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Best Crosstrainer 2019 • 0 Crosstrainers Reviews

In various crosstrainer tests, examinations, suitability tests and analyses, experts crosstrainers have tested and compared their heart and kidneys. In a comparison table, reports on the tested devices are listed in detail and a comparative winner has also been chosen. The history and development of crosstrainers is described below. We also tell you how they actually work. Furthermore, we have devoted ourselves to the question of what can be trained with a crosstrainer and what application possibilities there are in sports. Just do a personal crosstrainer test yourself!

Pros and cons and the handling of a crosstrainer found according to an evaluation of various crosstrainer tests, comparisons and juxtapositions also appeal. Therefore, external testers have also subjected this passage to a precise inspection and intensive control. In order for such a crosstrainer to function properly, test persons continued to turn to the performance features.

In the following you will find additional information from tests how the devices were tested by the manufacturer and test portals and according to which crosstrainers test criteria were evaluated. Consequently, you will learn which types of crosstrainers companies sell cheaply and what distinguishes them in particular. With these facts a comparison winner could be determined at the end. More information can be found in juxtapositions, side-by-side and crosstrainer tests on the Internet. In congruence and balancing with your needs, you will surely find your test winner soon after researching in some tests!

We have summarized for you from numerous external crosstrainer tests what you should consider when purchase a crosstrainer, so that unpleasant surprises are excluded from the outset. The last question we answer for you in our report is the question which advantages the purchase of a crosstrainer on the Internet entails.

The history and development of the crosstrainers

Crosstrainers with the test grade “Very good” as test result, are the optimal further development of elliptical trainers. For this reason, crosstrainers have many similarities and similarities compared to elliptical trainers. The first crosstrainer was created in 1995 in America. Precor launched the prototype on the market. The device had a special technique, called “CrossRamp”. Hence the similarity in the present name. This technology is still used to this day in many models of crosstrainers.

The ramp can be adjusted in different positions according to external crosstrainer tests. In angles from 13 to 40 degrees it is possible to train almost all muscle groups positively and to exercise. The stride length and pedal height can also be adjusted.

In 2004, Precor finally contributed to the further development of the crosstrainers. One employee was responsible for the development of a more compact species of crosstrainers. Larry D. Miller, a Precor employee, wanted to use this new crosstrainer to accurately simulate a person's walking movement.

The model for this was his daughter jogging. Thus it came to a new species of crosstrainers, with which sportsmen extremely Reebock Crosstrainer C5.1e has a magnetic brake system with servo motorjoint-friendly could train. There are three basic types, with which a training is possible. The drive types, for example, are of importance here.

The first crosstrainers had the flywheel in the rear area. Newer crosstrainers already had a front drive. Modern crosstrainers have a central drive. Crosstrainers of the older variety make a movement with only low swing circle possible.

If the crosstrainer has a front drive, stronger up and down movements are possible. Nevertheless, there are numerous differences between the devices. Meanwhile there are models that combine different training possibilities with each other. The development of the crosstrainers is guaranteed to continue in the coming years.

How does a crosstrainer?

With a crosstrainer, in principle, anyone who can walk can train. All muscle groups can be claimed with its help. The training also strengthens the heart and circulatory system. Just test it yourself! Training with a crosstrainer is still responsible for a faster fat metabolism.

According to various tests, the crosstrainer is therefore the optimal device for effective endurance training. Anyone who works with a crosstrainer improves posture and body tension. The overall well-being improves through the training. A crosstrainer is also ideal for untrained people. Just test and compare it personally!

Who performs a mainly sitting activity, logically has a weaker musculature than physically working people. With the help of the crosstrainer this circumstance changes gently. You should start training slowly. The workouts with the crosstrainer are always targeted to build up and gradually increase.

Crosstrainer Maxxus Cx 6.1 testedOnly after 30 minutes of training does active fat burning begin in the body. Therefore, according to an external crosstrainer test, a rather low wattage should be selected initially. The wattage can then be increased individually. The pressure on the muscle groups in the arms and legs can also be adjusted accordingly. Test for yourself which wattage is best for you.

Users mostly simulate walking movements in tests. The functions of the test device allow the muscles to be stressed more than during a normal walk. If you start a training with the crosstrainer, you should allow yourself daily breaks. As a result, body and muscles can adapt to the new activity.

Who already train longer, may also work daily with the crosstrainer. If there is a regular training, also the fat burning increases.

So the effect is clear: While fat is reduced, muscle mass builds up.

The goal of the workout should be one hour workout daily. A calorie- and health-conscious diet is ideal to have an additional positive influence on fat reduction. It is also advisable to drink sufficient liquid, preferably water, during training. During this activity, the body loses a lot of fluid through sweating.

What can be trained with a crosstrainer?

All muscle groups can be trained with a crosstrainer. With a crosstrainer, athletes can set the simulation to Cross Country, Jogging and Stepping Functions. The whole body can be trained in this way. Nevertheless, endurance and a better posture are in the foreground. Just do the test yourself!

However, the main work on this unit is performed from the legs. The arms are supportive. It is also possible to reverse with a crosstrainer. In turn, other muscle groups can be used that would otherwise not be considered.

However, this type of training is heavier and not so fast. This circumstance, however, again enables increased strain on the arm muscles. Those who strain themselves too much can feel a burning sensation or a numb feeling in the soles of their feet.

For the reasons given above, reverse running is only to be practised temporarily.

Of course, the arms can also be specially trained. This happens in traditional training by moving parallel to the sagittal plane. Modern devices offer even more possibilities to strain the muscles of the arms. For example, the movements here can also be performed somewhat inclined to the sagittal plane.

According to tests, strength and movement are more likely to come from the centre of the body. This is very similar to the natural movement of running. The conventional method is different. Here the way of the hand goes rather to the shoulder. If the user does not adjust the device exactly to his own strength, overstrain can occur in different areas of the body.

Crosstrainer calorie consumption

The Crosstrainer calorie consumption is right high, because the crosstrainer offers a comprehensive whole body workout. As an endurance device, fat burning is properly stimulated during a 30-minute workout. The exact number of calories you burn depends on your personal basic metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate is the calorie consumption that you already need without training at rest. The decisive factors are your sex, your age, your height and your weight. The whole is then multiplied by the PAL factor (Physical activity level) of the activity, which stands for the intensity of the work. Sitting has a PAL factor of 1.2, while on the crosstrainer you can achieve a PAL factor of 2.4 or even more.

The crosstrainer calorie consumption is actually only topped by the treadmill and the trampoline. Because the crosstrainer carries the body, while the body carries the whole weight when running (or treadmill) and in trampolining the weight is even quadrupled by gravity.

It is of course decisive with which intensity you train and for how long. If you only walk on a treadmill, you will of course burn far fewer calories than if you do a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on the crosstrainer.

As a rule, the crosstrainer calorie consumption is displayed by the crosstrainer itself in Display . You will also need to enter your gender, age and weight. Despite the entries, the information is only an estimate.

American researchers of the Iowa State University have found out in a study about fitness trackers (clocks with calorie counters that work similar to the display in the crosstrainer) that the result is often displayed rather inaccurately, i.e. too high or too low. Nevertheless, they were not completely wrong and so you can already assume that the displayed calorie burning approximately corresponds to the actual calorie consumption. Just as “an egg” or “a banana” does not necessarily correspond to the calorie information from a calorie table, depending on its size.

After all this information we want to present you a (very inaccurate) list so that you can get an idea:

Crosstrainer Calorie consumption Orientation values:

Crosstrainer low Impact/ low intensity : 225 kcal at 30 min

Crosstrainer middle Impact/ medium intensity: 325 kcal at 30 min

Crosstrainer high Impact/ high intensity: 415 kcal at 30 min

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a crosstrainer?

The crosstrainer offers numerous advantages. Training with a crosstrainer leads to a joint-gentle strain on the body. Almost any muscle group can be trained. In the long run this leads to more muscle mass and more endurance with simultaneous fat loss.

With a crosstrainer you can train both at home and in a gym. Good crosstrainers for home use are already available at a relatively low price. By working with the crosstrainer athletes can move and train both legs and arms.

Christopeit CXM 6 CrosstrainerIn a joint-gentle way the whole body can be trained in the long run healthier. If you are trained on the crosstrainer, you can adjust the setting so that it consumes up to 700 calories per hour. At the same time, according to an analysis, you can be distracted by other activities. At home, listening to music, watching TV or reading a newspaper or a book is also possible.

There are no limits to the possibilities. It is always important to pay attention to a upright posture , because only then all muscle groups will find optimal training. Who decides to purchase a crosstrainer for their own home, can of course save money. So you don't have to pay regular fees for a gym.

A small disadvantage has to be mentioned: If the workout on a crosstrainer is too strenuous for you or if you have problems with the hip joints and the knees, you should better switch to a bicycle trainer.

These points were considered in crosstrainer tests

In external crosstrainer tests, product tests, product tests and practice tests, the focus was first on delivery and packing. After the construction of the device, test subjects took a close look at the appearance, design and texture.

A good crosstrainer convinces above all with data and facts. These areas were subject to a rigorous investigation. If, in addition, the comfort and the handling and operation of the device were easy, there were of course plus points in the crosstrainer test run.

However, all these features do not guarantee a good test result after thorough inspection when evaluating various product tests, investigations, practical tests and product tests. For this reason, numerous test persons also evaluated the result critically, but constructively during the test control. Also the cleaning and the care of the crosstrainers were considered as further aspects in the crosstrainer test. The accessories, whether rich, few or not available at all, also interested the external test persons during the test run. Make your own sample of the accessories you consider necessary after weighing them up!

Subsequently, test persons turned to the manufacturers. This was done to control how the warranty services and the service of the different companies are structured. Finally, the testers summarized all pros and cons in a small conclusion. This allowed a better overview of the results and a clear winner of the comparison to be established.

Crosstrainer Stiftung Warentest – Pollutants found in the handles

The Stiftung Warentest has not carried out an extensive crosstrainer test so far, but has always tested several exercise bikes together. In 2007 the Stiftung Warentest tested crosstrainers and steppers and in 2013 crosstrainers and bicycle ergometers. The crosstrainer as a training device generally always performed better than the bicycle ergometer and the stepper ab, because the body is trained holistically and the training result is higher.

The crosstrainer Stiftung Warentest test winner in 2007 was the crosstrainer Kettler Vito XS, which is no longer available. Perhaps this was also due to the fact that despite the very good training performance of the crosstrainers, they were devalued due to prohibited and harmful plasticizers in the handles.

A recommendation was therefore given to the crosstrainer Christopeit Sport CS5 who scored well. This crosstrainer is still in production and can be found in our comparison table of ReviewInstitutes. In this crosstrainer no pollutants were found in the test .

Crosstrainer Christopeit2013 Stiftung Warentest mainly focused on bicycle ergometers. Only two crosstrainers were tested and both did not perform very well. The crosstrainer Christopeit Walker was chosen because it is collapsible. Since this only works with screws and the folded crosstrainer cannot stand on its own, the testers found this very unpractical. The function of the Christopeit Walker did not score well in the Stiftung Warentest either, as the computer is below average simple and no pulse is measured. It also works without a resistance element. Stiftung Warentest did not mention that the Christopeit Walker with its price of 124 Euro also costs significantly less and that customers may therefore not expect as much as with high-priced devices. The model is still available from Amazon.

Better pleased the testers of crosstrainers Reebok i coach S who because of its high flywheel mass enabled good home training. But unfortunately also here high pollutant concentrations in the form of plasticizers were found in the handles, which is why Stiftung Warentest did not want to make a real recommendation for this crosstrainer. This crosstrainer is no longer available in stores.

Stiftung Warentest recommends customers who have already bought a crosstrainer to wrap phthalate plasticizer in the grips that grips with bright handlebar tape from the bicycle trade.

Which manufacturers manufacture crosstrainers and what distinguishes them?

Manufacturer for crosstrainers there are many. Representative for all, here are the most common: Christopeit, Reebok, Kettler, Stylish Crosstrainer by SkandikaUltrasport, Confidence, Klarfit, Asviva, Bremshey, Buffalo, Cardiostrong, Circle Fitness, Daum Electronic, Diadora, Ergo Fit, Fit For Fun, Hammer, Horizon Fitness, Johnson Health Tech, Life Fitness, Matrix Fitness, Octan Fitness and Smooth Fitness.

Like all manufacturers of electrical training equipment, these manufacturers are always striving to optimize their crosstrainers. Therefore a constant further development and improvement of the devices is the highest goal of all companies. Also healthy training with a load that is as gentle on the body as possible is important for the manufacturers.

Thus new functions are created, which facilitate and improve the training more and more and provide for ideal training results. The manufacturers are also always anxious to keep the price-performance ratio balanced. This means that their devices can also be used by a wide range of customers.

What should you look out for when buying a crosstrainer?

First of all the crosstrainer has to be adapted to individual needs. This also ensures lasting fun during training. If you want to buy a crosstrainer cheaply, the flood of models seems gigantic at first. Most companies have many different systems and devices.

Christopeit Crosstrainer Ergometer CX 6The price range also varies strongly. Some devices even have computers that offer even more possibilities. It is important that the crosstrainer corresponds to personal needs. Therefore you should take some time before buying to compare all models with the different systems among themselves.

Additional information may also be included in the decision to purchase a crosstrainer. Of great importance is the height adjustment of the grips. Ideally they should be in the area of the elbows and shoulders. The arms must always be bent slightly, as they need enough space to be able to move.

It is also important that the unit stands firmly on the floor. The feet must not slip, otherwise a injury hazard can occur. Also the optimal flywheel mass should play a role in the decision for the right crosstrainer. The higher the mass, the more evenly the body's movements are during training.

Another important point are the pedals of the crosstrainer. Ideally, they are adjustable and slip-resistant. If the crosstrainer has to be transported, it must not be too heavy. In the best case, the sports equipment even fits into the car. There are also crosstrainers with rollers that make easier transport possible.

If you do not necessarily want to watch TV during training, you can use a crosstrainer with integrated training programs. Motivation and exciting variety are included in the purchase price.

The own body weight has to be adjusted to the crosstrainer. If the body weight is high, the purchase of a solid and robust device is advisable. This must be able to carry the body weight of the user. In order to avoid surprises, the point on maximum user weight must be observed.

If your desired crosstrainer is high-quality, you have made the perfect choice. The components, which are often in use, usually wear out quickly. This includes grips or pads. If you want to train often, you should purchase a crosstrainer that is actually designed for long-term training.

Even small parts, such as hinges and screws, should be of good quality and well processed. The size of the crosstrainer is also important. If a crosstrainer is too large, this also affects the physical exertion . This leads to faster fatigue.

The screen of the integrated computer should be easy to recognize and read. It is important that all stored data appear on demand well readable. A ergometer function is also available on the crosstrainer in the best case.Christopeit Crosstrainer Ergometer CX 6

If you want to acquire a good crosstrainer, the inertia should be more than 20 kg. The maximum weight load must always be kept in mind so that the device can provide optimum service. The mechanical connections should be covered with protection due to the risk of injury.

Pedals and treads are best placed so high that they make a slip during movement impossible. It should also be mentioned that a crosstrainer should only have those functions that are really necessary. Functions that athletes cannot or do not want to use make no sense. They may even hinder a positive training process and success.

Once the workout begins, you should be safe and comfortable on the device. Otherwise, the model must be optimally adapted to your personal needs. The necessary safety should be an important component when buying a crosstrainer. Many trainers have certificates, that indicate tested safety.

What positive aspects offers one of the crosstrainers purchase on the Internet?

There are many positive aspects, which speak for the purchase of a crosstrainer in Internet. On the Internet, you can check several devices for suitability, features, functions, and so on, as is the case in a conventional retail store. In addition, you must no cumbersome ways to accept. From your home computer you can check which crosstrainer is the right one for you.

Whoever selects such a device on the Internet and wants to buy, gets the crosstrainer delivered to home . Also here unnecessary ways are void, which leads to a time and cost saving. The logistical problem of transport is also eliminated.

The crosstrainers on the Internet are often cheaper than equivalent devices in normal shops. Perhaps you are directly interested in the external comparison winner? In addition, athletes can expect a better service or warranty from many manufacturers. Many service offers are available on the Internet, which the customer can easily make use of.

Some dealers even offer a free warranty extension, which can often be useful. The actual purchase is easy to make. Only a few clicks are necessary until you can finally call the desired device your own. The payment process is just as simple, since this fast is possible. Advantage: You do not have to carry large amounts of cash with you. Just make the test, compare offers and test winners as well as one or the other model with each other.

The history of the crosstrainer

The history of the crosstrainer goes back to the beginning of the 21st century. At that time, sports scientists developed for the first time a piece of sports equipment with the help of which all larger muscle parts of the body could be trained effectively. The first mass-produced model had a flywheel located in the rear part of the crosstrainer. The flywheel itself reacted to the movements of the treads. The trainee automatically moved up and down. Also the pedal resistance of these first crosstrainers could already be adjusted individually, so that the devices soon enjoyed great popularity.

It didn't take long for the crosstrainers to conquer the fitness studios and gradually develop into one of the most popular training devices. This status has not changed until today. This is sometimes due to the fact that even physically impaired and untrained people can sustainably improve their fitness with the help of a crosstrainer.

However, the first crosstrainers differed from modern devices in one essential point: The motion sequence was vertical. Today the crosstrainers have an elliptical arm and leg shape. In addition, the flywheel was moved to the front part of the unit. Thus a longer and joint-gentle step sequence is possible. Even backward movements are no problem with a modern crosstrainer. Thus, according to a survey, training is variabler than in earlier models.

Current trends in the crosstrainer area

Crosstrainers have been an integral part of fitness studios and the daily training routine of many people for years. Nevertheless, there are always new trends that provide variety. They offer possibilities to vary the training and to get even better accustomed to one's own performance level as well as the sequence of movements. During personal tests in fitness studios, you can compare the test winners on site.

  • Most modern computer technology
  • Crosstrainers, which are particularly quiet
Crosstrainers of the newest generation have a sophisticated computer technology, which is capable of far more than only measuring the heart rate. Also the calorie consumption, the wattage and of course the training time can be displayed exactly. Many models are also equipped with different programs. These allow beginners as well as advanced users to adapt the training to their own constitution and the respective training goal. Depending on the selected program, for example, the pedal resistance is varied at certain intervals. Thus, lighter phases are replaced by more difficult ones.

So all those who want to melt excess pounds get their money's worth with a crosstrainer just as much as people who primarily train their cardiovascular system. The crosstrainer can still be used to warm up before jogging or other sporting activities. Basically, however, the crosstrainer should only have the functions that are actually used in everyday training. According to a survey within the scope of a suitability test of crosstrainers, many programs and functions complicate the operability. Test for yourself how many programs are advantageous for you!

The user-friendliness is a decisive factor for the success of the training: If you have to struggle through different functions before the training, you may not even have the necessary Motivation. And it is precisely this that is so important for regular sporting activity. Less in this case is often more . Not every state-of-the-art crosstrainer, which is equipped with countless functions, is suitable for your needs.

Those who decide to purchase a crosstrainer with device resistance usually do so for a very specific reason: Athletes can train at any time within their own four walls, regardless of weather conditions or the opening hours of the fitness studios. Putting on sports shoes and registering with a sports club requires far more discipline than standing on the crosstrainer at home several times a week.

Another advantage is that you can watch your favourite series or news during training. For this to work, however, the crosstrainer must be as quiet as possible. This is another reason why manufacturers are paying more and more attention to this aspect. Devices that make as little noise as possible during operation are in high demand.

Exercise efficiently in five steps

1. before starting: warm-up exercises

1. before starting: warm-up exercises

Before training on the crosstrainer it is recommended to do a warm-up. In this way the body can already be brought to the right training temperature and the pulse can be increased slightly. Warming up ligaments, tendons and joints is also very important: this phase prepares you optimally for the following training session. The risk of muscle pain and typical sports injuries such as muscle fibre tears and strains can therefore be reduced. Before you get on the crosstrainer, just hop or run on the spot for two to three minutes. Then do some swinging exercises with your arms and legs to warm up.

2. start slowly

2. start slowly

Especially beginners should start with a low training intensity and increase it gradually over several weeks. This allows muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints to slowly get used to the strain. At the same time, you gain fitness and fitness step by step. So select a low resistance program and start at a moderate tempo. Also pay attention to your pulse: depending on your age, weight and physical condition, it should lie between 110 and 140 beats per minute.

3. Increase intensity

3. Increase intensity

After a warm-up period of five to ten minutes, you can slowly increase your training intensity. The same applies here: Always adjust speed and pedaling resistance to your own constitution in order to avoid overloading. The so-called interval training is particularly effective: intensive training phases alternate with moderate training phases. For example, ten minutes with high pedaling resistance are followed by ten minutes in which you take it a little slower. Modern crosstrainers have preset programs for interval training, which you only have to select and start. The pedal resistance then adjusts automatically at regular intervals to your exercises.

4. change direction

4. change direction

Many users of a crosstrainer complain about circulatory problems in the toes or the whole feet after a longer training period. You can avoid this by changing once or twice the pedalling direction during the sport . This requirement is easily met with crosstrainers of newer generations. In this way you can make your training varied and at the same time ensure that your feet are always well supplied with blood.

5. After the training: Don't forget stretching and loosening exercises

5. After the training: Don't forget stretching and loosening exercises

Intensive stretching exercises should be as natural after the sport as before the training on the crosstrainer. The muscles return to their original position. This considerably reduces the risk of tension and muscle soreness. Especially important is the stretching of the anterior thigh muscles. To do this, stand upright and hold on to a wall or chair with one hand if possible. Then grasp the instep of your left foot with your left hand. Pull it slowly and carefully towards your buttocks. Push the hip slightly forward. To stretch the posterior thigh muscles lie with your back on the floor. You then grasp one leg with both hands, approximately at the level of the hollow of the knee. The leg is now stretched and pulled towards the upper body. The foot stays very loose.

What is the optimal heart rate when training with the crosstrainer?

Crosstrainers also show the heart rate/pulse on the display. Which heart rate is optimal for a personal during crosstraining is individually different and depends on the factors gender, age and state of fitness. In addition, it must be differentiated whether you can use the

  • Fat combustion
  • Cardio (cardiovascular)
  • or increased fitness through HIIT (interval training)

with the crosstrainer.

Even if every person is different, most people have a rest pulse between 60 and 80. The maximum pulse again is about 220 – age. This means that a 20-year-old has a maximum pulse of about 200 and a 40-year-old about 180. The maximum pulse range is interesting for cardio training and fitness improvement.

With “High Intense Interval Training” (HIIT) the pulse is driven up for short times, so that you give on the crosstrainer for example one minute “full throttle”. You will notice that you are in your maximum pulse when you feel a noticeable exertion, breathing is intense and speaking should be difficult. A single minute seems very long.

Those who do such training more often can use it to train their fitness and resilience. But beware: such intensive training can weaken the immune system. Beginners should avoid the maximum pulse range.

When cardio training, i.e. an intensive cardiovascular training, the pulse on the crosstrainer should be about 140 – 160 for young fit people. They sweat a lot and find the training exhausting. You can still talk, but you can't have a relaxed conversation anymore.

When burning fat it is important that you train longer than 30 minutes on the crosstrainer, because only then the body consumes its fat reserves. In order to maintain this duration well, the pulse must not be driven too high. Choose a resistance that is pleasant. In athletic people, the pulse is in the range of 120 – 130. A conversation should be possible.

These are only general information. If you want to know your personal ideal training pulse exactly, you should have it determined by a sports physician. Also some Fitnessstudios offer personal diagnoses.

Care and cleaning of the crosstrainer

Lubricating the joints

A crosstrainer with device resistance that is used several times a week or even daily requires careful care. As a result, the life of the device can be increased. Lubricate the joint parts regularly so that they do not become rusty. According to the portal usually the manufacturers indicate in the operating instructions which grease (for example graphite or silicone grease) is particularly suitable for the respective equipment.

All connections of components that are firmly screwed together require regular greasing. This means that there are no disturbing noises even during training. Even premature wear can be effectively prevented in this way.

Behold the service indicator

Many modern crosstrainers have a special feature, the so-called Service display. As soon as this lights up or flashes on the display of the device, all screw connections must be checked and tightened if necessary. Important: Disconnect the crosstrainer from the mains before use! Once you have ensured that all screws are tight, you can deactivate the service indicator.

Weld and dirt removal

It's quite clear: during training on the crosstrainer, athletes start to sweat. Not infrequently it even happens that sweat drips onto the device. For this reason, you should dry your crosstrainer with a soft cloth after each training session. This will protect the metal parts.

However, do not use strong detergents and use a damp cloth to remove sweat and dust from the crosstrainer. Furthermore you should suck out the motor sump of the crosstrainer at least once a month . This is where lint and dust often gather.

Crosstrainer Clean handles

The handles are of course very important for cleaning. If you have held them for 30 minutes and started to sweat a lot, you want to clean the crosstrainer grips after the workout. But the handles also contain the pulse sensors for the pulse display. According to one should dip the cloth into hot water to clean the pulse watch sensors. Cleaning agents, on the other hand, are not recommended.

Crosstrainer Clean display

When cleaning the display, you should also avoid using cleaning agents such as detergent or glass cleaner. A dry microfiber cloth should be sufficient to remove dust from the monitor. It also works with a damp cloth and if you want you can add some vinegar to the water. Scratching sponges or the like are of course taboo.

The annual inspection

If a crosstrainer has deficiencies that are not obvious at first glance, this represents a high risk. For example, components could come loose during training. Serious accidents would result. For this reason it is recommended to have the crosstrainer checked by an expert once a year. In this way, problems can be detected at an early stage and the device functions perfectly for many years. To ensure that your warranty claim does not expire, you should also have the inspections carefully documented.

New features for crosstrainers

Basically, the crosstrainer is the actual innovation among fitness equipment. This is a further development of the elliptical trainers. The first Crosstrainer was created in 1995 in America. Since then innovations regarding technical refinements have been added. So the newest products can not only show the Pulse and the Heart rate. Different running intensities, programs and other options can also be set and adjusted. If there are innovations, then they relate to the technical area.

The first crosstrainers can now also be controlled via smartphone and app, so that training success and progress can be recorded in the media.

Practical, but belonging to the older new features, is the feature to engage the reverse gear with the crosstrainer. So you can train even more and others muscle groups. Here a new standard in the area of difficulty sets in. Instead of focusing on Tempo, it is suitable for beginners, who prefer to do the exercise slowly and intensively. It takes some power and energy to get the crosstrainer going backwards and to the rhythmic running. Also the balance the leg difficulty, an increased insertion and training of the arm muscles is necessary. At the same time, the soles of the feet can be stressed differently when reverse walking. If you feel a prickling or even deafness in the soles of your feet after too long a workout, you can quickly provide help. Just run a lap backwards.

Medical facts about the use of a crosstrainer

Crosstrainers can also be used incorrectly. This is repeatedly indicated by medics. But with a little practice, posture and movement sequences can be coordinated correctly. This means that there are no medically noteworthy disadvantages for the trainee.

Especially important and central for Training with the crosstrainer is the rolling motion of the foot. Meanwhile most crosstrainers are basically constructed in such a way that not only a harmonious distribution of the weight on the feet takes place. Our typical rolling behaviour during running and walking can also be integrated into the motion sequence. Automatically.

However, this has not always been the case. In earlier crosstrainers there was always a recommendation from a medical point of view to carry out active rolling movement of the foot with each crosstrainer step. This active rolling motion is no longer required for modern products. This is very important and appeals to doctors. Running and steppes on the Crosstrainer are nowadays very easy on the joints. An additional, active rolling of the feet removes the leveraging effect which is easy on the joints and reverses it: Foot and joints cannot escape additional, unnecessary stress by actively rolling on the Crosstrainer. It's not good for the joints. Medicine also refers to this.

The crosstrainer is a generally well-tolerated and healthy fitness machine. This can be clearly seen from how often crosstrainers are used in the area of physiotherapy and rehab treatments. The fact, that crosstrainers are constructed and constructed so that they train the whole body and its muscles is one of the reasons for the medical use of these fitness machines.

It is also important to pay attention to the Pulse during crosstraining on the fitness machine. Train exclusively in the optimal area. Because then your organism can concentrate exclusively on what you want: Fat reduction, muscle building, fitness and condition.

It is the HFmax that tells us our optimal Pulse. With this value you can measure our heartbeats per minute at full load. The value differs from person to person. The HFmax depends, among other things, on how well a person is trained and how efficient the heart is in general. As an orientation value, the HFmax for men is measured as follows: 220 minus age of life. For a man at the age of 30, the HFmax is thus 190. For women, the value is divided somewhat differently: 226 minus age. In a woman of the same age (30 years), the optimal heart rate is 196. Most crosstrainers measure pulse and heart rate, so that an effective training in the optimal area is possible. If athletes reach between 70% and 80%, they train in the aerobic area of the fitness zone. The endurance is particularly addressed here. In the maximum range between 90 % and 100 % of the HFmax the maximum power and the speed must be improved. Competitors train mainly in this area. Who only reaches a light training, with a 60 % to 70 % HFmax, goes on fat burning and trains his basic endurance. Very light training is beneficial for the general health.

In the following, short instructions are used for the correct use of the devices from a medical perspective. First of all it should be mentioned that athletes should not exaggerate at the beginning of the training. For beginners a maximum training duration of 25 to 30 minutes is recommended. Then the muscles are warm and effectively trained. If you put too much effort into it and spend up to one hour on the Crosstrainer, you can expect Muskelkater and Overacidification of the muscles. But even if you change from Sommerwaldlauf to the Crosstrainer in winter, you should not forget that there are other (and more) muscle groups who find a requirement when training with the Crosstrainer.

Even if the endurance allows a training of 60 minutes and more on the crosstrainer: If you switch to the fitness equipment, you must not overstrain your muscles.

The A and O of correct posture

When exercising on the crosstrainer, the correct posture of the back is of utmost importance. Fitness training must be performed in a straight, upright position. Anyone who tends to fall into a hollow back or hunchback must pay special attention to their posture during training. Crosstrainers are designed so that the feet are in constant contact with the pedal platforms.

Anyone who, as mentioned above, additionally strengthens the rolling movement unnecessarily strains the toes, ball of the foot, joints and ligaments.

Move correctly on the crosstrainer

No matter how good a crosstrainer is and whether the one you buy is a comparative winner or not: The right movement is really the be-all and end-all for everyone who doesn't want to suffer from postural damage. The correct sequence of movements can be predetermined when exercising on the crosstrainer. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Particularly central, and especially difficult during the first steps on a crosstrainer, is the even and fluid movement of the legs. To create a melodic rhythm, you have to add your arms. But the effort must not be shifted from the legs to the arms. Much more important is an even load and effort of arms and legs. The insertion and use of the arms to gain momentum on the crosstrainer is, however, a common mistake for beginners and beginners.

Before false whims creep in here, it is important to watch yourself training with special vigilance. Make sure that the fluid movement of the pedal platforms is actually achieved by the force of the legs and not controlled by the arms.

The muscle groups: Demands and advancements of our body during crosstraining

Our body and our muscles can be trained particularly gently and effectively with the crosstrainer. Especially the numerous muscles, that the crosstrainer addresses, are decisive for effective training success. But with special exercises even one or the other muscle can be trained more. How, we learn this in the section about ‘Special exercises on the crosstrainer'. However, it is always the special exercises of movement, that are responsible for the training of specific muscles and muscle groups.

The crosstrainer first trains the whole body. Especially the elliptical movement has a gentle effect on the joints. This is another advantage and reason why the crosstrainer is so often used as home fitness device.

Especially the muscle groups around arms, legs and torso can be trained and addressed sustainably. These are also exactly those muscle groups, that are frequently used in everyday life. Those who strengthen these muscle groups also jump more firmly and more easily through everyday life. It is especially great that the training on the crosstrainer, the impact load can be reduced for the addressed joints in the muscle groups.

This makes training with the fitness equipment an effective success even if athletes have joint problems and especially knee problems. Here it is important to make sure that the flywheel mass is mainly shifted to the front part. Where the peak is the flywheel is different from device to device. This must be taken into account when purchasing. Because if the inertia is in the front part of the crosstrainer, you simulate fast walking or running. If the focus is on the rear area, it is more likely to speak and strain the joints and muscles differently. Especially valuable are crosstrainers, where the flywheel centre of gravity can be adjusted . This makes both training options possible.

Depending on posture on the device, you can train the three main muscle groups (trunk, legs, arms) as well as other muscles. Here it is necessary to set so-called muscle build-up stimuli with the flywheel mass.

If the crosstrainer is used ‘normally', i.e. without resistance and incline, as a substitute for walking and jogging, the training aims more at building up the condition and endurance. It's affecting the heart muscle. The latter feels particularly addressed and finds a special strengthening. It does not grow through strength training, but through enduring strain. If you want to train your heart muscle, it is advisable to choose a light program three times a week for endurance increase and/or fat burning.

If you want to work especially on the muscles of your thighs, you have to shift your weight while running. For this purpose it is necessary to take a knee bend position and thus carry out the training unit. It is advisable to maintain constant tension in this position. The feet are firmly connected to the pedal platforms. Belly and bottom are also tense. The hull also experiences an additional strain and challenge. The trunk muscles receive additional strengthening and are stimulated to build up. Similar effects can be achieved by selecting Interval, Resistance and Increases.

With the crosstrainer not only the large muscle groups can be trained. Even the fine coordination muscles can be supported with the right exercises. If, for example, the crosstrainer is used without using the arms, the fine coordination muscles in the leg and trunk can be defined. In order for the exercise to be effective and not end in a fall or injury, you can only loosen the grip at the beginning. The handle can then be released completely with greater safety. The leg muscles must compensate for the missing support and the muscles are used to balance.

Exercises on the crosstrainer

Those who train with the crosstrainer train their body and their muscles comprehensively. But even here, monotony must be avoided. Variety in gradient, resistance and tempo are just as effective as incorporating different exercises into the training plan with the crosstrainer. By the way, interval training units, which you can select as standard in every modern crosstrainer-computer are particularly effective. Also the Reverse walking offers a good change, because here you shift the Centre of gravity to the leg muscles. In addition, the upper thigh muscle can be trained more intensively with this option.

Tightener Po with the crosstrainer

You can use the Musculus Glutaeus Maximus especially if the Crosstrainer is used in bent knee posture. Tighten your stomach and butt. Under this voltage you should use the crosstrainer for up to half an hour. That makes for a particularly crunchy apple butt. For women as well as for men.

Straffe thigh with the crosstrainer

The legs can be stressed particularly with the Training on the Crosstrainer-Fitnessgerät. By imitating the running movement, the leg muscles are actively loaded due to the flywheel mass. For an effective thigh training it is necessary to change regularly between running backwards and forwards. In Forward motion, you primarily load the musculus vastus lateralis, i.e. the anterior thigh muscle. When moving backwards the musculus quadriceps is trained.

This is located in the lower anterior thigh. In addition, promote and challenge the general movement coordination.

Straffer abdomen with the crosstrainer

Use the crosstrainer correctly. Take a good posture and grasp firmly at the holding bars. Through this requirement also belly and back can be trained with. Here it is particularly important that the movements take place in an upright position, with back muscles stretched out. You mustn't bend forward. You must also not stretch your buttocks too far back. This not only falsifies the training result, but can also have negative effects on posture and muscle development. Posture damage is often the result here.

Weights increase resistance and training success

If you are looking for a special challenge, the crosstrainer does not only perform simple training sessions. Weight cuffs for feet and arm joints bring variety. The increased weight builds up more resistance and our body muscle groups receive more support.

The Endurance-Fitness equipment is advancing to a Weight trainer, with which also muscle mass can be built up without problems.

The perfect training plan for beginners

To complete the exercises, the presentation of a clear, optional training plan on the crosstrainer takes place. This is aimed at endurance as well as muscle building and weight reduction. The crosstrainer is not only an all-rounder for training numerous muscle groups.

Each workout starts with a loose Warm-Up. With Crosstrainer a Warm-up phase of 5 to 10 minutes is recommended. The Warm-Up itself is mainly about preparing the body slowly and gently for the upcoming exertion. With low intensity, it warms up best.

After the first warm-up minutes it is now necessary to aim for a moderate increase in performance. The resistance increases as well as the speed. This means that an increase in the heart rate can and should also be observed. It is important to work with arms and legs. For this purpose the hands include the arm bars of the crosstrainer. The second phase can also last between 5 and 10 minutes.

This is followed by the intensive phase. The aim here is to challenge the body, organism and muscles to the highest level of performance. For the beginning it is sufficient if the intensive phase lasts only 5 minutes. The heart rate continues to increase. Breathing is very important. The body needs more oxygen. Here, too, it is essential to increase the resistance again and potentially also the gradient. Now it is time to pedal with full energy, drive and speed.

After the five successful, intensive minutes, the body can relax a little. Moderate leakage is the order of the day. It is often advisable to jump back to the same setting that was used in the second phase. It is recommended to transfer the strength and load from intensity to moderate load. You can also set 5 to 10 minutes for this. It is important that the heart rate rises again in this phase. So don't be afraid. It is a normal compensation performance of the body to respond to the previous performance and challenge.

Now you're going down to your heart rate. The resistance and the speed you take out almost completely. The goal is now to reach the initial level. The end of the training session is in sight.

Try to design the workout so that Warm Up and Cool Down coincide in time. The same applies to the moderate phases of increase and relaxation.

Now all we have to do is try it out and get started. Many crosstrainers also offer practical training programs. Some of them can even be defined individually using time, resistance, gradient and speed.

Just click through the programs in the crosstrainer menu and select the appropriate Training program for the start.

The best manufacturers

There are no perfect manufacturers who offer excellent crosstrainers or elliptical trainers; only those who have established themselves more on the market than others. Nevertheless, the following crystallise with regard to the

  • material processing,
  • Bandwidth at settings,
  • Programs,
  • records like heart rate, pulse etc.
as well as the price-performance ratio, some providers and manufacturers who have managed to dominate the market: these include Hammer, Christopeit and Kettler und Co.

  • Hammer
  • Christopeit
  • Kettler and Co.

Hammer relies on high-quality processing for its crosstrainers. This is what sets the manufacturer of fitness equipment apart. In addition, most crosstrainers offer numerous functions, programs and workouts, which makes training on the Hammer crosstrainer not only varied, but also interesting. If you train with Hammer fitness equipment, you can set up a comprehensive training plan with your crosstrainer alone, which trains the entire body. If the device is also within your own four walls, the individual, daily training units can be optimally integrated into the individual daily routine and rhythm. This promises even greater training success. In addition, most Hammer crosstrainers are also equipped with a display. In addition to the individual interval steps, the device simultaneously displays the pulse, calories burned, distance covered and heart rate.

Athletes often find the Hammer crosstrainer in fitness studios. This is certainly one of the reasons why the devices of the manufacturer – in comparison to other manufacturers – are relatively high in price. Nevertheless, they are comparatively frequent crosstrainers test winner. Among the Top 10 are always crosstrainers of the brand Hammer.

Also Christopeit is one of the well-known manufacturers of crosstrainers. They sometimes produce the best devices on the market. An advantage, compared to the expensive devices of Hammer, are the low prices. A reason why Christopeit fitness equipment are often found in your own four walls. With them you can train effectively. They are processed in high quality. A particular advantage of Christopeit crosstrainers is the quiet noise generated during training. The devices are quiet and also much quieter than comparative models from other manufacturers. Who knows the loud rattling when pedalling on the crosstrainer, knows the advantage of these gentle, quiet and quiet Fitness equipment to appreciate. Because a background noise that is too loud has negative effects on the concentration. If you train quietly, you train more effectively.

Also Kettler and Co. is a term for athletes and fitness addicts. Products of the highest quality come from this house. They convince by excellent material and perfect processing. In the field of technology, the manufacturer always relies on the latest crosstrainers systems. Without modern technology there is no new fitness equipment on the market.

Furthermore, the crosstrainers of the brand Kettler and Co. are characterized by the fact that their load limit is extremely high compared to fitness equipment of other manufacturers . The Display is now a standard feature of the Kettler and Co. crosstrainer. However, it is also possible to use Apps, to record training successes and units. Thus, training plans can not only be easily created, but also optimized again and again. With a crosstrainer from Kettler and Co. you train yourself, your muscles and endurance at the highest level.

Useful accessories

Of course you can also train with your crosstrainer without any accessories. However, there are now many useful gadgets on the market that make training easier. This enables you to check and document your training progress. External comparison winners, for example, have a practical smartphone and tablet holder. This Goodie is designed for all those who want to stay mobile in addition to sport.

  • The Heart Rate Monitor
  • Underlay Mat
  • Drinking Bottle and Drinking Bottle Holder
  • Training Weights for Hands- and ankles
  • Fitness bracelet
Modern crosstrainers usually have a integrated heart rate monitor, hidden in the armrests of the device. As soon as both hands rest on the poles, the automatic measurement starts. The result is then shown on the display of the crosstrainer.

However, many sports fans prefer separate heart rate monitors, which can be attached to the wrist or chest using a belt. These variants are far more exakter than the integrated heart rate monitors. They also have the advantage that the heart rate can be measured even if you take your hands off the holding bars for a short time or change their position. Even after training, you can check how quickly your heart rate returns to a normal level – another important criterion for your condition!

When buying a heart rate monitor, make sure that the menu navigation is simple and user-friendly. Furthermore, the display should have a sufficient size and be easy to read. In order to receive immediate notification when your pulse leaves the optimal training range, a device that emits a acoustic warning tone is also recommended. The optimum training range can be calculated automatically before the first workout by entering parameters such as age, body weight and height.

High-quality crosstrainers or elliptical trainers of the latest generation are normally extremely quiet in operation. Therefore there are no disturbing noises during the training. If the device stands directly on parquet or laminate flooring, unwanted vibrations can nevertheless occur. In order to avoid this, it is worth purchasing a underlay mat for sports equipment. Not only do they swallow vibrations, they also protect the floor from scratches and damage.

Before, during and after training you should supply your body with as much fluid as possible. This is necessary to keep the water balance in balance and to minimize the risk of circulatory problems. If your crosstrainer is not already equipped with a water bottle holder and a matching water bottle, you can buy these accessories for little money in a sports shop. In this way, your drink is always at your fingertips – lough interruptions to training are a thing of the past . Fill your drinking bottle, for example, with mineral water, some of which contains fruit juice, to supply your body with sufficient energy. This means that your digestive tract is not subjected to any strain. In the ideal case, drink half a litre to one litre of fluid per training hour.

Those who are already well advanced in their training may be looking for a new challenge and a way to intensify their training. This can be achieved particularly easily by using training weights . They are available in the form of cuffs for the wrists and ankles as well as in various weight classes. With your help, you can increase your endurance, strengthen your heart and build muscles on the side. Nevertheless, you should take small training weights at the beginning, as this additional load is unusual for the body. As with any other sport, the same applies here: Gently start and increase the load in small steps!
Fitness wristbands are very trendy. Especially passionate athletes hardly leave the house without a colourful wristband. These are small all-round talents, who not only measure the pulse, but also count the steps, measure the kilometres run and display calorie consumption. The wristband has a small sensor that registers every movement and records the measured values. you can then call up all the data on your smartphone or computer. The fitness bracelets serve one purpose above all: they motivate you to exercise more extensively in everyday life. Of course, this does not only mean intensive training on the crosstrainer, but also extended walks and the renunciation of escalators and elevators.

FAQ on the subject of crosstrainers

Which product is generally considered the crosstrainer test winner?

The crosstrainer (also known as elliptical trainer) is a piece of sports equipment that increases endurance. The crosstrainer Maxxus CX 6.1 is the test winner of various external test reports on the Internet. The device determines total distance, speed, pulse and many other components.

Which is the best crosstrainer?

The best crosstrainer is, according to various test reports on the Internet, the crosstrainer Maxxus CX 6. This device convinces thanks to weight, brake system, training computer and an unbeatable price-performance ratio and is therefore an online comparison winner.

Crosstrainer rating – what are the key points?

The crosstrainer or elliptical trainer is a piece of sports equipment that improves endurance. An external test winner is the crosstrainer Maxxus CX 6.1, which received top marks in various tests on the Internet. The device offers a training computer, a motor magnetic braking system and a maximum load of 160 kg weight.

Which parts of the body can be trained using a crosstrainer?

Crosstrainers are ideal for endurance training that is easy on the joints. The gentle motion sequence also makes it possible for beginners and people with physical impairments – for example knee problems – to use the crosstrainer for regular sporting activities. In the course of this, all large muscle groups in the trunk, legs and arms can be trained. The motion sequence is similar to that of jogging – but without the immense strain on the joints at every step.

What does the correct posture look like when training on the crosstrainer?

In order for the training on the crosstrainer to be effective and without negative consequences for the musculoskeletal system, it is essential to pay attention to correct posture. The following applies: The feet always have full contact with the treads. They should never be lifted, otherwise the training effect will not occur. Furthermore, the legs should be slightly bent. Because: If the knees are stretched during the training, this leads fast to an overstrain. The posture of the upper body must be carried upright with the back straight. If you stand permanently on the crosstrainer with a hunchback, a hollow back or a backward-stretched bottom, you risk back pain. Last but not least, it is important to make sure that the hips remain as straight as possible during the sport without deflecting to the right and left. The hands loosely grip the handles of the crosstrainer. The arms should be slightly bent.

How often should I train on the crosstrainer?

Training intensity and training frequency can be individually designed on the crosstrainer. Those who suffer from overweight and/or start training again should take it a little slower. This means: following each training day with a rest day. Half an hour of training per unit is a good initial measure. This can be increased week after week – both by extending the training duration and by increasing the training intensity. For example, by increasing the pedaling resistance of the crosstrainer.

What is the maximum value my heart rate should increase to during training?

Those who want to train effectively and burn as many calories as possible should keep a training pulse of about 50 to 70 percent of the maximum heart rate. The individual heart rate values can be determined by a sports physician or alternatively by trained specialists in many fitness studios. In addition, this rule of thumb is generally applied: 220 minus age. The result (for example at an age of 40 years: 180) indicates the maximum pulse. This value can then be used to determine various training areas: A training pulse of 70 percent of the maximum heart rate should be 126 beats per minute in this example.

Alternatives to the crosstrainer

  • The Elliptical Trainer
  • The Ergometer
  • The Treadmill
The Elliptical Trainer is closely related to the Crosstrainer. Both devices have a similar design and can be used primarily to improve endurance. The decisive difference lies in the motion sequence: While the motion on the crosstrainer is similar to jogging, the up and down motion of the elliptical trainer is considerably less. The steps are flat and long, so that the movement is more like walking. In addition, the flywheel on the crosstrainer is in the rear area, while on the elliptical it is in the front area. The latter also has a additional joint in the pedal mechanism, which is intended to further reduce the strain on the spine and joints. As elliptical trainers are more complex to design and manufacture, they are usually more expensive to buy than classic crosstrainers.

A Ergometer is an approved training bike that looks like a normal bicycle but is firmly mounted. With its help an effective training of the thigh muscles is possible. The devices are also very easy on the joints. Especially those who tend to have knee problems will make the right choice with the ergometer. A special variant of the ergometer is the so-called Recumbent-Ergometer, in which the back rests on a backrest during training. This special shape is extremely gentle on the spine and is therefore very suitable for athletes with a tendency to back problems.

The Treadmill allows you to jog or walk regardless of the weather or time of day. The speed and angle of inclination can be adapted to individual needs. The movements on the treadmill can also be damped easily, so that the load on the knees and ankles is not quite as high as on hard asphalt. A treadmill is ideal for losing weight, because per hour up to 600 calories are burned depending on training intensity. However, treadmills are quite noisy in operation. Nevertheless, compared to training with a crosstrainer, the workout quickly seems boring.


Questions and answers about crosstrainers

Where do I dispose of a crosstrainer?

The Theme Fitness and Sport has meanwhile reached a very high status in comparison. Many athletes have set up their own small fitness centre at home.

When it comes to the permissible disposal of training equipment, such as a crosstrainer, many are faced with an almost unsolvable task. The easiest way to dispose of a Crosstrainer, is via a landfill.

What should I pay attention to when buying a crosstrainer?

The range of home training equipment is very diverse. If you want to buy a crosstrainer via Amazon & Co. you should first of all pay attention to a clean workmanship and a high quality of the respective device. Test reports help you in every respect.

A good and reliable Crosstrainer should also have some functions and features to offer.

Where can I test a crosstrainer?

Before you buy a Crosstrainer from online mail order companies like Amazon, you should put the model through its paces and compare it with other models. A good possibility to perform such a test is the Internet with its numerous test reports and recommendations.

A visit to a specialist shop is also worthwhile. Here you can inform yourself personally about the respective Crosstrainer, test and compare devices in detail.

What oil should I use for crosstrainer maintenance?

With a Crosstrainer it can happen again and again that the model squeaks and thus a noise nuisance develops. For exercise bikes, such as a crosstrainer, there are special lubricants, which often do without silicone or grease.

Companies usually offer these lubricants in the form of a spray. They are available in various online shops or in specialist shops at favourable prices.

What is the optimal heart rate when training with the crosstrainer?

For a good and successful training not only a training device with the best test grade is necessary. The heart rate also plays an important role for a successful training unit.

In general, the rule of thumb is that the optimal heart rate for men is “220 – age” and for women “226 – age”. However, this is only a rough indication.

What is the optimal cadence when training with the crosstrainer?

The cadence of a crosstrainer Cardiostrong gives information about the crank revolutions per minute.

Depending on the health condition, experts recommend a different cadence in congruence with one's own needs . A look at the instruction manual can also be helpful to find the optimum cadence.

Which muscle groups do I exercise with a crosstrainer?

With a crosstrainer a whole body workout and a muscle build-up can be carried out. This training device is a real all-rounder and is very popular with sports fans and fitness enthusiasts. Here everyone can regulate the crosstrainer individually in accordance with the personal fitness state of the body.

Whether legs, arms or belly: With a crosstrainer you reach a trained body quickly and easily.

Which crosstrainer is suitable for home use?

If you are interested in a crosstrainer with an outstanding test score for home use, you are spoilt for choice when buying one.

All models are recommended for home use. However, only note the dimensions of the exercise equipment.

Which shoes should I use on the crosstrainer?

For a full body workout on a crosstrainer, of course, the right sportswear must not be missing.

Sports shoes are probably the most important clothing. Here, experts and experienced athletes recommend good and comfortable sports shoes from well-known brand manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas or Puma.

Which is the best crosstrainer?

Independent experts and experienced sportsmen and sportswomen repeatedly carry out detailed tests with the individual models and try to determine a test winner.

Since the wishes and requirements for a Crosstrainer Cardiostrong are very different, the best Crosstrainer is actually very difficult to determine. Pay attention to a high-quality processing and different functions with the acquisition.

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