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Best Endoscope Camera 2019 • 0 Endoscope Cameras Reviews

What is an endoscope camera?

endoscope cameras give insights into dark, angled and difficult to access target objects, which are otherwise not accessible to the human eye. The range of endoscope cameras is well positioned and the selection of correct product is not easy.

With a inspection camera pipes, drains, electrical ducts, gaps behind walls and ceilings as well as interiors of cars, machines and much more more visible are made.

The longprobe with integrated minicamera is inserted into the location of the occurrence and makes the ratios visible, without destroying even one wall or holes having to be drilled. flow, wallpaper, piping and flow remain undamaged.

You can view the damage on site at any time independently of professional craftsmen and repair the damage yourself with the appropriate skills.

Not only synchronous viewing the image information is possible, but also video recordings and transmission of data to end devices such as PC or smartphone via USB interface. This transmission possibility is important, because the users are not always able to make an immediate decision about the removal of the damage and document this for a specialist.

Somikon - HD endoscope camera 8,2 mmThe following repair of the damage is easy, because the user knows exactly where they are and what the situation looks like on site. He is able to adapt his working method to this situation. The probe located camera head is only a few mm large and provides the necessary image material via a separate or integrated monitor.

With a inspection camera pipes, drains, electrical ducts, gaps behind walls and ceilings as well as interiors of cars, machines and much more more visible are made.

The longprobe with integrated minicamera is inserted into the location of the occurrence and makes the ratios visible, without destroying even one wall or holes having to be drilled. flow, wallpaper, piping and flow remain undamaged.

You can view the damage on site at any time independently of professional craftsmen and repair the damage yourself with the appropriate skills.

Not only synchronous viewing the image information is possible, but also video recordings and transmission of data to end devices such as PC or smartphone via USB interface. This transmission possibility is important, because the users are not always able to make an immediate decision about the repair of the damage and document this for a specialist.

Endoscope Cameras are in different executions in both Retail, in Discounter or via the Internet. For home use already simple modelsoff, to set a cavity and thus the one for Repair or Repair necessary Informationto get.

A camera consists of different components, for example a light guide or a video display. Except for the light source, components of different manufacturers cannot be combined without further. During our Endoscope Camera Comparison we have found that Standard norms are helpful, but specific effects, that make up a camera cannot be used.

In external tests, the cameras from renowned manufacturers were tested and were determined, that these components in the scope of supply all components that users require for a professional version. endoscope Cameras are mainly judged by their technical performance, although they have far more potential. In tests, further advantages such as the added value of a model series were taken into account. These cameras can even save lives, because they are also used in disaster areas, for example when people were buried by an avalanche, rubble above rubble.

DB Power - 3.5-inch-QVGA-LCDHow does an endoscope work?

The handle of different endoscope cameras is simple. The user holds it in the hand and inserts the mate with integrated minicam at the end of the probe into the cavity to be examined or the target.

Modern cameras have a integrated monitor, on which the user can view the recordings from inside of the target live.

Missing A Monitor, The Endoscope Camera is connected to a Computer, TV Screen or a Mobile Phone as Playback media.

A live transmission per video takes place in good image quality, the data can be recorded, viewed repeatedly and processed.

operation – the five-point check

Before you put your endoscope camera into operation, perform a five-point check to ensure fault-free function of the tool.

1) Are the batteries or batteries completely charged and inserted?Rothenberger - Endoskopkamera mit Farbmonitor

2) Does the camera hose damage through which water or dirt can penetrate show?

3) Is the camera lens clean?

4) Are camera and receiver including monitor connected to each other ?

5) All Connections without Withdrawal contact?

In most cases a endoscope camera does not work, because the individual components have a bad or no connection. Also insufficient or not charged or inserted batteries are often the reason for error messages. defects connecting cables can cause total damage if water or dirt penetrate through the porous locations into the interior of the camera. Defective cables must be replaced either professionally repaired or exchanged.

If you have noticed all pixels, the use of your camera can begin. The camera can be connected to various end devices such as PC, TV, smartphone or laptop.

The core is a small camera with a low lens diameter and a flexible, long tube. After commissioning the image transmission is made from the camera to the screen. Most cameras have dimmable LEDs on endoscope head, connected to long tube inserted into target. The endoscope tubes are stable and yet flexible enough that the endoscope head can be rotated in all directions.

With an endoscope camera you can easily see into drains, gaps and pipelines. So if the human eye is denied the view in hard-to-reach places, a endoscope camera is a good and sensible purchase. Such a camera is available in many different versions. In general these special cameras have a long probe with an integrated camera. Thus it is possible to get an impression of possible damages in pipelines or drains without having to call an expensive expert. Special knowledge is not required for commissioning a endoscope camera.

]The operation of almost all devices is self-explanatory. A advantage of such cameras is not only the synchronous viewing of the image information, of course recordings can also be made. With special interfaces, the results can be transferred to the smartphone or computer.

Buy endoscope camera – where can you get these cameras?

BerryKing Endoscope Camera 2in1 USB & Micro-USB (10M (Hartkabel))These special cameras are available at very low prices from specialist dealers, via the Internet or from a discount store. Tests have shown that for private use the favourable designs are usually completely sufficient. You want to take a look into a cavity? Then a endoscope camera is the perfect purchase. Whether for repair or repair work, with these small and high-quality cameras you can always and everywhere get an overview of possible damage. There are many different endoscope cameras on the market. The cameras are made of different components, which cannot be exchanged arbitrarily.

Tests have shown that there are so-called standard standards, but that apart from the light source the components of such a camera are mostly not compatible with each other.

Rating according to technical performance

Experts subject the cameras to detailed tests over and over again. The test results show that even the favorable models can score with very good picture results. The operation and handling of the cameras is very simple. Endoscope cameras are still only used in private areas, because such cameras can save lives in some cases. If people are buried by an avalanche, for example, the mountain and avalanche rescuers use such cameras to search for buried people.

The evaluation of the individual models is carried out according to strict guidelines and of course we primarily pay attention to a good technical equipment.

Is the purchase of an endoscope camera worth it?

IP67 Waterproof Webcam, LANDFOX New 3in1 Android USB Type-C Endoscope Inspection 7mm OTG Camera 6 LED HD Waterproof (Total length 5M)In view of the already very cheap cameras, a purchase can be worthwhile. Especially when such a device is needed and you want to get an overview of what is happening in places that are difficult to see. The cheap models are available in stores for about Euro 15.00. If you have such a camera in frequent use, experts recommend that you choose a slightly better version. Very good and durable Endoscope cameras are available for Euro 50,00 to Euro 70,00. Digital Endoscope cameras which are also waterproof are available for about Euro 130,00.

These models are equipped with a high-quality LCD color display and thus you can carry out a direct observation of the photographs. Whether for sewers, vehicles, machinery, ventilation pipes or for other household applications, a Endoscope camera provides you with the desired and required insights. However, if you use them regularly, make sure they are of high quality.

Which manufacturers offer Endoscope cameras?

The choice in the trade or in the online shops of such cameras is large. The following manufacturers make it with their models again and again on the best list or are appointed to the test winners:

  • Bosch
  • Rothenberger
  • Somikon
  • LUX
  • Wöhler

What should you look out for when buying?

ishowstore 2018 WiFi HD Ear Endoscope Cleaning Wireless USB Camera 4.9 mm 5.5 mm Visual Lens Ear & Nose Boroscope Endoscope for Android iOS PC, DiBefore you decide for a Endoscope Camera, you should have a look online at the various Test reports. Here you see very well and also at a glance which advantages and disadvantages you have to expect with the individual models. In general, the endoscope camera should be well processed and have a long probe. Another important feature would be if the camera is waterproof. For professional use, the camera should have a TFT monitor. Of course, such a monitor is also very useful and useful in the private area.

The test results from endoscope cameras

If you haven't looked into these cameras in detail yet, you will have a look at the test reports. In addition to the test winners you will receive many recommendations from the experts for the purchase. In the meantime, the technology in these cameras has greatly improved, so that even the inexpensive versions were able to convince positively. Already for about Euro 15,00 you get these cameras. There are no upper price limits. Image quality, processing and handling are particularly important in these Tests. You can actually rely blindly on the opinion of the experts and can reach for the recommended models with a clear conscience.

HYou will surely find an appealing Model very quickly. Leave nothing to chance and check the price and performance ratio.

The field of application of the endoscope cameras

As already mentioned at the beginning, the field of application of the endoscope cameras is very flexible and versatile. Whether in the private sector or in a specialist workshop, these small and thin cameras are used in many industries. In recent years, the technology has been constantly developed further, so that even the inexpensive cameras deliver very good and detailed image results. Look at the models of the manufacturer simply in peace and compare the equipment as well as the price. If you have any questions, we recommend that you visit a specialist retailer. If you have any questions, our sales consultants will be happy to answer them immediately.


The only thing left to say is that endoscope cameras are versatile. Put simply, it is a small camera, with which you can get a glimpse of hard-to-reach or transparent places. By means of a monitor you can immediately see possible damages. Whether for drainage pipes, vehicles or behind a wall, with the special small cameras you always have everything in view. Have a look at the offers of the manufacturers and convince yourself of these practical mini cameras.

Advantages and areas of application

A Endoscope Camera Product Test 2019 shows you the versatile Applications of the different Devices. With the presented models you will be able to choose the correct product for your needs. Test subjects illuminate Pre- and Disadvantages and test how flexible the test candidates are and how easy operation is. Ultimately it is about the scope of equipment and the image quality and thus about the price-performance ratio.

Tests were conducted to determine whether the endoscope cameras in the product test function error-free and the manufacturers with their models deliver what they promise their customers. The comparison has shown that quality always has its price, which in conclusion does not mean that only products from the high price segment are recommended.

DB Power - 2,7 Zoll Farb-LCDAlso the working tools from the favorable price segment have their right to exist, because it always depends on the requirements that you place on your device. If you use your endoscope camera only occasionally, for example to determine whether hair is repeatedly the cause of blocking drains, a simple model from the favorable price range is sufficient, even if the image quality not is quite so perfect. Use your camera for in the large scope, for example in the areas walls, false ceiling and heating, you should opt for a high-quality camera with a well set up scope of performance.

The users can test pipes, drains, false ceilings, radiators and not accessible places on their car for mould, residues, hair or rust . Practical is the additional equipment with a magnet, to remove metallic objects from the illuminated area. Well-equipped endoscope cameras also have a monitor, with which the illuminated cavity is clearly visible to the user.

We prefer endoscope cameras with monitor playback and USB interface for recording and processing of data. Choose a high-quality model of the upper price range, you can control the camera head with software or directly on the device.

Some models offer a video recording to view the images repeatedly with a time delay. Children can use endoscope cameras for strikes in nature to explore what is going on in a mouth or mouse construction. Difficult to access and view Places usually have bad Lighting. The light source of the endoscope camera is an important purchase criterion when selecting the correct model. Most models are equipped with LED light sources, which emit differently depending on brand and manufacturer strong light.


  • manifold applicationsSomikon - Snake Scope
  • easy to operate
  • fair price/performance ratio
  • Extension possibilities with various accessories
  • low maintenance
  • images in real time
  • small, handy, easy to use
  • favorable price/performance ratio
  • long probe with minicamera
  • product's own light source
  • wide range of applications

Disadvantages (only for some models):

  • outdoors the image quality sometimes suffers
  • The flexibility (bending radius) of the probes is sometimes too small
  • too little rotation of the integrated mini cameras
  • technical failure is possible
  • with very good image quality correspondingly high acquisition costs

What types of endoscope cameras are there?

  • Light source
  • Rigid and flexible models
  • Smartphone
  • Monitor
  • USB interface
The different endoscope cameras have different features. Before choosing a specific model, consider for which purpose you want to use the endoscope to make the appropriate selection. The basic components are the light guides, the light source and the endoscope with image guides. the light source consists of very bright LEDs for most models. It is responsible for the illumination of the target and the basic requirement for imaging in good quality. High-quality endoscopes have a light source with an adjustable light intensity, which can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. Xenon lamps are the brightest light source, however, due to their high energy potential they consume a large part of the battery charge, while LED lamps battery-friendly work. However, the user must accept power restrictions.

Glass fibers serve as light guides, but there are models, that transport light using gel. The latter offer a more extensive light output and are mostly used in the area of transmission of UV light. For information retrieval from large target areas these models are particularly suitable. The application of a liquid light guide is however more unwieldy, less flexible and more expensive in the procurement of a fiber optic cable. Image conductors are composed of many individual glass fibers, which have a diameter of seven to ten µm. Depending on size they correspond to diameter image resolution from 3,000 to 42.000 or 75 x 45 to 240 x 180 pixels. Each fiber is capable of transmitting color and brightness information. The resulting Moiré effect can worsen the image quality, therefore video scopes with integrated CCD chip are preferred.

The scope supplied the endoscope camera includes either a fixed integrated monitor (screen) or a camera without screen. In this case the user can decide how to connect the camera and make the inside of the target object visible. One of the most popular image transmission devices is the laptop, which is however increasingly being replaced by the smartphone as information transmitter. The advantage of a smartphone over a laptop is on the hand. Most users have their smartphone with them all the time, and it is also much more handy as a connector for the endoscope camera.

Our endoscope camera comparison has shown that smartphones can compete with laptops as information providers in terms of image quality. Most endoscope cameras have a USB port. This gives you flexibility in the choice of your image transfer devices and allows you to connect your device to iPhones, mobile phones, TV and PC. Well-known manufacturers supply the software for a inspection camera, otherwise it is usually available as download on the internet. The processing over a App is the latest state of the technique. High-quality models provide images in HD quality, that leave nothing to be desired and thus give insight into hidden worlds that otherwise remain alien to the human eye.

endoscopes are available in rigid and flexible version. Additionally, there are video endoscopes. Rigid endoscopes based on a line system, that provides the user with image information. The execution is straight and rigid, these camera models cannot therefore be deformed or bent.

Flexible endoscopes look similar to cables and are just as flexible and elastic. A glass fiber bundle transmits light and image to the user. video endoscopes include a endoscope camera and are very flexible in application. They are considered innovative subtype more flexible endoscopes. The inspection camera transmits the images live and the latest model among the endoscopes.

An inspection camera, that runs over a smartphone is a special shape. It is similar to a classic model, because it also has a camera head, a probe and a hold. The difference to the classical models is that a camera, that runs over a smartphone has no integrated monitor because the smartphone acts as imager. The imaging is performed via a USB cable or a Wi-Fi model, connected via the endoscope camera and smartphone.

Endoscope Cameras with Smartphone function can be very useful in many areas. Also these models make many dark corners and angle visible in the household, garden and in the vehicle area. These endoscope cameras work with Android, IPhone or IPad built-in CMOS image sensors, that enable photography and video recording over a VGA resolution 640 x 480. The frame rate is 30 FPS. All three variants can also be connected to a PC via a USB interface.

Thanks to the high-quality LED illumination, the user immediately gains insight into hidden worlds and can get an overview of the situation. These camera models also work without problems in humid and wet environments and under water, as the equipment is waterproof. However, it should be noted that these camera models are measured with a centimeter diameter very small.

A monitor equipped endoscope camera enables the user to examine angled and dark corners. The monitor sends the image material in real time and shows what is inside the examined target object. If, for example, a ring falls into a gully, the user can lower the endoscope camera and localize the ring . In this case, a camera equipped with a magnet is useful, because it attracts metal parts and the ring can be removed from the gully without circumstances.

cameras with monitor are characterized by low dead weight and have the advantage, that the color monitor removable. These models must not be connected to a computer or a mobile phone as information transmitter connected.

Endoscope Cameras with USB interface have the advantage, that they are system-independent and can be connected to different terminal devices . The user can choose between Video- and Photo Recording.

USB models are easy to use and the connection to a terminal through USB interface is as simple as the connection of a digital camera. The Applications of Camera with USB-Interface are the same as for Camera with Monitor.

Technical details of the endoscope camera

The endoscope is an extremely important diagnostic instrument that is indispensable in today's world. This device is mainly used in the medical and technical fields. Put simply, a endoscope hides nothing else than a camera, which is located at the end of a flexible or rigid image guide. In addition, this diagnostic instrument is coupled to a monitor, so that you can relatively easily get an idea of the conditions in hard-to-reach, twisty or narrow places. An optical examination is no problem with a endoscope camera, such as of construction machinery or vehicles.

There are many different versions on the market, so that there are of course certain differences in function and quality. One of the probably most important points with a endoscope camera is the resolution. With the integrated camera you can quickly get an overview without having to disassemble the camera. Therefore it makes sense that a endoscope camera has a high-resolution camera. Only in such cases do you always have everything in view.

What distinguishes a good endoscope camera?

The image resolution indicates how many pixels the camera can convince with. Generally it can be said that the higher the resolution is, the better is usually on the image quality. If you transfer this statement to an endoscope camera it means that a higher resolution usually also guarantees a better recognizability. So if you choose a high resolution camera, you will see a lot of details. With a endoscope camera that has only a very low resolution, you may have trouble searching for details. Another important point with regard to the technical equipment is that the monitor must also be able to reproduce the pixels clearly and unambiguously.

The resolution of an endoscope camera

Depending on model and design, there may be considerable differences. Tests have shown that even the inexpensive models have a very good image resolution. If you have a endoscope camera only rarely in use, such a model may be exactly the right purchase. Most endoscope cameras start at a resolution of 240 x 180 pixels. This is probably the lowest resolution a camera can offer in this area. However, with these special cameras you do not always have to automatically expect a bad image quality.

Meanwhile there are also very good and also inexpensive endoscope cameras, which can convince with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This is the well-known HD resolution. However, the majority of cameras have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. If you decide on such a design, you usually don't have to worry or think about a good picture. With such mini cameras you get a real all-rounder that can be used in many ways.

What resolution is recommended?

This question is actually not so easy to answer, because it always depends on the respective field of application which endoscope camera is recommended. If you need such a device only occasionally and for drainpipes, you can easily reach for a cheap Model with a low resolution. However, when it comes to recognising certain details, you won't usually have much fun with a cheap Model. Whether for the recognition of inscriptions in a cavity or for the recognition of cracks, a high-resolution camera is to be preferred in all cases.

Before buying you should convince yourself of the picture quality. Either in the specialized trade or you look you the different Test reviews and Test winner more exactly. Experts take the endoscope cameras to the chest again and again and subject the devices to a detailed test. You can then read the results free of charge on the Internet.

The most important technical aspects of an endoscope camera at a glance:

  • High resolution camera (number of pixels)
  • higher resolution usually also ensures better image quality
  • Monitor should have no problems with resolution display
  • simple handling and long shelf life

What else should you pay attention to?

So when you buy a endoscope camera you have many different models and designs to choose from. Thus the purchase can turn out to be very difficult for professionals or newcomers. If you don't want to lose the overview, you should definitely take a look at the Tests from independent professionals and experts in advance. The endoscope cameras can be recognized qualitatively mostly by the price. The cheap model versions are already available for under Euro 20,00. For a solid device with a good resolution, you have to reckon with costs of about Euro 120,00. The endoscope cameras with further functions and features easily achieve a price of up to Euro 250.00 and more.

When purchasing, it is important first and foremost that the selected Model meets your requirements. For private use, experts recommend models in the price range Euro 60.00 to Euro 120.00. With these models you are usually well equipped and can go on troubleshooting or diagnosis. It is also important that the mini cameras are simple and easy to operate. For this purpose, it is also advisable to take a look at the test reports or get a rough overview in the trade. The purchase in a specialized trade has the advantage, that you can immediately also take advantage of a personal and competent advice. Otherwise there are actually no points to consider when buying a endoscope camera.

With a free price comparison you make sure that you don't pay too much for the Model. The tests in the past have shown that even the low priced versions can convince with a high-quality camera and a first-class quality. So you can buy a Model from the discounter, if you use the mini camera only occasionally.


In summary it can be said that the technical equipment of the endoscope cameras has increased significantly in recent years. HD resolution is already standard today. The Tests also showed that even the inexpensive cameras could convince with very good handling and quality. As far as the dissolution is concerned, there is no reason for objections to these statements either.

So the endoscope cameras were tested

Operation and additional features

A product test examined the different camera models. The first impression is crucial. Test persons looked closely at the packaging, the scope of supply and the processing of the test models. A simple handling and a good image quality are essential for a endoscope camera, that should prove itself in working life. Important is however also an easy understandable operating instructions. Is commissioning the camera simple or are there critic points? In external tests, the test candidates were tested for additional features like the image transmission for an external terminal.

endoscope Cameras are as easy to operate as digital cameras or mobile phones. Of course there are dependent of brand, model and equipment small differences. Depending on version the monitor is either fixed connected to the handle or can be separat attached. On the screen there is a flexible probe with camera, which can be pushed into the target object to be examined, for example radiator, drain pipes, channels or engine interior,. The endoscope camera integrated light source with one or more LED lights provides the necessary illumination of the dark target objects. Videos and Photos are stored on a SD card and can then be transferred to a device such as PC, Smartphone or laptop.

The operation of the camera is done using the handle or the screen buttons . Depending on which model you choose, there are small differences in operation, which, however, is very simple with all products. The Menu Bar controls the Brightness, controls the Recording function and the Zoom setting. Before using the unit in Operation, insert the SD card. For most models it is included in delivery , sometimes it must be ordered separat. If your camera is ready for operation, insert the probe and cable into the target to be examined. Cameras with a separate monitor require an additional terminal such as smartphone, laptop or PC for image transmission. The transmission is either wired or wireless via Wi-Fi.

Performance features

The most important properties are image quality and illumination. Other important components are size of the camera head, and length of the cable and probe. The commercially available camera models have a monitor size between 4.5 mm and 8.5 mm. With regard to image quality there are different models in different price categories. Cameras from the cheaper price segment usually work with a VGA release of 640 x 480 or even lower resolution. High-priced models provide images in HD quality. The length of the probe is different from model to model different and ranges from 1.5 meters to 30 meters cable length.

Choose a model with a wireless LCD display, pay attention to the transmission technology. The Luminous diodes are part of the delivery, because they ensure that even dark corners and angles shine in bright light. The LEDs are adjustable or react automatically. The Storage power of the integrated card varies. Endoscope cameras with low storage performance of two gigabytes and models with high 32 gigabytes performance were tested in tests.

Depending on how often you use your endoscope Camera and in which Scope you perform the Picture, both a Camera with lower Storage Performance and a Model with Higher Performance can be used. Current is supplied via standard batteries. The battery capacity for most devices is 1.3 Ah, the battery life 7 to 15 hours. Most endoscope cameras are IP67 certified, so they are waterproof.


The Software depends on Manufacturer and Model. Most manufacturers provide the software for transmission to different end devices such as smartphone, tablet or PC free of charge as download on their homepage.

image resolution

endoscope Cameras with a high image resolution usually move in higher price segment, but in return you get images of very good quality, which make even the finest details visible. cameras with a lower image resolution usually provide coarse images, where small details disappear quickly. The image quality is displayed in the form of a raster graphic in pixel, i.e. the playback medium, for example an external monitor, must be able to display the corresponding pixel count per column and row. If the pixel count is too high for a small playback media, the picture quality suffers.

In tests both cameras were tested with lower, more common and very higher image resolution. Commercial models, that are in the medium price range have a image resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and are suitable for all applications in home use. There are also endoscopes cameras with an above average image resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels in HD quality with a corresponding high purchase price. However, these models are more suitable for professionals, who use these tools regularly in large scopes and have correspondingly high demands on reproduction quality. The products with low image resolution show 240 x 180 pixel, which is very low, details are difficult to see.

A product test 2019 has shown that endoscope cameras with average image resolution are best suited for home use. They make all targets visible even with small details, are simple in handling and are correspondingly durable. Endoscope cameras in HD quality are only recommended for special applications, e.g. if you want to detect small hairline cracks inside the target object or if you want to read a label.

HD resolution

endoscope Cameras with a high quality image resolution convince with sharp images that even the smallest details do not omit. However, you have to consider that quality has its price, because these models are more likely to be found in the higher price range.

However, live pictures over smartphone, TV, tablet or TFT display are available to you, which are worth money.

What do I have to look out for when buying an endoscope camera?

Application purpose

In one test it was found out that when buying a endoscope camera many things have to be considered. Before you buy a inspection camera, you must consider for which purposes you would like to use this tool. So you can reduce the offer palette already in the apron, which makes the selection finally easier for you. So you know which additional features you can do without. Depending on the application an endoscope may be camera with or without monitor sensible. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the description with regard to image resolution, which is decisive for the quality of image reproduction.

The smaller the diameter the screen fails, the worse is the image quality.

Therefore we recommend endoscope cameras, that have a bigger monitor. The opening angle is important, because the smaller it fails, the more the camera image concentrates on the center. In the home improvement area endoscope cameras are mostly used in the area various pipes and discharge pipes. For this application a wider opening angle is better suited to get the desired image information. In this case also an endoscope camera with low image resolution of 240 x 320 pixels is sufficient. However, if you use your camera to inspect the interior of machines, we recommend a model with higher image resolution due to the many small details.

Image transmission

The image transmission is carried out either via cameras with radio image transmission or via USB connection via a PC or other end devices. Using a external monitor has the advantage, that several persons can view the image information at the same time. The recordings can be archived directly on site. Most cameras are used mobile, so we recommend model with integrated screen.

For archiving of images, the camera must have a recorder function to play the image information on the monitor and transfer it via a USB port or a memory card to a PC . The bending radius of the endoscope extension and the gooseneck is important to ensure practical handling and high flexibility.

The performance spectrum can nevertheless vary strongly with the same prices, one model can fulfill more performance characteristics, while another model brings about a lower performance. We recommend that you compare different camera models from the same price/performance segment.

If you plan a regular and long-term use, it is worthwhile to purchase a high-quality camera with a higher acquisition price.

Attend whether the camera can be expanded with additional components and can also process an external storage medium. The bending radius and the flexibility of the probe and the integrated minicam should be correspondingly high. Most cameras have a bending- and rotation radius of 180 degree. The application possibilities for transmission cable and memory cards belong to the performance range for good models. Some probes are also usable as webcam .

Short information about leading manufacturers

Due to the variety of manufacturers and a large range of different models with an equally variety equipment it was easy for us not, which model is the best, which comparison test winner and which price winner.

We introduce you to the most renowned manufacturers and their products and make your decision easier. All manufacturers are flexible and have constructed a large number models for different applications.

Decisive is the scope of delivery, because not all camera models also bring their own monitor. attend you know which connection options the endoscope has camera, because these features decide which brands are suitable and which not.

It depends on whether you are running your endoscope camera over a mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, PC or television as information transmitter. We would like to point out that individual components different manufacturers are usually not compatible with each other.

Depending on application area you can use a rigid or a flexible inspection camera. However, we recommend that you choose a flexible videoscopes right away, as these models can also be used in the rear corners of the target object and are much easier to handle than a rigid model.

  • DBPower
  • Bosch
  • DeWalt
  • DNT
This company is a renowned manufacturer in the field of safety engineering and entertainment industry. Beside a large product variety within the range the camera technology the enterprise DBPower DVD-Player, Smartphone-accessories and loudspeaker drives out within the range the Onlineshops is this Manufacturer well set up and the clientele accordingly large.

The models from the range inspection cameras score points with a IP67 certification, a large performance range with many adjustment- and application possibilities as well as a high-quality processing.

Bosch is one of the best-known manufacturers in the area electronics worldwide and can look back on a long corporate tradition up to year 1896. The range extends from tools and household appliances to the entertainment industry for both professional and home improvement.

The endoscope cameras are distributed by the “Bosch Professional” division, which has the characteristic black-blue design.

The company DeWalt can look back on eighty years of company history. We sell a well positioned product range on power tools for industry, handicraft and home improvement.

The manufacturer places its focus on powerful, hard-wearing and precisely working devices. The endoscope cameras of this manufacturer are predominantly to be found in the high-price segment, but their owners enjoy outstanding quality and long lifetime.

DNT has been active in the field of electronic products for more than forty years. It all started with DNT as an expert for wireless radio technology and communication. The well-positioned range extends over electronic products for commercial and DIY needs.

The in-house Findoo series is specialized in the manufacture of endoscope cameras. This product series includes very robuste and waterproof inspection cameras, that transfer your image information also on tablet or smartphone.

The company RIGID mainly sells tools for commercial use. Meanwhile, the portfolio also includes universal tools and inspection cameras for home improvement.

Especially the digital endoscope cameras with an extensive equipment a high-quality processing, which however are available from 500 Euro upwards score.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where do I best buy my endoscope camera?

The offer of endoscope cameras is well positioned. You can get these useful everyday helpers at retailers as well as at discounters. The offer of online providers is also worth seeing.

A purchase via the Internet offers you the advantage, that you can almost all models, brands and manufacturer with each other compare.

product– and price comparisons facilitate the selection, since professionals have already made a preselection and introduce you to the best models and manufacturers.

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Things to Know & Advisor

The History of the Endoscope Camera

endoscopes were originally developed for human medicine to facilitate doctors diagnosis and to perform minimally invasive interventions. The endoscope is inserted into the body parts to be examined, with the camera recording the desired images at the end of the probe.

The first endoscope was invented in year 1807 by the doctor Phillip Bozzini in the form of a lighting apparatus. It consisted of a concave mirror and a wax candle. To the body openings adapted specula completed this original prototype. The cystoscope was inserted into the bladder of the patient for examination. The Royal Academy of Science in Paris introduced only a little later an improved apparatus. However, candlelight and concave mirrors were still used, whereby the lighting of the examined body parts still left much to be desired. Dr. Desormeaux used year 1853 with a gasogen lamp operated endoscope.

A reflector passed that on a condenser collected light via a opening at the center to the endoscope. 1868 the first gastroscopy was performed on a patient. A 43 cm long elliptical tube was inserted into the stomach. 1879 a cystoscope with prisms- and mirror technique was presented. 1881 was followed by the first gastroscope with purging and lighting. 1905 was followed by an open tube that was able to aspirate secretion, mucus and foreign body. It was a rigid device with rubber tube.

A backward tilting Prisma 1910 was able for the first time to consider the Cardia of Gastric. 1928 photos were made from stomach. 1931 helped a semi-flexible endoscope with an innovative lens system the area of gastroscopy to breakthrough. The angle of vision were steadily improved in the following decades. 1958 a fully flexible fiber endoscope was presented. The manufacturer Wolf solved the still existing light problem, by inventing the cold light.

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Purchase prices

The Prices are dependent on model and manufacturer.small cameras with simpler equipment move in a price range from 30 to 50 Euro. These low-cost products are intended primarily for occasional home use and are available from discounters, in construction or electromarkets. For extensive use and the regular application in the occupation these small devices are however rather not suitable.

The higher your claims are, the better should also be the quality of the tool, which of course also affects the price.

For 100 to 200 Euro you get products of good quality, which are versatile for home use. Depending on equipment a endoscope camera can cost 1.000 Euro and more, which we only recommend professionals who have to work with these devices regularly, for example on construction sites or in a car repair shop. For the average household use the endoscope cameras from the medium price segment are sufficient. If you need an inspection camera only once or for a certain period, we recommend that you borrow a model.

There are many suppliers who have specialised in the awarding of electrical appliances. Maybe you have a device rental near you. If not, the corresponding offers can be found quickly online. Depending on size and price class also the own weight varies strongly. cameras in upper price range from 1,500 Euro can quite list a weight from 4,500 grams. The average weight of the test products ranges between 350 grams to 1,000 grams adequate for home improvement use.

Cleaning and maintenance

Your endoscope camera can only deliver good image quality and provide the desired performance if it is regularly cleaned, maintained and stored properly. The Targets inserted into the Targets Probe is frequently exposed Contamination in the form of Moisture, sand, rust, debris and Snow.

In tests, the endoscopes were cameras at different uses with different higher dirt load tested and detected, that the use of a waterproof endoscope camera is in any case sensible, because once water has penetrated into the tool, it can quickly not more functional.

If your camera is not exposed to too much dirt, after use brushing with a soft and moist cloth is sufficient. It is important to remains of dirt to remove completely, so that they do not dry and single particles penetrate into camera interior.

The fine control buttons must be kept dust-free. The camera can be disassembled into its individual components in order to get better access to angled and inaccessible parts during cleaning. All media, with which PCs, records or CDs can also be cleaned are suitable as cleaning agents. These are available in specialist shops. Cleaning sprays are mainly used because the fine particles are distributed evenly and do not penetrate into the inside of the device.

The LED light source and the lens must also be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum image reproduction. Do not use application aggressive disinfectants and similar chemical clubs, which may cause corrosion on material. Do not immerse the endoscope camera completely in a water bath.

Who uses an endoscope camera?

Nowadays there are a lot of tools and technical devices which we use as a matter of course without worrying about it. In most cases these devices offer a very versatile and flexible field of application. Such devices certainly include the endoscope camera. It is very common to find it in medicine or in handicrafts. This device is actually a camera attached to a probe. The captured images of this camera are forwarded to a monitor and can be viewed. If you ask yourself the question why a endoscope camera makes sense and is useful, you will certainly be surprised about the wide range of applications.

The use in medicine

Such cameras have been used in the medical field for many years. When it comes to making a specialist diagnosis, these small cameras can be very helpful. With these devices doctors and physicians can easily get an overview of the human body. The big advantage is that no scalpel is necessary. The probe is usually inserted through the throat and the images can be viewed directly on a computer. Medical endoscopes have therefore become an indispensable part of the healthcare system.

If you need further information about the field of application in medicine, please have a look at the internet. With a research you will receive to the medical endoscopes guaranteed much important, valuable and useful information.

The endoscope in the trade

In principle, the medical and craft endoscopes are very similar. The difference, of course, is in the field. There is a large number of endoscopes available in the trade for the craft sector. Whether for the small purse or for the professionals who need detailed shots, for every occasion and purpose you should find such a mini camera. Especially the versions with accessories enable and facilitate many work steps. If the endoscope camera is equipped with pliers or magnets, you can do with this model almost everything what has to do with the topic cavity.

Endoscope cameras therefore provide very detailed images in hard-to-reach places. When it comes to the inspection of construction machinery for which a dismantling of parts would be necessary, a endoscope camera can possibly be very useful and helpful. In the automotive industry, such mini cameras are also increasingly being used. If the motor no longer runs and a fault cannot be rectified due to a missing diagnosis, a endoscope camera may be helpful.

Another field of application is for drain pipes or other pipe installations. If something does not work and the experts go to troubleshooting, a endoscope camera the reason for a blockage of the pipe can be very useful. In addition, the camera also provides a very good insight and overview in cavities. Would you like to read an important inscription in a cavity without removing the entire wall or drilling a large hole? Then you should buy a endoscope camera. As you can see, the field of application of such a device is very versatile.

Why is it worthwhile to buy?

Due to the large selection there are of course also very reasonable prices. Surely you have already had difficulties in accessing a hard-to-reach place during certain activities or works. With an endoscope camera you have a quick and easy insight into these places. A advantage of these cameras is also the very simple operation, which is usually self-explanatory. If you only need a camera occasionally, you can grab a cheap Model because of the detailed Test results in good conscience. Whether from retailers or discounters, most inexpensive devices could convince with a very good performance and high quality.

The image quality of these low-cost versions is many times better than expected. However, if it's about getting detail shots, you should rather opt for a slightly higher quality device with a much better resolution.

A purchase is worthwhile however for each hobby do-it-yourselfer at home pipes or hardly visible places has. Something can always break and before you take the advice of an expensive specialist, you can go with a endoscope camera possibly already to the diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Since the cameras are used in the medical sector, by craftsmen or in the private sector, it is actually not possible to determine an exact area of application. For a vehicle inspection or in case of pipe blockages, the mini cameras have become indispensable in many areas. In the medical field, the devices are usually used for a gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

In the private area a Endoscope camera can be very helpful and useful when tracking down lost items. In addition, many curious and inquisitive people also buy a endoscope camera. You want to know which animal is in the hole in your garden? Then a endoscope camera is exactly the right acquisition.

Other interesting facts about the endoscope camera

In 1806 the physician Philipp Bozzini developed the first medical endoscope. In those days a candle served as light source. Several decades later, the physician Antonin J. Desormeaux further developed this device. The candle was replaced by a gas arc lamp. The first flexible endoscope was developed in 1958 and is very similar to today's designs. Of course, the technology has developed further and with today's designs much is possible from a medical point of view.

A brief overview of the areas of application:

  • Medical area
  • handcrafted area
  • private area

If you are interested in a endoscope camera you should have a look at the detailed test reports on the internet. For every purpose you will find a suitable and cost-effective version in the trade. If you are undecided whether the selected model meets your requirements, you should seek advice from a specialist retailer. The inexpensive models are already available for less than Euro 20,00. However, a camera with a good image resolution is very useful. The devices also have a very large monitor in the technical area, on which the video recordings can be viewed well. Further equipment points can be for instance a USB interface. With this it is possible to record the video recordings and play them back later on a computer.


The field of application of a endoscope camera is very versatile. Whether from a medical point of view or for craftsmen, the mini camera delivers images that are of important importance. Have a look around in the shops or in the online shops and convince yourself of the many advantages of this device.

Useful accessories

The accessories range for endoscope cameras is quite extensive. Extension cables, hooks, inspection mirrors and much more belong to it. inspection mirrors facilitate the observation of the target object next to the screen by extension of the view angle and hook remove without much circumstance minor soiling in drainpipes.

telescope mirrors are mounted on a long telescope rod and allow examination very high or low targets, for example above or behind cabinets, in machines and tanks or in engine interior.

With a magnet metal objects can be used. A transport bag can be a useful extension for storing the camera if it not is included in the delivery .

Questions and Answers to Endoscope Camera

What is an endoscope camera?

With a endoscope camera it is possible that you can get insights into hard-to-reach, angled and narrow places. Put simply, it is a camera, which has an extra long handle with the camera mounted on top. The result will be displayed at the other end of the display. So you see what else you would have been denied.

Who invented the endoscope camera?

With the invention of a camera that is not bigger than a pill, the Israeli Gavriel Iddan not only revolutionized medicine. Endoscope cameras are used today in many areas and areas and have made certain tasks much easier. Endoscope cameras have also been discovered by craftsmen and it is hard to imagine this industry without them.

Why do I need an endoscope camera?

You need an endoscope camera in many different areas. If you want to get an overview of the interior of a difficult to access place, an Endoskopkamera is best suited for this. Whether for vehicle mechanics or in other professions, the endoscope cameras are increasingly used today. You will certainly have places at your home that are not visible to the eye and therefore a endoscope camera offers the ideal solution.

Which endoscope camera has a monitor?

Endoscope cameras there are many different variants and a multitude have a monitor. The new models have a high-resolution display, so you won't miss a thing. Have a look around in the specialized trade or in the Internet and convince yourself of the numerous offers.

How long is an endoscope camera?

Endoscope cameras are available in almost every conceivable size and length. Whether a camera with a length of 50cm or an endoscope camera with over 2 meters, in the specialized trade you will surely receive a suitable model version for your requirements and purposes.

How do I use an endoscope camera?

The use of an endoscope camera is relatively easy and with some practice and skill, you will also in difficult to reach and narrow places quickly have the overview. Switch on the camera and lead the thin part with the integrated camera simply to the place where you would like to have insight.

What do I do with an endoscope camera?

With an endoscope camera you can perform a wide variety of tasks. However, their primary purpose is to provide an overview. If a larger hole has to be drilled and you are not sure whether there are important lines or pipes behind it, a endoscope camera can provide the answer.

How does an endoscope camera work?

A endoscope camera works simple and simple. A camera is integrated at the thin long tip and this forwards the current images directly to the monitor. The handling and operation is simple and should you still need help, please refer to the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Why is there an endoscope camera for smartphones?

The new endoscope cameras offer a variety of functions and features. Since the smartphone is always at hand, the manufacturers of these cameras have considered something very special. The Camera delivers the current recordings directly and without time delay to the display of a smartphone.

How do I clean an endoscope camera?

For the cleaning of an endoscope camera you only need a cloth and possibly some cleaning agent. However, be careful not to damage the highly sensitive camera during cleaning. Do not use much water for cleaning if possible, otherwise the camera may become defective.


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