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Best Elliptical Trainers 2019 • 0 Elliptical Trainers Reviews

What is an elliptical trainer?

A elliptical trainer is an endurance sports equipment according to an analysis. According to a study, it can be found both in local fitness studios and among many athletes at home. In comparison to a conventional exercise bike, here not only the leg muscles are promoted, but compared to other sports equipment all muscle groups are used. Following an elevation, you can adjust the motion sequences of the elliptical trainer individually.

In most cases, elliptical and crosstrainers are equated in comparison tables, analyses, suitability tests or in juxtapositions. Later, we will discuss the differences in fitness equipment. It is a fact, however, that an elliptical trainer differs slightly from the motion sequence of a crosstrainer and that the movements are gentler on the joints. Nevertheless, according to an evaluation of consumer behaviour, many beginners decide in favour of a crosstrainer, which is usually also somewhat cheaper in price. Consult also comparisons, comparison tables and juxtapositions during the search! After inspection as well as weighing the products with the test grade “Very good” and in accordance with your wishes, you will surely find your test winner soon!

Feet during training on elliptical trainersOptically an elliptical trainer resembles an elliptical trainer compared to other fitness equipment, a Bicycle-home trainer without seat. According to an aptitude test, this piece of sports equipment must be operated in a standing position as part of a test. The large flywheel with integrated magnetic brake, which is located at the front of an elliptical trainer, is conspicuous. The long pedals are attached to this magnetic brake via an intermediate joint. They enable stretched movements that correspond to the movement sequence of Nordic Walking. Test the motion sequence of the elliptical trainer yourself and decide on a device in consideration and congruence with your ideas!

For the arm movements, an elliptical trainer has two angled arm bars following a sample, which follow the movement sequence in the opposite direction. They are so long that the user can hold on to them with his or her arms bent and slightly stretched alternately.

Elliptical trainers are extremely heavy due to their very heavy flywheel, but also exceptionally stable. The lateral outriggers ensure a high level of stability. According to a study, small rollers are also integrated under a boom so that the sports equipment can be stowed away in a space-saving manner when not in use. Simply test and compare the fitness equipment yourself on Amazon or a comparison portal!

How does an elliptical trainer work?

Various Grips Variations Elliptical Trainers Before we start the comparison, you should also learn something about how an elliptical trainer works. Just by looking at this piece of sports equipment, we can easily imagine how it can be used and what other fitness equipment it resembles. First stand with both feet on the sufficiently dimensioned pedals. The two arm poles in the front area of the sports equipment ensure a secure hold. In congruence with your physical fitness you can immediately start with the exercises!

The armrods are slightly angled and support the upper body during the running movement. As with the crosstrainer, the pedal movement and arm rods operate asynchronously. We are also talking here about a cross-over movement. If the foot is set down with the heel when walking, then the tread surface goes understandably downwards. At the same time, the arm bar on this side is fed to the body. On the other side of the body or training side, this happens in the opposite direction. The step sequences, which are larger than with a crosstrainer, are conspicuous.

By the way, you don't have to hold on tight to the arm bars. They automatically follow the leg movement. Nevertheless, they give you a certain hold and security during training. The integrated training computer with LCD display allows you to

  • the training distance covered,
  • the workout time,
  • the running speed,
  • the cadence,
  • the calorie consumption and
  • the sports pulse
to be displayed.

Advantages & Application areas

If you not only want to train in the local fitness centres but also at home, an elliptical trainer is a good choice. Many important areas of the body's musculature are stressed. Not for nothing Elliptical trainers are regarded as endurance sports equipment.

According to test results and evaluations of various practical tests and samples, the very inexpensive elliptical trainers do not always meet expectations. Studies, experiments, controls and investigations by Stiftung Warentest have confirmed this several times. Here you should rely on a model of the renowned brand manufacturers, which guarantee a high processing quality and longevity.

With an elliptical trainer you will experience a feeling of weightlessness. This is because the feet always remain on the pedals and move with a gentle swing. This elliptical movement is particularly gentle on the ankles, hips and knees. The gentle running movements are carried out without hard kick impact, as occurs in conventional running or jogging.

Woman training on elliptical trainer AXOS 2

You can use an elliptical trainer particularly well in a test run, for example if you have a few pounds more on your ribs. This allows you to slowly increase your fitness and lose weight at the same time, taking into account and after controlling a training plan. The cardiovascular system is strengthened and you feel much more balanced after training.

The advantages of an elliptical trainer

  • joint-friendly training,
  • high calorie consumption,
  • also suitable for overweight people,
  • can be stowed away in a space-saving manner,
  • low maintenance and
  • high stability

What types of elliptical trainers are there?

We have already discussed the differences between a crosstrainer and an elliptical trainer. However, there are also different types within the elliptical trainers. Although most models are visually similar, there are slight differences. For example, the dimensions can be somewhat larger or more compact. Some elliptical trainers can be folded up to save space and can therefore be stowed away when not in use.

Important distinguishing features are e.g.:

  • The weight of the flywheel,
  • the braking systems,
  • the number of resistance steps,
  • the stride length,
  • the adjustable workout program and
  • the maximum allowable body weight.

Training computer of a crosstrainerThe flywheel and the brake system are to be considered together. As a rule, the flywheel takes the largest weight of the training system. This can weigh between 10 and 20 kg under certain circumstances. The braking system is either an electronically adjustable magnetic brake, a permanent magnet braking system or an induction braking system.
The integrated training computer can be used to set different difficulty levels. These are so-called resistance levels, which indicate a power output in watts. On some models, for example, between 10 and 350 watts can be set in 5 watt steps. With other high-quality models, for example, you have the option of setting 20 resistance levels individually.

Tablet am CrosstrainerThe stride length is also interesting. As already explained, the stride length of an elliptical trainer is much longer than that of a crosstrainer. But also among the elliptical trainers there are different models with which you can even change the stride length individually. Find out which stride length is best for you by comparing in the test!

We find the respective functions of the training computer particularly interesting. Here not only all important condition data, such as heart and pulse rate, training duration, distance covered etc. are displayed. You will also find a large number of motivating training programs here. Depending on the manufacturer and model, up to 20 different programs can be called up in some cases. Some devices also offer you the option of connecting an MP3 player or a smartphone. So you can listen to your favorite music during your workout.

In addition, elliptical trainers differ in terms of the maximum permissible body weight. As a rule, this is around 150 kg.

Advantages in external test

  • high weight of the flywheel provides an even elliptical run,
  • Magnetic brake systems,
  • stable construction and therefore suitable for up to 150 kg without problems,
  • long stride length,
  • many varied training programs.

Disadvantages in external test

  • only the Nordic Walking mode is supported,
  • good elliptical trainers are expensive,
  • some models can not be stowed space saving,
  • cheap devices can only be adjusted mechanically.

So the elliptical trainers were tested externally

The external elliptical trainers test winners were tested according to special criteria. This list is especially important when it comes to buying a new elliptical trainer for home use.

Packaging, scope of delivery and optical impression

If you order an elliptical trainer, it will usually be delivered in a sturdy cardboard box. While some manufacturers additionally rely on a colourful outer packaging, many supply these sports equipment in a neutral cardboard box. After unpacking, you should first convince yourself of the scope of delivery.

Usually you have to assemble a elliptical trainer . Therefore, most components were well protected in polystyrene packaging or wrapped in foil in Internet tests. However, with the supplied user manual, it was not too difficult to assemble the sports equipment in online tests. Usually only the arm rods have to be connected to the flywheel joint. The treads and the two cross struts for stability are usually also packed separately. Finally, only the training computer has to be attached to the centre column via a plug-in connection. The necessary accessories with screws and nuts are also supplied in cardboard packaging.

After assembly, the external testers were able to get a first visual impression of the elliptical trainers. High-priced models convinced with an attractive paint finish or powder coating. At the same time, these sports equipment were also a great eye-catcher.

Resistance adjustment & Brake system

Laughing woman training on elliptical trainersAt first the test persons convinced themselves that it is a typical elliptical trainer with frontwheeler. The flywheel should be in front, otherwise it is a crosstrainer.

With regard to the braking system, models with permanent magnets, electronically adjustable magnets and induction brakes were tested. All systems offer the possibility to individually adjust between 15 and 20 resistance levels. Therefore you can easily increase your condition according to the resistance. No major adverse differences were found between the modern braking systems.

The models with pure flywheel and drive belt, which can only be adjusted mechanically, are very inexpensive, but unfortunately do not meet the expectations. Often it is hardly possible to achieve a positive training effect.

The Training Computer

Running on an elliptical trainer is not much fun without displaying the most important training data. In an external elliptical trainer test 2019, the test subjects therefore also dealt with the various functions of the supplied training computer.

As already explained above, all important data can be clearly displayed on an LCD display via the training computer. There are differences in the operation of these computers. Here, for example, some manufacturers can convince with a particularly easy operation. For others, special key combinations must first be pressed to call up the respective function.

In addition to the display of the training data and the choice of the degree of difficulty (resistance levels for the magnetic brake), most manufacturers offer a variety of interesting training programs. High-priced models even offer up to 50 programs. You can use this to simulate certain training sequences with different levels of difficulty over a certain distance.

In addition, some training computers can do much more. For example, additional pulse sensors or a chest strap for measuring heart rate can be connected. Even the integration of mobile, multimedia terminal devices is planned with some providers.

The motion sequence

A young woman trains on an elliptical trainerWhat is the use of a visually appealing and feature-rich elliptical trainer if it fails a test run in a product test or your personal elliptical trainer test? In an external elliptical trainer test the testers tested the respective models in a product test, practical test and product test. First of all, they paid attention to the Standsicherheit, which are ensured by the two arms at the front and rear of the unit.

Then they climbed the treads and made the first running movements with the help of the arm poles. The pedal system should be sufficiently dimensioned and have a ribbed or rubberized surface to prevent slipping. The handles of the arm bars are usually provided with a foam rubber-like material, similar to a bicycle handlebar. It always provides a secure hold and is absolutely non-slip.

During the execution of the elliptical motion sequence, the test persons were able to convince themselves that most of the devices guarantee an extremely gentle lowering and lifting of the pedal mechanism. In this respect it can be confirmed that an elliptical trainer offers an extremely joint-gentle training method.

Space-saving stowage

Not everyone has so much space at home that they can leave their elliptical trainer standing all the time and everywhere. In this respect, external testers have also checked in a test which devices can be collapsed. Some manufacturers allow the running rails to be folded up, others allow the arm rods to be folded down. Here you can find models that do not take up much floor space due to their overall compact design.

What do I have to look out for when buying an elliptical trainer?

The AsViva Elliptical Trainer-Elliptical with DisplayOverstandably, good fitness equipment for sports is a significant investment. Don't forget that home appliances can cost between €200 and €5,000 on average. The professional elliptical trainers for the fitness studios also cost considerably more.

In the first step, consider how often you would like to train with such a piece of sports equipment. If you only get on an elliptical trainer once in a while, then it can be an inexpensive entry-level model. For a regular training with a continuous success control you should rely on a high-quality device. Then an elliptical trainer can cost between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.

Another purchase criterion is the maximum permissible body weight. This is a so-called maximum load limit. With this the sports equipment can be operated over a longer period of time without damage. As a rule, most elliptical trainers are designed for a weight of up to 150 kg.

Experiment with the braking system, the possible resistance settings and the functions of the integrated training computer. All functions should be coherent and easy for you to use. Also keep in mind that very inexpensive devices can only be set manually. Some inexpensive models even do without a computer altogether. Also consider whether you want to connect a wireless or wired chest strap as an option. Perhaps the arm bars on the handle should also be equipped with a heart rate monitor.

If you have shortlisted an elliptical trainer, you should also check whether this sports equipment can be stowed away in a space-saving manner.

Finally, a little tip: The bigger and heavier the flywheel of an elliptical trainer is, the smoother its elliptical run will be.

Elliptical trainer folding

The elliptical trainer is a wonderful piece of fitness and sports equipment for endurance training – if only it weren't so big! Many people just don't want to have the elliptical trainer permanently in their living room. Some manufacturers like cardiostrong are now trying to counter this problem by offering an elliptical trainer that is foldable.

The elliptical trainer Maxxus CX 4.3 requires e.g. 174 cm in length and 70 cm in width. If it is folded, the length instead of 174 cm is only 124 cm*. The elliptical trainer can be folded away and stowed away using the transport castors on the front stand.

Also the skandika Pro SF-3200 is foldable as an elliptical trainer and its dimensions are even 10 cm more space-saving. If the elliptical trainer is skandika free 164 cm long and 60 cm wide, it is folded only 117 cm** long.

Admittedly the elliptical trainers are also folded still very bulky and the easiest way is, of course, to have the elliptical trainer always ready for training at home, so that the setup does not inhibit motivation. But in these points you know yourself and your home best. It's always a positive extra.

*/**Note: For the dimensions we have checked manufacturer's data and Amazon customer reviews, but we have not measured the devices ourselves.

Short information about leading manufacturers

With the help of an online elliptical trainer test we would like to inform you in the following about the best known manufacturers of these innovative sports equipment. Get an overview, so that the purchase decision is a little easier for you afterwards.

  • Maxxus
  • Skandika
  • Kettler
  • Asviva
MAXXUS Group GmbH & Co KG is a German fitness equipment manufacturer headquartered in Weiterstadt, Germany. The company, which is located near Darmstadt, manufactures a wide range of high-quality sports equipment and accessories. These include, for example, ergometers, electric treadmills, power machines, rowing machines, but also cross and elliptical trainers.

The Maxxus elliptical trainers are offered in different performance levels. They all belong to the so-called CX series, which indicates the quality class in ascending order with a corresponding number. The top models are characterised by first-class workmanship.

These fitness machines from manufacturers such as cardiostrong are even designed up to 180 kg body weight. They rely on an innovative magnetic braking system. A integrated power generator supplies the complete elliptical trainer as well as the training computer with power. Further highlights are the extremely easy operation, transport castors and even an individually adjustable floor height compensation.

Even the smallest CX model can be easily folded and stowed away to save space. In addition, in the entry-level class we also find models with integrated tablet and smartphone mounts as well as charging option. The elliptical trainers are generally in the upper to high price segment.

Despite its Scandinavian name, Skandika GbmH is a German manufacturer that produces outdoor and fitness products. The company, headquartered in Essen, Germany, is known for its innovative outdoor tents and fitness equipment. Ergometers, vibration devices, treadmills and cross or elliptical trainers are manufactured in the home trainer area.

The elliptical trainers of Skanika, such as Jupiter or Cardiocross, have sonorous names. These models are equipped with a high-quality magnetic brake system and convince by a particularly attractive design. The integrated training computer always determines the optimum values for fat burning, for fitness training, but also for competition preparations based on the preset age.

Heart rate and ECG can be analyzed by a telemetric pulse measurement and an optional chest strap. Especially beautiful is the Quick Start operation, with which you can start your training immediately. The elliptical trainers from Skandika are in the upper price segment.

One of the largest German manufacturers of fitness and leisure sports articles is Heinz Kettler GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Ense. Founded in 1949, the company manufactures ergometers, treadmills, home trainers, strength equipment as well as cross and elliptical trainers.

The high-quality elliptical trainers are offered by Kettler in the KettFit category. They describe themselves as modern full-body workout stations and primarily rely on an induction braking system. For optimal data analysis, the top models can be connected not only via Bluetooth to any conventional PC, but also to a smartphone.

In addition to the S-Line series, most elliptical trainers are part of the Skylon series. Kettler's S-shaped curved arm rods are particularly conspicuous. These sports equipment belong to the upmarket price segment.

ASVIVA is a German manufacturer of fitness equipment. The company, based in Dormagen, is known for its high-quality and innovative sports equipment. Asviva manufactures a variety of ergometers, exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, steppers, recumbent bikes, vibration plates as well as cross and elliptical trainers.

The elliptical trainers from Asviva continue to stand out due to their modern and compact design. They are equipped with a permanent magnet system. Although the manufacturer's focus is more on crosstrainers, which are already available at low prices, Asviva also has a top favorite as an elliptical trainer in its program. Overall, the elliptical trainers from Asviva are in the mid-price range.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my elliptical trainer best?

In external elliptical trainer comparisons, the question often arises where customers can best buy an elliptical trainer. These innovative sports equipment represent a not inconsiderable investment for you, so you should not make any mistakes when buying.

Purchasing in local specialist shops

Of course you can buy your elliptical trainer in a local sports shop. Many smaller retailers, but also larger sports market chains, have adjusted themselves to the distribution of fitness equipment. It is advantageous that you can have a direct look at such an elliptical trainer on site.

Unfortunately, most specialist shops offer only a limited selection, so that it is quite possible that you will not find the selected device there. Even if you have studied the subject in depth, inspected many products and found your favourite in a test with the grade “Very good”, the sales staff in the sports shops will try to offer you the existing equipment. You must assume that these elliptical trainers are particularly highlighted, although they do not perform as well as they should at the first attempt.

Do not let yourself be impressed by the mostly subjective advertising conversations of the salesmen in the local specialized trade. In some shops, salespeople even have to offer older models and slow-moving items on the instructions of their boss in order to create free space in the warehouse. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that these specialist shops do not always take back the elliptical trainer if they do not like it. A right of withdrawal will be difficult to enforce here. Instead of a price refund it can also happen that you are offered only a voucher.

Benefits of buying at a local sports shop

  • You can take a look at the sports equipment,
  • the seller can sometimes give you good advice.

Disadvantages when buying in a local sports shop

  • Calculate buying another device instead of a test or comparison winner,
  • the sales talk can be very intrusive,
  • the selection of elliptical trainers is usually limited,
  • If you do not like the device, you cannot always return it without problems,
  • usually the prices are higher in the local specialized trade.

Purchasing on the Internet

As an alternative it is a good idea to buy a Elliptical Trainer test winner on the Internet at Amazon. You have the advantage that you can fall back on a huge selection of suppliers and manufacturers at reasonable prices. Here you will also find the models that have been tested for you in an online Elliptical Trainer Test.

So if you are looking for an elliptical trainer comparison winner, shopping on the Internet is the right choice. Many online retailers have specialized in fitness equipment and can offer you the desired equipment at very reasonable prices. In general, online marketing on the Internet is a fierce price war in which you can only win.

You don't have to be afraid when shopping online. If you buy from a registered and checked online retailer, you will not only receive a price advantage, but you can also exercise your right of withdrawal at any time. Just take a look at the reviews of the respective retailer to get a lot of important information about the services.

A further advantage is of course that you do not have to put up with long and cumbersome journeys. Everyone probably knows the problem that there is a lack of parking space in the inner cities. Shopping is less fun if you have to make long walks to the sports shop. Instead, you can order your desired elliptical trainer online from the comfort of your home sofa.

Benefits of online shopping

  • very wide selection,
  • low prices,
  • You will also find the online comparison winners listed by us,
  • cumbersome access routes are avoided,
  • You can exercise your right of withdrawal.

Disadvantages when shopping online

  • You cannot inspect the unit,
  • not always a consultation is offered.

If you are interested in an external elliptical trainer test winner, you should take full advantage of online shopping. This also gives you the security of getting the model you want at a reasonable price.

Things to Know & Advisor

Below we would like to give you some interesting data and facts about elliptical trainers.

The history of the elliptical trainer

The natural movement of the human body has always been at the forefront of effective fitness training. Possible loads on all parts of the body should be reduced as far as possible. The Precor brand, which belongs to the Finnish AMER SPORTS Group and is represented in Germany by AmerSports Deutschland GmbH in Garching, developed the first elliptical fitness crosstrainer in 1995.

The so-called CrossRamp played an important role in Precor's first crosstrainer. Here a ramp could be set variably in angular steps between 13 and 40 degrees in height. Thus different muscle groups could be trained at the same time. Long steps could be taken with a low gradient and short steps with a high gradient. In 2004, a more compact version was added to this model so that real running movements could now be carried out.

Doctors and experts quickly agreed that this fitness machine addresses many important muscle groups in the body and trains them in a way that is particularly easy on the joints. Thus the crosstrainer was first presented in the fitness studio area and later also in the home area.

Around the year 2000 the Crosstrainer was further developed. In order to be able to reproduce even more effective running movements, the rear wheel drive changed to the front. The elliptical trainer was born. Irrespective of this, the braking systems also improved over time. Today, most cross and elliptical trainers are equipped with a magnetic braking system.

In the meantime, there have also been many innovations with regard to power transmission. Ball bearing articulated joints on the pedal rods and arm rods ensure a particularly joint-gentle workout. This development shows that these sports equipment will continue to play an important role in fitness training in the future.

Dealers still offer models with both front and rear flywheels. Both cross- and elliptical trainers are on the same price level. Here, the quality of workmanship and the range of functions are always important.

Figures, data, facts about the elliptical trainer

The following facts and figures are based in part on statistical surveys, such as those available at the Statista statistics portal. Perhaps these data will help you in your decision to buy an elliptical trainer.

Interest in information about sports equipment has increased strongly

On the basis of a survey conducted by the statistics portal Statista, it was examined whether singles in Germany are interested in the range of sports equipment compared to the rest of the population. It was found that in 2014, for example, around 3.6 percent of singles and a total of around 5.6 percent of the total population in Germany were informed in detail about sports equipment. Persons with a minimum age of 14 years were interviewed.

Kettlers World Tour Program

The Kettler World Tour is a special offer where trainers can race against each other online. This program is offered for many Kettler sports equipment, also for cross and elliptical trainers. At the moment, however, there are still huge differences in the evaluation of cross and elliptical trainers.

For example, many athletes have complained about the unequal treatment of online data. Runners on a crosstrainer who cover a distance of 10 km can unfortunately not be compared with athletes on an elliptical trainer. Currently, the latter, with their sports equipment under the same conditions, reach slightly more than 17 km. At the same power and rotation speed the elliptical trainer is evaluated somewhat slower. While the runners on a crosstrainer have already reached their goal, elliptical trainer users still have to run about 6 km further.

Important hints before purchase

For beginners both crosstrainers and elliptical trainers can be recommended at reasonable prices. Advanced users should choose high-quality equipment with a large flywheel mass and additional joints. Devices with a large flywheel mass are mainly used for elliptical trainers. If you not only want to do Nordic Walking steps, but also jogging or walking, then the crosstrainer with sufficient flywheel mass is probably the right choice.

Make sure you have the correct braking system. For example, a cross or ellispentrainer with induction brake also requires an external power supply. This is necessary because these systems are equipped with an electric coil. Additionally, make sure that your desired device is marked with a TÜV or GS seal. Numerous online elliptical trainers comparison winners meet these requirements.

What muscle groups does the elliptical trainer use?

Most human muscle groups can be trained with an elliptical trainer. Interestingly, the main work on this fitness machine is done through the leg work. The arms are primarily supportive. It makes a big difference whether they run forwards or backwards with an elliptical trainer.

When running backwards completely different muscles are used again. This Training is slightly more difficult than running forward. Although the leg muscles are also stressed, the arm muscles also receive attention. Running forwards and backwards should be done alternately. Those who walk backwards too long may experience a slight burning sensation in the soles of their feet.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, special settings are possible, with which the arms can also be subjected to greater stress when running forward. For example, there are devices where you can adjust the arm bars to the side, so this arm movement requires more force.

The strength and movement of these sports equipment are rather from the center of the body. You must make sure that you always adjust the strength of your body correctly via the appropriate resistance level. This does not lead to overstraining.

Below you will find a small overview of the muscle groups used when using an elliptical trainer:

  • leg muscles,
  • arm muscles,
  • gluteal muscles,
  • breast muscles,
  • back muscles,
  • abdominal muscles.

By the way, the gluteal muscles are another term for the gluteal muscles. Here we have to distinguish between a large, a medium and a small gluteal muscle. They begin in the area of the pelvis and end at the thigh bone. Gluteal muscles help us

  • to stretch one leg back,
  • bending one leg forward and
  • to bend one leg to the side.

Differences between Crosstrainer and Elliptical Trainer

In general you have to distinguish between an elliptical trainer and a crosstrainer. Both have a flywheel, which can be driven by two horizontal pedals about one meter long and vertical arm bars. Ideally, walking and running are simulated, but the joint stressing occurrence is omitted.

An elliptical trainer is a further development of a crosstrainer . Therefore the elliptical trainer is very similar to the crosstrainer. The motion control was designed more and more ergonomically and thus the running movement was represented even better. Both sports equipment often find the same designation. An elliptical trainer stands for the elliptical motion sequence that the feet follow on the device. Nevertheless, the movements are crossed with feet and arms, so that we can also speak of a crosstrainer here.

As a further development, an elliptical trainer has been fitted with a further intermediate joint in the horizontal strut of the pedal unit. This can provide additional relief for the knees, hips and spine. The arm work on an elliptical trainer is easier if your upper body is already trained. As a result, higher pulse values can also be achieved. People with weakly developed upper body muscles, on the other hand, find training somewhat more difficult. They have to work harder to get a higher pulse.

In the following we would like to explain the differences between a crosstrainer and an elliptical trainer:

Crosstrainer as base model

  • the flywheel is usually located in the rear,
  • a magnetic or eddy current brake is used as the brake system,
  • the trainee is put into a strong up and down movement,
  • Crosstrainers usually have a short stride length,
  • sometimes the hip joints can be subjected to a slightly higher load,

FAQ on the subject of elliptical trainers

Which product is generally considered the external elliptical trainer test winner?

The elliptical trainer (also crosstrainer) trains fitness and endurance. As a general online test winner the crosstrainer CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical came out in countless tests on the Internet of Skandika Crosstrainer. The device offers various training programs, a magnetic brake system and numerous other functions.

Which is the best elliptical trainer?

The best elliptical trainer is the CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical crosstrainer, according to several external tests on the Internet of Skandika Crosstrainer. Its maximum load is 145 kg. In addition, 19 different training programs are offered.

Elliptical Trainer Rating: What Are The Essential Points?

The elliptical trainer improves endurance and stamina in accordance with your personal goals. Test winner is, as mentioned above according to numerous test reports and test results on the Internet of the Skandika Crosstrainer CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical. The device offers 19 different training programs and numerous additional functions. In addition to a target heart rate program, rollers and a display, a magnetic brake system is also available.

Continuing links and sources

Finally, we would like to put some interesting links on the Internet about the theme elliptical trainers at your heart, with which you can intensify your knowledge about the devices even further.

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