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Best Cordless Screwdriver 2019 • 0 Cordless Screwdrivers Reviews

This report as well as the list of the best with the comparison table of ReviewInstitutes deals with cordless screwdrivers, that simply screw in and out screws quickly and easily. For example, these devices are used in comparative tests for the rapid assembly and disassembly of furniture. According to external product tests, craftsmen also use them when working on electronic devices. For example, screwing on a laptop is much faster than using a conventional screwdriver.

You can find more details about suitability tests, experiments, trials, surveys and comparison winners in various Internet tests, comparisons or external investigations for craftsmen.

Construction and function of a cordless screwdriver

Cordless screwdrivers from different manufacturers are basically the same in online product tests and experiments . They usually differ only in details and performance characteristics of the processed components.

The cordless screwdriver is a plastic housing. This can be designed in different shape and size. Inside the housing there is an electric motor with associated control electronics. This can be powered by a rechargeable battery, which is usually removable from the outside.Bosch cordless screwdriver charger

A planetary gear converts the power of the electric motor into a rotary motion of the chuck mount and an externally mounted chuck. This drill chuck in turn contains a suitable screwing tool. With this drill chuck, users can transfer the rotary motion to a screw. Consequently, screws can be screwed in or out on machines with drill chucks. Test and compare comparison winners with the best test grade in test reports and test results on the Internet! And start your purchase in accordance with your personal ideas about the product's capabilities!

Many low-cost machines with chips also have a slip clutch built into the gear. This ensures that when a specified torque is exceeded, the connection between the gear and the drill chuck holder separates. The transmission “slips” audibly.

  • Housing
  • Actuator
  • Drill chuck
  • Battery
  • Operation
  • Charger
The housing of cordless screwdrivers with chip is usually made of plastic. This is often referred to as ABS plastic. This is acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). This is a synthetic terpolymer. ABS plastic liquefies at temperatures of at least 220 to 250 °C. In the injection moulding process, manufacturers finally bring the material into the desired shape. ABS plastic is easy to paint and can be assembled by welding, for example.

In addition, the handle parts of a cordless screwdriver are often rubberized. This should increase the ease of use of the test winner. It also ensures a secure hold, even under difficult conditions. This is important, for example, in order to be able to work with dirty or sweaty hands.

Some manufacturers explicitly advertise their low-cost models as “maintenance-free”. Especially with cordless screwdrivers from the low price segment, this is a synonym for the fact that housing parts are not screwed together, but welded or glued together. Therefore these devices cannot be taken apart without further ado. If individual components are damaged, it is therefore hardly possible to replace them. In comparison, a small defect often forms the end for the entire device.

Higher quality devices consist of two housing halves after juxtaposition. These are screwed together and can be easily detached from each other. This gives you access to the individual components used. This means that it is also possible to replace a damaged housing itself.

The drive consists, as described, of an electric motor and a planetary gear. Since manufacturers rarely reveal the performance metrics of the motor, you must conclude from the stated battery performance.

The total power of an electrical appliance is usually given in watts (W) by companies. The value is calculated from the multiplication of current. This must first be measured in amperes (A) and voltage, indicated in volts (V).

So it applies: W=V x A

Currently you can get cordless screwdrivers with values between 9.6 Volt and 36 Volt electrical voltage as well as a maximum current of 4 Ampere. Companies specify the capacity of a battery in ampere-hours (Ah). In the case of a battery with 3 Ah, for example, this means that a current of 3 amperes is available for one hour. Proportionally, you can alternatively recall 6 amperes for half an hour, 12 amperes for 15 minutes, and so on.

Further information on the performance of the drive of a cordless screwdriver is its maximum speed and the maximum torque.

The rotational speed indicates the maximum speed at which the gear and the associated drill chuck as well as a tool clamped in them rotate. A value can be specified in rpm (rpm or alternatively min-1). You also receive data for a range that specifies the minimum and maximum speed. The speed of commercially available cordless screwdrivers is between approx. 100 and approx. 1,700 rpm, depending on the device type and model.

The value of the torque describes the force with which the rotation is carried out or which can be transmitted to a screw. The torque receives values in Newtonmeter (Nm), whereby value ranges are also common here. You will find cordless screwdrivers with a torque of about 4 to 400 Nm in the trade.

High performance on paper alone, but is of little use. Especially if it is not available in combination with correspondingly resilient components. For example, the gearbox of a cordless screwdriver must also be able to transmit the power supplied by the motor permanently. And best of all, without any damage. Some manufacturers expressly advertise gearboxes made of full metal. This means that all components of the gearbox, such as the necessary gears, are made entirely of metal. Alternative materials that are in the foreground due to their lower price, such as plastic, are subject to significantly higher wear. They are less resilient than metal.

The drill chuck of a cordless screwdriver is used to connect the optional tools such as drills, screw bits etc. with the cordless screwdriver. This allows the power of the cordless screwdriver to be transferred to a screw in order to screw it in. So-called quick clamping drill chucks. These enable simple, tool-free assembly of the screwdriving tool. To do this, turn the drill chuck open and the internal clamping jaws move apart in a ring. After you have inserted the drilling or screwing tool, close the chuck by turning it in the opposite direction. For this you can also use the drive of the cordless screwdriver. The device brings together the clamping jaws, which center and fix the tool. If possible, a drill chuck should ensure a permanent firm hold of the tool. Unintentional opening during work cannot only lead to damage to the workpiece or a screw. It also represents a concrete accident hazard.
Understandably, the central element of a cordless screwdriver is the power source that gives it its name. This is referred to as a rechargeable power storage device, accumulator or in short: the rechargeable battery.

It supplies the electricity, in quantity and strength, that the electric motor needs to generate the movement of the drill chuck via the gear. You can use the tool, for example, to turn a screw deep into a piece of wood.

Modern rechargeable batteries manage to bundle a lot of power in a small space. Various combinations of chemical substances can be used to store energy for this purpose. So there are also cordless screwdriver models with different cordless types in the trade, which, each for itself, have advantages as well as limitations.

Nickel-cadmium batteries

Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries are very resilient in many test reports and test results according to online cordless screwdriver tests, surveys and controls. This applies especially to deep discharging or overloading. In addition, they remain almost unrestrictedly usable even at low ambient temperatures.

However, NiCd rechargeable batteries only have a low energy density. They therefore require a lot of space for low capacity. Above all, however, the cadmium content is criticised for being harmful to health and potentially damaging to the environment. Therefore, the legislator already restricted the use of NiCd batteries a few years ago. Most manufacturers have since responded by replacing alternative models.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries have largely replaced the aforementioned NiCd rechargeable batteries due to the disadvantages described above. Today NiMH rechargeable batteries are preferably used as standard rechargeable batteries in common household applications.

The energy density of a NiMH battery is twice to three times that of a comparable NiCd battery. This means that a smaller battery can store significantly more energy. Another advantage of NiMH rechargeable batteries is the complete elimination of cadmium, which is harmful to the environment and health. NiMH batteries are also more durable than their predecessors. They can handle up to 500 charge cycles with low capacity loss of up to 20% of the initial value.

Reverse polarity, overcharging and deep discharge can damage a NiMH battery for a long time. In addition, they are not suitable for use at temperatures below 0 °C.

Although NiMH rechargeable batteries do not show a classic memory effect, they do show a so-called battery inertia effect in case of frequent partial discharge. This can resemble the memory effect in the course of this.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used today. Companies, especially in connection with battery tools, but also in consumer electronics, see these batteries as the highest state of the art.

Li-Ion batteries in external cordless screwdrivers delivered tests, compared to other designs, a higher voltage, of about 4.2 volts per battery cell. Due to this high voltage, Li-Ion batteries are not suitable as standard batteries. In contrast to other battery types, the Li-Ion battery does not suffer any measurable loss of capacity due to the so-called memory effect. In addition, the Li-Ion battery only has a low self-discharge rate. As a result, batteries of this type have a longer shelf life. In concrete terms, a Li-Ion battery loses about 50% of its charge through self-discharge over a period of 2.5 years.

The energy density of a Li-Ion battery is twice that of a NiMH battery. This allows a compact design with a high capacity at the same time. This is why mobile phone manufacturers prefer to use Li-Ion batteries.

In addition, Li-Ion batteries have a long shelf life. At least under laboratory conditions, 1,000 and more charging cycles can be realized.

A disadvantage of a Li-Ion battery is its general sensitivity. Deep discharge, overcharging as well as too high or too low temperatures (below +5 and above +35 °C) can permanently damage a normal Li-Ion battery. At least the danger of overcharging and deep discharging can be compensated for in most models by integrated charging electronics.

The operation of a cordless screwdriver with the best overall grade is deliberately easy for manufacturers. It is easy even for the less technically gifted layman to learn and without great effort. The decisive factors here are good ergonomics of the device housing and a small number of easy-to-use controls. Starting from the most common T-shape of a cordless screwdriver these are:

The pressure-sensitive switch of the control electronics, also “speed controller”

In the form of a pistol trigger, the cordless screwdriver is put into operation by it. The spring-mounted pressure switch allows the selection of the rotation speed.

The switch for right/left rotation

The switch is designed as a rocker switch and mounted above the speed regulator. You can therefore select the direction of rotation of the tool for models with right/left rotation. It has been tested in an external product test that this passage allows the tightening and loosening of screws.

The speed step controller

Many products with the best overall grade from an online cordless screwdriver test have a switch to choose between two speed levels. According to this test, the first stage usually offers a lower maximum speed with a higher maximum torque at the same time. This makes it particularly suitable for screwing in screws. According to the evaluation of the test, the second stage enables a high maximum speed and a lower torque. It is intended for the use of the cordless screwdriver as a drilling machine.

The torque controller

After juxtaposition, the regulator is a mostly wide, rotatable ring, directly behind the drill chuck. According to the check, this can adjust the maximum torque of the cordless screwdriver in steps. If you exceed the selected torque, e.g. by completely screwing in a screw, the slipping clutch causes an audible interruption of the power transmission. The technology thus prevents a screw from penetrating too deeply into a workpiece. Damage to the screw head can also be stopped with this. The control takes place in stages to which no exact torque is visibly assigned. The selection of the optimal setting depends on numerous factors after sample and evaluation. It has been tested that it should be done carefully, gradually and starting with a low setting. Start a test run and after thorough inspection and consideration and in accordance with your wishes order your test winner!

The battery

Usually the necessary battery of a cordless screwdriver is attached to the handle of the housing. Insert a connecting element with the necessary contacts for current transmission into the handle. The energy accumulator can be locked in place automatically, usually with two opposing pressure clamps. The actual battery, i.e. the part of the battery housing in which the battery cells are located, remains outside the housing. Depending on model, battery type and performance, it is a large battery pack that hangs as a block on the handle and makes up the bulk of the total weight. According to an external test run, the device can also only be seen as an extension of the handle projecting by a few centimetres.

A cordless screwdriver can be used without a mains connection. This is a special feature of the screwdriver. The flexibility ends, however, with the exhaustion of the capacity of the battery. Depending on the selected setting and the task accomplished, the capacity will decrease sooner or later. This is usually expressed by decreasing maximum speed and torque. Some models show this fact optically via display.

To restore the charge of the battery, use a charger supplied with the unit. This in turn must be connected to the mains power supply. Usually they are table charging stations where you plug in the respective battery for charging. Depending on the amount of charge current and capacity of the battery, a full charge can take from half an hour to several hours. Some manufacturers advertise their models explicitly with the equipment of a fast charger.

pros and cons of a cordless screwdriver

Akkuschrauber Bosch StuffenAs mentioned before, a Akkuschrauber does a lot of work. You can screw screws into a piece of wood, sheet metal or other working material without any effort. For this to happen effortlessly, however, you need a high-quality, durable and solid cordless screwdriver. Especially for a larger project, it makes sense to use such a tool. They certainly lose the desire to work quickly when they have to screw in several screws by hand. And, of course, at some point your strength also leaves you. With a cordless screwdriver with the test grade “Very good” you can carry out such work relatively easily and within a very short time.

Thus the probably most important advantage is already clarified. A further advantage of the cordless screwdriver is that with the right accessories you can actually remove or screw in all screws effortlessly. We're talking about bits, of course. Some of these bits and drills are already included in the scope of delivery. An independent online cordless screwdriver Test from professionals and experts has shown that quality plays an important role here. Compared to cheap products, it is definitely worth investing one's own assets in first-class branded products. If the bit does not fit correctly, the screw cannot be loosened or screwed in. Many sets let manufacturers produce in congruence cost-effectively in China. After consideration in the external goods tests and analyses, these products were only able to convince with their differences and similarities in a few exceptional cases.

Whether it is a cross-head or slotted screw is irrelevant for the cordless drilling machine. With the right attachment (bit) you can easily remove or screw in all screws.Akkuschrauber Bosch

Another advantage of a cordless screwdriver is that you cannot only screw. If the device has several gears, you can also drill with them. It is worth investing in a more expensive model. Cheap devices from the supermarket are mostly neither suitable for drilling nor screwing. Online cordless screwdrivers test reports, but suitability tests and analyses have also proven that some inexpensive models can also convince with a solid quality. Especially if you only need the cordless screwdriver rarely, a cheap model can often be a good decision. However, if you want to screw or drill for several hours, you shouldn't save on the wrong end.

A clear advantage of cordless screwdrivers is that screwing and drilling can be done without any effort. For this the cordless screwdriver should have sufficient power. A lithium-ion battery is currently the best battery with the strongest performance. The batteries are very light. So of course the cordless screwdrivers are also very smooth-running and lie well in the hand.

Where there are so many advantages, there are also disadvantages. cordless screwdrivers cost much more than normal wrenches. Due to the wide selection, it can often be difficult to find a good and durable device. For this you can use the numerous external cordless screwdrivers Tests on the Internet. With a free price comparison you will surely find a suitable cordless screwdriver soon. From a price point of view, the best purchase can of course be seen as a disadvantage. The cheap models usually do not have sufficient accessories. This results in a further disadvantage for such variants. If, for example, you do not find an additional battery in the scope of delivery, the problem can be expensive.Akkuschrauber Bosch Handle

Another disadvantage is that many devices already have various additional functions. At first, this requirement appears to be a clear advantage. But keep in mind: The more technology there is in a tool, the more it can break. Of course, in such cases the manufacturer's guarantee and warranty often applies.

A brief overview of the advantages:

  • Screwing and drilling is possible without effort
  • Powerful cordless screwdrivers complete work in the shortest possible time
  • A wide range of accessories is available to simplify work steps
  • Manifold selection and therefore a suitable device for every purpose and requirement is available

Meanwhile there are numerous set offers from the manufacturers. A additional battery and a large selection of drills and bits are included. But be sure to pay attention to the quality.

Anyone who loves to screw and drill at home would not want to do without a cordless screwdriver. The manufacturers present new devices at regular intervals. Therefore it is difficult for the layman to keep the overview. In such cases, seek advice from a specialist retailer. You can also use the comparison portals on the Internet. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Consequently, clear purchase recommendations can be made for a cordless screwdriver. Whether an inexpensive device for occasional use or a high-end screwdriver for the professional: today there is a suitable cordless screwdriver for every purse.


In summary it can be said that a cordless screwdriver should be part of the basic equipment of a do-it-yourselfer. For example, if you want to dismantle a piece of furniture, you can remove the screws with little effort. If you want to set up a new cabinet, you can simply screw in the screws. As you can see, a cordless screwdriver simplifies many steps. Therefore a purchase is worthwhile in any case.Akkuschrauber Bosch 18V mit Akku

With a cordless screwdriver you can not only screw. It is also possible to carry out work in the field of drilling with such a device. That's a clear advantage. You should pay attention to this factor in any case. However, you should pay attention to a good quality of the cordless screwdriver. Many low-cost models advertise such a function, but only very few can provide sufficient and satisfactory performance. An independent online cordless screwdriver Test has proven that for screwdriving and drilling almost only brand models meet the desired requirements.

There are actually no notable disadvantages of cordless screwdrivers. Many inexpensive designs cannot convince with the performance and durability of the expensive devices. But even cheap models are usually much better and more sensible than a conventional wrench. A disadvantage of a cordless screwdriver is that you cannot work with a cordless screwdriver in hard-to-reach places. Here the size is to be mentioned as an impairment. In most cases you can reach a lot of places with a cordless screwdriver. Therefore, you should not do without such a tool.

Application range of a cordless screwdriver

Cordless screwdrivers are a very popular and widespread tool. No matter if professional or occasional hobbyist: the cordless screwdriver is quickly at hand.

Some clear advantages of a cordless screwdriver explain this popularity and the proliferation of the cordless screwdriver.

Cordless screwdrivers are light, flexible and easy to handle.

Cordless screwdrivers are light, flexible and easy to handle.

Depending on type and model, a cordless screwdriver weighs only a few hundred grams. However, a cordless screwdriver can also fail by up to three kilos in the case of extremely powerful models.

At least larger models are not exclusively suitable for screwing in screws with standard screw head drives. With the appropriate tool, you can also use a cordless screwdriver as a drill. Manufacturers therefore speak of battery drill bits for the widespread types. It can be used for various materials. For example, you can combine the device with a hole saw. With suitable accessories you can even grind, scrub and polish with a cordless screwdriver.

The handling is, as described, completely uncomplicated. When used correctly, the work steps are carried out as safely as possible. Even for laymen this is only a minor challenge.

The cordless screwdriver is the better alternative.

The cordless screwdriver is the better alternative.

There are several ways to screw in a screw. There are various tools that you can use to drill a hole or perform other tasks. However, a cordless screwdriver is also suitable for most purposes. These alternatives are characterised in individual cases by advantages, but also by disadvantages and limitations. A classical drilling machine is usually more powerful, but therefore only suitable for screwing in screws to a limited extent. It also has a mains connection. Thus you are clearly less flexible with heavy drills, than with a battery operated device.

The good, old screwdriver, on the other hand, depends on pure muscle power and is therefore significantly limited. Although it enables a very sensitive procedure, muscle strength is usually not sufficient for this. This is particularly noticeable with larger screws, which have to be turned into fixed workpieces. Especially if you need a large number of screw connections, this can hardly be realized by hand within a reasonable period of time.

The cordless screwdriver works constantly, reliably and for the user as far as possible fatigue-free.

The cordless screwdriver is quickly ready for use

The cordless screwdriver is quickly ready for use

The cordless screwdriver hardly needs any preparation before use. Provided that the device is equipped with a quick-action drill chuck and a powerful rechargeable battery, even after prolonged storage. Many manufacturers supply a second battery at the same time. As a result, you can work permanently, even on large projects, with minimal disruption. Especially for occasional craftsmen the cordless screwdriver is a suitable alternative. In contrast to extensive tool equipment with corresponding space requirements.

Depending on the model, a cordless screwdriver is also suitable for working in hard-to-reach places. As a rule, it can also be operated with one hand and can also be used overhead without any problems. Optional accessories further extend the range of applications. Many models are equipped with lighting that makes it possible to work even in poor lighting conditions.

Some smaller cordless screwdriver types also have the option of changing the angle of the drill chuck or an alternatively designed tool holder. This also simplifies access to hard-to-reach places.

The different types of cordless screwdrivers

Not all cordless screwdrivers are the same. In addition to differences in details, which are expressed above all in performance and equipment, there are also fundamentally different designs. These result in different possible applications.

cordless drill screwdriver

cordless drill screwdriver

Especially in hobby workshops and private households the classic cordless drill screwdriver is most widespread. The T-shape is common here, a pistol shape is less common. Cordless screwdrivers have a classic drill chuck that serves as a holder for bits and bit holders. Drill bits and other suitable tools can be used up to a limited diameter. Most cordless screwdrivers have the described features, such as speed control, torque limitation and right/left-hand rotation.

Accumulator impact drill

Accumulator impact drill

The cordless impact drill is externally indistinguishable from a simple cordless drill. However, it also has a setting option for a percussion drilling function. If you activate this function, a striking mechanism works in the device. This converts the energy of the electric motor, in addition to the circular movement of the drill chuck, into a fast forward and backward movement. The energy can be generated by two toothed pulleys made of high-strength metal rotating against each other. The impact, in combination with the classic rotary movement of a drill, is used for drilling into harder materials. When you drill, you chisel your work into the wall, so to speak, which gives much better results.

Compared to classical impact drills or hammer drills, the performance of a battery-powered impact drill is limited. In addition, percussion drilling consumes significantly more battery capacity. This is different from screwing or simple drilling, such as in wood.



The cordless hammer drill differs from the cordless impact wrench by a more solid and weighty construction. This is often fitted with additional handles for two-handed work with the body weight on. They also deliver more power and torque. Consequently, the devices usually work with more powerful batteries. This increase in force and power is used to drill even harder materials. As a classic hammer drill, the battery-operated hammer drill is only suitable for screwing to a limited extent.



The classic cordless screwdriver differs significantly in size and design from the normal cordless screwdriver. As the name describes, its basic form is rod-shaped. At one end of a round bar about 15 to 30 cm long, depending on the model, there is a bit holder. As a rule, manufacturers do not use drill chucks with rod wrenches, not least for reasons of space. Operation varies from model to model. However, especially with less expensive models, it is limited to switching on and off in the form of a rocker switch. One printing side is used for right-hand rotation, the other for left-hand rotation.

The battery must be inserted on the opposite side of rod screwdrivers. Some models even have a built-in battery. Devices with integrated power storage have a socket for connecting a power supply unit. Often they can also be placed completely on a charging station.

The boundaries to other designs are fluid for cordless rod wrenches. Thus there are models that also meet the criteria of a mini cordless screwdriver or a cordless angle screwdriver.

The Akku-Knickschrauber is a rod screwdriver, whose housing has a joint. With its help you can bend the screwdriver. Depending on the model, this is done steplessly or in steps, up to the right angle. The buckling movement is only possible in up to two directions. This allows a radius of up to 180° to be achieved. The buckling function primarily serves a more flexible use, under spatially limited conditions.

Mini cordless screwdriver

Mini cordless screwdriver

Mini cordless screwdrivers are related in their equipment to the described rod screwdrivers. They also have a fixed bit recording. In many cases they have a permanently installed battery.

The case usually has a simple pistol shape and is much smaller than normal cordless screwdrivers.

Mini cordless screwdrivers are extremely handy and space-saving. Due to their small size, however, their performance is also significantly limited. Therefore, the mini version is only suitable for simple tasks.



The cordless angle screwdriver is also similar to the mentioned rod screwdriver. In contrast to this, the bit holder, or on some models a drill chuck, is bent at right angles and attached to one end of the rod.

The angle screwdriver is used to reach screws which are mounted at right angles to their own position. Due to the fixed choice of the right angle, an angle screwdriver is more powerful than a kink screwdriver. Thus he can basically cope with similarities in the tasks.

Cordless angle wrenches are also available as cordless angle impact wrenches. They also have a striking mechanism which is particularly suitable for loosening very tight screw connections. Due to the significantly higher performance and the enormous energy requirement of an impact wrench, cordless angular impact wrenches are in many cases equipped with a larger capacity. As a rule, the detachable batteries are equipped with intensive performance.



The design of a cordless ratchet screwdriver is not different from that of a cordless angle screwdriver. The decisive difference, however, is that instead of a drill chuck or a bit holder, a connection for socket sets is installed. Just like the ratchet or ratchet, you put the so-called nuts on here. This means that a cordless ratchet screwdriver is preferably used to tighten or loosen nuts and hexagon bolts.

Accumulator drywall screwdriver/Accumulator magazine screwdriver

Accumulator drywall screwdriver/Accumulator magazine screwdriver

The drywall screwdriver is, as the name suggests, specially designed to meet the requirements of drywall construction. Especially you can use it to screw dry walls made of gypsum, metal profiles or wooden battens.

With “normal” cordless screwdrivers, professionals usually attach a screw to the workpiece. The screw bit of the cordless screwdriver can be inserted into the screw drive. The screw must be screwed in, initially by hand. With the drywall screwdriver, on the other hand, the screw has to be attached to the cordless screwdriver and held there by the magnetic force of the screwdriving tool. This allows the screw to be applied freehand and processed quickly. A hexagon socket bit (Allen key) is used as a tool for drywall screwdrivers. A drill chuck is not usual for drywall screwdrivers.

Drywall screwdrivers operate at high speed and comparatively low torque. This makes it possible to work quickly into the rather soft base of plaster, thin metal or wood.

The cordless drywall screwdriver is frequently used in professional applications. If users want to act particularly quickly and effectively, they can use a so-called battery magazine screwdriver. With this variant, you do not have to insert the screws individually. You attach the screw pieces as a magazine in a long chain to a special attachment. After you have turned one screw into the workpiece and loosened the screwdriver from it, the next screw slips after. Therefore you can also simply screw in the following screws.

Akku Screwdriver – what is it used for?

Knickschrauber makitaThe cordless screwdriver works like a normal cordless screwdriver, only the handle can be bent off. The shape of the cordless screwdriver is then like a hand screwdriver, which can be a relief especially with difficult to reach screws.

With the thick handle, a conventional cordless screwdriver sometimes can't reach the desired screw at all. For example, if you want to work between two shelves or on the back wall of a very narrow cabinet. In this case the cordless screwdriver gives you not only more space, but also more length.

These points are important for the online cordless screwdriver test

For an external cordless screwdriver test some test criteria are in the foreground:cordless screwdriver Bosch screw from packaging

  • Performance
  • Equipment
  • Processing
  • Operation

Accordingly, online experts ask themselves questions about a cordless screwdriver test, which also germinate in simple, technically inexperienced users.

  • Which Performance data does the manufacturer specify? (Volt, ampere hours, speed, torque)
  • How big and heavy is the Model?
  • How big and heavy is the Akku? And how can it be connected to the device?
  • How can users couple tools with the cordless screwdriver coupling? (bit adapter, drill chuck)
  • Which Adjustment options exist? (torque limitation, speed steps, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation)
  • What accessories are included? (type and thickness of charger, screwing or drilling tools, tool box)
  • What material is the housing made of and how is it processed? (screwed, plugged in, welded)
  • What information do companies provide about material and processing of the components used? (electric motor, gear, drill chuck etc.)
  • How loud is the cordless screwdriver and how strong are possible vibrations during operation?
  • How well does the cordless screwdriver lie in the Hand? How heavy does it look and how is the weight balanced?
  • How well did manufacturers pay attention to ergonomics? (user-friendly design, material properties that are easy to grip, smooth-running, easily accessible operating elements)
  • How easy is the Tool and battery change?

Bosch Cordless screwdriver Stiftung Warentest

Bosch Ixo VThe Schweitzer partner magazine K-Tip the Stiftung Warentest sent 2017 ten cordless screwdrivers to the laboratory and carried out extensive tests. The testers saw a weak point especially in the battery runtime. The most expensive device in the test, the WX 252 XTD, just managed to tighten 27 screws before the battery ran out. The PE-36 B from the manufacturer Pattfield even held only 25 screws long.

Also the Bosch cordless screwdriver Stiftung Warentest Winner (resp. K-tip winner) – the Bosch cordless screwdriver Ixo V – was not quite as convincing as the devices Einhell TD-SE 3,6 or the Black + Decker CS 3651 LC. However convinced the Bosch cordless screwdriver the testers because of its power. The testers tried to screw 5 mm thick screws into pine wood with all devices – many models already failed. Some cheap devices broke even in the test of the Swiss, after one had tried to screw in too thick screws. The Bosch cordless screwdriver Ixo V was convincing, the good section in the overall assessment. In the ReviewInstitute comparison table you can see that we have rated some devices even better, some of which were not included in the cordless screwdriver test of K-Tipp.

In the test, only cordless screwdrivers, i.e. the wireless mini devices for turning screws, were tested. Cordless screwdrivers and cordless impact screwdrivers are a separate category, as you can see at ReviewInstitutes.

Stiftung Warentest: cordless screwdriver better than cordless screwdriver

In their own drilling machine test the Stiftung Warentest from the year 2015 the testers recommended the cordless drill screwdriver as the best tool for screwing in. 80 mm long and 8 mm thick screws were quickly and precisely screwed into pine wood with various cordless drill bits. A performance that the small cordless screwdrivers probably can't deliver, as the mentioned test result of the cordless screwdriver test showed.

You should pay attention to this when buying a cordless screwdriver

The central questions, you should ask yourself before purchasing a cordless screwdriver are:

  • Why should I use the cordless screwdriver?
  • How often and to what extent do I expect to use the cordless screwdriver?

The answer to the question about the application determines the choice of the cordless screwdriver type. The variants described above are suitable for various tasks: some preferred, some exclusive. There are very special designs and some universally applicable types.

The classic and most widely used cordless drill is a Multitalent. With this model you can screw and drill. For this reason, most conventional tasks can be mastered. The more specific the requirements, the more specific the type and the more limited the application possibilities.

However, the exact intended use also has an effect on the technical characteristics of a suitable model. For fast working in rather soft material, a high speed is recommended. Whereby the torque is of less importance. If, on the other hand, you work in solid material, a high torque at a lower maximum speed is worthwhile.

Do you need high power in the form of torque? Or are you working on larger projects? Then a high capacity battery is recommended. In addition, a second battery is recommended in this case as it allows long working with minimal interruption.

For intensive and regular use, low weight, ease of handling and ease of operation are also decisive.

Leading manufacturers

  • Makita
  • Metabo
  • Skil
  • Einhell
  • Bosch

The Japanese company Makita, founded in 1915 as an anchor winding and engine workshop, today produces at eight locations worldwide. This also includes the headquarters of the Makita company in Germany. According to an analysis, Makita's product range is extensive. Compared to other manufacturers, it also offers petrol, electric, compressed air and battery tools as well as woodworking machines and garden tools.

Makita manufactures a wide range of cordless screwdrivers of various types. These can be operated with lithium-ion batteries. Single drill bits with rechargeable battery and impact drill bits work with nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries. The offer is aimed at professionals and ambitious DIY enthusiasts. The price segment of the screwdriver drills and impact screwdrivers with rechargeable batteries is in the middle to upper range.

Metabowerke GmbH was founded in 1924 in Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg. Today, the company, which has been enlarged through acquisitions, produces in Shanghai, among other places. In 2015, Metabo sold the company to the Japanese Hitachi Koki group.

In addition to a variety of other tools, Metabo's product range also includes a wide range of battery-powered tools. This includes all types of cordless screwdrivers. Metabo is popular with professionals as well as ambitious hobby craftsmen. The offers are in the middle and upper price range.

Skil is a brand of Robert Bosch GmbH. Originally founded as Skilsaw Inc., the company initially produced hand circular saws. In 1996, Robert Bosch GmbH took over the company, which had since been renamed Skil Corporation. As a result, the large corporation integrated the corporation as a brand.

The company is divided into three lines: Under the name Skil the company sells tools for do-it-yourselfers. Skil Master produces for professional use and Skil Urban Series stands for garden tools.

Skil offers a considerable selection of cordless drill bits, cordless impact screwdrivers and mini cordless screwdrivers. Skil Master offers a selection of cordless screwdrivers. The products of the Skil series are in the lower price segment, Skil Master in the middle price segment.

Einhell Germany AG is a tool manufacturer based in Landau an der Isar. Founded in 1964, the company is divided into the business divisions Tools and Garden and Leisure.

Einhell's product range includes cordless screwdrivers, cordless impact screwdrivers, cordless impact screwdrivers and mini cordless screwdrivers in the lower and middle price segments.

Robert Bosch GmbH sells battery tools not only under the brand name Skil, but also under its own name. The business unit Bosch Power Tools produces in two lines, characterized by the color of the device housing. Blue devices are designed for professional use, green devices are designed for do-it-yourselfers

Cordless screwdriver novelties

Cordless screwdriver as polishing machine

In September 2018 the company Cleanofant launched a polishing attachment set for the cordless screwdriver. This means that you don't need an extra polishing machine, you just have to buy the polishing attachments and put them on the cordless screwdriver.

There are ball and cone shaped attachments and according to the manufacturer lacquer, foil, sheet metal, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and wood can be polished. The practical thing is that you don't have the great effort required for polishing by hand. The cordless screwdriver as a polishing machine does the work for you and also reaches hard-to-reach places and angles.

Sources of supply: Internet vs. specialized trade

The demand for cordless screwdrivers is high. The product range and the variety of suppliers is correspondingly extensive. The most obvious source of supply in stationary retailing is DIY stores. Most of them have a more extensive assortment from different price segments.

As a rule, however, the offer here is limited to individual manufacturers. The tool trade offers a larger selection: above all equipment for professional use. Cordless screwdrivers, especially in the lower price segment and often from rather unknown No Name manufacturers, also regularly find favour with discounters.

The online trade offers the most extensive offer. All known and lesser known manufacturers are represented here. Here you can view their complete assortment and easily place orders. Many manufacturers have their own online shops. Others offer their assortment via various platforms.

Things to know and advice about cordless screwdrivers

The screw is the most popular and widespread fastener for fastening workpieces of various materials, sizes and shapes. It doesn't matter whether you want to make furniture pieces, raise whole wooden houses or just attach the picture to the wall: Screws are suitable for countless tasks. You will find them in all conceivable sizes and designs. Screws can be easily used even by laymen.

Depending on the >type of construction there are various tools with which you can screw in a screw. The most popular tool here is the simple screwdriver, which turns the screw into the workpiece with pure muscle power. However, depending on the size and thread type of the screw, the material, the composition of the workpiece and the number of screws to be processed for a given task, users quickly reach their limits with a purely manual tool.

Electrical aids have therefore been widely used for a long time. They enable long-term fatigue-free, precise and consistently powerful working. The cordless screwdriver is particularly popular here. This convinces with its high flexibility and can be used independently of the power grid. The cordless screwdriver is a fixed component even in simple tool equipment. That is why it is an indispensable companion for professional do-it-yourselfers in most households, in workshops and on construction sites.

The offer of countless manufacturers is huge. The variance in equipment, quality and last but not least in price is great. To keep an overview as a buyer is a challenge. An online cordless screwdriver test overlooks the offer, names important features and evaluation criteria, compares individual models and thus delivers reliable purchase recommendations.

Tips for safe use of the cordless screwdriver

Espect the correct bit size

Before you screw in a screw using the cordless screwdriver, you should check if the bit is the right size for the screw. Because: If the bit is too large, you will inevitably damage the screw head. In many cases, the screw can no longer be screwed in at all.

This procedure can also cause unattractive scratches to the workpiece. In addition, you expose yourself to a risk if the bit does not fit optimally to the screw: They could slip off with the cordless screwdriver and cause serious injuries.

The optimum number of revolutions

At least as important as the right bit size is the correct number of revolutions of the cordless drill. Basically, you should start with at the lowest possible number of revolutions first. This prevents the bit from slipping out of the screw head and possibly drilling a broken hole.

In addition, only change the direction of rotation when the screwdriver head has come to a complete stop. A premature change in the direction of rotation could permanently damage the gearbox of the cordless screwdriver.

Gentle battery handling

Modern cordless screwdrivers are usually equipped with a so-called Lithium-ion battery. If you have a device without a lithium-ion battery, do not connect the cordless screwdriver to the charger until it is completely discharged. Everything else has a negative effect on the battery capacity in the long run. It is also advisable to invest in a spare battery. In this way you avoid annoying forced breaks at work. Some cordless screwdrivers have a new chip technology. Thanks to this chip, battery performance improves significantly.

Don't exaggerate!

Both for the lifetime of the cordless screwdriver and for your own safety, it is extremely important that you do not overdo it when working. If, despite your efforts, the screw does not go into the hole provided, the cordless screwdriver simply does not have the required power.

Do not try to force the screw into the wall or workpiece. On the one hand, the drill chuck of the tool suffers, on the other hand, the motor could break. The risk of injury also increases considerably as you can slip off easily. And that's the way it is: You can always stand behind the machine when drilling and screwing. Ergo you can use your own weight without having to press on with great force.

What to watch out for

For maximum safety when working with the cordless screwdriver, you should make sure that that the device lies well in the hand. Furthermore, the screws must always fit the material. Because: For the connection of metal parts you need different screws than for workpieces made of wood. If you want to anchor a screw in the concrete, it is essential to pre-drill holes and use suitable dowels.

When mounting heavy objects on the wall, you should always use so-called expansion dowels. However, remove the drilling dust from the hole before inserting the dowel. So it has a better hold. Furthermore, the following applies: Check direction of rotation and torque, before you attach the cordless screwdriver and start it.

Especially if you want to screw a screw into wood, you should start with a very low torque. Otherwise there is a danger that you tighten the screw too tight and the material will be damaged. Harder materials, on the other hand, require a higher torque. Otherwise, you cannot countersink the screw.

Once you have ensured that the torque and direction of rotation are set correctly, place the cordless screwdriver straight on the screw. Hold it firmly with both hands: While one hand is guiding the device, the other is exerting gentle pressure. As soon as the screw has found sufficient support, you can press the control switch further. Do this until the screw is completely screwed in.

Current consumption of the cordless screwdriver

You are about to buy a new cordless screwdriver? Then you're spoilt for choice today. However, before you make your way to a specialist retailer, you should first consider a few things. How often would you like to use the cordless screwdriver? What features should it offer? And is it worth paying attention to power consumption? Many interested people are now wondering why a drill with a rechargeable battery needs electricity at all? Of course you do not have to connect a cordless screwdriver to the power circuit for use. However, everyone battery needs power during charging. Therefore it can be worthwhile to pay attention to a good quality and furthermore to a low power consumption. When manufacturers talk about power consumption, performance should also be mentioned here.


If you expect a lot of power from your battery drill, you must also pay attention to the voltage. The more more volt the drill has, the higher the power consumption. The result is that the battery empties faster. However, you should not be blinded by this information. The torque is far more important than the indication of volts.

Amper hours

How long you can work with a battery depends on the Amperestunden. In general, a 2.4 Ah drill will last longer than a 1.2 Ah drill. The logical conclusion is that the device also consumes less electricity. However, as mentioned earlier, you should consider how often you use a cordless drill before making a purchase. If you only need the device occasionally, you can easily reach for a Model with a smaller battery. For continuous use experts recommend a larger battery.

Battery type for a cordless screwdriver

Today many cordless screwdrivers are equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. These batteries are currently among the best available on the market. In addition, their very low weight makes them easy to handle. Another advantage of these battery types is that they have no memory effect. The disadvantage, however, is that the Lithium-Ion- batteries are much more expensive than other models.

Charger for a cordless screwdriver

When buying a rechargeable drill you should pay attention to a good quality charger. All online test winners of the high-performance cordless screwdrivers have a high-quality charging station. The advantage is obvious, because a good charger automatically extends the life of a battery. The external tests have shown that charging times vary widely and range from about 15 minutes to 2 hours. Cheap devices have a much longer charging time. A shorter charging time is of course better. Of course, this also applies to electricity consumption.

The advantages and disadvantages of an energy-saving cordless drill

  • it is much rarer to charge
  • perfect for smaller jobs in your own four walls
  • perfect for smaller jobs in your own home
  • unfortunately very often has a low power

If you have answered the questions about power consumption, you should think about it further. This includes, for example, which functions the new cordless screwdriver should offer.

The number of Courses can be very important for some works. If you want to use the cordless screwdriver for drilling and screwing, the device should have two gears in any case. If the cordless screwdriver only has one gear, it may not have enough power to screw. The device is also too slow for drilling. This means that some inexpensive models (such as those from the supermarket) are eliminated in advance.

Watch out for the torque of a cordless screwdriver

The torque should not be underestimated. From a certain rotation effect onwards, no force can be transmitted. This circumstance sounds like a disadvantage, but can be very helpful for some tasks. For example when you have to turn a lot of Screws into a material. This could be the case, for example, with sheetrock.


In summary it can be said that the power consumption is very important for a cordless screwdriver. Of course, there is no need for a direct power connection when working. But the batteries have to be recharged from time to time. This of course requires electricity. If you are looking for a low power consumption, you should choose a cordless screwdriver with a Lithium-Ion battery. These are not only very light and ensure easy handling. They are also very powerful and extremely low in power consumption.

Make sure you also buy a high-quality charging station. It extends the durability of a battery. A short charging time naturally also saves electricity costs. If necessary, ask your specialist dealer for advice and compare prices on the Internet. Again and again, professionals and experts conduct online tests with available cordless screwdrivers. The test results will help you to make the right purchase decision. But don't just pay attention to power consumption. Other functions are also decisive for a good and powerful cordless drill.

How to insert a screw perfectly

Screwdriving is the paradediscipline of a cordless screwdriver. The use of a cordless screwdriver does not require extensive technical knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, there are some recommendations and tips which simplify the work even more and enable optimal results.

  • Use the right screws!

Depending on the type and thickness of material and load of the joint, different types of bolts are suitable for different projects. Only the right selection guarantees a stable connection in the long term.

  • Drill ahead!

The first penetration of a screw into the workpiece is the decisive situation. To allow the screw to pass through the material optimally from the beginning, you may want to consider pre-drilling. This makes it easier for the screw to penetrate the particularly hard material. Nevertheless, with sensitive materials you can prevent breaking or splitting. For this purpose, always choose a drill that is considerably smaller than the screw thickness. Keep drilling without hitting. If pre-drilling is not possible, it is best to make a small hole with a suitable pointed object. The screw tip can now reach into this recess.

  • Select the correct bit!

Above all the size of the bit is decisive. This allows the power of the cordless screwdriver to be optimally transmitted without damaging the screw head drive.

  • Start with feeling!

In order to prevent slip or oblique penetration of the screw, you should pre-turn it slowly if possible, possibly even by hand. Turn it until it has a stable hold. Now you can screw in the screw completely at high speed.

  • Supply stability

If you want to connect individual components, it is important to fix them as stable as possible. This point is also important in external cordless screwdriver tests. In this respect, slippage during screwing can be prevented. In addition to a stable base, screw clamps or clamping clamps are suitable for this purpose.

What is better: cordless screwdriver or handheld screwdriver?

Anyone looking for a cordless screwdriver in a DIY store will surely quickly discover the handheld screwdriver. Now the question arises which screwdriver is better? For most of the work you want to do, a cordless screwdriver is certainly the more sensible choice. However, there are always jobs where a cordless drill or a cordless screwdriver cannot be used. To put it simply, handheld screwdrivers are a kind of cordless screwdriver in small format. The conventional cordless screwdrivers are usually large and designed for heavier work. If you screw a screw into a place that is difficult to access, a handheld screwdriver or a mini cordless screwdriver can be worthwhile.

The advantages of a mini cordless screwdriver

As already mentioned, the size of a cordless screwdriver is an essential advantage. However, you can certainly imagine that an application is only rarely necessary. Therefore many professionals and experts advise the Hobby do-it-yourselfers, to choose a cheaper model. If you use a Handheld screwdriver or a Mini cordless screwdriver more often, you should not save on the purchase. Online tests have shown that the handheld screwdrivers and mini cordless screwdrivers can also score points with quality at a low price. As with a normal cordless screwdriver, it depends here mostly on high-quality bits. So hand screwdrivers are a good and fine thing. They can be very useful and useful for some work.

For the Hobby craftsman such a purchase is often not worthwhile. If you want to be well equipped, you can easily reach for an inexpensive model. Working with a Mini cordless screwdriver is rarely necessary. If necessary, they can also be carried out with a wrench.

If you don't want to do without the small, electric screwdrivers, you can get an overview of the available models in Internet or in the specialist trade. Test winners are difficult to find here as well. The requirements are very different. A Hobby craftsman pays attention to other functions and performances than a craftsman for cordless screwdrivers. Professionals use the cordless drilling machine daily for several hours.

You should buy cordless screwdrivers with sufficient accessories if possible. If no high-quality bits are included, it is worthwhile to invest in a branded product.

Cordless screwdriver vs. handheld screwdriver

Professionals and experts advise against choosing only one handheld screwdriver. When small jobs have to be done at home, the cordless screwdriver is the most important tool. If you still have some budget at your disposal, you can also buy a hand screwdriver.

The prices are also very different here. A free price comparison over the Internet can be worthwhile. Handheld screwdrivers are very often used in the industrial sector. Actually, they rarely have access to hobby craftsmen.


A cordless screwdriver is in any case part of the basic equipment of every DIY enthusiast. With the practical accessories, work can be carried out many times easier. On the market there is a multiplicity at Hand screwdrivers, which are useful however only in the fewest cases for the home use. So if you have a building site at home and are carrying out renovations, you usually don't have much fun with a hand screwdriver.

Take advantage of this opportunity and ask your specialist dealer for advice on the respective advantages and disadvantages. Make sure that you buy high-quality quality. Sufficient accessories are also recommended. Handheld screwdrivers are available in different versions. An online comparison always pays off.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning effort for pure cordless screwdrivers is low in various external tests. Contamination occurs primarily when users transfer it with their hands during use. Strong and oily soiling should therefore be removed immediately. This prevents damage to the plastic and rubberised handles.

Vacuum the drill dust that accumulates when using the rechargeable drill if possible already during drilling. After the drilling operation, dirt and adhering drilling dust can be removed with a dry, soft cloth. Occasional blowing out with compressed air prevents the accumulation of drilling dust in openings. In this way you avoid damage due to overheating.

Repairs and maintenance tasks that may be required on professional models should always be carried out by a specialist company. Not least in order not to jeopardise warranty and guarantee claims.

The batteries used deserve some attention. For example, you should load and unload nickel-cadmium batteries predominantly completely if possible. Accordingly, you avoid a premature decrease in the total capacity. Lithium-ion batteries are more forgiving in this sense. With them, you should only pay attention to recharge them after prolonged use. Afterwards they are ready for use the next time you reach into the toolbox.

FAQ on the subject of cordless screwdrivers

Which cordless screwdriver is the best?

Which cordless screwdriver is the best?

If you decide to buy a cordless screwdriver, you will find a really large selection in the trade. Of course it should be a working tool, which can convince with a very good price- and performance ratio. For this you should decide in any case for a branded product

How much voltage should a good cordless screwdriver have?

How much voltage should a good cordless screwdriver have?

A cordless screwdriver is primarily used to drill holes in a wall. In order for this operation to succeed without great effort, the cordless screwdriver should have sufficient power to offer. In addition to the torque, you should also pay attention to the volts when making a purchase. A good and reliable cordless screwdriver has 18 volts. If you only want to do small jobs, a model with 12 Volt is sufficient.

What is a mini cordless screwdriver?

What is a mini cordless screwdriver?

With a mini cordless screwdriver you can usually not drill holes in a stone wall. Nevertheless, the purchase may well be worthwhile. Especially if you want to screw in or out several screws. A Mini cordless screwdriver is very well suited for this in any case. Almost every manufacturer has such a model in his assortment.

What is the difference between a cordless screwdriver and a cordless drilldriver?

What is the difference between a cordless screwdriver and a cordless drilldriver?

The cordless screwdriver is recommended for smaller jobs. However, with a cordless screwdriver, you can do much more and more complex work. The differences lie primarily in relation to the Performance and thus also in the purchase price.

How to dispose the cordless screwdriver correctly?

How to dispose the cordless screwdriver correctly?

The disposal of a cordless screwdriver should be done professionally due to environmental protection. For this you simply visit a waste dump, which is actually to be found in all larger cities. If you are unsure how the disposal looks like, you will surely be able to get the necessary information from the Internet.

How long does it take to charge a cordless screwdriver?

How long does it take to charge a cordless screwdriver?

The modern cordless screwdrivers are equipped with lithium ion batteries. The advantage of these batteries is that the charging time is very short. Within about 2 to 3 hours, the cordless screwdriver will be fully charged.

For which jobs is the cordless screwdriver suitable?

For which jobs is the cordless screwdriver suitable?

The cordless screwdriver can be used for a variety of jobs in home and garden. From assembling the new shelf to hanging a mirror and fixing the skirting boards – anywhere you need screws, a high-quality cordless screwdriver can do you good service . You not only save a lot of time, but also a lot of strength. The laborious manual screwing in of the screws does not only cost energy, but also time. All those who like to do handicrafts and DIY should always have a cordless screwdriver at hand in their handicraft workshop. The application possibilities are very varied, so that the device never has to lie unused in the cabinet for a long time.

What battery types are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

What battery types are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Older cordless screwdriver models are usually equipped with a nickel-cadmium battery, short NiCd battery. Although it is extremely powerful, it has the big disadvantage that the so-called memory effect quickly sets in. In concrete terms, this means that the performance of the battery decreases if it is handled incorrectly. This happens when the battery is not always completely discharged and then fully recharged. The battery “remembers”, so to speak, half the charge level and only charges up to this point. In the worst case, the NiCd battery will be unusable after only a few applications. This problem does not exist with Lithium ion batteries: You can charge the battery as often as is necessary for your work. This never has a negative effect on the charging capacity. Furthermore, lithium-ion batteries discharge very slowly compared to NiCd batteries. Even if you do not need your cordless screwdriver for a longer period of time, it is usually ready for use immediately. You do not have to charge the battery first. In nickel-cadmium batteries, on the other hand, self-discharge occurs very quickly.

How can I extend battery life?

How can I extend battery life?

Since the memory effect is not present in lithium-ion batteries, this does not have a negative effect on their service life. Also not by frequent loading and unloading. However, many manufacturers recommend that their customers keep the battery level between 20 and 80 percent at all times. If you use a quick charger, you should be aware that only the first 80 percent can be charged quickly. The process then slows down because the voltage in the device increases. If you don't want to wait until the battery is fully charged, you can use it without hesitation at 80 percent charge. This not only increases its service life, but also avoids long waiting times.

While you can only influence the durability of a lithium-ion battery to a limited extent, the handling of a nickel-cadmium battery plays a very important role. Basically, the following applies: You should always charge the battery only when it is completely discharged. It is at least as important to insert it into the cordless screwdriver only when it is completely charged. Even if you are in a hurry, you should not remove the NiCd battery from the charger once it is 60 or 80 percent charged. The charging capacity could inevitably decrease, so that the battery can only be used to a limited extent.

What to consider when taking care of and maintaining the cordless screwdriver?

What to consider when taking care of and maintaining the cordless screwdriver?

Careful handling of the cordless screwdriver increases its service life. It ensures that the device is always ready for use. In particular with cheap devices a repair is not worthwhile usually. The new acquisition is usually more favorable in this case. In order for your cordless screwdriver to last for a long time, you should clean it of dust with a soft cloth after each use. In this way, you prevent dust from accumulating in the gear unit. The engine could overheat quickly over time. Furthermore, you should always store the cordless screwdriver in a dry place when you do not need it. So no moisture penetrates into the device. For this purpose it is best to use a sturdy tool or transport case.

How do I find the right screw type?

How do I find the right screw type?

Which screw type you should use for your project depends mainly on the material of the workpiece. You will find universal screws, wood screws and sheet metal screws in specialist shops. Universal screws have a double angle under the screw head, which increases safety when working. They are suitable for various materials, such as plastics and hardwood. Wood screws, on the other hand, have a thread that is very sharp and practically turns itself into the wood. In addition, this type of screw is very durable, so it is often used in furniture construction. Only if you want to screw chipboards together, you should not use classic wood screws, but Wood construction screws. If, on the other hand, you are working with sheet metal, plastic or hardboard, make the right choice with Sheet metal screws. They have a special hardened thread as well as a very pronounced tip.
toggle title=” When do I have to pre-drill?” state=”close”]In many cases you should not screw in the screw immediately with the cordless drill. Instead, drill a hole first. This is particularly recommended, if you are using very long screws. You should also fix these in the material using dowels, otherwise they will not find sufficient hold. In this case, the depth of the drill hole should be approximately two thirds of the screw length. The diameter of the borehole is slightly smaller than that of the screw. When dowels are used, the drill diameter and the dowel diameter must be the same. If you work with relatively small, thin screws and a soft material, it is usually sufficient to prick the screw hole with a pointed object. In this case, pre-drilling is just as unnecessary as the use of dowels.

The cordless screwdriver runs hot during use - why?

The cordless screwdriver runs hot during use - why?

If the cordless screwdriver overheats quickly during use, this can have several causes. If a technical defect is present, it can happen that the device is only limited or no longer usable after a short time. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer if the cordless screwdriver is still under warranty. Much more frequently, however, the devices overheat due to operating errors. Overheating often occurs when you overuse the cordless screwdriver. This happens when you use it for materials for which it is not suitable. For concrete, for example. Even if you have inserted the wrong bit, heat development may occur: The device rotates without being able to penetrate the material. Therefore: Always make sure that your cordless screwdriver is equipped with the correct bit. Only use it for work for which it is intended. Even with regular breaks you can avoid overheating the unit.

If you do not follow these instructions, it can happen that the cordless screwdriver starts to smoke when overheating. In this case, turn the unit off immediately and place it on a non-flammable surface. Make sure that there are no easily flammable materials in the vicinity. Also avoid contact with water. This could completely destroy the device. If the cordless screwdriver has cooled down, you can start a new attempt. If smoke develops again, there is a high probability that the device is defective.

The cordless screwdriver misappropriated: Which attachments do manufacturers offer?

The cordless screwdriver misappropriated: Which attachments do manufacturers offer?

Specialist shops and DIY stores have a large number of attachments available for the cordless screwdriver. Some even turn the power tool into a practical kitchen appliance in just a few simple steps.

Use the cordless screwdriver as corkscrew and spice mill

Corkscrew and spice mill tops don't sound like serious gimmicks. Surely you have already tried to open a wine or champagne bottle as elegantly as possible without much effort. With the aid of a corkscrew attachment the cordless drill pulls the cork out of the bottle almost by itself. The spice mill attachment, on the other hand, is very likely to be used only by passionate craftsmen: If you press the button for just a few seconds too long, you run the risk of salinating the soup. Nevertheless, this essay is a funny gift idea that could certainly be used at one or the other garden party.

The cordless screwdriver as all-round talent

With the help of attachments, the application range of the cordless screwdriver increases many times over in online practical tests. The angle attachment should also be part of the basic equipment of the tool case, as should the eccentric attachment. Both allow working in very narrow or difficult to access working areas. With a cutting attachment the cordless screwdriver can be converted into a cutting machine in no time at all. The Polishing attachment allows you to polish your car. Those who count model building or computer assembly among their hobbies, however, are well advised with a torque attachment. With its help you can adjust the torque exactly so that you can optimally dose the transmitted force. Another practical attachment for the cordless screwdriver is the blower attachment. With this you can, for example, stir up the grill. The grinding attachment, which transforms the cordless screwdriver into a compact and powerful grinding machine, also belongs to the accessories range.


Useful accessories

You can't work with a cordless screwdriver alone. You need Bits in all common sizes, so that you are prepared for all work in house and garden. Many devices from various online cordless screwdriver tests contain accessories.

Here, however, you must pay special attention to the quality of the individual parts. Often they are cheap additions for the main unit, which are not very resistant and durable. Below you will find a overview of the most important accessories. We also offer tips on what to look out for when buying.

  • The bit set
  • The replacement battery
  • The Allen key set
  • The Transport case
For household use, a medium-priced bit set from a brand manufacturer is generally sufficient. However, the set should contain the most common sizes in the variants “Cross” and “Torx”. More comprehensive sets also include bits for other screw head shapes, such as round head and hexagonal screws. The range in DIY stores is broad and has the right bitset for every task. Who would like to select the suitable set, should know if possible, for which work the cordless screwdriver is to be used with priority. The quality shows up however above all in relation to the fitting accuracy: High-quality bits fit optimally into the bit holder of the cordless screwdriver as well as into the screw head. In this way a wobble-free working without dangerous slips is easily possible.
It is generally recommended to have a spare battery in the house. Especially when you are working for a long time, it can happen that the battery is suddenly drained. This can happen, for example, when setting up a large wardrobe. In this case, you must take a forced break. Not only is this annoying, it also costs you a lot of time. You can easily avoid this situation with a second battery . Make sure, however, that it is always charged. Ideally, you should use a lithium-ion battery. Only this battery version can remain unused in the cabinet for longer without self-discharging. /tab]
An Allen key set is indispensable if you want to loosen or tighten Screws with hexagonal head. It should therefore have a fixed place in every tool box. An Allen key is L-shaped and has a hexagonal head at both ends. It is ideal for use with screws that are difficult to access. Even working at an angle is possible without any problems with an Allen key. In particular for repairs on the bicycle an extensive Allen key set is indispensable as a rule. When buying, you should pay attention to an ergonomic shape so that you do not strain your hands so much when working. Although there are very inexpensive sets on offer, these are not always convincing in terms of quality. A high-quality Allen key set, on the other hand, is a purchase for life. If in doubt, it is better to dig a little deeper into your pocket.
Cordless screwdrivers, bits, attachments and drill chucks: You should store all these items safely so that they are protected from moisture and dust. A sturdy, spacious carrying case provides space for the unit itself. All accessories, the batteries and the charger are also safe to store. This means you always have everything you need for DIY at hand. If the case is not big enough, you have to store the batteries and charger separately, which ultimately takes up more space. Make sure you have a safe place so that you don't have to search for the battery before starting work. In addition, a transport case offers the advantage that you can use your cordless screwdriver mobile. Whether in the hobby cellar, in the garden or with the neighbour: You can take the device always everywhere with you, where you need it.

With the matching accessories for the cordless screwdriver, you can simplify the work with the devices. Before you buy a rechargeable drill you should think about which accessories you need. Very often there are great offers with a wide range of accessories. If you only purchase the cordless screwdriver and then have to spend a lot of money on the accessories, you should invest in another cordless drill beforehand. Many manufacturers already offer the drills with a very good accessories. However, you can also buy only a cordless screwdriver. Here, however, the battery and other accessories are usually missing.

What accessories are important for a cordless screwdriver?

If you buy the accessories individually, the purchase is worthwhile due to the very high costs only in rare cases.

The battery is the heart of every cordless screwdriver. It should definitely be included in the scope of delivery. However, it is also worth making sure that a spare battery is available. There is certainly nothing more annoying than interrupting your work due to an empty battery. A additional battery enables longer working hours. Note, however, that if you are working with one battery, the second one should be attached to the charging station. Of course you can always buy a battery from a well-known manufacturer. As a rule, however, these are far too expensive.

Many devices also have a suitable fast charger. The short charging time saves electricity. You can also work quickly with a fully charged Akku again. Again and again there are very favorable offers with a fast charger. However, these are unfortunately the exceptions, as an online cordless screwdriver test from previous years has shown. If you want to buy a quick charger, you should pay attention to the price like with a normal charger.

Especially with a larger project it can be worthwhile if the cordless screwdriver has a cordless lamp. The lamps can be switched on at the push of a button. They thus provide better visibility. This function sounds very good and practical. However, external practical tests and analyses have shown that the lamps are actually only used very rarely or not at all.

Drill and bits

Probably the most important accessories for a cordless screwdriver are the Bits and the Drills. All manufacturers today offer their own range or program for such accessories. You should make sure that the bits and drills are of high quality. You will not enjoy it if the bits are worn out after a few uses and correct, clean work is no longer possible. Of course, it is up to you to decide which manufacturer to use for this accessory. However, an independent cordless screwdriver Test on the Internet has shown that the bits and drills from brand manufacturers will last for many years.

On the market today there is an almost unmanageable number of bit sets for the cordless screwdrivers. However, a large proportion of manufacturers produce very cheaply in China. In very few cases, these products deliver what they promise. As the most important link between screw and cordless screwdriver, you should not save any money here. Even if you choose a cheap cordless drill, you can still buy bits from brand manufacturers. These can also be used with the respective device. Online Experts clearly advise you to choose a branded product when it comes to questions about accessories. If the bit does not hold, because wear is noticeable, you certainly do not have much joy when working.


In summary, there are numerous accessories for every cordless screwdriver. There are some things you can definitely do without. Some other gadgets you absolutely must have. Bits and drills are very important for working. Online cordless screwdrivers test results have shown that cheap bit sets are not recommended. When it comes to bits, be sure to use branded products.

If possible, an additional battery should already be included in the scope of delivery. A quick charger is very useful, but rarely included in the set. An additional purchase is associated with very high costs. Many people see the lamp on a cordless screwdriver as a useful function. However, practice has shown that users rarely use such a lamp. You do not have to pay attention to this additional function.

In general: the more accessories is already included with the purchase of the cordless screwdriver, the better and cheaper it is for you. Although retrofitting is usually possible at any time, it is also associated with very high costs. A comparison of the individual offers can be quite worthwhile. It's better to invest a little more before you buy. For this you get a very extensive accessory for your cordless screwdriver.

Alternatives to the cordless screwdriver

The cordless screwdriver

The cordless screwdriver is one of the most popular power tools. For a good reason: because the handy tools combine the advantages of a classic drill with those of a cordless screwdriver. They screw and drill equally well in wood and plastic. They are just as suitable for beginners as for professional do-it-yourselfers.

Cordless screwdrivers are usually equipped with a two-gear : While the fast gear is used for drilling, the slow gear is suitable for screwing. You have a drill chuck, in which all common drill types and drill sizes can be clamped.

The same applies here as with the classic cordless screwdriver: Only if bits and drills fit optimally on the material to be machined and the screw, the result is correct. The drill does not overheat so quickly. Modern, high-quality cordless screwdrivers have a lithium-ion battery. This has the advantage that it has no memory effect. If necessary, you can also charge it only partially without reducing the charging capacity.

In order for you to be able to work as powerfully with a cordless drill as with a conventional drill, it should have a minimum power of 10 to 15 volts. The guiding principle here is: the more, the better.

The cordless impact wrench

Cordless impact wrenches are – to put it simply – cordless impact wrenches with a stronger performance. They also have an integrated impact mechanism which generates a vibrating movement in the direction of the axis. The result is a pulse-like rotary motion, which allows a considerably higher torque to be achieved than with a cordless screwdriver. This way you can not only tighten screws and nuts easily, but also loosen them.

The battery-powered impact drill

A cordless impact drill is visually similar to a conventional cordless drill. It is very well suited for drilling in concrete, stone and other very hard materials. In addition, the integrated speed control allows a wide range of applications.

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News around the cordless screwdriver

In the guidebook we would also like to introduce some of the news in this industry to you. On the tool market innovative developments are presented again and again. Although it is no longer a novelty, the Black + Decker cordless screwdriver developed 2014 still causes a lot of sensation today

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