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Best City Roller 2019 • 0 City Rollers Reviews

What's a scooter?

The Cityroller consists of a step, two wheels and a handlebar. If the Cityroller is moved, you stand on the scooter with a foot and use the handlebar to hold on and to indicate the direction. By pushing with the other foot the scooter is set in motion. The front wheel is connected to the handlebar and flexible.

This means, as with a bicycle, the front wheel moves when steering in the direction in which the city scooter should drive. At the same time, the weight of the driver must be shifted in the desired direction. The appearance of the City Scooter resembles a skateboard with handlebar. However, the skateboard has 4 rolls, while the Cityroller only needs two rolls.

The rolls are mostly made of hard rubber and have a ball bearing, which is responsible for better rolling. The handlebar of the City Scooter can be folded down in a few easy steps and can therefore be stowed flexibly in a bag or even in the car. Many of the city scooters are equipped with a carrying strap, so it is not even necessary to stow the scooter in a bag.

How does a scooter work?

The Cityroller has a base, two wheels, a handlebar and a side stand on which it can be placed. While the driver stands with one foot on the stand, the second foot is used to push . The driver holds on to Steering and can thus coordinate the direction.

If the Cityroller is not moved, it can be parked on the practical Sidestand. In addition, the steering position is flexible and can be folded down. The tread area of the City Scooter is narrower than that of a skateboard, so that both feet can only find space behind each other.

For persons with large feet a city scooter with a longer tread area must therefore be purchased. There are different versions of a city scooter. There are models that are suitable for children and there are city scooters that are made for adults.

Advantages and applications of a scooter

A Cityroller or also called Scooter offers many advantages. With the foldable handlebar it can easily be stored in a bag. So you can use the Cityroller on the way to work and then take it comfortably in your pocket to the office. If you use the Cityroller in the leisure, it can be carried just as well in the train or in the bus. Unlike a bicycle, the City Scooter does not count as luggage and can therefore easily be taken along.

The scooter is a means of transport that is more a matter of use. While a skateboard can be used for maneuvers or jumps, the Cityroller is intended for the ride on level paths.

For children the Cityroller has a high fun and learning factor. The sense of balance and coordination are trained and children progress faster. The scooter is suitable for children of all ages. The brake, which is either attached to the handlebar or works with a tread on the rear wheel, provides a high degree of safety. This will make it easier to bring the scooter to a standstill.

Due to the fact that the Cityroller can be used by children of all ages, there are also advantages for parents. Children tend to dilly-dally and take their time. With a city scooter you get ahead faster and the child also has fun and joy driving. This way you kill two birds with one stone: the child powers itself through the sporting activity and you also get A to B faster.

What kind of Cityroller are there?

What types of scooters are there?

There are several models, which differ in their kind. In the following we will show you which City Scooters are available and for which application area they are to be used.

Electric scooter

The electric scooter is suitable for adults. Since the scooter can reach a speed of 15 to 17 km/h, a faster progress is ensured. The electric scooter has a small motor, which drives the scooter, so that no physical activity is necessary.

For children an electric scooter is also suitable, but you should refrain from buying one, as the child will only learn that a scooter with motor is the more comfortable way to move.

For adults the electric scooter sis very suitable. After work, stand on the scooter's slat surface and comfortably get home. Due to the low speed no driving licence is required, so that the electric scooter may be driven by anyone. However, the scooter can also be used like a normal scooter, so that you can move the scooter on your own.

Classical City Scooter

The classic scooter without motor and we get along with the foot pushed. It differs from the design and also from the size of the rolls. The larger the rolls are, the more you can drive on uneven streets. City scooters with small wheels, are reinforced for riding on asphalt  or smooth roads. With the City Scooter you get from A to B faster and are still flexible on the way.

Stunt Scooter

For the professionals among scooter riders, there are special models that are suitable for stunts and maneuvers. With these models there is a flexible axis, so that the Cityroller becomes even more mobile. The construction is somewhat robuster than a normal city scooter.

This is how we tested the Cityroller

test criteria: So the Cityroller were tested in tests

City scooters have been on the market for more than 10 years. They are subject to high popularity and are suitable for both children and adults. Test institutes therefore considered it necessary to initiate a detailed test of the city scooters due to the high product variety. Some models were used which were tested very intensively by test persons. In a Cityroller test 2019 test subjects proceeded as follows:

City scooters usually consist of aluminium, which makes the models very light. But also due to the choice of material, there are price differences. While cheap models can cost around 30 Euro, there are models that are available for over 100 Euro. Test institutes have therefore started to search for the lowest priced models.

These are mainly available in network, so that test institutes have obtained most of the models from the net. It was important that the scooter is well packed and also fast is delivered. Therefore, this point was also evaluated in the test.

Furthermore the scooters differed in the test due to their data. Here you can find all data that are available about the scooter in overview. Because of this variety of information it is easier to choose a suitable scooter. Furthermore we publish further information from a test about handling and operation. It is important that the scooter is easy to handle. This also includes turning the handlebars or braking.

We will explain in detail how the Cityroller behaved in practice. In addition, we create a Fazit at the end, in which we collect all facts and data again briefly and give a clear purchase recommendation. This way you can easily see if the scooter is a good choice for you or if it makes more sense to switch to another scooter.

What do I have to look out for when buying a City Scooter?

If you want to buy a Cityroller, you will meet many models and endless manufacturers. In addition, models for children and adults are distinguished. The safety factor plays an equally large and important role. To make it easier for you to choose the right scooter for you, we have compiled some facts, what you should pay attention to when buying a city scooter.

Height adjustability

To adjust a Cityroller to the body size it should be adjustable in the height. When purchasing, make sure that the handlebar can be adjusted to your size in the height. The more upright you can stand on the scooter, the more fun you will enjoy driving.

Moreover, this aspect is not only important for adults. The handlebars must also be adjustable for children. Also make sure that the scooter is suitable for the child.

How strong is the scooter?

There are manufacturers who produce the Cityroller only up to a load limit of 60 or 80 kg. In order to be able to drive the scooter with a higher weight, it is necessary to compare the models with each other. Some manufacturers set the load limit higher so that the scooter can also be driven with a weight of 100 or 120 kg. For children, the weight does not play a special role, as it was chosen generously. If the scooter cannot carry your body weight and you still use it, it can possibly lead to a defect and in the worst case to an accident.


Pay attention to which material the Cityroller was made of. Aluminium is used by most manufacturers as frame material. But also the handlebar should be well equipped. Good holding handles, which are also anti-slip, belong to a good safety aspect.

In addition it is advantageous, if you pay attention to the footboard, that this is provided with a anti-slip tape. Also pay attention to tyres. Take a close look at the tyres and take a look at the manufacturer's specifications for the ball bearing.

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Micro
  • Hudora Hansen
  • K2
  • Kettler
  • Simba
The company Micro was founded in 2000. There were two Swiss who had founded the company and also developed the first scooter. The idea was born as one who wanted to visit both a snack. But it would have been too far to walk. The snack bar was too close to get the car out of the garage. An alternative had to be found, from which the today's scooter developed.

The company was not the inventor of the actual pedal scooter, because the difference was that the scooter included a fold handlebar. The normal scooter has a fixed steering that was not foldable. But with this tiny detail the scooter also became topical again for adults.

The company enjoyed a great success and produced some sports equipment after the scooter. It is therefore not surprising that Cityroller are also in the manufacturer's portfolio. The ingenious quality and the lightness of the models ultimately distinguish the manufacturer.

Already over 100 years ago the company was able to start manufacturing sports equipment. In 1919 Hudora produced skates for the first time, which were regarded as a bestseller. In the further course of the year, the company was able to convince with even more sports equipment.

Among others Hudora, which is a pure english company, also produces Cityroller. The quality and the know-how speak for themselves. Hudora is a company with a long tradition, which brings a lot of experience to the table and incorporates it into its products. Even at the Olympic Games what the manufacturer involved and could there help athletes to success through his equipment. In 1990 the manufacturer brought the first inliners onto the market and followed other models and finally Cityroller and kickboards.

K2 is the name of a manufacturer which has a high degree of recognition. The manufacturer's portfolio today includes inliners, scooters, kickboards and articles for winter sports such as skis and snowboards. K2 was founded in 1961 with the main focus on the production of Ski.

The company manufactured skis from fiberglass, which triggered a strong demand. Over time, the manufacturer began to produce even more sports equipment. Among other things, K2 is also known for its high-quality rollers on inliners and scooters. The quality is excellently solved and can be recognized in every product.

The company Kettler has existed for more than 60 years. It is a well-known manufacturer of fitness equipment, bicycles and also articles for children. For quite some time now there has also been leisure furniture in the manufacturer's portfolio. In 1977 Kettler was the first manufacturer to launch a bicycle with aluminium frame. This enabled him to revolutionize the bicycle.

Since then, there have been many manufacturers who do the same. Kettler's portfolio also includes Cityroller. As with all other Kettler products, the quality is very high-quality and can convince with a large selection. City scooters are available for children as well as for adults.

The city scooter from Simba is increasingly regarded as a toy and therefore intended for children. Simba is one of the largest toys manufacturers in Germany. But Simba is also a brand that speaks for high quality far beyond its borders. The company was only founded in 1982, but can already look back on an above-average success story.

Surely each of you knows the Bobby Car, which comes from the house Simba. With the Bobby Car at the latest, the company was marked by a special success story. There are currently 760 employees working for the company worldwide. 510 of these are located in Germany. The Cityroller for the small is especially designed for the needs of children and can impress with a grandiose quality.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my Cityroller best?

Internet vs. Retailers: Where do I buy my scooter best?With a scooter you can get ahead faster and at the same time you can do some sports. If the arguments for a Cityroller were convincing and you want to buy such a model, the question arises: Where is the best place to buy the Cityroller? A Cityroller test winner can cost more than 100 Euro. Depending on what model you want, the prices vary.

Therefore it is particularly important that you consider beforehand which model it should be. There is a good and wide selection of city scooters in Internet. In comparison to the trade where there are only 10 to 15 models, in Internet you will find all imaginable models that are currently on the market. It seems to make more sense from this point of view to choose the desired Cityroller test winner on the Internet.

We also offer you a Comparison, which contains some of the city scooters. At a glance you can see which scooter can provide the best data and details. Furthermore, the Prices can be compared in the network. From online shop to online shop the prices are very different.

But compared to retail you can save a lot on the net. Online Shops are not bound to prices recommended by the manufacturer. The retail trade has running costs that the online shop saves. This also explains why the Price in the Internet are so differently staggered. Some online shops place a lot of emphasis on generating a large profit margin, while other shops are less focused on profit and more on consumer satisfaction.

Because in the end it is so that you will buy again with a favorable on-line Shop. Thus the favorable on-line Shop has a customer more, and the expensive Shop sells thus less. The price differentiation is different in the net and should be checked well before the purchase. Furthermore you have the chance to view many models and compare them with each other. From the many models you can easily choose a model, which you can then order in the online shop.

It is worth therefore in any case to switch to a purchase on the Internet. Also keep in mind that you can spend a lot more time looking around when you buy on the net. After a while in the shop, the salesperson will push for a purchase decision – so it makes more sense to take your time and look for a test winner.

The History of the City Scooter

When the wheel was invented, it was thought that the transport of goods could be simplified. This also resulted in the bike, which used to be considered a true monster work. It was a huge front wheel and a small obstacle wheel because it made it easier to move the bike. Smaller models followed and rollers were also fitted under the shoes. Already around the year 1790 it was known that humans could move faster on rolls.

So a musical instrument maker simply mounted a few rollers under his shoes and the first roller shoes were born. Of course these were first used on a stage. When people saw this way of moving, they naturally wanted to have it too. This is how the first roller skates went into mass production. In 1883 the ball bearing was finally invented, which was connected to the wheels. Already one could move faster and even better. However, the shoes remained the same – 4 rolls per shoe were needed.

In 1895 the time had come when roller skates were no longer sufficient and a new invention had to follow. For children the scooter was invented, which celebrated a great success. Each child wanted to move on a scooter. Also up to today are scooters for children, a great toys, which train the sense of balance and coordination. Even before learning to ride a bicycle, the child is already standing on the scooter and can move around with it.

The Tretroller by damals is not comparable with today's models. The roles were hard and the driving fun was recognized only with children. With increasing age the scooter became more uncomfortable and one refrained from a use. Therefore, for a long time only children enjoyed the scooter, which also has a stiff handlebar.

Around the year 2000 the children's fun turned into fun for adults. The first Scooter, Cityroller was developed, which was more stylish and lighter in its form. It consisted of aluminium, the handlebar could be folded and it was usable up to a weight and a height of adults.

Today's Cityroller was still developed and can show a completely different driving pleasure today. hard rubber rollers are used, which are provided with bearings. So the scooter can roll better. In addition, he can be taken on buses and trains without any problems, which makes him an interesting vehicle – especially for commuters who would otherwise have had to walk from the train to the office.

Figures, data, facts about the City Scooter

The Cityroller today is a hip mobility . Beside him there is also the Kickboard to choose from, which has some more features. If you choose a scooter, you can get to the office quickly and easily. Times, in which you stood for hours in the after-work traffic, are finally over with the Cityroller. Especially many cities use the Cityroller to get from A to B fast.

It convinces with a chic design, is comfortable to drive and not too exhausting. If it goes uphill once, the Cityroller can even be carried due to the low weight. Today, about 30 percent of the inhabitants of cities make use of these advantages. Instead of taking the car, they prefer to switch to the practical city scooter.

Also from environment-friendly view the Cityroller is very recommendable. With a city scooter there are no running costs such as petrol or diesel. The scooter is moved solely by the muscle strength of the legs. With some practice you can push the one with the right one with the left one.

Figures, data, facts about the CityrollerOf course the scooter is visibly easier to handle and runs by itself. For safety reasons there is a brake attached to each model, which is located either above the rear wheel as a step brake or on the handlebar as a front brake. If you use the front brake, make sure that the wheel does not block, otherwise a fall could result. With a scooter many problems are solved at once – and the best thing is that you indulge in a sporting activity every day without noticing it.

The sales figures speak for themselves. Since the year 2000 the sales figures have increased by 70 percent and the city scooter still enjoys great enthusiasm. Furthermore, the acquisition costs are bearable, because a city scooter usually costs about 50 Euro, if you want to get a halfway reasonable quality.

There are also models that cost far over 100 Euro, but in this case the comfort is even higher. Whichever model you use, the Cityroller is environmentally friendly, economical, low in cost and can be used by you and the whole family – this makes the Cityroller a real Allrounder.

Trends in the city scooter sector

Not only children around teenagers use the Cityroller. Also adults want to profit more and more from this great sports equipment. Quickly to the next snack bar or to the office – with the city scooter you are faster where you want to be. If you are surprised by the rain, simply put the scooter in the trunk of the taxi or take the next bus home.

The Cityroller can be transported anywhere with transportation, is flexible in use and always ready for use. Therefore the Cityroller is also subject to a continuous trend. Adults have different requirements than children. While children want to immortalize their favorite heroes on the scooter, adults prefer to catch a neutral coloration.

Youth are more concerned that the Cityroller can do more. It is about speed and also about the possibility to do more with the scooter. There are Stuntroller, which are used to climb stairs or to walk on railings.

Similar to the skateboard sector, manufacturers have to come up with new ideas again and again. Of course in this context it is also about the security that such a scooter has to deliver. Therefore, rear brakes are increasingly used, as they are many times safer. Front brakes led to frequent falls during stunts and manoeuvres, which is why attention was shifted to the rear brakes.

Since safety cannot always be found in the device, it is all the more important to wear suitable protective equipment at all times. This includes at least one helmet that protects against head injuries. Elbow and knee pads are also recommended. If wrist protectors are still used, the equipment is perfect.

There are other garments that contain protectors such as back or at the hip. Keep in mind that the more experienced you are when riding a scooter, the more high speed can occur. Similar to bicycles and motorcycles, you are not surrounded by any protection whatsoever, so that you yourself have to provide safe body protection.

Cityroller vs. Kickboard?

The Cityroller has been around for about 15 years. A few years later another model came onto the market – the Kickboard. What is the difference and what is the difference between these two models? We went in search of the difference and came to the following decision.

What's a kickboard?

A Kickboard is nothing else than a Cityroller with only one wheel more. The Kickboard has two wheels at the front, which makes its riding style very stable. The front wheels have a generous spacing, but this differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In rear area there are models with one or two wheels. If two wheels are fitted, they are very close together to maintain flexibility. The footboard is much wider than with a city scooter. You could compare Kickboard with Skateboard, because the direction can be changed in the same way.

However, the Kickboard still has a steering knob or a real handlebar. However, this does not move the wheels, but only ensures that the direction is also changed by weight shift. The brake is located above the rear wheel and is called trottbrake.

The advantage on the kickboard is that it appears very agile and flexible. The kickboard can also be used for maneuvers or Stunts. The handlebar or knob can be folded, so that transport is also very flexible and simple. With the Kickboard you are more stable on the road than with a skateboard.

The scooter

Not for nothing the Cityroller is called as it is called. The scooter takes you through the city quickly and efficiently. It has a smaller footprint and is usually a bit lighter than the kickboard. In addition only two wheels are attached, which does not change the fact that the Cityroller is also very agile.

You can also quickly get to the office or from A to B. The models differ only slightly from each other in terms of their flexible range of application. The Kickboard is somewhat more stable in the driving style, if you like the change of direction by shifting the weight. If you want to do the change of direction rather with a steering similar to a bicycle, the cityroller is better suited for you.


Whether city scooter or kickboard – which model you choose is entirely up to you interest. If you prefer a steering, which was solved like with a bicycle, then the scooter is more suitable for you.

If you want to have more fun, the Kickboard can be the better solution. All in all, it is a decision of personal taste which model you choose. If you can't decide, the purchase of both models would be an alternative – since both can be used by the entire family.

Care and cleaning of a scooter

If you buy a roller, you should also consider which weather you want to ride with it. If it is a purchase only for the nice weather, you only have to clean the scooter now and then from dirt and grime. If you are on the move with it also in the winter and in the cold season there are also some to consider. We will show you how to maintain and clean the scooter sufficiently well.

How to clean the scooter?

If you want your scooter to be long-lasting, you can't avoid good care. You should clean the scooter thoroughly at least once a month. Use warm water and some cleaning agent. A soft cloth is used to remove the impurities from the scooter.

If stubborn soiling can be detected, a sponge can be used with the grey page – but only very carefully. Test the sponge beforehand to see if any scratches could appear in the paint. After all impurities have been removed, you should remove the soap residues from the roller and then let it dry well. In winter it is advisable to clean it in the same way – however, you should not let it dry outdoors, but give it a warm place in the living room.

Check all parts on scooter

While you are cleaning the scooter well, it makes sense to check all parts to check. This includes the brakes, the wheels and also the base should not be damaged. If damage is noticeable, you can repair it with a Tape >repair.

Every now and then it is also useful to check the wheels including the wheel bearings and to clean them thoroughly. To do this, remove the wheels from the scooter and remove the wheel bearings. These can usually be opened and cleaned.

Remove sand and dirt by soaking them in a soap bath. If the bearings are clean and dry, make sure to add enough grease again. Only then can the wheel bearings be reinstalled and the wheels mounted. It also makes sense to always have a set of spare wheels in the house, if a defect in the wheel should become apparent, you can change the wheel immediately and the scooter remains ready for use. If the scooter is not used in winter, it is advisable to store it in a bag protected from moisture, so that no rust film or similar damage to the scooter can cause.

Useful Accessories for the Cityroller

Useful accessories for the scooter

The scooter is a means of transport just like a sports equipment. With a little practice, high speeds can be reached, which can lead to serious injuries in the event of a fall. Therefore you should always pay attention to adequate protective clothing.

Especially if you buy the Cityroller for your Child, you should pay attention to a good protective equipment. A helmet, elbow and knee protectors are the minimum you should wear when riding a scooter.

We still recommend Wrist protectors, which is provided with a steel surface in the inside of the hand. So you are well secured in the event of a fall. It would also be useful to wear Protectors, which is integrated in some clothes or can be acquired additionally. These protectors can provide good protection against injuries, especially in the hip and shoulder area.


If you own a scooter, you should also purchase a bag where the scooter can be stored. This protects it from dust and dirt when not in use. The scooter can also be carried more comfortably in a bag. Make sure that the bag is padded in appropriate areas so that you can carry the scooter comfortably.

Alternatives to the City Scooter

The city scooter is a good means of transport, which lets you get from A to B faster. It is also very helpful for children as balance and coordination are trained. But there are also good alternatives, which can give a lot of fun and joy while driving.


The Kickboard is similar to the scooter, except that the kickboard has three instead of just two wheels. In addition, the direction can only be changed by shifting the weight , which is similar to skateboarding. However, the riding style with a kickboard is more stable than with a skateboard, so it is more suitable for adults.


The waveboard enjoys great enthusiasm, mainly from students and youngsters. It is even increasingly used in physical education. The disadvantage is that riding the waveboard is not that easy . With a little practice, however, you can cover a few meters with the board after a week. Furthermore the Waveboard is a good whole body training, because it gets its drive by swinging wave movements.


The skateboard is also an alternative to the city scooter. However, the skateboard is still increasingly owned by youngsters. Adults increasingly prefer the safe variant such as the kickboard or the city scooter.


Crossliners are designed for use in terrain. The crossliners are similar to cross-country ski, only that there is no snow under the boards, but wheels, which are filled with air. With crossliners you are also very flexible and you can buy them as a model, which can be used with normal shoes. However, Crossliner count predominantly as endurance sports and less as means of transport.

Safe ride on the City Scooter

The Cityroller is a great leisure fun for the whole family. Just as you can make a Sunday excursion by bike, this is now also possible with the Cityroller. In addition you can use the Cityroller comfortably as Transportmittel. However, to ensure that you always arrive safely at your destination, you should ensure that you wear adequate protective clothing.

Helmet and joint protectors are the minimum you and your children should wear when riding a city scooter. In addition, there is reflective clothing, which is also very useful to be better perceived by other road users. This is already available as a shirt or in trousers are reflectors sewn in, which increase the safety on the scooter many times over. If you purchase a scooter with an engine, other rights may apply that you must comply with.

Cityroller with motor

As soon as the scooter is equipped with a engine, has a speed of more than 20 km/h, it may only be driven with a corresponding driving license. In this case the Mofaführerschein would be obligation, in order to be allowed to drive the city scooter with engine. In addition, the law provides that all motorcycles with a speed of more than Al 20 km/h are subject to a helmet obligation.

The Insurance law may also apply, which you must comply with. As soon as you buy a scooter with engine, the seller will inform you about the obligations, which have to be observed when driving with the scooter. If you buy a city scooter that you can get going with muscle power, you do not need a driving licence. Note that models with one engine may be different and under are sold at a speed of 20 km/h.

If the speed is above , you may not move on the sidewalk, but are subject to the law which describes the scooter as car – so this model may only be driven on the road.

The City Scooter with motor is also suitable for Seniors. A City Scooter with an engine is a very practical purchase so that they can progress faster and also do a sporty activity. It may be possible to equip the model with a shopping basket in which the purchases can be safely stowed.

The city scooter without engine – no means of transport

From purely legal point of view the Cityroller is not a means of transport and may therefore also be driven on sidewalks. While bicycles belong on the road or on the cycle path, you are not allowed to ride on the City Scooter without a motor on these paths.

Especially in the dark, this has some advantages over a bicycle or other means of transportation. Because you do not have to drive on the road, you are subject to a higher level of safety. However, you must pay attention to pedestrians and other passers-by and must not endanger them in any way. It is also possible to get into the inner city area with a scooter and also to drive in the pedestrian zone. In this sense it is also more advantageous to choose a model without an engine.

When children are on the move with the scooter

When children are on the road with the CityrollerFor Children the Cityroller is an ingenious Driving fun. Children do not have to learn how to ride a scooter. They climb up, push themselves a few times wobbly and after a few meters they are already standing safely on the Roller. This simplicity makes the scooter very popular with children. Parents also benefit if the child wants to ride the scooter. With a scooter the child is just as fast and you arrive faster at the goal.

However, children are also those who quickly become familiar with a scooter. By the unthoughtful kind of children, these become fast overconfident and try with the Cityroller also times a maneuver or a Stunt to put down.

This is not advisable on busy roads – even if you are on the sidewalk. Passers-by could be injured or the child could fall. Therefore you should teach your child a safe driving style with the scooter right from the start. The longer it takes for the child to start the first attempts.

Always make sure that the child is wearing adequate protective equipment. If the child refuses, it may be because he or she does not like the appearance. It can be a little tip if you choose your favourite hero, even if he is sometimes a few euros more expensive – the safety of the child should always have priority. They know best that you only wear what you like best. With the hero on the helmet and the saver, you make the child wear the protective equipment voluntary.

Consideration with the City Scooter is mandatory

You take part with the Cityroller in the traffic happening. Even if the city scooter is not recognized as a means of transportation , it is faster than a pedestrian. Therefore, you should always take Review for other passers-by. Especially if you ride the scooter on the sidewalk, increased caution is advised. Because from a house entrance suddenly a resident can step out.

The same applies to exits or when crossing the road, you could overlook a vehicle. Therefore, a adapted driving style applies in particular where there are many passers-by. If driving is not possible for any reason, it is safer to push or carry the scooter. Thus you do not endanger yourself or other road users.

Children should not leave the scooter lying around not careless. If the scooter remains in front of a shop, other people could become endangered. In the event of an accident, you can be held liable for the damage that has occurred, so that it is also advisable to insure such incidents with insurance in the event of an accident. Of course, it is better not to let such situations arise in the first place.

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