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Best Cold Foam Mattress 2019 • 0 Cold Foam Mattresses Reviews

What is a cold foam mattress?

Learn all important facts about cold foam mattresses in this guide.Since there are many types of mattresses, we will now explain in detail what a cold foam mattress is and which properties it has. It adapts ergonomically to the body shapes and ensures that a straight lying position is achieved. The spine is in its optimal position in every position, so that there is no tension or other discomfort – if the right cold foam mattress was chosen. You will learn more about this later.

The cold foam mattress is cast from a high-quality PUR foam in the form of blocks. The material can harden at low temperatures, which was also the reason for the name. This production method results in the core of the mattress applying an open-pored and irregular structure. This in turn ensures that the mattress has better ventilation. Breathability is an elementary characteristic of a good mattress, as people can lose up to 2 litres of water during sleep.

If a mattress does not have a good moisture regulation, it comes to a restless and unpleasant sleep. Allergy sufferers also benefit from this property and a dry sleeping climate. The cold foam is not only very breathable, but also has a special point elasticity, which helps the body to a comfortable sleeping position. In addition, the cold foam mattress has the property that it takes on its original shape after changing the lying position. There is no suspension, as is increasingly the case with other types of mattresses. The body movements are directly dampened and intercepted.

Another positive feature is the use of the mattress. A cold foam mattress can be easily folded or rolled. After rolling out, it returns to its original shape without impairing the properties of the cold foam. The cold foam mattresses are also particularly suitable for slatted frames that are extremely adjustable.

Due to the flexibility of the cold foam mattress, it always adapts optimally to the conditions and constantly returns to its original position. A cold foam mattress has a very long service life of between seven and ten years. However, it depends on the manufacturer and the way the cold foam mattress is assembled. If an optimal balance is achieved between density and compression hardness, this is a very good quality feature. Many manufacturers today are able to produce cold foam mattresses with several zones.

These zones are described as lying zones and equalize the individual weight classes of the body. Since the hip and shoulder areas are heavier, this area is usually reinforced so that a ergonomic lying position can be achieved. There are cold foam mattresses with up to seven lying zones that ensure an optimal sleeping position. The perfect body adaptation offers excellent support for the spine.

If you purchase a cold foam mattress, it can happen that unpleasant odours will appear for some time. These are not pollutants, as mattresses are subject to a special standard. By pressing the material it happens that the odours get caught in the pores of the mattress and only disappear after a few days. If the smell lasts more than 4 weeks, it is advisable to complain about the mattress, because this does not correspond to the normal case.

How is a cold foam mattress constructed?

For a long time the cold foam mattress did not have a particularly good reputation. In recent years, however, the manufacture and production of cold foam mattresses has improved, so that they have regained increasing popularity. Today it even belongs to one of the best mattress types currently available on the market. The cold foam mattresses are usually cast from PUR cold foam.

The models are usually covered with covers made of sheep wool or lambskin. There are also cold foam mattresses which are covered with cotton or synthetic fibre. The covers ensure that the mattress can apply special thermal insulation.

The cold foam mattress has a density. The volume weight is given by the kilowatt value per cubic metre.

The heavier the mattress, the higher the density and the more durable it is. The compression hardness is another value that must be observed. This indicates the pressure required to compress the mattress by 40 percent. The rule of thumb is: the higher the value of the compression hardness, the harder the cold foam mattress is.

The degree of hardness of a cold foam mattress

The structure of a mattress can be regulated in different ways. Because it always depends on the hardness in which the cold foam mattress is manufactured. People also differ in the shape of their bodies. There are small, large, heavy and light people – so the needs are differentiated, what a mattress must compensate. Manufacturers therefore produce the mattresses in different degrees of hardness. These are divided from H1 to H5, where H stands for degree of hardness. Let us take a closer look at the individual degrees of hardness.

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
Cold foam mattresses, which are marked with a hardness of H1 are suitable for persons who are lightweight. A load limit of 60 kg applies, so that these models are well suited for adolescents and adolescents. Even women weighing less than 60 kg are well advised to use this model.
The H2 cold foam mattress is one of the best-selling mattresses on the market. The load limit is between 80 and 85 kg. When purchasing, pay attention to the compression hardness, which should be approximately 2.8.
If the body weight exceeds 80 kg, the cold foam mattress with the marking H3 is recommended. The maximum load limit is between 100 and 110 kg, depending on the manufacturer. The compression hardness should be indicated with approx. 3.8.
If you like it harder, the H4 cold foam mattress offers a rather firm lying feeling. The models are recommended for a body weight of 110 kg or more.
The H5 cold foam mattress is suitable for persons weighing more than 120 kg. The density of such an XXL mattress should be at least 60. Due to the high load, a composite foam is integrated into the cold foam mattress, which gives the mattress a lot of stability.

Mattresses without indication of hardness grades

Some manufacturers do not specify the degree of hardness and describe the mattress with the Lounging sensation. Descriptions such as “soft”, “medium” or “hard” are used.

The zones of a cold foam mattress

There are cold foam mattresses with 7 zones.Many manufacturers produce the Cold Foam Mattress with 7 zones. However, there are also mattresses that have less or more. However, cold foam mattresses with 7 zones have proved to be the ideal value that a cold foam mattress should contain. The sleeping position with 7 zones is stable and yet flexible, so that the body can optimally bed itself.

In contrast to other foam mattresses, the cold foam mattress is almost immune to cooling. Due to the zones that are integrated into it, the formation of hollows or soft areas is almost impossible. If you take a closer look at the zones, they are first divided into three areas. These are identical for almost all mattress models. There is an area for head, back, knee/thigh, and the feet. There is also the area for the shoulders and calves or ankles.

The last area is intended for the hip. If a mattress is manufactured, no distinction is made between top and bottom. As a rule, cold foam mattresses and other models are manufactured vertically and horizontally identically . This means you can rotate and turn the mattress as you wish – the zones adapt optimally. It is therefore no problem to turn the cold foam mattress over every two months to ensure that all areas are used to the full.

What properties do the zones have?

A 7 zone cold foam mattress distinguishes between the following zones:

toggle title=”head zone:” state=”open”]The head zone is important so that the head and neck lie relaxed on the mattress. This zone prevents tension, which is extremely important if you sleep without a pillow.

shoulder zone:

shoulder zone:

The shoulders are a little heavier. The area should therefore be more elastic than the head area. This area is particularly important for side sleepers, as the shoulders sink further into the cold foam mattress in this position. This ensures an ideal course of the spine. The slatted frames should be more flexible in this area.



The lumbar region is slightly arched in every person. This curvature towards the belly is called lordosis. A cold foam mattress with a lordosis zone optimally supports this area. The slatted frame must be adjusted more firmly in this area so that an optimal interaction between mattress and slatted frame can take place.
toggle title=”pelvic zone:” state=”close”]The pelvis also belongs to a slightly heavier area. The sinking in of the pelvic area ensures that the natural posture is reached.

thigh zone:

thigh zone:

This area is stabilizing and must also be regulated with the corresponding slatted frame.

calf zone:

calf zone:

There's a zone in the calf area that's a little more eleatic.

foot zone:

foot zone:

This area is intended to cushion the point load from the feet so that an optimal position is ensured.

There are models with 3, 5, 7 or 9 zones. A cold foam mattress should have at least 5 zones so that an optimal sleeping position can be achieved. It is ideal if you choose a 7-zone cold foam mattress, as this has proven itself for a long time. A slight sinking in is made possible at the decisive areas, whereby it is prevented at other areas.

In this way we ensure the optimal posture . You feel rested and tension is also prevented by the optimal cold foam mattress. The spine has the correct position in every position, so that a calm sleep is given. In order for you to purchase the right cold foam mattress it is sensible that you pay attention to some details. We will explain which these are in detail to you later on.

Advantages and applications of a cold foam mattress

If a mattress is made of cold foam, it offers several advantages. The result is good heat storage, the cold foam mattress is breathable and therefore has a moisture-regulating effect. During production, low temperatures are used so that no harmful gases can be produced. The cold foam mattresses are absolutely compatible and do not allow any health concerns.

Inside the mattress there is a core with several layers of foam. By this procedure it is possible to produce different thicknesses of a mattress.

The cold foam mattress is in a cover, often made of virgin sheep's wool or another heat-regulating material. If you want to buy a cold foam mattress, there are many advantages.

The bad reputation of a cold foam mattress belongs long ago to the past – completely on the contrary, if a cold foam mattress is used, can be eliminated for example back pain . The manufacturing method results in a high point elasticity, which is particularly suitable for people with back problems. The cold foam mattress adapts itself optimally to the slatted frame as well as to the body. The service life is between 7 and 10 years, depending on the manufacturer, without losing its reliability.

With spring mattresses, a squeak or creak is often triggered. This is due to the springs that are incorporated inside the mattress. A cold foam mattress does not have any springs, so that no noise can occur. Above all, the cold foam mattress is very suitable for people who are particularly cold. The cold foam mattress is able to store the body heat, which causes an optimal heat insulation. Even people who move a lot can benefit from a cold foam mattress, as the material adapts itself again and again to the lying position.

The cold foam mattress is also convincing in terms of hygiene. Because of the production and the resulting foam structure, there is a large formation of pores. This results in optimal air circulation, which can transport both moisture well and also enables a hygienic sleeping climate. The cover of a cold foam mattress is removable in many cases and can be washed in the washing machine. Thus a mite infestation is prevented, so that such a model is suitable also in the best way for allergy sufferers.

In contrast to spring mattresses or other types, cold foam mattresses are very light. This is given by the material and the large pores that are located inside the mattress. This feature allows the cold foam mattress to be rolled or folded, making it particularly transportable.

The fact that the cold foam mattress always returns to its original shape prevents cooling. This is particularly advantageous for people with a high weight. There are different degrees of hardness, so that for each weight class an appropriate model is available.

What types of cold foam mattresses are there?

There are different types of cold foam mattressesCold foam mattresses differed mainly in the equipment of the zones. There are models that have only 3 zones, which is also reflected in the price. The disadvantage of the 3 zones cold foam mattresses is that this model adapts suboptimally to the body. Therefore this model is not recommended for side sleepers in any case.

If you sleep a lot on your back, you can switch to a 3 zone cold foam mattress. However, it is better to purchase a 5 zone or 7 zone cold foam mattress. Because only from 5 zones an optimal loading of the body can be guaranteed. Whether you choose a 5 or 7 zone cold foam mattress is up to you. A 7 zone mattress is in the higher price segment.

When buying a mattress, remember that you spend one third of your life on a mattress and the quality of the mattress ultimately also determines the quality of sleep. A 9 zone mattress can be chosen if you have special sleeping needs. As a rule, however, a 7-zone cold foam mattress is sufficient to ensure a healthy sleep.

Furthermore, cold foam mattresses differ in hardness. Many manufacturers indicate the hardness of the mattress with the letter abbreviations H1 to H5. From these details it can be seen for which body weight the cold foam mattress is suitable. These values are, of course, only guide values that provide orientation. If you prefer to sleep softer, you should use a mattress with a lower H value. H5 is a value that says that the mattress is very hard – therefore this model is suitable for people from 110 kg or people who like to lie on a hard surface.

There are also differences in size for cold foam mattresses. Depending on the size of your bed, you can also choose cold foam mattresses. This already starts with a size of 70 x 140 cm, which describes the size of a cot. All cold foam mattresses are available in the common sizes such as 90 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm. If you have a custom-made mattress, there are manufacturers who manufacture the mattress according to your needs.

This is how we tested the cold foam mattress

Some models were used in our cold foam mattress test. We now explain to you how we tested the cold foam mattresses. First we did a price comparison. We were looking for manufacturers and models that were available both on the Internet and in stores. In our price comparison, we found that the models were cheaper to find on the Internet.

This was also a reason why we obtained all the models from the cold foam mattresses test 2019 on the Internet. The delivery takes place either by forwarding agency or also with the normal parcel service. Since a cold foam mattress can also be rolled up, it has less weight and volume than conventional mattresses. Delivery was therefore also an important issue. We also attached great importance to the packaging, since a mattress is a hygienic product, it should also be appropriately packaged.

We carried out a odour test and left the mattresses lying for a good day. The models were tested without and with special slatted frames. In the cold foam mattress test, each mattress was tested for the corresponding zones. In order to obtain the same result, test persons with almost identical measurements were consulted.

We also carried out a sleep test in our laboratory using special machines. From these special values we were able to compose the product reports and thus provide you with in-depth information.

Furthermore, we and the respective manufacturers took a closer look. How much warranty is there on the model and how does the manufacturer react with questions regarding the cold foam mattress? Can he convince with a reasonable customer service? With a concluding conclusion, in which we provide a brief summary, you will receive all the details and, in addition, a purchase recommendation as to whether the cold foam mattress can meet your requirements.

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What do I have to pay attention to when buying a cold foam mattress?

Not every cold foam mattress is suitable for all people. There are various manufacturers, designations and also models. The degree of hardness is an important detail, which you should consider. However, before the actual purchase of the mattress can begin, further details must be taken into account.

Sleep alone on a mattress or if the mattress is designed for two people. If you use the mattress on its own, the degree of hardness and also the compression hardness of the cold foam mattress must be taken into account.

If you sleep two people on one cold foam mattress, you should consider the different weight classes. The choice of the degree of hardness should be made according to the heavier person.

Keep in mind that you may not find an optimal sleeping position if you sleep in pairs on the mattress. Also the sleep-quiet can be impaired mutually. It is therefore advisable to use two mattresses. The visitor scribe that develops between the two mattresses can nowadays be prevented by a special edition, so that no more disadvantages arise. When purchasing two new mattresses, make sure that they are at the same height.

Which sleep position do you prefer? Are you more Side or back sleepers? The sleeping position determines the degree of hardness and the special zones of the mattress. A cold foam mattress suitable for side sleepers is characterised by several zones. Because as soon as the sleeping position on the side is taken, a mattress must be able to compensate more zones, so that an optimal sleeping position of the body is reached.

Side sleepers are therefore better equipped with a softer mattress. Back and abdominal sleepers, on the other hand, require a somewhat harder cold foam mattress due to its position. The mattress should have corresponding adaptability no matter which position you sleep in.

In addition to the characteristics of sleeping needs, the cover of a mattress is just as important. These are available in different materials. Different properties of the material can also improve sleep. Natural materials are very suitable for this. However, when choosing the material you should also consider how heat insulating the cover is. Because people who freeze easily need a different material than people who sweat more at night.

The quality should make the decisive difference whether a cold foam mattress is purchased or not. With a life between 7 and 10 years you spend about 25,000 hours on a cold foam mattress. Good quality cannot necessarily be described by price. However, it is advisable to rely on brand manufacturers who have special qualifications in the manufacture of cold foam mattresses.

Pay particular attention to manufacturing features such as eco-certification. Only models with special seals can be classified as harmless to health. Do not use cheap NoName manufacturers, as they can usually not guarantee a long service life. In order not to find cooling in the cold foam mattress after a short time, it is very important that the quality of the cold foam mattress is very high. Because only with a high-quality mattress is also the sleep more high-quality and you feel fit and well rested in the morning.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Badenia
  • Ravensberger
  • Dibapur
  • Betten ABC
  • Beco
  • MSS
  • Breckle
Badenia has about 70 years of experience. The manufacturer has a broad product portfolio of mattresses and sleeping accessories. It includes pillows, quilts and high-quality mattress models that support you in a healthy sleep. Badenia mattresses are of high quality and are available in various designs and sizes. In addition to cold foam mattresses, there are also latex mattresses and of course spring mattresses in a high quality class. However, prices are always kept in mind, so that you as a consumer benefit from an ingenious price-performance ratio. The mark Badenia stands for many years for an unusual sleep comfort and offers in addition the suitable accessories. The manufacturer Ravensberger mattresses puts its attention on high-quality mattresses and offers a corresponding accessory. Excellent workmanship and high-quality materials are in the foreground. The manufacturer offers a wide range of products and can also offer a lot of comfort for a healthy sleep when it comes to accessories. Ravensburger mattresses are of high quality and have a fabulous quality, which is reflected in the service life. Cold foam mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, pillows, blankets are just some of the products you will find in the manufacturer's range.
The manufacturer Diapur has been involved in the production of high-quality mattresses for many years. The brand stands for healthy sleep, which is considered to be particularly restful due to the nature of the mattresses. In addition, different models are produced, which are adapted to the needs of people. Among other things, you will find orthopaedic cold foam mattresses in our range that ensure a high level of lying comfort with perfect body adaptation. The manufacturer also offers other products such as high-quality spring mattresses or latex mattresses. The workmanship is of the highest quality and the materials used also testify to a fabulous quality. The mattresses are often provided with double covers, so that the hygienic standard is kept. Allergy sufferers in particular benefit from this fact, as the covers can be washed at up to 60 degrees in the washing machine.
Betten ABC has only been in existence since 2012. It is a retailer with a range of high-quality mattresses, bedroom furniture and bedding. The head office is located in Berghaupten, which is close to the French border. The main focus is on the distribution of high-quality products that ensure a healthy sleep. The products are adapted to the different needs of the consumers, so that mattresses in different sizes and variants are in the portfolio. In addition, there are cold foam mattresses as well as spring mattresses. So that you get everything from a hand, beds ABC can convince still with slatted frames, bed goods and various furniture. The selection of the products takes place according to a special procedure, whereby the focus is on quality. From ABS beds you get everything you need for healthy sleep at a fabulous price-performance ratio.
Cold foam mattresses made by Beco are of high quality. The manufacturer offers a fabulous lying comfort, which is adapted to the individual needs. Cold foam mattresses and other mattress models have several zones that ensure a comfortable lying position. Depending on the type of sleep you are, the degree of hardness and properties can be selected. The spine is optimally supported, so that you will achieve a restful sleep night after night. The manufacturer has almost all mattress sizes and can also convince with special accessories such as pillows and bedding. When choosing the material, the manufacturer attaches great importance to the fact that they are extremely durable and have optimum skin compatibility.
The abbreviation MMS stands for Manfred Sielaff Matratzen. Many years ago, the company specialized in the production of mattresses and bedding. There are unique models that are described as particularly back-friendly. During production, the focus is on quality and also on ensuring that the models meet the needs of consumers. This perfect interaction results in a product range that delivers consistently high quality and a long service life. The manufacturer also has some mattresses in its range for allergy sufferers. In addition to cold foam mattresses, there are foam mattresses, viscoelastic mattresses and spring mattresses. All models are available in different sizes, so that there is a suitable model for every bed size. Breckle has its headquarters in Nordheim. The company deals exclusively with people's sleep needs. For this purpose, different mattress types are offered, which are suitable for the most diverse requirements and needs. There are many species in Breckle's portfolio. The range includes cold foam mattresses, moulded foam mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, cold foam mattresses and gel foam mattresses. In addition, the company provides a wide range of bedding so that Breckle can provide you with everything you need for healthy sleep from a single source. There is also a wide product range for allergy sufferers, which is also adapted to the most diverse needs.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy the cold foam mattress best?

Buying a cold foam mattress on the internet has many advantagesWhen buying a mattress many features have to be considered. The quality must be right, the degree of hardness determines the sleeping comfort and also further details like the mattress type itself are elementary components with the mattress purchase. It may take several weeks to find the right mattress.

When you go from bed house to bed house, you will come across a wide range of cold foam mattresses that do not make the choice very easy. There are inexpensive models, expensive models and cold foam mattresses, which lie in a good price-performance ratio. When choosing a mattress, however, it is not the price that should decide, but the characteristics. It is up to you to purchase the mattress in the shops and to search all shops for the optimal mattress.

It is not advisable to visit only one shop and choose a mattress there. Remember that the cold foam mattress is a purchase for the next 7 to 10 years. It is therefore important that you allow yourself sufficient time to make your choice and that you also observe the quality of the cold foam mattresses. It is therefore not easy to choose a suitable mattress in the trade.

A simple alternative is the Internet. If you select the cold foam mattress from the net, several advantages become immediately apparent. The selection is many times larger. You can choose between different manufacturers with a good reputation. In addition, it is possible to compare the models and select the best features.

However, it also depends on your own requirements which model is more suitable for you. With test portals, as we are, you also have the opportunity to make comparisons, so that you are guaranteed to find a suitable model for your sleeping habits. Finally, the advantage of buying on the net is also the price. Once you have decided on a model, it is usually up to 40 percent cheaper than a retail model. Our test showed that prices on the net also vary, so that a price comparison between online merchants is always worthwhile.

The history of the cold foam mattress

The history of the cold foam mattress.Once it was the straw on which people preferably slept. Today, high-quality mattresses are used which are created for special needs. For a long time, it was only possible for gentlemen to sleep on a mattress. It was only in the 19th century that the culture of sleep was changed and there was a change that allowed mattresses to become affordable for everyone. During this time, there was a mass production of bedsteads made of iron or wood. Decorations that were still from the Renaissance were banished and the focus was on the simplicity of the best frames.

Before a mattress was invented, the first waterbed was developed by a Scottish doctor in 1833. The waterbed should help sufferers to become almost pain-free due to the high lying comfort. At that time the waterbed was called a hydrostatic bed, which was a box filled with water.

The box was covered with a rubber cloth. Several duvets were stored on this cloth, so that a kind of mattress was created. It was not until 1888 that he developed the well-known spring mattress. With the development of foam, the cold foam mattress slowly developed. However, these models were only able to convince for a short time, since the formation of a cooling effect could not be avoided due to their characteristics.

For a long time research was done and different manufacturing variants were tested. The cold foam mattress was the result of many years of research. But even this simple cold foam mattress did not correspond to the desired properties. Special zones were developed which are still known to us today as 3, 5, 7 or 9 zones cold foam mattresses.

Modern sleeping systems have nothing more in common with the former mattresses. The manufacturers focus on the development of high-quality cold foam mattresses with a long service life and convincing special properties. Since not everyone is the same, but is divided into special types of sleep, there is today a whole range of cold foam mattresses that are suitable for the most diverse requirements. People spend about 3000 hours a year on the mattress, so high quality should be the minimum requirement.

The third placed in video

Figures, data, facts about the cold foam mattress

Have you bought a cold foam mattress and noticed that it has an unpleasant smell? Some will get it with fear, as the media always report on substances that are harmful to health. But with a cold foam mattress the reason for the unpleasant smell lies elsewhere.

What causes the smell of the cold foam mattress?

In the manufacture of a cold foam mattress, special materials are mixed together to form a foam. A cold foam mattress is produced at low temperatures so that the optimum properties of the cold foam mattress can be seen. During this manufacturing process, unpleasant odours accumulate in the pores of the cold foam mattress.

These escape only after a few days or at the latest a few weeks. Odours are caused by crushing. The cold foam mattress is squeezed so that the pores form inside. This produces the gases that you perceive when unpacking the mattress. Since the manufacturer refrains from a storage period of several weeks, the mattresses are packed immediately after production so that the odours cannot escape well.

If the unpleasant smell lasts longer than 4 weeks, you should contact the dealer. If the unpleasant odor still persists after 4 weeks, the exchange right applies and you can insist on a replacement.

In order to make the odours evaporate more quickly, it is advisable to let the mattress evaporate in fresh air a few days before use, if possible. Make sure, however, that the balcony or terrace is sufficiently protected from rain so that the cold foam mattress cannot become damp or wet.

Even if the smells appear very unpleasant, they are not dangerous. There is therefore no cause for concern, as the safety is also confirmed by consumer organisations. However, it should be warned that there are of course also manufacturers who integrate harmful substances into cold foam mattresses in order to make them even more durable. They should therefore distance themselves from NoName products and refrain from mattresses manufactured in the Far East.

Trends in the field of cold foam mattresses

Where does the trend go with the cold foam mattress?A mattress accompanies the human being for about 7 to 10 years. In this time he spends about 25000 hours on it. A person sleeps about a third of his life. Given these points, a healthy sleep is worth gold. If you do not have a good mattress, you will experience an increased restlessness, which is reflected in the daily output. They are not well rested, tired and can't perform very well.

Because at night the body needs the rest to perform reparations that were neglected during the day. This can be the healing of wounds or the release of tension. If you do not achieve healthy sleep, the body is busy performing other tasks. In the long run, you will become increasingly tired and restless. With a correct mattress you can counteract this, prevent tension and start the day more rested.

Producers are overpowered with the production of mattresses. There are many models and even more variants. The choice is not always easy. Above all in the area of trends and innovations, you can hardly find your way around anymore. The trend is that lying down should be even more comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, more mattresses with more than 7 zones are coming onto the market.

But there are also disadvantages here. Since production can no longer be carried out symmetrically, a directional indication can be found for these models. However, this also means that the cold foam mattress is no longer as durable. Many experts therefore recommend switching to a 7-zone cold foam mattress and abandoning the new models.

However, the multi-zone cold foam mattresses are recommended for people with severe complaints. Because by the special zones the position of the body is further improved and tensions can be prevented in this way . These models usually do not require a high-tech slatted frame, but can be equipped with an inexpensive model.

Furthermore, the trend is for cold foam mattresses to become more flexible in use. The thicker a mattress is manufactured, the more the slatted frame can be dispensed with. If cold foam mattresses are manufactured in a thickness of 10 cm, the use of a good slatted frame is indispensable. Manufacturers therefore tend to offer mattresses in a certain thickness. However, it also depends on the bed itself which mattress can be used.

Cleaning the mattress – care instructions for cold foam mattresses

When you buy a mattress, there are a few things to keep in mind. The lifespan of such a device usually also depends on the care it receives. To ensure that each area of the mattress is evenly loaded, it is recommended that the cold foam mattress be turned every 2 months. Make sure that the mattress is symmetrical so that the zones do not move. If the mattress is not symmetrically manufactured, you may only turn the mattress over. If the mattress is manufactured symmetrically, it is advisable to rotate the mattress.

The mattress should also be well ventilated every now and then. Sufficient ventilation can be achieved if the mattress rests on a slatted frame, which is only fitted in a bed frame and not in a bed box. If you have a bed box, the mattress should be installed and ventilated at regular intervals.

It is advisable to use a mattress protector to prevent stains from forming in the first place. This also ensures that sweat cannot penetrate into the mattress, so that it can have a longer service life.

Even if you do not use mattress protectors, you should vacuum the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuuming removes mites and dust from the mattress. If you can remove the cover, it is advisable to wash it at least twice a year. A mattress topper should be washed approximately every 4 weeks.

How can stains be removed from the mattress?

If stains appear on the mattress despite all precautions taken, you should remove them and ensure that no germs or bacteria can develop. The cold foam mattress has the advantage that this is very robust and also may become point damp . However, you should refrain from completely immersing the cold foam mattress in water.

The complete moistening with water would otherwise rinse out components used to harden the mattress, which should be avoided at all costs. Before the mattress is reused, it should be completely dried to prevent mould growth. To remove stains you can use hot water and gall soap. Remember that bloodstains should only be treated with cold water.

Useful accessories for a cold foam mattress

To extend the life of the mattress, you should use a mattress topper. These are available in different sizes and thicknesses. So-called toppers are also offered by many manufacturers in order to further improve the lying position. However, a mattress topper also has the task of protecting the mattress from dirt and mites. Especially for allergy sufferers such an edition is additionally recommended.

There are mite-proof models that ensure that they cannot penetrate the cold foam mattress. However, these should be washed regularly.

bed sheet:

Mattresses are provided with a bed sheet for hygienic and climatic reasons. The bed sheet market is just as broad. They are available in different colours and both with elastic waistband, as fitted sheet and without it. A bed sheet, which is provided with an elastic band, can be stretched more easily on the cold foam mattress, so that no slipping of such can develop. In addition, the use of dyed sheets should be avoided, as allergy sufferers in particular may react allergically to the dyes.

Alternatives to cold foam mattresses

Nowadays the cold foam mattress is often chosen by consumers. It is durable, adapts well to the body and also shows many reinforced zones to achieve a good sleeping position. However, the cold foam mattress is not equally suitable for all people. Therefore there are more models:

toggle title=”spring mattress” state=”open”]A spring mattress has a core of springs inside. During production, the springs are incorporated so that they cannot be felt later. The disadvantage is that the springs are noticeable on inferior models. Therefore you should use high-quality spring mattresses. However, these are usually more expensive than cold foam mattresses. Due to the springs, this mattress is thicker than cold foam mattresses. However, the spring mattresses also offer a great advantage: the slatted frame can be dispensed with on high-quality models.



As the name suggests, a latex mattress is made of latex. These models are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, as the material does not absorb mites and other allergy triggers in the first place. Latex mattresses are available in various designs. The models are also equipped with zones that ensure a comfortable lying feeling.

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