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Best Camel Hair Blanket 2019 • 0 Camel Hair Blankets Reviews

What is a camel hair blanket?

camel hair blanket cuddly blanket made of organic camel hair ca. 135x200 cm camel woolOne camel hair blanket is a blanket filled with fluffy camel hair. The blankets convince in the test with excellent climate characteristics, because the camel hair can not only warm, but it cools and breathes also, so that too strong sweating is avoided.

This balancing temperature function makes the camel hair blankets from the tests very popular duvets, not only in summer, but also in the transition period. At the same time, the blankets with a camel hair filling are very cuddly in the test. So they offer a first-class comfort while sleeping.

The camels are not only exposed to hot temperatures, because at night it gets in their natural environment very cold. With their coat, the animals protect themselves from the extreme fluctuations. For this reason the camel down hair is suitable as filling for a light summer blanket but also as protection against cold.

With the fur of camels a pleasant temperature is to be reached, so that one does not cool down but also not sweat too much. Instead, the body temperature remains constant, resulting in a pleasant feeling.

The camel hair blankets in the test 2019 are often filled with the camel hair that the animals lose in spring. This is the winter coat that can be obtained without shearing or brushing the camels.

camelThe hair can be easily collected to be cleaned afterwards. This is followed by further industrial processing. Among other things, camel hair is used for the production of plaids, quilts and duvets. A camel hair blanket can be either a summer blanket or a warmer winter blanket. In addition to the mono blankets there are also duo camel hair blankets to choose from.

If one considers the processing and/or the production of the camel hair, these covers are an environmentally conscious and animal-friendly solution, as tests show. As an especially exclusive variation there are camel fuzz hair blankets. For these, according to tests, only the particularly fine down hairs are used, which are sorted out in laborious manual work from the upper hair. This makes the luxurious camel fluff hair blankets particularly valuable and expensive.

The test results of the external tests and product tests of the camel hair blankets are presented in a comparison table in the form of a comparison and juxtaposition. The practical test with its test and test run, its examination, analysis, inspection and control applies to both the standard versions and the noble ceilings and gives an overview and a comparison of the respective features. Each buyer can decide for himself which of the camel hair blankets is the comparative test winner. The individual evaluation of the ceilings depends on one's own perception of warmth and the desire for comfort and which ceiling has the greatest similarity and agreement with one's own ideas.

How does a camel hair blanket work?

duvet-camel-hair-all-year-blanket-quilt-bed-camel-hairblanket-karelAny camel-hairblanket is suitable as a duvet because of its optimal temperature properties and its high cuddling factor. With the compensation of greater temperature fluctuations, these blankets are used almost throughout the year. The natural fibres make the blankets very soft and cuddly, so that the cold air cannot penetrate to the body.

Nevertheless, the camel hair blankets do not heat up the body too much, so that they are very popular especially in summer. The high-class and breathable filling material has many advantages and is therefore the basis for a healthy, warm and at the same time dry sleeping climate. With this ability, camel hair blankets are also used by rheumatism patients.

The main function of the camel hair blanket is the good temperature balance after various tests, which finds the perfect balance between heat storage, insulation and breathability. As a duvet, the high-class camel hair duvet creates a pleasant environment and makes it easier to fall asleep. You don't sweat under the blanket, but you don't freeze either, as tests have shown.

Here you can see the typical characteristic of camel hair to keep the cold away and to store the heat, or to activate the air circulation and to provide a light cooling at warm temperatures.

Advantages & Application areas

The external Kamelhaardecken Test by 2019 contains information about the typical properties of these duvets as well as the advantages of their use. One of the important plus points is the light weight of the camel hair blanket, regardless of whether it is a woollen blanket or a quilt. This makes the blankets especially popular in the warm months. The camel hair blankets from the test are also suitable as year-round blankets. When it gets cold, they store the heat and release it to the body at night.

Since the insulation, is not very strong, as various tests have shown, it may be advisable to use a duo duvet at sub-zero temperatures or to replace the camel hair duvet with a thicker down duvet with a higher heat level.

Our Vsimilar to the tests of camel hair blankets also points out the different heat levels to the buyers. Thus the camel hair blanket with heat level 2 is suitable for the months from May to September, while the blanket with heat level 4, according to tests, can also be used in winter as it offers sufficient protection. As a duo blanket, the individual blankets can be converted into a thicker, warmer camel hair blanket or divided into two individual, lighter summer blankets again in spring.

badenia-bettcomfort-03691050149-steppbett-irisette-kamel-duo-155-x-220-cm-weiss-2With their moisture absorption the camel hair blankets are also suitable for allergy sufferers, according to tests. Many manufacturers recommend these natural hair blankets for people with respiratory diseases or sensitive skin. Furthermore, the camel hair blankets are often used for waterbeds. Tests have shown that the natural products reduce perspiration during sleep and convince with their thermal properties. The individually determined comparative winners of the camel hair blankets in various tests are particularly convincing due to their breathability and good moisture absorption.

With the strictly controlled natural products, the fibres receive a correspondingly long-lasting quality due to a special treatment. The camel hair thus improves its permeability because the absorbed moisture is not accumulated. This effect in turn favours the climate characteristics of camel hair blankets.

An important advantage of camel hair is its ability to absorb many times its own weight without the material getting wet or clammy. This is why camel hair blankets are particularly popular with those who sweat a lot during sleep. The body remains dry and you feel better all around. The blanket keeps its shape and does not appear damp, at the same time the sleepers do not feel cooled down. The best way to dry the camel hair blanket is to shake it out well in the morning and hang it up loosely if necessary, but even if it is lying on the bed, the moisture can still be removed well.

In addition to the excellent temperature compensation, the moisture absorption and the heat properties, tests have shown that camel hair blankets are also soft to the touch and pleasantly light in weight. At the same time, the gentle extraction of camel hair should not be neglected when listing the advantages.

According to tests, the benefit for the consumer lies above all in the good sleeping climate, regardless of whether it is one of the camel hair blankets comparative winner from particularly fine fluff or a blanket with somewhat coarser fibers. The coarse top hair of the camel has a lower bulking power and is somewhat less soft, but these simple blankets also score points with their positive features and advantages. Particularly valuable are the camel-hair-blankets, that come from Central-Asia, since the fur of the camels is extremely dense here and has such a strong stability.

Test the quality of the camel hair or camel hair fluff blankets yourself and carry out your personal camel hair blanket test. In a comparison with your own test, analysis and survey, you can best consider and compare your wishes for a duvet, year-round duvet and bed linen. In your own trial and test, you can also best present your requirements for cleaning or suitability for allergy sufferers and include them in the comparison.

What types of camel hair blankets are there?

The differences of the camel hair blankets can be determined in tests on the one hand in the quality of the fibers, on the other hand in the intended use. The quality of camel hair depends on its structure and stability. While the coarse top coat is rarely used for bedspreads, manufacturers often use the softer down coat.

The camel fur obtained during the first collection can also be used for the production of camel hair blankets. This mixture of softer and harder coat is distributed in the filling and convinces with a pleasant snugness.

Böhmerwald Kamelhaar-Mono-DeckeAs a further variant there are camel hair blankets available, where the natural fibres are mixed with artificial filling material. These are often easier to wash and have a longer service life. With particularly fine camel hair fluff or as a mixture, it does not necessarily have to be the comparative test winner of various tests of camel hair blankets, because even the simpler duvets with camel hair filling convince in the
practical use.

In addition to the types of camel hair, the thickness or thermal insulation of the camel hair blankets in our comparison of the external tests is decisive for the classification into different types. So there are duvets for every season:

  • light summer blankets with only low insulation,
  • single ceilings (mono ceilings) for the transition period,
  • Duo-ceilings for colder temperatures,
  • Extra-warm four-season beds (also as duo-blankets).

The advantages of the different camel hair blankets are summarized here in keywords:

  • light weight,
  • excellent temperature compensation,
  • good moisture absorption,
  • recommended for allergy sufferers,
  • animal-friendly extraction,
  • very cuddly,
  • suitable for all seasons.

The disadvantages, so tests show, refer only to small restrictions and point to possible underproducts:

  • not all camel hair blankets are winter suitable,
  • when selecting, care must be taken to ensure pollutant-free production and good quality control.

This is how the camel hair blankets were tested in external product tests

The test of 2019 camel hair blankets should provide information about the important product characteristics. When checking the following characteristics, we did not look for the camel hair blanket comparative test winner, but checked the various test results of the models for their condition and quality standard.

The comparison of the tests is intended to help prospective buyers and at the same time demonstrate the versatility of camel hair blankets. This is not only about the particularly fluffy camel hair blankets made of Baby Hair, but also about the other products in this category. After all, everyone expects something different from their blanket.

  • The structure of the camel hair

camel-hair-summer-quilt-135x200-cmThe soft or coarse structure of the camel hair is responsible for the fluffness of the camel hair blanket. In the external camel hair blanket tests we have found that there is a division into two categories: the down hair with very soft texture and the top hair, which is noticeably coarser.

The soft camel hair is expensive and of high quality, therefore it is often mixed with other camel hair or also with a synthetic filling material. The top coat, also known as Grannen hair, is rarely used for bedspreads. The classic camel hair blankets in standard quality often have a filling of mixed hair.

  • The net weight

In summer, the lightweight camel hair blankets are preferred, which provide a pleasant feeling of sleep. During the transition period, the weight may also be slightly higher. Nevertheless, many people prefer a relatively light duvet that provides sufficient protection from the cold.

  • The isolation

In general, camel hair blankets do not insulate as well as down blankets, as tests show. This is why many people only use camel hair blankets when it gets warmer outside. Depending on your own perception of cold, the camel hair blankets can also be used in winter. The most common heat levels, which we have tested and compared in the camel hair blanket tests, range from 1 to 4. If required, a combination of a set of two is possible, i.e. a duo blanket bed.

  • Aptitude for allergy sufferers

garanta-kamelhaar-sommer-bedtdecke-135x200Almost all high-quality camel hair blankets from the tests are suitable for allergy sufferers. The natural material is appreciated by sensitive people, because the blankets are very easy to clean. The industrial manufacturing processes and further processing also make the camel hair blankets the perfect equipment for the allergy sufferer household.

  • The moisture absorption

An important property of camel hair is that it absorbs moisture without accumulating it. This prevents the body from being accidentally cooled. The ability of the material to absorb sufficient moisture without the ceiling feeling clammy has been tested in various tests and practice trials. This is why the quality camel hair blankets are so popular with people who sweat a lot during sleep.

  • The felt resistance

Even if the camel hair blankets are considered long-lasting, the filling can clump and felt after a few years. This process may be accelerated by moisture and incorrect ventilation behaviour. Therefore the camel hair blankets should be shaken out and ventilated at regular intervals. According to various tests, the filling of the high-quality ceilings does not clump so quickly, so that a permanently soft, cuddly texture is guaranteed. In the case of inferior camel hair blankets, on the other hand, felting can occur comparatively more quickly.

What do I have to look out for when buying a camel hair blanket?

Bärenweich pillow 2If you are looking for a new, warming and breathable duvet, a premium quality camel hair duvet is a good choice. In the Kamelhaardecken Test 2019 we examined and compared the relevant selection criteria for the purchase of such a blanket more closely in the test and the examination and evaluation. On the one hand it is about the quality itself, on the other hand it is about the personal wishes. Sleep behaviour and sensitivity to cold play an important role in the search for a suitable camel hair blanket. At the moment the camel hair blankets are only coming, so it is important to get an impression of the various designs. Even if we don't want to present camel hair blankets as comparative test winners, we show you which details are important and what you should pay attention to. Carry out your personal camel hair blanket test and compare tests, qualification tests, product tests and product tests, in order to soon choose your comparative winner in accordance with your wishes.

The various manufacturers of camel hair blankets offer partly simple designs, partly high-carat blankets made of camel flaum hair. A look at the product description is generally not sufficient to determine suitability. A comparison table with a juxtaposition of tests, product tests and surveys can best help here to compare the agreement with one's own wishes. Especially if the camel hair blanket is bought for a child, test seals are a main criterion, because toddlers and babies should be protected from harmful substances in any case. An Oeko-Tex test mark and similar certificates provide information about appropriate quality control and tests. Even sensitive persons should not be satisfied with inferior blankets and should only consider blankets with the best test marks in tests, suitability tests and product tests. For healthy and best sleep, it is therefore worth checking and checking the quality certificates and the materials used.

For the different beds there is a variety of camel hair blankets available in the standard size of 135 x 200 cm but also in special sizes such as 155 x 220 cm for tall people or 200 x 200 cm for a double bed. Smaller blankets are available for children. By choosing a standard size, the subsequent search for suitable bedding is no longer necessary. The previous bed linen can continue to be used so that no follow-up costs arise.

The decision to buy a camel hair blanket is also about finding the right model for the current season. In general, these blankets are used from spring to autumn. Depending on how sensitive one is to cold, the camel hair blanket can also be used in winter cold. The cuddly nature of the insulation partly makes up for the rather low insulation value. Nevertheless, a duo bed can be useful especially for people who freeze quickly.

With the Premium camel hair blankets for the summer the natural filling is often surrounded by a cooling fabric. For the transition period, blankets are available with a neutral cotton quilted cover that supports temperature equalisation. So it is always decisive when and where the camel hair blanket is used.

Many people tend to use a slightly shiny upholstery fabric, even if this is not visible under the bed linen. Due to the smooth fabric the camel hair blanket is easy to handle. In addition, the dense fabric safely encloses the natural hair filling, which has a positive influence on the durability of the camel hair blanket.

Typical are diamond quilting, but also quilting seams in longitudinal or transverse direction are available. The filling material cannot slip due to a slightly tighter stitching. This can be an important advantage if you roll around a lot at night.

Compare and test yourself in your own test, experiment and trial and soon find your winner in congruence with your ideas of quilting, filling, filling weight and cleaning of the blanket. Consider in your weighing and test also the offers of the different manufacturers and compare offers with online mail order companies such as Amazon.

Short information about leading manufacturers

The important manufacturers for camel hair blankets are Garanta and Billerbeck as well as brands like Sanders and Allnatura. These companies rely on fine camel hair with often very good lattice structure. This makes the filling very soft. Traumina's camel hair blankets also convince with a good mixing ratio in their filling. On this basis a good bulking behaviour of the filling is guaranteed.

Also in demand are the manufacturers Badenia and Dormiente, who have expanded their high-class duvets and accessories with exclusive camel hair duvets. Also with the other producers the camel hair blankets stand ever more frequently on the program.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where do I best buy my camel hair blanket?

The camel hair blankets from the tests are particularly easy to order on the Internet. Mail order companies such as Amazon offer numerous camel hair blankets. Regardless of the country of origin and the location of the manufacturer, the online purchase can be carried out quickly. Delivery is also quick, so that you often get your duvet after two or three days.

The camel hair blankets are also available in the specialist shop, i.e. in the bed house, or in a larger furniture shop. Here the soft texture can be felt directly with the hand. You can also immediately see the surface of the upholstery fabric and test the weight by lifting the ceiling. This test is not possible when browsing through Internet shops and online portals. Here, however, there are numerous pictures showing the quilting seams enlarged or sketching the structure of the ceiling. In addition, there are online guides and customer reviews that can be used to weigh up one's own requirements. This information is available in the shop in the form of brochures.

Information on the weight and quality of the camel hair can be obtained from the sales staff in the shop, while the details are available in writing on the Internet. In addition, many Online shops have a service center available that can be reached by telephone, e-mail or chat. Here you can learn more about the respective product details and don't have to wait long for an answer.

In case of questions about the suitability and the evaluations for the camel hair blankets you will receive competent advice in the shop as well as on the internet, which in both cases is often accompanied by a more or less conspicuous advertisement. As already mentioned, the Internet offers the possibility to access customer ratings. These contain honest, individual opinions and make it easier to get an impression of the duvets. Nevertheless, one should also keep a certain objectivity here, because the personal preferences are different for everyone.

The practical price comparison on the Internet is particularly striking. While the walk through the shops takes much longer, the search for a cheap camel hair blanket on the Internet takes little time. Just a few clicks are enough to find out where the selected blanket can be ordered at a particularly low price. If the camel hair blanket has to be replaced for any reason, this is no problem. With most Internet shops a simple return is possible.

Things to Know & Advisor

The filling in the camel hair blankets is pleasantly fine and soft. The cuddly undercoat of camel fur with its characteristic structure is an excellent filling material. The camels lose their winter clothes without shearing being necessary, so that the camel hair can be used very efficiently and animal-friendly. With its moisture regulation, the filling material is suitable for summer and year-round duvets, as it can have a cooling effect on the one hand and warm the body on the other.

The soft fluffy hair of the camels is separated from the coarse top coat by de-granning. This is an important process to produce softer ceilings. With a colder climate, the fluffy hair of the camels becomes particularly dense and fine.

Therefore most of the time the camels living in Asia are the suppliers for the camel hair blankets. In contrast to these animals, the fur of the desert camels in North Africa is normally less suitable for making high-quality camel hair blankets.

The history of the camel hair blanket

It is difficult to determine how long camel hair blankets exist. Certainly the filling material was already used in earlier times in Mongolia and also in Egypt to produce blankets. However, the camel hair blankets in the tests have only established themselves on the market in recent decades.

Um 1900 it was mostly camel hair plaids that were increasingly used outside Asia and Africa. These blankets are described, for example, by Thomas Mann in his “Zauberberg” published in 1924. The soft, large ceilings served as protection from the cold and were used in sanatoriums, among other places.

The test of camel hair blankets does not refer to these wool blankets, but concentrates on blankets with camel hair filling. Even in the 1960s, it was mostly down duvets that were used in Germany. It was not until 1980 that more and more synthetic blankets and designs with natural hair fillings were introduced. The camel hair blankets have been used as duvets since about 2000. Further development in this area is geared to the increased demand in the feel-good segment. A duvet is no longer just a warming duvet, but is supposed to be breathable and improve the sleeping climate. This is done with the camel hair blankets from our comparison of the external tests of 2019 by a target-oriented treatment of the filling.

Initially all camel hair was used, but now manufacturers are working on special tests and procedures to separate the soft down from the coarser structured fibres. The modern camel hair blankets of the premium brands are correspondingly higher class.

Another important element in the further development of the camel hair blankets can be seen in the quality control. This not only checks the organic production, but also the animal husbandry. The international organic standards also refer to the avoidance of chemical substances and the certification of the entire supply chain.

Within the modernization of the camel hair ceilings it is also about the dimensions. In the past, individual blankets in standard sizes were mostly used. This still amounts to 135 x 200 cm. However, individualisation in the bedrooms has led to a large number of smaller and larger duvets being produced. For children there are correspondingly smaller camel hair blankets, and for tall people and double beds there are special Maxi models to choose from.

Figures, data, facts about the camel hair blanket

The comparison of the external camel hair blanket tests 2019, which we carried out, is intended to clarify the differences between the manufacturers and the qualities. In addition, we inform interested parties about the facts and data that indicate which camel hair blankets are particularly frequently used and which are rather rare to find. The simple blankets are available in the usual sizes, while other models are available in the special sizes 155 x 220 cm or 200 x 220 cm.

camel hair blankets for babies and children have a size of for example 75 x 100 cm or 130 x 190 cm. The size of the blanket should be adapted to the mattress in order to create an all-round pleasant environment.

With many manufacturers the purchase price of the camel hair blankets varies depending on the measurements. Quality also has an effect on the price. This is evident not only in the soft snugness, but also in the quilting. Relatively dense diamond-shaped or rectangular quilting seams ensure that the filling does not shift in any direction. The chambers created by quilting are also called cassettes. This is where the term cassette ceiling comes from.

Some manufacturers differentiate between the quilts and cassette covers : While the quilting seam sews the filling tight, the cassettes form individual chambers for the filling. Both variants ensure a constant distribution, so that the camel hair filling does not slip when rolling around or shaking and guarantees a comfortable sleeping climate.

For health safety neither the camel hair nor the other materials of the blanket should be contaminated with pesticides. This means that producers do not use chemical substances during processing. Chlorinated substances from the packaging or residues directly in the substance must be avoided at all costs.

These can be organohalogen compounds for improved washability of wool textiles, optical brighteners or formaldehyde. A strict quality control checks the camel hair blankets to see whether there are any residues of these harmful substances or whether the products are harmless. This criterion plays an extremely important role, especially for baby and children's blankets.

The camel hair rugs tests also show the significance of the fill level and the mixture if applicable. So even a camel hair blanket with mixed filling can convince by its quality. A certain amount of sheep's wool reduces the purchase price of camel hair blankets, making them a popular solution for the private bedroom. In contrast, the blankets with a camel hair filling are much more expensive.

importance of the duvet for a restful sleep

Anyone who sleeps will experience sinking body heat production. This is related to the relaxation of the muscles. In order not to cool down, the body needs a blanket. This should protect against the surrounding cold and provide appropriate insulation. Depending on the temperature, the thermal insulation should be slightly stronger or weaker. Personal sensation and body weight influence individual well-being and the degree of cooling.

A person who weighs approx. 110 kg produces average heat of around 100 watts while sleeping. In contrast, the heat generation of a lighter person of 80 kg, for example, is approx. 80 watts. More weight therefore means that less thermal insulation is required. There is also a difference between women and men, which is not only related to body weight, but also to existing muscle mass. Due to the lower muscle percentage, women produce less heat, which is why they freeze faster. Their duvets should be correspondingly warmer.

To find out, which duvets is the right one for the individual case , there are special isolation classes. This makes it easier to find the right duvet. Advisors, studies, evaluations and the advice of the manufacturers can be useful here.

In addition to body heat, moisture is of great importance. You sweat in your sleep, and that sweat can feel unpleasant. That is why a good duvet ensures that moisture is removed. A breathable blanket can create a pleasant sleeping climate. Particularly popular are duvets that absorb perspiration well without getting a damp surface. In combination with equally breathable pillows and modern mattresses, the ideal sleeping climate is created in which you can sleep peacefully without freezing or sweating.

In studies and experiments, it was tested and found that high-quality duvets promote quiet sleep. Measurement results, tests and samples have shown how important the different sleep phases are for recovery. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to solid quality and comfort when choosing a duvet.

The secure feeling with the perfect duvet proves its worth even more at extreme temperatures. On hot summer nights, all you need is a thin blanket to absorb sweat rather than protect you from the cold. At frost temperatures, the aim is to create a comfortable nest in bed that is nice and warm and keeps out the cold.

In many cases the camel hair blanket is an excellent solution because it can also compensate for temperature fluctuations. If it's still lukewarm in the evening and cools down strongly at night, that's no problem: under the pleasantly soft blanket of camel hair or camel hair fluff you feel well cared for and hardly feel the difference in temperature. Unconsciously, the sleeping people may cuddle up a little deeper into their bed and pull the blanket up to their nose. The cuddle factor plays a particularly important role here. It gives you a good feeling of warmth and security and is the basis for good dreams and a restful sleep.

For the functionality of the duvet it is worthwhile to use the suitable bed linen. When it comes to warming blankets for the winter months, beaver bed linen can increase the heat factor even further. Light cotton or satin fabrics with a smooth surface that feel pleasantly cool on the skin are suitable for summer blankets. During the transition period, bed linen made of simple cotton or in seersucker quality is popular. The relatively temperature-neutral fabric supports the breathability on the one hand and on the other hand has no special cooling effect.

Care and cleaning

With the right care and treatment the camel hair blankets are extremely durable and last for many years. This is especially true for the comparative winners of camel hair blankets, which do not mat or form knots even when used frequently. With their robust nature, however, small lumps may form.

This is due to the moisture that accumulates in the blanket during sleep. Although good ventilation helps to dry the camel hair blankets, even if you shake them out regularly, it can happen that after some time the disturbing lumps form in the filling. Shaking it vigorously again will fix the problem for a while so that the camel hair blanket regains its even fluffness. A special cleaning is not necessary in such a case.

The study, inspection and evaluation of the test run of the external tests of the camel hair blankets does not only refer to the pure natural products, but also to the models with mixed filling. These have the advantage that they can be washed frequently due to the composition of the filling.

The care instructions for the product list how best to clean such a blanket. Professional cleaning is sometimes recommended, while other camel hair blankets can simply be washed in the washing machine. At maximum temperatures of 30°C the natural hair blankets become clean and fresh without the material warping.

The gentle wash cycle or a special wool programme ensures that the blanket is washed gently. When asking whether the camel hair blanket can be washed in the washing machine, the filling weight should be taken into account. For example, there are maximum limits of 1,200 g for certain products. If the camel hair blanket is heavier, it does not have enough space in the washing drum. This can lead to excessive stress on the ceiling and the washing machine.

When washing in the washing machine, it is important to use the right detergent. According to the product description, this should absolutely be recommended for natural hair. It must not contain any plasticizers or optical brighteners. Another tip from camel hair blanket manufacturers is that the water saving program should not be activated and the spin speed should not exceed 800 rpm. It may also be useful to program an additional rinse cycle.

After washing it is important to dry the camel hair cover thoroughly . For this purpose, it is best to lay the ceiling across several lines so that it does not hang on the floor and is spread out relatively flat. A camel hair blanket should not be exposed to the blazing sunshine and should never be placed in the dryer. Here it would lose its thermal properties and dry out too much.

Even though the camel hair blankets are relatively robust, they cannot be treated with a vacuum cleaner. If they are a bit dusty, you should only shake them out and knock them out if necessary. Also the iron has nothing to do with the care of the camel hair blanket. If the ceiling wrinkles a little, this has no effect on its advantageous properties. Ironing, on the other hand, would impair the structure of the camel's hair and thus the heat effect.


For whom is the camel hair blanket suitable?A blanket with camel hair filling is suitable for people who are looking for a lightweight blanket with a low degree of warmth. Especially in the warmer months of the year these camel hair blankets are pleasantly light and breathable. Who produces relatively much sweat while sleeping, feels very well under the camel hair blanket, because this provides for the ideal temperature balance and for a dry climate.

Allergy sufferers also prefer a camel hair blanket. With the high-class blankets the camel fuzz hair is cleaned thoroughly and heated strongly with steam. This cleaning ensures particularly clean animal hair, to which the allergenic substances do not adhere so well. Persons who are susceptible to rheumatism have also found a good solution for their sleeping area with the balancing properties of camel hair blanket.

Are the camel hair blankets machine washable?

A camel hair blanket with a filling made of 100% camel fuzz should not be washed in the washing machine because of its naturalness. However, the camel hair with its fat layer has a good self-cleaning power and shows a certain resemblance to virgin wool. Therefore, it is often sufficient to ventilate and shake out the blanket fathomably. This care brings air back into the insulating layer.

If stains occur, the camel hair rugs with mix filling can be partially washed in the machine according to the product instructions. For other types it is recommended to clean the ceiling. The temperature should be set to a maximum of 30°C in your own washing machine. With a mild wool or natural fibre detergent the blanket will be fresh again and the stains will disappear. The relevant care instructions can be found on the label or in the instructions.

How to win the camel hair, the camels are shorn?

No, to win the camel hair a shearing is not necessary. The camels lose their fur in natural ways when the winter is over. Then the fluff hair is removed or separated from the coarse cover hair and the even stiffer Grannen hair. The camels, that live in a particularly cold environment have a particularly fine, dense down hair, which is excellent suitable for the production of camel hair blankets.

Are the camel hair blankets also suitable for people with severe perspiration?

Yes, the camel hair blankets are even among the favourites for people who sweat a little more during sleep. This is due to the good removal of moisture and the felt resistance. Good ventilation and shaking of the camel hair blankets supports drying so that the blanket is ready for use again in the evening. As a supplement to camel hair blanket the strongly sweating persons should choose an airy cushion, in order to drive away the humidity also here.

Why do you need a blanket with good thermal insulation?

The body heat decreases automatically during sleep because the muscles hardly move anymore and produce correspondingly less own heat. In order to avoid cooling down, an insulating ceiling is required. In summer a relatively light camel hair blanket is sufficient, but at colder temperatures you should use a warmer duvet or a duo blanket. The optimal thermal insulation provides an ideal sleep climate and depends on the body weight and the ambient temperature.

What is the difference between an alpaca and a camel hair blanket?

The thermal properties, caused by good insulating fibre cavities as well as a pronounced robustness, good strength and pleasant fineness characterize the alpaca wool – just like a very low weight. It enables people and animals to survive in extreme weather conditions . Depending on the country of origin, the downy hair is very fine, silky soft and also very curly – this provides optimum warmth.
The material of the camel hair, however, offers excellent heat properties and also a particularly good temperature compensation. It is also said to have a kind of “anti-rheumatic” effect – just like Angora rabbit hair.

Why should I choose a camel hair blanket?

A camel hair blanket is especially animal friendly, because the camel hair is collected from the ground or also combed from the animals. This pleasant massage and friendly attention is good for the animals.
In addition, a camel hair blanket is particularly suitable for very strongly sweating people. It transports and regulates moisture and air circulation optimally.

camel hair blanket stinks: What to do?

camel hair blankets are basically dirt-repellent and there is no need for frequent washing. If your blanket still smells unpleasant, you should only ventilate it well – at least eight to ten hours in the fresh air. Normally any stench has disappeared.

Which detergent to use for camel hair blanket?

Camel hair blankets can be cleaned at low temperatures up to 30 degrees in the wool or gentle cycle of your washing machine. Only use detergents that are suitable for natural hair. Detergent also work without brightener.

May put the camel hair blanket in the dryer?

A camel hair blanket should be centrifuged at 800 rpm and then hung over several lines to dry. Don't let her in the dryer!

What to consider when buying a camel hair blanket?

Pay attention to a light weight, the recommendation for Allergiker and an animal-friendly Gain of the materials. High-quality organic natural fibres are to be preferred.

How healthy is a camel hair blanket?

Camel hair blankets work temperature balancing and are therefore ideally suited for any season. Since camel fuzz hair is a natural product, they are very healthy.

How long do camel hair covers last?

Camel hair blankets are extremely felt-resistant and therefore have a very long service life. The durability therefore also depends on regular and good ventilation.

What are the common sizes of camel hair blankets?

Camel hair blankets are available in the usual sizes such as 135x200cm, 155×220 cm or 200×200 cm.

What are the quality differences between camel hair blankets?

The quality is mainly determined by the number of used camel hair and also by the country of origin.

How do I care for the camel hair cover properly?

Air the blanket out of camel hair regularly and best daily well and hang it from time to time to refresh in the damp bath mist. Every wash is permanently detrimental to the ceiling. Camel hair blankets can normally be washed at 30° C in the wool or gentle cycle in any household washing machine.

Camel hair blankets with a natural filling weight of 1,200 grams can be easily cleaned in any washing machine. More weight restricts the space in the washing drum and can lead to a bad result. Always use a detergent, suitable for natural hair. Under no circumstances should it contain plasticizers or optical brighteners. Also, do not use a softener after washing. In addition, you should deactivate possible water saving programs and rather ensure a sufficient washing and rinse water supply. Some washing machines offer an additional supply here – be sure to use this when washing your camel hair blanket. Your camel hair blanket should also be spun at a maximum speed of 800 rpm..

After washing, lay your camel hair blanket over several clotheslines at best for drying. Do not place the clothes rack with your camel hair blanket in the full midday sun – the sensitive fibres would become porous and brittle. In addition, do not hang your camel hair blanket vertically on the leash. The blanket made of camel hair must also never be dried in a tumble dryer. You should never iron your camel hair blanket or vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

Useful accessories

The camel hair blankets in the tests have proven to be sensuous bed accessories. For a pleasant environment in the sleeping area, it also makes sense to buy additional extras. These can be beautiful bed linen made of cotton, for example, which enhances the atmosphere in a stylish way, or matching cushions. A high-class mattress and a mattress topper can also help you sleep well. When combining the camel hair blanket with other bed and bedroom accessories, you should consider not only the optimum dimensions but also the climate characteristics and comfort. In addition, the bedspreads and decorative cushions are all about an attractive appearance.

Who decides for a camel hair blanket as a bedspread , surely wishes for more cuddly textiles for the sleeping area and also for the living room. A plaid made of camel hair also convinces with its soft surface and is ideal for long, cosy evenings on the couch.

Some of the camel hair blankets with fabric cover are available as a set with a matching cushion cover and a mattress cover. However, if the duvet is purchased separately, you can order additional accessories for the sleeping area separately. This completes the equipment of the bedroom. There are sets for the double bed as well as bed accessories for the single or youth room. The camel hair blankets are also available individually or as a complete set for toddlers.

The accessories of such a set can be standard pillows, or a special equipment like side sleeper pillows or a particularly back-friendly mattress topper. The camel hair blankets themselves are also available in various designs and are therefore suitable for different areas.

When choosing the bed or bedroom equipment is mainly about the sleeping comfort, but also the decorative aspect should not be neglected. When comparing the tests of camel hair blankets, we have focused on functionality, but most people still feel more comfortable in a beautifully furnished sleeping area.

With the accessories and decorations for the cold season and summer, an inviting atmosphere is created which, together with the comfort feeling of the blanket, promotes falling asleep. If necessary, the Mono blanket can be supplemented with a second winter blanket when temperatures drop. In addition, the noble or simpler camel hair blankets can be used together with a plaid or a second duvet.

Camel hair pillow

If you appreciate camel hair for your duvet, it is of course a good idea to buy the pillows at the same time. Most manufacturers of camel hair blankets also offer camel hair pillows, so you can order a matching set right away. Beside the camel hair as filling material, there are also camel hair cushions, which also look good on the sofa.

camel hair slippers

If you wake up under the camel hair blanket, you can continue with the cosiness right away: just slip directly into a pair of camel hair slippers. Most of the models have the look of nature lovers and are also in the tone of camel wool.

camel hair socks

If you suffer from cold feet under the blanket in winter or if you like to be extra cuddly and warm while reading under the camel hair blanket, a matching pair of camel hair socks is the right thing for you. The natural socks offer the same advantages of the material as the camel hair blanket: it is pleasantly warm, but you don't get sweaty feet.

Alternatives to the camel hair blanket

A blanket made of virgin sheep's wool can also be used instead of a camel hair blanket. Here the natural sheep's wool fleece is usually sewn between two layers of cotton. Just like the camel hair blanket, the sheep wool blanket also provides good heat regulation. The duvets with cashmere filling are a second alternative with their high heat retention capacity. Compared to these natural fibre blankets, the cotton-filled blankets do not have such strong insulation and are therefore mainly used in summer. With these cotton blankets a good quality control is to be paid attention to, since the cotton can be pollutant-loaded. The corresponding test seals indicate the quality of the natural textiles and the organic cultivation. Test for yourself and find out which blanket, bed linen, filling and filling weight is right for you. Give your personal test grade after your own test of the blankets with camel hair or virgin sheep's wool and soon find your personal test winner.

As an alternative to natural fibre duvets, microfibre products are also very popular. Allergy sufferers often resort to allergy-free blankets with high bulking power. The washability of the microfibre duvets is mentioned as an important advantage. However, microfibre duvets are often relatively heavy because a large quantity of artificial fibres is needed to provide sufficient thermal insulation. The pillows often contain fibre beads that retain their shape better.

Fleece with hollow or continuous fibres can also be an alternative to camel hair blankets. A good climate is guaranteed with these duvets. However, it can happen that the hollow fibres pierce the outer shell from the inside and thus wear out the ceiling prematurely. In addition, the synthetic fibres lack the natural feeling that makes camel hair blankets particularly comfortable.

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