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Best Electric Treadmill 2019 • 0 Electric Treadmills Reviews

What exactly is a treadmill?

Basically, experts understand a treadmill to be a mechanically or electrically driven device on which one can run. A moving running surface is used for this purpose, which ensures that the user performs almost the same sequence of movements as when jogging outdoors. You run, so to speak, on the spot, what moves is the running surface under your feet. A treadmill is also called a Cardio training device because it trains the cardiovascular system.

The electric treadmill is therefore used for training, with blood circulation, breathing and cardiovascular system in the centre. A treadmill cannot be used for strength training, but only for an efficient endurance training.

How does a treadmill work?

For a treadmill to work, the tread must first be set to motion. It is stretched on a roll in the front and rear part of the device, in between stands the user. On both sides handrails are mounted, in addition a further handle is installed in running direction, which is almost always equipped with pulse sensors for the measurement of the heart rate in handle width.

If there are no sensors for the hands, the device probably has an infrared receiver with which the HF values of a chest strap can be collected. The running surface is set in motion either by motors or by muscle power and runs against the running direction of the user.

When reaching a certain speed the trainee automatically forces to stop walking and to change into a running movement like jogging.
This prevents the trainee from being carried backwards by the device from the running surface and from falling in the worst case. Depending on the type of device (mechanical or electric treadmill), the settings can be changed either via the training computer or manually, for example the incline angle or the speed.

Electric Treadmill – Advantages and Applications

Whether electric or mechanical operated, a treadmill is a useful sports equipment for all those who do not want to train in the gym and still want to exercise. More and more people don't want to train within limited opening hours and don't want to pay the sometimes high fees for a gym.

Why, if you can easily order your own treadmill on the Internet? Many of the treadmills can be accommodated in a space-saving manner and allow an effective training in your own four walls. It doesn't matter whether you simply want to reduce your weight, get your cardiovascular system going or do something for your fitness in general.

The many programs preset on an electric treadmill support the trainee in his project. Mechanical treadmills are more suitable for advanced endurance athletes as they guarantee a particularly demanding workout with a high training effect. The reason for this is the higher effort the runner has to put in to keep the treadmill moving. We have discovered an important application area for an electric treadmill in the medical area of rehabilitation, where anti-gravity treadmills are used after injuries.

A man runs on an electric treadmillOne of the undeniable advantages of an electric treadmill is also that as a user you are absolutely independent of any weather capers. Since the treadmill is usually set up in a closed room, rain, snow, wind, heat or cold cannot harm the runner during training. This means that you only need a small amount of clothing. Moreover, with a treadmill you are not dependent on natural daylight and can train in the light of the room lighting by day or night. In the free Nature there are ascents and descents leading paths.

The ligaments and joints are particularly stressed when running downhill. The treadmill can be adjusted either flat or to a slightly rising angle, so that you run uphill on a flat surface or almost imperceptibly. This means that the strenuous downhill running stages can be dispensed with. When running in nature, it is often difficult to find and maintain a pace that does not put too much strain on your organism.

The treadmill with its preset training programs gives the runner the opportunity to set the pace, maximum heart rate or distance to run before the workout and thus plan the entire training in detail. On the computer of the treadmill you can also observe all values during running and correct them if necessary by changing the Tempos or the incline angle.

Another advantage of running on a treadmill is that the risk of injury is not as high as in nature. There, when running in uneven or slippery terrain, it is much easier to bend over than on the flat running surface of the electric treadmill. The treadmill's parking facilities can also be described as an advantage.

There are usually holders for a drinking bottle or other small things, such as energy bars or gel. When running outdoors you would have to wear these things on your body and thus have to cope with more weight. With Training on the treadmill, you can simply help yourself from the shelf in front of you, without first having to laboriously remove the bottle or food from your jacket pocket or drinking bottle belt.

In this way one remains more attentive for the motion sequence and also saves precious energy. Also the Smartphone or other small things can be deposited on a treadmill storage ready to hand.

The electric treadmill and its small disadvantages

Compact and space-saving , the ideal entry-level treadmill for running and walkingA Disadvantage with treadmills it goes without saying that the user escapes the experience of running in the great outdoors. Many people prefer to run outdoors because they like to move around in nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenery during training. In addition, exercise in the fresh air strengthens the immune system and contributes to resistance to colds, for example, and thus to maintaining the health of the organism.

This disadvantage can be compensated at least in the warmer months by setting up the treadmill e.g. on the balcony or the terrace and completing his training there. If necessary, the Treadmill can also be placed in front of the open window. In this way you always have fresh air in the room during training. In addition, the electric treadmill offers only a single, uniformly damped surface, while you can train outdoors on different surfaces.

Running on forest soil, grass or sand is very gentle on the foot and leg muscles and relieves the joints. This defect compensates the treadmill but too large parts through its integrated damping elements.

What types of treadmills are there?

Basically, all treadmills function according to the same principle and are almost identical in design. Only the type of drive used or the type of application can be distinguished.

In total, three different types of sports equipment are known in the Treadmill segment, whereby the first type presented is available in stores, undergoes the most tests and can also be ordered most frequently via the Internet. These three types of treadmills are known:

  • Electronic Treadmill
  • Mechanical Treadmill
  • Anti Gravity Treadmill
Today, such devices are almost always electrically operated, so they require electricity for the drive. Due to the constantly available energy, very even running is possible and the training computer can provide information about the type of program, the degree of difficulty and the performance already achieved at any time.

In addition, the training computer makes it possible to call up various preset programs, vary the degree of difficulty (e.g. by changing the incline angle or increasing the speed) at the touch of a button and monitor the user's vital and other values (heart rate, calorie consumption). The disadvantage of the electric treadmill is its susceptibility to defects in the electronics. Also, the treadmill cannot be used if the power fails.

Treadmills that do not require electricity are less common. With mechanical treadmills, the muscle power of the user drives a flywheel which ensures that the running surface moves against the running direction. In this type of treadmill, the muscle group that is most used is that of the leg muscles, because they have to get the treadmill going and keep it moving throughout the training session.

A disadvantage of the mechanical treadmill is that the user can only adjust the settings that change the training effect (such as the incline angle) manually. Unlike electric treadmills, mechanical sports equipment requires constant contact between hands and grips. This is the only way to ensure that the power transmission is large enough to keep the belt moving. An advantage of the mechanical treadmill is the constant control of the speed of the runner.

Since no motor keeps the machine running, it slows down when the runner slows down and stops when the runner stops. According to experts, the mechanically operated treadmill enables a much more strenuous and therefore more effective workout than the electric treadmill. Further advantages are the lower purchase price, the easy handling of the computer as well as the unused electricity and the associated cost savings.

A special type of treadmill is the anti-gravity treadmill, which is mainly used after bone fractures or muscle injuries. The method originated in the USA and was originally developed there for the training of astronauts to prepare them for weightlessness. Such a treadmill works with the so-called anti-gravity technology and is used today above all for regeneration after injuries.

The joint- and bone-gentle training is made possible by placing the trainee or patient from the hip down in an airtight closed air bag, which can be inflated. If the air pressure inside the bag is changed, the person standing in the bag can be lifted to such an extent that he can walk, but only has to put very little strain on the injured limbs. Overall, the weight of the user can be reduced by up to 90 percent. Gentle training on an anti-gravity treadmill can thus support faster healing. This type of training is usually used by top athletes who need to heal their injuries as quickly as possible.

Treadmills and how to test them

If you want to buy an electric treadmill you have to rely on the information contained in treadmill tests. Such comparisons are carried out by consumer portals or test websites and in the end a treadmill test winner is usually determined.

In order to be able to work out such a treadmill, treadmills from different manufacturers are compared with each other on the basis of certain criteria and points or marks are awarded for the individual aspects. The price does not play an overriding role in the selection of the test treadmills, other criteria are usually important in the tests, which allow a better assessment of quality. For example, Treadmill Tests will consider the following aspects:

  • Supposition dimensions
  • Weight with and without packaging
  • Processing and assembly
  • Highest load
  • Damping characteristics
  • Type of braking system
  • Functions of the training computer
  • Handling and comfort
  • Special Features
  • Design

In order to get a more accurate picture of the quality of the respective treadmill, each device is also subjected to a practical test during such a test, which ranges from setup to training. The devices are loaded to their limits. This is to test whether the construction of the treadmill is really as simple as it is described in the manual.

They also want to make sure that the workmanship meets the manufacturer's promises and that the training computer actually has the specified programs. A test training should ultimately show how much the electric treadmill can actually withstand under continuous use and high load. Manufacturers can name many advantages of their product, whether it is really of high quality, shows up only with the test during the practical test.

An important criterion for the rating is always whether the device is easy to handle for a treadmill. The training computer and its user-friendliness are usually the focus of interest here.

An electric treadmill in particular should have a computer that does not require a doctorate to be operated. In addition to the size of the keys and the readability of the display, the testers usually also pay attention to whether one has to press several keys first in order to access a certain program, for example, or whether this is possible by pressing fewer keys.

This plays an important role because the user uses the treadmill while operating the computer and is in motion. If you still have to operate many keys in this situation, you will quickly lose the pleasure of the device.

Another important aspect of treadmill testing is the special features that the treadmill has to offer to make it particularly attractive for customers. To these features pay for example:

  • long-term warranty of the manufacturer
  • maximum number of memory locations for special programs
  • well readable LCD display
  • Integrated speakers
  • one holder for tablets, MP3 or mobile phone
  • heart rate monitor running over chest strap
  • very quiet operation
  • maximum possible running surface
  • foldable frame
  • Integrated power saving mode

Profi 800W Electric treadmill under testThe more features an electric Treadmill contains, the higher the quality and the more expensive it is. However, a Treadmill Test 2019 has shown that even cheaper Treadmills can be of high quality when it comes to processing, functionality and special features.

Almost all manufacturers use high-quality materials such as polyurethane, nylon or polyester for the largest possible running surface with dimensions of up to 50 x 150 cm. These materials are extremely resistant and can withstand even the heaviest loads without any problems. Kettler and Horizon, for example, use special vibration-absorbing bumpers to make running easier on the joints and muscles.

The electric treadmills are all equipped with state-of-the-art training computers, which enable an individual training tailored to the respective user through various functions.

What to look out for when buying a treadmill?

Before purchasing a treadmill, we advise the potential buyer to pay particular attention to certain functions, as you can tell from them how good the electric treadmill that you may have shortlisted is. The following purchase criteria are considered important by experts:

Materials and processing

An electric treadmill lives to a large extent from the fact that it has a stable construction and is made of high-quality materials, such as resistant metals such as stainless steel or aluminium, break-resistant plastics and non-slip rubber. First you should make sure that all necessary parts are delivered. If Parts is missing or already defective, the device can no longer be assembled properly.

The buyer should also pay special attention to whether the parts fit into each other as seamlessly as possible and can be firmly screwed together. Too large gaps or screws and nuts that do not hold well usually result in a wobbly and unstable construction. Sure, some parts require a certain amount of play, but usually the treadmill is designed so that during training nothing wobbles or makes unpleasant squeaking noises.

Tread size

There are differences in the size of the tread area. Some manufacturers offer treadmills with a relatively narrow width of only 35 cm. This of course increases the danger of walking to the side of the belt and injuring yourself. Most treadmill manufacturers have implemented customer feedback and therefore offer treadmills with a 40 or even 50 cm wide running surface.

As a rule, the wider the surface is for running, the safer the runner feels. The length of most treadmills is between 110 and 160 cm. Especially for very big runners an electric treadmill with as long a running surface as possible is most suitable, because they have a longer stride length. Before buying treadmills, you should definitely try them with different tread sizes. Ultimately, the decisive factor is one's own running feeling.

Tread inclination

Speeddrunner 2000 Treadmill under testAn electric treadmill Treadmill normally has a function that allows the incline angle to be adjusted continuously during the workout at the touch of a button. For mechanical treadmills this is done manually. Not everyone needs this function, but it can significantly increase the training effect.

If the angle of inclination can be changed, there are usually pre-installed programs in which this angle changes automatically during training. Some devices can change a gradient of up to 15 degrees, but at least 10 to 12 degrees gradient should be adjustable. Here you should consider beforehand how demanding the training should be, because strenuous mountain runs are not something for everyone. It is best to try it out before deciding on a treadmill.

Engine power and top speed

A important criterion for a good electric treadmill is not the maximum power of the motor, but the continuous power it produces. The maximum speed possible over a longer period of time during running training ultimately depends on this continuous performance.

A good treadmill should therefore be able to provide continuous power between 2 and 4 hp , with which a continuous maximum speed of 15 to 20 km/h can be achieved. Professional treadmills in fitness studios often allow an even higher speed of up to 25 km/h, but this is not really necessary for treadmills used at home. In general, experts point out that more powerful motors are often more durable in the long run, as they do not always have to run at maximum power in order to enable the rotor to run at a high speed for longer time.

Quality of the training computer

Display of an electric treadmill under testFor a electric treadmill a lot depends on the training computer, because it controls all functions. It also has the task of providing the user with important information on the progress of the training. This fact shows how important a well structured and easy to use computer is.

Above all, a training computer should have a display that is as large, easy to read and illuminated as possible. If this is Display large enough, the user probably doesn't have to switch between different views to get information. It also makes sense if the computer could be operated intuitively, so that the user does not have to think long and hard about which button is the right one.

To ensure this, the keys should not only be large enough, but also be labeled in a self-explanatory way. In addition, it makes operation much easier if the keys are positioned in such a way that the runner can easily reach them and operate them even during training at high speed. Nothing is worse than interrupting an effective workout to make any settings on the computer.

Many interested people ask what such a training computer should be able to do so that it can be rated as good. A Treadmill Test usually indicates that the computer should display the following values or have the listed minimum properties:

  • Duration of workout
  • Total distance
  • The distance travelled
  • speed
  • Inclination angle, if any
  • Program selection and history display
  • Calorie consumption
  • heart rate or pulse
  • Time/Date

Not all training computers have such a comprehensive display, but are limited to time, distance, speed, heart rate and calorie consumption. Here it depends mainly on the price of the treadmill. The more expensive a electric treadmill is, the more powerful the computer is and the more extensive the display is.

Number of pre-installed training programs

In order to make it easier for the user to use the Treadmill, most Manufacturers have already installed various programs in the training computer. These Programs are an important purchase criterion because they enable the runner to complete different forms of running training.

Basically, programs for training endurance and cardiovascular programs can be distinguished. The number of preset training programs therefore also determines how varied a workout on the treadmill can be. Also with regard to these programs it depends above all on how one would like to train.

If you want to keep the same speed, do not want to exceed a certain heart rate or always run with the same incline angle, then an electric treadmill with many different training programs is probably not necessary. The number of programs on the training computer depends on the quality of the computer. In fact, treadmill tests have shown that the number of pre-installed training programs often increases proportionally to the price of the treadmill.

However, there are also very high-quality treadmills that only have a limited number of already existing programs. They are designed so that the user himself can enter training programs and in this way complete his very individual training on the treadmill.

Form of pulse measurement

Electric Treadmill Pulse Measurement in TestThe pulse is an important indication whether you are training correctly or whether you are overworked by the training. For this reason, many runners use a sports watch with heart rate monitor to show them how high their heart rate is under different loads. Such a pulse measurement is also possible with treadmills.

However, there are several ways to perform the measurement. Many treadmills have special hand sensors that allow the training computer to display the respective pulse rate. The big disadvantage of such hand sensors is that you have to hold them constantly with your hands to get values.

This can be extremely annoying, especially during long training sessions, because the natural running posture is interrupted and the arms cannot be used to support the running movement. Many treadmills are now able to pick up the runner's pulse via a receiver if he wears a chest strap with a transmitter during training.

These chest straps are often included in the scope of delivery. If you are already using a Sport watch with chest strap, it may be useful to check before purchasing the treadmill whether it is compatible with the Chest strap.

Maximum load capacity of the treadmill

This refers to the maximum weight of a runner who trains on the electric treadmill. In fact, the information provided by manufacturers varies enormously. Some treadmills are suitable for people with a maximum body weight of 225 kg.

However, this maximum weight is the exception and is usually found in treadmills used to treat severe overweight in the medical field or in gyms. As a rule, the treadmills have a maximum load capacity of 120 to 150 kg. So even stronger people can use them without problems.

Adjustment for unevenness

When using an electric treadmill significant forces act on the device and also on the ground. It is therefore necessary that the treadmill stands absolutely securely on the ground and does not wobble through any unevenness.

An electric treadmill high quality can often be adjusted on its floor supports by means of adjustments (e.g. turning screws) so that ground waves can be compensated.

This prevents the treadmill from making unwanted noises or even slipping over the floor during operation. It may be advantageous to place a special non-slip mat under the treadmill. This not only prevents movement, but also reduces the noise level.

If the surface is extremely uneven, it is recommended to use a slightly thicker wood panel as a base and then place the protective mat and the electric treadmill on it. The plate should, however, be thick enough not to bend under the weight of the treadmill.

Space required (installation dimensions), weight and mobility

Not everyone lives in a large villa or has their own fitness room in the apartment. Therefore, the size of the treadmill is an important criterion for many customers when buying. Due to the available space in the apartment, you attach importance to the fact that the treadmill can be stowed away in some form after the training as space-saving as possible.

Here the treadmill producers have come up with something and developed devices, which can also be set up in small rooms and then be easily cleared away. With many Treadmill Tests you can read that more and more Manufacturers offer treadmills that can be folded up and erected afterwards, so that you can, for example, slide them under a high bed to save space or erect them next to the cupboard and store them there until the next training session.

Girls walking on the electric treadmillMany Treadmills have measurements that range between 60 and 90 cm Width, 115 to 135 cm height and 120 to 195 cm length. The space required can be significantly reduced by the folding mechanism. The weight of treadmills depends on the materials and construction.

A treadmill test winner 2019, for example, brings it to 110 kg dead weight. Other treadmills weigh only about 25 to 100 kg. In order to transport the electric treadmill better, it usually has two rollers in the front area. This allows you to lift it up at the back and then very easily transport it from one place to another .

The price

Buying a electric treadmill is always a relatively large investment. Some The electric treadmill can be folded so that it doesn't take up much spaceHigh-tech treadmills can easily cost the price of a small car and over 10.000 Euro. In a treadmill test, however, the most sold treadmills are usually compared in the price range between 300 and 1400 Euro.

In any case, we recommend that you compare the devices very carefully with regard to their features and see which functions you really need and which you can confidently do without before deciding on a treadmill. Treadmill Comparisons have shown that especially treadmills with a price between 600 and 1000 Euro perform best and those with Tester convince with their many positive Properties.

With very cheap models you should take a very close look at the quality. However, this does not mean that treadmills, which for example are offered at discounters for little money, are automatically excluded from the purchase. Also they can be of very good quality.

Short information about leading 7 manufacturers

The market for sports equipment is very large and there are now numerous manufacturers for electric treadmills that are constantly striving to attract sports enthusiasts with new technologies. TO be among the best known brands in the field of electric treadmills:

  • Christopeit (founded 1976, the company is located in Velbert)
  • Life Fitness Europe GmbH (founded at the beginning of the 1970s, headquarter is Unterschleißheim)
  • Kettler (1949 by Heinz Kettler, headquarters is in Ense-Parsit, Sauerland)
  • Maxxus GROUP GmbH & Co KG (Founded in 1999, registered office in Weiterstadt)
  • Horizon (in Germany since 2012, headquarters in Lahntal)
  • Daum electronic (1978 founded, headquarters in Fürth near Nuremberg)
  • Pro-Form (founded about 1987)

The manufacturers mentioned here represent many other companies that offer treadmills for the home. They all have many years of experience in treadmill production and know that customers can only be convinced by good quality . The best-known companies in Germany are probably Kettler and Christopeit, who have been active in the sports equipment sector for decades.

But also companies like Horizon, Maxxus, daum or Pro-Form were able to assert themselves on the German Fitness market with their treadmills and other sports equipment for the home.

All treadmill manufacturers will benefit from the fact that the worldwide market share of cardio equipment and thus treadmills in the sports and fitness equipment sector was around 62,9 %. This makes the electric treadmill one of the most frequently sold sports equipment for the home. sports equipment for strength training had a market share of only 28.9 % and so-called functional equipment for training several muscle groups at the same time had a market share of 8.2 %.

Internet vs. specialist shops: where is the best place to buy my electric treadmill?

In the past, before the beginning of the Internet age, you had to go to a specialist store if you wanted to buy a treadmill. Even today there are shops specializing in sports equipment and fitness equipment. The added alternative are online shops where customers can shop conveniently from their home computer.

Some may be of the opinion that when buying a treadmill there are so many questions to answer that going to a specialist shop is inevitable. But in the end there is another way. In the meantime, comprehensive information on treadmills can be found on the Internet. As a potential customer you can read through numerous treadmill tests on various comparison portals as well as consumer websites and also bring all pros and cons about treadmill test winners in experience.

Thus one is no longer automatically forced to go into a shop to inform oneself. But what do you do if you want to test a treadmill before you buy it? In this case, specialist shops can still provide valuable services. Everyone has the opportunity to visit such a shop and to have trained sales staff show and explain various treadmills to them.

Running on the conveyors is of course always possible in the shop. The advantage of this is that you are not forced to buy the treadmill in the store. Consulting and demonstration of a product is normally part of customer service, the operators know that. So you can have a look at the treadmill in a specialist shop, have it explained and test it.

When you come home, you look for the appropriate model on the Internet, compare the prices of the individual suppliers and buy it where it is cheapest. In the meantime, many specialist shops also have websites with an affiliated online shop where they can also offer their treadmills and thus remain competitive. The Advantages des Treadmill purchase on the Internet are thus:

  • the purchase is possible day and night
  • saves you the trip to the shop
  • man gets all the necessary information
  • man gets a good overview through test results
  • often practical accessories are displayed at the same time
  • the payment is very secure
  • often installment payment is offered
  • There are often discounts or vouchers
Buying a Treadmill on the Internet today is very easy. The treadmills can be offered very cheaply, especially at large online marketplaces such as Amazon, Zalando, Alibaba or eBay, as the quantities initially purchased are much larger or the device is supplied directly by the manufacturer.

A specialist shop deals with considerably smaller quantities, which is noticeable in the purchase price and finally in the selling price. In addition, many offer online dealers offer additional services such as free delivery. Many customers find it useful to use both options to buy an electric treadmill. The specialist shop serves them for consulting and for testing. The Internet is then the place where they ultimately buy the treadmill, whether on the website of the specialist shop or at another online retailer.

Things to know & guide to the electric treadmill

The electric treadmill as sports equipment is almost a science in itself. There is such a variety of devices with different properties that it is hardly possible for you as a customer to keep an overview.

On the Internet you will find interesting data and figures, arguments for and against a training on the treadmill, countless training methods and tips for the correct and healthy use of such treadmills. But what is the important and necessary information, what interests a customer and which knowledge or which discussion rather confuses him? We have collected some interesting facts that we think are helpful and interesting.

The electric treadmill and its history

Its origins has the electric treadmill, as we know it today, in Roman times. As early as 100 A.D., a kind of treadmill was used that could move and lift heavy loads with the help of the running movements of men. At the beginning of 19th century finally farmers took advantage of the horse's power and let it move through their steps a band of wooden planks moving over wheels.

This belt was then used to drive mills or similar machines via gear wheels. During this time, the “horsepower” unit of measurement also appeared for the first time. Later, also goats, dogs or sheep were used in such treadmills.

A British engineer named William Cubitt developed a treadmill in the time of Queen Victoria, which was intended for use in prisons. The convicts had to move the belt by running to drive water pumps or grain mills.

As forced labour was banned in Great Britain in 1889, the use of treadmills in prisons was also discontinued. In 1952 the cardiologist Dr. Robert Bruce was the first to use a treadmill for medical research at the University of Washington. The entrepreneurs Cooper and Staub launched their company Aerobics Inc., the first home treadmill, in the 1960s. From then on the obesity of training equipment increased more and more and the different manufacturers developed better and better treadmills.

Figures, data, facts about the electric treadmill

If you want to buy a electric treadmill, you buy a device that is packed with technology. In order to make the right purchase decision, it therefore makes sense to at least be familiar with the most important numbers and facts regarding such sports equipment.

  • The motor – its power is critical
  • Speed for each fitness
  • The Mountain Calls – Treadmill Slope
  • Slip resistance due to tread space
  • Treadmill cushioning for joint-gentle training
  • Training Computer – Multifunctional Device
  • Desired value – Compatibility when measuring heart rate
  • Heavyweight Treadmill?!
  • Accessories to optimize use
Motorization is the heart of the electric treadmill. The user will only enjoy his treadmill for a long time due to its performance which is as even and long-lasting as possible. Motors with 1.5 to 4 HP supply the device with sufficient power for smooth running.
Not everyone wants to train for an end time of less than 3 hours at the marathon. Some people simply want to comfortably reduce calories on their treadmill or keep their cardiovascular system going. So everyone needs a very special speed for their training. Most mid-range treadmills can reach a speed of 12 to 16 km/h, which is perfectly sufficient for recreational athletes. However, if you want to train ambitiously, the treadmill you want to buy should be able to run up to 20 km/h. Most treadmills are able to increase the speed in steps of 0.5 km/h in order to guarantee an infinitely variable increase of the speed during operation.
A small disadvantage of the electric treadmill is that you don't have to push yourself off the ground with the same force as you would when running in nature. However, most treadmills are equipped with a running surface where the tilt angle can be adjusted up to 20%. Many devices can adjust the angle in small steps of 0.5%. In order to compensate for the disadvantage of not so strong bead breaking, a tilt angle of 0.5 or 1 % should be set.
Small people need little space, big people have more demands, this also applies to the space on a treadmill. Since the risk of missteps or even falls on small treadmills is much higher, a good treadmill should be at least 1.50 meters long and 0.50 meters wide. This is also sufficient for runners who are tall and have a longer step. It may be worthwhile to measure the length of each step and use it as the base value for the size of the treadmill. Under no circumstances should you buy a treadmill that makes you feel insecure due to lack of space.
The subject of damping is also very important in the design of treadmills. If the electric treadmill is equipped with a good damping system, this has a very positive effect on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and support apparatus, especially during longer training sessions. The systems are capable of absorbing vibrations caused by running and of cushioning the movements of the rotor.
Besides the motor, the training computer is the second important component on the electric treadmill. After all, most of the functions of the tape can be controlled via it. He also passes on important information to the user. A good treadmill can be recognized by the number and type of existing training programs, the possibility to save training results in user profiles and the display of the heart rate. As far as programs are concerned, good treadmills offer, for example, various interval programs for particularly intensive training on the treadmill. Others allow you to program your own program sequences and call them up as required.
Many runners own a sports watch with which they control their outdoor running units. Most treadmills are also able to measure heart rate via hand sensors and display it on the computer screen. However, the reliability of the measured values sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. The reason for this is that you have to keep your hands on the sensor during the measurement, which is not easy and certainly not comfortable when running. For this reason, more and more manufacturers are equipping their treadmills with infrared receivers that can pick up the signals from chest straps that the runner normally uses to pass on to his sports watch. Some treadmill manufacturers offer their own pulse watches and chest straps or the receivers of the treadmills are compatible with the transmitters of well-known brands. Here it is worth asking before buying a treadmill.
An electric treadmill is indeed often not quite easy. It sometimes has to withstand extreme loads and carry people weighing up to 225 kg. As a result, the construction is solid, so that treadmills can weigh between 25 and 150 kg. If you have to transport the device for a longer period of time or if you want to place it somewhere else, this can become a feat of strength. However, almost all treadmills have wheels on one underside that make it easier to roll them to another location.
The range of accessories for an electric treadmill is becoming more and more diverse and ranges from protective mats and extra long handrails for more safety to special cleaning agents and silicone lubricants for lubricating treadmill joints or screws to mountable brackets for tablet PCs, smartphones or books. There are even your own video packs and similar multimedia accessories, with which you can make the training runs more interesting. The manufacturers orient themselves to the needs of their customers, usually react very quickly to new trends or implement suggestions from customer evaluations or treadmill tests. Thus the electric treadmill has become the centre of a very own industry.

In 3 steps, correctly mount an electric treadmill

The assembly of an electric treadmill usually works relatively simply, since the most important parts are already pre-assembled. For example, as Customer you never have to install Tread or the motor. What needs to be mounted are the feet, the handrails and the training computer including the necessary plug connections. When the electric treadmill is delivered, the following activities should be performed:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
First you should remove the packaging. It is important to ensure that no small parts stick somewhere and get lost when thrown away. When unpacking, you can see for the first time whether anything has been damaged during transport. If the packaging is extremely damaged, it may be advisable not to accept the delivery and return it with an appropriate note.
The next step is to check if all necessary parts of the treadmill have been delivered and are undamaged. The number of screws, nuts or similar parts listed in the manual must also be checked so that everything can be screwed together later during assembly.
If all parts are there, it is time to carefully read through the assembly instructions and make the first adjustments to the components. Often the feet have to be mounted first, then the handrails and finally the holder for the computer and the computer itself. Always follow the instructions in the manual during installation. One of the more difficult tasks is adjusting the belt during operation. Here, too, it is advisable to follow the instructions exactly.
We could divide the treadmill assembly into even smaller steps. However, this is difficult because each treadmill has a slightly different structure and the assembly instructions often differ greatly from each other. That is why we give the principle advice to strictly follow the instructions given by the instructions when building. This is the quickest way to reach your goal, has the electric treadmill assembled in no time and can start running.

How to train properly on the treadmill

Running belongs to the natural modes of human locomotion and is subject to an automated motion sequence. This is true for a training in nature as well as for training on the treadmill. Nevertheless, the electric treadmill requires a slightly different motion than training on the road or off-road. There the runner must push himself off the ground with his foot on the ground during the rolling process in order to move forward.

With a treadmill this is not necessary, because the running surface moves against the running direction, no matter if you squeeze or not.

In order to approach the natural rolling behaviour on the belt, it makes sense to set a slight incline for the treadmill. In this way one provokes a stronger print of the foot. The gradient can also be used to compensate for the lack of air resistance (e.g. due to the wind).
In principle, when running (also on the treadmill), one should have an upright, light body template. Avoid on the treadmill however:

  • A hollow back, because this could lead to back pain
  • too strong stamping strains the foot muscles
  • too strong hopping, this leads to increased strain on the joints and back muscles
  • High shoulder area, which can lead to headaches and tension in the neck
  • rotating upper body because it interferes with running dynamics
  • looking around while walking, because this can cause the balance to be lost
  • running in the back area of the treadmill, because you can fall quickly
Just as a beginner you should get advice from a expert or inform yourself in another way how to run correctly on a treadmill. The experience of runners has shown that the economically ideal running style will sooner or later be achieved by itself, if you pay attention to the basic rules right from the start. Also on the treadmill the body searches for the most effective and healthiest posture for him.

Tips for the right treadmill workout

For beginners and athletes who have to start training again after an injury, there are some tips that can help to prevent new or renewed injuries.

Medical examination

Even before you put your foot on the treadmill, it makes sense to have a doctor examine you to see whether you are physically capable of doing running training at all.

If the doctor detects any illnesses, he or she can be asked how training on the treadmill should be designed so that it can be completed. An examination ensures on the one hand that you are fit enough to train and on the other hand it offers the opportunity to get from the doctor first tips for a reasonable training.

Warm up and cool down are mandatory

In order to get the organism used to the upcoming strain of training on the treadmill and to warm up the body, so to speak, it makes sense to complete a warm-up program. This consists of loosening and stretching exercises as well as a short phase of approximately 5 minutes , in which the treadmill is adjusted to walking pace and is first loosened. When the actual workout is finished, a cool-down follows, which can be similar or exactly the same as the warm-up.

Both should not be forgotten, because a not warmed up muscle or a not pre-stretched band breaks faster, than if a habituation to the load has taken place. Many a athlete has run off without warming up and returned with a painful strain. The warm-up phase and the cool-down at the end of a training session can therefore prevent protracted injuries.

Experiment with the running style

We have already written about the position when running on the treadmill. For beginners it's also good to experiment a bit to find your own personal running style. For example, you can play with the stride length or try to find out whether you want to roll and run on the forefoot or heel.

Experts believe that forefoot running is the more effective, but also more strenuous method. Here it depends above all on the own feeling and everyone may find its completely own style .

Training according to heart rate

The popular proverb, according to which the best decisions are those where you listen to your heart, is also very useful for training on the electric treadmill. A very healthy and effective training method is training on the basis of heart rate. Experts calculate the maximum heart rate by subtracting the age of the runner from the value 220. For a 40 years old athlete the maximum heart rate would be 180

In order not to overload the heart during sport, according to sports medicine the heart rate should move between 50 % and 75 %, starting from the maximum heart rate.For the 40-year-old, this means that his heart should beat between 90 (50%) and 135 (75%) when running on the treadmill. A controlled heart rate workout works best when using a chest strap or the hand sensors of the treadmill. The corresponding display on the computer display. is used for checking.

Increase slowly the number and duration of training sessions

Many experts recommend that you take it slowly so that you don't overburden yourself right at the beginning of your running training. 3 training sessions per week of maximum 40 minutes are recommended. Included in this time is the warm-up and the cool-down. This rhythm ensures that the organism has enough time to regenerate after the respective strain.

After some time you notice that the body absorbs the training stimulus very quickly. Then you can consider increasing the number of units or their duration. In principle, however, the increase in training intensity should take place slowly. A classic training plan for beginners on the treadmill could be designed as follows:

  • Week 1: 3 x 20 minutes alternating 2 minutes running and walking fast
  • Week 2: 3 x 20 minutes alternating 3 minutes running and 2 minutes fast walking
  • Week 3: 3 x 20 minutes alternating 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking fast

According to this pattern the individual intensity can be found. The aim of the first training sessions should be to acquire a basic endurance, which can then be the basis for increased training on the treadmill. If you want it easier, you can find countless training plans for the treadmill on the Internet. These can be used either free of charge or for a fee.

5 Tips for treadmill care

A electric treadmill looks very robust at first and that is what it is. Nevertheless, it is necessary to maintain the device carefully. This is the only way to ensure that it functions without signs of wear over a long period and that its owner enjoys it.

  • Avoid dirt
  • Wiping dust is mandatory
  • Removing Weld
  • Lubricate important parts
  • Note maintenance symbol
Avoiding dirt is the best defense against dirt. To keep the treadmill as clean as possible, it should only be used with clean shoes. As a further measure, a mat with dirt-resistant properties is placed under the device. A lot of dirt gets stuck on such mats and can be removed from there more easily than from the treadmill. Pets should also be kept away so that the animal hair does not contaminate the treadmill.
Treadmills are almost always installed in closed rooms and are therefore susceptible to dust and other household dirt. Therefore, the surfaces of the device should be wiped regularly with a dust cloth. Electromagnetically charged cloths are very well suited for removing dust from the smallest corners.
Where a strenuous workout is done, sweat develops. Especially when training on a treadmill, it is distributed by the movements on the device and forms an unpleasant film. This sweat film can easily be removed with a special citrus cleaner. Just put something on a cloth and wipe off the surfaces. There are special, particularly gentle cleaners for the display, which are harmless to its surface. The sweat should be removed after every training session if possible, otherwise it will mix with the house dust.
Especially the belt and the motor of a treadmill have to be lubricated regularly. The best way is to first vacuum out the treadmill itself and the engine compartment with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other dirt. A silicone spray is then used to apply the new lubricating film. In order to test whether there is still enough lubricant available, you only have to grasp under the edge of the tape with your hand. If it is dry there, the unit must be relubricated.
High-quality treadmills in particular have a reminder function. By means of a light symbol on the display, they remind you at regular intervals that cleaning of the device would be appropriate. After the cleaning you can switch off the signal and you will be reminded of the upcoming cleaning.

Useful treadmill accessories

So that you don't really have to do without any comfort when training on the electric treadmill, the manufacturers of treadmills and also other providers of sport equipment some can be invaded.

  • Accessories for more safety
  • Multi-Media Accessories
  • Maintenance Accessories for Treadmills
  • Accessories for training analysis
  • Comfort accessories
First of all there is the aspect of safety and noise protection. Floor mats with anti-slip protection on the underside ensure that the treadmill stands securely and does not slip back and forth in the room. This ensures that the device is stable. Since the motor of a treadmill never works completely noiselessly and the runner also causes a certain noise level, it makes sense to place additional noise insulation under the device. These can be other thick mats that are able to absorb noise. A further useful accessory for treadmills are extra long handrails that run the entire length of the device and can be attached in addition to the existing handlebars by means of clamps or screwing devices. They give the runner even more grip. An extremely helpful accessory are also so-called safety keys with a clip for the training clothes at the other end. The magnet can be attached to most treadmill safety fields. If it comes to a trip or even a fall, the magnet is removed from the field and the treadmill stops immediately.
Accessories for entertainment or communication are very popular. Training on the treadmill can sometimes be quite monotonous, especially during very long and even sessions. In order to avoid too much boredom, there are special holders with which, for example, a tablet PC or a book can be fastened directly in front of you. On the tablet you can watch movies. Smartphones can also be equipped with such brackets, some even have hands-free devices, so you don't have to pick up the phone to make a call. That's very practical during training.
Care for the treadmill should never be neglected, because regular cleaning extends the service life of the treadmill. For this reason there are special care products from various suppliers. These cleaning agents are characterized by the fact that they act very gently and protect the surfaces and components of the treadmill. There are also various silicone sprays that can be used to keep important components such as the engine or belt moving with the aid of lubricants. If they dried out, the treadmill would break sooner or later.
Many athletes, whether professional or recreational, want to document and analyze their training performance. Electronic training diaries and analysis software can be useful for this purpose. Such electronic accessories can be found on the Internet, where you can download them to your home computer. The training results from the sports watch or the training computer on the treadmill can often be transferred to the computer via Bluetooth or USB connection. Numerous treadmill manufacturers have already developed their own software, which can be used to analyze their results and then use the findings for further training planning.
Some runners don't want to do without their laptops during training or need a solid base for their drinking glass. There are also accessories for this, namely shelves that can be slid between the handlebars and are so large that they can even accommodate a large laptop, business documents and smartphone. In this way, you can also work during the sports unit, if necessary. This storage table is only available for certain treadmills, it is not compatible with other devices.

Alternatives to the electric treadmill

Whenever training is to focus on training and improving the cardiovascular system and endurance, a so-called cardio sports device is the best choice. These include not only the electric treadmill, but also the crosstrainer, the elliptical trainer, the ergometer and the rower. What are the common Elements these Cardio devices and where are the differences between one Treadmill and the other Devices?

  • Various motion sequences, one target
  • Cross- and Elliptical Trainer
  • Ergometer – effective cycling on the spot
  • Rowing equipment for endurance
  • Running in the nature
The common goal of all cardio sports equipment already reveals the term “cardio”, which is derived from the term “cardiovascular” and means that the training has an effect on the blood circulation of humans. With the treadmill, the cross and elliptical trainer, the ergometer and the rowing machine, the performance of the cardiovascular system can be improved. In addition, the devices are suitable for promoting the endurance of the organism and optimizing respiration. Of course, different muscle groups are also trained, but there is no build-up of muscle mass. That would require strength training. By using cardio sports equipment one does not get muscle mountains, but trains the general fitness and endurance. But where are the differences between the individual devices?
The most important common features of crosstrainer and elliptical device are the flywheel, with which both are driven, the horizontally arranged pedals for the feet as well as the vertically aligned arm poles, with which the movement sequence is actively supported. Both devices imitate the natural walking movement of humans. In order to make the training more effective, the size of the resistance provided by the flywheel can be changed. This is controlled by a training computer on both devices. An additional joint has been integrated into the elliptical trainer to make the movement even more natural and therefore more ergonomic. This extension shows that the elliptical trainer is nothing more than a further development of the crosstrainer. During training, the feet describe an elliptical path from which the name of the device is derived. However, as legs and arms cross during the movement, the term crosstrainer is also correct. Due to the same movement principle, a crosstrainer can also be called an elliptical device and vice versa. The differences between the two devices are that the flywheel of the crosstrainer is almost always at the back, that it has a smaller stride length, that the user performs a slightly stronger up and down movement and that his hip joint is subjected to a slightly stronger load. However, training on both machines is considered to be very easy on the joints, as the pressure of occurrence is eliminated.
Another alternative to the electric treadmill is the ergometer or bicycle ergometer. This makes it clear that training on an ergometer consists of riding a bicycle. The construction of the device is similar to that of a normal wheel. There's a handlebar, a saddle and pedals. Only the two tyres are replaced by a flywheel connected to the pedals. The resistance of the flywheel can be adjusted via a training computer located on the handlebar. This allows you to create different training scenarios. The main difference to treadmills, cross trainers and elliptical trainers is that the ergometer mainly uses the leg muscles. Although the arm musculature performs supporting or holding work, the arm muscles are only minimally loaded.
A very efficient alternative to endurance training on the treadmill is the rowing machine. Such a cardio sports device simulates the rowing motion on the water, so to speak. The unit is set up on the floor and consists of two parallel rails on which a seat that can be moved forwards and backwards is set. To fix the body in place, there is an inclined foot plate with lockable loops for the feet in front of the user. In order to perform the rowing movement, the rower must reach for a short handle bar located in front of him and connected to a flywheel by a rope. During the backward movement of the seat, the athlete pulls the grip towards his chest against the predetermined resistance, as if he were pulling the rowing bars towards him. During the forward movement the rope rolls up again for the next pull. Rowing machines with movable handlebars attached to the sides are rather rarer. Training with the rowing machine requires above all the leg muscles, but also the entire upper body including the abdominal, back, chest, shoulder and arm muscles. Rowing is basically an excellent whole body workout with an emphasis on improving endurance. Correct posture and good coordination skills are very important when rowing, because incorrect posture can quickly lead to painful complaints. Some sports experts advise beginners or people who rarely train not to use the rowing machine or only after a thorough introduction by a trained trainer.
The alternative that is most similar to running on an electric treadmill is, of course, running outdoors. The big advantage of this is that it is an almost identical motion sequence and you do not have to change much. The only difference is that you have to squeeze more when the foot comes up and during the rolling phase than on the treadmill. If you want to move the workout from the relatively softly cushioned treadmill to the open air and run on the road, for example, you should use the right running shoes. For the treadmill, the shoes do not have to be damped very much, on hard asphalt it is recommended to run with shoes that have very good damping properties. In this way you can avoid injuries and overloads. Running in nature also requires different clothing. You should select these depending on the weather. What many forget is the fact that you are confronted with wind in the open air. It can make outdoor training much more strenuous than running on a treadmill due to the higher air resistance. We believe that running in nature is the best of all alternatives to treadmill training

Continuing links and sources

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Therefore it is important to have access to sources that offer real added value and correct information for questions about the Training on the Treadmill . We have selected some websites with such value added for you:

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