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Best Box Spring Bed 2019 • 0 Box Spring Beds Reviews

What is a box spring bed?

Boxspringbett King SizeSlowly the boxspringbetten in Germany prevail. According to experts, the demand for the test winners is constantly increasing. The reason is the enormous sleeping comfort, as also confirmed by various tests, surveys, comparisons and box spring bed tests as well as by Stiftung Warentest. If you buy the best night's lodging from the list of the best among the comparison winners, then you want to get up without tension and rested in the morning.

Many low-priced racks do not meet even the slightest requirements regarding the quality and sleeping comfort of consumers. A box spring bed, also called a Continental bed, which is of high quality, could be a remedy, why you will learn more in the next paragraph. But also when purchasing box spring bed frames you should keep some quality features in mind with regard to the desired sleeping comfort. These include the degree of hardness, the own sleeping position, the material (cold foam) and the size of the headboard. Simply test and compare the test results yourself in evaluations of product tests, practical tests, analyses and comparison tables on the Internet!

According to the external box spring bed there are tests and trials many different manufacturers, which we will discuss in more detail later. First of all we answer the question what box spring beds are at all, to show you afterwards which quality is really good and which of us was chosen as the winner of the comparison.

The name Boxspring bed or Continental bed simply means that the frame is provided with a suspended box and Boxspring means spring in the figurative sense. In Germany, most sleeping camps have an underframe. A cushion is placed on top and the sleeping system . is ready.

A continental bed works according to test results in evaluations and box spring bed tests but quite differently. The producer made a box, hence the name “box spring bed”. Now, instead of a slatted grid, a springing or box spring is inserted into the best mattresses with springs in order to increase sleeping comfort and to raise the box spring beds to test winners.

A mattress is now placed on these springs (box spring). However, this is not the end of the story. Because a box spring bed, also called an American bedstead, usually still has a topper, that first provides sleep comfort. A good topper or a good top mattress is a flat upholstery that is additionally placed on the spring mattresses of the Continental bed. When buying a box spring bed frame, you should be particularly attentive here, because according to test results from various box spring bed tests, studies and controls, there are different degrees of quality in the topper, which can strongly influence the lying feeling.

The Suspension present in the bedsteads can vary strongly. Manufacturers install either pocket spring cores or differentiated suspensions in the barrel pockets of the spring mattresses according to Boxspringbett Test of 2019.

As mattress type several mattresses or Topper according to the control in the context of a box spring bed tests and survey are possible. However, this also depends on the type of bed and the mattress, which topper best suits the respective beds. Before you buy a mattress topper and a slatted frame for the Continental bed, you should also make sure that these are fitting.

A optimal sleeping comfort can only be achieved if the underframe fits perfectly with the mattress topper.

Who is a box spring bed suitable for?

The best models from box spring bed tests are available for all users?

It can be assumed that humans spend on average one third of their lifetime in the bedstead while resting. Accordingly, it is relevant that this time is as relaxing as possible. Only in this way can the following day be tackled with full efficiency. In addition, healthy sleep ensures a better sense of well-being and optimum health for our bodies. In this case, a high-quality bed frame plays an important role, which ensures healthy sleep through an optimal lying feeling, lying position, lying height and sleeping comfort.

Everyone has different demands on the respective bedsteads, so that it cannot be stated in general whether the Boxspring-Beds are suitable for every person or not. However, it is crucial to attach importance to some aspects in order to be able to decide for oneself whether the continental bed turns out to be the right sleeping place for oneself.

Which persons should generally opt for an American bed?

One point that speaks in favour of this type of bed is the respective appearance of the Continental bed. The most important features here are the high structure (lying height) and the fact that almost all parts of the night camp are covered with fabric. Accordingly, people in particular should choose the best boxspring beds who are looking for a sleeping place with an aesthetic charm and a high level of sleeping comfort. Test and compare the best test winners in the best lists in practical tests, product tests, product tests and comparison tables on the Internet to quickly choose your personal comparison winner!

ARCHE Boxspringbett mit Massivholzrahmen, 180 x 200 cm, brown, beech, hardness 3For this purpose there are sleepers with the test grade “Very good” in numerous different versions, whereby the size of the bedsteads itself, as well as the colour differ depending on the chosen fabric.

Furthermore, however, people should also opt for these night camp, who are looking for a place to sleep, which has an above-average quality and goodness.

Of course, other species can also be used for a long time. Due to the best top mattress with the test grade “Very good” from the continental beds, however, it can be expected that the mattress topper will last for a long time, especially with these products, and will not be used after several years.
I think he's been through it.

The decisive factor is that the best American sleeping places are generally quite large. Accordingly, the sleeping chamber should have a certain size so that the bed frame can be set up here without any problems.

It should also be considered that the bed frame with the corresponding mattress topper can reach a huge weight according to external box spring bed tests. This means that it can only be used in rooms that have a correspondingly stable floor. All people who live in an apartment in which these two criteria are not met should therefore refrain from buying the bed type.

Purchase of American bedsteads for children and adolescents?

Especially for small children it is not recommended to use this type of bed. The main reason for this is that these dormitories do not provide a real border or frame that prevents small children from falling off the bed with their whole bodies during the sleep phase.

Betten-ABC® Schwarzwald Comfortbox-MINI Bonellfederkernmatratze + Bettkasten - Größe 120x200The lying height of the Box spring beds would also mean a high risk of injury for the children if they fall out. For this reason it is important for parents not to leave their toddlers unattended in the Heiabett.

Furthermore, the height of the bed frame can ensure that the children cannot independently enter or leave the night camp. More information can also be found in the Stiftung Warentest test, in comparison tables or other box spring bed tests on the Internet.

In the case of children or young people aged 13 to 14 it is then possible that they can also use the berths themselves.

In this case the danger of falling out does not exist anymore and the young people can enter and leave the sleeping places without problems.

However, it can often happen that the rooms of the young people do not offer enough space to set up a box spring bed. In addition, the appearance of these beds is usually not suitable for the taste of young users.

The Continental beds for adults Person

The box spring beds were primarily designed for adults between 21 and 60 years of age. No matter whether they live in a single household or have a relationship, this type of dormitory certainly offers enough space. As has already been mentioned, the choice of box spring beds depends above all on the personal taste as to whether these beds fit into the sleeping chamber or not.

Another point that should be considered when using box spring beds according to box spring bed tests is whether they are suitable for allergy sufferers. The main requirement here is that the product must offer sufficient ground clearance. In this way, no dust or dirt accumulates under the sleeping camps, which can lead to allergic reactions in adults.

In addition, the bedstead with boxspring should be made of easy-care materials that can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. Nevertheless it is to be considered that by the spring effect of the bed increased, the dust is swirled around, this aspect is to be evaluated accordingly negatively for all Allergiker with the mattress edition with feathers. Therefore, as a person with a house dust allergy, it may make sense to choose an alternative to the box spring bed.

Are the American dormitories suitable for seniors?

A healthy and, above all, comfortable sleep cycle is very relevant, especially for older people, in order to increase the well-being and health of their bodies. The box spring beds offer some advantages which are suitable for seniors. First of all, it should be mentioned that the mattresses with feathers and the actual frame should form a unit.

BELVANDEO I box spring bed ANCONA - electrically adjustableTherefore there are no really sharp corners or edges where the seniors could get injured when entering or leaving the sleeping camp.

It should also be mentioned that the box spring beds are particularly suitable for older people due to their high structure with the topper (upper mattress) according to a box spring bed test 2019. This greatly increases the sleeping comfort of the older generation body.

In this way it is possible for the seniors to sit on the mattress of feathers without great effort, and then to put their legs and upper body into the night's bed in their own bedroom and fall asleep in the optimal sleeping position.

The same applies, of course, when the senior citizens want to get out of the bedstead. Accordingly, there is no need to overcome a different height difference when getting up or sitting down. In addition, the sleeping height of the bed type also makes it easier for seniors to change bed linen when they do this job themselves.

Box spring bed for heavyweights

According to the Münchner Abendzeitung the box spring bed is “the right bed for overweight people”. Who brings more body weight on the scales, must particularly pay attention that the bed has the needed support strength, so that it is not lain through and leads to a bad sleeping posture or back pain.

As advantage of the box spring bed compared to conventional beds the Abendblatt mentions double suspension due to the different box spring bed components. For heavy people they recommend:

– Spring mattress with pocket spring core filled with 500 springs per square metre
– Cold foam with high density
– “Sustainable” Topper
– Breathable padding, e.g. made of horsehair

How is a box spring bed constructed?

Each box spring bed consists of two to three layers. A solid frame is used as the underframe, which is usually made of high-quality wood. It includes the spring construction, which resembles a spring mattress. The box spring bed also owes its name to this construction, because the name is composed of the English terms “box” for “crate” and “spring” for “feather”.

The actual mattress is then located above the underframe. Here come different versions in How does a box spring bed work in test and comparison at ReviewInstitutes? question, such as a mattress with spring core, a cold foam or a latex mattress. However, spring core mattresses are the most widespread. The base frame and the mattress are protected from external influences by a robust protective cover. It can be in different designs and thus has a significant influence on the appearance of the box spring bed.

At the top of the mattress there is usually another layer: the so-called topper. It not only protects the underlying mattress, but also increases sleeping comfort. The topper is usually a thin foam mat. Box spring beds with topper are called Scandinavian version, while models without topper are typical for the American version.

Due to the layer construction box spring beds have another special feature: they are significantly higher than conventional beds. The entry height is usually at least 50 centimeters and often even between 60 and 70 centimeters. This height has many advantages for older people, because it makes it much easier for them to lie down and stand up. Even people who suffer from back problems often opt for a box spring bed because of the comfortable entry height.

What types of box spring beds are there?

Boxspringbett Schwarzwald KomplettsetThe bed types of the boxspring beds differ in the design. However, the basic principle always remains the same.

According to various box spring bed tests, a box spring bed consists of the box, i.e. the underframe, the suspension of spring cores in the barrel pockets and the corresponding spring core mattress .

The suppliers produce the sleeping places in different sizes. There are box spring beds with 140 x 200 cm. Or King Size beds, which have 200 x 220 cm. These create sufficient space, a unique sleeping feeling in numerous sleeping positions and a pleasant sleeping comfort due to the topper and the barrel pockets.

Box spring beds can be placed directly with the box and small feet on the floor. This is a practical advantage. Other products have feet of 10 or 20 cm. Here it depends on your personal taste.

A topper is attached to the box spring bed. A topper is a thin top mattress that increases the sleep comfort. This top mattress or topper is available in different designs, so that you can put together your dream bed individually. You should take a closer look at the topper, because they are available in different quality, as box spring bed tests show.

different variants of the bottom mattress

With the bottom mattress of the box spring bed you have rather little leeway available. The designation “Boxspring” already specifies that the substructure must be a spring frame. This is why the bottom mattress of box spring beds is always equipped with a spring core. As with a normal spring mattress, this spring core can also be designed either as a barrel pocket spring core or as a Bonell spring core.

Ton pocket spring core

The barrel pocket spring core is characterised by the fact that the springs are sewn individually in fabric pockets. The individual springs have a barrel shape: The diameter is slightly wider in the middle than in the upper and lower areas. The fabric pockets ensure that the force of the springs is somewhat dampened. As a result, the barrel pocket spring cores do not oscillate as strongly as the Bonell spring cores. The point elasticity of barrel pocket spring cores is also better: The spring core only gives way at those points where there is actually a load. In the production of barrel pocket spring cores, a division into zones is usually carried out. These zones are adapted to the different parts of the body so that the mattress can adapt ergonomically to your body.

Bonell spring core

The Bonell spring core consists of several waist springs. They are connected to each other by means of spiral spring pulleys on the upper and lower ring of the springs. For the upper and lower end of the spring core a frame made of strip steel or steel wire is used. Compared to other spring cores, a Bonell spring core has a rather small number of individual springs. The head diameter of the waist springs is slightly larger. This creates larger gaps between the individual springs. Fixed upholstery supports are used to fill these gaps. This reduces the number of points of contact between the individual springs. The result: There is no unpleasant noise development, which you know from other spring cores, because the springs do not touch each other. The advantage of Bonell spring cores is their surface elasticity. Depending on how the spring core is loaded, it also behaves differently: If the load is rather low, the Bonell spring core remains soft. A higher load, on the other hand, results in a harder suspension behaviour.[/tab] [/tabs]

Possible top mattress designs

The top mattress can also be equipped with a spring core. Again, barrel pocket spring core mattresses or Bonell spring core mattresses are available, which have the properties described above. Some manufacturers also offer you the option of choosing a comfort top mattress with a barrel pocket spring core. The special feature is that considerably fewer individual springs are used. Therefore the adaptability of the mattress is even better. Alternatively, the upper mattress of the box spring bed can also be produced in the form of a cold foam or latex mattress.

Cold foam

If you do not want a spring-core top mattress, you can opt for a cold foam mattress instead. This variant is suitable if you can do without the characteristic resilient behaviour of the box spring bed, but at the same time attach great importance to ergonomic lying comfort. Similar to barrel pocket spring mattresses, cold foam mattresses also have different zones. In this way your different body parts are perfectly supported during sleep. The point elasticity of cold foam mattresses is high.


Upper mattresses made of latex are rather rare in box spring beds, but can occur from time to time. They have the advantage that the elasticity is high and at the same time they offer a pronounced flexibility.

These variants are suitable for the topper mattress

With a box spring bed, the lower mattress as well as the upper mattress fulfil a supporting function for your body. The topper mattress, on the other hand, is used for optimal body positioning. That's why toppers don't come with spring cores. This mattress has a height of approximately seven centimetres and is therefore relatively low compared to the other components of the box spring bed. Topper mattresses are manufactured either from foam (PU foam), visco foam or cold foam. Also latex toppers are occasionally offered.

Foam (PU foam)

The cheapest toppers are made of PU foam. Therefore, they are often sold in combination with box spring beds in the lower price range. With this variant, you usually have to cut back on elasticity and ergonomics. Furthermore, the service life is not convincing in most cases.

Visco foam

High quality toppers are made of Visco foam. Such a topper is able to react to body heat and thermoelastically adapt to your body. Toppers made of Visco foam are ideal especially for people who suffer from back pain. If you are one of those restless sleepers who frequently change position at night, we advise against using these top mattresses. When changing the position, you must always move against the resulting hollows. The point elasticity of Visco foam is very good. The pressure relief also leaves nothing to be desired, which is important if you are lying on the same spot for a long time.

Cold foam

Also cold foam toppers are a good choice, as long as they are of high quality. Good quality can be recognised by a high surface elasticity and a high density. People who sleep restlessly and frequently turn back and forth are well advised to use a cold foam topper. The sleeping pad adapts itself optimally to your body in a short time.

test criteria: How were the box spring beds tested in several tests 2019?

Before we could crown the winner of the comparison, all selected products had to be tested according to certain test criteria in the external comparison of box spring bed tests by 2019. They were purchased in Internet, as the bedsteads were simply cheaper there than in specialist shops. For this reason, a complete report on delivery and packaging can be found as one of the test criteria in the online comparison. When buying online, it is very important that the packaging is sufficient to avoid transport damage.

As the next test point, external test subjects in the comparative box spring bed test of 2019 took a close look at the assembly and the set-up of the bedding itself. The best box spring beds have several parts and the spring suspension (box spring) must also be fitted optimally. Test persons have also found out for you how quickly the box spring bed frame can be set up.

In addition, all data and facts were collected again in another section and made available for easier viewing. The characteristics of the technical conditions were also reassessed as one of the test criteria in the comparison of external box spring bed tests by 2019. So which bed suspension is included and how easy it works.

In another detailed section of the test criteria, the operation and the functions were tested. How easy is it to unfold the night camp? The stowage options were also assessed in the box spring bed test. What is generally very relevant for a sprung bedstead with rust made of slats is the sleeping comfort and the optimal lying comfort.

In the external box spring bed test, test persons tested the best bed frame for some time in order to check the sleeping comfort among other things and to summarize in detail different opinions of the box spring beds. In addition, test persons turned to the question in the 2019 test whether there are strengths and weaknesses on the Continental bed. For more information, you can also read the 2016 Stiftung Warentest box spring bed test to find your personal test winner faster.

Below there is more information in the box spring bed test about accessories, service and warranty of the supplier as one of the test criteria according to which the various tests were carried out. At the end a short conclusion was created and a recommendation for the respective claims was written. Of course you will also find negative points found in the box spring bed test of 2019. After all, we are talking here about a purchase that should increase the sleeping comfort of our bodies – and that for the next few years.

Buy American bedstead: What does it cost?

Box spring beds are available at different prices. There are species which according to box spring bed tests can already be found from 300 Euro. The luxurious dormitories usually cost 500 to 2000 Euro. Certainly there are also providers who overshoot this price indication. The winner of the comparison shows a price that conforms to his performance.

Quality characteristics of the night camp

Since the price range is very far apart, the question is justified , whether the favorable racks do not save on quality . The prices of handmade dormitories are of course much higher than those of industrially produced dormitories. An essential quality feature is, for example, the density, which indicates how many kilograms of gross mass have been foamed in one cubic metre of cold foam. Thus, the higher the density, the higher the quality of the best rest camp and thus also the sleeping comfort.

In manufactories where the box spring beds are still manufactured by hand, according to various tests and samples, more precious materials are usually also used. Natural materials such as virgin sheep's wool, horsehair or damask are materials used for the spring mattress and the topper or upper mattress.

In more favourable products you will find tests, examinations and suitability tests nearly no natural materials according to external box spring bed tests. The quality also stands out for the fabrics used for the crates and the head rails.

According to various box spring bed tests, the boxes can be made of solid wood with pocket spring suspension in so-called barrel pockets or open-pored cold foam. pocket spring core is, according to an external sample in production, usually cheaper than springs and is increasingly represented in box spring beds.

A pocket spring core suspension with so-called ton pockets is much more complex in terms of processing and therefore costs more. If first-class springs are used, this can correspond to the quality level of a suspension with noble pocket springs. Instead of cold foam, the majority of the society prefers to lie on a spring mattress and topper.

What the differences of the bed springs are can be found in the respective product descriptions. There are also box spring beds that are equipped with a pocket spring mattress , which also have a spring suspension in the core , hence the name pocket spring core.

Selected mattresses are usually equipped with a pocket spring core suspension, as these can be applied more precisely. There are also suppliers who offer sophisticated spring systems. Read here which mattress our comparative winner from the test of 2019 has. For further information, we recommend that you take a look at Stiftung Warentest's test as well as the comparative test in order to quickly find your personal test winner.

On one Continental bed the springs are arranged at different heights, on the other there is a larger number of springs. You should consider the aspect of suspension when deciding on the purchase criterion. This may be listed as volume weight. In other words, the higher the density (number of springs in the barrel pockets) of a spring mattress, the better its quality.

Many providers specify the number of springs per square metre. The more feathers are attached, the more precise the sleeping comfort is. In other words, the mattress has a large density of feathers.

B-famous box spring bed Cannes 180 x 200 cmAnother quality feature according to external box spring bed tests is Space weight and compression hardness of box spring beds. The density has already been briefly discussed above. These values refer to foams such as cold foam and their quality. Foam is found in the mattresses as well as in the toppers. The weight per unit volume was already briefly discussed above, as were the toppers, i.e. upper mattresses as an essential indication of the first-class sleeping comfort of our bodies.

You can tell how firm a foam is by its compression hardness. This determines how easy the foam can be pressed. The higher the value the further the foam can be pressed in. The compression hardness is particularly high in cold foam, in the headboards of the beds, because this becomes very adaptable to the body by a special manufacturing process, which increases the sleeping comfort in every sleeping position immensely. Due to the open-pored cold foam, the circulation of the air is large and therefore it is extremely breathable. Cold foam is often found in the topper as well as in the head section of a rest camp and adapts easily to numerous sleeping positions with its point elasticity. If you are more interested, you can also read the February 2018 test of Stiftung Warentest on mattresses.

The space weight also plays an important role. The value kg/m3 is specified here. The higher the density , the better the properties and hardness of the spring mattress are, as various box spring bed tests show. This is because high elasticity is given here without material fatigue being detected. The same applies to the type of foam. If the buyer has considered a bed mattress with cold foam to cover, he will profit from it very much, since cold foam is extremely point elastic, cuddly and cuddly at the body. You are sure to find the ideal sleeping position for your personal recovery sleep quickly.

Also consider the upholstery fabrics. The cover fabrics should be robust and premium. The abrasion tour value indicates how robust a cover is. The term “unit” indicates how hard-wearing the fabric is.

How useful is the strength of a pocket spring mattress?

What is important for the degree of hardness of the spring mattresses and what do they offer?

Boxspringbett ROM II in GrauThe mattresses represent the direct contact from the resting person to the actual resting place. In the case of box spring beds the frame and mattress form a unit.

What is relevant here is to know that these products are offered in different degrees of strength. This means that the material of the mattresses is chosen so that the human body continues to sink in or the mattresses hardly give in according to a test 2019.

Please note that there are no real standards for the hardness of the mattress.

Accordingly, it is up to each producer to determine the degree of hardness of his mattresses himself. This can result in smaller or larger differences in the hardness of the lying surface depending on the manufacturer.

Basically, however, it can always be assumed that the degree of resistance of the bedsteads is indicated by the letter “H” for hardness. In most cases, the selection ranges from strength grade “H1” to “H5”

In this case, mattresses with a degree of hardness of “H1” represent particularly soft underlays. Products with “H5”, on the other hand, are correspondingly harder. All degrees of strength between these two “extremes” represent gradations that can be used to adapt the spring mattress in 2018 even more precisely to his wishes.

It is also important to note that there are some mattresses which do not completely correspond to a degree of strength. Rather, these products can be softer in the area of the shoulders, whereas the back is better supported by a greater degree of hardness.

The own body weight as a selection criterion for mattresses

The test of 2019 showed that body weight in particular plays a very decisive role in the selection of sleeping places with optimal sleeping comfort. With a strong body weight, it makes sense to choose a mattress with a correspondingly firmer degree of hardness. In this way it is prevented that the mass of the body presses too much into the support and thus ensures that the spine is loaded too much.

Hard mattresses, on the other hand, prevent the mattress from sinking in and relieve the strain on the spine. Relevant in this case is to know that the box spring beds according to various box spring bed tests support in most cases a maximum weight of 120 to 140 kilograms. You can read more about mattresses in the February 2018 test at Stiftung Warentest.

If this weight is exceeded, it is not only important to pay attention to the respective mattress, but also to choose a bed frame which offers a more stable construction. The products offered are box spring beds in the test of 2019, which can withstand between 160 and 180 kilograms of load.

People with a low body weight, on the other hand, should not use mattresses with one of the greater degrees of stability. The reason for this is that the low weight of the body ensures that the user hardly sinks into the hard mattress.

This quickly creates the feeling of lying on a board rather than on springs, which significantly minimises quality. This is harmful to the back in the long run and can lead to back problems, headaches, insomnia and unrest. It is therefore better to choose one of the softer Hardness grades, which also easily gives in to the light body, as box spring bed tests show. Thus the users sink literally into sleep or into the feathers.

The degree of hardness of the mattress for different sleeping positions

The body weight is only one criterion after the degree of resistance of the mattresses for the box spring beds should be chosen. Equally relevant at this point is in which sleeping positions the users fall asleep best according to the test 2019. You can also find out more about this topic in the test conducted by Stiftung Warentest in February 2018.

All people who lie mainly on their side should rather opt for a softer degree of hardness. In this way it is guaranteed that the shoulder and the hip can sink far enough into the mattresses so that the spine remains as straight as possible during the sleep phase. The situation is different for people with sleeping positions, who mainly lie with their bodies on their backs or stomachs.

In this case it is advisable to choose a firmer mattress with low headboard and topper to ensure that the spine always remains in a horizontal position. It should be noted that despite the hard mattress it is still possible to get air without any problems when lying on your stomach. You can find out more about the quality features of mattress types in the test conducted by Stiftung Warentest in February 2018.

If, on the other hand, you rotate frequently at night, you should consider using a mattress with a medium degree of strength. In this way it is guaranteed that the body is optimally supported when lying on its back, side or stomach.

The independent test of mattresses and possible special designs

The mentioned factors, which have to be considered when selecting the degrees of strength of the mattress, are not fixed rules, but rather only help. So it is still best to get a picture of the sleeping places yourself. Accordingly, each user should carry out a test of the hardness grades himself in order to be able to decide on which mattress he has optimal sleeping comfort, in order to then determine his personal test winner. Every person has his or her own test criteria or standards according to which he or she selects a product, depending on the type of sleep with the appropriate sleeping position.

Since this test of a product cannot simply be concluded after five minutes in a specialist shop, there are suppliers who make it possible to use a testmattress for several days or even weeks in order to test its quality.

In this case, the customers receive a sleeping pad, according to their wishes, on which they can rest every night. Thus, it can be quickly determined whether the degree of hardness is correct or should be different. Whether you want a slatted frame, a high headboard or springs as well as a topper for the night camp from 2018.

After this test 2019 in which the quality of the mattress is checked, the desired mattress can simply be ordered from the respective provider in order to exchange it directly with the testexample.

If you could not find your own test winner despite the test, you should sometimes fall back on the special design. In this case, the users have to reckon with an expensive price, but it is possible to have the degree of firmness of the base made of springs tailored exactly to their wishes and needs, such as the respective sleeping position. This service is offered by various companies on the Internet. In the years 2017 to 2018, numerous providers of dream beds have been added to the Internet.

A further decision factor here is to know in advance exactly what the later mattress will offer. Important are the size, the degree of resistance, the quality of the barrel pockets as well as the springs and the top mattress (topper) and the other materials of the equipment of the bed frame, e.g. the type of foam (cold foam). Only those who are aware of these points after weighing them up will receive a custom-made product that conforms to their wishes and is therefore considered the personal test winner.

The top 5 box spring bed brands

  • Welcon
  • B-famous
  • SAM
  • Inter
  • Wellness Edition
Welcon is a brand that is available in all of Europe. There is a branch office in Giesen, which you can also visit personally. Welcon also sells Continental bedsteads via the Internet, its own online shop or other dealers. Order the personal test winner after the juxtaposition of the products and in congruence with your needs!

If you have any questions about the product, you can contact Welcon directly. The Welcon box spring beds are available in various degrees of hardness and covers. If you can't really decide on any of these products, Welcon also offers a telephone consultation to help you find your dream night camp.

What distinguishes the Welcon dormitories is the very exclusive quality. A precise spring system increases sleeping comfort, which you will notice from the very first night. The racks can also be assembled individually. You have several color choices of the colors, the degree of hardness as well as the bed size. The sleeping places are then arranged according to your desires and delivered within a short delivery time up to you home.

B-famous is a brand that has been involved in the production of exquisite Continental beds. The quality characteristics of the sleeping places are perfect processing and precious materials.

B-famous is located with the headquarters in Bremen. The American beds are delivered from there. The B-famous brands are available in stores and various online shops.

The portfolio of B-famous contains not only boxspring beds, but also other high-quality furniture. All B-famous products contain a lot of work and know-how.

The long experience has made it possible that the B-famous products are very popular on the market today. In addition to the first-class quality of the springs, the products also feature a fabulous and modern design.

SAM is the name of a brand that sells Stil Art furniture. This also includes the noble box spring beds. At SAM you will find first-class quality features. As soon as you decide on a SAM brand rest camp, you will automatically receive above-average expertise on all questions.

Even in the event of problems or dissatisfaction, they can always contact SAM in agreement. The Continental beds are available on the Internet, which also explains the low-cost products. SAM does not use showrooms or salesrooms, so that the favourable price can be passed on to the customer.

At SAM you get first-class quality products for a minimal price. In addition to the box spring beds, there are many other stylish pieces of furniture. A visit to the online shop is therefore worthwhile at any time.

Inter is a brand of Inter Handels GMBH. Initially, in 1999, the company was founded and specialized in furniture distribution. After the inspection, the success was extremely great, and soon a new warehouse and administration were added in line with the company's objectives.

In 2002 Inter sold the furniture in direct online shop. The success of the high-quality furniture became more and more, so that the company decided to cooperate directly with the furniture producers.

Today, Inter is a own brand after inspection and control, which creates furniture according to its own concepts and ideas. According to the test 2019, this also includes Continental beds with very excellent quality. You can also read the test in February 2018 from Stiftung Warentest to get your test winner in no time at all.

The company attaches great importance to the fact that the consumer receives first-class sleeping accommodation in which excellent sleeping comfort is achieved.

In 2017, after a test run, the number of online dealers who were allowed to sell the furniture via the Internet was increased. The success of the own collections from 2017 to 2018 is astonishing and testifies to the fact that the Internet offers only high-quality products on the market.

Wellness Edition is a brand that distributes American bedding. The brand has been on the market for some time. In the assortment are high quality beds and also other furniture, in order to furnish the entire living area comfortably.

The first-class quality of the products speaks for Wellness Edition. All products are manufactured from precious materials (springs) after an external test run and are subjected to a extensive test before the articles are included in the online shop.

The Continental beds are very similar to box spring beds and are also available under both names in the Online Shop from Amazon. Read the individual product reports to find out how the Continental bedsteads from Wellness Edition performed.

In the internet vs. specialized trade – where do I best buy my box spring bed frame?

Many consumers reject the purchase in the Internet still . Buying on the Internet is many times safer than in a retail shop. Many will now be amazed and wonder how that can be. In addition, buying online is usually significantly cheaper than buying from a specialist retailer. You will therefore also find the winner of the comparison online.

It already starts with the selection of the models. There is a huge selection of box spring bedsteads on the Internet. These naturally differ in many points, e.g. the springs. This gives you an advantage according to the test 2019.

Because you can choose from the many products the suitable one and compare them with each other .

In various tests test persons tested some box spring bed bearings and we then compared the test results in the test 2019 for you. It does not always matter which bedstead took first place. The individual requirements are decisive, which night camp is suitable for you.

If you choose your sleeping place in retail, you will only find a smaller selection. Box spring beds are space intensive and fill the furniture markets. So it will be that you will find 5 to 10 types of beds in the shop. The 2019 test showed that selection on the Internet is far greater than and deals with at least 200 to 300 species for each claim. You can also take a look at the test 2019 of Stiftung Warentest for additional information before purchasing your bedding.

On test portals, as at Stiftung Warentest or a comparison portal like this one, you can inform yourself about the models as well as their differences and similarities and get an insight into the advantages and disadvantages.

Other portals have customer opinions. The customer opinions are buying-crucial, since these customers the rest camp already in the sleep chamber have and this in detail, night for night to test could.

You can therefore rely on the opinions of other customers when buying online, while in the shop the seller wants to sell each bed as a first-class product. After all, the business depends on selling beds.

The cost factor is also an important point. Many retail stores fight for survival every day. They first have to collect and pay the ongoing costs such as electricity, rent and labour costs – only then does a business make a profit.

The online shop has only a few employees and can save the highest costs. The online shop operator thus saves the running costs and can pass these savings on to the customer. This shows why an online retailer can constantly offer lower prices than a retail shop.

Test couches are only available in specialist shops

Fact is: The Trial lying, which is in any case advantageous before the purchase of a new bed, is unfortunately only possible with the purchase in the specialized trade locally. In addition, you only benefit from individual advice from a trained employee there. Not only can he list all the advantages of the box spring bed, but he can also advise you on which hardness grade and which mattress composition are best suited to your specific case.

The disadvantage, however, is that the choice in retail is generally much smaller than on the Internet. As a rule, only five to ten prayers are in stock per shop. For comparison: Online you can choose from several hundred box spring beds, so that there is really something suitable for every requirement. In addition, the prices for box spring beds in local specialist shops are usually significantly higher than online. While you can carry out a price comparison on the Internet and thus select the cheapest provider for your bed, you always pay the fixed price in specialist shops.

A cheaper, more comfortable and faster order on the Internet

All in all, the advantages of buying online clearly outweigh the benefits. The selection of box spring beds is larger, while prices are generally lower. Choose your favourite bed from Variety of models and compare the prices. The test and experience reports will make your purchase decision considerably easier, even if you have to do without the test lying and the personal consultation with the Internet purchase.

A big advantage is that you can even have your box spring bed delivered to your front door free of charge. Thus the complex transport from the furniture store to your home is completely eliminated. You don't pay any expensive delivery costs and the box spring bed is usually carried into the apartment.

Select the box spring bed from the comfort of your own home

Do you work like many others? Do you miss the time on Saturday to go to the furniture store and look for a box spring bed? Then you'll be like many others.

If you purchase the Boxspring bedstead on the Internet, you can also go shopping on Sunday. The online shops on the net are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you don't feel like it anymore, switch off your PC and continue searching the next day.

So save yourself the stress of running through overcrowded shops every weekend and enjoy an extremely first-class comfort to continue shopping in the online shop.

Do you have doubts about the service of the shop? – the online merchants, like any store, give a warranty on the goods you purchase in the shop. In addition there is a right of return of 14 days without giving reasons.

In conventional shops, you can usually no longer exchange the goods, which is a clear disadvantage for the shops. So be unworried and buy your desired bed in one of the Online Shops. Take a good look around a test portal to make it easier for you to search for a good bed.

Box spring bed made to measure is according to Stiftung Warentest money cutting

The Stiftung Warentest sent testers incognito to the body scan at the manufacturers Ergosleep and creamate. Here the box spring bed customers are measured by a specialist salesman and projected onto the computer. By individual components (soft latex for the shoulders, firm pocket springs for the hips etc.) which are layered under the mattress, the perfect bed is to develop. The lounging comfort was also good, but nevertheless the experts had some to criticize. With 6700 Euro (Ergosleep) and 4600 Euro (Kreamat) the beds cost far more than other box spring beds, such as those you can order on the Internet.

The Ergosleep box spring bed got after simulated 8 years use one couch ball in the mattress. In addition, all testers sank into the mattresses, which is not ideal from an ergonomic point of view. Sometimes the testers were lying well on their sides, but not on their backs. Or the heavy husband was well-behaved, but his petite partner beside him was only mediocre.

Thus the customers would promised more than actually kept.

box type=”success”]According to Stiftung Warentest more than 20 box spring bed providers in Germany offer a body scan, in order to create the perfect bed exactly tailored to individual body measurements. A box spring bed according to made to measure costs several thousand Euro and could not convince the Stiftung Warentest testers .

As “only one good box spring bed” the box spring bed evolution of patterned ring has been rated by Stiftung Warentest in the past. With about 2.500 Euro it is however still a bed of the luxury class.

The box spring bed: just fall asleep well

In German sleeping chambers the comfortable beds made of feathers can be found more and more frequently. The high demand for the comparative winners and test winners of the box spring beds is due to the trendy look of this sleeping furniture and the comfort system, which promotes a perfect rest period. A perfect relaxation is possible on a high-class mattress with the right degree of hardness, be it during a nightly sleep phase of several hours or during a half-hour lunch break on the rest camp.

The name box spring bed designates the entire construction : The term box stands for crate, and “spring” refers to the springs that are responsible for the stability of the base, therefore “box spring” is in the name. The geometry of the bed frame box and spring core with box spring is the basis for a high bed frame. With a lying height between 50 and 70 cm, sitting down, getting in and standing up is also very comfortable for older people.

In the course of time until 2018 there have been some changes in the box spring beds, but the basic construction has remained the same. Through innovative ideas and material improvements the lying feeling could be further optimized. In addition, today's night camps adapt to the individual wishes of consumers.

The perfection of the sprung underlay ensures perfect hygiene today. While Bonell springs were used in earlier decades, now exquisite springs (pocket springs) are used, and the former synthetic fibres are already being replaced by open-pored visco or latex foam in 2018.

Advantages of a Continental Bed

The main advantage of American bedsteads is usually listed as perfect comfort. The height of the beds and the stable and at the same time soft lying surface create a pleasant feeling when lying down. However, you should select the optimal strength so that the mattress is neither too soft nor too hard. Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at mattresses in February 2018. If you need further information, we can recommend this product test in addition to various comparisons and comparative tests.

The determination of the degree of firmness depends among other things on the body weight, in addition, the personal well-being requirement should be considered, in order to be able to enjoy the desired comfort. Especially people who are not so mobile or suffer from back pain, are happy about these loft beds made of feathers, which makes it easier to get in and out of bed. Furthermore, these luxury sleeping places have proven themselves because of their good heat storage, which increases the comfort factor, a test 2019 showed.

The advantages can be found in both the American and Scandinavian box spring bed frames. These two types basically differ only in the Topper and the mattress height: The Scandinavian box spring beds are equipped with a relatively thin topper, the Topper, while the American box spring beds do without these accessories and instead have a slightly thicker top mattress and a high headboard.

In both variants, however, there is good air circulation. Due to the movements that occur when lying down and getting out, the sleeper camp functions similarly to a pump and activates ventilation. The old air is conveyed to the outside and fresh air enters.

In the following list, the advantages of box spring beds can be presented even more clearly in a test 2019:

  • Comfortable lying position,
  • comfortable leaning on due to the high headrest,
  • Excellent air circulation,
  • comfortably soft lying surface due to multi-layer base,
  • good thermal insulation that keeps out the cold, especially in winter,
  • for fast sweating persons, air-conditioned cold foam toppers are available,
  • comfortable lying height for easier boarding and standing,
  • also comfortable when sitting thanks to the springs.

Get a picture of the comparative winner today 2019 and lie particularly comfortably on the springs in the near future.

History of box spring beds: 1900 to 2019

A look at the history of beds reveals that one should go back to the middle of the 19th century, when spring mattresses were invented and used more and more frequently. The spring mattress proved to be a space-saving and hygienic replacement for the previous beds, which were relatively heavy, spacious and difficult to clean.

It was invented only shortly before the turn of the century. The developers of this construction had set themselves the goal of producing a substructure for the mattresses, which should no longer lie directly on the floor. This flat storage should better protect the sleeping surface from soiling.

With this claim in mind, the designers decided to use a kind of undermattress. This component consisted of a kind of wooden box and a spring core, the so-called pocket spring core in barrel pockets, and gave the entire frame the required height and stability, including the headboard of the box spring bed. The box and the feathers are until today in the year 2018 the basis for the traditional species with boxspring.

In the first half of the 20th century these comfortable beds were to be found on cruise ships and in hotels . The luxurious beds should offer the guests a perfect sleeping comfort. Among others the Titanic was equipped with the relatively new box spring beds made of Bonell springs.

However, these high-quality bed constructions were hardly used in private dwellings in the following decades. In the 1950s, the combination of slatted frames and mattresses initially gained acceptance in Europe and overseas. Only in the USA and Scandinavia were the box spring beds in front with their special spring suspension (box spring).

In Germany and Europe, however, there were more and more hotels and cruise ships in the upper segment that opted for box spring beds with Bonell springs. The convincing advantages of these beds increased the demand and the modern construction gradually spread. However, it still took a while until the box spring beds were also purchased for private use.

Individualisation and also the gradual sinking purchase price of luxury beds were important criteria for this development. In addition, the increased demand was certainly also related to the growing problem of back pain. The orthopaedists began to recommend the box spring beds to their patients with back and posture problems, with the lying surface and comfort placed high up. That means with topper and high headboard, not just a mattress with slatted frame.

A further argument that gained in importance was the wide variety of designs in modern dormitories. Meanwhile the spectrum of colours, materials and styles is very large, so that for every furnishing style and taste the perfect bed with boxspring is available. The various price segments are also a relevant element in promoting the spread of beds.

It does not always have to be the high-priced comparison test winner for box spring beds, because the cheaper beds can also convince with their appearance and comfort.

A lot has happened in the last twenty years with the further development of the beds. The two or three mattress layers will be cut exactly to each other in 2017-2018, both in terms of dimensions and material. Typically, the bottom mattress of the bed has a robust spring core, which forms the basis for the bed.

This makes these beds significantly more comfortable than conventional slatted frames, even though they often have no adjustment facility. The mattress lying on it today often has a barrel pocket spring core (barrel pockets with pocket spring core), where the degree of hardness in the strength can be adapted to the individual need. A topper can be used as the upper layer to perfect the comfort of the night camp. As a protective underlay it creates a good transition between the mattress and the person lying on it.

The box spring beds under test 2019, as well as the first products around 1900, were created to guarantee a certain luxury. This is guaranteed by the renowned producers with their quality seal. The demands on comfort have increased over the decades. At the same time, new materials were researched and tested to improve the interior of the beds.

There have also been some changes in the design. For example, many people prefer a simple look and only use colourful patterns for their bed linen. The surface of the box spring beds is often kept in discreet colours. The quality of the cover around the box and also on the headboard takes into account both the harmonious design and the pleasant feeling when getting in or leaning against it.

The comparative winners of the box spring beds have developed even further in the meantime. While the usual types have a continuous mattress without zone division, there are now also multi-zone mattresses, which support the ideal, back-friendly sleeping position. In the box and in the top mattress, a pocket spring core can improve the point elasticity of the topper and thus adapt perfectly to all sleeping positions.

Another variant is the use of pressure-compensating foam materials, such as viscoelastic mineral foam. With the foams used in the mattresses, a high density is advantageous as it increases the stability. The box spring beds are completed with the ideal topper. Depending on heat requirements, this can consist of viscose foam, climate latex or cold foam. Some of these documents are additionally equipped with a breathable climate system.

Trends in the field of box spring beds

The box spring beds themselves are considered a trend, but there are also particularly popular products within the luxurious box spring beds, as many box spring bed tests 2019 have shown. A few years ago, Stiftung Warentest also took a closer look at this type of bed in a test. The high-quality and sought-after sleep systems often meet a good hotel standard and give the resting a feeling of comfort.

The trend towards box spring beds, which finally arrived in Europe a few years ago from North America and Scandinavia, is once again focusing on pleasant rest. It is precisely because of the increased awareness of holistic health that these beds are so well received. It is not for nothing that the large hotels have been furnishing themselves with feather beds for a long time in order to offer their guests a special comfort.

In the beginning, private buyers were particularly pleased about the wonderful sleeping comfort, but meanwhile it is also about an attractive overall picture. This means that the bed with box spring should match the other furniture in the sleeping chamber so that it does not look like a foreign object.

Due to its box-shaped construction, the bunk becomes the unmissable centre of the sleeping area. This is why many people want a luxurious look to underline the importance of the bed frame. The Furnishing trends are such that the main Glamour factor is reflected by the Continental bed, while chests of drawers, wardrobes etc. play a minor role.

Covered with shiny fabric and equipped with large pillows, the night camp looks very American and exclusive. As a simply designed piece of furniture, the bedstead emphasises the minimalist style and adapts to a modern environment without playing into the foreground. This so-called Clean Chic can be refreshed with Lacquer surfaces and looks very noble in white, grey and black.

Another popular trend is the country house style, which looks beautiful not only in old flats. With wood tones and naturally structured fabrics the bed gets a cosy charm. Matched to a cupboard and bedside tables in natural wood, the bed consistently continues this style. For friends of the style mix, it is also a good idea to combine a simple bed with wooden furniture.

The colour of the box spring bed should match the furnishings and wallpaper of the sleeping area as closely as possible. With today's trends, however, this does not mean that everything has to be coordinated tone by tone. The bed can set a smart color accent or blend harmoniously into the room. Some of the upholstery fabrics in the beds have elaborate woven patterns or embroidery, which re-stage the character of the room or create a special atmosphere.

Romantic flower designs or luxurious silver and gold elements are intended to underline the feel-good or luxury factor. A box spring bed is often available in different colours and patterns. Buyers can choose between many models to furnish their bedroom perfectly.

An important trend in beds is the high headboard, which is often padded. This not only turns the bed into a sleeping area, but you can also lean against the back wall to read or watch TV. This headboard is usually in the same design as the lower bed. With luxury beds, the edge can be elegantly curved, but most beds have a straight headboard.

Alternatives to the Continental Bed

A test should not only highlight the advantages of this special bed shape, but also list the alternatives. The combination of pressure relief, good hygiene, comfort and breathability is also possible with other beds. With a high-quality slatted frame and a modern pocket spring mattress a comfortable and accordingly restful sleep is also possible.

This is rarely a complete system, because the individual components can be selected individually. However, mattress manufacturers often recommend special slatted frames and are happy to give advice on which elements can be combined well.

Meanwhile there are also Boxspring mattresses, which are used on specially developed Boxspring slatted frames . As an alternative to a complete box spring bed, this combination offers a good lying position, but the entire night's lodging cannot in principle be described as a box spring bed because the box is missing.

A solid and high-quality box spring mattress typically consists of two Bonell or spring cores and can therefore have a height of 25 to 35 cm. The Boxspring slatted frame is equipped with an extra suspension system, which also consists of Bonell springs and has an additional foam cover. This double spring system supports a pleasant lying feeling similar to that of a box spring bed.

Useful accessories

As accessories for the beds from various tests the headrest and the upholstery have to be mentioned first. These belong to the construction system of the beds, but they can be replaced if necessary, for example to be able to lean higher or to be able to place the bed under an incline with a lower head rail.

If necessary, the top mattress can also be replaced if the degree of hardness no longer provides the desired comfort factor after a certain period of use. However, replacing the mattress in a box spring bed is often not so easy. By contrast, the topper is easier to replace. This support serves simultaneously as mattress protection and comfort support.

The topper can be extra thin or several centimeters thick after comparison of various experiments and adapts to the lying body. Typical materials for this interchangeable pad are cold foam or latex, viscoelastic foam or horsehair. A cold foam layer is particularly suitable for people who like to lie on a somewhat harder bed, as well as for allergy sufferers.

The viscoelastic material provides good thermal insulation and is also ideal for people with back and joint problems. Horsehair is a good way to divert sweat because it is hollow inside, but allergy sufferers may have problems with such a topper. A latex layer convinces with its soft texture as well as its good ventilation.

Additional extras for the bed frame are small pieces of furniture such as night cupboards, matching cover or cushions, with which the frame is decorated during the day. The style and size of these can be perfectly adapted to the Continental bed itself and the surroundings in the bedroom.

What accessories are offered?

The use of electric box spring beds

After juxtaposition is an important accessory product, which is particularly useful for seniors, electric motors for the continental beds are to be enumerated. In this way it is possible to adjust the size of the headrest or the foot area individually. For this purpose, the motor is installed under the bed frame and can then be operated simply by pressing a button. Even if there are two people in the bunk, the motor is strong enough to lift the whole upper body.

The advantage for seniors in this case is that they can leave the box spring bed even easier. The electric motor can also be used by adults or teenagers. This is useful, for example, if a TV is standing in front of the bed and you want to move the mattress into an upright position to be able to watch the TV better.

A second electrical extension for the beds is a heating ceiling. This accessory makes it possible to bring the bed quickly to the desired warmth in winter. In this case, for example, a timer can be used to warm up the sleeping area every day at bedtime.

The electric heating blankets have a good heating performance and are quite safe, so that the users do not have to worry about getting an electric shock when resting.

Only negative is the quite high power consumption, which is to be expected with these electric blankets. Depending on how often or for how long the ceiling should be used, users must expect costs of between 150 and 250 euros per year.

Accessories for a comfortable and healthy sleep cycle in the box spring beds

Each bed can only be used as a bed if it is properly equipped. Also the Box spring beds are no exception. Special mention should be made of accessory products such as a bed cover, cushion or blanket covers. And of course we also have the matching pillows and blankets. Depending on whether it is summer or winter, thicker or thinner blankets should be used.

In addition, it is of course crucial for allergy sufferers to use goods that meet their special requirements. It can happen that the box spring beds are sold directly with the matching blankets or cushions to save the customer work. What is important here is that the accessory products ensure that users get a healthy night's sleep.

Especially in the area of the pillows it is important that they support the neck and thus the spine in the best possible way.

Of course, you also have to pay attention to the appearance of these accessory products. The duvet covers should correspond to the customer's ideas and best fit into the rest of the bedroom in terms of colour.

A more than extensive selection of different optical designs or types of fabric can be expected for the upholstery. Of course, new products are added again and again. Finally, it should be noted that both the cushions and blankets and the corresponding covers have different dimensions.

Accordingly, it is relevant to always pay attention to the dimensions when purchasing these products. This is the only way to obtain products that match the continental bed as well as the height of the user.

Also to be named with this kind of the accessories are so-called day covers. These are thin blankets that are laid over the bed during the day. First of all, these provide an attractive appearance of the bed, depending on which colours or pattern the bedspread has.

This accessory product is also used for the box spring beds but also for the protection of the actual bed linen. Thus it does not get dirty directly if, for example, someone sits on the bed in everyday clothes or animals use the sleeping place for themselves.

The only inconvenience is that the bedspread has to be removed before sleeping and put on again during the day after tidying up the bedstead.

Accessories for more comfort in your bed chamber

Many people use the bed not only to sleep but also to relax. An example is reading in bed in the evening or the use of a television set in the bedroom.

In this case it makes sense to use Accessories to make the bed more functional. First of all you have to name a bedside table, which can be placed next to the box spring bed.

This product is available in different versions, for example it is even possible for some models to mount the dessert directly at the night camp.

This is an important file for storing a lamp, the alarm clock or the named book.

In addition, there are also special tables that can be completely slid over the bed. These products are mounted on rollers in order to be able to change their position quickly and easily.

The advantage of such a table is that, among other things, it makes it possible to have breakfast directly in bed. This is especially useful in combination with the already mentioned electric motor. In this case, the upper body can simply be erected to easily reach the table.

Also to be mentioned are rollers for the box spring bed itself. This only makes sense, however, if the location of the bed is to be changed more frequently. As an example, allergy sufferers can be named here, who have the possibility of simply pushing the bed away with the rollers in order to remove the dust under the bed frame. It is important that the rollers can be locked so that the box spring bed does not roll away at night due to the movement of the users.

Accessories for care and cleaning of box spring beds

Finally it should be mentioned that it makes sense to use the right cleaning products for the box spring beds. This includes above all the right detergent, which is used to clean the blankets, pillows and covers. This cleaning should be as thorough as possible.

Furthermore, it is also useful to use Cleaner for spraying on. This accessory can be used, for example, to remove stains or dirt on the fabric from the bed frame itself. In this way, it can be guaranteed that the bed will always offer the highest possible quality and attractive appearance.

With high-quality cleaning agents you are also well advised if you decide to buy the winner of the comparison. High-quality beds require particularly good care.

Box spring bed mattress turn and ventilate

A good box spring bed ventilation is necessary so that the mattresses last long and don't start to smell unpleasant or even get moldy. This isn't as hard as it sounds. Only the following points need to be considered:

  • Do not leave mattress protectors between mattress and topper.
  • Use the mattress regularly (preferably whenever you are moving into the box spring bed).
  • The topper should also be shaken regularly (preferably in the same step).
  • Air your bedroom
  • If the topper or the mattress gets wet, dab the moisture as dry as possible with a clean cloth (towel) and let the moisture of the wet area evaporate afterwards with the window open. Do not use bed linen as long as the area is still wet.


There are also box spring beds with integrated bed frame box?

There are also box spring beds with integrated bed frame box?

No, but there is the possibility to place an additional box at the foot of the bed. Due to the special construction of the box spring beds, the element cannot be installed, so that the space saving of an integrated box is eliminated.

What about the support function of the box spring bed?

What about the support function of the box spring bed?

A soft mattress on the box spring bed provides good pressure relief, but there should be a certain support function for healthy sleep. Otherwise it can come to back complaints. The springs of the mattress construction give the box spring beds the necessary support, as various box spring bed tests have shown. If necessary, a higher degree of hardness should be selected.
toggle title=” Are the box spring beds breathable?” state=”close”]The high-quality box spring beds in the test 2019 were also convincing in terms of ventilation. The air circulation, which develops inside the mattress, ensures the escape of the moisture generated during night sweating. This means that mites and microbacteria do not have a good breeding ground. The inferior box spring beds, however, are not always built with air-permeable boxes and have no breathable fabrics. When buying a box spring bed, you should therefore pay attention to the quality and the breathable properties so that optimal ventilation is guaranteed.
toggle title=” We care for the box spring bed?” state=”close”]A box spring bed with a topper needs only a little care. The pad protects the mattress from moisture and dust. In general, the cover of the topper can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. This facilitates the care of the soft overlay. The upholstery fabric on the box and the headboard should be vacuumed every now and then. If small soiling, dust or sweat sticks to it, it is normally sufficient to wipe it off with a damp cloth.[/toggle]

There are also single mattresses for the box spring bed?

There are also single mattresses for the box spring bed?

Yes, in addition to the continuous, wide double mattresses, single mattresses are also available. Especially if the weight distribution of a pair is uneven, you should choose two mattresses of different hardness. In this way, everyone receives his or her desired degree of hardness. The box spring bed mattresses are available in different dimensions, so it is no problem to complete the narrower or wider bed according to your needs.
toggle title=” Which sheet is used for the box spring bed?” state=”close”]Usually a single, large sheet is stretched over the lying surface of the box spring bed. Even if you have two mattresses, you can use a single fitted sheet that closes the gap in the middle and emphasizes the harmonious look. However, there are also single sheets for the box spring bed, which only make sense if the topper is also split. The selection of the bed sheet is not only about the adjustment to the length and width of the bed. The height of the web should also be taken into account. Due to the high mattress of the bed frame, special sheets are necessary because normal sheets would stretch too tightly or would not fit around the mattress at all. First you have to measure the height of the web, i.e. the height of the elements over which the sheet is pulled. If the topper is relatively thick, a sheet with a small web height can also be used, which is then simply stretched around the topper.
toggle title=” Why does the degree of hardness play such an important role?” state=”close”]For a healthy sleep it depends on the correct degree of hardness of the mattress or the sleeping bed. The optimum hardness depends, among other things, on the individual sensation of the person lying down. What some people find pleasantly firm, others find too soft. The typical lying position should also be taken into account. Back sleepers unconsciously prefer particularly stable support in the lumbar vertebrae, while the so-called side sleepers feel more comfortable on a mattress that sinks into the pelvic area. The body weight is another criterion for the selection of the degree of hardness. People weighing up to 80 kg usually opt for hardness grade 2, while heavier people choose hardness grades 3 or 4.
toggle title=” The box spring bed is suitable for allergy sufferers?” state=”close”]With the right mattress and a suitable topper not only the comparative winners of box spring beds are suitable for allergy sufferers. Viscose foam and cold foam are particularly popular with sensitive people. The risk of a house dust mite allergy cannot be completely ruled out in any bedroom or bed, but the excellent air circulation and the possibility of cleaning the beds or the pads make even allergy-prone persons feel comfortable in them.
toggle title=” Can the box spring bed stand under a sloping roof despite its height?” state=”close”]With the high lying surface of at least 50 cm, it can be difficult to set up the box spring bed in rooms with a sloping roof. With a relatively high jamb, it may be sufficient to replace the headpiece with a lower one or to remove it completely. Or the foot end is turned in the direction of the slope. Another possibility is to move the bed away from the sloping wall. However, this presupposes that there is enough space in the bedroom. Some manufacturers offer custom-made products that make it easier to set up the sleeping area.

Questions and Answers about box spring beds

What is a box spring bed?

One box spring bed is composed of three couching elements according to external box spring bed tests: A subbox, a mattress and a topper. All three elements should be very well coordinated so that they convey the boxspringtypical sleeping comfort. In addition to these three bedding elements, a headboard and feet are also important components of the box spring bed. The name-giving box spring is the fixed bed base. It stands on feet, so the air can circulate well. It consists of a robusten wooden frame. It houses the suspension. These can be Bonell nibs or barrel pocket nibs. This suspension adapts to your body weight.

Which fitted sheets will fit on a box spring bed?

The best fit is bed sheet with the dimensions 200 x 200 cm. You can either only over the Topper, or over the whole Boxspring-Matratze. The material Jersey-Stretch is especially suitable – it is flexible, cuddly and durable. High-quality sheets stay with you longer than cheap sheets.

Where can I find the best box spring beds in Sale?

The best Bargain offers for box spring beds can be found on the Internet. Even on many test portals good tips can be found. You lack the consultation on site, but you may test your new box spring bed at most online dealers up to 100 days free of charge and without obligation – so you do not take any risk with the purchase.

What are the advantages of a box spring bed?

The main advantages of a box spring bed are:

  • A box spring bed ensures a pleasant and comfortable sleep experience.
  • A box spring bed is robust in manufacture and very durable.
  • A box spring bed is very good for your back.
  • A box spring bed offers you an easy entry and exit.
  • A box spring bed provides a very good sleeping climate.
  • A box spring bed simply looks classy and high quality.

Which bedspread fits on a box spring bed?

Basically you can use any standard daily blanket for a box spring bed. However, you should make sure that it measures at least 200 x 200 cm – depending on personal taste it may also be 50-80 cm larger. If you want the Box spring bed to be covered down to the floor, select the larger variant. Often the manufacturers of box spring beds also offer daybeds matching the design of the respective model. These round off the beautiful picture of your box spring bed perfectly, of course.

These are the most popular box spring beds with TV

Very popular are box spring beds with TV-Lift from Atlantic Home Collection and from Juskys. You have 90 days right of return if you don't like the bed. In addition, online discounts of sometimes 70% are often really great. The TV-Lift is often suitable for a 32 inch TV.

What are the hardness grades for box spring beds?

The Box spring beds consist of a frame and mattress in one unit. The beds are offered in various strength grades, as various box spring bed tests show. This means that the material yields more or less. The human body thus sinks more or less strongly into the mattress.

Where can I put a box spring bed to the sample?

A box spring bed is the dream of many people: In order to find the right model, it is important to lay the box spring bed to the test. This can be done above all in specialist shops for beds and mattresses and in furniture stores. If you like, you can also order your box spring bed from online shops that offer a 30 or 100 day trial guarantee.

Which is the most expensive box spring bed in the world?

High-quality box spring beds are often used as interior furnishings for luxury properties and houses of the rich and beautiful. But also in luxury suites in hotels or at the royal court box spring beds are used. A supplier from Sweden produces the extravagant status symbols by hand, which can lead to a price of 74,000 euros and more.

Which is the cheapest (cheapest) box spring bed?

The costs for a box spring bed start at several hundred Euros according to various box spring bed tests, whereby there are no limits. It depends on the equipment the customer wants and the quality of the individual components of the Box spring bed. An inexpensive continental bed with a classical equipment you receive already starting from 500 euro upward in each bed specialized business or on-line.

What degree of hardness in a Continental bed should I choose?

For box spring beds, the strength level is divided into 5 levels : H1 is very soft, whereas H5 is extremely hard. For a person weighing 75 to 80 kg, a degree of hardness “H2” is recommended; a person weighing over 100 kg should choose a degree of hardness from H3 to H4. It is important that you feel comfortable on the mattress, do not sink in too much and do not feel any pressure points.

What is the topper of a box spring bed?

Not always box spring beds with a topper are offered: The support between mattress and fitted sheet serves as protection against mites and dust. The topper absorbs sweat and smells, which the human being eliminates in the night. According to the external box spring bed test, you can remove the topper and wash it by hand or in the washing machine at low temperatures.

What to consider when purchasing a box spring bed frame?

In order to sleep like the kings, you should consider some criteria when buying the box spring bed: This includes, for example, the degree of hardness, which is selected according to the body mass index or size and weight. The frame and frame should be made of high-quality materials and should have a slat base instead of a chipboard. The topper gives you maximum sleeping comfort and the mattress should not be filled with Bonell, but with barrel pocket springs according to external box spring bed tests.

Which is the best Continental bed?

Box spring beds are becoming more and more popular, which is why it is necessary to take a closer look before buying. We therefore recommend the continental bed New Jersey, which shines with a length of 160 x 200 cm, a comfortable size for getting in and out and an adjustable headboard with LED lights. The Bruno box spring bed on the other hand offers a headboard width of 215 cm, barrel pocket springs with 7 zones and a soft topper.

Which mattress can I use for a Continental bed?

If you want to replace your old mattress with a new one, you should use a similar Boxspring mattress for a American bed. The height and construction of the mattress differ from mattresses designed for an ordinary bed frame.

Which manufacturer of Continental beds is recommended?

The manufacturer Bruno has been awarded various prizes such as the German Design Award 2018, which scores with craftsmanship quality. In addition, the manufacturers B-famous, Juskys and Continentalbett Bea are recommended.

Why is it called box spring bed?

The name “Boxspring” comes from the American and means as much as “Spring”: These are networked in the pocket springs of the barrel pockets of the mattress and ensure a pleasant sleeping comfort.

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Which hardness is the right one for me?

Mattresses are available in different hardnesses. The degree of hardness describes the strength that a mattress assumes. This is H1 to H5. H1 is a value that is considered to be very soft. H5 describes mattresses that are very strong and therefore suitable for people weighing 100 kg. A special process is required to produce the mattresses and to obtain the various degrees of hardness. Through …

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What many people are reluctant to do without with their bed is the possibility of adjusting the headboard or footboard. Some like to sleep with raised feet, others can only sleep in a more upright posture relaxing sleep. With conventional beds with a slatted frame, such adjustments are possible without any problems. Here the head and foot sections can be individually positioned. With a …

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