Paperwork and office work were delegated. In the course of digitalization, executives are working less and less in offices these days. External tests have shown that executive chairs can now also be placed at home desks in private households.

SixBros. executive chair grey with fabric patterns

The height, inclination and depth of the seating surface of an executive chair should be individualisable by the user after inspection. The backrest of a swivel chair must also be adaptable to the body – and thus the body size – and adjustable to the desired sitting position. A versatile executive chair can be adjusted to fit different body sizes and weights. The seat and backrest usually convey a valuable and often massive impression. The mains voltage, which is used for the backrest of many office swivel chairs, is comparatively seldom found in executive chairs according to tests.

A particularly solid design of executive chairs are control room chairs. These swivel chairs are used by people who work in sensitive areas and are dependent on fatigue-free seats that promote concentration. Control room chairs are used in areas such as signal boxes, power stations and air traffic control.

Executive chairs are available in many versions and designs. According to studies, most models still have a black or dark cover. This requirement should underline the representative character of the executive chair. Increasingly, other designs complement the manufacturers' portfolio. Thus, versions in racing and pilot design are also available.

How does an executive chair work?


Woman sitting on Kings executive chair

Before the first use the height of the seat has to be adjusted. The front edge of the seat should be at the level of the knees. The feet shall be placed flat on the ground with the lower legs at an angle of 90 degrees. The inclination of the backrest must be adjusted so that it supports the lower back.

rocker mechanism and synchronous mechanism

The rocker mechanism ensures that both the seat and the backrest move back together when tilting back. This provides the lumbar spine with the necessary support at all times. A synchronous mechanism optimises this coupling by using different degrees for the seat and backrest.

Gas pressure spring

The height adjustment and vertical suspension of the seat is effected by a gas spring. The springy effect can be achieved by a piston moving in a cylinder filled with gas. The level of spring rate determines the compression of the gas after control. After many years of intensive use, gas springs suffer a pressure loss or back pressure and must be replaced after consideration.


In addition to the gas pressure spring, other parts of a chair also belong to the wear parts. Even with high-quality executive chairs, some parts have to be replaced after many years of use. Therefore, you should consult online executive chair tests and choose a high quality comparison winner. External tests showed that chair castors and seat cushions wear.

chair castors with brakes?

DX Racer1 Gaming chair desk chair office chair Gaming chair black ...

With the best office swivel chairs and executive chairs, the chair castors remain unbraked even when unloaded. If rolling away of the chair is undesirable, chair castors with automatic brake function should be preferred. Since the brakes are integrated in the tested chair castors, the braking function can also be achieved by retrospectively replacing the chair castors.

Maximum weight

Most executive chairs from various tests are up to 120 kilograms resilient. According to tests, special heavy-duty swivel chairs are designed for body weights of up to 150 or 200 kilograms. The seats of heavy-duty swivel chairs also proved to be wider and more voluminous in practical tests. Anyone interested in such heavy-duty chairs should search the Internet directly for them.

Representative character

For many buyers of a executive chair, it is not only a high level of seating comfort that is important. In particular, managers attach importance to a optical presence with representative effect. This effect can be achieved by using high-quality cover materials such as leather. An elegant design that includes high-quality metals and elements set in chrome also makes a valuable impression.

Neck support

Some executive chairs have a separately adjustable headrest or headrest that can improve the posture of the cervical spine and promote an upright posture of the upper body. During a rest period, the headrest can be used to lean against the head and relax the neck muscles.

Kings executive chair in three different colors

Backrest and seat

The seat of an executive chair should have sufficient depth and provide sufficient lateral support for the buttocks. For effortless sitting, the thighs must also find sufficient support. The support of the spine is extremely important for an ergonomically correct sitting posture. This is achieved by adjustment options and alignment of the backrest. The upper back must also be supported and guided by the backrest.

arm rests

The arm rests are intended to provide the forearms with a storage space to relieve the musculature. How well the arm and shoulder muscles are relaxed depends on the padding and the adjustment possibilities of the arm rests. Optimum arm support is provided by 3D arm rests, which are adjustable in height, inclination and depth in comparison.

Advantages and areas of application

Arm of a woman on armrest of Kings executive chairWorkplace mobility

An executive chair enhances every workplace and thus creates a comfortable and performance-enhancing environment. Like all office swivel chairs, a executive chair also offers high all-round mobility. By turning the body and pushing it off with your feet, you can reach all the shelves and areas around a workplace. An executive chair is the ideal solution for switching between concentrated work phases and relaxing breaks.


Compared to other professional fields, managers today often work in different places. The classic executive office is becoming rarer and rarer. Managers also move to other rooms for presentations, meetings and conferences. An executive armchair can be easily and effortlessly rolled through the rooms thanks to the easy running chair castors. Operators of a home office also benefit from the high mobility of a executive chair within their own four walls.


6 adjustable positions in a Versee executive chairThe manufacturers of executive chairs know about the exclusive demands of their customers and therefore pay attention to an ergonomic design of all body supporting elements. Upholstery, suspension and body guidance are designed to enable long and fatigue-free work.

According to studies, the backrest and seat of good executive chairs provide reactive feedback that depends on the user's movements, so that the correct sitting posture is automatically adopted. A Chairman's chair test 2019 shows which executive chairs perform particularly well here. The executive chair Test-comparison winner stands out due to its excellent ergonomic design.

Easy to clean

According to test results, analyses, juxtapositions of facts and experiments on the Internet, executive chairs are working tools for many people. Therefore a high robustness and easy care of the surface is desirable. Many executive chairs are therefore covered with resistant cover materials such as leather or Softex. Good armchairs are characterised by high quality workmanship and solid fixation of the covers and cushions to the frame of the executive armchair.

All a matter of setting

Executive chairs are used by large and small, light and heavy people. There are also gender-specific differences, since women sit differently from men. A many-sided adjustable executive chair can be used by people who differ greatly in size, torso length and weight.

Fatigue-free working

Thanks to numerous comfort features and an ergonomic design, a manager's armchair enables long-lasting, fatigue-free work. Not to be underestimated is the psychological effect that a representative upgraded workplace has on the user. A manager's chair is an effective instrument for motivating managers and confirming them in their management function.

Popular Disease: Back – Finally no more back problems!

Back pain is – according to research – a widespread public complaint and the reason for absenteeism from work. A good executive chair protects the back from the lumbar spine to the cervical spine and ensures a correct sitting posture.

A high-quality executive chair prevents back pain caused by incorrect sitting posture and protects the spine. A good executive chair can quickly pay for itself in the form of higher productivity.

Tested quality

Ergonomically designed executive chairs receive the “ergonomics tested” seal of approval. The test seal is awarded by the TÜV and the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern and enables a good test mark for online tests when awarded. All office swivel chairs sold in Germany also carry the GS test mark when compared. The same safety requirements can also be applied to swivel chairs sold to private end customers. Some manufacturers of executive chairs express confidence in the quality of their products by extending their warranty periods. In an executive chair test 2019 even hidden quality defects led to a devaluation.

Designs / Status

With an executive chair, a manager signals his or her personality and status. However, the design of the executive chair should also be adaptable to the rest of the office interior. In order to allow good embedding in the office landscape, most executive chairs do not have coloured upholstery or striking forms. Some Designer executive chairs have extravagant accents. These models appeal to managers in creative professions such as advertising agencies or architects.

Chair chair with dorsokinetic backrest allows lateral deflection of the backrest

Slight rotations of the upper body, for example to reach for a tray, are not always associated with a rotation of the pelvis. With repeated movements these twists, according to the analysis, can lead to unfavourable strain on the upper back and to discomfort. Executive chairs with dorsokinetic backrests allow lateral deflection of the backrest after juxtaposition and are recommended for workplaces such as control centres. This keeps the spine better protected.

What types of executive chairs are there?


The classic upholstery of an executive chair is made of black leather. Besides leather artificial leather, softex and cotton are popular cover materials for executive chairs. Many models today are aimed at private customers and young people who prefer durable textile cover materials and light colours. Women also feel at home on aesthetically designed swivel chairs covered with light fabrics.

Heavy-duty swivel chair

Average office swivel chairs do not provide the necessary support for heavy people and therefore pose a security risk compared to other chairs. So-called heavy-duty chairs are better. The heavy-duty swivel chairs are designed for persons up to 150 or 200 kilograms. The solid construction of these executive chairs ensures that even high-weight executives are safely guided and supported. You will find a large number of heavy-duty chairs on the Internet.

Health Chairs / Orthopaedic Executive Chairs

Some executive chairs have been designed as health chairs and tested accordingly. These have innovative design features designed to support the body more effectively than conventional swivel chairs. For this purpose, elements such as a two-part backrest or another type of suspension and damping can be used. In many models, the seats are matched to the different shapes of the pelvis in congruence of men and women.

Chair chair for children and adolescents

Even if children and adolescents are not yet in a managerial position, there are already swivel chairs that combine all the supporting and ergonomic advantages of a manager's chair. These are already available to the younger target group. The comfortably equipped swivel chairs with armrests allow children and young people who are already confronted with high performance requirements at school to relax, practice and learn. Chair chairs for adolescents help to develop a healthy supporting apparatus.

Designer chairs

In creative professions and in the leisure sector, executive chairs are in demand that stand out with unusual appearance and express the individuality of the user. For gamers, executive chairs are aimed that have the appearance of a pilot's seat and radiate youthful dynamism. There is a trend towards executive chairs that are aimed at certain groups and occupational groups in consideration.

Chair chair for women

With the increasing number of women in management positions, this market segment is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers of executive chairs. Even though the ergonomic requirements are the same, some models take the different body characteristics into account. Women usually prefer a airy design without a massive upstanding backrest for executive chairs.

Sitting for long periods tires the body and is detrimental to health. Executive chairs with integrated massage function regenerate the individual body regions and activate the nerve centre. Models with a massage function often have a cable remote control that allows the individual massage functions to be operated conveniently. The five swivel castors on which an executive chair stands and rolls contribute to the high mobility of the swivel chair. If you are looking for an alternative to chair castors, the castors on many executive chair models can be replaced with floor gliders. Floor glides are available for various floor coverings. You retain the basic mobility of the executive chair without the chair rolling away with a slight push.

Luxury executive chair

The luxury segment of the executive chair is occupied by high-quality swivel chairs that feature a large number of comfort features. The frames and covers of these Premium armchairs are also distinguished by their high quality and durability. Only exquisite leather qualities and high-quality upholstery are used for these executive chairs. The frames are usually made of powder-coated and impact-resistant metal.

Executive chairs in antique style are aimed at traditional companies that want to express their social roots with their furniture. These executive chairs are mostly replicas whose design was taken from old models. The frame of antique executive chairs usually consists of solid woods like mahogany, while the upholstery is almost entirely made of leather. These models, which are similar to Retro armchairs, hide under their antique exterior modern and safe swivel chair technology.

Chair Leather

An executive chair is not just a desk chair, but a status symbol.  According to a study of the Verband der Creativen Inneneinrichter (CI), German companies spend about 11,000 euros on the Furnishing of the executive office, whereby the leather executive chair is certainly the heartpiece. The psychological (alternating) effect alone between the executive chair behind the desk and the visitor chairs in front of the desk is well known.

But of course you don't have to be a company boss to afford a leather executive chair. Many people simply appreciate the leather executive chair as a high-class, spacious office chair.

Chair chair leather vs. executive chair imitation leather – which is better?

Real leather offers many advantages over artificial leather. It feels better , smells better (at least for those who like leather smell) and lasts longer . It's much robuster and can even get more charm over the years, while a leatherette executive chair just looks worn. Leather is breathable and water vapour permeable. It can absorb water without acting wet and then release moisture back into the environment. That's why you sit very comfortably on real leather even in summer and don't have the feeling of “sticking on” like on plastic chairs. In contrast to artificial leather, genuine leather also has a much better reputation, which is why many people buy a leather executive chair simply for prestige reasons .

But also synthetic leather has positive characteristics: It is cheaper, lighter and if you use high-quality artificial leather, it is now almost as durable as real leather. Artificial leather is also easier to care for and not so sensitive to stains. For vegans and vegetarians artificial leather is also in demand. Also because it can be recycled and reused.

Color psychology executive chair leather

If you choose an executive chair for a job position where you are frequently seen along with the chair, some color psychology findings can help you make a purchase decision. Especially when the executive chair reaches over your shoulders and the colour of the executive chair is visible right next to your face.

Chair chair leather black

black is the color of power. She is serious, but also chic. Black simply goes with everything and therefore also with every desk colour and every suit or costume. If you are a bright type, the black leather executive chair will make you come to the fore as a person.

Chair chair leather brown

Brown is the most natural color for leather. Studies of colour psychology have shown that people in natural colour environments with colours such as green and brown soothe and perceive them as particularly pleasant . The executive chair leather brown is also dezent and gediegen, radiates trust.

Chair chair leather white

White stands for Perfectionism, Purity and Cool. It is the color of light. It is advisable to wear a shiny white, well ironed shirt when coming to the office after a long night of being tired, because the white distracts from the face and you leave a good impression through the clean and strengthened shirt despite the rings around the eyes. White is mainly darker types. If you are very light and blond or grey haired, the leather white executive chair might also make you look sickly.

Chair chair leather red

Red is a signal color, it stands for manliness, strength and strength. Perhaps you want to underline these characteristics for your position by a leather executive chair red. Like a red Ferrari, red is also a very sporty color.

test criteria: So the executive chairs were tested in the online area

Optical impression

In contrast to conventional office swivel chairs, executive chairs also assume a representative function. In the online executive chair comparison test, test persons therefore tested the visual impression the executive chair makes and how valuable it is perceived. Since Design is also a question of personal taste, this test criterion was only included in the overall ranking to a low degree.

check the mechanics

An important test criterion in external tests was the mechanics. All mobile elements have been tested for proper function. The adjustment options of seat, backrest and armrests should correspond to the specifications in the manufacturer's product description in tests. Gas spring and joints were subjected to a hard load test.

Seating comfort and ergonomics

In tests, the swivel chairs were subjected to an aptitude test by various test subjects with different body heights, leg lengths and weights. Even prolonged sitting was not allowed to cause any discomfort or tension in the test. In a practical online test in an office, the executive chairs had to prove that they could cope with the mobile requirements of modern offices.


In the rolling online practical test on different floor coverings, points were awarded for high mobility and pleasant rolling behaviour. When using carpet castors or smooth-running castors, the executive chairs should not be difficult to move, even on high-pile carpets. Swivel castors for parquet and laminate must not leave scratches or other damage behind.


In stressful office life, it is annoying when levers hook into an executive chair or do not return to their original position after being checked. All handles must be easy to reach from the sitting position and must not have any sharp edges. In a test, operation should be as intuitive as possible and not require lengthy study of the operating instructions.

Uphering materials and padding

Cover and upholstery should leave a high-quality and durable impression in a Chefsessel Test 2019. For this purpose, an intensive and long-term use was simulated in an external test. A pleasant feel and comfortable seating comfort were also included in the evaluation.

Noise generation

During the use of a swivel chair, the body performs various movements which are absorbed and cushioned by the mechanism of the chair. When leaning back, leaning forward or turning the executive chair, no unpleasant noises should occur in the online test. The acoustics caused by the swivel chair should remain discreet and not impair the quality perception of the swivel chair.


Executive chairs are used daily and often intensively. Therefore, during the external test, importance was attached to ensuring that the swivel chair leaves a safe impression. If you want to tilt tests your executive chair should resist as much as possible. The five-arm base should also prevent the chair from tipping over during the inspection. The holders of the gas pressure spring were not allowed to show any sharp edges or counterpressure in the test.

Spare parts supply

Executive chairs are often used for many years. For economic reasons, wear parts such as gas springs, armrest cushions and smooth-running castors should be quick and easy to replace /strong>. It is advantageous if parts from foreign manufacturers can also be used for replacement.

Processing quality

In contrast to an ordinary office chair, an executive chair is not only expected to have good functionality, but also a high fit of all parts and a above-average service life. All parts should be cleanly processed and fitted in the factory. Protruding plastic burrs or gaping gaps between seat and bogie are not acceptable in an external executive chair test.

In the executive chair online test, testers took a close look at all elements and connections after testing. The swivel armchairs were able to collect points, which indicated a solid craftsmanship.

Hefsessel test: carcinogenic substances found

The Stiftung Warentest sent office chairs to the laboratory in 2017. The tested office chairs also include some models which, according to our definition, fall under the category of executive chairs: extra comfortable office chairs with armrests. Especially the armrests were alarmed by the testers. Some of them received high concentrations of plasticizers from mineral oil or PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). PAHs can be carcinogenic , which is absolutely unacceptable especially with armrests that can be in frequent and long skin contact.

According to Stiftung Warentest, the following executive chairs have particularly high levels of harmful substances in the armrests:

– “Roller” by Argus (PAK)

– “Duo Collection” by Linz (fertility-damaging softener)

– “Mayer” by Spirit (PAK)

What do I have to look out for when buying an executive chair?

Price/Performance ratio

The product description of the manufacturer already gives first hints for the classification of a executive chair. The type of upholstery material provides insight into a more or less easy care. The use of higher quality materials, which are similar to leather , is usually expressed in a higher price. In the case of extremely inexpensive executive chairs, on the other hand, the suspicion suggests itself that this is a rather inferior or at least not very durable product.


The greater the range of adjustment options , the better the executive chair can be adapted to the user's body. For example, the armrests of inexpensive executive armchairs are not or only height-adjustable, while raised swivel armchairs allow adjustment in 3 axes.

Besides the seat height and the seat tilt, which is usually controlled by a synchronous mechanism, the seat depth of the seat surface should also be continuously adjustable. It is also advantageous if the height of the backrest can be adjusted. This ideally protects the back at various points of the spine. These points become clearer during trial and error sitting.


The padding should ensure a good compromise between high seat comfort and effective support function. A material that is too soft is not capable of assuming an ergonomic function. On the other hand, hard upholstery is not able to adapt to the body shapes of the user and is therefore also ineffective. The optimum density of an upholstery is directly dependent on the weight of the person the executive chair predominantly catches.

Which upholstery material the buyer of an executive chair chooses depends firstly on the budget and secondly on a question of personal preference. Leather is the classic for executive chairs, but requires good care and has its price. But leather convinces by its durability. Textile covers with cotton additives are breathable and give the executive chair a warm flair. Microfibre and Softex covers are inexpensive and easy to clean. Net-shaped segments are also inexpensive and are often used for backrests. The latter, however, are rarely to be found in executive chairs.

Standby function

Important is a good support of the lumbar spine. After testing, the seat and backrest should be adjusted to each other in such a way that the lower back is also well guided when leaning forwards and backwards. The shoulder area should also be supported by an ergonomically favourable shape of the backrest.

Stable base

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health prescribes at least five arms for the base of executive chairs. The chair must not tilt, even when the backrest is tilted to its maximum. Even if all models have a high stability due to this design, a stable and sufficiently dimensioned base should be ensured when testing and selecting the executive chair.

Swivel castors

The swivel castors – also called safety castors – with which an executive chair is equipped should be adaptable to the floor covering in the office or home office. If there are several options for low-friction castors to choose from, the buyer can test them and then decide which castors to use. Security castors prevent the swivel chair from unintentionally rolling away.

Rotate function

The seat support of an office swivel chair should be smooth-running in all directions rotatable. The seat must be rounded at the front, wide and deep enough to provide secure support for large and heavy users of the executive chair. Even with slightly offset seating, the seat surface must retain its structure and return to its rest position after relief.


The armrests must allow relaxed storage of the forearms at an angle of 90 degrees and should represent an extension of the upper edge of the table after the suitability test. Good padding should provide comfortable storage for the forearms. At the same time, it must be ensured that the existing danger of bursitis is prevented if the elbow position is unfavourable. The armrests should also be able to be adjusted in height.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Rovo
  • Wilkhahn
  • Topstar
  • HJH Office
  • Ophelis
  • Chairgo
  • Arper
  • Songmics
  • TecTake
  • Ikea
The German company Rovo manufactures office swivel chairs that are designed according to seating concepts developed by the company. For this purpose, the Black Forest company works with designers and ergonomists. In an internal test centre, Rovo tests the swivel chairs for load-bearing capacity and durability.

The manufacturer's portfolio also includes executive chairs that appeal to different user groups. For the young generation Rovo offers youth swivel chairs under the label Young Generation

After a test run, furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn designs and produces chairs and tables for all areas of the modern office world. In the over 100-year history of the German company, there are office chairs classics such as the Modus or the innovative 3D chair ON. Wilkhahn received the federal prize ecodesign for its products, which were produced in an exemplary manner from an ecological and aesthetic point of view.

In the product range of the internationally positioned manufacturer from Bad Münder, there are also executive chairs which, according to test results from the Internet, themselves meet upscale requirements.

Founded in 1976 by Michael and Christine Wagner, Topstar aims to take sitting on a swivel chair to a new dimension. Under the slogan “New sitting”, Topstar develops swivel chairs in a modern production plant that combine numerous innovative features.

Design and Production are in one hand at Topstar and ensure that the executive chairs have a high quality. Topstar gives a 3-year guarantee on its executive chairs.

The young company from Weilheim produces swivel chairs and executive chairs that can be integrated into any office environment. The company's philosophy is to offer high-quality swivel chairs at a good price/performance ratio.

The flagship of Office products is the executive chair Ergohuman, which, as High-tech swivel chair and with 1-finger operation, should also meet high demands in terms of seating comfort and ergonomics. The executive chair Ergohuman is available in the versions Base, Standard and Plus.

The family business Ophelis was founded in 1893 and can look back on a history rich in tradition. All the company's office furniture, swivel chairs and executive chairs are still designed and produced at the company's headquarters in Bad Schönborn.

Ophelis has retained its manageable size and today employs approx. 160 people according to its evaluation. The office furniture specialists put quality before quantity. This philosophy can also be seen in the Quality Office certificate. The manufacturer pays attention to environmentally compatible production and implements a certified environmental management program.

Chairgo distributes office furniture and conference furniture. Among the numerous office furniture there are also swivel chairs and executive chairs.

The company Chairgo offers the possibility of configuring the executive chair as desired /strong> before purchase. This allows the buyer to freely select the frame colour and cover colour. The executive chairs can be complemented by optional features such as an inclination limiter or pelvic support.

Draba is an Italian manufacturer of office furniture that sets itself apart from conventional seating furniture with the design of its swivel chairs and executive chairs. The swivel chairs and executive chairs produced under the Aston label are characterised by their functional design and slim silhouette.

The synthesis of Italian elegance and ergonomic seat design appeals to a young target group. Among the buyers of Arper's executive chairs are startups and companies in the fashion industry.

The Remscheid-based trading company Songmics sells a wide range of swivel chairs and executive chairs. Trading partners are mainly large online platforms. The executive chairs convince by a favorable price-performance ratio.

By exclusive on-line selling the customer profits from a set of advantages, like a brisk dispatch, a free supply and a guaranteed right of revocation. Of course you can also compare these advantages.

TecTake also relies on sales platforms on the Internet to sell its swivel chairs and executive chairs. In addition to classic executive chairs, the dealer also offers swivel chairs in racing design, which are primarily aimed at gamers and young people.

The backrests of the Racing executive chairs are covered with coloured segments that give the swivel chairs a vital appearance. Like Songmics, TecTake positions its products in the lower and middle price segment.

Ikea, the furniture giant from Sweden, has been known to most people for many years. The company also offers swivel chairs and executive chairs based on the classic Ikea design.

Despite their typically simple appearance, Ikea executive chairs convince with qualities such as adjustable seat depth and integrated lumbar support. The vast majority of Ikea executive chairs are advertised for domestic demand.


Chair chair Ikea is Stiftung Warentest test winner

When the Foundation tested goods test 2017 office chairs, the Ikea executive chair was also in the test. The model Volmar, which is currently available from Ikea for 229 Euro.

The Chair chair Ikea Volmar was particularly convincing in the test due to its robustness. The executive chair is well made. A further plus was that the testers from Stiftung Warentest did not find any pollutants either in the armrests or in the upholstery during laboratory tests . Many other executive chairs had failed on this point.

Another Ikea executive chair is the Markus model, which is listed under office chairs in the ReviewInstitute Bestenliste.

Where do I best buy my executive chair?

Executive chairs with safety castors offer maximum comfort and at the same time allow concentrated work with the correct sitting posture. More and more people are recognising these advantages and would like to use them for their own home, desk or home office. However, the range of swivel chairs and executive chairs is almost unmanageable and encompasses a large number of products. Anyone who is not familiar with the qualitative and constructive differences between individual swivel chairs will find it difficult to choose the right executive chair.

Many therefore make their way to the next furniture store. There you can not only test an executive chair or make a sitting test, but also have a look at it. An undeniable advantage, but one that needs to be put into perspective. A few minutes of trial sitting is not comparable to the typical use of a executive chair. These armchairs are often used intensively and for many hours. Be it for professional purposes or leisure fun with a computer game. The selection of executive chairs in a furniture store is also limited. Many models that were previously short-listed are often out of stock. Professional advice is often difficult to find and not necessarily reliable.

If the customer has opted for an executive chair, the chair must be transported home . This is a very tedious and laborious process when the executive chair has to be unloaded from the car and carried to the apartment. If after a few days it turns out that the executive chair does not meet expectations, it must be transported back to the dealer. The purchase in a furniture store therefore contains some pitfalls that are quickly overlooked by some buyers. The alternative is to buy online .

Today most humans inform anyway before in the Internet , before they buy a product. It therefore makes sense to also purchase an executive chair directly on the Internet. Often expressed concerns are that the swivel chair on the Internet can only be viewed on pictures and cannot be sample sat. However, the image material is usually very detailed and shows the executive chair from all sides and also in detail. The technical data can be found in the manufacturer's product description. But you shouldn't just rely on the manufacturer's data sheet and advertising messages.

For a correct classification of the quality of the selected executive chairs, it is helpful to inform yourself in Forums and to consult Customer ratings. Users who have been using the desired executive chair for months or even years and are able to comment on the long-term properties often express themselves in the evaluations.

A Chefsessel comparison test is also extremely helpful, as the advantages and disadvantages of a test in comparison to other swivel chairs can quickly be determined. Depending on the emphasis the user places on his executive chair: he can make a preference for an executive chair from a certain manufacturer based on Basic of an executive chair comparison test.

Once the decision has been made, the executive chair can be ordered online with just a few mouse clicks. Large online shops supply the comparative winner swivel chair frei Haus. After only a few days the order can be received at the front door. If, after an experiment, the executive chair does not meet the customer's expectations, he can return the swivel chair to the dealer immediately and free of charge.

Ordering on the Internet saves time and nerves and does not involve any risk. Therefore, there is much to be said for the convenient online ordering of an executive chair.

The history of executive chairs

Sitting on a chair or armchair with safety castors was surprisingly discovered by man at a relatively late point in human history. For many centuries, sitting was reserved only for Kings and Rulers. In this sense, the throne was the first actual chair in the history of mankind. Already in ancient Egypt, pharaohs were depicted sitting on armchair-like seats. Sitting was and remained for a long time an expression of authority and power.

Even later, sitting on a chair developed in most Asian cultures. At celebrations and family reunions there is often a tradition of eating squatting on the floor or at a low table. It was not until the Middle Ages that the chair became popular in the West as a result of increasing trade and the associated administrative acts. Since commercial tasks could be performed more comfortably in a seated position, dealers and accountants quickly recognized the advantages of chairs.

These occupational groups mainly worked at a fixed workplace and were able to benefit from the combination of table and chair. Until the introduction of chairs, the manual keeping of lists and tables at desks was associated with hours of tiring standing. At this time, the first experiments also began with chairs that were moved with rolls for increased mobility. Since many accountants laid out their documents at long tables to transfer data from one document to another, they had to constantly move back and forth between different positions at the table. Chairs with castors made the task easier because they no longer had to be carried back and forth.

With the onset of industrialization in the 17th century, the number of people employed in administrative tasks increased sharply in parallel with the production of goods of all kinds. Procedures and workflows had to be documented in writing. In order to maintain productivity at a high level and to satisfy the growing demand of the market, the continuous documentation of all processes proved to be indispensable. For an increasing degree of division of labour, it seemed an advantage if each office employee had the documents from his specialist area within reach. Swivel chairs made it easier for employees to reach their filing cabinets and quickly assemble files and folders.

Until then, however, swivel chairs were temporary constructions which, according to experiments, could not be compared with modern swivel chairs. Swivel chairs only received a boost in development with the arrival of typewriters in the offices of large factories, banks and insurance companies. Until then, more and more women had taken over the secretarial tasks previously reserved for men and expanded the army of office workers.

The first actual office chair is the chair developed by Ten Eyck. This office chair was already infinitely height-adjustable and had a backrest. From an ergonomic point of view, however, the office chair was a failure. The design of the chair caused back pain and worsened posture rather than improving it.

In the 19th century, Frank Lloyd Wright and Michael Thonet designed swivel chairs that combined advanced design with ergonomic function. One of the first users of ergonomic office chairs in Europe was the Wiener Postsparkasse. Even if the swivel chairs used there still did not meet all the requirements of modern swivel chairs.

It was not until the 1950s that Ergonomics was discovered and further developed as a scientific discipline. Based on the optimisation of production, ergonomics also found its way into the working environment of the office. At this point it was recognized that unfavorably designed seating led to complaints and ultimately to expensive absenteeism of employees. As a result, standards were developed that gave manufacturers specifications for the construction of ergonomically optimised office chairs.

In the 1970s, Klaus Frank and Werner Sauer from the company Wilkhahn developed swivel chairs equipped with new features such as a synchronized tilt function. At this time, the open-plan offices also began their triumphal march. In this office environment, high mobility became even more important, making swivel chairs indispensable furnishings for large companies.

The possibility of moving swivel chairs through rooms as desired and placing them in other departments led to the complete extinction of office chairs without castors, which had previously been widely used. Until the seventies, the base of swivel chairs usually had only four arms. When the number of falls also increased with the increase in swivel chairs, five arms were prescribed for the base.

The freedom offered by the modern swivel chair was also recognised by the users of executive chairs. However, swivel chairs for executives only became popular with a certain delay. At that time, bosses were more tied to their own desks and delegated all office work. In addition, it was desirable to distinguish the company from the employees involved in operational tasks, who were in danger of being blurred by the boss's armchairs fitted with castors.

Today, the field of management tasks is much more varied. Through the digitalization of society, hierarchical borders could also be overcome, so that a manager's chair hardly differs from a swivel chair in technical terms. The differences lie in the higher comfort features and the high quality. Modern models are trimmed for optimum ergonomics. These advantages have led in recent years to the fact that executive chairs have spread in private environments and are also used at home desks.

Figures, data, facts about the executive chair

The transition from comfortably equipped swivel chairs to executive chairs is fluid, so it is not possible to define a clear price floor for executive chairs. The most favourable models are already sold for about 70 Euro according to the comparison table, product test, test result and product test from the Internet. However, no maximum of quality, equipment and durability can be expected for this price. The upper price limit for especially high-quality designer executive chairs is 2,000 to 3,000 euros . A good quality, however, can already be expected from many executive chairs in the price segment from 150 to 300 euros.

Swivel chairs and executive chairs are sometimes also used for sports purposes. Swivel chair races in companies or in public are all about speed and dexterity. These tournaments are for entertainment, but should only be held under strict security. The participants wear protective equipment similar to that of inline skaters.

In addition to the physical advantages an armchair conveys to its user, the psychological effect should not be underestimated. Sitting in an executive chair unconsciously makes you feel more important and powerful. The value of the seating furniture is transferred to one's own work, so that an executive chair can also strengthen a person's self-confidence and self-confidence.

Seat correctly

Only someone who correctly adjusts the swivel chair benefits from the use of an ergonomic executive chair.

At the beginning of the adjustment, the user stands frontally in front of the armchair and looks at the backrest. The height of the chair must be adjusted so that the front edge of the seat touches the knees. Depending on the leg length, the contact point can also be just below the kneecaps. During the subsequent test sitting, the feet should lie flat on the floor and a space of 5 cm should be left between the front edge of the seat and the hollow of the knee.

The Backrest must be set to support the Bottom Back. The height of the armrests shall be adjusted so that the forearms rest at an angle of 90° and the shoulders adopt a relaxed posture. If the executive chair does not have a height-adjustable armrests, an unfavourable placement of the forearms on the armrests can lead to tension. In this case it is better to remove the armrests completely. The tilt of the seat surface must be adjusted so that a relaxed sitting posture is achieved. If the thighs are not sufficiently supported, the depth of the seat must be corrected.

Care and cleaning

The care of the executive chair upholstery depends on which upholstery material is selected. Leather can withstand high loads and promises a long service life, but also requires regular care. Suitable for this are leather care products, which the specialist trade offers or which are also sold by online shops in comparison tables.

Textile Covers and materials such as Softex and microfibre are easy to clean. In the case of superficial soiling, suction with an upholstery nozzle is often sufficient. For the removal of stains, agents are available that can remove a stain more or less well depending on the substance. Who wants to have long joy at its boss armchair, can provide the swivel armchair either with one Schutzbezug or set up rules, which forbid the taking of certain meals and beverages at the job. If a cover is no longer salvageable or unsightly, it can be washed or cleaned, depending on the type of textile. For replacement of covers, refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual. If no information can be found in the manual, the user can contact the hotline of the dealer or manufacturer.

A Service hotline is also helpful for all other questions that arise in connection with the use of a swivel chair. Before buying an executive chair, it is therefore worth making a comparison and asking about the method of a telephone Customer support. Extensive and free support can only be expected from manufacturers whose executive chairs are in the middle and upper price segments. Providers of inexpensive swivel chairs usually offer only a limited and reduced service in order to keep the price of the products low.

According to Internet product tests, the frame of an executive chair is made of plastic or metal. In some models, individual elements, such as the arms of base crosses, are also chrome-plated. Care should be taken with gentle agents that do not attack the material in question. As a rule, the mechanical parts of a swivel chair do not require any maintenance.

It is not advisable to replace a worn gas spring. Even if the danger posed by these components is not as great as in previous decades due to improved regulations: Repairs and the use of replacement gas springs should be left to a specialist due to counterpressure.

Useful accessories

An executive chair is already delivered completely, therefore accessories for the start-up of the chair are not necessary. However, an executive chair also has wear parts, so that after intensive use of the swivel chair, individual parts have to be replaced.

This applies to swivel castors, which are available in different versions and for different floor coverings. Replacement castors are available for hard floors and carpets. Compared to the price of an executive chair, the swivel castors are relatively inexpensive. A replacement of worn swivel castors is relatively quick, as the swivel castors are anchored in the base via a pin.

The resistance can be overcome and the chair castor removed by pulling strongly on a castor. The new roller is pressed in until a click in signals the correct position in the base. Chair castors can always be bought as a set and should always be replaced as a set. The roll diameters depend on the roll type. For hard floors smaller roll diameters can be used. Chair castors for textile floor coverings have a comparatively larger diameter to ensure perfect rolling function on the pile. When selecting chair castors, evaluations on the Internet that also provide information on running noises can help. Test results, analyses, comparison tables from the online area or an individual test run also provide information.

The best gas springs are available online as spare parts. Other spare parts are rarely needed for an executive chair, since modules such as the base or the base plate of the seat are designed for a long service life. Wear of these elements indicates that the executive chair has reached its expiration date overall. Wear fastest arm rests. The replacement of armrests or arm cushions is comparatively easy.

Alternative compared to executive chairs

In recent years, the harmful effects of long sitting have been discussed in many media and by the medical profession. Doctors agree that sedentary work has a unfavorable effect on the cardiovascular system, the musculature and the support apparatus of humans. For this reason, alternatives were sought that would replace an office swivel chair or at least make it superfluous in some areas of application.

According to online test comparisons, one of these alternatives is the gymnastic ball. For work in the office, gymnastic balls are placed in a bogie equipped with rolls. Due to the lack of guidance and support of the backrest and seat, the body is forced to achieve the best balance through muscular reflexes. But sitting on the ball also has a playful aspect. The user can bounce on the ball and move freely in all directions – depending on the current body size.

If you want to change from an executive chair to a gymnastics ball, however, you have to go through a relatively long habilitation phase. Since there is no side or back support, the use of a gymnastic ball at the beginning can even increase back pain. After some time, however, the body automatically adopts a posture that allows back-friendly and upright working. Since any leaning back is not possible, even rest breaks, as they can be inserted on the executive chair, are not comprehensible at the gymnastics ball. Therefore most users only use the gymnastic ball for supplement. You switch between executive chair and gymnastics ball – depending on the task or inclination.

The best concept of active sitting is also adopted by various designers. With innovative stoolers they produce the best ergonomic and body-friendly seats without taking over the health disadvantages of classic office chairs. While all these seats still require a sitting position, the standing desk does not require sitting at all.

A high desk is not a new invention, but has recently been rediscovered for the office. People who work standing take a more active posture, which can promote concentration and attention. The vein pump can also be activated by inserting small tours in the room or by stepping on the spot. Thus, the blood circulation also starts during prolonged standing and the danger of vein disease is prevented.

Standing desks are available in various designs and price ranges. There are also building instructions available for simple standing desks, so that do-it-yourselfers can arrange their own standing desks and provide them with the desired shelves. Even if standing is interrupted by short units of movement, the junction of the legs can be kept comparatively low for longer periods of standing. Therefore, the best standing desks compared to tables are mainly used as addition to swivel chairs or executive chairs. The best standing desks are also adjustable in height and foldable. Compared to other table types, the standing desk is therefore very flexible and can be transformed into a desk. Take a test yourself and subject all the tested chairs from the executive chair test to a big comparison!

Many companies start to hold meetings during a walk in the park. For conversations, this is under healthy aspect the best method. However, it is hardly possible, for example, to capture documents on mobile devices while walking. For work on the desk an ergonomic chair is still the best solution compared to the mentioned alternatives. Additional information can be found in executive chair tests, comparisons, investigations, studies or on independent test and comparison portals for the executive chair test of the 10 best executive chairs.


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