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Best Car Battery 2019 • 0 Car Batteries Reviews

What is a car battery?

A car battery is a rechargeable battery. This form of the battery is often used in vehicles. Several energy cells are connected together and supply the purchasers with current.

The starter in car needs a nominal voltage of 12 V. this means that six batteries are switched with a nominal voltage of 2.12 V in a series. smaller vehicles like the motorbike or the scooter get by with a 6 volt battery.

This means that only three batteries are needed. A car battery can store between 26 and 120 ampere hours at energy. The respective Memory is marked with the letter abbreviations “Ah”. For smaller batteries, as for the scooter the power is correspondingly less . For example, a truck requires more ampere-hours, which means that the ampere-hour value higher is also marked.Car Battery Image

The car battery is indispensable for the start of a vehicle. The reason for it forms the starter. Because it needs to car to start energy. If necessary, a battery can also supply the needed capacity for a too weak alternator. During driving charging the car battery recharges itself. The vehicle is designed so that the alternator generates energy and passes it on to the car battery so that charging can take place. A overcharge of the car battery can not enter, because a protection mechanism ensures that none energy more is absorbed. Among the batteries there are different versions. Most most known is the maintenance-free battery. Select the maintenance-free battery, it is not necessary to check the liquid level in this one . However, it is advisable that you check the contained electrolytes at regular intervals . Please note the protective measures, as the liquid is a corrosive acid. The handling of the car battery should therefore always be carried out according to regulations. This also applies if the charge level of the car battery is to be checked.

To get a car battery as long as possible, it should be continuous charged.

This requires a regular move of the car. If the vehicle is stationary, it is advisable to occasionally connect the car battery to a battery charger.

A car battery is like any other battery also very sensitive to cold. It can happen that the capacity drops so low in winter that it is not sufficient for a start of the vehicle not anymore. Therefore, check your car battery carefully in winter to avoid any unexpected surprises. Also with disposal some facts have to be considered. Due to the high lead content in the car battery, this counts as a dangerous waste – which is also prescribed by the lawmaker. It may therefore only be disposed of with Hazardous waste. Usually it is so that with the purchase of a new car battery, the dealer takes the old against and disposes of them professionally.

Germany has a Pfandgesetz, which says that when Purchase a new battery either the alte battery must be delivered or a Pfand must be deposited.

Batterien_dreiHow does a car battery work?

A car battery has a completely different structure than other batteries. The reason is on the one hand the lead battery, because completely different reactions occur with it. The reactions are also much more intense so that the motor gets the energy needed to start. The car battery is always made of a stable, robust and especially acid resistant material. It contains a so-called electrolyte – the battery acid. The battery acid is a 37% sulphuric acid, which takes over certain functions. The core housing also contains plates, which are connected alternately with the minus- and the plus pole. The pole and the plates are made of lead. Separators between the plates ensure that no short circuit can occur and thus separate the positive from the negative plates. When meetings of lead and sulfuric acid occur a chemical reaction, which is responsible for gases to develop. So that the gases, do not cause the car battery to burst as soon as they form, a gas outlet is attached to the housing. Thus the Berst the Battery is counteracted.

Now we come to the plates: the positive plates contain in charged state lead oxide. the negative plates on the other hand a meat sponge is formed. The housing of the car battery contains all plates surrounded by battery acid. When discharging the car battery the following reaction can be observed: sulphuric acid, lead and lead oxide react with each other and release lead sulphate, electrical energy and also water. As soon as the battery is charged, the reaction can be observed in reverse. The gas outlet is therefore necessary for these reactions, because a overvoltage of the hydrogen results in a so-called non-hydrogen gas, which could cause the battery to burst. The gas outlet thus prevents nigural gas from forming and the battery none defect from suffering.

If you have a not maintenance-free battery, it is necessary to control the liquid level of the battery cells at regular intervals Is the fill level too low and the plates are no longer covered by liquid, must liquid be refilled.

Depending on manufacturer a corresponding liquid or distilled water is used. Which liquid must be used can be found in the manufacturer information. Even if maintenance-free batteries are offered on the market, this means not inevitably, that no control of the liquid level must be carried out. In opposite also maintenance-free car battery should be controlled now and then on your liquid level and the charge level and charge level.

Autobatterien have a limited shelf life, so that even with the best maintenance it cannot be avoided to replace the battery after some time. The chemical reactions inevitably lead to corrosion damage on the plates. If damage is present at the plates, the actual chemical process not can occur anymore, which causes the battery not to produce enough power to start the vehicle . In this case the exchange of the car battery is unavoidable.

As soon as the new battery is mounted in the vehicle, sufficient energy is channelled to the starter motor, which starts the vehicle.

Without a battery the vehicle is lahm, because the electric cannot be supplied with energy – which is necessary for the start of the vehicle.

How to connect a car battery?

Varta 58380 Car battery Blue Dynamic F17, 12V, 80 Ah, 740 AAccording to the statistics of the large automobile clubs, every third vehicle stops due to a defective battery. This does not surprise us as much, as the service life of a starter battery is limited.

A car battery test winner runs perfectly for 5 – 8 years, whereas inexpensive products from the DIY store are empty after 2 – 3 years. Battery care and maintenance are additional factors directly related to service life.

If the car does not start, the weak starter battery is usually the reason. Starthilfe can bridge the unpleasant situation. After successful starting, the car should be driven for at least half an hour without interruption so that the alternator recharges the battery.

The best route is a less used motorway with low traffic jam forecast. Once at home, the battery should be connected to a charger to achieve maximum capacity. If charging does not produce satisfactory results, other causes such as a defective alternator regulator should be excluded.

How to proceed when disconnecting the battery?

First make all preparations to disconnect the old battery. Have a suitable wrench and a simple pair of pliers ready. Wear rubber gloves when working. Get a container to transport the old battery later for disposal. The first step, as always with repairs on electrical systems, is the interruption of the circuit .

Remove the battery cover

Only after all consumers have been switched off, open the bonnet. Most cars require a small lever to be pulled, which is located on the driver's side at the bottom left of the footwell. A toggle lever in the hood lock often has to be pushed back to completely open the cover. Now the engine is in front of you: Look for the battery protected by a plastic cover. Some batteries do not have the complete top side, but only a cover on the polar caps. Disconnect them to expose the pole terminals.

Removing the earth terminal / negative pole

Now you can see the positive and the negative pole with the respective markings in front of you. Disconnect first the black cable from the negative terminal. Loosen the nut on the pole terminal with a ratchet or wrench. Now you can remove the pole terminal to interrupt the circuit. If the clamp is difficult to loosen, you can carefully bend it open with a small screwdriver. Make sure that you do not touch the positive terminal /strong> with the earth terminal.

Unscrew the red positive pole

After the black ground terminal has been removed, remove the red positive terminal in the same way: First loosen the nut, then remove the red pole terminal from the positive pole. Now the old battery is ready for removal.

Removing the old battery upright

The battery is secured against slipping with a holding foot. The mounting looks slightly different for every make of car, but in most cases a screw must first be loosened to remove the battery. Now you can remove the battery. Consider the high weight and pack with two people.

Caution: The battery should be maintained!

On a battery that was frozen due to deep discharge, cracks may have formed in the housing, from which acid escapes. In this case, we recommended that you wear protective clothing at the beginning, as strongly corrosive sulphuric acid leads to deep injuries when it comes into contact with the skin. Immediately place the used battery in a leak-proof container for transport to the recycling centre.

Installation of the new battery

Now there is the opportunity to free the empty battery compartment from the accumulated dirt of past years. Then the new battery is placed in its place and the holder is screwed on firmly. “It is not necessary to “slam shut”, after all the screw should open again the next time the battery is changed. brushes briefly remove dirty or rusty pole terminals and apply pole grease to both poles. This increases contact, resulting in improved performance. Oxidation and corrosion can hardly form on well greased poles.

Connect the red positive pole first

The cables must be mounted in in reverse order: First the pole terminal is attached to Pluspol and fixed with the nut. Then connect the black cable with the ground terminal to the negative pole.

Fitting the battery cover

Remember to screw the cover properly to the battery. The absence is criticized with the next TÜV-Termin and you receive possibly no Plakette. Once everything is back in place, you can close the bonnet.

New settings after the reset

Now perform the first car battery test and start the engine. Program reprogramm the radio, navigation device and other devices by entering the codes. Probably all values in the board computer are also deleted and the clock must be reset.

The disposal of the used battery

When buying a new battery, customers pay 7.50 euros deposit, for which the seller issues a receipt. If you bring the old battery with you at the same time, the deposit is omitted in favour of the old-for-new regulation according to the battery law. You should keep the deposit receipt carefully , as the original receipt pays a new deposit. Even if you buy the new battery on the Internet, this regulation applies. Send the receipt to the supplier by e-mail or post.

The waste battery can be disposed of at the regional Wertstoffhof recycling centre or at any other stationary sales outlet with the same makes in its range. At the scrap metal dealer you can even get money for the scrap battery.

If you only dispose of one old battery, you will get back the 7,50 Euro deposit. The aim of this recycling programme is to relieve the burden on the environment. Batteries of any kind should not be disposed of with household waste, as acid and lead are dangerous pollutants.

What tools are required for connection?

With sinking temperatures in winter the season of striking cars begins. Unsuspecting motorists sit down in their cars and want to drive to work early in the morning, but instead of the usual powerful start, the engine only gives one last exhausted ruffle of itself. In this case you don't have to search long for an error, the starter battery has obviously reached the end of its life. For this day a makeshift Starthilfe must be sufficient to arrive on time at work. The first action in the evening is to order a new car battery to replace the defective one as soon as possible.

How urgent is the replacement of the car battery?

When looking for the current car battery test winner and buying the new battery you should consider how many years the existing battery will run now. In today's fast-moving world, a component is replaced immediately exchanged if it suddenly does not function as usual. This is convenient, but not always the most efficient option: Often the battery is not defective, but just not up to the winter situation.

LONG-TIME Car Battery 12V 45Ah replaces 36AH 40AH 41AH 43AH 44AH 46AH 48AH 50AHThe weakness results from inadequate charge, because in cold conditions the capacity of each battery decreases, as you can read in the respective car battery test. At -10 °C outdoor temperature 30 % the storage capacity is already lost, in a cold night at -18 °C the nominal capacity only reaches half of the normal level. Longer service lives discharge the battery automatically.

Power loss affects outdated batteries and “fair weather vehicles”, which are only registered seasonally. Even with constant short distances, the alternator does not get enough time to fully charge the battery while driving.

If the existing energy storage in the car battery Test has performed well and is still empty more often after a standing time, an undetected power guzzler in the vehicle electrical system could be the culprit. Leakage current could pull the central locking, a permanently switched on trunk lighting or the sound system. A thorough workshop check would be appropriate if the battery itself is OK.

If one of these reasons applies to your car, we recommend that you first connect the charger. By means of the test function, which a modern charger has at its disposal, a possible defect can be located there. If the battery does not recover after charging or driving >it must be replaced.

What preparations should be made before battery replacement?

Changing the battery is a relatively simple job, but it requires great care. Look best for a car battery test and purchase the appropriate starter battery going there:

  • Not only the performance data should match, but also the dimensions of the battery. A housing that is too large does not fit into the holder, a battery that is too small can hardly be securely attached.
  • Measure the outer edges of the battery exactly with a folding rule. Pay attention to the arrangement of the poles and note the ampere-hours, abbreviated Ah. You will find this value on the battery sticker, which indicates the capacity. In addition, the new battery should have the highest possible amperage value, abbreviated A.
  • If you are not the first owner of your car, you should compare the battery values with the information in the operating instructions for safety reasons. It is quite possible that the previous owner has installed a battery that is unsuitable in terms of performance.
  • smaller differences in capacity will not affect the function, but the new battery should be of the same type as the old battery. Let us advise you on your purchase if you are looking for a shop.

Adler Autobatterie 12 VWhen changing, follow the individual steps exactly in the given order. Before disconnecting the battery some preparations are necessary. From your toolbox you will need ¼ inch and ½ inch ring spanners or ratchets / ratchets with matching extensions as well as a slotted screwdriver. Ideally the tools should have insulated handles. Wear rubber gloves when changing to avoid short circuit and electric shock. Play it safe with a work apron and eye protection when handling electrical voltage and battery acid.

Also the board system has to be prepared: Since the circuit is interrupted when the battery is disconnected, some connected devices perform a reset: Therefore, prepare the activation codes for the radio, navigation device and other components of the on-board computer. Before disconnecting, check whether all consumers are switched off: the exterior and interior lighting, the sound system, the heating, connected devices must be disconnected from the cigarette lighter.

Remove the ignition key and deposit it outside the car!

When the battery poles are reconnected, a current pulse can be triggered that blocks the central locking. We also recommend that you provide pole grease or pole spray, a wire brush to clean the connections and a battery vacuum cleaner to remove the brushed crumbs cleanly from the battery compartment before inserting the new battery.

Battery replacement with charge conservation

LONG-TIME Car battery 12V 100AH replaces 88Ah 90Ah 92Ah 95Ah 100AhIf you want to save code input after the reset, the battery can be changed without interrupting the circuit. For this you need a suitable charger. With this variant of battery replacement, some technical experience is advantageous. Particularly in modern cars equipped with extensive electronics, voltage fluctuations and other electrical deviations can sometimes lead to damage to individual components.

In general, we recommend the presence of a second person when working on the engine. This makes installing the battery safer, lighter and more entertaining. Even if the helper has no technical ambitions, he can call for help immediately in an emergency.

After a half hour the installation should be finished and the reset codes can be entered after the first start. With a freshly installed car battery test winner you drive now for years reliably and start also in the winter problem-free into the day.

What must be observed when connecting?

Even before you pick up the wrench, the prerequisites for correct connection of the new starter battery should be met. Follow the instructions in the Manual to purchase the new battery: Measure the case accurately, note the required values for Capacity (given in Ah) and the maximum current in Ampere. Small deviations of the ampere values are acceptable.

The dimensions of the battery case are critical as they must match exactly with the holder to which the battery is attached. We strongly advise against connecting the case of a battery that is too large to match or a battery that is too small using adventurous methods. All data at a glance as well as comparison possibilities of different makes, can be found in a car battery test.

What capacity does the car battery need?

Note that Diesel engines must first preheat the fuel and therefore need higher capacity than petrol engines.

After a rough orientation, the batteries of different vehicle types need the following Ah values:

  • limo -limo : 36 Ah
  • passenger cars and compact classes: 28 – 50 Ah
  • medium class car: 40 – 70 Ah
  • Upper class car: 55 – 120 Ah or more

What is a backup battery?

In larger, modern passenger cars, a backup battery is additionally installed for support of the extensive electronic equipment. This Auxiliary battery is coupled to the starter battery via a Battery control unit . For example, the control unit switches on the backup battery in vehicles with automatic start-stop. The cold start performance of such a completely sealed auxiliary battery depends on the intended use.

Currently BMW, Volvo, Audi and Mercedes Benz use backup batteries. You can also use a support battery for your car. Especially in winter, an auxiliary battery makes sense if many consumers are connected and the capacity of the main battery is naturally sinking due to the cold temperatures.

What to pay attention to before changing the battery?

Dropped engine power and starting problems are not necessarily due to a defective battery. Therefore, check in advance the generator, the V-belt, the regulator of the alternator. You should also inspect the battery cables over their entire length. Are there kink, cracks or bright spots? Check the pole terminals for contamination, rust or bent contacts. Pole terminals are available at low cost from car accessories and can be replacedif required. If no pole grease is available, you can also apply other non-acid greases if necessary. Grease increases the electrical contact and thus the starting force.

Why is the order of connecting the car battery important?

Disconnecting the battery starts at the negative pole, which is also called ground cable. Then the positive pole with the red cable is removed. To prevent the rather short connections from bending back to their poles, the ends are either wrapped in a cloth or tied up with cable holders at a distance. This prevents accidental contact.

When Connect the new battery, first the red pole terminal is connected, then the black terminal on the negative pole. This reverse order should be observed for safety reasons to avoid electrical discharges.

Why must the negative pole be disconnected first?

That's it: You want to replace the car battery and start with the negative terminal. To unscrew the earth terminals you need a spanners. It is possible that the nut is very tight so that the wrench slides off the negative pole and you at the same time hold on to the body in the reflex with your free hand. Nothing happens at all, because the negative pole and the body are connected by a cable.

Completely different is when you start changing the battery with the red positive terminal . When disconnecting the car battery, touch simultaneously the positive terminal and bright metal of the body, a short circuit will discharge. By that we mean no small crackle, but it bangs and funks so powerful that this in the worst case was the last battery change of your life.

What else can happen through the wrong order?

The circuit closes forming an arc. The entire energy of the battery flows unimpeded from the positive pole via the wrench (which you hold in your hand) through the body to the negative pole. The entire metal of the body and the tool is under tension.

  • The wrench could melt under enormous heat melt
  • The wrench could become stuck to the battery pole weld
  • The battery filled with acid could explode
  • The car could Catch fire

The above mentioned scenarios are realistic, but they can also be lightly. You must never underestimate the risk of handling electrical energy. Our admittedly radical arguments should convince you to always observe the correct sequence when disconnecting and connecting a car battery. Always wear rubber gloves when changing batteries in order to dissipate electrical charges.

If there are uncertainties, add a experienced person or keep the operating instructions handy. The order is also valid for batteries with 6 Volt and 24 Volt.

What happens when connecting an incorrectly polarized car battery?

In the past, it sometimes happened that a car battery with incorrectly connected negative and positive poles was charged on the charger and then installed in the car. The consequence of starting the engine is expensive for the car owner: The reversed voltage can completely destroy the alternator as well as the control units of the on-board electronics.

Nowadays, modern chargers are equipped with polarity reversal protection to avoid this error. It is hardly possible to connect the battery with the wrong polarity in the engine compartment, as the positive and negative poles are different in size.

What different types of car batteries are there?

Depending on how the vehicle is equipped, a corresponding car battery is used.

A new vehicle, which has seat heating, air conditioning etc. needs a battery with a higher power. A older vehicle, where there may still be none electric window lifter needs less power and therefore also needs a weaker car battery.

Therefore, the more comfort there is in a vehicle, the more power the car battery must be selected. Use a car battery suitable for the vehicle not,,lifetime limited and may become unusable after a few months. The Shelf life of a car battery still depends on several factors, which we will discuss in more detail later. In the following you will learn which types of car batteries there are and what they differ from each other:

  • Blue Acid Battery:
  • EFB Car Battery:
  • AGM Car Battery:
This refers to the simple starter battery used in many vehicles. Due to the design, the classical batteries are equipped with a high lifetime. It also has fabulous cold start values. The classic battery is maintenance-free, which is standard today. But there are also not yet maintenance-free car batteries, which are cheaper to buy. blue acid batteries are described as reliable and robust. In purchase they are cheaper than other batteries equipped with higher technology. The disadvantage of this battery type is that the lifetime becomes strongly limited when the vehicle long time is not moved. This can result in self-discharge, which can lead to a defect in the battery. Prussic acid batteries are suitable for vehicles with little pantograph. Vehicles with a Start-Stop function are not suitable for the use of a hydrogen cyanide battery.
The abbreviation EFB stands for “enhanced flooded battery“, which means nothing else than “improved lead-acid battery“. The EFB car battery is therefore a improved form of classic starter battery. The lifetime is higher by two- to triple. In addition, it is maintenance-free and insensitive. A feature of the battery are the special covers, that prevent the battery from leaking. Thus, these models are also designed to be much safer. This battery type can also be used for vehicles with Start-Stop functions. It is mainly used in vehicles with several power consumers. Due to the thermal load capacity, the EFB car battery can also be installed in warmer climate zones directly in the engine compartment, which is possible with classic batteries not.
The AMG battery is the most advanced technology, currently available on the market. It is safer and more resilient than all the other models. It can therefore be installed in vehicles with height requirements. The abbreviation AMG stands for “absorbent glass mat“. The electrolyte is firmly connected to a glass fleece with this construction. Due to this detail, the batteries of this type are maintenance-free and also leak-proof. Due to the construction no water can evaporate any more – the opening of the battery is therefore strictly prohibited. AMG Batteries are used in vehicles, on boats or in caravans.

Which car battery is the right one?

The AMG is the highest performance car battery on the market and can therefore only be replaced by a AMG battery. Use a EFB or a classic battery, the car may start not – or the lifetime of the car battery will be significantly reduced.Battery_Warning

A EFB battery is located in the midfield of the offered models. It can be replaced by a AMG battery, but in most cases not necessary – because the requirements are lower. If you are looking for a high lifetime, it is advisable to upgrade to a AMG battery. If you have a EFB battery in your vehicle, you should also purchase a car battery. A classical car battery should be used not.

A conventional blue acid battery is the classical variant. If your vehicle is equipped with such a car battery, you can replace it with a new simple blue acid battery. However, it is also possible to perform a increase on a EFB or AGM battery. For old vehicles this is however not necessary. If you want to retrofit power consumers such as air conditioning, coolers etc., it is advisable to rely on a EFB or AGM car battery.

These three species are distinguished from maintenance-free and not maintenance-free batteries.

Maintenance-free Autobatteries have the advantage, that these do not have to be controlled on their liquid state . If you have a not maintenance-free battery, it is important, regular to control the level of liquid in the cells .

If you do not do this, the battery before drain the lifetime in case of water loss will suffer a defect and must be replaced. Especially in case of strong heat or if you go on holiday with the vehicle, you should check the liquid level especially .

What functions should I pay attention to when buying a car battery?

Once the lifetime of the battery has expired, the vehicle not more starts, must be purchased a new starter battery. Here now the question arises, which car battery you should buy. To buy the correct battery, there are some important details to consider. The most basic question is which battery you need for your vehicle. The exact name can be found either in the existing car battery or in the manual of the vehicle. If you rely on the data of the battery, you should still make sure that the correct battery has already been installed. It can happen that the previous owner used the wrong car battery due to ignorance. For new vehicles the battery is factory installed, so you can rely on the data mainly. If you do not find it on the battery itself or in the manual information about the required data, it is recommended to contact a specialist. Important data to buy a new starter battery were in a test the capacity, the voltage and still further facts, which we would like to introduce you now in detail.

  • Capacity of a car battery:
  • The voltage:
  • The cold test current:
  • The pole arrangement:
  • Dimensions and bottom rail:
This value is the nominal capacity, which is indicated in ampere hours with the abbreviation “Ah”. The nominal capacity provides information about how many hours the battery can supply current for. A fully charged starter battery with 36 ampere hours can provide 20 hours Storm for the middle Storm with 1.8 ampere.
The voltage is how much volt the battery will produce. For PKWs it is usually 12 Volt. LKWs on the other hand are often equipped with 24 Volt. The voltage is also important if you purchase a charger for the notebook or the mobile phone. There are accessories, suitable for 12 V or for 24 V.
This value tells you how much cold start current is output. When Start of a vehicle a certain quantity power is required. If the battery less cold test current is applied than the vehicle needs, the car will not start. When buying a new car battery, you must make sure that this value is set accordingly high.
The pole for a battery are divided into the plus- and minuspole. The most common form as the pole are arranged, is: right plus poleleft minus pole. vehicle manufacturer may also use batteries, where the arrangement is reversed. Also the attachment of the pole is differentiated. They can be mounted at the front, side or rear. Since the vehicle battery is assigned a certain location in the vehicle, it is possible that the place none allows other variant. When new purchase, make sure that the poles are in the correct arrangement and the same location.
To still find the right battery, the Measurements are important. In order for the new battery to be installed in the corresponding place, the corresponding dimensions must match. If you purchase a battery, that is too large, the space not will be sufficient to obstruct it properly. If you buy a battery that is too small, it will fit in the designated space but can be not properly secured – resulting in insecurity. The slip, while the vehicle is in motion could result in a short circuit, which would paralyze the electronics of the vehicle and thus also the vehicle itself. For example, the Measurements of the Bottom bar can be specified with B13, which describes the most common Measurement for many Vehicles.

Which battery type can it be?

The car battery is strictly speaking a accumulator, because the battery is constantly charging and discharging . However, the term starter battery or car battery has established itself, so that this term is the most common for the accumulator. There are several types of batteries. On the one hand there is the maintenance-free and on the other hand the not maintenance-free battery. In addition, there is the classical lead acid battery, which is used most in the vehicles. Vehicles whose equipment needs more power are equipped with a EFB or AGM battery. Which battery you ultimately purchase depends on vehicle type and the required power.

The lifetime of a car battery is between 4 and 6 years depending on model. If the battery has a defect prematurely, this may indicate insufficient use such as driving of short distances. If more and more only short distances are driven, the car battery does not have enough a lot of time to charge itself completely. If you need to purchase a new battery you should first make a price comparison. Depending on the manufacturer, a test of car batteries 2019 showed that batteries with same power had significant price differences. If you purchase the car battery on the Internet, you will encounter models that are significantly below the price of retail. The quality of the battery should be at top position. But it is not always the same, that a high-quality battery must also be a control starter battery. Branded products usually have higher quality as NoName car batteries, which can be clearly seen in life expectancy.

The Take-Back Act:

In Germany since December 2009 there is a law, which says that the dealer car batteries must also take back.

In addition, the legislator prescribes the professional disposal of the car battery. Traders who sell a car battery are obliged to pay a deposit of 7.50 Euro if you return none battery. This rule is intended to prevent batteries from getting into domestic waste or into environment. If a deposit is collected, the dealer can issue a deposit and use it against the deposit as soon as you give him a alte battery to exchange.

How have the car batteries been tested?

Manufacturers are constantly developing new car batteries. The technologies are promising and even go so far that manufacturers promise up to 40 percent more starting power. We didn't want to leave it that way and compared the batteries by special criteria from one test. At the beginning of our comparison series we picked some batteries that did well in many tests. A price comparison showed us that buying on the Internet is definitely worth it. For this reason, all car batteries were purchased from the tests at online dealers. The delivery from a battery is done quickly, so that none disadvantages arise to purchase in retail. For delivery, the packaging should also be selected very carefully. Especially batteries need for the safe transport a corresponding packaging. The handling of the battery also belongs to a detail, which was important in tests. Handles on the battery ensure that Eis Autothat it can still be installed precisely for the battery in vehicles with little space.

In the practice test the test subjects went to test rooms, equipped with special measuring stations. With this equipment it is possible to measure the performance etc.. batteries, that are installed in vehicles in this country must comply with large requirements. This already starts with temperatures, which in winter sink into the minus range. A battery, that already weakens slightly can become at cool temperatures easily completely defective, which would result in a vehicle not being able to be started anymore. Especially vehicles with extensive equipment are affected, because a high start power is required. In a test the car batteries some time had to stay in a cold chamber with minus 20 degrees. We made measurements that showed up at complete discharge. In addition, the data were recorded, which the car battery applied when it was recharged after complete discharge. With these values, test conditions could be achieved that resembled reality. We also provide further information on the manufacturer and its services. Finally, ReviewInstitute writes a conclusion, in which we present our results again in comparison and publish a recommendation.

What does a car battery cost?

As different as the manufacturers of a car battery are also the various models. Therefore, it is difficult to say what a battery costs average . It depends on the power, the amperes and on the voltage in which price segment the battery is located. An important detail is also the structure of the battery. If it is a simple lead acid battery, the acquisition costs are in the low price segment. New Vehicles with a sophisticated technique need special car batteries, which can cost up to 200 Euro – where the longevity is clearly higher than with the classical models.

Usually there are batteries with less power from 40 Euro. Car batteries, which must more power to the day can show up up to 200 Euro or in individual cases also more cost.

Top5 Car Battery Manufacturer

  • Varta:
  • Exide:
  • Energizer:
  • Banner:
  • BSA Batteries:
Varta is a company that has existed since the last century. To be precise, the company was founded 1887 by Adolph Müller. Already at this time the company produced accumulators – at the beginning still manually. Shortly after the foundation the industrial production of accumulators could be announced. Even today, Varta belongs to a specialist, when it comes to batteries and accumulators. In the area of car battery the company has also established itself. The headquarters of Varta is still located in Germany today. Numerous locations ensure that Varta batteries are available all over the world.
Exide comes from the USA and looks today at more than 80 branches, which are represented worldwide. The manufacturer is one of the largest battery producers and also a Recycler of Batteries of all kinds. The company was founded 1888. The success story is still visible today. 1995 took over Exide some Battery manufacturers from Europe. The Sonnenschein brand is also part of Exide, which is today particularly known for gel accumulators. The quality of the batteries, starter batteries and accumulators speak for themselves. A long lifetime and a corresponding power are the standard. oxide is very anxious to produce high quality batting and accumulators – therefore there are also new technologies, which are combined in the products of oxide.
The company Energizer is based in Missouri, USA. Energizer is also one of the largest manufacturers in terms of accumulators and batteries of all kinds. The product portfolio ranges from button cells to the truck battery or the battery for boats and other equipment. 1886 marks the company's origins and at that time tinkered with a way to make batteries as compact as possible. Engergizer was the first company to develop a battery to power the first phones. Today, the Energizer brand stands for quality and battery longevity. In addition, the company manufactures flashlights in various designs. In 1960 Energizer developed the first silver oxide cell, which was used in hearing aids. Due to the continuous further development of batteries and accumulators, the Group still enjoys growing sales figures today.
This company comes from Austria and has remained a family business to this day. The origin goes back to the year 1937 in Vorarlberg. Artur Bawart, the founder, decided 1953, that a move to Linz/Kleinmünchen, where the company's headquarters are still located today, would make sense. Banner was the first producer to sell a starter battery in the precharged state. In addition, banner was also the company that introduced the first maintenance-free battery. Using its own technology centre, Banner can develop technologies and integrate them into the products. About 30 percent of the total production of banners batteries go directly to car manufacturers such as VW, BMW or MAN. banners batteries and accumulators are available worldwide. Partly there are own subsidiaries and partly distributors who sell banners products in Asian and African areas.
BSA Batteries is a young company with 35 yeare long experience. BSA manufactures batteries for a wide range of applications. Cars, trucks, motorhomes and also moror wheels are produced various batteries. There are both classic batteries and AGM batteries in the range. Products from BSA have the property of being very resistant to cycles. Due to the high quality also other areas like working platforms, boats etc. were equipped with the batteries from BSA in the course of time. The manufacturing process is subject to strict conditions so that a constant quality of the products is guaranteed at all times. The products of BSA have also already established themselves in the solar battery sector.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I buy my car battery best?

If the old car battery weak or whole failures, a new battery must be purchased. Purchase one new battery there are several possibilities for selection. You can go to the next trade and there buy a new car battery. A workshop usually also has the option to replace the battery and dispose of the old car battery immediately.

The disadvantage is that you usually need Term for Exchange and often the Battery not in stock is.

The Workshop must order the Starter battery first, which may take some time. Under certain circumstances you may have to do without the Auto for one week – which is very annoying for many people. This is why the way to the supermarket is often chosen. There you can choose one Battery from a shelf – it would be quite easy if there weren't all these many Names. Now you have to go back to the vehicle and look for the exact name on the battery. Back at the store you can finally choose the wished battery and you're standing before the next shock – the price. 100 Euro for a classic battery are in stores was none rarety in many tests.

Why buying on the Internet can save a lot of money

Many have no choice but to buy the control battery from the trade. If you check the car battery but regular , you will see when the correct time has come to replace the battery. From this time you still have some time and can look around the Internet for a new starter battery.

The advantagefrom buying on Internet first of all the price returns. If a battery costs around 150 Euro, you can assume that it costs network two thirds or only half .

This is due to the prices, that the online retailer can pass on. Online dealers need none expensive sales rooms, so that usually an office is sufficient for the transaction of the purchase. Furthermore no storage costs are necessary, because batteries, if stored correct , do not take up much space. Thus also teure storage costs, those of the online dealer savings. He can pass these savings to you as a consumer, so that cheaper prices arise. Due to a legal decision , however, traders are obliged to demand a deposit if no old battery is returned. With a purchase in internet usually this deposit is omitted – the online dealer is nevertheless obligated, to prove the deposit. Therefore it is managed in the rule in such a way that the online dealer takes over the deposit for you and for you no further costs arise. However, you should dispose of your old battery properly.

Favourable prices and a fast delivery are the main arguments, why it is more advantageous to buy a battery in network.

In addition, there is also the return right, that everyone online dealer must grant. Per Set was regulated that with Online purchase the purchase decision of the customer can be doubted by him himself. How often does it happen that you see something that you really want to have – then after some days you ask yourself: “Do I really need this?” For this case a return right was introduced, whereby you can return the purchased goods within 14 days without indication of reasons. If you have accidentally purchased a battery which not complies with requirements , you can simply return it . In trade, the return is cancellance depending on the trader and is often not granted. You are therefore stuck on the wrong bought goods and have also money lost.

Lasting time when buying a car battery

There are plenty of manufacturers and just as many battery models. The choice is not always easy, but can be narrowed down by the needed values. What remains is still very many models from different manufacturers. Now forums and test pages are used for . There you can inform yourself, which model is suitable for your vehicle at best. Owners of a vehicle corresponding to yours can pass on experience values. You benefit from this, as a mis-purchase is avoided. On test pages batteries are examined in detail and tested for performance. In one test, for example, a Cold test was performed to show you what the battery can withstand when winter temperatures drop the thermometer to the Minus range. When buying in net you have the possibility to compare models with each other and choose the best. In trade you will only find little models and have to decide within short time for a starter battery.


The purchase in net is afflicted with many advantages. The price, the selection and the comfortable to be able to choose the battery in all peace at home speak in favour of also buying car batteries in the Internet. The payment process is simple for many merchants. If you have considered and not would like to pay with a credit card, bank transfer or Paypal is usually also available. Paypal or other payment systems are safe and have a buyer protection. This is responsible for ensuring that you get your money back in the event of a fraud attempt. As you can see, the Security topic is also well taken care of when paying.

FAQ on the subject of car batteries

Which product is generally considered the car battery test winner?

The VARTA Blue Dynamic E11 is the general test winner for various tests on the Internet. The capacity of the battery is 74 Ah. The VARTA Blue Dynamic E11 delivers a total output of 680 A.

Which is the best car battery?

According to various tests on the Internet, the best car battery is the VARTA Blue Dynamic E11. The model offers cold test current and is maintenance free. The scope of delivery also includes a carrying aid.

car battery rating – what are the essential points?

The car battery provides energy to operate the starter motor of the combustion engine. According to various Internet tests, the VARTA Blue Dynamic E11 is the test winner. The battery has a cold test current, is maintenance-free and has a carrying aid. The car battery is easy to use thanks to the instruction manual.

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