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Best Condom 2019 • 0 Condoms Reviews

What's a condom?

A condom consists of a thin shell of elastic material which is pulled over the erect penis. Most models have a reservoir at the tip which is used to hold the ejaculated sperm. The products are known under many names. Widely used are the terms “Parisian”, “Präser” (from condom), “Verhüterli”, “Lümmeltüte” or “Frommser” (named after a well-known German mark). Condoms are made of various materials. Natural rubber latex is the most widely used material. There are also condoms made of plastic. In earlier times also natural casings or even fabric were used as material for condoms. Condoms are Confections for men. Based on the same principle, there are also condoms for women, so-called femidoms. These are inserted into the vagina before sex and completely undress it.

How does a condom work?

The condom belongs to the group of mechanical preventatives. It works very efficiently when used correctly. Condoms are usually shrink-wrapped in a foil and sold ready rolled up for use. The condom is carefully unpacked and placed on the tip of the erect penis, the glans, and rolled down the shaft. The tip of the reservoir must point upwards. The application of the condom is very simple and succeeds after some practice as good as always, unless man(s) is too nervous. Experienced prostitutes can allegedly put on a condom during oral sex with the mouth without the suitor feeling anything.

The principle of the condom is quite simple. The sheath prevents direct contact between penis and vagina. Because it is water- and air-tight, no sperm can enter the vagina and cause pregnancy.

Because any direct contact is prevented, condoms are the only contraceptives that can not only prevent pregnancy, but also reliably protect against sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, the sheath is thin enough to allow sexual stimulation through friction and touch. In a condom test the products are subjected to extensive testing procedures to ensure that only quality products are put on the market.

Advantages and application areas of condoms

Condoms are relative safe contraceptives. When used optimally, they are almost as safe as birth control pills or hormone injections. The failure of a condom is almost always due to application errors. In addition, condoms have the big advantage that they are the only preventatives that also protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Especially in the Third World they are an effective weapon in the fight against the spread of AIDS. Compared to other prevention methods, condoms are easy to use and cost effective. They have a long shelf life and are easy to store and transport. When they're needed, they're ready to go in a jiffy.

Another advantage is that they cannot be forgotten, as can happen with the pill, for example. The woman immediately notices whether her partner is using a condom or not and can remind him to use it or refuse sex without condom if necessary.

Condoms are intended as preventatives during vaginal intercourse. Often they are also used as protection during oral intercourse. This makes sense because even unprotected oral sex can transmit certain diseases, such as gonorrhea. On the other hand, they are not particularly suitable for Oralsex because they can be quickly damaged by the teeth when blown. Piercings on the lips or on the tongue increase the danger even more. Even the smallest holes make the condom ineffective.

What disadvantages do condoms have?

Many men despise the use of condoms, because they reduce the enjoyment of sex. The tip of the penis, the glans, is well supplied with blood and very sensitive to touch. Even tickling with a down feather can sooner or later trigger an effusion. Even the thin shell of the condom can interfere and reduce the feeling during sex. In addition, many people are disturbed by the fumbling when putting on the condom.

Another fact is that Condoms are very sensitive. They can already be damaged by pointed fingernails or jewellery when they are put on. During intensive sex it can happen that they tear or burst. The latter happens more often in models without Reservoir. Condoms have an expiration date. If it has expired or they are stored incorrectly, they can become brittle and fragile and tear more easily.

What types of condoms are there?

In a condom test 2019 different products are tested. Among the most important distinguishing features are:


As material for condoms mainly natural rubber latex is used, sometimes also plastic (polyisoprene and polyurethane) and relatively rarely natural casings.

Natural Rubber Latex

Natural Rubber Latex

This material is most commonly used for condoms. It is inexpensive to manufacture and has proven itself in practice for decades. Latex condoms are tested in a condom test according to various procedures for tightness, elasticity and mechanical resistance.

Besides advantages latex condoms show disadvantages in the condom test 2019 as well. Some people have a latex allergy. If you use a latex condom, you will get a skin rash accompanied by itching and redness.

Latex is also a relatively sensitive material. It does not tolerate heat or sudden changes in temperature and can be dissolved by lubricants based on oil or grease.



Polyisoprene or polyurethane condoms are often recommended as an alternative for people with latex allergy. They are more elastic than latex condoms, but have a lower burst pressure. They are less sensitive to lubricants based on grease or oil.

Their higher price is a disadvantage. In addition, they have not been on the market as long as latex condoms and have not been tested as extensively as latex condoms, so they have a higher risk than latex condoms.

Natural gut

Natural gut

Before the invention of vulcanization and the general distribution of rubber, condoms were made almost exclusively from this material. Even today, natural casings are occasionally offered as an alternative to latex. The starting material is sheep casings made more resistant and elastic by a special treatment. Condoms made of this material are much more expensive and do not offer as good protection as those made of latex.

Type of application

Condoms are also classified according to use. There are 4 basic types.

Standard condom

Standard condoms are intended for vaginal intercourse. Its dimensions have been regulated by the international standard EN ISO 4074 since 2002. When rolled out, however, the condom must be at least 16 cm long and must have a certain minimum volume depending on its width. At the tip of the condom is a small cap called a reservoir, which is designed to hold the ejaculate. Standard condoms are offered in different thicknesses and widths. They can easily be damaged if used improperly. This can happen especially during oral sex, anal sex or due to wrong lubricants.

Condoms for anal intercourse

For anal traffic there are condoms with a particularly thick cover. The wall thickness is up to 0.1 mm. This is about twice as strong as a standard condom. This is because the stress to which the condom is exposed during anal intercourse is considerably higher than during vaginal intercourse. A standard condom could tear too easily and thus lose its protective effect. The thick cover is at the same time a big disadvantage of these condoms. This greatly reduces the feeling during sex.

Oral sex condoms

These are the well-known colourful condoms with taste, which probably everyone has heard of at least once. They are available in a wide variety of flavours, such as strawberry, banana or vanilla. The taste is achieved by coating the outer shell with flavourings. Condoms with taste are basically just a gimmick. In practice, taste doesn't last long.

If the condom is used after normal sex, the coating can irritate the sensitive mucous membranes of the vagina or even cause allergic reactions. In addition, condoms with taste are significantly more expensive than standard condoms.

Feelfast condoms

This variety is Standard condoms with a particularly thin shell. This makes them almost feel like sex without condom. For some varieties, the hull is less than 0,04 mm thick. Extradünne or sentient condoms are suitable for all men who complain that they do not feel enough when using a condom. They can withstand the same loads as standard condoms, but are more sensitive. When Tighten or when Use they can easily tear or be damaged.

Special condoms

In this category several species of condoms are combined. These are, for example, condoms with studs or grooves or damp condoms coated with lubricant. Some condoms are also coated with spermicide to improve contraception. What they all have in common is the fact that the efficiency resulting from the special property is relatively low. For example, they are intended to give the woman a more intense feeling during sex or to facilitate gliding. However, they are more expensive than normal condoms and do not last that long.

This is how condoms are tested

Condoms are regarded as medical products and are subjected to several strict tests before they receive the quality seal. The condom test 2019 includes:

  • tightness test
  • inflation test
  • Stretchability test
  • Microbiological purity

Leak test

This Test is integrated into the manufacturing process. Each condom is subjected to it before final packaging. The condoms are still pulled onto the moulded bodies and pass through an electrically conductive liquid, a so-called electrolyte. The shaped body forms part of a circuit to which a lamp is also connected.

As soon as a condom has a hole, even a tiny one, the circuit is closed and the lamp lights up. The defective condom is then automatically sorted out as scrap.

inflation test

In the inflation test the strength of the condom is tested. For this purpose, the condom to be tested is inflated with 18 litres of compressed air. A quality condom will survive this claim without bursting or otherwise sustaining damage.

Elasticity test

In the Stretchability test the condom to be tested is stretched up to seven times its normal length. It must pass this test without tearing.

Test for microbiological purity

This test ensures that condoms are produced under sterile or almost sterile conditions and do not contain any pathogenic germs. This is necessary because condoms come into direct contact with the mucosa of the human body during normal use. For this purpose, individual products, raw materials and production aids as well as auxiliary materials such as water are tested for their contamination with germs.

Due to the strict tests during production, condoms are considered to be very safe. In addition, selected condoms are also continuously checked by independent bodies such as Stiftung Warentest.

All tested condoms carry either the CE mark or the DLF quality seal on the packaging. The rigorous Condom test 2019 ensures that consumers can trust the Condom seal.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a condom?

When purchases condoms various factors play a role. Among the most important are:

Condom size

Choosing the right size is the most important factor in purchasing a condom. If the condom is too small, it is perceived as disturbing during sex. It constricts and can even cause pain. Too small condoms also burst faster and therefore pose a risk. A condom that's too big is also risky. It can slip off easily. In the heat of love play, this often happens unnoticed. The consequences can be unwanted pregnancies or infections.

  • Standard condoms are suitable for men with an average penis size and are 52 mm wide and 185 mm long when rolled out.
  • Smaller condoms can often be recognized by the names Slim or XS. They are about 49 mm wide and up to about 170 mm long.
  • Bigger condoms are often called Maxi, King Size or XXL. They are about 55 mm wide and from about 200 mm long.

Shelf life

Each condom has a shelf life date on the package. It indicates the time until which the condom can still be used safely. When stored properly (dark and cool), the shelf life is usually 4 years. When buying in online shops, drugstores or specialty shops (condomery), the expiry date is usually not a problem. The situation is different if condoms are purchased, for example, at petrol stations or from vending machines. There it can happen that the expiration date has already expired or is about to expire. The danger also exists if condoms are bought in smaller shops, which are rarely in demand. This includes unusual sizes, colours or designs.


Many men suffer from premature ejaculation. The problem is one of the most common sexual disorders in men. Men who suffer from it are recommended to choose Condoms with a slightly thicker cover, because this reduces sensitivity during sex and can prolong it before it comes to effusion.

With other men, it's the other way around. They reject condoms because they don't feel enough during sex. For these men it is recommended to try extra thin condoms. The shell of these products is no thicker than 0.04 mm, practically a hint of nothing, so you almost have the feeling of skin on skin. Nevertheless the extra thin condoms meet all requirements of the CE test.


In men who find it difficult to use condoms, colour can also play a major role. Condoms are offered in all possible colors, even bright red or black. Some products even glow in the dark. Men who are not sensitive do not mind and even make fun of it.

But if you don't like to use Condoms, you should choose transparent products. Due to the transparency, the condom is rather inconspicuous and quickly falls into oblivion in the heat of the love play.

Short information about 7 leading manufacturers

The German market for condoms comprises a total of almost 600 products offered by 35 manufacturers. These include foreign companies selling their products in Germany as well as German companies exporting their products to all parts of the world.

  • Durex
  • Secura
  • Billy Boy
  • Amor
  • Ritex
  • MySize
  • Control

The British company Durex is not only the market leader in Germany, but also internationally in the condom category. On a global scale, Durex has a market share of 35 percent. The company was founded in London in 1915 and mainly sold hairdressing supplies. Imported condoms were just a sideline. The Durex brand was created in 1929. Just 3 years later, the first Durex condom factory was founded. The demand increased constantly and soon the fully automatic production was started. At the beginning of the sixties the first condom vending machines were installed and from 1980 onwards sales were made in supermarkets, restaurants and grocery stores. With the advent of AIDS, demand increased and Durex introduced a number of new products over time, including condoms with taste or pimples and those designed to delay the climax.

More than 130 Durex brand products are currently on offer. The condoms are part of the series:

  • Invisible
  • Natural Feeling
  • Feelfast
  • Love
  • Performa
  • Pleasuremax

The first 3 series include particularly thin condoms that give you the feeling during sex that you are not using a condom at all.

Condoms of the Love series, on the other hand, are particularly tight so that they can hardly slip off. The user does not need to worry about anything, but can concentrate fully on the love play.

Performa condoms, on the other hand, have a thin layer of substances on the inside that reduce the sensitivity of the glans slightly. This allows the user to have sex for longer before the effusion occurs.

Pleasuremax are nubby or ribbed condoms. They give the partner maximum pleasure during sex, hence her name.

Secura is not an independent company, but a condom brand distributed by the well-known German erotic company Orion from Flensburg. The brand has been in existence for more than 50 years. Secura condoms are manufactured according to the strict requirements of the ISO 4074:2002 standard. The production facilities are inspected at regular intervals by TÜV in order to guarantee the perfect quality of the products.

Customers currently have 75 different types of Secura condoms on offer. These include, for example, condoms from the Ultranass series, extra moist condoms that make a lubricant superfluous. Other condoms bear the name Transparent because they are almost transparent. Also very popular are mixed packs such as Sixpack or Sex4Fun with several types of condoms. The range also includes oversized condoms and nubby variants. Other varieties are coated on the inside with a substance that makes the glans less sensitive so that the sex can last longer.

Billy Boy is a German condom manufacturer that has been offering its products on the market since 1990. All condoms are produced according to the strict requirements of the ISO 4074 standard. Billy Boy only uses natural latex for his condoms. Specially shaped glass flasks are immersed several times in the liquid solution of latex so that the condom's later shape can adhere to them. This process is repeated until the desired specifications are reached.

Billy Boy condoms stand out due to the tasteful and cheerful design of their packaging. While other manufacturers market their condoms as medical devices, Billy Boy conveys the message that condoms can be fun. The Billy Boy range is divided into 3 lines:

  • B2
  • Fun
  • White

Series B2 condoms correspond to most standard condoms. These include condoms that can withstand greater strain, for example during anal intercourse. In line B2 there are condoms for every occasion.

Probably the most popular are Billy Boy condoms of the White series. They are slightly milky transparent and emit a pleasant fragrance. Many of them are particularly thin and allow an intense feeling during sex. They are coated with a thin sliding film for easier and more pleasant application.

The company Amor Gummiwaren GmbH was founded in 1968. At that time condoms were mainly produced for vending machines. Since 2004, the company has been based in the Thuringian city of Arnstadt. In addition to Amor, the range also includes the brands Erotim and Rilaco, which are mainly intended for the non-European market. The products are mainly sold to large customers such as vending machine operators, drugstores, mail order companies or specialist shops. Since 2011, consumers have also been able to shop directly in the company's online shop. In addition to condoms, the range also includes medical products, gloves, love toys and a number of other products. Amor produces about 150 million condoms per year.

The range includes more than 40 condoms of all kinds. Cold Moments condoms with peppermint flavour and cooling lubricant and their counterparts, Hot Moments, condoms with warming lubricant, are particularly noteworthy. Wild Love condoms have a nubbed surface and are coated with lubricant. Other varieties have a thin film of benzocaine on the inside. The agent has a slightly anaesthetic effect on the mucous membranes and thus reduces sensitivity. This makes you last longer during sex.

Ritex is a German company that has been manufacturing condoms since 1948. The company is a typical medium-sized enterprise and employs about 60 people. The headquarters is located in Bielefeld. The name is composed of syllables of the words Richter (the family name of the founder) and Latex, the most important raw material in the production of condoms. In addition to condoms, lubricants are also part of the production program. As a special feature, customers can order condoms from Ritex in individually designed packaging. Such condoms are used, for example, as promotional gifts in marketing campaigns.

Currently there are more than 30 different types of Ritex condoms on offer. Among them, for example, is the condom “47”, which is characterised by a particularly firm, secure fit. “Aquaresse” are condoms coated with a water-based lubricant. Thus the love play runs smoothly in the truest sense of the word. Condoms of the “Fleur” series, on the other hand, spread a pleasant floral scent reminiscent of a summer meadow, something that is not only appreciated by lovers of outdoor sex. The extensive range also includes ribbed or extra-thin condoms as well as oversized products.

The German condom manufacturer MySize has chosen its name for a good reason. The biggest problem many men face when using a condom is finding the right size. Every penis is different and therefore needs a condom that fits exactly to its size. If the condom fits perfectly, it won't slip or pinch and man can finally concentrate on the love play instead of worrying about the condom. There are no special effects or structures necessary to increase pleasure, everything happens naturally. The condom simply falls into oblivion, as if it were not there at all.

That is why MySize does not use condoms with nubs or in unusual colours or with special effects, but limits its range of more than 30 condoms to classic products made of natural latex and coated with lubricant. Instead, MySize has devoted all his attention to passiveness. All condoms are offered in 7 sizes, which differ mainly in width. The sizes available from MySize are in mm: 47, 49, 53, 57, 60, 64 and 69. With this selection it is practically guaranteed that every man will find a MySize condom that fits almost like a tailor-made condom. On his homepage, the manufacturer gives detailed instructions on how to accurately measure the correct size.

Control is based in Spain and has been producing condoms and other innovative products for more than 30 years. There are currently 25 different types of Control brand condoms available on the German market.

The assortment is very extensive and contains products that do not only meet the average requirements. Consumers, for example, love the chocolate-flavored condoms “Chocolate Addiction”. If you have trouble with condoms, you should try the “Control Finissimo” variety with an extra thin wall thickness. The thinnest condoms of the Control brand are so delicate that you can hardly feel them during sex. If, on the other hand, things get a little rougher and it is to be expected that the condom will be subjected to hard wear, the “Forte” variety with extra thick wall thickness should be chosen. Such condoms are suitable for anal intercourse, for example.

Sometimes pulling on a condom requires some practice and can become fiddly under stress. Then a condom of the “Easy Way” variety is recommended. These condoms come with an integrated applicator, a thin ribbon, with which there is no more annoying (and lust-killing) fumbling when putting them on.

For men with a latex allergy Control offers latex-free condoms. The condoms are made of polyurethane (PU) and meet all the requirements placed on condoms made of natural latex. They are also feel-fast and coated with lubricant. They can also be used by non-allergic persons.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where do I buy my condoms best?

Condoms are sold in many places sold, at automats in public toilets, in grocery stores, drugstores and gas stations In larger cities there are also specialized shops, which specialized in the sale of condoms and condomery are called. In addition, condoms can also be ordered on the Internet, a way of shopping that is enjoying growing popularity and has many advantages, as a Kondom Test 2019 shows. In the following section we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both options in more detail.

purchase from specialist dealers or on site

Almost everyone has bought a condom from a vending machine on the toilet if he had a spontaneous date and she showed herself ready for sex. The big advantage of the direct sales method, whether in a shop or from a vending machine, is that the condoms are immediately available and you don't have to wait for them.

However, the disadvantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The most important is discretion. Condoms are very intimate products and you don't like to be watched buying them. It takes some getting used to go to a condomery or drugstore and ask for a certain variety. Even more overcoming is necessary if, for example, one would like to be personally advised in a condomerie or a sex shop on the subject of condoms.

Anyone who buys condoms from vending machines or at petrol stations also runs the risk of catching products for which the expiration date has already expired. Expired condoms can be porous and tear more easily. The danger is particularly great if you choose varieties that are not so common.

Often enough Condoms at points of sale such as vending machines or points of sale are not stored under optimal conditions (e.g. too warm), so that the shelf life indicated on the package is reduced.

In purchase from such sources, prices are higher than average and selection is lower.

Shopping on the Internet

Shopping on the Internet is becoming more and more popular, because the advantages outweigh by far. The only disadvantage of this option is the fact that there are no spontaneous purchases, but it usually takes 1 – 3 days before the order arrives by mail.

Apart from that, shopping on the Internet offers a whole range of advantages. The most important of these is probably discretion. When shopping in an online shop anonymity and discretion are 100 percent guaranteed. You don't have to squeeze around in a public toilet or walk to the gas station at night, but can place your order conveniently from home around the clock, whenever you have time and are undisturbed.

Your order is usually delivered to your home in a neutral packaging that does not indicate the contents. In many cases, shipping costs are not even charged for orders above a certain minimum order value.

On the Internet you also have a huge choice that you won't find even in the largest condomery. With one mouse click you can compare the most different products with each other and find in the twinkling of an eye the cheapest price.

But even better is the fact that the Internet offers you a wealth of information. There are not only detailed product descriptions of the respective manufacturer, but also independent condom tests, in which the best products in different categories are determined. In addition, you will find various guides and interesting background information to help you find the right condom and use it correctly. You get all this without having to ask anyone embarrassing questions or fear of meeting an acquaintance.

Another advantage that you will quickly notice when shopping on the Internet is the huge selection. On the German market there are nearly 600 varieties of condoms from dozens of manufacturers. The large selection is a special advantage if you are looking for unusual condoms, possibly joking condoms as a gag for a party or condoms in an unusual color, size or with very specific characteristics. Less popular condoms are often not available in smaller sales outlets. If you do, there is a real danger that you will catch a slow seller and that condom is superimposed.

Quite different in the online shop. In many cases, they supply not only the Federal Republic of Germany, but also neighbouring countries. Since such online shops order in completely different dimensions than a small supermarket or a drugstore, they usually purchase their goods directly from the manufacturer. We deliver as needed, so that even unusual sizes or varieties are always fresh and you don't have to worry about the shelf life date.

Another advantage of shopping on the Internet is the lower prices. One reason for this is that many Onlineshops buy large quantities directly from the manufacturer.

Not only do you get a volume discount, you also avoid expensive middlemen. In addition, a Onlineshop usually has lower operating costs than a specialist shop. Neither shop rent has to be paid nor are there any costs for electricity, heating and other ancillary costs. Personnel costs are also significantly lower. All these advantages the online shop passes on to its customers in the form of favorable prices.

Especially for such private products as condoms the internet is the right place for shopping. Not only can you shop there conveniently and discreetly from home around the clock, you also have a huge selection at low prices and your order will be delivered quickly and discreetly to your home. So it is no wonder that many online shops can point to double-digit growth rates, while sales in the specialist trade stagnate or even decline.

Things to Know & Advisor

The history of the condom

Condoms have been used for contraception for hundreds of years. The first specimens are already documented from the Middle Ages. At that time, however, the condoms consisted of a long, narrow bag of woven fabric to which long ribbons were sewn for attachment. Such condoms had only a low efficacy, because sperm could easily penetrate through the porous material. However, they posed a massive obstacle to pleasure.

That didn't change until the 18th century. At that time the idea was born to use material for condoms sheep intestines cleaned and treated accordingly. They provided much better protection than the fabric bags known until then. Since they were also much thinner, one could develop real lust during sex. Such condoms were already used by the famous bon vivant Giacomo Casanova to protect himself against an infection with syphilis, which was rampant at that time. Even today such condoms are used occasionally. However, they are not as safe as condoms made of natural latex or plastic membranes.

There are many theories about the origin of the name Condom. The most common is that it comes from the name of Colonel Dr. Condom, who in the 17th century was the personal physician of the English King Charles II. Dr. Condom recommended the use of animal casings as protection against infections and for contraception.

The first precursors of modern condoms appeared around 1870. They were produced and sewn from 2 mm thick vulcanized rubber. They could be reused. These condoms were manufactured under the brand name “Le Parisien” (translated “The Parisian”). The term Parisian is still used today as a synonym for condoms.

The first nathless condoms made of natural latex were developed by the rubber manufacturer Julius Fromm in 1912. He invented special glass flasks which were dipped into the liquid latex solution and to which the latex adhered. To this day, this process forms the basis of condom production. Also the term “Frommser” as synonym for the word condom is used until today.

The two world wars made condoms commonplace, as it was routinely handed over to soldiers and insisted on its use during sex with prostitutes or in brothels. The use of condoms was strongly encouraged by the spread of AIDS in the 1980s because condoms are the only known safe protection against infection.

Figures, data and facts about condoms

How many condoms are sold in Germany?

According to statistical data, around 240 million condoms were sold in Germany in 2014. How many of them were used as intended and how many were used as water bombs or for other jokes is not known.

How many men in Germany use condoms?

Information about infections with venereal diseases and prevention of unwanted pregnancies is effective. According to a 2010 Forsa survey, 87 percent of men aged 16-44 use condoms to make new acquaintances or ONS. In 1994, the share was only 69 percent.

How long do condoms last?

Condoms have a shelf life of 4 – 5 years. Legislation stipulates that the expiry date must be printed on the package. If it is exceeded, the Condom can become fragile and porous and no longer provides secure protection. Improper storage shortens the shelf life.

How safe are condoms?

The benchmark for this is the so-called Pearl Index, named after a US gynaecologist. It indicates how well a contraceptive prevents pregnancy. The Pearl Index for condoms is on average 2. This means that if 100 women use condoms exclusively for contraception for one year, 2 of them become pregnant. If used correctly and consistently, the Pearl Index is 0.6. The contraceptive pill has a Pearl Index of 0.3.

Nevertheless, many people prefer condoms because they are the only preventative protection against infectious sexually transmitted diseases.

condom for drunk

It is well known that the fine motor movements of the fingers are severely restricted during heavy intoxication. In 2011, Beau Thompson invented the condom with roll-off aid so that drunk (or nervous) men can also put on a condom safely. These are 2 tapes attached to the condom that make unrolling the condom child's play.

How are condoms used correctly?

Condoms are safe contraceptives, provided no mistakes are made in their use. If you want to use Condoms correctly, you have to pay attention to some points.

The right size

Either out of vanity or ignorance, many men tend to buy condoms too big. The result is a rubber that sits too loosely and can slip off the penis unnoticed during sex. The result may be pregnancy or infection. The most important factor for the condom size is the width. The length, on the other hand, is not so decisive because you simply don't have to roll a condom that long so far. To find the right condom size, measure the circumference of your erect penis at the thickest point. Simply take a tape and measure the length. If the value is divided by 2, you get the value for the matching condom width. Standard condoms are 52 mm wide.

before use

Before use always check the expiration date. If it has expired, the condom should not be used. Open the packaging at the designated place. Please do not use scissors, knives or nail files as they can damage the condom. Even long, pointed fingernails can be dangerous.

The touchdown

The condom should only be placed on the erect penis. For this purpose, the foreskin is pushed back until the glans is free and the condom is carefully placed on the tip with the edge facing outwards. Grasp the edge with 2 fingers and roll the Condom down the shaft until the Penis is completely covered.

Do not pull or pluck the condom, otherwise it may tear.

After use

When ejaculation has occurred, the penis must be removed from the vagina immediately as long as it is still stiff. Failure to do so may cause the condom to slip off and sperm to enter the vagina. When pulling it out, the condom must be held at the edge with 2 fingers so that it does not slip off and get stuck. A used condom does not belong in the toilet! It is best packed into a piece of paper and disposed of in the household waste. After removal, the hands must be washed, because traces of sperm can still stick to the hands, which can cause pregnancy, for example, with the finger.

10 Tips for handling condoms

Where do I buy condoms?

It is best to order Condoms in a reputable Onlineshop or buy them in a condomerie, if you are lucky that one is nearby. There is a big selection and the condoms are fresh. However, caution is advised when buying vending machines or in small shops. There condoms are often stored improperly and for too long. This may result in the shelf life being exceeded even though the expiration date has not yet been reached. Expired condoms can become porous and tear faster.

How do I transport condoms?

To be prepared for every occasion, many singles carry condoms around with them all the time, be it in their purse, handbag or even in their trouser or jacket pockets. In the short term this may still be possible, but carrying a condom around with you in this way for a long time is not a good idea.

On the one hand the environment is usually too warm, on the other hand the sensitive latex is exposed to friction, which can cause small holes in the sensitive material.

How are condoms stored correctly?

The latex from which most condoms are made is a sensitive material. It does not tolerate great heat or direct sunlight. Constant sudden temperature fluctuations cause it to age quickly. Therefore, condoms are best stored in a dark, cool place at a constant temperature. Normally the refrigerator is ideal. But this could cause problems if children live in the household.

What is the best package size?

When purchasing condoms you can save money if you decide for large packs. This only makes sense if Condoms are needed all the time. If you only need a preservative from time to time, a small package is better because the rubbers are always fresh. From time to time it should be checked whether the shelf life date has not yet been reached and, if necessary, order new condoms in good time.

Can I use condoms again?

The question is not as absurd as it seems at first glance. If for some reason there was no effusion during sex, some men have the idea to simply roll up the condom again and use it next time. This is not recommended at all because the latex cover is very thin and can be damaged during rolling and handling without you seeing anything at first sight. Used condoms must always be disposed of!

Can I use condoms in water?

This is possible in principle, but involves some risks. In natural waters and in pools, at least the lower part of the body dives completely into the water. Thus it can penetrate between condom and penis, so that it detaches itself unnoticed during the stormy love play. In the bathtub and whirlpool, the warm water makes the material more elastic and the condom no longer fits so well. There is also a danger from the bath additives, which can attack the latex.

Why does a condom slip?

There are several reasons for this. The most common is that you are using a condom that is too large. It can also happen that you rub the penis with lubricant before the condom is unrolled. On the greasy film the condom slips back and forth. However, it is also possible that the vagina is too dry and the condom is pulled back and forth by the strong friction. There is a risk that it will slip completely or be damaged. From time to time it can also happen that the condom is incorrectly pulled up and an air cushion forms between the shell and the penis, causing the condom to slip.

Are 2 condoms safer than one?

Some might think: double holds better and 2 condoms on top of each other. But that's wrong. The friction between latex and latex is greater than between latex and skin.

Two Condoms one above the other break quickly. Apart from that, they have a very strong impact on the feeling during sex.

Should I use a condom for oral sex?

Yes, this makes sense in any case with an unknown or new sexual partner, since some diseases such as herpes, chlamydia or even gonorrhea can also be transmitted during oral intercourse. Before vaginal intercourse, however, the condom should be changed because it may have been unknowingly damaged by the teeth.

How are used condoms disposed of correctly?

The thought suggests itself to simply throw them into the toilet and flush them away. However, this is not the right option. Latex or plastic do not dissolve in water. This can cause problems in the waterworks because the filters can clog up. This can also happen in the domestic toilet, where a condom gets stuck somewhere in the pipe and becomes the starting point of a blockage. It is best to wrap the condom in a paper handkerchief or a piece of kitchen paper after use and discretely dispose of it in your household waste.

Useful accessories


Practical accessories that are often used together with Condoms are lubricants. They reduce friction, increase pleasure and are also recommended in the Condom Test 2019 . However, you should note that you may only use water-based lubricants together with Condoms. Substances that contain fats or oils attack latex and sometimes plastic and can cause holes in the condom and reduce its strength. This applies in particular to Vaseline, which is used by many as a cheap substitute for lubricants. When using Condoms only use lubricants whose product description indicates that they are suitable for Condoms. It is best if you order condoms and lubricants together. Almost all online shops have both categories of products in their assortment. With a collective order you not only get products that fit together, but you also save shipping costs.

Alternatives to condoms

An alternative to the condom is the femidom, which is also called condom for women. It is a shell made of tear-resistant plastic, such as polyurethane or polyethylene, which is inserted into the vagina in good time before traffic and completely lines it. Therefore it has the same protective properties as a condom. Neither sperm nor germs can enter the vagina.

Since Femidome are not made of latex, they can also be used with a Latex allergy. In addition, they can also be used if the penis is not really stiff.

However, femidomes are not very common because their use requires some skill and has to be learned under the guidance of an experienced person or gynaecologist. In addition, they are considerably more expensive than condoms, but can also only be used once . Femidomes have a Pearl Index between 5 and 25, so they are only about half as safe as Condoms. They have been on the market since 1990.

In South Africa, the country with the highest rate of rape in the world, there has been a special form of the femidome, the Rape-aXe, since 2005. It protects against rape. The Rape-aXe is inserted into the vagina like a tampon. When a man tries to rape the wearer, many small barbs are drilled into the penis, which break off and cause severe pain. The barbs can only be removed by medically trained personnel.

A Femidom should never be used together with a Condom. The friction of the condom at the femidom is greater than that at the naked skin. This will damage both contraceptives and render them ineffective. When using lubricants for Femidome the same rules must be observed as for condoms.

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