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Best Blueray Player 2019 • 0 Blueray Players Reviews

What is a Blu-ray player?

BluRay Player from Samsung with remote control and instructionsThe Blu-ray player is a electrical device, with which Blu-rays can be played. blu-rays are small, round silver discs with a hole in the centre. They see their Predecessors, the still quite common CDs and DVDs, very similar and also work in similar ways as an external Blu-ray player shows test and comparison.

But because they have multiples an memory , they can store unequal larger data sets – this more of information affects a higher image– and sound quality.

A Blu-ray player is always dependent on the appropriate periphery. Without a connected screen no image, Without speaker no sound. In order for a Blu-ray to play its superior technique to its full potential, the remaining components must also have a certain level. On a television in pocket size you will of course not see much of the high-resolution sharpness of the modern HD format. By the way, a Blu-ray player according to a Blu-ray player test usually also supports the playback of CDs and DVDs.

How does a Blu-ray player work?

Not only optical, also technical the Blu-ray-Disc is closely related to its extremely successful Predecessors DVD and CD. The critical difference is the laser, used for scanning and reading used for data.

BluRay Player from Samsung in the boxA Blu-ray player test shows that this laser has an extremely small wavelength and can therefore read particularly fine data layers. Although the Blu-ray disc is not larger than one CD or one DVD – all three have a diameter of exactly 12 cm – it offers in this way clearly more space.> >DVD.

But it is not only the physical space advantage that makes the best Blu-ray players the technically superior medium, as an external Blu-ray player test shows. Also in terms of software, a Blu-ray player has powerful improvements: modern video formats allow a much more effective and qualitatively appealing playback of picture and sound information, than it was previously possible. In addition, the connection to the Internet ensures the regular update of the Blu-ray player software and thus guarantees highest possible compatibility with all software further developments including copy protection.

What can a Blu-ray player do?

First and foremost, most people think of the playback of data carriers, films and series directly on the TV set. But the technology in the area of Blu-ray players has made significant progress in recent years, as external Blu-ray player tests show. Of course, this also applies to the functions and equipment of modern players.

But what can a Blu-ray player really do in this day and age? Which different functions should not be missing from the modern models on the market today? To give you a comprehensive overview of the functions and possibilities that a modern Blu-ray-Player can offer you today, the following is a brief introduction to the common functions and capabilities.

The first and important task with a modern Blu-ray-Player is of course the playback of the high-quality Blu-rays. Due to the high resolution of both the picture and the sound, these represent a particularly high demand on the technology used, not only for the Blu-ray player, but also for the television. As a rule, Blu-ray players on the market today have a drawer that opens directly on the device or on the remote control at the push of a button, as a Blu-ray player shows.

Inserting or removing the Blu-ray is then of course possible in one easy step for the user. Alternative models today also offer a drawer instead of a drawer, the principle is of course very similar and also very simple.

BluRay Player from Samsung in the boxHowever, according to the external Blu-ray player test, the functions go even further with a modern Blu-ray player and with the high-quality models. So the right model is available on the market for every high demand.

So there are here today among other things models , which have the popular and modern 3D technology . Thanks to this, a spatial representation of the contents is then possible without problems.

With the right technology, the output is then in 3D, but alternatively the models can also be used in classic mode. This is useful, for example, if the television with support for the 3D technology is no longer available in your own four walls for at least a short time.

In this case, the Blu-ray-Player can still be used and fulfills all requirements. Further requirements for a successful playback with spatial representation of all contents is, of course, first and foremost a modern HDMI cable and a corresponding Blu-ray. It is always advisable for the user to pay attention to specially optimized data carriers.

Because these really do produce the best results every time they are played and every time they are used. But of course with the used Blu-ray-Player a playback of the other media is usually no problem at all. This also shows an external Blu-ray player Test. However, here only a scaling of the shown contents takes place, thus it is not about natives 3D.

Also in the today's time the Internet may not be missing naturally any longer and this plays in the everyday life of many humans also really a large role. Accordingly, it is probably no wonder that more and more manufacturers of Blu-ray players are deciding to install a corresponding function in combination with the Internet.

Today many of the models can be directly connected to the Internet via WLAN interface or LAN cable. Accordingly, access to the worldwide network is established in a few simple steps and within a few minutes. Here the user benefits not only from a simple call of web pages, but rather from specially optimized and adapted services.

Here it is possible to stream music and video directly to your own TV using Blu-ray-Player. Even social networks such as Facebook and Co. have found their way to many devices today, where even the best Blu-ray players make no exception from the tests and comparisons then of course. To ensure that the user always has access to all functions with the best comfort, the manufacturer naturally makes every effort to keep the devices in the Blu-ray player range up to date.

Especially with the models with permanent access to the Internet, this is easier than ever before for both the manufacturer and the user of the technology, as an external Blu-ray player test shows. Updates and new versions of the installed software can be downloaded directly from the Internet to the new Blu-ray-Player and then installed here.

Especially if the manufacturer regularly releases new functions and wants to update the device with new Updates, this is definitely a very big advantage that you as a user should definitely take notice of. On the one hand you benefit from a better functionality, on the other hand you would have to import the important Updates alternatively by hand.

Advantages & Application areas

The simplest, closest and most direct application area of the Blu-ray player is of course the home cinema. At first glance, he shares this preference with his immediate predecessor, the DVD player, who also still has the overall greater supply of movies and series. So why upgrade?BluRay Player by Samsung in the box with contents

Every pore counts: The fascination of detail

Compare one and the same film in the DVD-typical SD-resolution with a high resolution scanning on Blu-ray-Disc, then you feel like a person with visual impairment, who is allowed to put on his glasses for the first time.

The difference is powerful, previously hidden and unimagined details become visible and convey an entirely new depth and vivid plasticity.

More than just realistic: HD sound storms in the living room

Finer sampling and more punchy bass are also offered by the new HD sound standards , which make their way into the Blu-ray player home cinema . Never before has a movie sound sound sounded so spatial and real – assuming the right loudspeakers. Of course, the Blu-ray disc offers the same service as its predecessor DVD and allows flying switching to the original audio track.

No longer only in the cinema: 3D movies finally for home cinema

BluRay Player by Samsung with remote controlThe huge success of James Camerons Avatar heralded the age of 3D movies in the cinema. Initially, the rule was that the new, visually stunning pleasure was only possible in the cinema and the operators rubbed their hands.

With 3D-suitable Blu-ray players the third dimension is suddenly accessible from the local couch. Almost every newer blockbuster is also available on 3D-Blu-ray, while DVD releases always have to be modest with the poorly resolved 2D image.

The 3D technology not belongs to the original Blu-ray standard and is therefore not supported by every device. In the Blu-ray player test comparison, we will of course exactly explain whether a model has this fascinating function.

No more playback problems thanks to automatic update

The standard Internet connection of the Blu-ray player allows the manufacturers to regular update their firmware. This means that even with older devices the highest possible compatibility between playback software and medium is always guaranteed, whereas with the DVD in these cases only the purchase of a new playback device was possible.

Films from the net: Streaming is the future

Films on haptic media have now received powerful competition on the Internet : Streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime attract with a large offer and faster availability. Many Blu-ray players support the so-called Smart-TV technique, which allows direct access to these pages. Thus a Blu-ray-Player also without inserted medium guarantees optimal film enjoyment.

Sharpener always works: 4K resolution on the advance

Instructions for a BluRay player from Samsung in detailThe technical progress does not stop, and the next generation of Blu-ray players brings another quantum leap in resolution. 4K scans lock with even higher resolution, expanded contrast, enhanced color space, and a faster frame rate. This means even more detail, even more plasticity and even smoother playback.

These possibilities inspire, and that's why we will deal with them immediately in a Blu-ray player comparison, if a tested model already supports this function.

View your own photos and videos in best quality

Many Blu-ray players from the tests support common and partly exotic picture and video formats, which can be played so comfortably on the big television screen. The additional possibility to connect external media such as USB sticks and hard disks makes the Blu-ray player the preferred player for the very personal pictures- and film collection. If desired, it can also be played automatically – with all technical improvements that a modern Blu-ray player brings with it.

Films to join in: Interactivity on Blu-ray player

The Blu-ray-Disc offers another feature, which was hardly to think of at DVD times: By means of a specially defined data layer, interactive contents are possible, which can be created in the programming language Java. The BD-J called Feature is intended to enable user-controllable Blu-ray applications and even whole movies to participate.

A Blu-ray player is also worthwhile for DVD collectors

Many an owner of a large DVD collection may wonder whether he should make the switch really wagen and thinks with pain of his many expensive and beloved silver discs. The good news is: Blu-ray player can also polish low-resolution DVDs during playback powerful thanks to its sophisticated scaling technology. This is no full HD enjoyment, but better than anything a conventional DVD player is capable of.

The most important advantages once again in a brief overview

Remote control for a BluRay player from Samsung in detailPlease be aware: not all listed advantages are supported by every device. This overview is a list that possibilities, not the actual properties of a any Blu-ray player.

In doubt an extensive Blu-ray player test comparison 2019 should be consulted, which all strengths ins right light moves and no weaknesses concealed.

  • High resolution image with unprecedented detail
  • Glass-clear sound with massive, spatial sound
  • several languages and subtitles to choose from
  • Thanks to Internet connection always on the newest state of development
  • Comfortable playback of your own video files
  • Enjoy existing DVD collection in better quality
  • 3D movie enjoyment like in the cinema
  • The step into the next technology generation with 4K playback
  • Practical smart TV function allows fast and uncomplicated access to streaming services
  • More interaction thanks to BD-J

Blu-ray player News

The field of Blu-ray players today is not only as diverse as never before, but also very exciting. On the one hand, technology is not only relatively new, but has also undergone a great deal of change in recent years. The development could hardly be faster here.

Accordingly, more or less exciting news around the Theme Blu-ray-Player can be found in the vastness of the internet and the fast technical development. What these are and what significance they have for both the market and the user is explained below.

The technical news around the topic Blu-ray-Player has become more and more in the past months and years. There are several reasons for this. One of the reasons is mainly found in the fact of increasing popularity. More and more people are choosing to use one of the Blu-ray players in their own homes and living rooms.

BluRay Player from Samsung in the boxThis is certainly also due to the increasing functionality of the different models on the market. As an external Blu-ray player test shows, many of the Blu-ray players are real all-rounders today. At the same time, however, falling prices are also increasing popularity and ensuring that new news on this exciting topic can be found again and again, especially on the Internet, but also in numerous trade journals. Because today the first good Blu-ray-Player can be found on the market for less than 50 Euro, so that nothing should stand in the way of a spontaneous purchase.

Most of the news, both on the internet and in the magazines, usually deal with the new models that are already on the market or will appear on the market in the coming weeks and months.

This offers a big advantage for the customer, because by reading the news regularly he gets an exciting insight into the functionality and the fast development of the Blu-ray-Player on today's market.

Also the Blu-ray-Player Test is always represented in the news, so that you can get new information about this topic in this area again and again.

If you are not only interested in the simple technical details and data of the Blu-ray players on the market, but also want to read more information here, you don't have to be disappointed. Because the numerous news around the topic Blu-ray-Player go still another clear step further and offer more variety, than many users assume this perhaps at first sight.

For example, there are always contributions that do not deal directly with the Blu-ray-Player itself, but with a no less important topic. If, for example, new titles and films come onto the market in the popular format, news is often written and published on this subject as well.

So if you would like to get practical information and entertaining tips in this area as well, you will certainly find what you are looking for very quickly here. Here, too, the corresponding texts and articles can be found both on the Internet and in corresponding journals, so the selection is correspondingly large.

By the way: If you are not only looking for the latest news about the Blue-Ray players, but also find all other information and facts about this technology very interesting, you can hope for extensive reading here as well. Today, the topic is more present than ever before and the number of contributions dealing with it is correspondingly high.

News in the field of Blu-ray players

Even though the popularity of Blu-ray players continues to increase, especially in this day and age, manufacturers on the large market are of course keen to create new incentives for interested customers.

In fact, new functions and subtleties are constantly appearing on the market, which actually bring the purchase of a new model back into focus for the customer, as shown by Blu-ray player tests. In the following article you will find out which novelties can be found on the market today and what it will look like in the coming years with the development of technology . This will allow you to get a comprehensive picture of this topic and to know what changes you can expect in the coming months and years.

BluRay Player by Samsung in the boxFor many years the Full-HD resolution with a display of 1920 x 1080 pixels was the most used standard. This is still true today for many Blu-ray players, but a small change and a new trend can now be seen among both manufacturers and users.

New televisions with a significantly higher resolution are already available on the market today for relatively little money and the content is also adapting more and more to the new standard.

In this case we are talking about the 4k-resolution, which again promises a much better quality when displayed in an external Test and Blu-ray player test.

The manufacturers are now actually bringing the first models on the market, which have the appropriate equipment and technology on board to shine with this resolution in everyday life. Although these models are still relatively expensive, an external Blu-ray player test clearly shows that this investment is actually worthwhile. The quality of all images is extremely good with a corresponding Blu-ray player, even small and fine details come into their own.

Internet functions also play an increasingly important role in the Blu-ray player nowadays, as Blu-ray player tests show. They are already expected by many users today as a matter of course. Because if no suitable disc is available for playback with the Blu-ray player, this is no longer a problem with the technical innovations in the numerous models on the market today. Every good Blu-ray player of the well-known and popular manufacturers on the market today offers the customer the possibility to directly access the Internet with very little effort and without additional costs.

In many cases this works with a modern Blu-ray-Player as it does with a classic TV box, which just a few years ago simply could not be missing in many living rooms and completed the equipment on the TV.

Today, the Blu-ray players are available for this purpose, which offer a similar functionality and also hardly leave any wishes open in this area. The most important Apps are usually already installed on the device at the time of purchase, so that nothing should stand in the way of direct use within your own four walls.

Another important point: Especially the high quality Blu-ray-Player on the market can be significantly extended in functionality thanks to this novelty. This is because manufacturers and suppliers of modern technology can provide a large number of additional apps and programs on request. Various Blu-ray player tests and comparisons have shown very clearly again and again that the technical novelty has significantly increased the functionality and comfort of use.

Manufacturer of the best Blu-ray players

Today, the market offers all interested parties a particularly wide variety of different models, as shown by Blu-ray player tests. However, here more or less good manufacturers are represented, which inspire the customers with high-quality products and facilitate a purchase clearly. Which manufacturers are really the best on the market and what sets the models apart from the competition, you will now learn in detail in the following article.

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Pioneer
One of the best known and largest manufacturers of modern Blu-ray players on the market is Samsung. The company from South Korea has not only been known for high-quality televisions and smartphones with modern technology for many years, but can also score in external Blu-ray player tests again and again with very good models and excellent ratings. The models not only stand out with their very good picture and sound quality, but also with their extensive equipment. Of course, this usually varies from model to model, but in general there is a suitable Blu-ray-Player for almost every demand and taste. The range of different models on the market is of course correspondingly large, and the range is constantly being expanded and new devices for the customer are being launched on the market.
Another well known and very big manufacturer for the best Blu-ray player on the market at all is LG. The company has made it its business to offer the right model with a very good performance and extensive equipment on the market in every price range and for every budget as well as for every requirement. An external Blu-ray player test shows that this usually works very well. In addition to the elegant, yet slim and discreet look, the Blu-ray player from LG also scores with a large equipment as well as many practical functions, which should hardly leave anything to be desired in everyday use.
Although the company offers Panasonic the modern Blu-ray-Player in a significantly smaller selection on the market, the company nevertheless maintains a good position on the market. Because the players have modern equipment with modern technology, which can convince also in Blu-ray player tests again and again on full line and leaves here hardly desires open. The prices are roughly identical to those of the competition. The devices also make a very good and modern optical impression in every living room. Of course, the players already support different standards and file formats by default. In addition to simple and fast playback via Blu-ray disc, playback via external media such as a USB stick is also possible. A matter of course with most models is of course also with Panasonic a fast access to the Internet.
The manufacturer Pioneer is represented with a small market share, but with state-of-the-art technology and extensive equipment. However, the manufacturer's models are primarily aimed at users with high standards of purchase and use, because the prices are quite high compared to the competition for Blu-ray player. However, the models for this also show excellent performance in the Blu-ray player test again and again. Here not only the numerous interfaces are to be mentioned positively, also with the remaining equipment the models leave nothing to be desired, especially in today's world.


Accessories for Blu-ray players

A Blu-ray player test shows that the Blu-ray player today offers a variety of practical functions. However, with a little specialist knowledge and the right motivation, these can only be used properly. In the following you will learn which accessories play an important role when using a modern Blu-ray player from the Blu-ray player test and which techniques should not be missing in your own living room.

A very important role and high-quality accessories for a Blu-ray player in your own living room is the cable used. As a rule, players from well-known manufacturers are simply connected to the television using HDMI cables. However, there are clear differences in the market for cables today. This does not only start with the quality, but also extends to the optics and the length. Especially in this case it is better to choose a more generous player, because only in this case a free positioning of the player is really possible. At the same time, the cable should of course also be suitable for the corresponding techniques, which the Blu-ray Player provides for the users.

The next accessory is not necessarily particularly important for operation, but nevertheless extremely practical, especially for daily use in the evening or at night. These are classic headphones that you can connect to the source or terminal device by radio. Because in many apartments it is often not welcome to increase the volume in front of the television during a cosy evening.

BluRay Player by Samsung with remote controlHowever, this is a lot of fun for many movies, because the sound effects can only be shown to their best advantage. But of course you don't have to do without the good sound at high volume if you choose the right accessory for your Blu-ray player .

The headphones with wireless technology offer maximum comfort when used, even getting up and running in the living room is no problem at all, as various Blu-ray player tests show.

Very practical is the fact that thanks to them nothing should stand in the way of watching movies in the middle of the night. Even at a very high volume, the neighbours benefit from maximum silence.

A spilled glass of Coke or simply a normal defect over the years, it can happen again and again that the remote control of the Blu-ray-Player is not ready to work overnight. In this case, of course, it is not possible to buy a complete new player, because there is a much better and simpler solution for all users. On the one hand, it is no longer a problem to buy a remote control directly over the Internet.

Because especially in the big auction houses the corresponding models for the matching Blu-ray-Player are to be found again and again in a very large selection and here often also very favorable, so that the new purchase almost becomes a bargain.

As an alternative it is of course also possible to buy a universal remote control . A Blu-ray player test shows that the various models on the market also work with those usually without any problems. The models cost only a few Euros both on site and of course on the Internet and can be used directly afterwards without any restrictions.

Basic requirements for use

Of course, according to Blu-ray player test, the technology of Blu-ray players requires certain and basic conditions so that you can use them in your own living room without problems and restrictions. In the following we will briefly introduce which technology simply must not be missing in the living room, so that the new Blu-ray-Player can really unfold its functions with full effect.

A modern Blu-ray player makes special demands on the television set used. In various Blu-ray player tests it is very clearly shown again and again that the right quality definitely pays off here. After all, a modern Blu-ray player is used in your own living room to convince with a very good quality. This applies both to the actual image and to the sound. A modern flat-screen TV is therefore an obligatory requirement so that all content and all subtleties can be shown to their best advantage during playback.

A very important point concerns the selection of the available connections. As the external Blu-ray player test also shows, most manufacturers rely on a modern HDMI interface for most of the models on the market.

On the one hand, this is not only very important for comfort, but also plays an important role with the high resolution in combination with the very good image quality of the Blu-rays.

After all, most devices today fulfil the popular Full-HD standard without any problems, other and even higher resolutions can also be found on the market today.

If you want even more performance and even more functions with your new Blu-ray player in your own living room, you should also attach great importance to another aspect.

According to an external Blu-ray player test, these small devices are now real all-rounders in addition to the simple playback of data media. Access to numerous online services and the Internet is no longer a problem with a modern Blu-ray player.

However, not all devices on the market have a WLAN interface to connect the device to the WLAN network. However, if you do not want to do without the numerous online functions when using them, you should make sure that you can connect to the Internet via cable.

By the way, in various Blu-ray player tests the functions over the Internet turn out to be very practical. This is because other content can also be displayed on the television without problems if desired. But also a use of Facebook, the playback of music and more can be played here.

You should also use a corresponding sound solution for a Blu-ray player in your own living room. After all, the data carriers for playback with a Blu-ray player are also optimized with regard to sound, special results are very good here, as various Blu-ray player tests show.

The integrated loudspeakers in most televisions are only inadequately suitable for this because they leave much to be desired in terms of quality. So if you want to enjoy and experience all the acoustic subtleties of watching movies, series and the like, you should invest the money here in a sound bar or matching speakers.

Nowadays also the external Blu-ray player tests show that the functionality can be significantly increased by this simple but very effective measure. So if you attach great importance to this value and a particularly good result with every use, you should also invest some money here. In fact, much less money has to be spent on this than many people think at first glance.

Because very good solutions of the well-known and large manufacturers on the market for a clearly better sound are already to be found for scarcely 100 euro on the market, which can be ordered both in the business locally and directly over Internet .

A further, but very special prerequisite is only possible for some models on the market. In this case we are talking about a Blu-ray-Player with a 3D function. In general this works very well, as the numerous models in various Blu-ray player tests can prove again and again. Of course, the appropriate technology must be available in the living room so that the appropriate function really comes into its own. Of course, the use of such a model only makes sense if a television set with a 3D function is also located in your own four walls and can be used here.

What types of Blu-ray players are there?

Although according to a Blu-ray player test there is an official standard for Blu-ray systems, which all certified manufacturers have to follow, there are now different device types on the market, some with strongly expanded functions.

Standard Blu-ray player

According to a Blu-ray player test, commercially available, ordinary Blu-ray players must only be able to play all media that have been produced according to the clear and binding defined Blu-ray standard. You can usually recognize them by their iconic blue shells, which are usually slightly smaller and flatter than their DVD counterparts.

Standard models usually cannot reproduce 3D-, 4K- or Ultra-HD-Blu-rays. The extent to which they are compatible with Internet Streams and various video file formats is strong depends on manufacturer and must be taken from the respective product description. Also the Blu-ray player test comparison deals with such questions of course.

3D Blu-ray player

Tentative attempts at film playback in 3D have been around for over 50 years. But it was the worldwide success of James Cameron's special effects orgy avatar that led to the 3D technology‘s final breakthrough. Above all cinema operators are pleased about this welcome possibility to raise the incomes.

With a 3D-capable Blu-ray player it is no longer necessary to make an effort to enjoy movies in 3D extra ins cinema. But there is a small catch: Not only the Blu-ray-Player, also the connected TV or Beamer have to support the demanding 3D-Format – otherwise all areas remain flat.

Today the most of them available on the market Blu-ray players support 3D playback according to various Blu-ray player tests 3D playback – but when buying a 3D-capable movie you have to always make sure that the 3D version is also included on the Disc.

Blu-ray recorder

Blu-ray-Recorder are special Blu-ray-Player, which are able to describe suitable Blu-rays (BD-ROMs). They are suitable for high-quality recordings of HD-TV broadcasts or comparable sources. Blu-ray recorders are more expensive than their ordinary counterparts and also consume more current. A particular form of Blu-ray recorders are Blu-ray burners for computers.

Software Blu-ray player

While DVD drives could establish themselves quite quickly as new standard for PCs, Blu-ray drives are still a shadowy existence today and have not yet been able to establish themselves across the board. Nevertheless, they do exist, and their installation gives the computer user at least theoretically the possibility of Blu-ray playback.

In order for this to work in practice, you must install special software . In principle work Software-Blu-ray-Player similar to their Hardware-Pendants, but strongly depend on the components in PC-System (processor, memory, graphics card, soundcard) and more susceptible to malfunctions.

In the Blu-ray player test comparison we have not considered these pure software solutions , but limited ourselves to independent single devices.

Video game consoles as Blu-ray players

Since the release of Playstation 3, Blu-ray drives have established themselves as the standard for large consoles, and also the current generation has with the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 two disguised Blu-ray-Player at the start – which do their thing more than tidy and also when playing 3D-Blu-rays a good figure .

Contrary to the usual competition you can also read the respective games-Blu-rays! Nevertheless, they are only conditionally suitable as a full replacement for a Blu-ray player: their power consumption is well above the average typical for a device.

Although the consoles can be regarded as true Blu-ray players, they were not included in a Blu-ray player test, because their respective features vary at times and strongly depend on the current version of the firmware – basically it is a variant of the software players, and we would like to concentrate on hardware models.

How the Blu-ray players were tested in tests

In this section we reveal what was particularly interesting in many external Blu-ray player tests and give a overview about the most important test criteria, so that our readers can understand how the Blu-ray player comparison winners were chosen.

Price/Performance ratio

Also we are happy about a seductive bargain price, but of course the cheapest offer not automatic comes off best.

Instead, the external experts take a close look in a Blu-ray player test and want to know what is on offer for purchase price – the decisive factor in various tests was the relation between the feature range and the price called up by the manufacturer.

Supported video formats

It goes without saying that a Blu-ray player is able to play Blu-rays unattended. The external Blu-ray player tests also showed this. But today it belongs to good sound, that also other video formats are supported.

Here the wheat is often separated from the chaff in a test, because the compatibility of the different Blu-ray players to the popular formats is sometimes extremely different.

Existing Connections

Whether loudspeaker systems or HD televisions: additional peripherals must be connected to every Blu-ray player in order to enable sensory use.

HDMI is standard according to a Blu-ray player test, but some models also offer optional analog and digital audio connections, plus LAN- and USB ports for connecting USB sticks and external hard drives.

Additional functions

While the first generation of Blu-ray players was still very generic, the latest generation offers any amount additional options.

We'll take a good look at them, of course: For the playback of 3D-Blu-rays or 4K-films there are satte Extrapoints. The Smart-TV-function, which allows access to streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime, is becoming more and more popular and today it is hard to imagine life without it.

Other special features

If a device has unique selling points of a positive or negative nature, these are of course also included in the Blu-ray player test comparison.

This can be a pleasantly quiet (or unpleasantly loud) drive, a fast reacting processor, a particularly compact design or a clearly structured and intuitive menu.

What do I have to look out for when buying a Blu-ray player?

Even if personal Preferences can overlap with objective Test criteria (and inevitably will), every buyer should make clear before Decision for a certain device what his own Requirement profile looks like.

  • Are the Blu-ray player connectors compatible with my peripherals?
Often television sets and loudspeakers or receivers are already present and should be used with the new Blu-ray player. Therefore it is important to clarify in the apron which connections are required and whether these are actually present in the desired model.

With a veteran scart cable nobody gets far anymore and all Blu-ray players support the standard HDMI, which also transmits the audio track. However, if you want to connect a receiver or speakers directly, you are directed to the corresponding sockets .

  • What video and audio formats are supported in addition to the Blu-ray standard?
If you want to watch your own videos via the Blu-ray player, you should make sure that the desired file formats are actually supported by the device before buying. In a large Blu-ray player test comparison, we list exactly which formats can be read by the model in question.
  • I value 3D Blu-ray playback?
3D is a trend of the hour, but by no means all Blu-ray players support the playback of these special media. If you want to indulge in 3D enjoyment, you need a especially suitable 3D Blu-ray player and a suitable TV or glasses. A Blu-ray player test shows whether a tested model meets these requirements.
  • Can I connect external storage media?
Today almost everyone would like to watch a self-created video file, digital holiday pictures or a film download from the net on the big HD television. Therefore, it is important that the Blu-ray player has a USB interface with which you can connect external hard drives or USB sticks. Unfortunately this useful function is not yet perfect Standard.
  • What about Internet capability?
No Blu-ray player no connection to the Internet, but many devices only support one connection via cable. This is not suitable for every household; a large proportion of users will want the possibility of a wireless radio connection. However, WLAN is by no means a standard, so the presence of WLAN should be clarified in advance.
  • Do I need a recording option?
Normally Blu-ray players are only intended for reading of Blu-ray discs, recordable media are also exception like writable devices. Nevertheless the trade offers both possibilities , and who would like to describe BD-ROMs, needs either a Blu-ray-Recorder or a Computer with Blu-ray-Burner..
  • How loud may the Blu-ray player be?
Particularly with devices that are located in the living room, value is often placed on not producing too much noise. Not all Blu-ray players are pleasantly quiet. In order to prevent possible interferences , the volume of the drive and fan should be checked in advance – the large Blu-ray player test comparison also provides satisfactory information about this.

The leading manufacturers

Here we introduce the nine important companies led by Sony already in year 2002, so on the highlight the DVD wave burning that have generated specifications for the intended successor, the blu-ray disc,.

In front of this background nobody can be surprised that all nine names can be found on the list of leading manufacturers of blu-ray players even after the breakthrough of blu-ray discs.

  • Hitachi
  • LG Electronics
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Pioneer
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Sony
  • Thomson
There are many companies that bear the name of their founder, whereas the Japanese Hitachi company bears the name des place where it was founded.

The combinative company history survived two world wars and led the conglomerate into the top group of the world economy, where Hitachi continues to this day with persistence and great success.

The consumer electronics is only one division of the South Korean company LG Electronics. Although today the slogan Life's Good” adorns the company logo, the letters L and G originally stood for Lucky Goldstar, after an earlier name of the company from the founding period.

For their Blu-ray players, the South Koreans can draw on their considerable experience as market leaders in the production of CD-ROM drives. Football friends in Germany know LG Electronics also as tricot sponsor of the Bundesliga team Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

Also the name Panasonic is well known and rich in tradition. The Japanese company has been trading under this name only since 2008. The founder Konosuke Matsushita originally named his company Matsushita Denki Sangyō, and Panasonic was only a brand for the marketing of export goods. Because the brand was soon better known abroad than the actual company name, the clever businessman decided pragmatically to rename .

Television sets, CD, DVD and Blu-ray players from Panasonic are now part of the range of every reasonably well-stocked electronics shop.

The company history of Philips goes back to the 19th century, but of course there was no high-tech device like the Blu-ray player to think about. The beginnings of today's global corporation were a factory for the production of bulbs in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

After the successful beginning world economic crisis and 2. world war of course also Philips had a hard time, but one survived these stormy times and with the 1960s one could experience a continuous upswing, at the peak of which one became one of the world's largest electronics companies.

The Japanese company Pioneer has only been trading under this name since 1961, but it was founded 1938. One was significantly involved in the development of the laserdisc, a predecessor medium of the blu-ray-disc. Based on these experiences, Pioneer could build on the development of the blu-ray-disc.

In the last years Pioneer had to fight however with massive difficulties and had to deliver large parts of its development branch to the competitor Panasonic . Since then, the company's own production has been severely restricted, but warranty services for equipment already sold continue to be provided.

With over half a million employees and a triple-digit billion euro turnover, the South Korean conglomerate Samsung is one of the most important global players on the market. In the field of television sets and mobile phones one is worldwide number one.

A very remarkable development, considering that the beginnings of Samsung were in food production. Even today, at least in the home country of South Korea, the market is still dominant.

The Japanese electronics group Sharp was founded in the year 1912. One of the company's merits was the development of the first mobile pocket calculator.

The company has also successfully remained true to this product branch. In addition, at Sharp one has long since jumped on the ever faster bandwagon of consumer electronics and also produces very popular LCD TVs, audio equipment and even Blu-ray players.

No other company is as much associated with development and the success of Blu-ray disc as Sony. The electronics giant from Japan was in charge of the Blu-ray consortium and with its console Playstation 3 has significantly accelerated the success of the blue disc.

Its allies have chosen the 1946 incorporated corporation with caution: Among others, the only two Japanese electronics companies on the list are Hitachi and Panasonic, which are even larger than Sony itself. It goes without saying that Sony has been pushing the technical limits of the medium to the limit to this day and is constantly bringing new, better Blu-ray players onto the market.

The history of the US company Thomson was very volatile and was marked by several takeovers and mergers.

2010 the name of the previously purchased company Technicolor was adopted, which is well known for the invention of the color film of the same name. Today, Thomson exists only as a trademark licensed by the owner Techicolor to interested manufacturers of electronics.


Internet vs. retail: Where is the best place to buy my Blu-ray player?

The starting situation is clear: The decision to purchase a blu-ray player has been made. Maybe you have already found a suitable Blu-ray player with the help of the Blu-Ray-Player test comparison 2019, and now the question arises, where you probably get the desired one best?

badly sorted, overcrowded and expensive: the local retail

The classical shopping channel leads to the stationary specialty trade, with all its peculiarities: time consuming approach, narrow crowding, limited time window because of the legal shop closing times. Not only the time window for selection and purchase, but often enough also the existing assortment are set barriers. Finally, the retailer has to present his goods in a complex manner and cannot simply clean store them in a shelf.

The fact that retail usually offers worse prices than most online shops, has nothing to do with any doubtful business practices. This fact is quite simply due to the fact that shops have to stem the costs for a sales area in an attractive location and the related personnel. In order to survive in the price war, temporary helpers are often used who are certainly not more competent than carefully maintained product pages on the Internet.

Fast, convenient and generally broad-based: online trading

In contrast, the Online-Handel not only has around the clock open, you also save the journey and queuing at the checkout. You can call products, compare with each other and check for availability with a mouse click. Once you have made your decision, the desired device is simply selected and paid for – the delivery is then made conveniently to your own front door; if you don't like it, a return can be easily requested within 14 days .

Also the probability, to get a demonstration copy, is clearly lower. In the shop you can never be sure whether another customer has already unpacked the device and tried it out. The online trade, on the other hand, often packs directly from the manufacturer pallet into the postal package, so that the buyer quasi receives factory fresh goods. Who wishes himself to all these preferences still a good consultation wishes, which throws simply a view into the large Blu-ray player comparison or into a Blu-ray player test.

Things to Know & Advisor

The History of the Blu-ray Player

The History of the Blu-ray player is understandably closely linked to the History of home theater. Already in the early early days of cinema, many people wished to be able to take the magic with them home .

The first tentative attempts of home cinema offered super-8 film, with which at least limited cuttings or. short reviews of films could be offered. Really the few minutes long snippets could not satisfy anyone, nevertheless super 8 purchase films were a great success.

From tape salad to silver disc: VHS and DVD conquer the mass market

marketable, the home cinema market did not emerge until the successful introduction of analog video cassettes. Although technically inferior to some competing products, it succeeded in maintaining its position on the market for more than two decades. Only the Introduction of the DVD,, which ultimately represented a further development of the CD, began their gradual decline, very similar to some years before the tapes.

The DVD with all its previously unknown preferences such as scene and language selection, flicker-free image and low wear and tear made collecting films a kind of Volkshobby, whose addictive effect hardly anyone could escape. The sales figures exploded , and almost everything that even remotely had resemblance to a movie or a television series was published on the dazzling disc.

Thrilling like a movie thriller: The Format War

The Blu-ray-Disc had it as successor the DVD not quite as simple as her direct predecessor. On the one hand it was in the eyes of many potential buyers “only” a better DVD and not the beginning of a whole new era. In fact, the step from DVD to Blu-ray disc is not as huge as the jump from VHS cassette to DVD. In contrast to DVD, the Blu-ray disc also had a serious challenge to overcome in its early days: the format war against the HD-DVD.

This was the bitter and costly dispute between two camps led by the Sony (Blu-ray disc) and Toshiba (HD DVD) groups. Sony had already led and lost such a fight on the occasion of the introduction of the video cassette – its technically better video format Betamax had not been able to assert itself against the competing VHS.

But this time Sony did everything right, got strong partners into the boat and surprisingly quickly outdid the unpopular competitor. The 2008 format war was already format war history. The customers, who had previously shown themselves to be partly insecure, could now finally invest with a clear conscience in the purchase of a Blu-ray player . Together with the 3D technology , which is very interesting for many film fans, this meant a decisive boost for the Blu-ray disc – but it has not yet completely replaced the DVD.

News around the Blu-ray players

Do you also have a modern Blu-ray player in use in your own four walls? Then you belong to a very large group in today's society, because as a successor of the well-known and popular DVD Player these take today an ever larger role. Again and again the interested readers read of new ideas and techniques as well as numerous pieces of news, which concern themselves generally with this extensive topic.

These novelties around Blu-ray-Player are of course not only highly relevant for the Blu-ray-Player test, but should also reach you as a potential customer. So that you can be up to date here, we will briefly introduce you to the best known and biggest novelties around the Blu-ray-Player.

At the same time, a big novelty also ensures a significant increase in sales for the Accessories, which is of course also available for the Blu-ray player today. Because the modern devices on the market today are real all-rounders and cope with numerous tasks in everyday life. By the way, this goes so far today that many technical devices are no longer necessary for use in the living room and can be completely replaced by the modern Blu-ray-Player.

This already starts with the simple playback of different data media, this is of course no problem at all for a modern Blu-ray-Player. However, the high-quality models in particular can deliver a lot more in terms of performance. Among other things not only a representation in high resolution is possible, but also an access to the Internet with extensive functions is freely available to the user here.

This makes the use of extensive technology and practical accessories very important, especially when modern technology is regularly used in one's own four walls. A very good example that in many areas and households simply must not be missing is the Keyboard.

Because especially when surfing the Internet and searching through various apps, this plays an important role and makes the application much easier. Usually the Keyboard works completely without cable.

In fact, manufacturers adapt to the wishes and needs of users and, in any event, meet demand from users. Among other things, this ensures that today more and more specially optimized products appear for this area. This applies not only to the keyboard, but also to other areas and products.

In general, the trend is towards fewer and fewer devices in the home. Even today there are still numerous different models and devices available in many living rooms in order to be able to offer as much power and extensive functions as possible to the user.

Besides the Blu-ray-Player also Receiver and other devices for the practical and fast Streaming over the Internet are available and are used more or less regularly. But of course this has several disadvantages.

Among other things, this makes handling and operation very difficult, of course, since, for example, a different remote control must be used for each device. The power consumption is of course also significantly higher in this case, as various devices are used in stand-by mode . A much better idea in this case would of course be if you could combine different devices in only one model.

With the access to the internet and numerous important and popular online services the manufacturers of the Blu-ray-Player have been going a good way for some months now, but there are also news from this area.

Because the manufacturers have of course recognized the signs of the times and try again here with numerous innovations and innovative ideas to meet the demands of customers and to meet these with little effort. And in fact, this is working very well today, at least in some areas, and ensures that users can significantly reduce the number of technical devices within their own four walls.

Thus there is a good and innovative idea on the market from the factories of the well-known and very large manufacturers, which is best suited for the use in the own four walls.

Among other things, there are the first Blu-ray players on the market today, which contain a integrated receiver in addition to the playback of different files and data carriers.

This is of course practical in the sense that an additional device is no longer necessary for the reception of modern television, as the Blu-ray player also offers this function.

With modern technology and proven functionality, the Blu-ray players with a combined Receiver are no longer inferior to the individual variants today.

However, as a customer you should keep in mind that the selection of the corresponding models is still relatively small today and there are still few variants available for you. At the same time the Blu-ray players with an integrated receiver are also relatively expensive, simply because they are a very modern and up-to-date technology on the market.

Technical News

Again and again, the big and well-known manufacturers on the market provide the desired variety with new products and technical innovations, which is very important to the customers. In the Blu-ray player test, external experts of course look at these important innovations and the technical news again and again and regularly. In order to keep you up to date in this important and practical area, the latest technical news should be briefly presented to you.

A technical novelty, which plays a very important role especially in today's world and should not be missing in society, concerns resolution. As a rule, modern Blu-ray players today have a resolution that corresponds to the Full HD standard. Accordingly, the user is usually shown 1920 x 1080 pixels for the user on most models.

However, there is a current piece of news in this area, which has already been on the market for several weeks and months. Because in more and more households a TV is present, which offers again a clearly higher resolution. These are then so-called 4k models.

These offer a resolution that of course also corresponds to the 4k standard. This ensures a much better and cleaner presentation of all content. Since providers also provide users with corresponding services in a very high resolution both for traditional data carriers and for streaming via the Internet, the demand for corresponding models continues to rise.

You will not only find a large selection of corresponding variants on the market, but they are also being used more and more in the Blu-ray player Test today. It is therefore not only a technical novelty in general, but also a novelty that is readily accepted by users, as the demand and, at the same time, the supply of high-resolution models continues to grow.

Another news concerns the important connectivity, which plays an important role in the everyday life of all people. Because with smartphones, tablet PCs and several PCs in your own four walls, there are numerous end devices available in your own four walls that can establish a permanent and fast connection to the Internet.

The manufacturers would like to score with a technical innovation also in the area of the Blu-ray-Player and attract attention, the numerous models offer accordingly today another large novelty. Because many Blu-ray players on the market, especially from the works of well-known manufacturers, offer the user today the simple and fast way to establish a connection to the worldwide network. This works differently from model to model, among other things there is a current LAN interface available for most models. Alternatively, some manufacturers also offer a wireless option to connect to the Internet.

This is very practical if you don't want to lay long cables in your living room or bedroom. However, the functions provided by the connection to the Internet are part of the actual innovation on the market.

First and foremost, the connection to the Internet should not only be used for actual and comfortable surfing on the Internet, even if this already works very well in the Blu-ray-Player Test. Rather the modern Blu-ray-Player is supposed to make further hardware in the living room or at the television completely superfluous as an innovation.

In addition to surfing and playing back classic data media, modern Blu-ray players also offer users the option of installing various and numerous Apps, which can then be installed and used directly via the player interface. The offer is getting bigger and bigger and the manufacturers are of course also trying to inspire the big and well-known manufacturers and providers of different services in the vastness of the internet for their own offer.

Among other things, the large and well-known manufacturers of Blu-ray players for example, numerous Streaming providers are available for selection, which can then be installed with little effort and with one click. A use is then possible again after only a few seconds.

Figures, data, facts about the Blu-ray player

Blu-ray player power consumption

In many households the Blu-ray-Player is almost daily in use, this is naturally owed among other things also to the extensive functions and possibilities. But especially with the extensive and regular use it is of course no wonder that many users worry about the power consumption .

Most users here assume that consumption has continued to decline in recent years thanks to technological advances. But what is the real situation here today, is consumption really as low as most users are likely to assume? And what about the differences between the numerous models and variants on the market today?

In general, customers are of course right in assuming that significant progress has been made in recent months and years on the market, in this area and with this special technology. Hardly any area is affected by such rapid development and such rapid change as is the case with technology. And of course the Blu-ray-Player also belongs to this area.

Accordingly, the user can certainly assume that not only has the variety of functions increased significantly in recent years, but manufacturers have also attached importance to increasing the efficiency of the numerous models on the market. In this case, however, the result should be relatively clear, as consumption during operation has been significantly reduced thanks to modern technology.

However, there is of course no general statement that accurately describes the consumption of electricity when used for the modern Blu-ray player. The actual power consumption during use naturally depends on many different factors, especially today and with the very extensive selection on the market.

Every single factor plays a very important role, also in the Blu-ray-Player Test different results were shown again and again. On the one hand, the age of the desired and purchased model naturally plays a very important role.

As already mentioned, the technology has made significant progress in the past months and years, and accordingly the current and new models on the market generally work much more economically and efficiently.

At the same time, the older devices on the market with a cheaper price provide certain incentives in the search for a new Blu-ray player, on the other hand, you must expect the corresponding variants with a higher consumption. Another major influence on consumption and power consumption in normal and everyday operation according to Blu-ray player tests has the built-in technology with the important performance.

Of course not every Blu-ray player on the market offers the same equipment, here there are partly clear differences, as various Blu-ray player tests show. And of course it is also in the nature of things that more functions mean higher power consumption. Accordingly, a model that, in addition to the simple playback of the data media, also enables surfing the Internet and offers significantly more functions is required.

The power consumption is of course significantly higher in this case, so you as a user should always come to terms with this fact when buying a corresponding model. A good example are the Blu-ray-Player, which offer you as a user the possibility to achieve a spatial representation. This not only offers exciting effects and a particularly impressive picture on the one hand, but also results in power consumption. This is especially with these models significantly higher, so you should pay attention to this when buying and should also take this into account.

By the way, you should of course also take appropriate measures yourself to reduce the energy consumption of the Blu-ray-Player to an absolute minimum. This plays a very important role if you don't want to use the new player very often. Of course, the models also consume some power in Standby mode, which can become noticeable in the course of weeks and months.

You should therefore ensure that you completely interrupt the power supply if you do not use the Blu-ray player. The best way to do this is to use a power outlet that can be switched off separately, so that you don't have to pull the plug every time after use.

Another big advantage: The Blu-ray-Player test shows that a longer durability of the installed technology can be expected by completely switching off.

A Copyright Write Error: How the Blu-ray disc got its name

The Name Blu-ray-Disc immediately awakens sonic associations to the color blue, which according to the language rules of the English should actually be written blue. However, this has nothing to do with the often blue color of their surface, this detail is pure cosmetic nature and not absolutely necessary.

In fact, the Blu in the name of the Blu-ray-Disc is derived from the English word for the Blue, but because a simple color name doesn't allow trademark protection , Sony has decided to use Blue-ray-Disc for the creation of art Blu-ray-Disc instead of the actually correct writing .

The blue, which is so important for the Blu-ray disc that it even inspired its name, refers to the color des new, short-wave laser, which is absolutely necessary for reading the tightly written discs. This blue laser is the heartpiece of each blu-ray player and the most important difference and progress to CD- and DVD players.

A softened annoyance: The region code

DVD collectors can sing a sorrowful song about it: Regional restrictions ensure that the expensive foreign import of a DVD cannot be reproduced by a local player. In the case of the Blu-ray disc, this may even particularly perfide- fail at the request of the manufacturer: In this extreme case, the Regional code is divided into several country zones, so that even Disc and Player from the same Region may be incompatible with each other!

However, for practice a cautious all-clear can be given: Most manufacturers do not use a regional code and market their discs worldwide without changes – apart from the packaging, which is adapted to the respective languages. However, Retention des Regional code is often a annoyance for the end user and restricts another major benefit of the Blu-ray player. More about this in the next section.

No more jerking: The end of PAL and NTSC

Up to and including the otherwise so progressive DVD, film friends had to struggle with a very unpleasant problem: On the television and video market there were two different image formats, PAL and NTSC, that were anything but compatible with each other. media, originally designed for the important american market were usually produced in the worse-resolution NTSC format . These had to be converted for European PAL devices, which often resulted in annoying image printing.

With the jump to Full-HD-resolution and uniform frame rates, this problem is finally a thing of the past – technically speaking, there is no difference between Blu-ray discs all over the world not anymore. Any incompatibility will only be caused by copy protection measures, including the above regional code.

Standard on the consoles, Exot on the PC

The win the Blu-ray disc in the format war against the HD-DVD also affected the architecture of the current console generation. If the Xbox 360 still came with a HD-DVD drive, the manufacturer Microsoft had to use the technology of the direct competitor Sony for the successor model Xbox One grudgingly. In the case of computers, however, the Blu-ray has a heavy status despite a larger storage capacity. Blu-ray drives are still the exception, and even Blu-ray burners have not yet been able to establish themselves area-wide.

Connect Blu-ray player in 4 steps

Modern technology has a deterrent effect on some people, and often the switch to a better generation of devices is only delayed in order to avoid having to deal with the new and still strange technical details.

In the case of the Blu-ray player, however, this is a completely unnecessary precaution , because it essentially resembles its direct predecessor, the DVD player – with a small difference, which we will discuss in our next tutorial.

  • Step no. 1: Read instructions
It may sound a bit b>bored and many readers may only smile tired, but experience teaches that emergency should still be used to point this out: Before you even completely unpack a newly purchased technical device, you should take a very exact look at the enclosed documentation. Many questions can already be answered exhaustively by this first step.

Tip: If the Guide of the Blu-ray-Player should you accidentally lose the Guide of the Blu-ray-Player, a look at the Homepage of the Manufacturer: Almost always you will find all the corresponding Documents for free Download there.

  • Step 2: Set up Blu-ray player correctly
Before you handle picture and sound connections, the remote control or the power cable, you should first find a suitable place for the Blu-ray player and place the device there. It is always important that the unit has little air during operation and is not directly connected to room or shelf walls. Some Blu-ray players can be set up with a extra stand designed for this purpose and upright , which can be an interesting alternative.

When setting up the Blu-ray player, you should also bear in mind that several cables still need to be attached, which should not be bent too much if possible. The Blu-ray player should not be placed directly on a loudspeaker or subwoofer because the**vibrations** can impair the playback mechanism.

  • Step #3: Connect picture and sound
In order that what the Blu-ray-Player plays can also be experienced by the human senses, the necessary output devices must of course be connected. Normally this is first and foremost a TV, and here the first catch comes into play: For the picture to really be displayed in the best possible HD quality, not only the screen HD-capable must be connected, but also via HDMI cable to the Blu-ray player. Without HDMI cable only low resolved standard image will be transmitted.

If image- and sound lines are connected, the power cable can (and should) finally be plugged in as well – because without power all the much advertised capabilities of the blu-ray player remain only dead theory.

When connecting the power cable, it is important, as with all cables, to ensure that they are not bent or bent too much – especially not at the plugs.

  • Step 4: Configure and connect to the Internet
This last step is necessary requirement for the trouble-free operation of a Blu-ray player necessary and represents at the same time a large difference to all predecessor devices such as DVD-, Laserdisc- or Video-Player. An Internet connection is required to keep the Firmware of the Hardware up to date – this is absolutely necessary so that current new releases can be played without problems.

As with any ordinary computer (and ultimately a blu-ray player is exactly that) there are two ways to connect to the Internet: using a cable or via a WLAN wireless network. While all Blu-ray players support the cable connection, a wireless WLAN interface is only offered by some models.

Useful accessories

No question: The Blu-ray-Player is a pronounced round piece of technology, which in itself has a lot of features to offer. For the optimal utilization of all technical advantages of the Blu-ray-Disc we recommend the purchase of certain accessories.

Because even the Blu-ray player comparison test winner does not get along completely without one or the other meaningful addition, we present the most important additional components here.

For round surround sound: one speaker system including receiver

The high-resolution picture also includes the fitting sound backdrop; simple stereo speakers, as they are often integrated directly into the TVdevice, can hardly satisfy real movie fans – the sound is too flat and tinny. Already DVDs profited significantly from the installation of a surround sound system with several speakers and one subwoofer.

A crunchy 5.1 system today is almost standard in home cinema. If you have ever sat in the middle of such a sound storm, you will hardly want to settle for less. To ensure that all sounds are decrypted and distributed correctly, an additional AV receiver is required.

To maintain peace with family and neighbors: Headphones for late movie enjoyment

A powerful surround system unfolds a very ordinary volume level, which not only provides joy in the immediate surroundings, especially at late hours. For reasons of consideration it may therefore be necessary to switch to a less noisy sound reproduction – and that if possible without qualitative losses, after all, the high-resolution movie enjoyment without cratchy sound scenery is only half as beautiful.

The ideal solution is high quality headphones. They can normally be plugged directly into the Blu-ray player so that AC receivers, subwoofers and speakers are not needed, which results in a beautiful side effect and power savings. With good headphones, no sound detail is lost, and the neighbours and roommates are still not startled.

The cinema in the living room: a beamer with a screen

A projector with large screen is no longer reserved for professional cinemas only. Also for your own home there are now large and small screens for hanging up, setting up or completely modern for automatic extension and retraction. In interaction with a beamer real cinema atmosphere is quickly created.

If Selection and Buy of the beamer you should make sure that the desired device also supports HD-resolutions. Watching movies over Beamer and Canvas is always an experience, but the full HD quality of a Blu-ray player can only be played by that, which also has a compatible beamer – many commercial models project only in low resolutions.

To keep the overview of the movie collection: DVD Profiler & Co.

Collecting films is fun, this realization has prevailed at the latest with the introduction of the long-lasting DVD to a broad audience. With all the large mass movies and television series appearing in different editions and collector's editions, however, the overview can quickly get lost.

Against this background, a growing interest in easy to operating management software has developed. The optional connection to a meanwhile very comprehensive database in the Internet, which is maintained by a industrious community on a voluntary basis, allows the simple entry of newly purchased films into the own stock lists.

Alternatives to the Blu-ray player

Even if a Blu-ray player is currently perhaps the best method for unrestricted movie enjoyment, there are still other possibilities to experience movie enjoyment in an appealing way. Here we present some replacement solutions and at the same time warn against false or exaggerated expectations.

No real alternative anymore: VHS, Laserdisc and Video-CD

Only nostalgic value is left for the media of the 80s and 90s of the past 20th century. Never before has the video cassette been famous for a particularly sharp image or long durability, it was simply a technically feasible solution for the cloudy early years of home cinema. The video CD offered only slightly better image and suffered from the extremely limited space – movies usually had to be pressed on two media.

Still of certain interest for some collectors is still today the laserdisc, which can probably be called the forerunner of DVD and Blu-ray. Due to the high price and the poor availability, however, it is a niche product for enthusiastic and affluent film lovers today as it was then.

Qualitatively it can leave both VHS and Video-CD clearly behind it, but has to admit defeat to DVD and of course also to Blu-ray-Disc.

The revolution of home theater and still worth a look today: the DVD

The collection of films in good quality only became a hobby suitable for the masses with the introduction of the DVD, which, in contrast to the VHS not only offered largely wear-free a significantly better picture, but for the first time also offered optional additional functions such as several languages, subtitles, scene selection and many extras. What today is regarded as self-evidence was a real sensation just a few years ago, which triggered a true DVD boom, which is still not completely broken.

Even if the DVD can no longer keep up with the sophisticated cabinet pieces of the Blu-ray, it still has a few aces up its sleeve. Many niche films and television series have not yet made it onto the new medium, and it is questionable whether the entire, almost unmanageable catalogue will ever be completely republished. Lovers of some rare titles won't be able to avoid having a few DVDs in their closet in addition to the Blu-ray.

About often also high-resolution: legal streaming pages à la Netflix & Co.

Streaming sites often enjoy a bad reputation, because they always have the dubious smell of the illegal. That does not apply however long to all offers: Increasingly in the net the legal offerers , which you recognize in all rule by the fact that they require a Fee for their offer, increase. In terms of quality, the official video streams have increased significantly and some have high-resolution image quality.

Only round with popcorn and ice-cream: a visit to the cinema

If it doesn't necessarily have to be the home cinema in your own four walls, then you still have the oldest of all alternatives to choose from: What speaks against a going to the cinema, perhaps with a few selected good friends?

The development of the futuristic 3D standard has also made the cinema more attractive again. Moreover, it is always a special moment when the hall becomes dark, the curtain opens and the desired film finally begins.

No alternative is an equivalent replacement

No matter how you turn it: highest quality and more comfortableb> ease of use are nowhere linked as well as with a Blu-ray player. Even considering all alternative solutions, buying a Blu-ray player remains a very interesting option – and a second look in the Blu-ray player test comparison 2019 is worth a recommendation.

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