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Best Body Fat Balance 2019 • 0 Body Fat Balances Reviews

What is a body fat monitor?

To avoid any ambiguities, we first want to clarify what a body fat balance is actually. Body fat scales are able to measure not only the total body weight but also the fat percentage. The appearance of the body fat scale is the same as that of a conventional personal scale. However, there is a difference between the models. Sensors are attached to the scale that can calculate the proportion of body fat and water. One distinguishes between two variants . One foot on foot body fat monitor and one hand on hand body fat monitor. A body fat scale that only has the sensors on its surface measures only the area up to the hip. But let's go into more detail and clarify the next question right away:

How does a body fat monitor work?

The sensors located on the surface of the scale pass electrical shocks through the body that are not perceived by the body. On the foot to foot scales, the current travels to the hip and back again. Average values are used to calculate the total fat content of the body, but these are less accurate. Therefore, there are also body fat scales that have foot and hand sensors. In this way, the values can be calculated and measured more precisely. A foot to foot body fat scale can be recognized by the fact that the scale often has four sensors at the edges of the base. Depending on the model, this can also be a continuous metal surface, so that only two sensors are visible. A Foot to hand scale has a hand part in the scale, which you can remove when using it. Usually the current is measured from foot to foot and separately from hand to hand. Based on these different values, the body fat value can be calculated almost exactly. There are models that perform further measurements from the right hand to the left foot and from the right foot to the left hand, i.e. crosswise. With these models the result is even more accurate.

The sensors determine the resistance by the body fat. For this purpose, the electrodes send a non-perceptible current through the body. Since water, fat and muscles each have different resistances, the values can be measured and recorded in this way.

Although the measurement also depends on other factors. It is better to take a measurement before showering. Because showering sucks the skin full of water and can show false values. It is the same when the bladder is filled. A good time to do the measurement relatively accurately is in the morning after going to the toilet and before taking a shower. You should also always perform the measurement under the same conditions. When you start the measurement in the afternoon, another measurement should be made at the same time. In this way the values can be compared better and differences can be recognized, even if there can be an actual deviation. If you want a reliable measurement of body fat, only a doctor with the Caliper method can do this.

The measuring principle:

Resistors are measured with a so-called four-wire measurement. Two electrodes conduct an imperceptible alternating current to the other two electrodes.

The complex resistance of water, fat and muscle mass leads to different values. The integrated computer calculates the value based on other values that must be entered beforehand (height, age, etc.) and sends the results to the display.

From there you can easily and uncomplicated read the fat proportion, muscle mass and water and compare with the other values. The alternating current is conducted from one foot to the other and therefore only measures the fat dance part that is below the hip. More accurate values can be achieved with the hand parts, if the scale is equipped with them.

Advantages and applications of a body fat monitor

There are many motives why measuring the body fat percentage seems to make sense. A body fat balance is indispensable for the reduction of fat and the build-up of muscle mass. A conventional scale only measures the entire body weight and does not distinguish between muscle mass and fat.

If you want to control fat loss and muscle build-up, a simple scale can't provide you with Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer, black 3 help. On the contrary, a simple scale may limit the motivation for fat loss. If you want to lose weight, you want to be presented with results, especially in terms of sinking weight.

If the scale shows the same weight on the display for weeks without showing any change, the motivation may disappear and lead to a standstill of motivation.

If you use a body fat scale, you can clearly see an improvement in the values by decreasing the value for fat content and increasing the value for muscle mass. Muscles are usually heavier than fat, so there may even be weight gain. The use of a body fat scale is more advantageous in order to achieve the desired target weight more motivated.

Another point, why body fat scales are meaningful with a diet, is composed as follows. With most diets it is the case that weight loss occurs in the first few days.

However, unfortunately it is mostly water what the body loses. The aim of weight reduction should be to reduce fat rather than water. You can use the body fat monitor to see exactly what you have lost during your diet – fat or water.

But also for the pure muscle building of athletes the body fat balance is a good alternative to control the training success. The values show you exactly how much muscle mass has been built up.

By constantly controlling the values you are better able to adapt your training habits.

If you want to build more muscle mass, exercise more.

If you are satisfied with the increase , you can continue with the usual training plan. EineFitbit Personal scale Wifi Aria 2 Body fat scale is therefore also used for self-monitoring.

A body fat balance presents a disadvantage by displaying only inaccurate actual values. You should therefore ensure that you always measure under the same conditions. Early in the morning after getting up is a good time to use the body fat monitor and create almost the same conditions every day. Because even if the values do not correspond to the exact actual values, you can recognize differences by changing the values.

Why is it said that a body fat monitor cannot provide accurate data?

Make sure you ask yourself the question, why you should purchase a body fat monitor when it evaluates inaccurate data.Omron BF 511 body composition monitor, blue 5

If you want to know the exact fat content of your body, the evaluation of a physician by means of special
I need some equipment. The body fat scale provides you with values that differ between one and two percent from the actual values. By Measurement at the same conditions you can clearly read the changes of the values. An example: If you have a fat content of 35 percent during the first measurement, you know for the first time that this value exists. If you start now with the targeted fat reduction, you may be able to detect a difference of one percent at the next measurement, thus 34 percent. Now you know that you have already reduced one percent of fat.

The same applies to muscle masses. Once one percent of fat has been broken down, it is possible that muscle mass will increase by one percent. Thus you know exactly that a change has taken place and can continue in this way. No matter whether training successes or fat reduction in the body are tracked with a body fat balance, you get an overview of where the values are currently.

From this perspective the body fat monitor provides accurate values, which gives you further motivation that you are on the right track.

Today there are new models that can perform a foot to hand measurement whose values differ only slightly from a doctor's results.

Why should I buy a body fat scale if the data is inaccurate?

It depends on the manufacturer and which model you purchase. With a low-cost body fat monitor, it is obvious that it cannot provide accurate data. Even if there is only a simple footprint, the data will not be very accurate.

However, there are different calculation methods to achieve an exact final calculation considering the entered data. Deviations of about 1 at 3 percent must be expected for a body fat balance. But even if the body fat scales cannot provide exact values such as a sports physician, the purchase of a body fat scale makes sense. This can be justified as follows:

The values are performed according to the same calculation formula regardless of the model.Omron BF 511 Body composition device, blue 3 This means that even if the actual value differs, you can use it to compare the values and recognize a success. Recognizing success can be very important in a diet. It is precisely this success that a conventional personal scale does not show, so that the body fat scale is a wonderful purchase.

Once someone is overweight, they stand on the scales and either detect weight loss or weight gain. The increase is the worst thing that can happen to you when you are on a strict diet. The soul dress is already attacked by the lean nutrition anyway. If the personal scale then does not show a clear result, it remembers that all our efforts are in vain, that we do not benefit from them anyway. However, if these persons now also have a body fat balance, the values can be justified – precisely because fat is broken down and muscles are built up, no weight reduction can be detected. Everyone will immediately understand this explanation, as these values are visible on the body fat scale.

With a body fat scale only the weight is recognized, nothing else. So it's also a motivational boost when you're at a low point where you're thinking about getting rid of your diet and sports programme. You see the successes that actually happen in the body and can move more easily to continue – because the body fat balance proves to you that you are on the right track.

So even if the data the actual values, which a sports physician achieves with a complex measuring method, can be different, successes are marked by the differences of the values. This ensures that a diet, sports programme or fitness programme is continued, even if there is currently no weight loss. This is why you can also carry out the weight reduction with the low-cost models from our range. Athletes and people who want to determine exact values should also switch to higher quality models due to the precision.

What types of body fat scales are there?

There are two types of body fat scales. One measures from one foot to the other and has sensors on the stand. Another variant is the foot to mobile phone measurement, where the whole body is measured.
    1. Foot on foot Body fat balance: On a foot on foot balance there is no detachable hand part, which is the reason why the value cannot be measured upwards of the hip. The simple version of the body fat scale looks like a conventional personal scale. However, it has sensors on the stand surface that conduct the current through the body. Sensors can have different appearances. There are body fat scales that have four separate metal sensors. Other body fat scales have two metal plates integrated with four sensors, but you can only see two. This model measures the body fat value up to the hip. If you want to get rid of fat in the abdominal area, the values may not be sufficiently accurate. Due to the fact that this scale only measures up to the hip, the remaining part is upgraded with average values and calculated. A negative point is that these scales give an inaccurate result. On the positive side, a foot-to-foot body fat monitor is already available at a price of 20 euros. If you want to determine the almost exact value, there is another model:
    1. Foot to hand Body fat monitorWith a foot to hand Body fat monitor, the values can be measured almost exactly both up and down the hips. This model works by first measuring the two parts of the body separately and then measuring the right foot to the left hand crosswise. Only when all measurements have been performed can the body fat balance display an almost accurate result. These body fat scales are much more expensive than the foot to foot scales, but can record more accurate values.

Who is the body fat monitor unsuitable for?

Since AC is used for the measurement, the body fat balance is not suitable for everyone. For pregnant women and also for bodybuilders, the measured values would be even less accurate.

For bodybuilders the use of a body fat scale is in no way dangerous, it would only evaluate much too inaccurate data. Therefore, there are special models for athletes that have a sports mode. These body fat scales can represent a relatively accurate statement.

For pregnant women the body fat balance is as safe as for the unborn child. Due to the amniotic fluid, however, the water content is significantly higher than normal, which in turn would lead to a false result. People who have a pacemaker should refrain from using a body fat monitor. The flow that emanates from a body fat balance is not perceptible for healthy people and is not dangerous at all. However, using a body fat monitor with a pacemaker can cause pacemaker problems.

Questions and answers on body fat balance

What are the functions of a body fat monitor?

Each body fat monitor not only measures your body weight, but also the amount of fat in your body. Depending on the model and equipment, you can also benefit from other equipment features. The test winner in the body fat scales range, for example, additionally measures the so-called visceral fat. This is fat deposited in the abdominal cavity, which is particularly harmful for the body. Some models can also determine the amount of water in the body.

Where do I buy a body fat scale?

High-quality body fat scales are available in well-stocked pharmacies and sanitary facilities and of course online in well-known shops such as Otto or Amazon.

What does the body fat balance measure?

The body fat scale not only measures the weight of the user, but also the proportion of body fat. High-quality models also measure the proportion of water in the body and thus independently determine the Body Mass Index.

How accurate is a body fat monitor?

The body fat scale is quite similar to an ordinary scale from the optical point of view. However, this also measures your body fat and possibly also the water content in the body.

What good is a body fat monitor?

If you want to own a high-quality body fat monitor, you should dig a little deeper into your pocket. Good models, whose measuring accuracy has been confirmed in independent tests, start from a acquisition price of about 100 Euro.

How does a body fat monitor work?

Each body fat scale is equipped with sensors located on the floor. If you touch them with your feet, tiny electric shocks are conducted through your body, which you naturally do not feel.

When shall I weigh myself?

Some circumstances, such as a filled bladder, may falsify the measurement results on a body fat monitor. For this reason, it is important that you weigh yourself at the same time each day. Recommended is to weigh yourself in the morning after going to the toilet. Your skin should be dry, so do not weigh yourself immediately after showering.

How much body fat is normal?

body fat is a vital energy store. If too much body fat is present, however, this can even become dangerous. How much body fat is normal depends on the age: The older a person is, the higher body fat values are allowed. Men have a significantly lower proportion of body fat than women. For young men, values of up to 19 percent of body weight are considered normal. For men over 60, the body fat percentage may rise to 24 percent. For women over 60, a body fat percentage of up to 35 percent is considered normal.

How accurate is a body fat monitor?

1byone Bluetooth body fat scale for IOSTo answer this question, you should know that there are two different types of body fat scales. With the foot to foot scale you stand with both feet on the scale and the sensors measure your values only up to the hip. Now average values are determined, which are converted to the entire body. These measurements are somewhat inaccurate. More precisely are the so-called foot to hand scales, which have an additional handpiece. With these scales, you can assume much more accurate Measured values. If you really want very exact values of your body fat percentage, let your doctor perform the so-called Caliper method.

What is the best body fat monitor?

Numerous body fat scales of different price classes are available on the market. The Tanita BC-601 Segment Body Analysis Scale is a model that fully convinced in the test. At Amazon you can buy them for 139,99 Euro. Special feature of this device: All measurement results are stored on an SD card and can be evaluated by you later on the PC. This body analysis scale provides you with a total of nine analysis values, including weight, body and visceral fat, body water and muscle quality. Of course it is a foot to hand scale, so you can assume very accurate readings.

This is how we tested the body fat monitor

In order to give you a exact overview of the different models, we have created a table based on Medisana BS 440 Connect 4which allows you to compare the data. In our test, we started with the evaluation of both the delivery and the packaging.

Important is the Commissioning : A body fat monitor requires accurate information from the user before it can provide results.

You must enter the age, gender and other characteristics . We have evaluated the individual models and sorted them according to ease of use.

Another point is the operation. In our comparative test winner there is a hand part which must be used in the measurement. We have tested and recorded how the scale behaves in practical tests, how well you can stand on it, how long the result will be available, etc.

In addition it seemed very important to us to list all functions of the body fat scales. Wlan, Bluetooth and the use of Apps are helpful tools, which should not be missing in trend of the time.

At the end we brought all factors together to a conclusion and provide you with an overall assessment of the respective model. So you can decide exactly if and which device is suitable for you.

What do I have to look out for when buying a body fat monitor?

The models currently on the market differ in many ways. Price differences can also be seen in the models.

Important factors in a purchase of a body fat monitor represents the price. Before you purchase a body fat monitor, you should set yourself a limit on the price. With regard to the equipment, it is important to know whether the body fat monitor has foot sensors or hand electrodes. Models with hand electrodes are more expensive than body fat scales, which only have foot sensors. The measuring accuracy is much higher for models with hand sensors. Depending on the manufacturer, these are very accurate and allow only a slight deviation from expert equipment.

Another aspect you should consider are the different input options. Most models can measure a weight up to a maximum of 150 kg.

If your weight is higher, it is important that you purchase a model that can recognize higher weights. Also the input of the body size plays an essential role for the accuracy of the measured values. As a rule, a body height of up to 2 meters can be entered. If you measure more than 2 meters, a special body fat balance is required, where higher values can be entered.

body fat scales or personal scales are generally used by the entire family. Omron BF 511 Body Conditioner, blue 2When purchasing, make sure that you can activate the balance for several persons. Perhaps you would also like to show the advantages of a body fat scale to the visitors, so that a guest mode appears advantageous. Higher quality models are equipped with software that is able to immediately analyze and evaluate the measurement data. A transfer to the PC is also possible with some models. This has the advantage that you can take a closer look at the values in a statistic and evaluate any comparisons with previous data. In addition, some of the body fat scales from the manufacturer are equipped with an additional app that takes over the monitoring.

Ultimately It depends on your wishes what a body fat monitor must be able to do and what functions it should have. However, it is also true that the more the body fat monitor can do, the deeper you have to reach into your pocket for it. Athletes and overweight people are well advised to use a body fat monitor with additional functions such as software, as the data can be better compared. Results are made recognizable, which further motivate more to continue with the training in this way.

Using the body fat balance as a motivation

Who suffers from overweight knows how treacherous all the side effects seem. You eat something and you get even more hungry. The ravenous appetite for sweets is barely breastfed and is getting bigger and bigger. Above a certain overweight, you will also notice in the joints that sudden knees hurt and that bending down is no longer so easy.

Just then you are of the opinion that it is now finally time to make a diet and this also
to hold out. They are motivated until their gaze falls on the scales a few days later and there is still no sign of weight reduction. First the pounds tumble and then suddenly stand still – this is a completely normal process, which however not everyone knows and does not know how to interpret.

When the scale suddenly shows no more change, although you are struggling day after day, jogging, cycling or work-outs and last but not least, of course, not eating more than allowed.

At the latest, when this situation occurs, you will sink to the ground depressed and think, it all has no sense. They throw all their plans out of the window again and eat a whole bar of chocolate. This is exactly the situation in which a body fat scale can help you and you will not immediately reach for chocolate.

The difference between personal scales and body fat scales

When entering a personal scale the total weight is presented to you as a number.

With a body fat scale many values are shown, which finally lead to your weight. If you have been using a body fat monitor since the beginning of weight reduction, you know your data exactly. If the fat content is 34 percent, you should already think about a reduction. If you now come to the point described above, where the personal scale only displays the same weight for days on end, body fat scales can clearly show you why this is so. The reason lies mostly in the muscle build-up. The sports programme, which you carry out day after day, puts strain on the muscles. The muscles grow and gain mass. The more muscles you have, the more calories you consume. If no calories are supplied by the food intake, the muscle uses the calories from the fat deposits. So the fat is burned and the muscles grow. The muscles are usually heavier than the fat, which leads to a temporary weight gain.

The body fat balance now shows you by how much percent the fat was reduced and how much more muscle mass was built up.

The values will not be at extreme altitudes. However, if you see a 2 percent reduction in fat and a muscle gain of 3 percent, you know that despite the weight loss, something is happening in your body. They stay more motivated on the ball, continue the sports programme and in this case do not reach for chocolate either. For this reason, it makes sense to use a body fat monitor that accompanies you through the hard time to your desired weight.

When buying a body fat monitor it makes sense to use special functions . Especially overweight people need a lot of information to understand what happens in the body. With additional functions such as data transfer to the PC, Statistics can be created, Diagrams can be reproduced, which make your success even clearer. Apps are also helpful when it comes to motivation. With your smartphone or tablet, you can find your own little work-out that will get you closer to your desired weight day by day, step by step.

Short information about leading manufacturers

Some of the leading manufacturers for body fat scales are: Beurer, Soehnle, Omron, Tanita or Medisana. All these manufacturers have various models in both the low and high price segments. Beurer, Soehnle and Medisana are probably the best known manufacturers of personal scales, body fat scales and other small devices for the body. But manufacturers such as Tanita and Omron can also convince with fantastic functions. Especially in our test series, Tanita's body fat monitor showed excellent results, so that this model was declared the winner in our comparison.

  • Soehnle
  • AEG
  • Medisana
Soehnle is probably the best-known manufacturer of personal scales. These can be found in every department store and also in the online trade these models are noticed again and again. Our practical test also included some of the models that were not able to reach the first place, but impressed with design and quality.
AEG also belongs to a manufacturer that offers body fat scales in its product range. AEG is no longer an independent company, but can score with a fabulous customer service and many helpful functions of the body fat scales. It is also worthwhile to take a look at these models of the manufacturer.
Medisana is a manufacturer that not only specializes in body fat scales, but also scores with blood pressure monitors and other devices in the field of body care. Therefore it is indispensable for this manufacturer to offer a good customer service. By mail, hotline or a contact form, you can easily contact the manufacturer.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where do I best buy my body fat balance?

Body fat scales are available both in free trade and on the Internet. However, the choice of body fat scales in free trade is usually limited, so that there are only models of a certain price range. If you would like to purchase a high quality body fat scale, it is necessary to visit a special shop. These are usually pharmacies or health food shops. The prices are very high if you compare them with the prices on the Internet. Our comparative test winner, the Tanita BD 601, costs well over 200 euros in retail. It is available on the Internet for just over 150 euros. But not only the price is decisive when buying on the Internet. The selection of the many models in the network is also simplified. It is possible to choose between all the models on the market, to compare them with each other and to choose a body fat scale according to your wishes. You can take your time with the selection, as you can still compare and possibly also buy after closing time. The desired model will then simply be sent to you by parcel post and delivered to your home. You save yourself the long shopping tours through many department stores and can already try out the body fat balance after a few days.

Is buying on the Internet safe?

Many people see still from a purchase in the Internet ab, since there are many cheats. The scams have become known through well-known promotion houses, but this is not the case if you go shopping in an online store. Because online merchants are usually nothing more than merchants who simply want to sell their goods both online and in retail stores. For these people online trading is very important to keep the turnover constant and to keep up with the competitors. On the net, products are often offered at lower prices, which is due to the fact that costs are lower. If you buy a product on the Internet, you do not need a salesperson to advise you and you do not enter a shop that costs the dealer rent. Therefore, an online retailer can offer ever cheaper prices, which will then be advantageous for you, as you can save a lot of money.

Online dealer you can easily check their seriousness. There are dealers who do not have an imprint. So if you can't see where this online retailer is, you'd better go to the next one. Because it could actually be a fraud – which has not been proven for a long time. You can also see from the payment methods how seriously the merchant works. Paypal is always a good way to check the merchant. Because with Paypal you have a buyer protection, which is granted up to 200 euros. This means that Paypal acts as a trustee who manages the money until it is exchanged. You pay for the goods immediately, the merchant gets the money. However, you do not pay to the merchant, but to Paypal – this service provider passes the money to the merchant and the payment process is completed so far. If the dealer does not deliver within 21 days, you can reclaim the amount. If it is justified you get your money back and the merchant has no chance of running a scam. But there are other possibilities for buyer protection. The online merchant does not have to be equipped with Paypay to grant buyer protection. The aforementioned aspects are all sure signs that a purchase on the Internet is safe.

The diversity only the Internet offers

Once you enter a shop, you may be able to choose from 10 models of body fat scales. There are several models on the net that might be more suitable for you. There are also price differences between the many dealers. As you browse the web, you are sure to meet other customer opinions about the selected device. This means that the better the opinions of other users, the better the body fat balance. In forums you will meet people who have already purchased this body fat monitor. They write a report about the scales and inform people about the advantages and disadvantages of the model. By these opinions of the other users you can select more purposefully models, take these into the closer selection and indulge in a price comparison in the end still another price comparison. A price comparison also includes the postage costs. There are online merchants who ship postage free all over Germany. If you come across an online retailer who charges postage, you should include this in the total price and compare even further. There are always traders who give more percentages due to a sell-out, so that the goods are offered even cheaper. To inform first once in the net, can be under circumstances a meaningful alternative.

Use the return policy

On the Internet you can order almost everything that can be sold and bought. However, the legislator has decided that purchasing power is much higher on the Internet and that consumers buy something faster. In retrospect, however, many think that it wasn't the right device and would rather buy another one. In the retail trade, they need serious reasons to exchange something again. In the net you can send goods back to the sender at any time without giving reasons. The latter is obliged to comply with the right of return. You get your money back and can then choose another model. However, remember that you must return a body fat scale in its original condition, for example. If this has a damage, the on-line dealer can refuse the return. It is therefore advisable to open the box if you do not like the body fat scale, put it back in the box and return the body fat scale together with the original box to the sender. Only in this way is a return by the online retailer possible. He is not obliged to take back already used objects. However, you should inform the online retailer that you wish to withdraw from the purchase contract so that they can act by mutual agreement.

Alternatives to body fat scales

The body fat balance is able to measure the total body weight and also to detect percentage water, fat, muscle mass and bone weight.

Although the values are not to be regarded as sufficiently accurate. Therefore, the alternative is to use calipometry. The body folds can be measured with the help of pliers.

Measurable are all areas such as abdomen, legs, arms. These values are added and compared using a table. This table provides information on the percentage of body fat. It is possible to record the data using this measuring clamp and a conventional personal scale. However, the use of a body fat scale is simpler. In order to obtain accurate results, it is necessary to go to a sports physician, where this type of treatment includes a cost contribution, which is not usually covered by health insurance. It is also possible to use these devices to measure the fat content of the body itself, but this requires some practice.

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